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The Arrangements for the
White-Estee Debate.
Tbe Great Forensic Duel Is All Ar
Details Agreed to by Both Sides Which
Will Secure Fair Play— Notes
and Uosslp on Political
Arrangements for the joint debate be
tween Hon. Stephen M. White and
Hon. Morris M. Eetee have been prac
tically completed. A meeting of tbe
committee having thia matter in charge
was held at the Herald office yesterday,
at which the details were carefully con
sidered. The committee is composed of
Judge Silent, chairman of the Republic
an county central committee; H. Z.
Osborne of the executive committee of
the Republican state central committee ;
C. F. A. Last, chairman of the Demo
cratic county central committee, and
Col. J J. Avers, who ia to be chairman
of the sub-committee, and will preside
at the debate.
The date for the speaking in Loa An
gelea ia Saturday, October Bth, at 8
p. m., and tbe place Turn Verein hall.
It ia unfortunate that no larger audit
orium can be secured, but the fair at
the pavilion precludes the possibility of
uaing that buildiDg.
It was agreed that there should be
1,600 tickets iaaued, 750 to be distributed
by tbe chairman of the Republican com
mittee and 750 by the Democratic chair
man. The Republicans are to occupy
the south side of the hall and gallery,
and the Democrats the north half. Dif
ferent-colored tickets will be issued to
each party. Messrs. Silent and Laat will
name an equal number of doorkeepera
and uehere.
The mutual agreement between the
chairmen of the Democratic and Repub
lican State central committees imposes
the following conditions:
First. —There shall be no mueic what
ever at the meetings.
Second. —The tickets of ad mission shall
be divided equally and impartially be
tween the two parties, and be placed in
the handa of the chairmen of each county
committee, who shall consult with the
members of their State central commit
tee located in the county as to proper
Third.—The chairmen of each county
committee shall be the time-keepers of
the debate, and there shall be no admis
sion to the hall except by tickets of ad
Minor detaila are as follows: Hon.
M. M. Eatee ie to open the debate at
Loa Angeles, Hon. S. M. White to open
at Fresno (Monday, October 10th), and
ao on alternating to tbe end of the dia
The firat. epeaker nhall have one hour.
Tbe Eecond speaker ehall have one hour
and a half; then the firat epeaker shall
close with half an hour.
The chairman shall make no intro
ductory remarks: he shall introduce the
speaker by saying "Mr. Estee" or "Mr.
White." He shall suppress applause aa
far as possible, and give speakers time
lost by interruptions.
The expenses of all meetings are
shared equally by the two stale central
The committee to whom the call for
the city primary of the Democracy were
referred, met at the law office of J.
Marion Brooke, in Downey block, laat
night. On motion of Judge Taney the
call of the primaries was fixed for Sat
urday, October 22d, and the convention
on October 25th. The appointment of
delegates waa made by precinct repre
sentatives. The convention will con
tain 233 delegates, being one delegate
for each precinct of the city, and one
delegate for each 25 votes or
major fraction thereof cast for Pond.
The pledge adopted was that the voter
muat be an elector or would be at the
time of election, and will pledge himaelf
to vote tbe Democratic municipal ticket
at the ensuing city election.
The call will be publiahed on next
Sunday. The committee had a very
harmonious meeting, and all matters
coming before the same were adopted
without division.
Mr. John T. Gaffey and Thoa. Kelly ap
peared before tbe committee and pre
sented their views, which in every
respect were approved.
The friends of John Shirley Ward are
urging him to run for councilman from
the Fourth ward. Hiß name will prob
ably go before the convention.
The Plata Fina club of Eaat Loa An
gelea, with headquarters in the Hayden
block on Downey avenue, have organ
ized a school of instruction to votera
under the new Australian ballot ayatem.
TL9 meetings for thia purpose are held
every Monday evening, commencing at
7:30 o'clock. Councilman Nickell ia
preaident of this club, and T. Meredith
The headquarters of the Democratic
county central committee are now Per
manently located over the Farmera and
Merchants bank on Main Btreet. This
change waa found necessary to relieve
tbe crowded condition of Tammany
headauarters on Spring atreet.
There waa a Republican meeting Tues
day evening at La Canada. Addresses
were made by C. M. Simpson and J. S.
A meeting of the same character at
Clearwater, which was in the nature of
a surprise party to the local residents,
was addressed the same evening by W.
H. Wright and H. G. Millard.
The Republicans of the Third ward
met laat evening in Justice Owens'court
room. Tbe meeting was held for the
purpose of perfecting arrangements for
the reception and entertainment of the
Union League drill corps of San Fran
ciaco, numbering 125 uniformed men,
which, with a band of 25 pieces, will be
here on the 15th instant. The club will
be met at tbe depot by a delegation of
tbe officra of the local Repub
lican political clubs, the Lincoln
Flambeau club and the First Votera'
clubs in uniform, and in the afternoon
an exhibition drill will take place, of
whi"h Colonel Schreiber will be tbe
marahal. In the evening a torchlight
procession will precede the speaking at
the pavilion, after all of which a recep
tion and banquet will be held at the
Union League club's rooms. The com
mittee in charge ia M. M. Barnett, C.
M. Welle, E. W. Kinaey, Fred L. Allen,
G. 8. De Garmo, P. H. Howard, J. W.
Variel and E. A. Meeerve.
The Ninth-ward Republicana held a
meeting last evening.
Hon. Thomas Rowan has, at the so
licitation of hiß numeroua friends, con
cluded to enter the field for the nomina
tion for mayor by the Democratic city
convention. There will be no acarcity
of atrong candidates for thia office to
choose from thia year, and all the prom
inent names mentioned are thoae of men
who atand ao high in tbe party and ao
well in the community that it ia difficult
to ccc how any mistake can be made in
the selection of the nominee.
Mr. A. Orfila ia being urged by hia
friends ac a candidate for nomination for
city clerk before the Democratic conven
The Democratic city central commit
tee desire a liet of all the Democratic
clubs in thie city, with tbe names of tbe
officera, raemberehip and the date of
meeting. Presidents of cluba are re
queated to Bend the above to J. H.
Melville, in tbe Allen block.
At tbe recent meeting of the People's
party city convention the name of Mr.
C. M. Welle waa offered for nomination
to the office of mayor on their ticket.
Mr. Wella has addressed a letter to the
secretary of the convention, in which he
says he should regard the endorsement
of that party an honor, but that aa a
Republican, deairing tbe Republican
nomination, he cannot ask any other
party to place hia name at the head of
the ticket. He commende the Popu
liata' platform in the main, but thinka
the preaent race ahould be upon the one
idea of municipal ownership of the
water and lighting ayßteme of tin city.
He objecte, however, to. that clauae of
the platform which may be construed ac
allowing the purchase of materials for
public worka in the open market.
A meeting of Tammany club will be
held tonight at the Tammany hall at
7:30 p. m. All membere are "requested
to be preeent ac officera are to be elected
as well ac other important business to
be transacted.
The Sleeting- Yesterday of the Commis
The fire commission met yeaterday,
Mayor Hazard, Messrs. Kuhrte, Broder
ick and Chief Moore being preaent.
Building Superintendent Muchmore
preeent a certificate that chemical en
gine houee No. 2 ia complete, and that
the contractor, Samuel Hedges, ia enti
tled to the last payment 35 daya from
acceptance by the board, and on motion
of Mr. Kuhrta the building waa ac
The motion of Councilman Rhodea to
place fire alarm boxea at Seventh and
Union, Ninth and Alvarado, Ninth and
Holmee, Eleventh and Burlington, Firßt
and Wilmington, and Ninth and Central
avenue was referred to the chief.
A testimonial by Dr. Hagan in behalf
of Eugene Smith for driver in tbe fire
department wae referred to the chief.
John E. Jackaon petitioned to remove
a frame house from a lot on Spring and
Seventh etreeta to a lot fronting on
Broadway, owing to the widening of
Seventh street, and preventing moving
the houee back. The petition was
granted, under condition that the build
ing be placed eight feet from the east
[me of Broadway.
S. C. Dodge aeked permission to erect
a eteam planing mill on the Bigelow
tract and presented the consent of all
the property owners in the block where
it ia propoaed to place the mill. Per
mission was granted under provisions of
tbe ordinance.
Chief Moore presented an official an
nouncement of the death of Hon. E. F.
Spence, ex-mayor of the city and presi
dent of the first, board of fire commis
sioners, under the ordinances which
created tbe present department, which
wae filed.
The chief aleo reported the death of
Fireman P. B. Anderson, a native of
Norway, and attached to Chemical Com
pany No. 1. He eaid : "Mr. Anderson
wae fatally injured while in discharge of
hie duty, by being run over by the en
gine while unhitching the horses in the
houae. He wae an intelligent, active
and fearless fireman, and an exemplary
Mr. L. M. Foy preaented a petition
asking that W. Sands, who was sus
pended indefinitely several months ago,
be restored to a place to work.
Alter approving various) demands and
bille the board adjourned.
He Accuses Fair and Frail Annie More
of Stealing Them.
The police court wae enlivened yeater
day by the appearance of a pretty blonde
young woman who called hereelf Miaa
Annie Moore, who walked into couit ac
companied by Officer Bosqui. Mica
Annie ia charged with a very grave
crime, known aa grand larceny. August
De Vol ia the complaining witness.
Hie tale of woe ia that he and Miss
Annie were at Maud Cameron's place on
Alameda street, and got in a hack to
gether to ride to a restaurant. While
on the way Mr. De Vol became aware
of the fact that he was minus the sum
of |GO. He thinka Annie took it. Annie
eaya she didn't. Judge Owene arraigned
the fair defendant and held her under
$1000 bonde. Joe Manning and R. J.
Collins qualified ac sureties on her bond,
and Annie walked out of court alone.
Tbe caae is set for 3 o'clock this after
Routine Business Transacted Yesterday
by the Board.
The board of supervisors yesterday
ordered the advertisement of tbe appli
cations of Silbenberg and Henry for a
saloon licence at Agricultural park, and
G. Hede at Pico Heights for seven days,
and a hearing October 11th.
Tbe matter of franchise for a wharf on
Terminal island came up. An amend
ment to the remonetrance waa filed by
Henry T. Gage. The board decided to
view tbe propoaed location, and the
hearing waa continued to October Bth.
Falling; Hair
Produces baldness. It ia cheaper to buy
a bottle of skookum root hair giower
than a wig; besides, wearing your own
hair ia more convenient. All druggists.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses were iaaued yester
day to tbe following persons :
J. W. Stone, aged 22, and Annie A.
Beeler, aged 22, both natives of Mis
souri and residents of Compton.
Charles Harding, aged 30, a native of
Kentucky and resident of Norwalk, and
Lola Swain, aged 15, a native of Cali
fornia and resident of Downey.
Newspapers ■ mlorte.
"Educators are certainly tbe greatest bene
factors of the race, and after reading Dr. Frank
lin Milcs's popular works, oannot help declar
ing him to be among the most entertaining and
educating authors."—New York Daily. He is
not a stranger to our readers, as his advertise
ments appear in our columns in every Issue,
calling attention to the fact that his elegant
work on Nervous and Heart Diseases is dis
tributed free by onr enterprising druggist C.
H. Hance. Trial bottles of Dr. Mlles's Nervine
are given away, also book of Testimonials show
ing that It is unoqnaled for nervous prostra
tion, headache, poor memory, dizziness, sleep
lessness, neuralgia, hysteria, fits, epilepsy.
Children Cry JorJiicher^CMtorla;
Plain or Mixed ?
The London Times says: "Apollinaris Water is
as familiar in millions of mouths as any
household word.
Teetotalers drink it plain, and are better for so
Others drink it in combination with wine or
spirit, and enjoy the mixture.
Those who are in health hope to remain well by
making Apollinaris their habitual beverage.
While invalids are recommended to drink it in
order to get rid of their ailments."
The Supreme Court. Decides
Some Vexed Questions.
The Proceedings Yesterday in the
Various Courts.
An Attorney Who Objected to Having
His Client Handcuffed — They
Talked It Over—New Suits.
Court Notes.
An opinion affirming the judgment of
the superior court in the caaea of De
lano, respondent ye. Jacoby et al., ap
pellants, and Jacoby et al., appellants
ye. Delano and Culver, respondents, of
Lob Angelee, wae received yeeterday by
Deputy Supreme Court Clerk Aehmore.
The opinion recites that September 12,
1887, C. Z. Culver, claiming to act un
der a power of attorney from C. Delano,
cold and conveyed a tract of land owned
by himeelf and Delano, to A. Jacoby et
al. By the terma of the agreement the
purchasers were to pay off a prior mort
gage of $5000, and the sum of $13,000,
$6000 of which was paid in cash. On
the remaining $7000, $3500 wae to be
paid within one year and the remainder
in two years, with interest at 10 per
cent. Two notes were given by the pur
chasers for $3500 each, one payable in
one year and the other in two years,
and payment was secured by a mort
gage on the lands sold.
The two cases were consolidated. The
first was an action for the recovery of
the amount due on the two notes, and to
foreclose the mortgage. Jacoby, et al.,
in their answer alleged that Delano and
Culver never had a title to the lands,
and aa Boon as they discovered the fact,
and before tbe commencement of the
action, they recinded the contract and
offered to restore to tbe plaintiff and
Culver everything of value they had re
ceived under tbe contract; that they
were induced to enter into the agree
ment by false and fraudulent repre
sentations ; tbat they were induced to
enter into the agreement by tbe promise
of the plaintiff that Culver would com
mence at once to erect five cottages on
the tract adjoining the land sold, known
aa tbe Culver Hotel tract, and open and
maintain a hotel on the tract; that they
kept all their promises and the plaintiff
and Culver kept none of theirs, by rea
son of which the consideration of the
note entirely failed.
The second case waß brought by Ja
coby et al., for an accounting of all
moneys paid by the plaintiffs on ac
count of purchase money and for the
delivery and cancellation of the notes
and mortgages.
The superior court negatived all tbe
allegations made by Jacoby et al , and
judgment in each case was rendered in
favor of Delano.
The court in sustaining the judgment
finds that the evidence showing Delano
to be tbe owner and holder of the notes
and mortgage are sufficient; also that
the power of attorney given by Delano
to Culver was valid. It was contended
that Delano denied the right of Culver
to act for him, but he repudiated merely
tbe right of Culver to make any repre
sentations aa to what would be done in
or about the premises, and tbat denial
became immaterial in view of the find
ing of tbe superior court that tbe rep
resentations made by Culver were
neither false nor fraudulent. Culver
made an assignment on May, 1888, and
acknowledged his inability to carry out
the promises for the erection of build
ings on tbe adjoining tract.
They Talked It Over.
Yesterday afternoon Mra. Sepulveda,
who charged Mr. and Mrs. Sarnow with
battery in putting ber out of their
lodging house, on South Main street,
met the defendants accidentally in the
district attorney's office, and they eat
down and talked the matter over, the
result being that the complaint will
probably be diemiseed and a contem
plated complaint against Mre. Sepul
veda will never be filed. The facte of
the caee are somewhat amus
ing. Mra. Sepulveda rented a room
in the lodging houae and wanted
permission to keep her dog
in the room. Thie tbe landlady refused
to permit, and a slight disagreement en
sued. Mre. Sepulveda consulted a law
yer, who told her that when she rented
and paid for her room, it was her castle
and she could keep a pig, horse or ele
phant there if she desired so to do. Fol
lowing the opinion given her, Mra. Se
pulveda proceeded to install her dog,
and tbat brought about an open rupture,
in which ahe waa forced to leave tbe
houae. Feeling very indignant over her
treatment and the indifference of the
Sarnowe to the good points of thf dog,
she procured the complaint referrl I to.
After much discussion both sides sq ned
to think there had been sufficient no
toriety and are willing to quit.
Didn't Want Him Handcuffed.
Robert Black charged with burglary
and the theft of a watch, wae before
Judge Smith yeßterday morning, for the
purpote of pleading to the information.
His attorney, Hugh Crawford, took ex
ception to hiß being in the court room
handcuffed to another prisoner. The
exception was overruled by the court,
who stated that he was only present for
the purpose of entering bis plea, and no
jurors were in attendance. Mr. Craw
ford filed a motion to set aside the in
formation on the ground that more than
Use Moiline altar peeling vegetable*; all
t tains disappear.
30 days had elapsed from the time
the demurrer to the original informa
tion was sustained ; also on tbe ground
that the court has never, in compliance
with eection 1008 of the penal code, ex
pressed an opinion or ordered a new
information to be filed, as required by
that section. The motion was taken
under advisement until October Bth.
Court Notes.
Judge Van Dyke granted an interloc
utory decree in the caee of the Redondo
Beach company ye. O. Allen, giving the
defendant, 30 daye in which to pay the
balance due on purchase price of lot 19,
block 101. Redondo Beach.
Judge Van Dyke granted Mrs. Marie
Vignaux a divorce from her husband,
Pierre Vignaux, on the ground of deser
tion and failure to provide for her sup
port. It was a default case, the defend
ant not being present. '
The grand jury has subdivided into
several committees for the purpose of
examining the books of the county offi
cers, and have started in on their task of
going through the accounts. The jury
has not started in yet on indictment
The ease of Mrs. Alice Decker vb. J.
W. Kishlar was on trial before Judge
Van Dyke yesterday. It is an action to
quiet the title to certain lots at Long
Beach, in which the defendant claimed
an interest. The defendant obtained a
judgment agains? Z. Decker in tbe Pan
Bernardino superior court for $1336.
Afterwards Decker conveyed the prop
erty in question to his wife, Mrs. Alice
Decker, as her sole and separate prop
erty. The defendant claims that the
transfer waß made for the purpose of
putting the property out of the way bo
that the judgment could not be collected.
Wm. Smith and John Meyera, charged
with burglary, were granted separate
trials by Judge Smith, tbe trial of tbe
former being set for October 20tb, and
tbat of Meyere for October 21et.
The caee of R. A. Buchanan vb. E. B.
Beecher, an action for accounting, ie on
trial before Judge McKinley. The par
tiee were in the plumbing business, and
their accounts became involved.
The case of the Los Angeles National
bank vs. Wallace et al. was on trial
again yesterday before Judge Clark, and
the trial will be resumed thia morning.
A man named Joe Bona procured a
complaint yesterday at the district at
torney's office against a Requena street
restaurant keeper, whose name he did
not know, charging him with disturbing
tbe peace. He alleges that the man
owes him $120, and be went to the res
taurant to eat it out, but tbat tbe de
fendant objected and forcibly ejected
bim from the premises.
Divorce proceedings have been insti
tuted by Mrs. Ella R. Jennings against
ber husband, A. H. Jennings.
Great Preparations Being Made for Its
Every member of the committee for
the celebration of Columbus day, Octo
ber 21st, under tbe auspices of tbe Ital
ian colony of tbis city is doing hia ut
most for the success of the celebration.
There will be a street parade, literary
exercises at Hazard's pavilion, fire-works
in the evening, and an invitation ball
at night. Several platoons of police
commanded by Chief Glass, four com
panies of national guards, commanded
by Colonel Schreiber, and many socie
ties oi Lob Angeles will take part in the
parade. Several floats, representing
some of the episodes of the discovery of
America, will be among the attractions.
Hon. Mayor Hazard and Hon. W. T.
Williams will address the audience in
English, Mr. Robarts in Spanish and
F. Slatri in Italian.
Invitations have been extended to the
different societies of Los Angelee; if any
have been omitted tbe committee in
vites them cordially through the press,
and requests them to correspond with
the grand marshal, G. L. Castruccio,
134 North Main Btreet, who will be glad
to assign them a proper place in the
procession. Mayor Hazard and the city
council have accepted the invitation to
participate in the celebration.
That Dear Old Word, Good-by,
Is a mighty sad one when it is the parting s*.
uiation between friends whom thousands.*?!
miles of salt water are about to separata.-i'.-n
---ners, buyers in foreign lands for neavy*Houses,
commercial travelers who have made many
trips across the s'ormy Atlantic, think little of
an ocean voyage, but to the first voyager the in
itial trip Is a momentous a flair. Sea sickness
is to be expected as a matter of course. How
to prevent it? The finest remedy and prevent
ive of the nausea provoked by the tosting of a
vessel, the jarring motion of the screw of a
steamship, or of a locomotive train, is Hostet
ter's Stomach Bitters, pronounced by sea
captains, ship doctors, tourists, travelers and
emigrants the finest stomachic and best de
fense against ailments of the bowels, digestive
organs and liver ln existence. Malaria, rheum
atism, kidney trouble aud debility are reme
died by it.
Ice Cream, Soda and Confectionery.
f oda of all flavors. The finest in the city at
Murium & Go's, 127 South Spring street.
Coupe No. 4, Hack No. 33.
Stand corner Second and Spring Btreets from
<> p.m. to 6 a.m. Telephone 273. Kates, 25c
per mile, one person, $1 per hour. Bargains
can be made. N. Kipp.
The Astbury
Shorthand and Typewriting Institute opens for
the winter term on Monday, Oct iber 10th, at
131 North Spring street, Phillips block. Take
. Williams & Co., Grocers,
Have removed from Spring and Eighth streets
to 744 South Spring street, s few doors north of
the o,d stand. A complete line of groceries at
the lowest possible prices.
Sickness Among Children,
Especially Infants, is prevalent at all times,
but is largely avoided by giving proper nourish
ment and wholesome food. Ihe most success
ful and reliable Is the Gall Borden "Eagle"
Brand Condensed Milk. Your grocer and drug
gist keep it.
Summer lap dusters at Foy's old reliable sad
dlery house, 315 North Los Angeles street.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorlai
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bi _ 135 Houtli spring Street.
D IHI ca
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attendance from 0 a.m. to 9 p.m.( (In confidence) Ui\. Lllulu a UU., LOS ANGELES.
Containing 62 acres of land, all in high state of cultivation; cottage
house, hard-finished, of seven rooms, bath and kitchen, together witb
small cottage of three rooms for laborers; about four acres in bearing
Washington Navels; 5 acres English Walnuts; 5 acres Winter Ap
ples ; two artesian wells; about 3000 feet service pipe and hydrants.
First-class corn, alfalfa and orange land; all fenced and cross-fenced.
Apply at once to
8-10-tf 115 South Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
L U M P - : - C OAL,
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wo by mail; 6 for ti. With overyji order wo ffive a written guarantee tocun
BaroßEASDArir.ncsiNO. or rejundtli&moncv Circular free. Address Nerve Seed Co.. Chicago, Hi.
For sale in Los Angeles TtU, by GODFREY & MOORE, Druggists, 108 South Spring St.
I paralysis. No More Drugging fj^
tThe Art of Sur- If^T
gery is a bless- -JI&^JL
ing to the world. yj^^vN,
But the practice /-JjrTMffi 11/7 \
of medicine is a [A£t£ *WsMcL \
curse to the com- \
munity. If every i^feiiia
drug store was 1 B I
closed no one II \l \ \
would be sick ex- jjl V
cept through oc
medicine and die k\ 1 |3i
Wear our Mag- JH j
neto- Conserva- j,"- j J3^p?
tive Garments -^tarf^J^^
| BEFORE USING. pebfevt r Hkllth after US | NB
Our Hagnato-Conservatire Belts and Appliances will POSITIVELY CURE all forms of
diseases in both sexe3 without tbe use of drugs. Hundreds of thousands testify to that
effect. You can not wear our belt or appliances without being benefited. If you follow oar
advice you will be free from disease. BEWARE of the so-called electric or magnetic belts,
for they only lead to disappointment. We are the sole proprietors and manufacturers of
Prof. Wilson's world renowned Magneto-Electtlclty Conserving Belts and Appliances, which,
wheu used as directed, always effect a care.
t3tT~l,ung, Kidney, Liver and all forms of Disease cared.
JjKQrtto any Physician or Electric Belt ©KHA to any Oculist who can show such
*" VU maker to show such marvelous cures by their treatment as are be-
Ing effected by the "Actina,' removmgCat
cures by medicine or electricity as can be aracts, granulated lids or any abnormal
shown by the use of Professor Wilson's f™ 4 " 1 ™ 0 ! U °?"
treatment 90 per cent are rained for life.
Magneto Conservative Oarments. With "Actina" perfect safety is assured.
OFFICE HOUHS: Q a ro. till O pm. SUNDAYS: O a.m, till 1 pm.
Free Treatment at Office. Call for Cliculars and Testimonials.
LOS ANGELES BRANCH—Rooms 41 and 42, Southeast Cor. Fir-t and Spring sts.
ROBEIfT. D, MILLER, Manager.
Fred. A. Salisbury
No. 345 South Spring Street. Tel. 226.

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