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A fietl-Hot Letter From Ex-
Chief of Police Darcy.
Proceeding's Yesterday at the Meet
ing of the Commissioners.
U umane Omcer Wright Found Guilty on
Out Charge — Some License Mat
ters—No Gambling Witnesses
on Hand. a
Tbe police commissioners met yester
day afternoon at 2 o'clock in the mayor's
office. Present: Commissioners Thomas
A. Lewis, A. F. Mackay, M. P. Snyder
and Mayor Hazard. Absent: Oommia
aioner Geo. R. Shatto.
The clerk read the minutes of the last
meeting, and filed bis report.
Chief of Uolice Glass reported the
matter of granting a license to Messrs.
Garbutt & Montague, to keep a ealoon
at 114 Macy street, together with the
protest of Miaa Bell. Tbe matter waa
postponed till the next meeting.
The report of the police department,
of work done for September, waa filed.
Commissioner Mackay, chairman of
tbe committee of the whole, reported
that Humane Officer Wright bad been
found guilty by the committee of the
fourth count, in the charges preferred
by Maurice Hill, in the latter's affidavit,
, towit: "That Officer Wright waa actu
ated in making eaid arrest for the pur
pose of degrading your affiant, and at
the time of eaid arreet applied approbi
oub epithets toward your affiant, and
wrongfully locked him in the city jail
for the period of nearly twenty-four
hoars." Further action on tho matter
waa postponed till Commusioner Shatto
should return.
A communication from H. W. Reitow
waa read, wherein Mr. Reiiow wanta to
know what haa become of hia chargea
against Officer R nkenbach, and waa re
ferred to the committee on ohargee.
A petition from Ben. L. Bear and oth
er reaidenta of Temple atreet waa read,
aaking for the appointment of H. W.
Pawling aa a special officer for that lo
cality without pay. It waa referred to
the chief.
The demanda of Thomas Holmea for
$32, L. A. Cardwell, $14 35, and the Loa
Angelea Lighting company for $76.20
were audited And ordered paid.
Special Officer Steve Richards waa dis
missed on conviction of chargea of
being guilty of drunkenness and aaaault.
'The witneesee summoned to teatify in
the alleged Chinese gambling caaea
failed to appear, but an official steno
grapher waa preaent who pencilled every
precious word uttered by tbe commis
aionera. Considerable talk wan indulged
in about tbe matter, to tne effect that
there is no foundation in the chargea.
Mr. Mackay remarked that he bad a
fixed opinion on the subject, bnt did not
say what it waa. Ex-Chief Burns had been
aaked to come, ala > C. D. Piatt, and tell
what they know, bnt they did not come.
It was finally decided to cite ex Chief
Burns. C. D. Piatt, ex-Chief Darcy and
ex-Officer Doraey to appear before the
board at ita next meeting, to give tbem
an opportunity to then and there tell
what they know about gambling and
gamboliera in the celestial quarters of
the Angel city.
In regard to tbe recent publiebed
statement from Chief Glaaa, ex-Chief
Darcy haa prepared the following state
ment :
Editors Hbbald : My attention hav
ing been called to an article which ap
peared in tbe press relative to tbe pro
ceedings in the Chinatown inveetigation
on laat Friday, and in which tbe chief of
police ia reported to have said that con
siderable of the testimony offered could
be eaeily refuted, and that he (Glaaa)
presented a report taken from the rec
ords, covering tbe time that Captain
Darcy wae chief of police aud Dorßey waß
an office on the force. Doraey waa not
an officer on tbe force while I waa chief
of police.
In my testimony before .the police
commission I stated that while I waa
chief of police $1500 to $2000 per month
waa turned into the city treasury and
all collected from prostitutes and
gamblers aa lines and forfeiturea, and
the records will show it if tbey are not
stolen or doctored. The proper thing to
do is to have the records in full and the
man who kept tbem taken before the
police commiaaion. Tbe article states
that tbe chief baa had prepared a state
ment by the secretary, according to
which only 15 Chinamen were arrested
during Darcy's administration, _ and
nothing waa said about the disposition
of their caaea. There were 16 China
men arrested by myself personally. In
the same article it ia also Btated that
the discrepancy between tbe teatimony
and the records waß co glaring that the
commiaaion voted to call the attention
of Darcy or Doraey to the matter. The
commissioners have not yet notified
me in reference to any discrepancy be
tween my record aa chief of police and
my teatimony given aa a witness re
cently before them, therefore tbe entire
article above quoted seems to me to be a
labored effort of the eecretary of the
police force to whitewash hia boss for
the sake of holding hia job. The sub
stance of the article, together with ita
authors, would not be worth apace in a
newspaper at any other time, and
would not be noticed by me if I did not
believe that it waa prompted to mislead
tbe public and conceal the strong evi
dence of either ignorance or fraud in tbe
conduct of tbe police department.
The proper and modest thing for the
chief of police to have done waa to await
the result of legal investigation by the
police commiaaion before dodging re
eponaibility and making a feeble and
miserable effort to affect public opinion
through the press.
The police department of thiß city gov
ernment waa created by tbe people to
suppress crime, protect life and property
and uphold morality, and whenever a
city ordinance ie violated the leaat that
can be expected of tbe individual hold
ing tbe most responsible position in con
nection with its administration ia tbat
be will act boneatly and manfully, and
give every assistance to legitimate inves
tigation. They should at leaat have
sense enough to know that when charges
of corruption, sustained by circumstan
tial evidence that would convict a pri
vate citizen, ia made against the police
force, their innocence cannot be estab
lished by tbe chief shouting, "I am
holier than thou."
Tbe police are alwaya regarded with
suspicion by many people, and when
their conduct towards the violators of
law, especially the gamblers, is consid
ered, tbe suspicion becomea natural and
reasonable. For instance, when a game
is going to be pulled, the door-keeper
notifies all patrons of the game that may
have a reputation or standing in the
community that tho place is going to be
raided by tbe police, and when the raid
ing "cope" make their appearance they
capture two or three "fellows" tbat
have no reputation or character to loae.
Raids of thia order encourage gambling,
and how the gamblera know that the
game ia to be "pulled" ia a greater mys
tery than that- which aurrounds the
Chinatown boodle, because the chief of
police and a few of hia confidential as
sistants are the only ones who are sup
posed to know anything about the mat
ter, and it can not be proved that they
gave tbe information; unless it ia
possible that some property of matter
yet unknown to science may conduct tbe
deep thoughts made by burning zeal on
the massive brain of tbe chief of police
to the little pool of gray matter that
floats, in the skull of a gambler. Per
haps the chief of police, with the assist
ance of Mr. Felix McFlummerry, will
explasn this phenomenon. In any event,
I advi-e them not to busbwack public
records with which I am in any manner
related. P. M. Darcy.
Loa Angeles city, Oct. 4,1892.
Why Are They Iv a Condition So Un
Editors Herald: Please pardon a
few remarks from a tenderfoot, who
having read the proceedings of the Loa
Angelea school board held last evening,
was somewhat amazed at the situation.
As I understand it, tbe press and in
habitants of the city are making strenu
ous efforts to induce eaatern people to
locate permanently in thia southern me
tropolia of California ac a desirable and
healthy place of abode. Doea tbe re
port made laat night by the health de
partment offer favorable inducements to
To a man np a tree there eeema to be
a large acrew looae aomewhere in mu
nicipal affaira in Los Angeles.
Tne schools, as I learn, have bad a
long vacation upwards of three months,
and yesterday the schools were opened
for the fall term. The boaid met laet
night and, 10, it cornea out that 22 of the
school houaee are in a bad sanitary con
dition, and require immediate repairs
and renovation. A pertinent interroga
tory confronta the public, and especially
the parenta of the school children,
gathered together in thete unhealthy
and unclean buildinga, which ia, Why
have not tbeae school buildings and
grounds been put in proper crder dur
ing the long vacation from June to Oc
tober? Are there any officers in Lob
Angeles paid for attending to these
things? Tenderfoot.
More Furnishings YVautrd for the Court
- House—Routine Business.
The board of supervisors baa accepted
the proposition of the Office Specialty
Manufacturing company to construct 90
document files and 26 roller shelves for
the county t'eaaurer, for $287.64.
The county auditor waa allowed 20
extra deputies for one week, for the pur
pose of completing the work of extend
ing taxea into total column and eegre
ga'ing the same into first and second
Ou motion, San Pedro election pre
cinct was changed and divided into two
election precincts. Precinct No. 1 con
sists of all tbat portion of the precinct
lying on the westerly aide of the center
line of Sixth street, and precinct No. 2
all the remaining portion lying easterly
of the center line of Sixth atreet.
A. A. McDonald waa granted permis
sion to remove certain eucalyptua trees
from the. Washington-street road to
Santa Monica.
Tbe superintendent of the connty hos
pital waa authorized to build an addi
tion to the cow shed, the cost not to
exceed $50.
The Union League Heady to Receive
Connty and City Taxes.
City, state and county taxes are now
due and payable the Republican Union
League officials, at the branch offices of
the Union League, in the city hall and.
county court house. Tbe city taxea will
not be fully delinquent until tbe first
Monday in May, but one-half must be
paid by the first Monday in Novemoer
or a considerable fine will have to be
paid to the $12 a-minute government.
State and county taxea first became due
laat Monday. One-half will be delin
quent by tbe laat Monday in November,
when a 15 per cent fine will be added.
Tbe last payment will become delin
quent on April 24, 1893. The unhappy
reaident of thia city owning a place
worth from $1500 lo $2000 will be obliged
to pay tbe Republican bosses from $50
to $60 taxea before be gets through. No
wonder there ia a cry for a change which
• promises a cyclone at the coming elec
Its Completion Assured—The Two Oceans
United at Central America.
Capt. W. S. Merry, who lectured at
the chamber of commerce on the even
ing of the 24th ult.— hia subject, the
Nicaragua Canal—leaves for r-an Diego
today. He will lecture on the same sub
ject in the ciry of bayn'climate on Fri
day evening next, at the chamber of
Tbe captain speaks in the most glow
ing terms of the success of the scheme,
and says there ia no doubt of its early
completion, as money will be fourth
coming to comple the great canal.
Southern Californians wish bim the
greatest success, aa the work, when
completed, will be of untold benefit to
this coaat.
It Should Be ln Kvery House.
J. B. Wilson, 371 Clay St., Bharpsburg, Pa.,
says he will not bo without Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds.
That it cured his wife who was threatened with
Pneumonia after an attack of "La Grippe"
when vaiious other remedies and several phy
sicians had done her no good. Robert Barber,
of Cook sport, Pa., claims Dr King's New
Discovery has done bim more good than any
thing he ever used for Lung Trouble Nothing
like it. Try It. Free Trial Bottles at C. F.
Heinzeman's drug store. Large bottles, 50c
and $1. _
California Vinegar Works,
555 Banning street, opposite soap factory,
near Alameda and First streets, one-half block
bom electric light works.
Coupe No. 4, Hack No. 83.
Stand corner Second and Spring streets from
6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Telephone 273. Bates, 26c
per mile, one person, $1 per hour. Bargains
can be made. N. Ktpp.
Ice Cream, Soda and Confectionery.
Foda of al flavors The finest ln tho city at
Merrlam & Co's, 127 South Spring slreet. i
iThen Baby was sick, we gave ncr Castorlfe
When she was a Child, she cried for Caatoria,
When she became Miaa, she clung to Castorlt,
W hen she had Children, she gave them Castoria
A great many
According to the testimony of the celebrated
Prof. Diday (in La France Medicate), "owe to
Apollinaris Water a repast the more every day
and an indigestion the less at every repast."
The healthy drink it (according to the London
Times) to remain well; invalids to recover
health. r
See That You Get The Real Article.
Brakeman Long Loses His Suit
Against Coronado Railway.
The Proceeding's in the Various
Courts Yesterday.
A Damage Suit Allowed to Qo by De
fault— Munroe Likely to Get Off
Easy — Court Notes — New
Suits Filed.
A decision was received yesterday
from the supreme court by M. J. Ash
more, deputy clerk of the supreme
court, reversing the judgment and or
dering a new trial in the case of Edgar
E. Long, respondent, vs. the Coronado
Railroad company, appellant. The de
fendant appealed from the judgment
and order refusing a new trial.
The action was to recover damages for
injuries received by Long while he was
conductor and brakeman on the rail
road. He bud been in its employ for
several months. At firßt a brakeman
bad been employed, but he was taken
off the belt line around tbe bay to Fifth
street, San Diego, in July, and from the
avenue line—from the hotel to the ferry
—long before, when, it does not appear.
Long left the employment in June, but
returned in September. When he be
gan again there was no brakeman, and
he was both conductor and brakeman.
The freight cars used by the company
were four-wheeled cars with no bump
ers, and with stake staples projecting
from the ends. The drawbeads were
scarcely longer than the depth of tbe
staples. It was impossible to couple the
cars by going between tbem, and they
would raise tbe link, keep it in place by
a block, and fix it so that it would easily
drop into place, or if it failed to do bo
from the jar, it could be touched with a
stick and made to fall in. The plaintiff
was aware of the danger of thus coupling
the cars.
When he waa injured the engine, with
two care attached, loaded with railroad
ties, stood on a curve and waa to be at
tached to a third car further back on
the curve. Long having adjusted the
link and pin, etepped to tbe outside of
the curve and gave tbe signal to back,
which waa done. Seeing tbe pin fall too
coon he gave the signal to stop, and the
cars were stopped when about one foot
from tbe third car. Long could not see
the engineer from thia point. He
jumped in to readjuat the pin, when tbe '
car moved again and be was caught and
A jury waa waived, and tbe court
found for the plaintiff, and judgment
was entered accordingly. Tbe court
aay i that it does not Bee how the judg
ment can be maintained. Respondent's
counsel admitted tbat to go between
these cars for the purpose of coupling
was equivalent to an attempt to commit
suicide, but contends tbat the plaintiff
went there when tbe car waa at rest, and
there was an implied promise on the
part of the engineer that it would not
move until he gave the signal. Even on
thia theory plaintiff could not recover,
for then the cars muat have been moved
either through carelessness or incompe
tency ot a fellow servant. At the trial
the charge of incompetency waa with
drawn. The accident resulted solely
from the plaintiff's carelessness. Tbe
judgment and order are therefore re
versed, and a new trial ordered.
It is not often that a $10,000 damage
suit is allowed to go by default, bnt such
has been the case in a suit brought by
Mr. Bell against a man named Anselmo.
The caae haa been pending a few months
in the superior court, and although the
defendant had an attorney, tbe order of
default and judgment for tbe plaintiff
waa allowed to be entered a few days
ago. The plaintiff waa riding in a buggy
on Buena Viata atreet aeverai months
ago, when a runaway team belonging to
Anselmo came daabing along and atruck
ber vehicle, throwing her out. She sus
tained severe injuries, which, according
to her complaint, have confined ber ever
since and up to tbe present time in bed.
The plaintiff wanted $5000 for the in
juries received and $5000 tor her future
prostration, claiming tbat she is so in
jured that she will never again be re
stored to health.
It looks very much ac if George Mon
roe, tbe slick operator in school war
rants, will go free of the charge of for
gery, upon which he ia now awaiting
trial in department one of tbe superior
court. Hia caae haa been continued
from time to time, and ia now awaiting
a bearing on a motion to dismiss the
charge made by hie attorney, who al
leges the information does not state
facts sufficient to constitute a public of
fense. Tbe principal witness against
Monroe waa Jackson, whom be is al
leged to have swindled out of $1500.
Jackson, however, has been paid back
since Monroe's arrest and is now in Kan
sas City, and declines to come back ac a
witness in the caee. The forged war
rants he held have been returned to
Monroe, and tbe district attorney in the
trial of the caae will be obliged to use
tbe teatimony given by Jackson at the
preliminary examination. The case for
the people has Buffered by thia method
of getting tbe material witness out of
the way, and the district attorney's of
fice is in aomewbat of a quandary as to
tbe beet method of procedure.
Court Notes.
P. O'Leary was before Judge Smith
yesterday morning, and Messrs. Blair
and Ready were appointed counsel to
defend him on the charge of assault
I with intent to commit robbery,
j Chris Joan, charged with incest,
p'eaded not guilty in department one,
and hia case was placed on the trial cal
George Roschi, a native of Germany,
was admitted to citizenship by Judge
Fred Brobmans waa tried before Judge
Smith yeaterday on the charge of resist
ing an officer. He left some clothes in a
s-loon, which was afterwards attached.
When he went after his clothes, a con
atable was in charge, and a row ensued,
in which Brohman waß ejected from tbe
saloon. He waa alleged to be drunk and
raieed a shindy, afterwarde giving him
self up. Tbe jury was out about 25 min
utes and returned a verdictof not guilty.
In the foreclosure suit of Tbomaa vs.
Lamßon Judge Van Dyke rendered judg
ment for the plaintiff for $8203.67 and
attorney's fee of $250.
Judge Van Dyke overruled the de
murrer to the second amended com
plaint in the case of Hanes et al. vs.
Flattetal., and granted tbe motion to
file a supplemental complaint.
Judge McKinley granted a divorce in
the case of J. A. Thomas vs. Mrs. M. V.
Thomas. Tbe case was partially beard
several days sgo, and further evidence
was beard yeaterday. Tbe couple bad
been married 19 years and had eight
children. The ground for the divorce
waa desertion.
In the case of T. W. La Fetra vs. Nel
lie H. Gleason et ai. a motion to eet
aside the default and allow the defend
ants to plead was argued and submitted
before Judge McKinley.
The caee of the San Jose Ranch com
pany vs. tbe Azuaa Water Ditch and
Irrigating company was continued for
argument by Judge McKinley until
October 7th, at 10 a m.
In the case of Cornelius Connell vs.
Wm. S. Taylor, a auit for a foreclosure
of a mortgage, judgment was ordered by
Judge McKinley for tbe plaintiff.
In the case of the Lob Angeles Na
tional bank vs. J. W. Wallace et al., a
auit on bills of exchange for $5000, a
jury wae empaneled and the case waa
continued until this morning at 9
o'clock to amend tbe pleadings.
Alberta Lopez waa fined $10 by Jus
tice Austin for disturbing tbe peace.
Thie is the laat one of several cases
growing out of a row on Upper Main
Btreet, in which A. J. Grant waß tbe
complaining witness.
The case of Mow Lung va. the steamer
Corona was dismissed in the United
States district court;
A complaint charging John Piatt with
beating a Chinaman named Wong Fat,
at Puente, was filed in Juatice Stanton's
court yesterday afternoon.
New Suits Filed.
Among the documents filed in tbe
. county clerk'a office yesterday were the
Jennie L. Pierce va. Ellen Smith et
al., a complaint for foreclosure of mort
gage. The amount of judgment aaked
ia $8411.12, leas a credit of $85.
Sarah N. Holder filed a petition for
letters of administration upon tbe es
tate of J. B. Holder, tbe estate being
valued at $180.
Gabriel Allen filed a petition for let
ters of administration upon tbe estate
of Yaabelo Manriquez, who died June 18,
1879. Tbe estate ia valued at $1000.
John G. Downey vs. John Weldon—
An action to secure restitution of cer
tain leased premises and $11 unpaid
Henry Adams, the Gunsmith. Gets a
Lump on Bis Head.
Henry B. Adams, the gunsmith, bad
a painful encounter yesterday afternoon
with a former employe of bis ai young
man named Smith, who believed be
was wronged by him. The young man
bad been working for Adams at bis
place on Commercial street, and they
had some kind of a private arrange
ment which does not seem clear.
Whatever it may have been the for
mer workman went to the store yester
day with a wagon and began to remove
some guns which he wanted to get into
hia possession. Mr. Adams objected to
hia mode of procedure, and the words
which passed led to a row in which the
young man hit Adams over the head
with a double barrelled shot gun, break
ing the latter and raising a lump on tbe
back of tbe gunsmith's head as big aa a
goose egg. The combatants were sep
arated, and later Mr. Adams swore out
a complaint against hia assailant charg
ing him with battery.
Figueroa Street Pavement Bonds—New
Chemical Engines.
Street bonda for the pavement of
Figueroa Btreet to the amount of
$30,920.57 have just been issued by city
Treasurer Johnson. They are for the
paving of Figueroa street between Pico
and Washington streets, and are a lien
upon the realty of that portion of Figue
roa street.
The city clerk will receive bids for
three new chemical engines up to Mon
day, December sth. The engines will
be located at the corner of Pico and
Vernon streets, Grand avenue and
Twenty-fifth streets and Ninth street
and Central avenue.
Strong Witnesses.
Among the thousands of testimonials of cures
by Dr. Mi'es' New Heart Cure is that of Na
than Allisons, a well known citizen of Glen
Itock, Pa., who for years had shortness of
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Miles's New Heart Cure and one box of Nerve
and Ltver Pills cured him. Peter Jacquet, Sa
lem, N. J.. is another witness, who for twenty
years suffered with heart disease, waß pro
nounced incuiable, by physicians, death stared
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smothering to' death. Immed i ately after using
the New Cure he felt better and oould lie down
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baby with dimples ? or a heal
thy one without them ?
A thin baby is always deli
cate. Nobody worries about
a plump one.
If you can get your baby
plump, he is almost sure to
be well. If you can get him
well, he is almost sure to be
The way to do both—there
is but one way —is by care
ful living. Sometimes this
depends on Scott's Emulsion
of cod-liver oil.
We will send you a book
on it; free.
Scott & Bowne, Chemists, 13150ut.115111 Avenue,
New York.
tlf Oft*
Onr r-SBFECTioS SYKINOK free »ltu erer*- bottle.
Cures GONORRHOEA, and Ot.EKT ln Oil to Foua oaja,
Bold brail DRHOOIH.TS. Sent to any Addresa for Jl.On.-
ll. N. Sale & Son, agents. 208. Main st.
MBS. M. C( v., 21J Son-1 Spring street.
r f Cancer Hospital
•""v. zSSwSSfts Cnrc nrnovnv.nolmife
<' r pain. exter-
mil or infernal. Testi-
monlals <fc treatise sent
A*" 1 Oi!iee2llW. Firat
I \St., Los Angeles, Cal.'
2 - 8. R. CHAMLEY. M. D.
Tbey cost less to operate than any other pow
er. First-class satisfaction. Call and see en
gine operate, or write for circular.
200 N. Los A navies St., Los Angeles.
8-4 3m d w
120 1-2 South Spring Street.
Personal attention given to household
sales. Furnished houses or lodging
houses bought in their entirety, or sold
on commission.
Rattan Household Goods
232 West First Street,
Thursday Morning, Oct. 6,1892,
The entire stock of the Pacific Rattan Co ,
consist! ug of a full line of Rattan Goods of
eveiy description. Sale on account of dissolu
tion of partnership, and parties leaving lor the
THOS. B. CLARK, Auctioneer.
10-1 5t
SET OF TEETH, »7 TO 810. P
DR. I_. if." FORD,
118 S. Spring Si, Los Angelas
Hours—B sum to 5:30 p.m.
.Wr-Cons ultatlen free. 9-39 «ta

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