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203 to 207 North Spring Street,
If you make your purchases of us you will find that we have been light on your purse, and have
not taken advantage of you.
that we are giving BETTER VALUES than any other f )llc hundred dozen of this celebrated Shirt Waist just
store in Los Angeles. Be convinced by a thorough exami- received. This lot consists of Fancy Percale, Cheviot, Cal
natiou. We always take pleasure in showing our goods, /jjBMBM ico aud Outing Flannel. (Laundricd and unlaundried.)
and pleasing all visitors to our establishment. • We are selling them at the unapproachable prices of
We are having a BIG RUN on our i| We have also a full line of this same make in solid col-
Bedford Cord Fifty-Cent Corsets. I I Mothers will appreciate this waist, as it does away with
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Shades ,) and see these goods, knowing that it will be to their inter-
Which we are selling at 50 cents a yard, worth 85 cents. est > 80 far as time > P atience and saving money is concerned,
Look us up on this bargain. to use the MOTHERS' FRIEND WAIST.
Is ahead of any in this city. From the lowest to the highest priced linings we guarantee to save you
some money. Simply compare our prices with others in town.
203 to 207 North Spring Street.
Exchange Review.
New Yobk, Oct. 17.—The aotlvity ln the
stock market is still main tail oil. Chicago
Gas today advanced 1% per cent; Di'tillers, 2;
Burlington, lft; Illinois Central, 1%; the re
mainder of the list >,'* T »: while Union Pacific
lost 1 per cent; Louisville and Nashville, 1%:
Electric, 1. The close was weak for railways;
industries firm, with some concessions.
Government bonds closed strong.
Money on call, firm; closing, offeied at 5 per
Prime mercantile paper—s®6 per cent.
Sterling exchange—W< ak; bankers' 60 day
oillss4.B4ft-; demand, $4 86.
New Yobk, Oct. 17.—Bar sliver, per ounce
San Fbancisco, Oct. 17.—Bar silyer,
8« :, „c per ounce.
Ban Fbancisco. Oct. 17.—Mexican dollars,
[email protected]
New Yobk, Oct. 17.—Closing quotations
were as follows:
D. 8.45, reg 114% Northwestern .. .115%
U. 8. 4s. coupon. .114tf. W. preferred. .142
U. S. 2s reg "100 ft N. Y. Central 115
Paeifldos "107U, Oregon Impt 22ft"
Atchison 38? a ' regon Nay 74
American Exp. .119 OregoD Short Line 23
Burlington 102-% Paclflo Mail 33<i
Canada Pacific... 85hi Pullman Palace.. 99
Canada Southern. 57ft Reading 65%
Central Pacific... 29ft Terminal 985t
Lackawanna ...154 Rio Grand West'n 34
Denver* Rio Gd. 32 Do, preferred 69
Distillers 6tft First* 178%
Illinois Cent 100 Rock Island 82%
Kansas* Texas.. 20% St. Paul 78? 8
Lake Shore 133 St. Paul & Omaha .v.'-*
Lead Trust 46ft lexas Pacific .. 115»
Louisvl & Nashvl. 68Jj, Union Pacific.... 40%
Mich. Central.... 107 0. B.Express. ... 62ft
Missouri Pacific.. 62ft Wells.Fargo.t Co 144
Northern Pacific. 18ft Western Union.. 99
N. P. preferred... 49% Sugar 9%
North American. 112*4 (General Electric 16ft
Amer. Cotton Oil. 45% Unseed 35
•Bid. tEx dlv.
Bobton, Oct. 17.—Closing quotations were a*
Atchison 39 IMex. Cent, com. 16
Burlington 10241 801 l Telephone.. 209
San Diego 13ft I
San Fbancisco, Oct. 17.—Following are tbe
closing prices:
Belcher 310 Potosi 1.00
Best and Belchr 1.75 Savage 1.00
Chollar 85 Sierra Nevada.. 1.55
Con. Virginia.. 3.55 Union Con 1.30
Confidence 2.00 Yellow Jacket .. 1.25
Gould&Ourry.. 115 Ophir 2.76
Hale & Norcross 155 Crocker 05
Peer *.. .15 I Peeiless 10
San Francisco Market Review.
BAN Francibco, Oct. 17.— The vegetable
market opened quiet this morning, with light
supplies. Prices were well sustained, owing to
the fact tbat slocks were generally cleared up
well on Saturday. Potatoes came in more lib
erally on the wharf. Green corn still comes
in, but the demand is light. Squssh and cu
cumbers are dull.
In fresh fruits, the market was generally dull
this morning, with light receipts. Wine grapes
are steady, but lower prices and lighter sup
plids are expected after the recent heavy rains.
Black table grapes are reported damaged. Mex
ican limes are quoted lower.
There 1b good inquiry for choice ranch eggs,
but tbe lower grades are dull and weak, with
eastern in heavy supply.
High prices ln fancy fresh butter still keep
the trade confined to pickled grades.
The British Grain Trade.
London, Oct. 17.—The Mark Lane Express
■ays: It is now believed the wheat yield of
Great Britain does not exceed 6,000,000 quar
ters. There is a fine yield of barley, but fine
malting grades are very scarce. Wheat has
fallen Is. Foreign wheats are firm, as the de
crease of Indian shipments balances the large
American crop.
Barley la 6d dearerer; oats and corn are
Today English wheat was steady. Fine Amer
ican advanced Is; ordinary American is tid
higher. Flour is 6d dearer. Barley and corn
are firm. Oats are 3d higher. Linseed is 6d
Chicago Grain Market.
Chic 100, Oct. 17.—Wheat was steady today.
The market opened unchanged: advanced ftc
on local buying; receded %a on liberal north
western receipts, larger Indian shipments and
liberal increase ln the visible supply; turned
strong on renewed purchasing, advancing ftc;
closed firm aud Jio lowor than Saturday.
Chicago, Oct. 17.—Closing—Wheat, firm;
cash, 73% c; December, 75% c.
Corn—firm; cash, 42c; Dec.,42%e.
Oats—Firm cash. 29ftc; Nov, 30c.
Flax— $1.1001.10%.
Liverpool, Oct. 17.—Wheat, demand un
Corn—Demand poor. December, steady at 4s
San Fbancisco, Oct. 17—Wheat, quiet; May,
$1 41ft; buyer, December, $1.37.
Barley—lnactive; December, 90c.
General Markets.
New Yobk, Oct. 17.—Hops, quiet but steady.
Coffee—Options closed Bteady, 5 points up
to 15 points down. The sales were 41,500
bags, including October, $1*.50; November,
[email protected]: Der ember, [email protected] spot
Rio closed dull but stesdy, No. 7. [email protected]
Sugar—Raw. closed dull but firm; refined,
closed quiet but steady.
Copper—Sieady: lake, $11.60(911.75.
Lead—Dull; domestic, [email protected]
liv —I inn: straits, $20 ST...
Chicago. Oct. 17.—Pork; firm; cash, {11.90;
January. $13 22ft.
Lard—Firm; cash, $8 60: Jan , $7 45.
Bibs—Firm; oash, $10.37 ft; Jan.. $6.B2ft\
Chicago, Oct. 17.—Whisky. $1.15.
Petiole am.
New Yobk. Oct. 17.—Petroleum, November
closed at 50„.
iThe quotations given below are Los Angeles
lolesale selling pi ices]
Haks—Per rb., local smoked, Li'.tc; eastern,
smoked, 13% c.
Bacon—Per lb., local smoked, 14% c; eastern
breakfast, 13% c, medium, 12% c.
Pork—Per lb., dry salt; ll%c.
Dried Beef—Per rb.. lnsldes, 13% c.
Labd—Compound, 3's, 9%c; s's, 9%c; 108
9Kc; SO'a, »o. Pure leaf lard, 4c higher all
Mill Product!.
Flour—Los Angeles XXXX, $4.20 per bbl;
Capitol Mills, $4.20; Sperry's, $4.90; Crown,
$4.90; Vie or, $4.80; mpcrtinc, $3.25; gra
ham, $2.40; Drifted t-now, $4.90; Stock
tonla, $4.90; SUrr's choice extra. $4.85.
Mill Feed—Bran, per ton, $19.00; shorts.
$21.00; cracked corn, per cental, $1,25: rolled
barley, $1.05; mixed feed. $1.20; feed meal,
$1 30.
(Dairy Products.
Butter—Fancy roll, 67ft(!*72ft'c; choice, 00
Cc6sc; fair, 50(»l55c; Eastern tub, 27(<S30c;
Eastern dairy, 19{423c.
Cheese—Eastern, 14c; California, factory
14c; Young America, 15c.
Grain and Hay.
Bap'-ey—Brewing, $1.20(31.30; feed, $1.
Cobn—Per cental, $1 20.
Oats—No 1, per cental, $1 50.
WnEAT—No. 1, per cental, [email protected]; No.
2, 81 20T<»1.30.
Hay—Oat No. 1,$11; wheat No. 1, $11; bar
ley No. 1, $10; alfalfa No. 1, $10. No. 2 grade
$1 lower all aronnd.
Stbaw—Barley, per ton, $5; wheat, $5.
Poultry and; Eggs.
Poultry—Hens, $4.50®5.50 per doz.; young
roosters, $4; old roosters, $3®s4: broilers,
$2.50 (03.50; ducks, [email protected] SO; geese, $1 pel
head; turkeys, [email protected] per pound.
Eons—California rancb, [email protected]; Eastern,
[email protected] per doz.
Honey and Beeswax.
Homey—Comb, [email protected]; extracted, white, 7
@7ftc; amber, [email protected]
Beeswax -20(52 3c.
Almonds—Soft shell, [email protected]; paper shell,
19WZlc; hard shell, [email protected]
Peanuts—Kaw' [email protected] '# lb; roasted, [email protected]*>c
Walnuts-Hard shell, 8c; soft shell, 9c;
paper shell, 10c.
Dried Fruits.
ArßicoTS—Per ' lb. inn dried [email protected];
bleached, [email protected]
Peached—Per lb., sun dried," 10®12ftc.
BEANS—Pink! [email protected] per 100 lbs.;
Llmas. [email protected]; navy, small, [email protected];
large white, [email protected]
Cabbage—Per 100 lbs., [email protected]
CHILIEB—Dry, per string, 75c; green, per
lb., 25c.
Potatoes—Per 100 lbs., [email protected]
Sweet Potatoes—Per 100 los., $1 [email protected]
Tomat#es —Pr box, 35(w50c.
Onions—Per 100 1b5.,[email protected]
Monday, October 17.
J Hay to H W Ganong-Sft SEW SEW, sco 35,
T3 S, R 12 W; $500.
'1 L Chapin -o J F O'Donnell—Lot 38, bl 72,
Burbank; $100.
J P Brno meter to J F O'Donnell—Lots 30 and
32, bl 72. Burbank; $1.
W F Marshall et ux to J A Henderson—Und ft
In lot 65. sub lot 4. bl 1, Hancock's survey, do
nation lots; $6000.
F R de Alvttre to F J Bornllla—lft acres in E
ftSWftsec3,Tl, RIO W: $170,
E D Gibson to P P Tomeuey—l acre in C Ver
dngo's S acres, Ri San Rafael; $173 96.
Banta Monica t'omm Co to U W La Dow—Lot
3, bl P, Santa Monica Comm Co trt; $300.
J A McCrary et ux to F Graveß-L0t56,11,14,
19, 97, 35, 38, 48, 49, 47 and 46,0ak Grove sub,
Monrovia; $825
R F Hou.-e to W W Lord- Grantor's int in 31
acs Ro Txjauta; $20.
R F House to L E Allen—Lots 3 and 4, bl 98,
Pomona; $10.
A II T Its to L E Allen—tame propeity as
above; $40.
E Robinson et con to L L Bowers—Lot 3 bl 4
lots 5 aud 6 Dl 5 V\ ashlngton villa trt; $40u0.
8J E Noble to W A E woble-Und ft int lot
19 Woodwotth trt; $1500.
A Oiiristeusen tol. Chrlslensen—Lot* in Hun
tington, Sierra Madre Villa trt, Santa Anita ro;
||GB Lwls to W Stowardson—Lot 18 bl 57
subdof Dell Vale; $1.
C E elosßon to L Johnson—Part of lot 10 bl 4
div 1 of Raymond Impt trt; $1.
Steam Ko's Co to W L Campbell—2o acs Ro
Los Coyotes; $10.
W F nonaid to J N Whisenant—Lot 15 A mos
Wright'" sub N ft bl T Painter <fc Balls add Pas
adena: $300,
W Bogel to J C Wiltz—Lot 28 Nevada Btreet;
IW Blaney et ux to J D Nash et al—Eft lots
15 and 16, blk 2, T F & B trt, 10—4; $10.
E E Fxncher to M H Fancher—Lot 84,
Brooks sub, Philblntrt; $1000.
M H Snafer et con to H HalbrltT—Lot 21, bl
D, Sha'er <fe L sub. Montague trt: $2600.
FD Steve.iset ux to A T Lee—Lot 11, M P
sub lot 1, bl D San Pascual trt; $200.
E Johnson et al to E Werberg—Lot 55, bl 16,
Wolfskin Orchard trt; $o.
J Rowland et ux to A R Miles—Lot 9, Cow
gill's resub lot R, P & B add, Pasadena; $10.
J A McDonald toB C Mulock et al—Part of
lands of W Mulock, deed; $t.
J L Truslow to X A Unruh—Lots 11 and 12,
bl 82, Arcadia; $5.
WBMcßrldeetuxto E J Baldwin-Lot 10,
Santa Anita colony; $5.
A H Mcßrlde to W 8 Mcßrlde—Part 8% lots 3
and 5, Santa Anita colony: $5
PPrageretux to J W'Wlnslow—Lot 3. sub
lots 24 and 27, Galbralth & T trt, Pasadena;
J W Wilson et ux to H E Yarbrough et con—
Lot 3 sub Gabralth % T trt; $800
Sheriff to A Kosecrans—Let 5 bl R Childs trt;
$2903 52.
Same to same—Lot 9 bl F Howard & Co's sub
Bliss trt: $500.
J T Talbert— lEft sec 2 T 8 N R 17
J P Ksrly Htix to M G Bentley—l4ft acs sec
36T1NK10W; $5000,
M G Bentley to J P Early—Lot 28 A ,t L sub
bl V P & B add Pasadena; $4500.
J 0 WUmon to H Llcbels-Lot 15 bl 5 Beau
dry trt 2: $3000.
A H Forda to F W Ludovicl. trustee-17-4S
wefts %m\m •«
For renovating the entire s-
Jf ::" Poisons from i'
***mmmvr Wood, wheth ■' oi sorofuloi
malarial origin, this preparation has no eon:
"Foreighteen months I had ;
eating soro on my tongue. Iwo
treated by best local pnysicitinr..
out obtained no relief: tho pore gradually gr-"-,
worse. I finally took k. S. P., and was entlr
cured after using a few bottle:!."
SC. B. McLEMoita, Henderson, Tc.:.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Dis
eases mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co.,
Atlanta, Ga.
'jud lut petroleum mining claims in Nft sec 26
T2SRII W; *8000
A B Poole to J X Thomas—Lot 30 and N 30 ft
lot 31, M L W cks' sub Klefer trt: $1350.
J A Thomas et ux to A B Poole—Land in
Azuhr; $4650.
M J Rtggins to J R Rlgginß—Lots in Riggins
trt 7-5; $6500.
W H Hounson et ux to H Thomas—Lots 21,
23 and 25 bl 10, Newhall bi ; $30^.0.
Deeds 51
Nominal 23
Total $69,03148
Note—Figures separated by a dath, represent
book and page of miscellaneous records.
Sleep on i.ct Hide.
Many persons are unable to sleep on their
leftside. The cause has loug been a puzzle to
physicians. Metrnpo'itau papers speak with
great in crest of llr. Frauklin Miles, the emi
nant Indiana specialist In nervous and heirt
diseases, who has proven rhat this habit arises
from a diso'sed heart. He has examined and
kept on record thousands of cases. His New
Heart Cure, a wonderful remedy, 1b sold at C.
H. Hanco's. Thousands testify to its value as a
cure for Heart Diseases. Mrs, Chas. Benoy,
Loveland, Col., says Its effects on her were
marvelous. Elegant book on Heart Disease
California Vinegar Works,
555 Banning street, opposite soap factory,
uear Alnmcda and First streets, one-naif block
from electric light works.
, Ring up telephone 46? for John Wieland and
Fredericksburg bottled beer.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria,
A new and Complete Treatment, consisting ol
Suppositories, Ointment ln Capsules, also in
Box and Pills; a Positive Cure for External,
Internal, Blind or Bleeding Itching, Chronic,
Recent or Hereditary Piles. This remedy has
never beon known to fall. $1 per box, 6 for ?5;
sent by mall. Why suffer from this terrible
disease when a written guarantee Is positively
given with 0 boxes. To refund tbe money if
not cured. Send stamp for free sample. Guar
antee Issued by C. F. HEINZEMAN, druggist,
sole agent. 222 N. Main street, Los Angeles. Cal.
TREATMENT, a specific for Hysteria, Dizzi
ness, Fits, Neuralgia, Headache, Nervouß Pros
tration caused by alcohol or tobacco, Wakeful
ness, Mental Depression, Softening of Brain,
causing insanity, misery, decay, death, Prema
ture Old Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power lv
either sex, Inipotency, Leucorrhcea and all
Female Weaknesses, Involuntary Losses, Sper
matorrhoea caused by over-exertion of Drain,
Self-abuse, Over-indulgence. A month's treat
meut 91, 6 for $5, by mall We guarantee six
boxes to cure. Kaon order for 0 boxes, with $6,
will send written guarantee to refund if not
cured, Guarantees issued only by H. M. SALE
& SON, druggists, sole agents, S2O S. Spring
Btreet, Los Angeles. Cal.
U ceased. Notice Is hereby given by the un
dersigned, executrix of the last will and
testament of Louis Llchtenberger, deceased, to
the creditors of, and al persons having claim"
against the said deceased, to exhibit them,
with tho necessary vouchers, within ten
months after tbe first publication of this
notice, to the said executrix, at the office of A.
W. Hutton, attorney at law. in Temple block,
Los Angeles city, California, the tame being
the plac- for the transaction of the business of
said estate, in said county ol Los Angeles,
Dated L s Angeles, California, thiß ICthday
of September, 1892.
Executrix cf the last will »nd testament of
»< I iehtenbergy, deceased. 9-16-5 w
\<j ie Great Mexican Remedy.
\ ?s*siiiitA/ Gives health and strength to
tlio Sexual Organs.
Notice of Guardian's Sale of Real
suance of an order of the Superior Court
of the County of Los Angeies, State of Califor
nia, made on the 14th day of October, 1892, in
the matter of the estates of and guardianship of
Albert A. Benton, Jo'lah H. Beuton, Mabel H.
Benton, Harriet O. Beuton, Edwin M. Benton,
Flora J. Benton and Hurlbert J. Benton, the
undersigned, the guardian of tbe pc-sons and
estates ol said minors, will sell at private "ale.
to ihe highest bidder for cash In gold coin of
tbe United States, and subject to con
firmation by said superior court
on or after Tuesday, the Ist day of
November. 1892, at ihe office of Charles Van
Valkenburg, No. 138 South Spring street, In tbe
city of and county of Los Augeles, state of Cal
ifornia, where offers or bids will be received, all
the rigbt. title and interest that the said min
ors have in and to all those ctrtaln lots, pieces
or parcels of land situate, lylm and being in
the city of and county of Los Angeles, state of
California, and described as follows, to wit:
Firßt—The undivided one-sixth (1-6) interest
in lot 17 of the Arlington tract, according to
map of said tract recordtd in book 9 page 14, I
of miscellaneous rf cords of Los Angeles couu- I
ty, situate in the city of Los Angeles.
Second—An undivided one-balf (ft) interest
in lot 5, in block N of the town of Garvanza,
Los Angeles county, according to the map re
corded in book 9, pages 45 aud 46 of laisiella
neoim records of said county.
■1 bird—Also undivided one-half interest of
lot 19 of block H of the Bonnie Brae tract, as
per may thereof, recoroed in book 9, page 85,
miscellaneous records of said county, ueiug in
the city and county aforesaid.
Fourth—Also undivided ft interest of lots 1
2. 3, 4.5. 6, 7, 8, 9 10, in block No. 9, of the
New York tract, according to a map recorded
in book 19. at pages 85 et seq., miscella
neous records of said Los Angeles county.
Terms and conditions of sale: Cash gold coin
of tbe United siates; ten per cent of the our
chase money to be paid on the acceptance of
offer or bid, the baa ice on confirmation of
sale by said superior court. Deed at expense
of purch ser
October 15,1892
Guardian of the persons and estates of said
minors. 10-16 2w
p.rtnership, aud am transacting the un
dermentioned business ln tbe city of Los An
geles, in this s ate. Its principal place of busi
ness is I.os Angeles, California. Its name is
United States Fibhing Company
The full names and respective places of resi
dence of all its members are signed hereto.
Dated, October 12,1892.
Los Ange es, California.
State of California, /
County of Los Angeles,!
On this 12th day of October, in the year one
thousand eight hundred and ninety-two. be
fore me. Jo c G. Kstudillo, a notary public in
and for the county of Los Angeles personally
appeared F. I. Hooper-Ingledtw. known to me
to be the person whose name is subscribed to
and » ho executed the within Instrument, and
he acknowledged to me that he executid tbe
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my official Beal at mv office
in the county of Lot Augoles, the day and year
in this certificate first abovo written.
Notary Public
Endorsed: Los Angeles county, California.
Filed October 12, 1892. T. H. WARD. Clerk.
By A. A. BaylbY, Depu.y. 10-13 28t
superior court of Los ADgeles county. I will
sell, at public a not ion, on Tuesday, October 18,
1892, tor cash, to the highest bidder, the per
sonal property belonging to the "State of J. E.
Durkee. consisting ol about 40 head of young
horses and brood mares: 80 head of dairy cows
and thoroughbied Holstein cows and bulls, and
all farming implements, such as wagons,
buggies, sulkies, plows, harness, etc.
Sale to commence at 10 a.m , on the prem
ises known as Bonita Meadows, on Washington
street, three miles,west of city limits
Proposals will be received by the I os An
geles City Water Co. up to 3 p.m., December
6,1892, for one four-million gallon high duty
pumping engine.
The purpose for which this engine is to be
used is to (jump water for domestic use to the
hi'l portion of tbe city of Los Angeles.
For specifications apply to
10 94w Supt Los Angeles City Water Co.
O Company, a corporation, plaintiff, vs.Tliom
as Meredith, John Wilde and J. P. Brossart,
I Sheriff's sale—No, 18,290.
ord : rcf sale and decree of foreclosure and
Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of foreclosure and sale, issued out of the
Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, of
the State of California, on the 6th day of October,
A. D. 1892, in the above entitled action, where
in -ecunty Savings Bank and Trust Company,
a corporation, the above named plaintiff, ob
tained a judgment and decree of foreclosure
and sale against Thomas Meredith et al., de
fendants, on the 6th day of October, A. D. 1892,
for the sum of $10,462.53 dollars, gold coin
of the United States, which said decree
was, on the 6th day of October, A. D. 1892,
recorded in judgment book 39 of said Court, at
page 24,1 am commanded to sell in one par
cel all those certain lots, pieces or parcels of
land situate, lying and being in the county
of Los Angeles, State of California, ana
bouuded and described as follows:
Ist. Lots four 14), fiv - (51, six (6t, seven (7),
to eighteen (18), inclusive, of block three (8);
all of block fourteen (14), less lots e'even (11),
and twelve. (12); all of block two (2), less lot
three (3); all of lot fifteen (15), less lots three
(3), four (4), five (5), six (6); all of block six
teen (Hi); the south one-half (SU) of block one
(1): blocks thirty five (35), th'rty-six (36),
thirty seven (37), thirty-euht (38), forty-three
(43), and forty-four (44), all in the Le Mar's ad
dition io the town of Alosta, as per map of said
l.c Mar's addition recorded in book 16, pages
75 and 76 ot Miscellaneous reco'ds of Los An
veles < ounty. in the couaty recorder's office.
Also ten (10) acres of land, described as fol
The northeast one-fourth (N. E ft) of the
no.theast one-fourth (N. E. ft) of the southwest
one-fourth (3. W. ft) of section 29, township 1
2d. Lots seven (7), eight (8), nine (9), ten
(10), eleven (11) and twelve (12), of block I, of
M. D. Painter's subdivision, recor ed ln book
18. rage 26, miscellaneous records of Los An
geles county, California, being the north 53
acros of block "Q" of the subdivided lands of
J. H. Painter and B. F. Ball, as recnrled ia
book 4, p'ge 549, miscellaneous records of Los
Angeles county, California.
3d. The undivided one-half interest ln the
foilowlug described property, lying and being
in the city and county of Los Angeles, Califor
nia, and bounded and particularly described as
follow*, viz:
Bounded on the east by Upper Main slreet
and baying a iront of twenly-one and one-half
yards; on the north by an alley way, and being
twenty-nine yards in depth; on the south by
the property formerly belonging to Saint Ange
and being tweuty-nii c yarns in depth, and on
the west by the property of Sabichi and being
twenty-one and one-half yards fiont, and being
the same land heretofore conveyed by deed of
dale May 4, 1853, by Ygnacio Del Valle to
Honorato Penelon and Adrian Davoust, and
recorded in th i recorder's office of Los Angeles
county, in book No. 1 of deeds, pane 377. To
which reference is hal. The alley way above
mentioned is now called Bellevue avenue.
4th. Also, the following described personal
property: Certificate No. 15. February
19, ' 890 calling for 396?.; shares of ihe o.spital
stock of tbe Alosta Water and Development
company, standing upon the books of said com
pany in he name of the defendant Thomas
Meredith, issued by said Alosta Water and De
velopment company.
Together with all and singular the tenements,
hereditaments and appurten <nces thereunto
belonging, or iv any wise apoertsining.
Public notice is hereby given that, on Wednes
day, the 2d day of November. A. D. 1892, at 12
o'clock m. of that day, in front of the Court
house doorof the County of Los Augeles, I will,
in obedience to said order of sale and decree of
foreclosure and sale, se 1 ihe above described
property, to satisfy sain judgment, with interest
and costs, etc., to the highest and best bidder, for
ca6h, gold coin of the U. S.
Dated this 6th day of October, 1892.
SherifTof Los Angeles County.
By F. C. Hannon. Deputy Sheriff.
Gkaves cmblvksv and Shankland, Atty's
for plaintiff. 10-11 tv 4t
isting unde< the name and style of Vlckery
& Hinds, 1r dissolv d by mutual consent. AH
persons having claims against the concern will
present the same to J. C. Vlckerv, at No. 138
North Main street, Los Angeles city. Cal.
All persons indebted to said Aim on account
of business done at the Main Street market,
Los Angeles city, will settle with J. C. Vlckery;
parties indeb ed to the firm on account ol busi
ness done at the Wilmington or San Pedro mar
kets, will settle with Georee Hi"dx.
Dated Octobt r 1,1892. 10-2 tf

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