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Yesterday's Proceeding at the
Council Meeting.
Strong- Competition Among; Finan
ciers to Get City Securities.
Reports of the City Attorney and Engi
neer—A Letter from Attorney
General Mart—Bids
for Sewrrn.
The city council met yesterday morn
ing in regular session. President Bon-
Ball and Councilmen McGarry, Tutte,
Rhodes, Rues, Nickell, Innes and Sum
merland were present.
The city cleik.reported aa follows:
First—ln the matter of sewering
Montreal etreet, Bellevue avenue and
Boston street*:
Notice of qtreet work waa published
September 14, 1802.
Time for protest expired September
13, 1892.
On September 3,1892, the protest of
J. F. Flint et al. waa fil"d. Also on the
same day. protests of Mrs. I. Mullen et
al. and Charles M. Stimson were riled,
which several protests have been pre
sented to the council and referred to the
sewer committee.
On October 11, 1892, council acquired
jurisdiction to pasa ttie ordinance order
ing the work.
It will now be in order for your honor
able body to pasa eaid ordinance, order
ing the work, if you so see fit, after
properly disposing of the before
mentioned protests.
Which said ordinance ia herewith sub
mitted. Referred to sewer committee.
Second—ln the matter of the tide
walking of the south aide of Twenty
third atreet, from Grand avenue to
Figueroa street:
Notice of Btreet work was published
September 14,1892.
Time for protest expired September
30, 1892.
No protests have been received.
On October 11, 1892, council acquired
jurisdiction to pasa the final ordinance.
It will now be in order for your honor
able body, if you so see fit, to paes the
final ordinance ordering the work.
Which said ordinance is herewith sub
mitted. The ordinance paseed.
Third—ln the matter of the grading,
graveling and curbing of San Julian
Btreet from Seventh to Eighth street:
Notice of street work waa published
September 14, 1892.
Tumi for protest expired September
30, 1892.
No protests have been received.
Council acquired jurisdiction to order
the work October 11, 1892.
It will now be in order for your honor
able body, if you so see fit, to pass the
final ordinance ordering the work,
which said ordinance is herewith sub
mitted. The ordinance was paßsed.
Fourth—in the nutter of the paving,
curbing and sidewalking of the inter
section of Second aud Loa Angeles
Notice of street work waa published
September 15, 1892.
Time for protest expired October 3,
No protests have been received.
Council acquired jurisdiction to pass
the final ordinance October 14th. It
will now be in order for ypur honorable
body, if you co see fit, to paaa the ordin
ance ordering the work, which aaid
ordinance ia herewith Bubmitted. The
ordinance passed.
Fifth—ln the matter of the grading,
graveling and curbing with a cement
curb on Seventeenth street from Hill
Btreet to Grand avenue.
Notice of street work waa published
September 16, 1892.
Time for promts expired October 3,
No protests have been received.
Council acquired juriadiction October
14, 1892, to pasa the final ordinance. It
will now be in order for your bon
orable body, if you ao see fit, to pass the
ordinance ordering the work, which said
ordinance is herewith submitted. The
ordinance paaaed.
Sixth —The superintendent of parka
haa reported to me that the park com
misaionera do not consider the grounds
on tbe north side of the city hall as a
public park, and that from this time on,
tbey will cease to care for said grounds.
This communication should have been
made directly by th - park commission
ers to the council; or at leaat to Mr.
Robinson, the custodian of the city hall;
but since tbey have verbally bo notified
me, I deem it my duty to inform your
honorable body of the facts in the case.
The clerk was directed to notify the
custodian to take care ol the grounds.
The finance committee made the fol
lowing recommendations which were
Your finance committee beg to report
as follows:
First—Recommend that tbe report of
the city auditor showing the condition
of the funds for week ending September
30, 1892, and report of the water over
seer showing the expenses in hia office
daring the month of September, 1892, be
Second —Recommend that petition
No. 623 from G. G. Carlton, asking the
return to him in the matter of redemp
tion of tax sale certificates be denied.
Third —Recommend that petition No.
€42, from E A. Sturgee, be leferred to
the city assessor.
The bridge committee reported in re
gard to the bide for painting the eight
city bridges, stating that tbe two bida
received were jnat alike, by A. Grant
and Mr. Alderte. They recommended
that they be awarded the painting of the
four bridges each at $444 each.
The zanj* committee recommended
that tbe zanjero be instructed to fill the
well on Soto street, ao that the Btreet
contractor can proceed with hia work.
A contract between the city and Howe
Broa., to construct a galvanized iron
tank in the attic of the city tiall waa ap
The veto by the mayor of the ordinance
creating the office of aesietant auperin
tendent of buildings, at a salary of $100
per month was taken up. The ordi
nance passed over the veto. Council
men McGarry and Summerland voting
Capt. Barrett brought up the assess
ment of the electric road on Third
street, and asked the council to consider
the matter. He said that the road haa
no franchise on that street, and the only
place where the read is benefited by the
opening and widening of Third street
ia at the intersection of Third street
and Central avenue. The assessment of
$348 be thought was too much. The
road waa willing to pay $150 or $200
rather than have a re-assessment, but
thought the entire amount too much.
Referred to tbe board of public works
and city attorney.
A contract and bond between the city
and W. H. Riper for widening tbe road
way at the end of Seventh street, was
The following bide were opened for
$395,000 outfall sewer bonds I
George H. Stewart, Los Angelea: For
$295 000, par and accrued interest, and
$6268 75 premium; for the total issue,
par and accrued interest from date ol
delivery, the bonds to be delivered in
blocks of $100,000 each to March, the
laHt block being $95,000, and $8002 pre
T. J. Weldon, agent Puget Sound Bond
and Trust company, par, without ac
crued interest, and $3000 commission.
George Carson, Lob Angeles, $120,000
at \% per cent premium, face value and
accrued interest.
W. J. Hayea & Rons, Cleveland, par,
and premium of $3200.
E. H. RollinB& Sons, Denver, par and
accrued interest.
Pacific Investment company, Loa An
gelea, par and $6142 premium.
Blair & Co., New York, by H. C. Bar
row, agent, par and accrued interest, and
$0904 premium.
W J. Qintard, New York, par and
$7763 premium.
Univeraity Bank of Loa Angeles, par
and accrued interest, and $5100 pre
W. J. McDonald, representing Harris
& Co., Chicago, $404 137 and accrued in
terest; tbat ie, premium of $9137.
National Bank of California, Loa An
gelee, par and asks commission of $3695.
Spitzer & Co., Toledo, par and pre
mium of $6800.
Lampracht Broa. & Co., New York,
par and $9513 premium.
One bid came in after the hour act,
and it was not opened. The bida were
all referred to the sewer committee after
an unsuccessful attempt to refer to the
finance committee.
In connection with the bids the fol
lowing communication waa read, and
referred to the name committee:
Los Angelkb, Oct. 17, 1892.
To the Honorab c Mayor ai d Council of the
City ol Los Angeles:
Gentlemen : On Saturday afternoon a
prominent citizen and taxpayer of your
city made application to me to bring
auit in the name of the people of the
atate of California againat your honora
ble body in your official capacity, and
against the city of Loa Angelee, for the
purpose of declaring that the $395,000 of
sewer bonda heretofore ordered to be
issued by your honorable body should
be declared null and void. After hear
ing the reasons for euch action, I am
satisfied that such bonda are illegal.
Firat—Because the requisite number
of electora of aaid city did not Vote at
tbe election; neither were there suffi
cient votes cast for the pnrp .re of creat
ing said indebtedness represented by
said sewer bonds.
Second—That your honorable body
baß no jurisdiction to issue said bonds
under section 223 of the charter, in that
there is no provision of law providing
for the machinery of issuing such bonda.
1 Third —Because eaid bonds are made
payable in gold coin, a provision which
cannot be inserted in the bonds unless
expressly authorized by statute; and
there ie no statute authorizing such a
provision in reference to sewer and im-
Crovement bonds, or, in fact, for any
onds except bonds iaaued to refund the
debt of the city or county.
Fourth —It ia also contended that
there were defects in the ordinances
passed by your honorable body in re
ference to the issuance of said bonds.
I do not deaire to bring an action
without firet giving your honorable body
a hearing. Therefore, if you have any
objections to the granting of the appli
cation to bring suit, you will pleaae
make the came known to me tomorrow,
Tuesday, at 1:30 p. m., at room 123,
Westminster hotel, this city, at which
time I will bear and examine
whatever authorities you may have
to present in the matter. I trust in the
in antiine that you will take no eteps to
dispose of said bonds, and that any con
templated action upon that matter will
be continued until after our conference,
if any, tomorrow.
Yours reepectfullv,
Wm, H. H. Hart,
Attorney General.
Referred to the sewer committee, city
attorney and mayor.
Bids were opened and referred to tbe
sewer committee as follows:
For sewer construction on North
Spring street, J. H. Smith, $2.39 per
foot complete, manholes $80, flush tank
$110; T. F.Joyce, $2 50 complete; W.
A. Frick, $2 60 complete.
For aewer conetruction on lowa street,
M. Ztiretti, $1 20 per foot complete, J ;
E. White, $1.05 per foot complete.
Estimate on Figueroa atreet aewer, J.
J. Mahoney, flush tank $110, lamp hole
$15, sewer complete $1.15 per foot, man
holes $80.
The health officer reported in regard
to the carelessness of street sweeping on
certain etreeta, stating that the sprink
ling is done too late. He, therefore,
Baked tbat tbe streets be sprinkled
earlier, so that they will not be so damp
that the sweeping cannot be done prop
erly. Adopted.
The park commissioners recommend
that a new 10 inch pipe be laid on
Orange street. Referred to zanja com
The special committee on chain-gang
reported, recommending that the uae of
ball and chain on prisoners bediapeneed
with, and an extra mounted officer ac
company the chain-gang when tbey are
taken out.
There waa a minority report aboliah
ing the ball and chain, except as to
prisoners who have attempted to escape,
or have escaped once. The minority re
port was adopted.
Afternoon Session.
The finance committee of tbe council
as in session from 2to 2:45 p. m., con
sidering tbe bids on the sewer bonda.
On reassembling, the first business,
taken up was the report of the city en-'
Ordinance of intention to grade, grav
el aud construct a cement curb on Loa
Angeles street, from Eleventh street to
Twelfth. Action deferred for one week.
Also, ordinance of intention to con-
It is because persons who once try Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup, always buy It again, that its sales
have becom -so enormous. Tne success of this
great remedy in curing cold, cough, croup and
tore- throat is simply marvelous.
struct a cement sidewalk, aix feet wide,
on the south aide of Twenty-first street,
between Grand avenue and Figueroa
etreet. Paaaed.
Ordinance of intention to construct a
sidewalk, cix feet wide, on Fifth street,
between Main street and San Pedro.
Ordinance of intention to construct a
cement sidewalk, aix feet wide, on the
east line of Flower Btreet, between
Twenty-third Btreet and Adaniß Btreet.
I find that the cost of grading, gravel
ing, sewering and constructing a cement
curb and walk, on Council atreet, be
tween Belmont avenue and Union, ex
ceeds the sum of $2 per foot, and pre
sent ordinance of intention to perform
auch work under the bond act. Passed.
I find coat of grading, graveling and
constructing cement curb and sidewalk
on Vernon street, between Eleventh and
Pico street, will exceed the Bum of $2
per foot, and present ordinance to per
form the same under the bond act.
I herewith present an ordinance of
intention of grading, graveling and
sidewalking, on Twelfth street, between
Sentous Btreet and Burlington avenue.
I have prepared plana for a bridge over
the Los Angeles river at Walnut street,
about 200 feet north of the bridge cross
ing No. 1 of the Southern Pacific Rail
road company. This bridge will be in
three spans of 100 feet each, with two
approaches, one of 20 feet,and the other
in two spans of 20 feet each. Thie ia a
combination tnrough bridge, with a clear
roadway of 20 feet wide.
Councilman Rbodea moved that the
street superintendent be inetructed to
accept $250 from the Electrid Railroad
company aa ita portion of expenae for
opening Third street.
City Attorney McFarland waa called
before the council, at request of Mr.
fufta, and reported that there waa noth
ing in the communication of the attor
ney general (Mr. Hart) to prevent coun
cil from making award of contract, for
purchase of eewer bonds if they wished.
On motion of the eewer committee the
entire issue ol $395,000 worth of bonds
waa awarded to Blair & Co., of New
York, their bid being par, with accrued
interest, and a premium of $9904, the
bidders to deposit a certified check for
$5000 on Tuesday aa a guarantee of good
The city attorney added that the best
proof that the Hart letter was not wor
thy of coneideration was that the city
had already sold $594,000 worth of bonds
at a broad premium, and the legality of
their issue had never once been ques
Contracts for painting bridgea, with
T. A. Grant and Frank Aldrich, were ap
proved at $880, and the council then
passed to
The following petitions were submit
ted, and referred to the various commit
From the board of supervisors, to place
fire hydrant on Mission road, near the
connty hospital, for protection of the
From W. O'Hara, for permiseion to lay
artificial stone pavement in front of his
property on Seventh street.
From H. De Gar mo and others, that
eewer be constructed on Rosas street,
from Alpine Btreet.
From Harry lies and others, for the
reconetruction oi the stairway that con
nects Pavilion avenue with Stockton
From James Ballentyne and twenty
two othera, for the abatement of a
nuieance, by the conetruction of a
drain to run off stagnant water from a
pool on Firat stieet, east of Roeemont
From August Kruig, that a bulkhead
be constructed to keep the waters of tbe
Arroyo Seco from washing away his
property on Weil street.
From Mrs. Hurlburt, to grade and
gravel aidewalk in front of her property
on Seventh street.
From Reuben M. Baker, for quitclaim
deed to lot 7, block 4, Ord'a survey.
Tbe council then adjourned, to meet
this morning at 10 o'clock, at which time
the consideration of the sewer bonds
question will be finally disposed of by
the deposit of a $5000 check on the part
of Blair & Co.'s agent, which will cloee
the transaction up to the time of the
actual delivery of tbe bonds.
Several Persons Received Injuries From
the Flames.
About 4 o'clock yesterday morning a
fire broke out in the vacant store No. 220
Second street. The fire extended west
ward to Hill street, burning a Chinese
laundry, carpenter shop, shoemaker
shop, tailor shop, grocery store and a
fruit store. The total loss on the build
iDga and contents is estimated at $2000;
insurance, about $800.
J. Stuhr, a shoemaker, in attempting
to eecure $81 which he had in hia chop
was burned about the hands, arms,
and face. A grocery man named Fran
cieco, in attempting to Bavesome money
from hia store, was badly burned, and
Mike Naud of engine NO. 4, and Mr.
Moriarty of No. 3, were also burned
about the head and hands.
The weat aide of tbe store No. 218
Second street, waa almoat burned away,
and the furniture in the building badly
The fire is supposed to be the work of
an incendiary. The property on which
the frame buildings stood waa recently
purchased by Matson Hill of Chicago,
who had notified the tenants, to remove
by October 30.
United States Courts.
In the United States district and cir
cuit courts yesterday, on motion of Dia
trict Attorney M. T. Allen, Frank P.
Flint, who passed such a creditable exa
mination before the supreme court last
week, was admitted to practice by Judge
Tbe caee of United States va. Lindeell
in the district court was continued to
November 16th.
In the case of the United States vs.
Valenzuela and La Mott, the district at
torney entered a nolle prosequi, and the
caee was dismissed.
The case of the Waterloo Mining Co.
vs. J. L. Patterson in the circuit court
was referred to Standing Master E. H.
Lamme to take testimony, beginning
October 31at.
Final decree of foreclosure was ren
dered in the circuit court in the case of
the Union Loan and Trust company vs.
The Southern California Motor Railroad
company, which has been pending for
so long a time, Receiver Polk making bis
final statement.
A Mine Disaster in Sicily.
Palermo, Oct. 17.—Six miners were
overcome by choke damp in a mine to
day. Two gendarmes and a woman who
attempted to rescue the miners were
also overcome. All perished.
The City Water Company Buys
Ont the Citizens' Company.
A Transaction of Great Importance
to Los Angeles.
The Price Paid is Not Divulged, but the
Deal is Consummated—Mr.
Wicks Confirms the
Yesterday afternoon a rumor became
current on the streets to the effect that
the Citizena' Water company, of which
M. L. Wicks ia the chief factor, had sold
out to the City Water company, or
rather the Cryetal Springs Land and
Water Worka company, of which W. H.
Perry ia president and Stephen M. Mott
On calling at the office of the City
Water worka, on Marchessanlt atreet,
the Herald reporter was unable to
glean any information whatever. The
officials there were excessively Teticent
about the matter.
A visit to the Crystal Springe com
pany'a office, on New High street, yield
ed no more satisfactory- reaponae, for
the neat little office waa empty. In a
despairing attempt to glean some news
regarding the matter, the reporter next
"buzzed" a well-known real estate op
erator, whoae office ia not a thousand
milea from Downey block, and learned
from bim that the negotiationa for the
purchase of the aaid water worka only
lack a few finishing touches of being
an accomplished fact.
Negotiations began several months
ago, but were deferred until laat week,
when tbe Citizene' company called a
meeting of ita stockholders, and over 85
per cent of the stock voted to sell to the
City water works concern at a certain
figure, which, for the present, must re
main private. Thia waa larger than the
Perry-Mott concern waa at first ready or
willing to pay, but they recommitted the
subject matter to the committee having
the )n '(position in band, with instruc
tions to pay no more than the price de
manded, and to get it aa much cheaper
as possible.
The conference took place on Satur
day evening laat, and the upshot of it
was that a price waa agreed upon, the
property ia to be turned over on the let
day of November, and J. S. Chapman ia
to draw tbe papers.
On calling on M. L. Wicks, of the
Citizen'a company that gentleman' con
firmed the atory to the Herald, ac ia
given above, adding that, with the ex
ception of one single stockholder, whoae
name he did not wish to divulge, tbe
Citizen'a company were unanimously in
favor of the eale. A later inquiry elae
where elicited the atatement that the re
calcitrant party ia Mr. J. F. Crank, who
owna about 10 per cent, of the etock.
In a word, the sale ia ac good aB made,
subject to confirmation of title by parties
now making the search for defects.
Movements of Some Notables —News
The general passenger office of tbe
Southern Pacific company has juet ad
vised Mr. J. M. Crawley, assistant gen
eral passenger agent in this city, that
owing to the very successful business
done at the tavern of Castle Crags dur
ing the past season, the Pacific Improve
ment company appointed aa the present
building, which will be thrown open to
tbe public at the commencement of
next season. The tavern of Castle Crags
closes on tbe Ist proximo.
General M nager K. H. Wade of the
Southern California company, will re
turn from Chicago next week.
Superintendent J. A. Muir ol the
Southern Pacific company, haa returned
from a business trip to San Francisco.
There will be a rate of a round trip
for a one way fare to the City of Mexico
from all California points by the South
ern Pacific company on November 20th,
2lßt and 22J. Ticketa will be limited to
the going trip until November 30th, and
for tbe return until December 31 Bt.
Preeident C. P. Huntington and Mr.
W. H. Milla of the Southern Pacific
company, will not be here until the
latter part of the month, or the first of
Mr. Shorb Had Nothing to Do With
Their Dismissal.
The following letter explains itself:
Los Angeles Terminal Railway,)
Los Angeles, Oct. 15,1892. )
Hon. J. De Barlh Shorb, San Gabriel, C d.
Dear Sir —I am in receipt of your fa
vor of the 14th met., asking me to state
whether you were in any way responsi
ble for the dismissal from our service of
certain trainmen formerly employed by
the San Gabriel Valley Rapid Transit
Thoße men were retained when we
took possession of the Rapid Tranait
railway, at the solicitation of Messrs.
Kerckhoff and Story, with whom our
negotiations for the leaae of that road
were made, and afterwards their dismis
sal waa requested by the same parties,
which was complied with by ua.
Tne matter was never spoken of by
you to me until a few daya ago, when
you requested that they be reinstated.
Youra truly, T. B. Burnett.
General Manager,
Marriage Licenses,
Marriage licensee were issued yester
day to the following persons :
J. George Martz, aged 28, a nativo of
Germany, and Lizzie Cook, aged 23, a
native of England, both residents of
Loa Angelee.
Gabriel lump, aged 39, and Anna
Bankuist, aged 42, both natives of Fin
land and reaidenta of San Pedro.
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500 %. 000
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Tips, the latest, as good as new.
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gH|l|fflK^«^{' Ban Francisco, Cal. Bs-
1 ' tIV ' I nv.-nt-o? .Sexual and
Diseases, such
««• Gonorrhea, Gleet,
sSIHBHE* ' Stricture, Syphlllie iv
*Ss<SBHra&i«.;'v' ' ail its forme-, tfeminai
Weakness. Impoteney and Lost Manhood per
manently cured. The sic.t and afflicted should
not fall to call upon him. The Doctor has trav
eled extensively in Europe and inspected thor
oughly the various hospitals there, obtaining a
great deal of valuable information, which he is
competent to impart to those in need of his
services. The Doctor cures where others fail.
Try him. DR. GIBBON will mate no charge
unless he effects a cure. Persons at a distance
CURED AT HOME. All communications
strictly confidential. AU letters answered in
plain envelopes.
Call or write Address DR. J F GIBBON, Box
1,957, San Francisco, Cal.
Mention Los Aneeles Herai 12-17 12m
A3 s
hW\ 4 ipq §
Fioyll a
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Etc.
117. 119 and 121 South los Angeles Stree
Weak Men ana Women
" tho Great Mexican Remedy: gives Health,
and Strength to the Sexual Organs.

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