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Joswph D. Ltkch. Jambs J. Aybbs.
I Entered at the pottofllce st Loi Angeles as
second-class matter.]
At SOc Per Week, or 80c Per Month.
Daily Herald, one year 9& 00
Daily Hkkald, six months « 25
Daily Hbbaid, three mouths 2 25
Daily H»bald, one month 80
Wbbkly Hbbald, one year 2 00
Wbbkly Hkkai-D, fix months 1 00
Wbbely Herald, three months 60
Illustrated Hkbald, per copy 20
Office of publication, 223-225 West Second
ttreet. Teltohone 156.
Notice to Mail Subscribers.
The papers of all delinquent mail subscribers
to tbo Los Angeles Daily Hbbald will be
promptly discoi.tinncd her alter. No papers
will be sent to subscribers by mail UDlesß the
same have been paid lor in advance This rule
IS inflexible. AVERS & LYNCH.
- The Hkhald is sold at tbe Occidental Hotel
news stand, wan Francisco, for 5c a copy.
for vice-president:
A. E. STEVENSON Of Illinois
Presidential Klectors.
Joseph D. Lynch Of Los Angeles
J.F Thompson Of Eureka
R. P. Hammond. Of ran Kat..el
J. A. I'lLcmea Ol Auburn
B. A. LoNii Of W-liowa
Mapcw Rosenthal Ot tan Francisco
Jackson Hatch uf San J >se
William ObsVEs CI San Luis Obispo
W. L. oilman ... Of Merced
Legist tive Nominations.
XXXYIIth So"»te district J. R. Mathews
LXXih isftmhly itlsirict reward t oie
LXXlitAs euit.lv district W l\ Vaniu
LXXIId .ssemblydlstrct T. J Kerns
LXXIIId Assembly dtsirict. Frank G Finlavioti
LXXIVih s>e blyrilstict JumesC Kays
LXXVth Assembly rlistrlot M Y. cnyuer
County 'ileket.
For Sheriff Martin (3 Marsh
For" nnty Clerk W. B r.ullen
For County Auditor F. B. < ol er
For CoUi ty Hecorder _ H B Beit
For lax Coli< clor E. E. H';Wi't
For District Attorney H C. Dillon
F-ir County Treasurer.. .. J De B<rih Bboib
For Public Administrator... W. B Scarborough
For l orouir R. C. Gulrai.o
ForCoumy Surveyor A. K. ttreet
Supervisor Nominations.
lid district M.T.Collins
IVth di trict J. H. B ewer
Vth district James Hauler
Justices and Coustables.
... I J. B. Dunlap
For City .lu«tlces j L P seaman
For Township Justice G. B, Bartholomew
_ „ . ~ I A. P. Richarosou
For Constables j Xi L gieweiie.
Notwithstanding the news service oi
the Associated PreßS has a prestige never
eqalied by any news association in this
or any other country, we are in position
to tell our readers that this service ie to
be increased in efficiency and is to widen
and extend the scope ol its present
magnificent completeness aa a purveyor
of news. Mr. Henry W. Odion, a jour
nalist of reputation and ability, has
been appointed eastern manager, and,
aided by a staff of trained assistants,
will devote his time to strengthening
the Associated Press all along the line.
. This ia a new office, and independent of
the western and eastern manager,
whose duties are too onerous for one
person to effectively fulfill.
In order to facilitate this work, and to
give a service superior to that ever
given by a news association before, the
Associated press will have atils disposal
the proof sheets oi the New York Her
ald, World, Times, Tribune and Journal
of Commerce. These ecurcea of news
will bo in addition to the news obtained
by the Associated Piesa from its regular
correspondents and news gatherers.
The advantage to all the newspapers
in the association, of having these new
sources of news supplies opened to tbem,
will be at once apparent. Complete as
the service now is, it will be made per
fect ia its thoroughness by access to the
pr'oof-Bheets of so diversified a fountain
of news as the six leading papers of New
York city affords.
It must be remembered that the Asso
ciated Press ia not established as a
money-making organization. Its mem
bership consists of all the great dailies
in New York and other cities, which are
associated together for the purpose of
mutually gathering the latest news in
all parts of the world into one focua, and
then distributing it to all the newspa
pers included in its membership. The
leading dailies of New York alone, which
constitute the board of tbe association,
each pay from $15,000 to $25,000 a year
for the news thus obtained. So that it
ia an element of great strength to any
newspaper to be a member of the Asso
ciated Press, and an advantage to the
readers of such papers which could in no
other way be realized.
It is the duty of the grand jury to
strictly investigate the conduct of pub
lic officers in this county, and comment
in their report upon all special delin
quencies and irregularities they may
find in the course of their investiga
tions. The district attorney declares
that the grand jury now in aeeßion is
composed of a body of as fine men as
ever served on the grand inquest of thie
county. That being the case, we shall
confidently look for a report from them
upon tbe charges that have been pub
licly made against the county clerk'a
office for the losa of public documenta
and the disfigurement of the recorda in
naturalization caaes. They will aleo
doubtleaa give ua their viewa upon the
award made of the contract for printing
the great regißter without aubmitting it
to competitive bid. They will doubtleaa
hold that the spirit of the law wae vio
lated by the county clerk in giving out
the contract for a $7000 job to a personal
favorite because he controlled an organ
that could help him to re-nomination by
hia party. The jury may consider that
the law ia not explicit enough to war
rant hia indictment, yet they cannot
but look upon an arbitrary act of the
official, wnich resulted in the loaa to the
county of $2500 or $3000, aa one which
compels them to viait upon the head of
ita author their moßt severe reprehen
A COMMUNICATION appears elsewhere
severely criticizing those responsible for
the unsanitary condition of many of our
school houses, as appears from the re
port to the board of education by the
health officer. The question pertinently
arises, why are our school houses in this
deplorable condition? Most of them
are new buildings, not yet two years
old, and some of them were only finished
and turned over to the department laat
year. Yet twenty-two out of the whole
number are now found to be in
an unhealthy condition, either from
defective plumbing, broken water
vii pcs, caved in cesspools or other disease
engendering causes. Had the plumb
ing and other work in these buildings
been honestly done, it would not so
soon have been justly liable to such
criticism. We are told that the duty of
looking after tiie school plumbing was
last year left to the cbie: janitor, and
that he made all the repair? himself.
Tbis would have been we'l enough had
he been a competent plumber, but as
his trade is that of carpenter, it ie
doubtful whether his repairing did not
do more harm than good. The city has
just furnished for fchool purposes a large
numbtr of new buildings at great cost,
and we now find that many of them
are in bad sanitary condition simply be
cause tbey have been shamefully neglect
ed, or because the work was not well
and honestly done before it was accept
ed. The responsibility for all this' ought
to rest somewhere, but, as usual with
public matters in tbis city, we presume
no effort whatever will bj made to fix it
where it properly belongs. The indis
pensable thing to do, however, is to place
the schools at once in the best sanitary
cundition possible.
The Herald has always taken upon
itself to say a good word for the Sixth
District fair whenever it could do so con
scientiously ; and surely the ritrht of
commendation carries with it the re
served right to censure. So long aa the
association controlling it confines its
operations to licensing the sales of pools
on its grounds, no one can interpoee
successful objections. They are in line
with a popular object of racing. But
when an association of this uort
licenses a gambling device known as
the '"wheel of fortune," and allows
it to be run day aiter day, to
entrap the youthful and unwary, it must
look for its endorsement toother sources
than this paper. In the opinion of the
ablest gaming experts, the percentage
against the player ia 2K to 1 all tbe
time, even when the wheel is a square
one. And report has reached us of a
wheel recently invented in New York,
which can be "snaked" co as to stop at
any color or number the operator may
desire. Whether the one now iv opera
tion at the track is one of tbe sort
described wa have no means of
knowing. Three weeks ago one Schofield
and a man numed John Morales, were
arrested for conducting: a faro game in
the building adjoining the opera bouse,
and lined $100 each. Fortunately they
had money to pay their fines, and did
not go to jail. But what kind of justice
ia it that fineß and imprisons men for
dealing faro and allows an equally un
fair game to run in open daylight, in the
B'ght of thousands of boys and young
men? We certainly ara in favor of
agricultural fair*, but not of encouraging
BU'th "moral agriculturists" as the men
who run wheels of fortune at them.
As wk write a dispatch announces
that Tennyson cannot live through the
night. Although the English laureate
has reached a very advanced ago, we
were led to believe a few days ago, from
the fact that he was engaged in a new
literary wora, that he had yet a number
of years to devote to the delectation of
all readers of delightful English verse.
Death has been busy of late amongst
the great poets of our cen
tury. A few daya ago we were
called upon to mourn the depart
ure of our "sweet singer in Israel," J.G.
Whit tier. A short time before we deplored
the death of Walt Whitman, and now we
are about to be called upon to lay flowera
on the grave of Tennyson. There is but
one left of the great poets of our era.
Oliver Wendell Holmes ib still with ua
at a venerable age. He will be the last
of his contemporaries in years and rank
Hia harp is etill strung, and may it long
send out its tuneful music to gladden
the ears of hia unnumbered admirers.
They have a unique way of doing
things in San Francisco. Ten men were
arreated there two daya ago for false
registration. Police Judge John Lord
Love, who ia a candidate for superior
judge, personally became their bail, and
then in hia official capacity ordered
th eir release. It ie needless to say tbat
Judge Love was slated on the Republi
can ticket by Kelly and Crimmina.
The falling off in the Republican vote
at the last election in "Vermont waa 20
per cent. If thia percentage of falling
off ahould extend to the western states,
Cleveland and Stevenson would have a
walkover in November. <

Gen. Dan Sickles haa announced
himself as a Democratic Mugwump thia
year. His grievance ia that he stumped :
New York for Clevehnd in 1888, and
hia faction was afterwards accused of
knifing bim. This seems to be a very
silly reason, but it is enough for Dan.
As against the loss of Dan, the dis
patchea announce that Wayne McVeigh,
who wae Garfield's attorney-general,
has left the Republican party and will
enpport Cleveland. A less positive re
port is to the effect that Judge Cooley,
president of the inter-state commerce
commission, has left the grand old
party. General Sickles is a very bright
fellow, but his loss is more than offset
by the accession of such men as Mc-
Veigh and Cooley.
Martin J. Burke, who waß San Fran
cisco's chief of police in the late fifties
and the early sixties, is now raving this
city a visit. Mr. Burke has been iv ac
tive life on this coast for forty years,
aud is a fine representative of the stal
wart pioneer race.
The campaign opens today in dead
earnest all over the country. For details
of locality and names of orators see an
advertisement elsewhere in tbis issue.
Mies Jeffreys Lewie, as La Belle Russe,
delighted her audience at ihe beautiful
j new Los Angeles theater.
At the matinee this afternoon at
| which, by the way, tbe eastern custom
i will be intioduced by Manager Wyatt of
j reduced prices, Mist Lewis will • liy
Forget Me Not, and this evening Did
j thiide.
Tonight the Clerks association of this
city will be tbe beneficiaries. Tbe so
ciety wi'l be represented by 100 mcm
i bers, aud the merchants of the city have
I purchased most of the boxes and loges.
The opera house Fgiin contained a
large nndience last night to see Lillian
Russell in La Cigale. The opera was
sung to perfection, and was staged most
Tonight The Mountebanks will be pre
sented. Tbis is the last opera written
by Cellier and Gilbert. Tbe composer
died at tbe completion of his score, and
never saw the production of whatis gen
erally thought to be his best work.
The libretto is in Gilbert's best vein,
full of quaintneßS and brightness. To
night's performance will close the en
Hie many admirers must regret that
Mr. Carlton has not more opportunities
afferded him to delight the audiences at
the opera house than are given by the
roles which he fills in this company.
The announcement which he has made
to friends, that be will be here rext sea
son at the head of his own company, is
pleaaunt news to the theater-going pub
Superintendent Fillmore and Party on a
Tour oT Inspection.
Bakersfield, Oct. 4 —J. A. Fillmore,
general superintendent, and other offi
cials of the Southern Pacific company,
arrived here today from the south, and
departed almost immediately on a
tour of inspection over the
new road that is completed
50 miles out in tbo direction
of San Miguel, where it is to connect
with the coast road. Tne connection
will shorten the distance from this place
to San Francisco 50 miles, and will be
the main line and regular overland
route. Bakersfield is to be the terminal
point, and travel from here through the
San Joaquin valley will be entirely local.
An Attempt to Impeach the Testimony
of Witness Ottlnger.
San Fkancibco, Oct. 4.—The trial of
Elwood Bruner was continued before
Judge Wallace today. Tbe only sensa
tional episode was when Attorney Reddy
asked Ottinger if he ht.d not told cer
tain persons that he would either
send Bruner to jail or go
there himself. Witness replied
that he had made that remark. Reddy
then brought up the matter of Ottiu
ger'a conviction of a misdemeanor, for
having issued a scalper's circular, and
desired to have it to un record as a test,
of Otiioger's credibility as a witness,
but Judge Wallace declined to entertain
the motion.
Couuty-Seat War Ended.
Omaha, Neb , Oct. 4.—The Hitchcock
county war ended suddenly this morn
ing. Adjutant-General Vifquain of the
Btate militia reached Culoertson this
morning. He at once otdered Sheriff
Dennis to do hie duty. The sheriff sum
moned a posse, went to Trenton and re
captured the county records without a
struggle, and brought them back to
Culberteon. The troopß have been dis
In the Hands of a Reclver.
New York, Oct. 4. —The supreme
court has appointed a temporary receiv
er of the Guarantee alliance of Elmira,
N. V., upon the application of the attor
ney general, in n Biiit for ita dissolution,
in a bond of $250,000. The concern is
an assessment insurance order. An in
vestigation showed that it exceeded ita
powers, doing bueinesa illegally and
fraudulently, and is insolvent, its liabil
ities exceeding its assets by $10,000.
Florida Rolls Up an Old-Time
Nearly Twice as Large as the Dem
ocrats Expected.
No RepubUcan Ticket -In the Field and
the People's Party Cat a Small
Figure-Only 6000 Pop-,
ulist Votes.
By ths Associated Pre'S
Jacksonville, Fla , Oct. 4. —The
I weather was perfect today all over the
j Btate, but the vote is hardly as heavy
las was expected. This is accounted for
by the fact that the poll-tax require
ment kept down the aggregate of quali
fications in all parties. At 11 p.m. re
ports received from every county in the
state aud actual returns, coupled with
careful conservative estimates, show
that Mitchell (Dam.) has a majority in
the state not far from 25000. His
vote will probably run to 31.000.
Haskin's (People's; will not exceed 6000.
Tbis is 20 000 less than the Republican
vote of four years ago, and the white
Republicans, where they vot*"d at all,
generally supported the People's party
ticket; but the negroes, strange to say,
divided their votes between Mitchell
and Baskin. Reports from about 25
counties declare that more negroes voted
the Democratic ticket than the People's
ticket; this, too, without solicitation of
any kind, except in close contests on
county candidates.
A special from Tampa to the Times-
Union save: Chairman Park man of the
Democratic state committee said at mid
night : "The majority of tho Democracy
bids fair to be much larger than the
the most sanguine could have predicted
a If.w daya ago. Fifteen thousand ma
jority was quite as large as any Beemed
to hope for, but the vote phows" that the
state is still overwhelmingly Demo
He Assured Gladstone That Americans
Like His Home Rule Bill.
New York, Oct. 4.—The Evening Tel
gram' haß this:
One of the most extraordinary state
ments by Gladstone in hie remarkable
home rule reply to the duke of Argyll,
ia hia declaration that "a gentleman be
longing to the Republican party and in
the firat rank of public distinction in
America; told me before the last presi
dential election that 13.000,000 votes
would be cast at it, and of that number
.12,n00 000 would be favorable to the
cause of Ireland."
The author of the statement, it has
been learned, was Cl auncey M. Depew.
"Yes; I rememher making that state
ment to Mr. Gladstone," eaid Depew
this morning. 'T believed it then; I
more firmly believe it now. I waa in
London at the time, and waa invited by
Mr. Gladstone to a dinner party, given
as a compliment to me. I recall that
Gladstone asked me very pointedly just
how Americans regarded his home rule
scheme at that time. I replied tbat out
of 13.000,000 votes at the last presiden
tial election I did not believe there
wtiuld be 500,000 that would not be in
favor of home rue for Ireland. I will
supplement that statement now by say
ing, if the queation cornea to the test, I
do not believe there are 100,000 people
in this entire country who are not in
favor of Gladatone'a plan's for Ireland."
Rroret Society link ers Indicted.
Pittsburg, Oct. 4. —The grand jury
indicted R. J. Godfrey, aupreme treas
urer of the order of Solona, for the em
bezzlement of $4000 from the order, and
auainst Godfrey, J. M. Ball, the supreme
president, and A. S. Mundorf, chairman
of the supreme financiers,for conspiracy
to defraud the order.
Non-Partisans Not In It.
San Fbancibco, Oct 4.—Tbe board of
election commiea ontrj, by a vote of 4
to 1, todiv denied the application of
the ncn partisans for party designation
Gcfod Things
Never Die
Among the good things that
help to make enjoyable our
puddings, creams and pastry,
which have been used by
millions of housekeepers for
years, is Dr. Price's Delicious
Extracts of Lemon, Orange,
Vanilla, etc.
These flavors from all
other extracts in their manner
of preparation, quality of
fruit used, their freedom from
all injurious substances, their
superior strength and delicate
and agreeable taste. One
trial proves their worth.
October 3d to Bth Inclusive.
$20,000 in Purses and Premiums [
i The Fastest Horses in California have Entered for the Races.
Premium Lists and all Information from the Secretary.
District Agricultural Association No. 6.
J. C. NEWTON. President. L. THORNE, Secretary.
We will occupy the NEW BICKNELL BLOCK
on BROADWAY, opposite the City Hall, about No
vember ist, with a new line of goods.
We intend to close out our present stock before
moving, and , will name prices that will sell the goods.
We invite inspection and comparison in prices.
351-353 N. MAIN ST.,
Opposite Baker Bl'k. •;• Los Angeles, Cal
O. F. A. LAS T,
Successor 131 N. Main St.
Finest sock of Old Hermitage, W. H. Mcßraver, Old Crow. Spring Hill, New Hope,
Blue <if*ss Boi d & Lilian), Mellwood, Old Taylor, etc. Strai s ht Kentucky Whifklcs Fam
ily aud m diclnal trade so'iclted. 9 303 m
on the municipality tickets. It is under
stood the non-partisans will at once
apply to the supreme court for a writ of
mandamuß to compel the commission to
grant the desired heading.
The Supposed Geoghegan Was Formerly
ln Los Angelea.
The man who is now in tbe peniten
tiary in Oregon giving tbe name of
Coleman, and who the Chicago police
are endeavoring to identify aa Geogh
egan who was implicated in the Cronin
murder, waa formerly in Los Angelea.
He came here with Morton, the man
arrested ac a pickpocket, and who waa
enabled to leave the country by giving
the celebrated bond to ex-Justice Lock
wood, which document afterward my
ateuoirsly disappeared. He worked
with Morton, and was arrested by
Henry Russell now jailer at the county
jail. He got away however, and has
been identified by the local police
department by photographs as the same
man now in the Portland penitentiary.
He waa an all-around pickpocket and
crook, and he and Morton had been
partners in many a slick piece of work,
assisted therein by tbe woman who
travelled as Morton's wife.
Cannot Leave Washlnton.
Washington, Oct. 4.—The Post, to
morrow, will say there is uo longer any
doubt tbat the president will be com
pelled to abandon bis plans for partici
pation in tbe Columbian exercises, at
New York, next week, and at Chicago
later. The condition of Mrs. Harrison
is such that he will not be able to leave
her bedside, and at tbe cabinet, today,
he practically notified the members that
he would not leave Washington.
Is too complicated lor üb. II you have delec
live eyes and value tbem, consult us first. w>
guarantee our fitting perfect, as our system v
the latest scientific one. Children's eyes should
be examined during school life. Thousand*
sutler with headache which is often remedied
with properly fitted glasses. Eyes examined
free of charge. ■■- j:> ', l »v> .
B. (J. MAKsBUTZ, -cientiflc Optician? *
Established 1882,
167 N. Bprlng. opp. old Conrt Honse
W Don't forget the number "W|
superloyiuurt of Los Angeles county. I will
i ell, at pubfin auction, on Tuesday, Ocmber 8,
1892, for cash, to the highest bidder, the per
sonal property belonging to ihe state of J. E.
Duikee. conslst'xg of about 40 head of young
horses and brood mare< 80 bend of dairy cows
and thoroughly ed Hoisteln cows and bulls, and
all farming implements, sucb as wagons,
buggies, sulkies, plows harness, etc.
Bale to comm nee at 10 a m , on the prem
ises known as Bonita Meadaws, on Washington
street, three mi.es west of city limits
Lost or Failing Manhood,
Nervous Debility,
Night Emissions,
Decay of the Sexual Organs,
Or Seminal Weakness,
Dr. Steinhart's
Whjrh in a combination of the well
known Mr Astley Cooper's Vital Re
storative with, other ingre 'lents. It
was established in J sn Francisco in
1875, and ii th" oldest remedy of its
kind on the Pacific > oast, and is guar
anteed to contain no mercury. Will
cure when all other remedies fall Yon
e»n call or write. All communications
strictly I onflden'lal, and medicine sent
under a private name, if preferred.
Price, $2 Per Bottle; or 6 Bot
tles for $10.
Pil's same price per box, Call on or write to
DR. BTEI*HAhT, Mooms 12 and 13, 331W 8.
Hpring »treet, Los Angeles, Cal.
epecial and Infallible specifics prepared for
all private diseases, office hours from 9a m.
t<_3 p.m , and irom 6 to 8; Sundays Irom 10 to
Instrumental treatment of strictures and all
kinds of surgical woi k done by competent sur
g ons.
Are onl >' acquired by using
t Guaranteed togive the best
1 satihfaction of any a llele
R yjjjj in the market. Perfectly
mr Wm\ bjffiK Mannfact;nre(s onl *
TRADE MARK. Los Angeles, Cal
Painless Dentistry.
Fine Gold Filling ,
Crown and Bridge
All operations pain
jQsjfa Ytfjlk sht tbkth ' $8 -°°-
Stevens & Sods,
V*U \' Rooms 18 and 19,
» < ■% IQ7 N. Spring st.
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Etc.
117, 119 and 121 South Lot Angeles Btreet

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