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Orange County People Still
Mourn Silkwood's Defeat.
News Notes From the Crown of the
Politics at Pasadena—An Amateur Opera
Performance—Splendid Prospects*
of Orange County■- Santa
Ana Brevities.
Santa Ana, Oct. s.—lt was a very
small crowd that filed into Niell'a hall
last night to listen to the words of wis
dom that were to fall from the lips of
Judge Cheney and E. C. Seymour. 1 hey
didn't fall, however, for only about 50
disciples of the Republican party were
there, and the judge evidently didn't
feel like talking to co many. Seymour
did, though, for the little man from San
•'Berdoon" would talk to a fence if he
couldn't talk to anything else, and so ha
talked. He told the people that he
wasn't "all that was vile and corrupt in
manhood," and that he had never had
to try the Keeley cure. Then
be tried to tell something new
about the tariff, but it was no go. He
didn't know anything. He explained,
to the satisfaction of himself at least,
why it was that the Temescal tin mines
bad been closed, and said he had fig
ured out there was tin enough .in the
Sun Bernardino mountains to supply the
civilized world with that necessary arti
cle lor over 4000 years yet to come. Just
how he reached this conclusion or now
he got his figures we could not quite un
derstand, hut perhaps it is because we
are stupid. After considerable talk on
minor subjects, the little sheriff of San
Bernardino county said that he would
not mind being a state senator. There
have been poor meetings here, but this
was about the poorest ever held in the
Of course Santa Anans feel bad over
tho defeat of Silkwood. It ia only nat
ural that they should, and besides the
people who went up to the races to bet
on Silkwood are minus some good coin
of the realm today. There are those
who say the horse was drugged ; some
who think the three other drivers were
pooled against him; and others who
think Our Dick ia the fastest horse. The
heaviest loosers on the Santa Ana horse
are doing the least talking, and as they
sit and think over what they could
have done with the money they lost on
the races, they are reminded of the fact
that ono cannot always tell just which
horse wins. About $6000 of Santa Ana
money stayed up at Loa Angeles after
the sputa came home, but iv a few
days this city will have completely re
covered from the shock,
Business of all kinds is good in ail
paits of Orange county. Real estate
transfers betoken a revival of old-time
prosperity, and prices of real estate are
good. With the completion of the Bolaa
drainage ditch and the San Joaquin
ranch irrigation system, 30,000 acres of
land will soon be brought into the high
est state of cultivation. A beet sugar
factory at Anaheim, a possibility of the
establishment of another in this city,
and other improvements of minor im
portance—the outlook is encouraging.
There will be in the next two years at
leaßt 1000 acres of new vineyards come
into bearing, and the wineries, which
have been shut down since the ravages
of the vine disease played such havoc in
this county, will all be at work again.
Crops of all kinds have been fairly good
this season, although the barley yield
was lighter than usual, on account of
the dryness of the season. Outside of
this all other crops are fully up to the
average yield.
The growing of deciduous fruita in
this county ia fast assuming large pro
portions. The apricot crop alone sold
for $125,000, and all these fruits are be
ing successfully grown. The establish
ment of a fruit cannery here would ma
terially aid in pushing forward this in
dustry. The mines in the county are
also looking up, and taking everything
into consideration, and the fact that
this county now haa $60,009 in her treas
ury and not a dollar of debt, the future
looks bright.
There is but one inmate in the coun
ty jail, and the city prison stands with
its door wide open, and has not had an
occupant yet this month.
Special trains will be run to the raceß
in Loa Angeles Saturday, and a large
delegation of Orange county people will
go down to see the great free for-all trot
on that day. They will carry but little
money, however, as there are thoße
here who vow they will never bet on a
horse race again.
"Billy" Williams is billed to give the
people of Santa Ana a ta k on Repub
lican doctrines on the 11th. With a
brass band and a torchlight procession
a little enthusiasm will be tried to be
A Bpenial train will carry about 100
people from thia county to Los Angeles,
Saturday night, to hear the White-Estee
Fiften hundred pounds of fish were
Bhipped from this city yesterday.
The infant child of H.M.Long died
8. B. Stambangh, who fell from a
scaffolding the other day, ia believed to
have been internally injured, and his
recovery ie dojbtful.
The Unitarian conference opened its
meeting in G. A. R hall, in this city,
today. A large number of ministers are
in attendance.
There are 2000 names on the great reg
Chas. Tedford and wife rejoice in the
advent of a baby girl in the home circle.
The little one arrived today.
The value of Orange county school
property is $K)3,618. there are thirty
aine school houses, 78 t-achers and 4,157
pupils in attendance.
B. F. Hall and wife leave for Lob
Augeles iv a few days, where they will
hereafter reside.
Messrs. Chapman, Hutton and A. W.
Hendricks, of Los Angeles, and E. E.
Keech, of anta Ana, left this city today
for San Bernardino, where they go to at
tend to legal business. This quartette
of legal lights are attorneys employed by
the Anaheim and Santa Ana Valley Irri
gation company, in a suit against the
Jurupa Irrigation company by that
company to restrain them from
diverting any of the waters of the Santa
Ana river into other channels. Similar
auita will be entered against every per
son using the waters of this river for
irrigating purposes. The Orange county
irrigation companies claim the water of
thia river for ten miles above Riverside.
The Woman's Home and Foreign Mis
sionary society of the Presbytery of Loa
Angeleß, will hold its Bemi-annual meet
ing in the First Presbyterian church,
Santa Ana, beginnh g Tuesday evening,
October lltb,. and closing Wednesday
afternoon. An interesting programme
has been prepared. Workers from both
the home and foreign fields are expected
to be present.
Considerable Interest Shown In Polittoal
Pasadena, Oct. 6.—The war ia now on
and no let up will be given until after
the coming election. The local Dem
ocracy is exhibiting a considerable
amount of enterprise in the manner
they are conducting the campaign.
The meeting laat evening waa a de
cided success, and more of the same
kind ia all that is needed. Arrange
ments are already being made for an
other rousing meeting next Thursday
evening. Besides several county can
didates addreese3 will be made by Judge
Enoch Knight and Hon. J. \V. Ward.
Complete details have not yet been
arranged, but will be made public iv a
few days.
lolanthe is booked at the opera house
for "tomorrow evening and Saturday aft
ernoon. This production, which will be
under the direction of Prof. Kyle, will
be given by a troupe of juveniles who
have been carefully trained for their
parts. Tickets are now on sale at Sus
serott'e book store.
Dan McGilvary was co unfortunate as
to break his. arm while performing on
the horizantal bar at tbe Fobs club
rooms, on East Coloiado street. Both
bones were broken near the wrist. Dr. |
Mohr was called in and set the fractured
Dr. Reid, prohibition candidate for as
semblyman, addressed a fair-sized audi
ence at Strong's ball this evening. Mu
sic was furnished by the glee club.
Under its present efficient manage
ment the Carlton ia proving one of our
niOßt popular houees.
A light rain fell here a greater portion
of the morning, which proved very ac
ceptable to every one but the fruit dry
ers, who are not looking for such
From the showing made at the late
meeting it would appear that both the j
old political parties are exceedingly
alive, in contradiction to all statements
to the contrary.
The female minstrels gave a perform
ance at Willianis'a ball, last evening.
The commendable points were few and
far between, and the Btage could exist
very comfortably if a few such combina
tions should quit tbe businesß.
The ladies' central committee of the
Y. M. C. A. will hold a meeting tomor
row afternoon, at 3 o'clock, in the asso
ciation rooms, for tbe purpose of mak
ing final arrangements for the enter
tainment, of the coming state delegates.
All members are requested to be pres
A meeting of the committee appointed
by the board of trade on Throop uni- !
versify scholarships waa held yesterday. [
The council held a special meeting
this evening to consider several new !
ordinances which have been read, but
upon which no action has been taken.
In an article on our production of
deciduous fruits this season, the Star
gives some interesting figures of the
value of this year's crop. On the whole
area 4000 tonß of green fruits have been
taken care of, and 500 people have been
given employment; over $100,000 have
been paid to producers, and the value of
the crop in market will be about
A Number of Shipping Notes—Local
Redondo Beach, Oct. 6.—The steam
ship Santa Rosa, on her return from the
present trip to San Francisco, will go
into dry dock for needed repairs. She
will be replaced in the line by the steam
ship Queen, one of the two largest
steamships in the extensive plant be
longing to the P. C. S. S.Co., the Queen
and City of Puebla being of abqut the
flame register as to tonnage and canneity.
The Queen will leave San Francisco on
the 12th mat., arriving at Redondo at
about 1 o'clock a.m., October 14th.
The steamer Santa Cruz is due to ar
rive today with a cargo of 318 tons for
Los Ange.'es, as per advices by wire.
The U. S. cruisers Charleston and
Baltimore are expected to cast anchor in
Redondo harbor tomorrow afternoon.
School Trustee W. R. Steel having re
signed, County Superintendent Seaman
has appointed E. P. Maxey to fill the
vacancy. The board of trustees, as it
now stands, is W. H. Venable, George
Cate and E. P. Maxey.
The family of Photographer Hall hav
ing spent the summer at Reaondo, re
moved yesterday to Pasadena, where
they go to occupy their new home, lately
purchased by Mr. Hill. Mr. Hill bus
spent most of this season in the east in
New York and New Jersey.
McPlummery's Reply.
Editors Herald : Sir in your issue of
Oct. 5 I have noticed a statement made
by Mr. P. M. Darcey that I waa an ex
pert on whitewashing. I must emphat
ically deny the alligation, and I hereby
proceed to sit on the alligator. I wish to
inform the gentleman that I am not in
that line of business at present, that I
have more respect for him than to start
in opposition to him, and that I think
there is not a living in it for more than
one. Consequently he can have the
whole field to himself until business
improves in that line. I see that the
gentleman has not forgotten hia school
boy proclivities as far aa calling nameß ie
concerned. Now Mr. Darcey, you must
not forget that you are a man already, I
and if yon take good care of your self by j
minding number one and attending i
strictly to the whitewash business, your
life will surely be a success.
Newspapers indorse.
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lin Miles's popular works, cannot help declar
ing him to be anion? the most entertaining and
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ment* appear In our columns in every issue,
calling attention to the fact that his elegant
work on Nervous and Heart Diseases is dis
tributed free by on- enterprisiui? druggist U.
H. Hance. Trial bottles of Dr. Miles's Nervine
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ing that it is ui'f-qualed for nervous prostra
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lessness, neuralgia, hysteria, «... epilepsy.
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mail. JOHN BECKWITH <fc SON, Druggists.
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She Wants a Bogus Divorce
Decree Annulled.
The Little Portrait Maker the Sub
ject of Serious Charges.
Happenings Yesterday in the Conrts.
Cases In the United States
Courts —New Suits —Court
The domestic complications Which
follow the career of John Albertus,
whose cheap portrait scheme has caused
many of out citizens to become ac
quainted with the nervous little fellow,
have been brought once more to public
notice by a complaint which was en
tered on the register of actions in tbe
superior court yesterday.
A few months ago Albertus gained
considerable notoriety in San Diego and
Los Angeles by sending a hysterical tel
egram to the chief of police in this city,
asking him to find his wife, who had
left him and was crazy. The papers
were full of tho movements of the pretty
little woman and the money she was
said to have brought Albertus when she
married him. They patched up their
differences and are now living in Los
Angeles, or have been up to a very re
cent date._
But the'complaiut filed shows up a
curious episode in the life of Albertus.
It is made by Mrs. Susan A. Albertus,
and she seeks to annul a divorce which
John Albertus secured from her, claint
i ing that it was fraudulently obtained.
! The document i* quite long and if tbe
j allegations are sustained it will show
Albertus up in an ugly light, and furnish
i one more instance of loose divorce laws,
! and tbe f&se with which frauds are per
| petrated in that class of litigation.
Mrs. Albertus alleges that she was
j married to John Albertus at Anaconda,
I Montana, and that Bhe was a resident
j of Lop Angelea November 1,1888. About
i that date she returned to New Jersey iO
visit telatives. She only intended to be
| absent a few months. Her huanand
knew that she had returned to Camden,
New Jersey, where her relatives lived,
and that she was only gone on a short
In spite of thia, however, while she
waa absent, and without her knowledge,
July 24, 1890, he filed a complaint
against her for divorce, alleging extreme
cruelty as the grounds. The complaint
was filed in the superior court of this
county and was assigned to Judge Mc-
Kinley's department.
August 29ih Albertus filed an affidavit
in tbe case in which he said that the de-
! fendant resided out of the state, and
that she could not be found. He stated
i that he had written to Constable John
|F. Renner, at Cramer Hill, Camden
! county, New Jersey, to ascertain her
place of residence; and that Renner re
| plied that while she had lived there up
! to June 15, 1890, she had then moved to
Roxborougb, Pennsylvania. On the
strength of this affidavit publication wae
made in the Porcupine of this city of the
divorce proceedings.
Mrs. Albertus alleges that she returned
to Loa Angeleß'November 21, 1890, and
remained here until December, and dur
ing that time met Albertaa. He did not
say anything to her about any divorce
I proceedings and she did not know until
! a year thereafter that he secured the
I divorce December 15, 1890. But the
j trial came on and Albertus did secure a
| divorce Upon the grounds alleged in his
! complaint. Mrs. Albertus claims that
| the whole proceedings were without her
i knowledge, and that she| never received
j any notice that they had been instituted,
j She prays, therefore, that the decree of
divorce granted by Judge McKiDley be
annulled, and that she be granted such
other relief as may be found proper.
The allegations are of a decidedly
rough nature, and when the case comes
up the developments may involve Al
bertus in grave trouble, should the com
plainant be able to produce satisfactory
proof of her azsertiona.
A Ventura Land Case—Postal Telegraph
Company Suit—Bso,ooo Damage Suit.
A Buit in equity has been filed in tbe
United States circuit court for this dis
trict by the Southern Pacific Railroad
company vs. John H. Stewart and wife
and J. H. Crane, involving 160 acres of
land in Ventura county. The suit ie
brought to declare a trust in the lands,
which have been patented to one of the
defendants by the United Statea. It is
claimed by the railroad thai it is en
titled to the land under the congression
al grant, and they teek to have it de
clared that the defendants hold it in
truat for the company and must convey
it to the railroad.
A complaint was also filed yesterday
by the Pacific Postal Telegraph-Cable
company vs. George Irvine, Margaret
Irvine, E. B. Mastick and C. T. Blair,
trustees, and Jamea Irvine, Jr. The
bill is for the condemnation of a right
of-way through the ranchos San Joa
quin. Lomas de Santiago and Santiago
de Santa Ana, in Orange county. The
company secured a franchise from the
board of supervisors of Orange county,
November 13, 1891, to erect and main
tain their telegraph lines over and
along public roads and highways, and
the present suit is to have the right of
way through the tanchos named con
demned, and tbe value thereof assessed
and determined.
An order to show cause why the de
fendant in the case of Russell Heath vs.
Joel A. Fithran should not be fined for
contempt in disobeying a temporary in
juction by tbe court, which has been
■ before Judge Ross for three days past,
was dismissed yesterday. The suit ia a
water case from Santa Babara. A num
ber of witnesses were examined in the
contempt hearing, and there were ex
haustive arguments by counsel. The
case has not yet come up on its merits.
Testimony was taken yesterday in the
United States circuit court in the $50,000
damage suit brought by Mrs. Mullie
Lafferty against the Southern Pacific
company. At the conclusion of testi
mony for the plaintiff a motion was
made by the defense that the jury be
instructed to bring in a verdict for the
defendant. The jury wbb sent out, and
the motion was argued and submitted,
the court, taking it under advisement
until this morning. The suit was
brought by Mrs. Lafferty, whose son, a
brakeman on the railroad, was killed in
an accident near Tulare, Desember 26,
1890. He was on a freight train coining
south, and Dear Tulare the train col
lided with two runaway engines. He
was killed in the collision.
In the district court the trial of J. H.
Murphy, indicted for counterfeiting,
went over until this morning, owing to
pending trials.
The case of the United States vs. 8600
cigars, was settled, the default of the
defendant being entered. A decree will
be rendered condemning the cigars to
be aold.
Mrs. Wilson's New Trial.
A second trial was begun yesterday in
Judge Clark's court of tbe auit brought
by Mrs. M.Wilson against the California
Central, or Santa Fe, railroad. The case
has had an odd history. June 30, 1887,
Mrs. Wilson shipped a lot of furniture
and household goods, valued at $4000,
from Indianapolis to Los Angeles by the
Santa Fe. The good a arrived all right
in this city July 19th, and were put in
tho company's freight warehouse. The
company claims to have at once notified
Mrs.Wilson by postal card of the arrival
of the freight. But the goods remained
in the warehouse until October 28th, on
which date it burned down, and every
thing in it was consumed. Mrs. Wilson
brought suit for $4000 against the com
The case was tried in the superior
court, in 1888 and a verdict was rendered
for the plaintiff for the full amount.
Various delay s took place, and in 1890
Judge Clark granted a motion for a new
trial. The case has finally got to issne,
and yesterday afternoon a jury was im
paneled to try it again. The plaintiff ia
icpresented by Messrs. Welle, Monroe
and Lee, and the defendant by Judge A.
Branson, The trial will be resumed
this morning.
COurt Notes.
! Ireno Eyraud and Albert Emanuel,
both natives of France, were admitted
to citizenship yesterday by Judge Smith.
The case of W. E. De Groot vs. the
city of Loa Angeles was continued by
Judge McKinley for argument to Octo
ber 11th.
Tbe trial of the case of R. A. Buchan
an vs. E. B. Beecher, a suit for an ac-
I counting, was resumed before Judge Mc-
Kinley, and after the introduction of
further testimony waa submitted on
briefs to be tiled.
The trial of the suit of Mrs. Alice
Decker against J. W. Kishlar was re
sumed before Judge Van Dyke, and
judgment was rendered for the plaintiff,
as defendant in the crosa complaint, as
prayed for. The enit was to bar Kish
lar from asserting any claim to property
transferred to Mrs. Decker by her hus
band, and which she claimed aa her
aeparate property.
Judgment for the plaintiff by default
was rendered by Judge Van Dyke in the
case of the Security Savings bank and
Trui-t company va. T. Meredith, et al.,
the attorneys feea being fixed at $400.
I he suit was to foreclose a mortgage for
Eugene Carberry was appointed re
ceiver by Judge Van Dyke in the case
of Mesmer, guardian vs. Sanders, et al.,
with bond fixed at $400.
The suit of Mrs. M E. Coaehoom va.
I). W. Smith, for the restitution of a
bay horse colt, or $200, its value, and
$50 damages, was on trial before Judge
Shaw. The plaintiff alleges that the
property was unlawfully taken posses
sion of by the defendant.
In the case of tbe Los Angelea Nation
al bank va. J. W. Wallace et al.. which
has been on trial before Judge Clark for
aeveral days, the jury returned a verdict
for the plaintiff yesterday for the full
amount of $SCOO and $268.50 interest.
The suit waa on two bills of exchange
amounting to $5000.
Divorce proceedings have been insti
tuted by Elizabeth J. Guirado va. R. G.
Guirado, and Mrs. Jennie Gingg vs. W.
C. Gingg.
New Suits Filed.
Among the documents filed in the
county clerk's office yesterday were the
Joseph Mesmer, guardian of the es
tates of Louisa L, Fraisher et al. vs.
Michael Sanders. Suit to recover judg
ment on a promissory note for $23,500,
with interest at B}: 2 per cent from May
31, 1891, for $1175 attorneys' fees, and
foreclosure of the mortgage.
Porter Land and Water company vs.
John Quintan et al. A auit to quiet the
title to tracts 25 and 26 in section 17,
and tracts 34 and 47. section 16, in
Rancho ex-Misaion de San Fernando.
A petition of F. A. Berlin, of San
Francisco, for the probate of the will of
Mrs. Jennie L. Wicks, who died Sep
tember 30th. The estate ia valued at
$40,000 teal estate and $120,000 personal
William Riley va. William Dodge and
J.H.Bryant. A suit on a promissory
note for $300.
Pacific bank va. E. D. G. Morgan. Suit
to determine the amount due on a land
sale of $3000, the land being in Monro
via, and for the sale of the land.
George D. Witherell vs. N. P. Camp
bell et al. A suit to quiet the title to
certain land and set aeide and cancel
the sheriff's deeda to the property, it
having been sold at delinquent tax Bale.
William A. Dalton et al. vs. Philip H.
Martz. A suit to compel the defendant
to convey certain reai estate to plaintiffs,
judgment for $2000, as value for land he
cannot convey.
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mences Wednesday evenin October 12th.
TERMS—Cash on emerlng ua c. HmH quar
ter, 10 class lessons, $0 One quartt r, 20 , lt>fs
lessons, $ 0 Discount to two or more from one
family or lady and gentleman iv company
The hall enn be sec: red for priVftc d.incinn
cluhs, musicales and w. dding receptions. Mu
sic furnished if desired. 10 2 2w
Corner First and Spring stteets.
( Family and Ladies' entrance on First st.)
Will tender a concert every day, from 12
1:30 p.m. (during lunch hour),
Every evening from 7:30 p.m to 12m.
The best commercial lunch in Ihe city
11 a.m. till 2 p.m., and from 5 to 7 p.m
A la carte from Op.m to 12 m. 9-6 lm
114 and 110 Court street
F KERKOW, I'ropeibtor.
Fain Ily Entrance. Family Departments
And reapnearance of the Berth Family, MIS
MAR ■ UERITE BERTH, Directress.
2 p m. and from 5 to 7 p.m.
A - LA - CARTE - AT - ALL - HOUI-b
The only place for import, d Bavarian t
on draught, aud Berlin Weiss beer; also Ltn»p
Extra Pale and Buffalo. 4-3 tf
Honest Administration!
October 5, 1892. >
The following meetings are arranged to take
place at the precincts named In Los Ansele*
count?, on the dates named, and to be addressed
by the following speakers:
Monday, October lOlh, M Moil to.—Coun
ty candidates and Geo. 8. Fatton and Richard
Tuesday, Octabor 11th, Pasadena.—
Couuty candidates and Judge Enoch Knight
and Hon. John Shirley Ward.
Wednesday, October 18th, Azusa.—
County candidates and Geo. 8. ration and T. L..
Skinner. • '
Thursday, October 13th, Monrovia.
County c uulldatcs and T. K. Gibbon and W. J.
Friday. October 14th, Alhambra.—
County candidates an j T. E. Gibbon and A. L.
Saturday, October 15th, Pomona,—
County camiidat.s and Geo. 8. l'atton.
Mouday, October 17th, Downey,-Coun
ty candidates aud John W. Mitchell and Julius
if. Atdis.
Tuesday, October 18th, Norwalk.—
County candidates and M. L. draff and W. J.
Wednesday, October 10th, Whlttler.—
Couuty candidates aud Judge Guthrie and
Clarence A. Miller.
Thursday, October '10th, Long Beach.—
Couuty candidates acd C. F. Harris and W. A.
Friday, October a Ist, San Pedro.—
County candidates and T. E. Gibbon and M. X
C Mundey.
Saturday, October Sad, Wilmington.—
County candidates and Geo. W. Merrill and
Richard Dnnnigan.
Mouday, October 24th, Santa Monica.-"
County candidates and J. J. Ayers and Clar
ence A. Miller,
Tuesday, October 35th, Redondo.—
County candidates and Abbott Kinney and
Wm. 8. Creightou.
Wednesday, October 26th, Soldiers'
Home.—County candidates and Enoch Knight
and W. A. Ryan.
Thursday, October 37th, Olendale,—
Connty caudicates and J. Marlon Brooks and
C. F. Harris.
Friday, October 38th, San Fernando.—
County candidates and Judge Guthrie, A. I*
Sellg and Richard Dunnigau.
Saturday, October 30th, NewhalL—
CoULty candidates and W. J Hunsacker and
M. L. Graff.
Monday, October 31st, Lancaster.—
County candidates and J. Marlon Brooks aud
W. A. Ryan.
Tuesday, November Ist, I.us Angeles.—
County candidates and Geo. 8. Patton, T. E.
Gibbon, J. De Barth Shorb and other speakers.
Additional speakers will be assigned from
time to time by the State Auxiliary Committee.
By order Democratic County Central Com
mittee. C. F. A. LAST,
HENRT P. WILSON, Chairman.
Hi on 1 Tariff
Saturday Even'g, Oct. 8,
Chairman Republican State Central Com.
Chairman Democratic State Central Com.
Secretary Republican State Central Com.
secretary Democratic State Central Com.
118 S. Spring St., Los Angeles
Hours—B a.m to 5:30 p.m.
£JsT~Consultatlon free. 9-28 6m
Bp at a thT wonder hair parlors
MRS. M. CODIE, 211 South Spring street.
253 S. MAIN ST.
The Very "incst (he Market Affords. Oysters, etc.
MIKE HIGLIE & CO., Proprs. 9-6 3m
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Eto.
a '" i } 21 Sn " th Tog An * eleg Btrfl 9t
|£: ; '?i|S| X URN IT URi
'Carpets, Mattresses an
f rices low for spot cash, or will seU on Install,
Between Fourth and Fifth Streets.
TelephoUß 084. P. O box 1021 7-81-tf
* * ACME # *
Dental $m Parlors,
331) S. Spring St., Los Angeles.
( Between Second and Third.)
All work warranted. Charges reasonable.
Gas elven. Open evenings.
9-28 3m dw A. D. OLE AVIS, D. D. 8., Mgr.

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