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Large Crop* of Corn Trill Year—New
Bridge at Upper Santa Ana—A
Beet Sugar Factory
Santa Ana, Oct. 3.—A Herald repre
sentative visited the Balsa district to
day, and found 40 men and 16 teams at
work completing the drainage ditch.
Six rnilea of the main ditch baa already
been accepted by the board of super
visors, and the entire work, which haa
coat about $15,000, will be flniehed in
two weeks. Thia ditch drains about
10,000 acrea of the peat landa, the
moat productive coil in the Santa Ana
valley, and will add much to the wealth
and prosperity of Santa Ana.
By a thorough ayatem of drainage,
such aa ia now being done, all the land
weat oi the Santa Ana river can be cul
tivated. The aupt-rviaora are alive to
tbe neceaaity.of having drainage ditchea
built, and will do ao aa rapidly aa practi
The corn crop in the peat landa thia
season ia enormous and in mauy fielde
will easily average 100 bushels to the
acre. Farmers are in the midat of gath
ering the crop and large ahipmenta of
corn are being made daily.
Blackberriee are still being gathered
in the putchea on these peat lands, and
Mr. Garner, who haa a berry patch here,
rays that he will market blackberriee
all through the month of November.
Probably 30,000 acree of land weat of
the Santa Ana river, in thia county, will
be brought under cultivation the coming
season through the ditch work being
done by the county and private individ
supervisors' meeting.
The eupervisore met today and trans
acted the uaual routine of business. A
bridge being a necessity over the Santa
Ana at Yorba, notice inviting bida for
the conatruction of aame waa ordered.
A bridge 18 feet wide and 350 feet long
will be required.
Election officers for the coming elec
tion were appointed.
The energy with which Anaheim
farmers took hold of the beet sugar fac
tory project haa act Santa Anans to
thinking that thia city would make an
excellent site for a augar factory. With
thia end in view a delegation of leading
citizens will visit the Chino augar fac
tory Thursday, with a view to getting an
idea of the workinga of a factory, aud
the expenae attached to ita establish
ment. There ia but little doubt that a
beet BUgar factory will be built here,
and atouce, too, for interest in this mat
tar ia thoroughly aroused. With a beet
aogar factory a certainty, and a fruit
cannery a poaaibility, Santa Ana's pros
pect for future proaperity is becoming
brighter every day.
J. Willeta left for hoe Angelea today
with Silkwood. He will not enter any
of hia other horses in the racea there.
It dot s a Democrat good to ace the
anxious expreeaiona which the Republi
can are wearing in this city ac they
figure out the probable results of the
election. The Republican party will
not be "in it" thia year in thia county,
and Republican leaders realize thia fact.
Ed VVaite ia the happy father of a
baby girl; tbe little atranger arrived
laat Saturday.
A epecial excuraion train will be run
over the Southern Pacific Wednesday to
Loa Angeles, and fully 1000 Santa Annua
will be on board to see the great free
for-all pace.
J. C. Jolpin exhibited 2000 jars of
irnit at the pavilion during the fair.
Misa Florence Brown has returned to
Aer home in Santa Ana after a pleasant
viait with friends here.
J. C. Galloway and Misa Mary E.
liindley were united in marriage today
by Rev. J. C. Hopkins, at the residence
of W. S. Bartlett of Tustin.
Miai:d, October 3, 1892, at Orange,
by the Rev. W. B. Burrows, Llewellyn,
mevanth eon of the late Thomaa Wade of
Kogfand, and grandson of the late Capt.
R. Alexander, R. N., to Elizabeth Alice,
second daughter of the late James Lord
of Hamilton, Canada. Mr. and Mra.
Wade left by the noon train for Loa An
gelea, en route to the coast.
Not a eingle arre6t waa made by our
*ity authoritiea during fair week.
The following delegates were elected
to represent the First Baptist church at
the annual Baptiat aeaociation, to be
held at San Bernardino October 11, 12,
and 13: Rev. G. E. Dye, Rev. Dexter
P. Smith, D. D., A. S. Dunham, Mea
damea T. B. Van Aletyne, C. E. French,
T. N. Wellß, and R. E. Hewitt. Z. B.
Weat waa elected aa Sunday Bchool del
egate, Frank Moodey aa Y. P. S. C. E.
jrepreaentatfve, and Miaa Eleie Smith aa
representative of the Woman's Foreign
Miaaionary aociety. Mias Gertie French
waa elected to the office of correapond
iing Becretary of the Y. P. S. C. E. for an
indefinite period.
M. Stambaugh fell from a ecaffolding
today and broke hia arm.
.» Number of Vessels Arrive anil
Redondo Beach, Oct. 3. —The schoon
er Azalia, Capt. F. Fardeliup, from Port
lend, arrived in port at 10 p. m. yester
day. Her cargo consisted of 305,000 feet
pine lnmber, consigned to the Willam
ette Lumber company, Redondo. Cap
tain Fardelius was the firßt commander
to land a cargo of lumber at this port.
It was the lumber used in building the
Hotel Redondo. The old Pioneer was
4he veseel.and then under his command.
Tho steamer Bonita, Captain Leland,
came to the dock at 1:15 p. m. today,
with a corgo of 240 tons merchandise
destined for Los Angeles consignees.
The steamer Los Augeles, Captain
Leland, reached her berth at 3:30 p. in.
today. She landed 19 passengers and 80
tone merchandise tor thiß port. .
A rumor is in circulation that a couple
of the United States cruisers will put
into this port during the week, while en
mate north. ,
Among the arrivals today at the Re
dondo were C. A. Cunningham, Pert
land ;E.M. Blake, U. S. A.; A. Mc-
Ansland, Frc.ntt L. Lane, New York;
Miss McDowell, A. H. Denker, Master
I/. A. Deuker, J. A. Monk, E. R. Monk,
I*a Angelea; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. llalli
day, Santa Ana; J. M. Bracewell, city ;
Mr. and Mrs. J. Land. J. W. Alexander,
A. G. R. Kelly, M.J. Burke, Mrs. Jesse
Dann, San Francisco.
ISOr rheumatic pains use Lightning Fluid.
Long Beach, Oct. 3.—The weather
haa, if poeaible, been hotter today than
yeatertjay. The tide waa very low both
morning and afternoon, and, unlike the
laat few weeka, the temperature of the
water wae much higher, and bathing
waa accordingly more enjoyable. It ia
aafe to say that if tbe preeent weather
continues the crowds of people from the
interior will return.
J. R. Rush of El Monte, candidate for
public administrator, will address the
peop c here tonight on behalf of the
People'a party. It is aaid of Mr. Rush
that he ia brim full of statistics and al
waye has an anawer for any queation
that may be put to him, and he does
not deal in personalities, but speaks in
a purely logical and convincing manner.
The much needed and much asked for
change in the mail carrying houra waa
at laat made this afternoon. Hereafter
the Southern Pacific railroad will bring
the mail direct to the town, and the peo
ple will not be impoaed upon by tbe
idiotic equeamiahnese of the postal au
thorities at Washington. The ayatem of
carrying the mail in a cart to and from
the junction, when the train got here an
hour ahead of the cart, waa in keeping
with the methoda generally pursued by
Pioua John and bis hirelings. Postmas
ter Van Duzen, of Loa Angelea, con
demned the alow coach way as soon as
he heard of it, and it is due probably to
hia efl'ortß that the welcome change haa
been made. It ahould never have been
tolerated at first.
A dinner company was given by Judge
and Mrß. Pittman yesterday at their
residence on Atlantic street in (honor of
the seventy-second birthday of Mra.
Pittman's father, Daniel Schieck. The
following were present: Mr. and Mra,
G. F. Lott of Loa Angelea, Mias Anna
Eruzen, Miaa Pearl Pittman, Judge and
Mra. Pittman.
The face of George Vaught, section
boae of the Southern Pacific railroad,
waa wreathed in emilee today at the ad
vent of a baby girl thia morning.
Judge Shaw was here yesterday, look
ing for accommodations for hia family.
Mr. and Mra. Perry Wildman, Miaa
VVildman, Mra. Hammond and son. who
have been upending the aummer here,
returned to Loa Angelea this morning.
M. C. Holman returned thia f.fternoon
from Loa Angelea.
Del Cox returned from Loa Angelea
tbia morning.
Al Curtis waa in town today.
Fred Snell made a flying trip to Loa
Angelea thia morning.
Gov. Mintzer waa in Colton today.
Alex Aikman spent today in Loa An
Del Cox and E. A. Benefield went
hunting thiß afternoon.
Long Beach Business Directory.
HOI.MAN. TUB DRUGGIST, carries the larg
est stock- of drugs and stationery, perfumery,
and makes prescriptions his specialty. Long
Beach, Cal.
WET BATHS a specialty at Alex's bath house.
Bailey, corner Third aud Pine streets.
FETTERMAN HOUSE, Pine street near First.
Nicely furnished rooms with board: rates, $1.25
per day. Mrs. X. L. Fettermau, proprietress.
J. W. WOOD, M. D., office over Holman's
drug siore.
ing lots and acres in choice locations at reas
onable prices aud upon easy terms.
UNION MEAT MARRP.T. corner Pine and
Second streets. A first-class establishment. F.
L Dames, proprietor. Cold storage.
SPEARS & EVEY, livery and boarding E'.able,
Ocean avenue and Pine street.
W. W. LOWE—Real estate, insurance, and no
tary public.
A Pretty Wedding;— The Storm Water
Ditch Contract—Motes.
Redlands, Oct. 3. —Arthur G. Jack
son and Mies Carrie Battles were mar
ried on Thursday, September 29th, at
Sauta Cruz, at the residence of the
bride's uncle, Samuel Dunlap, the cere
mony being performed by Rev. Mr. Mc-
Creery, the Methodist clergyman of that
place. Mr. Jackson ie one of Redlands'
most energetic and popular business
men, and he and his comely helpmeet
have the cordial good wishes of many
friends in this community.
The Santa Fe will run a special train
on Wednesday, October sth, at 7:30
p.m., from Redlands, for the conveni
ence of another large theater purty.
The attraction is Tbe Stowaway, at the
San Bernardino opera house.
Tbe Redlands Guard send a large del
egation to Riverside tonight to be pres
ent at the presentation of the guard
medal, won by Private Cox at Long
Beach. Captain Diss will make the
presentation Bpeecb.
It has been erroneously reported that
the city trustees made a private con
tract with Messrs Hughes and Mayer
for constructing 7,5000f the Storm-water
ditch, on the line of the Little Reservoir
CBiion arroyo. 'Ihecouncil accepted the
bid of the contractors submitted accord
ing to the advertisement and a contract
has been drawn in accordance therewith,
with the addition that tne contractors
agree to point the ditch with the mortar
iv which the etone ie laid. The Herald
gave the item correctly in the Redlandß
noles of the 29th ult.
A Republican mass meeting, with all
county candidates in attendance, will
take place at the Academy of Music to
Rev. Mr. Wells, after his two months'
vacation, preached to a large congrega
tion yesterday afternoon. The gentle
man's discourse was upon "Unitarian
Worship," and was an eloquent and
earnest argument.
The Cboral union meets tonight to
night to arrange for the winter work.
Three concerts are planned for the sea
son and all looks well for a splendid
The Redlands orchestra have resumed
work and held their first practice meet
ing Sunday night. All the old instru
ments are represented and Captain Mul
ligan, with his French horn, has joined
tbe splendid company of artists compos
ing the orchestra and some rare treats
are in store for the music lovere of Red
A high wind, clouds of dust and sultry
atmosphere, combine to make this aft
ernoon anything but pleasant.
A sprinkling cart loaded with water,
in crossing the temporary bridge over
the storm ditch on Orange street today,
sank down in the soft earth on the
south side. A blockade resulted.
People call it backache and do nothing for it
until the doctor is called and he pronounces it
rheumatism. If they had u«ed Salvation Oil in
time the doctor's bill could hay- been saved.
Conpe No. 4, Hack No. 33.
Stand corner Second and Spring streets from
Op.m. to 6 a.m. Telephone 273. Rates, 25c
per mile, one person, $1 per hour. Bargains
can be made. N. Kipp.
Use uerman r amuy.Boap..
Columbus Day to Be Celebrated—A
Democratic Rally—A Lively
Week in Prospect.
Newt Note*.
Pasadena, Oct. 3.—The city board of
trustees met in ita .'usual session thia
afternoon, with President Weed in the
chair. Preeent, Councilmen Clarke,Cox,
I.ukens and MeQuilling.
The minntoa of the laat meeting were
read and approved.
The report of the auditing and finance
committee waa received, and warranta
to the amount of $503.89 ordered drawn
from the following funds: General fund,
$512.76; aewer fund, $51.13.
The following committee waa appoint
ed by the board, to have charge of the
coming Columbian day celebration. The
appointmenta were ao arranged that all
classea might be repreaented.
From the council, O F. Wood, H. P.
Lukens; G. A. R.,G. A. Downing; Soub
of Veterans, John H. Campbell; Na
tional guards, W. S. fiaugbam; public
schools, A. L. Hamilton, U. T. Hudson ;
school trustees, W. U. Maatera, Frank
P. Boynton : Throop Univeraity, C. H.
Keves; citizens, J. A. Buchanan, R.
Williams, M. H. Weight.
A petition signed by A. G. Throop and
and D. D, Swan, aaking that a cement
walk and atone gutter be constructed on
Chestnut atreet, between Fair Oaka and
Raymond avenue, waa received, and the
city attorney instructed to prepa c an
ordinance in accordance therewith.
A petition from P. G. Wooater, asking
that Kansas street, between Fair Oakß
avenne and Raymond be curbed and
guttered, waß referred back for more aig
Considerable time waa taken up in
diacussing the street railroad ordinance,
which is asked for by Profeaaor L>we,
but no action wa« taker..
The board tberaaujoUrued to maot on
Thursday evening, when the various
new ordinances will be acted upon.
democratic rally.
The Democratic rally on Wedneßday
evening at the opera houae will Bound
the firat big gun of the campaign.
The apeaker, Hon. Stephen L. White,
i 8 too well known to all our citizena to
need on introduction.
Good muaic will be heard and a gen
eral rellying time will be witnessed.
A general invitation ia given to every
body of any or no political belief. Ladies
are specially invited.
Aa will be Been in today'a council pro
ceedings, a committee of prominent citi
zens haa been appointed by that body to
have charge of the celebration of Colom
bia day.
Thie ia a step in the right direction,
and the committee ahould at once organ
ize, and set the bali rolling towarda
making thia a day loug to be remem
A circular haa been isaued by the
county superintendent of schools, which,
beaidea containing the programme to be
carried out in the schools, givea many
valuable auggeßtionß aa to the manner
the celebration ahoula be conducted.
The corning week promises to be a
lively cne in eeveral ways.
Two important political meetings will
be held. The Democrata on Wednesday
evening at the opera houae will listen to
an address from Hon. Stephen M. i
The Republicana on Tuesday evening,
at tbe same place, will be addressed by
several prominent speakers.
Tbe Paaadena brats band will be on
hand at both occaeiona.
In addition to the political meetings
a juvenile production of I ohm the will
be given at the opera houae on Friday
evening, under the direction of W. 0.
Duncan Clark's minatrel'a hold forth
at Williams' hall on Wednesday even
Taken all together it promises to keep
our people well enjoyed and out of mis
Mr. C. H. Hathaway, tbe local man
ager of .the Kerckboff Cuzner Lumber
company haa removed to Loa Angelee.
The many frienda of H. W. Hinee will
be sorry to learn that he hae accepted a
position with the Western Union com
pany at Walla Walla, W. T.
The Republicana of Lamanda park
hold a meeting Friday evening of this
week at the achool houae. Judge York
will delu/er an addreaa.
The hotel Green opened for the winter
teaaon thia morning. Preparation are
being made to accommodate an unußU
ally large number of guests.
The Paaadena Lake, Vineyard Land
and Water company held ita regular
monthly meeting thia evening.
Today haa been one of the warm ones,
with aultryneas in the air unusual for
this time of year.
Company B held a competitive drill
thia evening at the armory.
State and county taxes become due
today, and may be paid anytime before
the 28th day of November next, at which
time all personal tax and one-half the
real estate tax becomea due. The re
maining half may remain unpaid until
the laat Monday in April following.
The Republican campaign opens in
Paaadena tomorrow evening in Lame's
opera house. The speakers will be
Uncle Billie Williams, Hervey Lindley
and Major Gard, while the band will do
the musical act.
A special invitation ia given to the
ladiea to attend both political meetings
to be held in thia place this week.
News Notes from the City by the
Santa Monica, Oct. 3.—Miss Elsie
Hasee, who started a kindergarten here
last July, Fibb accepted a position aa
kindergartner in Loa Angelee. Miss
Emily C. Sorby will have charge of the
Santa Monica kindergarten and primary
school, and will begin next Monday,
having rented the parish hall of St.
Augustine's church for the purpose.
The Key. Mr. Stevenson, of the M, E.
church, preached his first sermon here
yesterday. The late minister, Rev. A.
B. Morrison, will leave here tomorrow.
The camp meeting waa moved from
the park to Sixth and Utah avenue.
Mrs. C. M. Mylreaand son are stopping
here for about two weeks.
The beach just now is lovely, and
many are taking advantage of the hot
weather to eDjoy the balmy breeze.
The building boom stays with Santa
Monica. Over $32,000 worth of build
inga are being erected. In addition to
thie $40,000 will be put on buildings at
the Soldiere' home in a few day*. Santa
Monica is undoubtedly in the swim.
The efforts of the Herald for fair
play for thia place ia more and more ap
preciated by our people. Now people
wbo were in the habit ot taking other
papera receive the Herald.
Personal and News Notes—Seml-Trople
Company's Officials.
San Bernardino, Oct. 3.—Mr. and
Mra. R. T. Blow returned last week from
E. D. Elliott, a popular employe of the
Firat National bank, having finished a
two weeks' vacation at Loa Angelea and
Glenn'aranch, returned to business on
The Sauta Fe'a capacity for passenger
busineea waa taxed on Saturday, to re
turn the thousands who had spent the
week at San Diego. San Bernardino waa
extenaively repreeented there, and all
were well plea Bed with the treatment
they received, except a few disappointed
ones over the program me of Friday after
Notwithatanding the fear of some that
a political meeting waa to be held on
Sunday, the pavilion held a good audi
ence to listen to the noted orator and
speaker, Lou J. Bauchamp. Hia aub
ject waa Personal Responaibility, and he
made a touching plea for the "aome
body'a boy" drifting into em becauee of
the saloon open "according to the law."
Mr. Bauchamp spoke under the auspices
of the local prohibition club.
at the head of the valley,
has reached a poeition of sufficient im
portance to command a direct mail ser
Rev. Rody and L. L.Abbott, the latter
the originator of the Goapel Temperance
Union, epoke laat evening at the Con
gregational church, and formed a Union.
The object of the union ia to work lor the
annihilation of the drink traffic. Mr.
Cramer Morris waß elected preaident,
Mr. Perkins secretary and Miaa Glenn
Will treasurer of the new local union.
Rev. G. W. White, the lecently-ap
pointed presiding elder for Loa Angeleß
district, and wife expect to leave on
Wednesday for their new home in Loa
Angelea. The new paator, Rev. C. A.
Weatenburg, will probably arrive here
on Thursday.
An important change wae made in the
leading official of tbe Semi-Tropic Laud
and Water company when, on Saturday,
Geo. Merrill retired from the presidency
of the company and E. N. McDonald,
president of the German-American bank
of Loa Angelea, waß eelected aa hia auc
Extenaive preparationa are being
made by the local Woman's Chriatian
Temperance union for the reception and
entertainment of the delegatea to tbe
annual atate convention of that eocietv
for Southern California. The conven
tion will be held in thia city at the Firat
Methodist church, and will continue
from the afternoon of October sth to
uood of the Bth. An interesting pro
gramme haa been prepared. '
Tbe charter liet for membera of the
Turnverein waa cloaed with 66 namea,
and the society anticipates a prosperous
fin ure.
Robert L. Henderson and Mra. M.
Frances Henderson are no longer one,
Judge Campbell having granted a di
Mra. E. T. Lewie is entertaining Mrs.
J. R. Umsted of Lob Angelea aa her
At the election on Saturday to ascer
tain if the people deaired to furniah
their new high school building by iaau
iug bonda to the extent of $15,000, more
interest waa ehown than on any eimilar
occasion. No doubt the recent diacua
eiou of school mutters awoke an indiffer
ent people to the aense of the real im
portance of proper educational facilities.
The bonds were carried by a large ma
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311 S. Spring St., Near Third,
Removed from 160 N. Main st.
A compete stork of Drug', Chemicals, Toilet
Articles, Druggists' Sundries and Electrical In
struments always on hand.
Prescriptions carefully prepared at modern
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Female Complaints. Be is always ready
to assist you. Mo disoaie peculiar to
your delicate organism Is be j old his
sure control. Regulating trtatment war
ranted for all irregularities, no matt'l from
what cause Private, confidential; yon
need see no one but the doctor.
Kidney and Bladder
Troubles, Weak B ick, Pain ln the Side,
Abdomen. Bladder, "ediment I* l Urine,
Brick Duat or White, Pain while Urinating,
Brigbt'a Disease, and all diseases of the
urinary organs of both -exes.
Private Blood and Skin.
All diseases ot a Private Nature, Sores,
Discharges, Skin Spots, Pimples, Scrofula,
Syphilitic, taint and eruptions of all kiuds
quickly and permanently cured.
$ 100.CO0 deposit forfeit for any case of
Cancer that cannot be permanently re
moved without the use of knife. No pain
or danger. The doctor's own method, for
which he has been offered thousands of
dollars. Any skin Cancer, Mole, Wart, etc.
removed in thirty minutes. We challenge
the world to produce au equal treatment
for the permanent cure of Canoer.
JfssT* Catarrh, Throat and Lung Troubles
Cured by our own exclusive Inhalation
If you cannot call you can be cored at home.
Write your caß- plainly. Medicine sent secure
from observation.
Cures guaranteed in every case.
142 South Main st. Los Angeles, Cal.
Of 150 N. Main St., Los Angeles,
has a resort at
A full line of California wines aud brandies.
Wielaud's betr on draught. 9-6 lm

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