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{Some Legal Points About the
Reform School.
A Clash Raised Between the Justice
and Superior Courts.
Yesterday'! Happenings iv the Various
Tribunals—Action of the Supreme
Court—Motes on Cases.
Mew Suits.
Some interesting points will be raised
in the supreme court today, in regard to
the admission of boys to the state re
form school, by an application from
Hugh J. Crawford, representing David
Beasley, for a writ of mandate to com
pel Superinteudent Lindley to receive
him into the institution.
The boy was committed to the reform
school for two years, a week ago, by
Judge Smith, of the superior court of
Los Angeles, and Dr. Lindley refused to
recognize the order under certain pro
visions of the law regulating the man
agement of the school.
Since then the district attorney
has filed an information charg
ing Beasley with burglary, proceed
ings in that direction having
been arrested by Judge Smith when
he committed him to the reform school.
The boy very naturally desires to go
to Whittier, and not to the penitentiary,
and the application will incidentally
involve a construction of the sectione
relative to the discretionary powers of
the superintendent in denying admis
sion after a regular commitment by a
superior judge.
Beasley is a boy 16 years old, without
parents "or guardian, who was arrested
on a charge of burglarizing the railroad
station at Acton some time ago, together
with some companions- He was exam
ined on the charge before a magistrate,
and held to answer for trial before the
superior court. Since he has been lying
in jail Humane Officer Wright got inter
ested in the case, and filed a complaint
against the boy as an incorrigible. He
was brought before Judge Smith, Mon
day, October 10th, and after examina
tion was found guilty, the court sentenc
ing him to two years at the reform
school. He was taken out to Whittier
the same day, but when refused admis
sion was brought back again to the
county jail. Two days afterward Su
perintendent Lindley addressed a letter
to Judge Smith, explaining his reasons
for his action, as follows :
Whittier, Oct, 12, 1892.
Hon. B. N. Smith, Superior Judge, Los Angeles,
Dear Sib:—l am satisfied from an ex
amination of David Beasley, committed
hero by your court October 10th. that
hiß caee does not come within the inten
tion of section 20, of the act creating thia
He is accused of the serious crime of
burglary, and he bears marks of a crim
inal on his face, and the fact that he is
held on a charge of burglary br the com
mitting magistrate, shows that it wae
never intended that lie should be sent
here under section 20. He has been ar
raigned on the charge of burglary by the
proper committing magistrate, and aB 1
understated it that charge is still hang
ing over him. He bus already given
trouble in the jail, and has aroused the
serious suspicion o! those in charge of
him there that he waa dangerous and
Now, for me to take Buch a young
man and place him with the boys of this
school, in the comparatively unre
strained grounds and in the school
room, will be dangerous to the whole
institution. Ido not desire to do any
thing to influence your judgment of what
is right, but I believe the full statement
of facts haß not been made you.
As you are well aware, the law pro
vides, in section 18, that it ia for infants
between the ages of 0 and 10, who are
arraigned for trial on a charge cl a vio
lation of a criminal law, that proceed
ings may be arrested, and the accused
sent to the care and guardianship of this
Consequently, I take advantage of the
provision of section 21, on account of the
character of the boy and also on account
of the overcrowded condition of our
school, and decline to receive him into
this institution.
Yours very respectfully,
Walter Lindley,
The boy's vieions of Whittier were
very rudely disturbed by this flat-footed
denial of Dr. Lindley. The section of
the lav? on which he based his denial
reads as follows:
Section 21. Before conveying infants
to Eaid institution as provided under sec
tion 20 of this act, the person or persons
having charge of said infants, Bhall as
certain from the superintendent wheth
er tbev can be received, and if they can
not then the case* of such infants shall
be disposed of as if thiß act had never
been passed, and no proceedings taken
under it.
Judge Smith was evidently satisfied
with the explanation, ior on Friday laßt
she interrupted proceedings under the
pending charge were resumed, an infor
mation fi'ecl and the boy is to plead to
the charge Wednesday of this week.
But Mr. Crawford has taken the posi
tion that the refusal to receive Beasley
is wrong, upon tho ground that sections
20 and 21 of the act under which D.
Lindley bases his refusal are only appli
cable to cases where tbe complaint is by
a parent or guardian, and not applicable
in the present case. He will claim that
this is not a case in which the discre
tionary power of the superintendent can
be exercised.
The application will etate that Beas
ley was committed September 10th to
the county jail to answer before the su
perior court on a charge of burglary said
to have been committed by him at Ac
ton ; tbat October 10th he was examined
before Judge Smith, for incorrigibility
and sentenced to the reform school at
Whittier for two years; that he was
taken to the reform school by a deputy
sheriff and Superintendent Lindley re
fused to receive him, and was then
aken back to the county jail; that Oc
tober 14th an information was filed
against him by the district attorney
charging him with the identical crime
for winch he was held to answer and
committed to the reform echool, and he
has been ordered to plead to the charge
October 19th. It aleo states that he is
of the requisite age to entitle him to ad
mission to the reform school, that he has
no means with which to compensate his
attorney or to pay for filing the applica
tion, and aeka to be permitted to pro
cure the same as a pauper, and prays
that an alternative writ of mandate is-
Bue commanding the superintendent to
show cause why he should not be ad
mitted to the reform school.
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A Clash Between Superior and Justice
A man named Eugene Forrest, from
Los Nietos, who has been quietly im
prisoned in the county jail for 180 days,
yesterday raised a point in d-partment
one of the superior court, which may go
to the supreme court. It raises the
question about the failure of the legis
lature to amend the law governing jus
tices of tbe peace iv regard to imprison
ment for a longer time than six months.
Forrest was found guilty of patty
larceny by the justice at Los Nietos,
and sentenced to pay a fine of $500, or in
default of payment, to serve it out at
the rate of $2 per day, which held out
tbe pleasing prospect of 250 days' im
prisonment. Of tbis time he has, as
stated, served 180 days, and now wants
to be released.
Tne law governing superior courtß,
which has been interpreted by tbe su
preme court, is tbat a prisoner sen
tenced under tbe imprisonment clause
in these cases cannot be imprisoned to
exceed six months, based on section
1205 of the amendments of 1890, and in
no caee shall the imprisonment in pay
ment of a fine exceed the imprisonment
which could be imposed.
Section 1446 of the same code refers to
justices' courts, and wae not amended.
It has no provision of the kind stated.
The question raised by the habeas cor
pus proceedings is whether the amend
ing of one section amends the other.
Arguments were presented to the
court by counsel for the defendant, and
the matter was taken under advisement
by Judge Smith until today. In case
the decision is against the defendant, it
is probable that the matter will be
brought before the supreme court.
Several Matters Beard in Departments,
A Number of Cases Submitted.
The supreme court was in session un
til noon yesterday, the justices sitting in
In department one, on motion of E. A.
Meserve, and presentation of a license to
practice in all the courts of Wisconsin,
A. H. Kellogg was admitted to prac
The case of the People vs. Benoit was
argued by Attorney General Hart for the
respondent, and submitted.
The cases of People vs. Fagan, People
vs. Stewart, People vs. Gardner and
People vs. Gillis were continued to the
Sacramento calendar.
The caee of People vs. Davis was ar
gued by Attorney General Hart for re
spondent and W. W. Holcomb for ap
pellant, and submitted.
In department two the caseß of coun
ty of San Diego vs. Seifert, and Schmid
vs. Busch et al. were submitted upon
briefs on file.
The cases of San Diego school district
vs. board of supervisors of San Diego
county, Klauber et al. vs. Vigueron et
al., Brown vs. Jenks, Tower vs. McDow
ell, Grant Powdercompany vs. San Die
go Flume company, Dougherty et al. vs.
Nilea et al., were submitted upon briefs
on file.
The case of Stony & Isham Commer
cial company vs. Stony et al. was argued
by J. D. Works tor appellant and Mc-
Douald tor respondent, aud submitted.
The case ot Kennedy, etc., vs. Miller,
etc., was transferred to department one
and hearing set for October 18th.
Court Notes.
The Euit for a perpetual injunction by
the Los Angeleß City Water company
against the park commissioners, to re
strain them from building a road across
their reservoir site, as claimed in Elysi
an park, was argued further yesterday
afternoon before Judge Wade, and he
denied the motion for the injunction.
The burro trail is right in it.
Sing Lung, convicted of Belling lottery
tickets, was granted a new trial by Judge
Smith yesterday.
John M. Bryson, Bon of John Bryson.
has been granted a divorce from Silvia
Bryson, by Judge Shaw.
The fan tan appeal cases of Ah How
and Ah Wong et al, were set for trial by
Judge Smith for November 4th.
Harry Harris, a 14-year-old boy, was
committed to the Whittier reform
Rchool by Judge Smith, for five years,
for incorrigibility.
O'Leary, the sprinter, convicted of
robbery, was sentenced by Judge Smith
to five years at Ban Qu»ntin, yesterday
A default was entered by Judge Shaw
in the case of Burns vb. Fortuno, and a
decree granted.
Motions to retax costs in the cases of
Thomas vs. Lamson et al. and McCon
nell vs. Wood, were granted by Judge
Van Dyke in some instances, and denied
in others.
A motion for a new trial was denied
by Judge McKinley, in the case of G.W.
Connell vs. Edgar Moore et al.
A motion by the defendant, to modify
the judgment in the case of J. E. Hays
et al. vs. N. H. Gleaaon, was denied by
Judge McKinley.
A motion by defendants to set aside
the verdict in the case of J. T. Adamß vs.
David Burbank, was argued before Judge
New Suits Filed.
Among the documents filed in the
county clerk's office yesterday were the
A petition in insolvency was filed by
Peter Backman, contractor. His failure
is due, he sets forth, to stringency in
the money market, storms and floods.
The liabilities are $9300, and the as
sets nominal—about $590.
Mary L. Challiß brought suit against
Wm. H. Nash et al. to foreclose upon a
promissory note and mortgage for
The Southern Pacific company began
euit against the San Jacinto Lumber
company et al. upon a land sale, asking
judgment for $913.92, and $250 costs.
The Little Rock Creek irrigation dis
trict petitions to have the superior court
determine and pasa upon the validity of
$50,000 bonds, authorized to be issued
at a recent election.
A petition for lettera of administration
upon the eetate of Solomon Dunston waa
filed by Jabez Banbury, the estate being
valued at $700.
Letter from Cyrns W. Field, Jr.
8 East Fifty-sixth Street, j
New YOBS, May 8, 1883. j
Several times tbis winter I have suffered
Irom severe cob's on my lungs Each time I
have at piled AttcocK's Porous Planters, and
in every instance 1 have be< n gui kly relieved
by applying one across my chest ant one on
my back Mv friends, through my advl.ie, have
tried the experiment, aud also found it most
successful. I feel that 1 can recommend them
most highly to anyone who may see fit to try
them. . Cybus W. Field, Jr.
Heng Le '- Closing-Out Bale.
All kD.ds c silk and crepe silk dress patterns
dressing gowns shawls fancy screens, Chinese
and Japanese curiosities, etc. Great reduction
in gentleman's furnishing goods and ladies'
underwear. 505 North Main street, opposite
postofflce, station C
Ice Cream, Soda and Confectionery.
Soda of alt flavors. The finest in the city at
Merriam & Co's, 127 South Spring street
The Proceedings Yesterday of
Pasadena's Council.
Santa Ana Anxious for a Silkwood-
Onr Dick Contest.
Columbus Day at the Crown of the Val
ley — Marine Notes from
Pasadena, Oct. 17.—The City Council
met in regular session at 2 o'clott this
afternoon, with Judge the
chair. **
Report of auditing and finance com
mittee, recommending the payment of
bills to the amount of $412 was received,
and upon motion warrants were ordered
Mr. H. J. Vail addressed the council
in behalf of a number of merchants,
in regard to the present license ordin
ance. He stated tint as the ordinance
stands at present it operates unfavor
ably to the many and protects a few,
and that certain businesses are protected
while many are left out iv the cold.
Bids for guttering and curbing Cali
fornia street were opened and read. The
following were submitted: J. O. Scher
merhorn, $1375; E. H. Smith, 1)393;
Hogan Bios , $1745. The bid of E. H.
Smith was accepted, that of Mr. Scher
merhorn being unaccompanied by a
A communication from the Colorado
Street Railroad company, accepting the
franchise granted them by a late ordi
nance, was received and ordered filed.
Asimi':ir paper from T. S. C. Lowe,
accepting a franchise granted that gen
tleman for operating a street railroad on
West Colorado street, was ordered filed.
A communication whs read from the
Municipal Fire and Police Telegraph
company, calling the attention of the
city officials to the fact that, thiH com
pany has instituted suit against the
Gamewell tire alarm system, the system
in use in this city, and that the city will
be liable for damages, should the case be
decided in their favor.
City Engineer Sedgwick presented a
report recommending the establishment
of an official grade on Kansas street.
This was referred to the committee on
streets and alleys.
The same gentlemen also submitted
specifications for the construction of a
cement sidewalk on the east side of F iir
Oaks avenue, from the alley on the
school house tract to Kansas streei.
On motion the specifications were ac
Resolutions of intention to perform
work specified in the above document
were ordered printed.
The board then adjourned.
As the time for the celebration of Co
lumbus day approaches, a general inter
eat in the matter is becoming manifest
among our citizens. The schools are to
take a prominent part in the calibra
tion. In the Wilson high school the
following programme will be carried
Scripture reading, prayer and ad.iress, Rev.
J. W. Phelps
Meaning of Four Centuries, H. D. Gaylord.
tide. Maidie Parker.
Essay, Kuth Daggett.
HiHorical table.ux, eighth grade.
Song, Star Spangled Banner.
Solo, Alice Eaton.
Extract from i olimbus' journal, Jack Craig.
Recitaliou, Kliz* Hall.
Essay, Eva Whiten.
The local G A. R. post has issued the
following notice:
There will be a special meeting of
John F. Godfrey post, G. A. R., at
Strong's hall, Tuesday evening, October
13th, at 7:30, for the purpose of com
pleting arrangements for the celebra
tion. A full attendance ia urgently
requested as the detailing of the squads
tor the different schools will then be
made. All old soldiers and eailore, who
are not members of the post, that are
living within our limita, thoae that
wore the blue and the gray, are respect
fully invited to participate with us in
this celebration.
Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Kendall have re
turned from a short eastern trip.
The Terminal railroad is snugly quar
tered in the new building on Pasadena
avenue. The new location ia further
from the center of town, and in that way
ia inferior to the old site, but trains can
be handled with much more ease and
dispatch than before.
There is a possibility that the "man
with the figures" in regard to the com
ing municipal election may wake up the
morning alter election and ask "where
am I at?"
The Painter hotel opens next Thurs
day morning, thoroughly equipped for
accommodating a large number of
guests the coming winter. Thiß is de
servedly one of our most popular hotels,
and under the present efficient manage
ment cannot fail to do a rushing busi
The concert to be given by Miss
Neally Ste vena at the opera house next
Thursday evening will no doubt call out
a large crowd.
An Enjoyable Balle—News and Pergonal
Anaheim, Oct. 17.—LaBt Saturday eve
ning waa occupied by the Mexican citi
zens in tripping the "light fantastic" at
Kroeger'a hall. The Sefioras and Sefior
itas were out in full force.
The Anaheim Sugar Beet and Land
company have called a meeting for this
evening the 17th, to elect five directors
to serve for the ensuing year.
Anaheim'a licensed bill poster has hard
work to protect his bill boards from the
merciless rampages of the political an
nouncements, and the candidates' caids.
Three meetings for the present week are
announced ao far, Collins for Monday
evening, Welborn for Tuesday evening,
Judge Wilde for Wednesday evening
The board of directors of the Anaheim
Union Water company, will hold an ad
journed meeting this afternoon at 2 p.
m., there being no quorum present at
the meeting of last Saturday.
The board of echool trustees have erec
teda new flag staff on the school OuiMing
at West Anaheim, and purchased a flag,
preparatory for the exercises of Colum
bus day.
The funeral of H. L. Paty, occurred
yesterday at 2 p. m.. Rsv. Mr. Hill con
ducted religious services at the grave.
M. Paty, was well known throughout
the country, and his funeral was largely
attended, lie was a member of the A.
O. U. W., and this organization had
charge of the services.
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the genuine Salvation Oil! Do not let tho
dealer sell you seme ' just as good'" but insist
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Santa Ana People Want to See Our Dick
and Silkwood Meet.
Santa Ana, Oct. 17.—The Los Angeles
Times, this morning, publishes a lot of
balderdash in regard to the race bet ween
Silkwood and Our Dick. Tom Keating
need not be afraid of receiving fair treat
ment, should he come to this city, and
as for a purse, Santa Ana folks are will
ing to back Silkwood against Our Dick
or any pacer in the state for f'om $1000
to $5000. Since the race at Los Angeles,
Silkwood has not been a well horse, hut
now he is improving, and Mr. Willets,
his owner, iB willing and anxious %o
meet Our Dick. If $1500, tbe purse
offered by the Fair association, is not
large enough, that matter can be ar
ranged, but the Times had better shut
up, or publish the facts w hen it talks
horee matters hereafter.
J. Yoch, one of the committee ap
pointed to look into the practicaoility
of establishing a beet-eugar factory in
thie city, reports everything progressing
Miss Harriet Baker, one of Santa Ana's
uioßt charming young ladies, ia visiting
friends in Los Angeles.
The board of city trustees meets to
E. C. Seymour addresses a Republican
meeting tonight at Tustin.
The Santa Ana Gun club's new wagon
arrived in this city today, and is a
Geo. Ford is visiting in San Fran
The members of the Prohibition Glee
club were each presented with a silk hat
by the Prohibition county central com
mittee today.
Juan Farias, of Ballona, Los Angeles
county, and Felipa Yorba, of Yorba.
were licensed to wed last Saturday.
Several cases of diphtheria are re
ported in the Bolsa district.
Mrs. E. A. White, of San Diego, is
visiting friends here.
Dr. Menges has returned from his
trip to San Francisco.
Santa Ana needs more warehouse
Tom Morris has returned from San
Geo. Wilton's ice wagon presentß a
dilapidated appearance today, having
participated in a lively runaway yester
A Fishing: Day on Sunday — Marine
Notes, Etc.
Redondo Beach, Oct. 17.—The old
fashioned down east fishing bee, to come
off at Redondo wharf, on Sunday, Octo
ber 23d, under the management of H. B.
Watson, ie to be supplemented by a
swiinmiDg race and aquatic exhibitions
performed by the four champion swim
mers of the Cabrillo celebration, held at
San Diego. A programme of brilliant
peiforuiaiices is promised by Mr. Wat
Captain Spencer, of the steamer Cone
maugh, expects to be ready to clear 1 for
San Franci°co] this evening. Agent
Hasweli, of San Francieco, will go home
by the Conemau^h.
Agent W. Parris, the Los Angeles rep
resentative of the Pacific Coast Steam
ship company, was at Redondo today,
looking after the interests of his line.
Mre. R. H. Thompson started this
morning, via the Santa Fe route, for
New York and eastern points, on a two
months' visit.
The foundation walls of the Episcopal
church are already completed. The pre
paratory work for the elevation is under
headway, and will soon be in position.
The regular church social of the Guild
will be held tomorrow evening at Nas
turtium Lodge, the reeidence of Mrs. J.
J. Frazier.
The mackerel fishing contingent con
tinues eucceesfnliy to land large num
bers of those fish.
Arrivals at the Hotel Redondo are: A.
R. Gruning, F. P. Noble. Alf. F Kellen
gen, Loa ADgeles; R. S. Walters, W. A.
I.atimer, San Diego; S. S. Godfrey,
Kansae City.
Arrivals at Ocean View houee are : C.
W. Walls and wife, Compton; VV. F.
Glover, W. S. Woods, S. S. Conemaugh ;
Mica Georgia Tuttle, S. P. Williams,
Loa Angelee.
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i*W -isrf&jliC J/S .vim' tjt ' n< Vouthfal Indiscretions nr the excessive t»se of Tobacco, Opium or
stimuhtutttwhirh ultimately lead to insanity. With every $6.00 order «•
Befo*tJ and After Use ■ give a written guarantee to cure or refund the money. (1 a tmckagß or Gfor
$o. Spanish Medicine Co., Madrid. (Spain. Address U. S. Agents, Detroit. Mich. Oirouur Free. Mention papan
For snip In los Angela >v O. F. HUT H ZFM A N 9?2 V. MMn gfrppf.
"By n thorough Knowledge of the natural
laws which govern the operations of digestion
and nutrition, and by a careful application of
the fine properties of well selected Cocoa, Mr.
Epps has provided our breakfast tables with a
delicately flavored beverage which may save us
many heavy doctors' bills. It is by the judi
cious use of such articles of diet that a constitu
tion may be gradually built up until strong
enough to resist every tendency to disease. Hun
dreds of subtle maladies are floating around us
ready to attack wherever there is a weak point
We may escape mauy a fatal shaft by keeping
ourselves well fortified with pure Wood and a
properly nourished frame."—Civil Service Ga
zette. Made simply with boiliug water or milk.
Sold only in half-pound tins, by grocers, labeled
JAMJta KFFB a CO., Homoeopathic Chem
ists. London, England.
10-9-tn-th&w-12m .
A new word! You haven't heard of it before.
It designates the latest mode of beautifying the
skin. Bleaches have been the rage, but tbey
ar going out. The process is too severe. True,
the acid eats off the rougher outer cuticle, and
for a short while exposes the more delicate skin
beneath, but It in turn becomes harsh, and you
are in a worse fix than before, unless more
bleaching acid lit used, and to continue It In
definitely would destroy the finest skin in the
world. Thus face bleaches are waning, and ln
five years more will b ■ hardly known.
Now about "face ironing " Unlile bleaches,
the process emp oys no adds, using onlyVool
ing vegetab'e constituents that act the reverse
from acids, ln tbat they are lustan'anr-ous and
actually healing to the skin. These are placed
upon the face in semi-liquid form, drying in
about twenty minnteH. The drying process
causes them toaborb blackheads, perspirnllon
aud the greasy exudations irom the pores. A
system of gentle lace massage tl en removes
all, and under the influence of cooliog aud
healing lotions the skin comes out velvety and
transparent. We have given the name "face
lroniug" to this new treatment. Unlike »cid
bleaches ihal destroy,"fce-lroning"preserves,
and quite unlik- slow corrosive bleacheß, the
effect is instantaneous. We will create the
most perfect complexion you ever had ln thirty
minutes. The effect is complete before you
leave our parlorß. Ladiea are Invited to the
parlors of MRS. V. K. lilitKK late of 12(5
Kearney street, Han Franclico), and MISS ».
A. FiNUCANK, rooms (12 and 68, Potomac
bock, Broadway. Bole agents for Clara Mul
vlii's cosmetics. 10-7 su tv fri lm
a Will cut Dry or Green
Bones, Meat, Gristle and all.
Green Cut BONES will
double the number of eggs
—will make them more fer
tile—will curry the hens
safely through tho molting
period nnd put them in
condition to lay when eggs
command the highest price
nnd will dovclope your
faster than any
Feed Green Bones and
use Grooaozouc to kill
tho lice, and you will put
joflfty per cent more profit.
Send for Catalogue "and
■* prices.
Or the I.lqnnr Habit Positively Cured
by SMliulnlslertng? l>r. lliiiiicn'
Uolden Nuevlfir.
It can be given in a cup of ooffeu or tea. or io food.
TTithout the knowledge of the .patient. It is absolutely
Harmless, and will effect a permanent and speedy
.;ure. whether the patient ie a moderate drinker or
tn aloobollo wreck. It htis been given In thousands
nf cases, and in every instunce a perfect cure hasfol
o-.rcd. It never i'-ftlls. Theßyßtemonceimprennaled
with tho Bpeoihc.lt becomes in utter impossibility
or Ihe liquor appetite to exist,
(ll.lit.S KI'EOIFIC CO.. Prop'rs, rinrlnnotl. O.
48-paa-e book of particulars free. 'V i be had of
F. W. BRAUN 4, C 0.,) Druggists,
H.GKRMAIN ( Los Angeleß, Cal.
7th, by the Los Angeles City Water Co , for
one Pelton water wheel; also, one turbine
water wheel.
For ;pc iflrations, apply to the office of Los
Angeles City Water Co
10-12 lit WM. MULHOLLAND, Bupt. I
The Doctor will tell' all about your Disease
withi.ut asking a quest! n. It you can
not b» cured he will tell wm so, and
positively will not take your money.
Diseases of Men and Women Thor
oughly Understood. Quickly and
Permanently Cured.
The Golden West Medical Institute, at No.
'.42 South Main street, fully equipped
with all the latest and best .Scientific
Remedies and Appliances.
Charges Low. All Cases Guaran
teed and Treated by
Specialists of ;i°"g experience who are pre
pared to cure all
Diseases of Men.
Nervous Debility oi Exhaustion, Wasting
Weaknesses, Early Decay, Lack of Vim,
Vigor aud Strength, all Disorders and De
bilities of Youth and Manhood caused by
too close application to business or study,
Be-ere Mental Strain or Grief, Sexual Ex
cesses in middle life, or from the effects of
youthful follies, yield readily to our new
treatment. Every care guaranteed.
Women who Suffer
And are leading a life of mis ry and un
happlness would de well to consult the
old doctor ln charge. Twenty-seven
years' experlonce in the treatment ol
Female Complaiuls. lie is always ready
to assist you. No disease peculiar to
your delicate organism is bejond his
sure control. Regulating trt.atm.ent mat
ranted for all Irregularities, no matt-i from
what cause Private, confidential; yon
need see no one but the doctor.
Kidney and Bladder
Troubles, Weak B ick, Pain In the Side.
Abdomen, Bladder, Hedlment in Urine
Brick Dust or White, Pain while Urinating!
Bright's Disease, and all diseases of the
urinary organs of both sexes.
Private Blood and Skin.
All diseases of a Private Natuie, Sorei,
? i. a , r .? ea '. kl " B P ots ' I'lmples, Scrofula,
Syphilitic, taiut and eruptions of all kind!
quickly and permanently cured.
$100,000 deposit forfeit for any case ol
Cancer that cannot be permanently re
moved without ihe use of knife. No pain
or danger. The doctor's own method, for
which he has been offered thousands of
dollars. Any sklu Cancer, Mole, Wart, etc.,
removed in thirty minutes. We challenge
trie world to produce an equal ireatment
lor the permanent cute of Cancer.
_ «WP Cat-irrh, Throat nnd Lung Troubles
Cured by our own exclusive Inhalation
you i annot call you can be cured at home,
write your cas<- plainly. Medicine sent secure
Irom observation.
Cures guaranteed in every case.
142 Bouth Main st.. Loi Angeles, Cal.
TJDTJTJ 1 was qntckly and permanently
H X H ff cured of Nightly Emissions, com-
X 1.1 Liv ple'e Impotenry, Varicocele, and
small,wasted and shrunken organg
CUKE caused by Self Abuse. Thousands
have been fully restored through
tbis simple remedy. I will malt the recipe of
this unlaillng self cure (sealed) FREE to any
sufferer. Address, with «tamp, D. B. EMMET,
Topeka, Kan. 10-11 lm

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