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The Supposed Murderer Landed
in the County Jail.
He Is Badly Frightened and Sends
Fur His Friends.
Hl* Appearance Befure Justice. Austin.
Be Send* fur Attorney Guthrie.
But lit Not Permitted to Have
Hi* Own Interpreter.
Early yesterday morning, after learn
ing the news of the capture of Chung
Yung, tbe alleged murderer of ihe Span
ish boy, Fernando Quijada, the usual
crowd of curiosity seekers gathered in
front of the central police station, but
of courae they were not permitted to see
the priaoner,
About 11 o'clock, after tbe usual court
buaineaa was finished, the priaoner was
taken before Justice Austin and ar
raigned on the warrant which had been
issued a few days ago, charging him
with murder,
Justice Anatin asked him, through
the interpreter, if he had retained coun
sel. He replied tbat he had not, and
wanted to "wait four or five days." Hie
honor then continued the case until Sat
urday morning, the 22J inst.
The priaoner waa then taken back to
hia cell in tbe police Btation.
In the afternoon the prisoner wrote on
a scrap of paper, in Chinese characters,
the names of aix of his frienda or aaeoci
atea in Chinatown, simply asking them
to come to see him. Two of theee called
on Messrs. Gntbrie & Guthrie, attorneys
at law, and consulted tbem in reference
to tbe caee. One of the firm, accom
panied by one of the Chinese who can
speak English, called at the station
for the purpose of - consulting with
tbe prisoner, but Chief Glass declined
to permit tbe Chinaman to talk with
the prisoner, bnt stated to the attorney
that he had that privilege. But, as Mr.
Guthrie cannot speak the Chinese lan
guage ani tbe prisoner said he ''no
aabe" English, no conclusion waa
arrived at in reference to tbe defence.
A Herald reporter was permitted by
the chief to Bee the prisoner. Chung
Yung refused to talk, and seemed to be
greatly frightened and Buffering under
mental troubles. Jailor Hawley stated
tbat be had not slept very soundly and
does not seem to have a very craving
The "double thumb," which has
marked Yung for life, and which mainly
served to identify him, is a singular
freak of nature. The double, or txtra
thumb, begins at tbe middle, or first
joint of the thumb on the right band,
and is on tbe outer side of the hand. It
extends to the tip end of the thumb
proper, from which it is separated about
a quarter of an inch, bnt it is stationery
and cannot be moved as "the thumb
proper. It ie only about half the thick
ness of the main thumb, but also has a
well defined nail.
Late in the evening three little boys
were brought into'the police station for
the purpose of identifying the prisoner.
About 6 o'clock in tbe evening Chung
Yung was removed to the county jail.
It was noticed tbat at the time of his
arrival a party of seven or eight Spanish
men stood on a corner in tbe
rear of the jail, but perhaps
were merely attracted to tbe place
from curiosity to see the. prisoner.
Chung Yung was put in what is called
the middle cell, the strongest in the
jail. The double doors were locked and
the combination turned, bo tbat no one,
even with the keys, could unlock the
doors, except Jailer Russell, who
alone has tbe combination. The cell,
at the time, was occupitd by the negro
Ford, who killed the colored man Sands,
recently. Ford seems to be possessed
with a high sense of what be considers
dignity, and decidedly objected to
the Chinaman being placed in the
cell with bim. He was co incensed
at tbe supposed indignity that he be
came insolent, and Deputy Sheriff Rus
sell put him in the dark dungeon for the
night, where he would have ample room
in which to study the problem of social
equality in crime.
' A trusty was placed in the cell with-
Chung Yung, so as to prevent him from
committing suicide, as he looked very
despondent, and was not yet quite over
his scare.
The Chinese prisoners were considera
bly scared on the arrival of the prisoner,
fearing that, if the jail were mobbed,
they might aleo Buffer. But Wong Ark,
who murdered bia wife, expressed no
fear. He said: "Everybody knowa me;
if they want to bang Chung Yung, they
no take me by mistake."
Matters were very quiet in Chinatown
last evening, and there seemed to be a
general feeling of security. The heavy
guard has been removed, only six or
eight officers being on duty during the
night. Tbe usual crowd did not put in
an appearance, and the Chinese walked
tbe streets as freely as ever.
Francisco Q iij ida, the father of the
murdered boy, called on Chief of Police
Glass today., and said he hoped there
wonld be no disturbance, and was satis
fied now that the law would take its
course and justice be done.
About 11 o'clock on Monday night
several men on horseback rode down to
a Chinese vegetable garden on tbe Jeff
Wright place, on Macy street, near the
bridge, and fired five or six shots, some
of which entered the cabin in which the
Chinese slept, but no injury was done
save a general fright, the Chinamen
thinking tbat the much-talked-of mob
had begun the work of exterminating
the Chinese inhabitants. Yesterday
morning two of the Chinamen repoited
the matter to the agent of the property,
and he laid tbe matter before Deputy
Sheriff* Russell >nd Bowlder. They
visited the place, and assured
tha Chinamen that all the trouble had
passed, that there was no danger of a
mob, and that the act was only tbat of
a few rowdies who would be looked
after. The Chinese think tbat the men
were native Oalilornians from the tone
of the war-whoopa, but, as they were
very badly scared, the officers think they
might be mistaken in this particular.
Deputy Sheriff Bowler met with a very
amusing reception from one of the
Chinamen as be entered the cabin. A
year or so ago when he was on the police
force he went through the house in
search of some fngitive. When he ap
peared there yesterday, morning he was
recognised and one Chinaman said:
"Yon want go through house again ?"
Opening of the Last Homo Series of
Games Today.
It will be Lot Angelee ye. Oakland at
Athletic park today. The game will be
called at 2:30 p.m.
The following items are from last
Monday's San Francisco Chronicle,
anent baseball in general and tbe Cali
fornia league in particular:
De Wald, tbe colonel's new south-paw,
is expected to arrive in Los Angeles
this evening. He will pitch three games
againßt the Cherubs this week, and Ger
man and Hoi ncr will endervor to win
the other two.
It is possible tbat the California
league will miss some of its stars before
next season. It is reported tbat New
York wants Brown and Denny. They
have received offers, but have not yet
Tbe Los Angeles club has not been
suspended aa > Mt i as it was generally ru
mored it would be, but Captain Glenal
vin is temporarily out of the team and
will not be allowed to play again until
Manager Vandeibeck pays his fines,
amounting to some $40. Glenalvin has
not been suspended, but Preeident Mone
says he would have been bad he at
tempted to play ball in San Jose last
week. I Just the came Glenalvin will
play baseball today ]
Manager Harris is thinking of putting
Phil Knell in to pitch five straight
games against tbe citrus belters on the
team's next trip to Los Angeles.
Tbe Oakland team will go to Los An
geles in style this week. It will have a
special car for itself and a number of
Oakland fans, who will accompany tho
the club south.
The Caan of Rev. David Morrow Recom
mitted to tha Han Francisco Pres
bytery—The Final Kaorptloa
to Rev. H. W. Crabbe.
The biennial session of the United
Presbyterian synod began in thie city
on Monday morning, with devotional
exercises, led by Rev. Robert Smith, of
San Francisco, and closed yesterday aft
ernoon. The church at the corner of
Eighth and Hill streets never looked
pretiier, and the discussions, while spir
ited at times, never leaned toward the
verge of acrimony.
On tbe first day Rev. A. Calhoun pre
sented tbe case of tbe American Bible
society in terms so earnest and forcible
that the synod adopted a resolution in
favor of an annnal collection in all tbe
churches of tbis presbytery in its be
The question of holding the next
synod crnne up, and it was decided to
hold it in October of 1894, at some place
hereafter to be designated. Tbe synod,
after some deliberation on the second
day, decided to bold it at Pacific Grove,
Monterey county, in order to couple
it with a Chautauqua conference at that
The ladies of the church held a con
ference in the afternoon, while tbe male
members were occupied with committee
duty; and on the reassembling of the
synod, it was resolved to bring about
the establishment of anotbef church of
this denomination in Salinas. As tbey
already have one church in operation
there, the establishment of a second o.ie
at tbat place was deemed unnecessary
by some of tbe brethren present. The
whole subject matter was, after a
spirited debate, referred to the general
assembly of the church which is to
convene in May, 1893.
Monday evening's session waß charac
terized by a well-sustained debate upon
the question: What Constitutes a Work
ing Uhurcb. A. W. Johnson presided,
and after the usual prayer and singing
the debate wae openea by Rev. Mr. Bald
ridge, who rrefaced his argument with
the strong point that an efficient church
miißt first have its beginning in God.
Tbe central spring of human force is in
the pastor and elders, and next in tbe
congregation in its organized capacity.
Then the Sunday school, the young peo
ple's organizations and the woman's so
cieties are other potential aids, and
around all these must be tbat harmony
of spirit in tbe unity of peace against
which there is no rebellion.
The other clergy present participated
in the discussion, and tbe proceedings
were enlivened by music between tha
Yesterday morning there was a good
deal of routine work to be gone through.
Then there were reports and confer
ences upon vital questions, especially
the reform movements of tbe day and
tbe church's participation therein.
The case of the Hey. David Morrow,
attached hitherto to the presbytery of
San Francisco, came up at yesterday's
morning session. This gentleman bad a
grievance, in tbat the presbytery bad
given him something he bad not asked
—a certificate of standing aud a dismis
sal. After careful consideration, the
synod referred tbe case back to tbe San
Francsico presbytery, with the recom
mendation that if Mr. Morrow returns
his certificate it be received on condition
that he promises tbat the offence of
which complaint was made shall not be
Tbe usual resolutions of thanks to the
family of Pastor Crabbe and tbe ladies
of the congregation for courtesies shown
during the session, and to ihe moderator
for his a/fable and impartial rulings
during the convention were then adopt
ed, and tbe synod of 1892 adjourned sine
Last evening a quiet but pleasant lit
tle reception wae, held at the pastor's
house, a pretty little man Be adjoining
the church. Tbe decorations showed a
great deal of taste. From tbe kitchen
there came an odor of home made coffee
that would have made Mahomet's back
teeth water, but the reporter was over
due at bis desk, and was therefore
obliged to decline the hospitality of the
parson and his wife. The clergy of this
synod leave for their respective homes
today, and all of them cherish pleasant
recollections of their brief sojourn in the
City of Angels, in tbe fading glories of
our glowing autumn days.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; Mo Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard
A New Era in the Hello
New York and Chicago Connected
By the Phone.
Bound Transmitted Hundreds of Milea
as Readily as V Rod—Mayors
Grant and Washburne Ex
change Greetings.
By the As<oclated Prass
New York, Oct. 18—The longdis
tance telephone between New York aud
Chicago was tried tbis morning. This
conversation passed:
• Hello, Chicago!"
"Well, what Is I*, New York?"
"Are you all right?"
"I can hear you just as plainly as if
you were standing within three feet of
It was easier to get Chicago than to
make connection with Brooklyn. This
is the longest telephone ever success
fully used. It consists of a double me
tallic current.
This afternoon, in the presence of a
distinguished company, tho telephone
service was formally inaugurated. Presi
dent Hudson explained to the assemb
lage, before the test began, that the new
connection between New York and Chi
cago was the longest telephone line in
the world. A cornet solo. The Star
Spangled Banner, was then played, aud
the same familiar tune repeated from
Chicago. The notes came clear and dis
tinct. America was sent and received in
the same way ; then Mayor Grant spoke
to Mayor Washburne, of Chicago.
"The city of Chicago greets the city of
New York," aaid Mayor Washburn.
"The city of New York returns the
'compliments, and wishes you all tuccess
in the great celebration you are to have
thiß week," was Mayor Grant's reply.
"The city of Chicago extends greet
ings •; and congratulates the nation,"
said Mayor Washburn impressively,
"on the American invention which shall
supplement the telegraph, and enable
tbe people of tbe continent to communi
cate orally where they now resort to
post and telegraph."
Mayor Grant, in conclusion made a
graceful personal expression of regret at
his inability to attend the dedication
exercises this week.
Chicago, Oct. 18 —A representative
gathering from commercial, scientific
aud newspaper circles assembled in the
Chicago offices of the Long Distance Tel
ephone company this afternoon to
witness tbe formal opening of
telephonic communication between
New York and Chicago. The
wire was tapped and each visitor was
provided with a receiver and heard dis
tinctly all that passed on the wire be
tween Mayor Washburne and Mayor
Grant, also tbe musical programme.
A Fierce Fight Between Hungarian and
Italian Miners.
Hazleton, Oct. 18.—The little mining
town of Milnesville waß yesterday tbe
scene of a race war, and as the result
one man lies dead, two are fatally in
jured and about twenty are seriously
Milnesville is surrounded by numer
ous mining camps, mostly populated by
Hungarians and Italians. For yeara
trouble has existed between these two
nationalities. Numerous fights have
taken place from time to time, and a
number of deaths resulted, but never
before did they rise up in a body to face
each other.
During the fight yesterday blood
flowed like water. A continuous fire
from pistols was kept up by
both sides, but stilettos and knives
played an important part, and were
used with telling effect. The noise of
tbe combat soon started tbe whole
mountain side, and men arrived from
everywhere. For fully 20 minutes the
work of cutting and slashing was kept
up. How many Italians were shot can
not be told.
From Wilkeabarre comes a report of a
similar fight, which ientiled in one man
being fatally shot, another severely
stabbed and two more badly cut, whose
wounds are considered fatal. Still an
other was fatally injured by being bat
ted about tbe bead with a club.
President Cannon Delivers His Annual
Sacramento, Oct. 18. —The third an
nual session of the California Farmers'
Alliance and Industrial union convened
in the assembly chamber tbis forenoon.
Thirty-two counties are represented. A
lengthy address was delivered by Preei
dent Cannon.
Speaking about the work of the Al
liance in this state, President Cannon
said: "I have visited nearly all the
county alliances during the past year,
and found them all in good working
condition except Lob Angeles. Tbe
order in the latter county owes
its demoralization to several causes,
chief among which were its
failure in its business ventures and
tbe peculiar couree pursued by its
county president, but with a new presi
dent it will again come to the front as a
leading power in Southern California."
The convention will probably be in
session four days.
Falling Hair
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Negro Tariff Reformers.
Indianapolis, Oct. 18.—The executive
committee of tbe National Negro Tariff
Reform association organized here yes
terday, and engaged this morning in
preparing an address to tbe colored
voters of the United States. They will
urge colored men to vote tbe Democratic
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Directum Trots In 2:11 1-4-Pointer
Heats Guy In 2:04 1-2.
Nashville, Oct. 18.—Auother world's
record was broken at Cumberland park
today. It was a stake race for 3-year
olds, directum clipping two seconds off
Lis previous best time, making the dis
tance iu2:ll^.
Hal Pointer easily defeated Guy in a
mile dash, pacing iv 2:o4>s, lowering
hie own record. Many outside watches
made it faster.
Class 2:15 trot—Belle Archer won,
Fred B. second, Wilkes Aline third,
Bonnie Wilmot fourth: beßt time,
Clats 2:15 trot —Directum won the
three straight heats, Kentucky Union
second, Trevilian third, Ambrosial
fourth. Beat time, 211 U.
Class 2:35 trot—Eli won, Lallah
Wiikes second, Baron Posey third, Bow
Bells fourth ; time, 2:18%.
Mile dash, pace—Hal Pointer won,
Guy second; time by quarters, 32,
1:02%, 1:33>^2:04>^.
Oakland Races.
Oakland, Cal., Oct. 18.—The three
year-ola trot waß a walk-over for Anti
The four-year-old pace was a walk
over for W. Wood.
The yearling trot was won by Glen
dora, Lucky Ticket aecond ; time,3:2lJ£.
In the 2:20 trot, Lucy B. won, Frank
lin second, Colonel Jiay third; time,
2-.21H- W.
The two-mi' ■ and repeat trot was won
by Laura B, Dubec second. Best time,
B. D. Phillips who drove Laura B,
was ruled off the track for life by the
judges for pulling tbe mare in the first
First Blood for Boston.
Cleveland, Oct. 18. — The second
championship game was more of a slug
ging match than yesterday's game, but
the work of the pitchers was very evenly
Cleveland—Runs, 3; hits, 10; errors, 2.
Battery—Clarkson and Zimmer,
Boston—Runs, 4; hits, 10; errors, 2.
Battery—Staley and Keliy.
The Rio Grands Strike Off.
Denver, Oct. 18.—The strike on the
Rio Grande railway was declared off
this afternoon. An ultimatum issued
by tbe company, ordering the men to
return to work pending an investigation
of their grievances, had the desired
effect, and tbe men went back to work.
Monday night the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Jones on East Fourteenth
street near Central avenue, was the
scene of a pleasant surprise party, in
celebration of the fifteenth birthday an
niversary of Miss Nannie Love, niece of
Mr. and Mrs. Jones. During the absence
of Mies Nannie, who bad gone to make
a neighborly ca'l, the guests arrived in
a body, and took possession of the par
lors. When the fair young hoatess re
turned, she was greeted with remarks
apropos to the occasion.
The following were present: Misses
Edith Griffith, Donalda Magee, Ethel
Brooks, Maud Dalton. Ida Russ, 8. E.,
Annie, May and Frances Hughes, Laura
Barnes, Annie Fay, Bessie Menill
Emily McMillan, Ella McDonald, Nan
nie Love, Messrs. Owen Case, Clark
Briggs, Charlie Magee, Ben Smith, Geo.
Lockwood, Willie Parker, Fred Dalton.
H. G. White, Harry Merrill, Walter and
Carl Haas, Ortho Lockwood, Chsrlie
Miller, Evan Griffith, Arthur Griffith,
J. McDonald, Archie Dalvon, E. B
Thomas, P. P. Parker, J. H. Hum
phreys, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Jones, Mrs.
Griffith and Mrs. Davis.
Ex-Mayor and Mrs. W. H. Workman
celebrated their silver wedding anni
versary on Monday evening, receiving
the congratulations of hundreds of
At the drng store, a valuable package,
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appeared since I found skooknm root hair
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The Dr. Graves Case.
Denver, Oct. 18.—Tbe case of Dr.
Graves, convicted of having poisoned
Mrs. Barnaby, came up in tbe supreme
court today, for the purpose of hearing
arguments for a new trial. Nothing was
done, however, and the case was post
poned till the December term.
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Patronize California Industries
By ordering P. F. Double Hxtra Brown; Stout,
su crier to any foreign made stout and porter,
Jacob Adloff, agent.
Visiting Cards Engraved
»r Lsnrntadter'*. 2)4 Weat Hennnd. Tel. 782
830 South Spring Street,
Will open their new undertaking parlora
about Ootober 25th.
Latest Styles of flats,
And Novelties in that Line.
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I 10 1° eodlxn
A Proponed V. M. C. A. Bailding—Regis
tration .Hatters.
Pasadena, Oct. 18.—There ie talk of
reviving the old Y. M. C. A. building
project, which has remained buried for
co long a period. A well fitted np Y. M.
0. A. hall le One of tbe things most
needed in this city, and any action look
ing towards tbe establishing of such an
institution should meet the hearty sup
port of our citizens.
When tbe matter first came up, about
four years ago, there was generous
response from citizens generally, and in
a short time sufficient funds were sub
scribed to erect a handsome
building, but tbe financial de
pression that came on at that time
rendered it impossible for these gentle
men to meet their obligations, and tbe
building went no farther than a founda
tion. This is no reason why the project
should not be taken up now and carried
to a successful conclusion.
Let committees be appointed, and the
importance of the undertaking brought
to the public attention, and there need
be no such thing as failure.
Voters who have not already regis
tered should bear in mind that Satur
day of tbis week is tbe last day of grace,
and if tbey are not on band ou or before
that date, tbey cannot vote at the com
ing election.
The deputy registrars of this city
have received notice from the county
clerk advising that offices of registra
tion be kept open Sunday the 23d, in
order to comply with the state law.
Attention is also called to tbe recent
decision of the supreme court affecting
the ballot headings.
Col. Rogers, of Los Angelee, wae in
town today, calling on his many friends.
Thecookingdepartmentof the manual
training school is now in running order,
and Miss Wilson will be pleased to see
applicants for instruction in that most
useful art.
Seats are now on sale at Suesserott's
for the Neally Stevens concert, which
will be given next Thursday evening at
tbe Grand opera house.
Cars began running this morning on the
western extension of the Castelar street
line. Thiß new arrangement will prove
very convenient for patrons of the Ter
minal, living on the east side.
While nothing has been heard of the
mountain railroad for the past few
weeks, that project is far from being
dead. Work is being rapidly carried on
in getting out bridge timbers. As soon as
this ie completed, track laying can com
mence, and it will be but a short time
before the road will be in actual opera
Victoria Is Not tha Candidate.
New York, Oct. 18 —The Btate com
mittee of the Woman Suffrage party has
issued a statement denying that Victoria
Woodhull-Martin is the party's candi
date for president of the United' States.
Tbe committee says tbe Woman's Jour
nal, tbe woman suffragists' organ, tins
repudiated Mrs. Martin as tbe candi
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Boston, Mass.
The Science of Life, or Self-nreservatlon, Is a
treasure more valuable than gold. Head it now,
every WEAK and NERVOUS man, and learn to
be STRONG.— Medical Review. (Copyrighted.l
Lost or Failing Manbood,
Nervous Debility,
Night Emissions,
Decay of the Sexual Organs,
Or Seminal Weakness,
Dr. Steinhart's
Which 1< a combination of tte well
known Sir Astley Cooper's Vital Re
storative with other ingre'ients. It
was e-tablithed ln n Francisco in
1875, and U th» oldest remedy of ita
kind on the Puclflo i oa*t, aud la gnar
anteed to contnin no mercury. Will
cure when all other remedies fail Yon
c»n call or write. All communications
strictly i onflden'ial, and medicine sent
nnder a private name, if preferred.
Price, $2 Per Bottle; or 6 Bot
tles for $10.
Pil's same price per box. Call on or write to
DR. hTEI • HaRT, rooms 12 and 13, 331% S.
Spring street, i.os Angeles, Cal.
i-pecial and infallible -peciflos prepirel for
allprisate diseases, office hours from 9 a.m.
t« 3 p.m., and from 6 to 8; Sundays from 10 to
Instrumental treatment of strictures and all
kinds oi surgical woik done by competent stuv
g ons.
We do not know why
Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver
oil is so useful in those simple
but varied conditions which
you know as " having a
cough." We cannot explain
it: we only know the fact
from experience.
It may be due to the com
bination of tonic effects of
cod-liver oil and the hypo
phosphites ; it may be partly
due to the glycerine. There
are many effects in medical
practice the causes of which
appear to be plain, but how
those causes produce those
effects we do not know at all.
Scott & Bowne, Chemists, 133 South sth Avenue*
Now York.
Your druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver
oil—all druggists everywhere do. $1.
£ ff Cancer Hospital
»_ Cttre ornopnv.noknlfe
Mm Ms or pain. Large, exter-
nnf or internal. Tes 1
x 111 minis ,v treatise sent
free. OHice 211 W. Firat
1 >St., Los Angelea. CaL'
V , P. R. CHAMLEY, M. D.
I have inn bought over $25.< 00 «h of the
latest fnalt-h trousering anu Huddersfield .
worsted, which I will offer for the next sixty
days, units mide to order r> gaid ess of cost.
Such bargaii s have ue\er before been offered
on the Pacific Coast.
Rnles for self measurement and samples of
cloth sent free to any address.
143 South Spring Street, Los Angeles,
Tbey cost less to operate than any oth-r pow
er. First-class satisfaction. Call and see en
gine operate, or write for circular.
200 N. Los Aneeles St., Lo., Angeles.
8-4 3m d w
ADAMS BROS.,the old reliable Los Anaeler
dentists, have reduced their prices as follows-
" '^ !^^^^^
Artificial teeth, 86 to 910; all shades and
shapes kept in stock to stilt the case.
Fillings, 81 and up. Painless extrac-lng, $1;
regular extracting, SOc. Old roots and teeth
crowned, 85 and op. Teeth without a plate,
$10 and up. Treating teaulating and cleaning
teeth skillfully performed.
„ «_ ADAMS BROS., Dentists.
259% 8. Spring at., bet. Becond andi Third,
Room* l , 2. 3, 4, 5 and tt. N 8.-We give a
writ-en guarantee on «U work done.
Baker Iron Works
950 to 9«6 BURN A VISTA ST.,
Adjoining tho Southern Pacific Grounds. Tele
phone.l 24, 7-31

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