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J. T. SHEWARDJI3-115 N. Spring St.
1 1 this very large increase, and what has brought about the great popularity of this house. We believe (first) in looking after the wel
fare of our own employes. We close Saturday nights, and we are the only dry goods house in all this city that does. We grant
every employe a week's vacation on full pay, and pay in advance. We have fought the water companies for three years; have had two cases
carried to the Supreme Court. Have had arrested the water company for cutting water pipes, and they have been fined in every instance.
We are fighting for at least one hundred thousand dollars of a reduction in the water rates for the benefit of the whole people. We are fight
ing for city ownership of the water works for the entire city, and for no particular section. This has brought to our rescue all the labor or
ganizations, and a large majority of the very best people in this city. We have opened up the largest Cloak Department in all this city, and
have benefited the people by markine all cloaks at a reasonable price. We sell 50-cent Dress Goods. Some are worth 65c, 75c and 85c.
Our vast experience enable 3 us to buy a few good jobs that we could get more money for, but to draw trade and to increase the business we
place the entire lot on sale at 50 cents a yard. You know the very large sales we have in our Cloak Department. There must be merit, or
we could never sell the goods.. Only one price. There can be no juggling with figures. We do not crowd sales. We show goods in the best
possible way, and give you full value for your money. If you choose to look elsewhere we will be glad to have you. Good treatment is what
you receive from every body in this house. This is the foundation of this business. Good treatment and goods at a reasonable profit. We
sell goods to make money. We offer no goods at cost. If you buy anything here you are sure to pay a reasonable and just profit on
„ the entire lot. We don't want trade upon any other basis or expectation, and as the trade is showing a very large increase, we certainly
believe we are on the right track.
BEST 60 CENT LINE OF Bed CoHlfortS When a merchant's business starts on the upward turn the people seem to be
All AATool DreSS Goods Borne are Btu ffrd with old rags, and we don't reco-nmend tbem. Others are 0111- A/f ct mtn r\+ n f*l LT. -4.
Yon ever saw sold, worth 65c, 75c, 85c. Yon can buy them here for 60 cents a Al ed wi h pure white cotton, well made, nice bright, shining colors, and when V/UT IViammOlLl Uepartmetlt
yard. AU Wool Broadcloths are one of the best sellers. Broadcloths are largely f OO »V»P r ' nder * comfort of * h " * nd 86t m ? n T1 2! Si* uJT le a tremendous success. It is the only real live competition in the entire city
used for tailor-made suits. We can fit yon out in Gloves and Millinery to Dutch, " drinking water out on the bill.. Then we have Comforts filled with down, Nice cloak(J for J $12 50 $16 Oft
" d * 67 Tb6 Cq " a, M' T 7 77* T,, T °T f ?; * 16 50 - The P» ceß ° f bave not been watered, and profits tncied'on as long
ii±M_m lit „„„„„, , he dreams he owns a gold mine and wears diamond shirt studs. He gels that ,„„ . „I. . . \7. .' , j 'V . 0 8
TO EVERY PURCHASER OF A PAIR OF much comfort * onder Dowu Comfort gT^^^J^ l " l '* ™T? \is asked There is no twisting
_ the screws, like water company methods, but just honorable treatment. We do
Kid GIOVeS noTrn . Tn „. H _ V4W Txr nTT „ business square. Old ladies' Cloaks. The kind that are easy to get off and on.
BRIGHT IDEAS PREVAIL IN OUR Big ladiea' Cloaks, and Cloaks for the little tots. Ours is the big Cloak Department
Monday we give yon a nice new style purse, worth 50 cents. Price of gloves $1, TV/T'll' T> of the town.
*1.26, $1.50, $1.75, and $2. We are headquarters for P. &P. Kid Gloves. This is IVlllllliery ivOOttL. > . _ ,
done solely to introduce P. &P. Kid Gloves. „ . Jj. ~ ~ . , . „.„. wr OFFER
* New styles, reasonable prices. Don't that seem strange to buyers of Millinery. vcshjb.
Beat 50-cent Jersey Ribbed Vests. That is our way. We sell goods right, and it is right to do so. Tnnn Pnonirme n>r TToorl^c^
Best all wool $1.00 Jersey Ribbed Vesta. Or XieddreSlS,
?r.!lfooTidnovr aeverBaw ' Cool Weather Blankets, ife#? J SX 3? th °» d ? B a 1 d endßof thelarge9toomfortmanaf *<*™«
Best $1.00 Kid Glovea. . 5 m the U. 8. Monday they will be sold for 10 cents each. Easily worth 35 cents.
Best 50-cent line of All Wool Dress Goods. * I<ooj ?1 2o< $ L 5 O , $2.00. $2.50, $3,00, $3 50, $4 00, $4 50, $5.00, $6.00, $6.50. They w e show a large variety of patterns. The material is fine sateen and looks more
Best and largest Cloak Department. , keep away the grip and start the blood to circulating. Who would shiver and like a silk.
Beat, cheapest and largest Millinery Department. shake when blankets are so very cheap. ' — .
Best line of cheap and medium priced Blankets. HAVE YOCJ JOINED THE
Best Linen man in the Oity, in the pet son of Mr. Williamson, long and favora- . THERE ARE MORE
bly known in the Linen trade of thia City. -Doll Contest
Bert line of Table Towels, and the beat place to trade. * Royal Worcester CorSetS Three Prize Dolla to be given away, worth $20.00, $25.00, and $30.00, and tbe one
The trade of this house has taken a big jump upwards. Bold than an _ other three make 3 The R . Worceater naß BDmn „ into „ eat ™ rrylDg °_ ff ' he ***** will receive $50.00 for the benefit of the Sabbath school
■ , , BOla lnan aQ y otner tnree maKe3 - IDe worceater naa aprung into great horary. Call or send for a circular. There is no buying of goods no lottery It
P& P Kid GIOVeS gggg; 00 - * 1 - 26 - * 150 ' 75 - * 2 -°°- * 2 - 25 ' * 2 6 0 - will be a plain out and out contest. g oas, no lottery.
They are imported from France. The kids drink good pure water in France. Monday morning at 9 o'clock we place on sale a large lot of OTJX 0F THE V ERY LARGE LOT OF
There is where the kids have the advantage of ns. We drink the same kind of ■ O V. *7 L.
water the hogs do. Yet the P. &P. Kid Gloves are all right. We sell them for a L.repaHS, Zyepliy fS
dollar a pair. Better ones for $1.25, $1.60, $1.75, and $2.00. Try a pair of P. &P. A regular 16-cent quality of Waßh Dress Goods. They will be sold for cents a Sold last Monday, we have about one-fourth of the original quantity left They
Kid Gloves. You will not regret it. The P. &P. Kid Gloves are all right. The yard, 16 yards for a dollar. At this price they are cheaper than calico, and worth will be placed on sale Monday Morning at 9 o'clock, and this will be the last on
price is right, the fit is right, and the wear is right. Now what right have you to double the money. The patterns are choice. They make a good dress and are portunity to purchase them for 3 cents a lap. Come Monday. We still have a
say different. most excellent for comfort. They are much heavier than a calico. choice assortment of colors.
m v .
Exchange Kevlew.
New York, Oct. 22-Tbe stock exchange
was closed to lay, but tha banks, sub-treasury
and custom house were open.
Prime mercantile paper—s®6 per cent.
Sterling exchange—Ste.dy; actual business,
84.83V4 ior bankers' 60-day oills; $4.86 for
Niw York, Oct 20.—Bar silver, per ounce
86c. _
San Francisco Market Review.
Lima Beans—4V£Usc per lb.
Egg plant—2s(ffioOe per box.
Cucumbers—[email protected] per box; pickles, 2c per
lb for No. 1; lc per lb lor No. 2
Los Angel s green peppers— [email protected] per box
for Chile; 35®! Oc for Bell.
String beans - 2>va3c per lb. *
Tomatoes—2st'a 50e per box.
Qreen okra— 50 alio j per box.
Turnips—6s®7sc per cental.
Beets—7sc per sack.
Carrots-Feed, [email protected]
Pan nips—Jl 25 per ctl.
Garlic—l : ,j®2c per lb.
Cauliflower—7sc per doz.
Dry peppers—lo® I lc per lb.
Marrowfat equash - $8® 0 per ton.
Pomegranates—[email protected] per lb.
Quinces— 60c®$l per box.
Cantelopes— • -st'®7s per Crate.
Nutmeg metons 40®50c per box.
Grapes—Sweetwater, per box; mus
cats, 20®50c; black grapes, [email protected]; Tokay,
35(a600; Cnrnechon, 50®65c; l-anellas, 50(ffl
75c; Zinfandel, wine, $13,004)5.00 perton;
Mission w<ne graphs, $9.U0®10.00; common
Wine grapes, $9.0i,@10.00.
Strawberries—sVo 48.00 per chest.
Apples—2sCds i.OO per box.
Pears -25e®51.00 per box.
Huckleberrlt b—s®7c per lb.
Raspberries—s6.so®B per chest.
Peaches—sot®s 1.00 per box.
Cape Cod cranberries-$8.50 @ 9.50 per
Limes—Mexican, 53.50®4.00 per box.
Lemons—Sicily, »7 O0'«9 00 per box; Califor
nia, $2 [email protected]?s 00 for common and f6.00®7.00
for good to choice.
Banana —$ i .50®3.00 per bunch.
Hawa.ian pineapples—l3.oooß.oo per doz.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Oot. 22 —Wheat, quiet. Tho mar
ket opened %o lower; further declined %®? 8
on weaker domestic and foreign matkets, re
ported failure of a grain house abroad, heavy
receipts at the primary market and light de
mand; closed easy and %®%c lower than on
Wednesday. .1
Receipts, 468,000 bushels; shipments, 988,
--000 bnshels.
Chicago, Oct. 22.—Closing—Wheat, easy;
0a8h,713-Sc; Deeembtr, 73% c.
Corn—Easier; cash, 40t<c; Dec., 41 Vie.
Oats-Steady; cash, 28%o; Nov,
;: Rye—s4c.
Flax- $1.09 i.
Tlmothy-$1.60. (
Liverpool, Oct. 22 —Wheat, offered moder- !
ately. No. 2 red winter, firm at 6s }*d; No. 2
red spring 6s 3d. I
Com—Ho deis offer moderately. Spot, closed
4a sd, steady; October steady at 4s 4%d; De- '
eember, 4s s?id,
3an Fbancisco, Oot 22.—N0 grain quotations
today, as th« Piodnce Exchange la not iv sts
sion, having a journea lrom last Wednesday '
nntli next Monday. ,
General Markets.
Niw York. Oct. 22.—Hops, dull and weak;
Pacific, 18® 4c. %
Cuff c—exchange closed.
Sugar—Raw, closed dull bnt firm; fair re- 1
fining, 3c; centrifugals, 96 test, 3
refined closed stead. I
Copper—B eadj: lake, $11.65(911.80.
Lead-Dull, domestic, $3.80®4 00. ;
lln—Steady: straits, 75. (
Chicago, Oot. 22 —Pork firm; cash, $12® ,
112 50; January, $13 32. I
Lard—Firm; ca«h, $8 80; Jan , $7.57 U. i
Bllia-Firm; cash, $10.85; Jan.. $6 90.
California Fruit Sales.
Oct. 22.-The Earl Fruit com- 1
pany auctioned California fruit today at the
loHoiriss prices; Tokay grapss, $1.26 per sin- i
gle crate; emperor grapes, $1.35 per single
crate; Cornichon gran's, $1.15 per single crate;
Verdelle grapes. $1.10 per single crate; Muscat
grapes, [email protected] per single crate; Glout Mor
ceau pear.-, $3 per box; Easter Buerre pears, $2
per box; Winter Nellls pears, $2 per box. Some
damaged fruit sold .'or less.
[The quotations given below are Los Angeles
wholesale selling price;.]
>l ASts—Per lb., local Emoied, 14Vic.
Bacon—Per rb., local tmoked, 14;., c.; medi
um, 13c.
Pork—Per lb., dry salt;
Dried Beef—Per rb.. insides, 13J4C
Lard—Compound, 3's, 9Vo; s's, 10's
9Kc; oO's, 9c. Pure leaf lard, 4c higher all
Mill Frodueta.
Floub—Los Angeles XXXX, $4.'20 per bbl;
Capitol Mills, $4.2orßferry's, $4.90; Crown,
$4.90; Vie or, $4.80; luperrlne, $3.35; gra
ham, $2.40; Drifted mow, $4.90; Stoek
tonla, $4.90; Bt-ir's choice extra, $4.85.
Mill Feed—Bran, per ton, $21.00; Bhorts.
$23.00; cracked corn, per cental, $1.25: rolled
barley, $1.05; mixed feed. $1.20; feed meal,
$1 30. i
Dairy Products.
Butter—Fancy roll, 67Vi®700; choice, 60 ■
065 c; fair, 50(ft55c; Eastern tub, 27® 30c; '
Eastern dairy, 19®23c. .
CHESBE—Eastern, 14c; California, factory 1
14c; Young America, 15c.
Grain and Hay.
Baf'-ev—Brewing, 81.2091.30; feed,sl. i
Corn—Percental, $1 20.
Oats—No. 1, per cental, $1.50. <
Wheat—No. 1, per cental, 51.40A1.50; No.
2, $1 20(i«l 30. ]
Hay—Oat No. 1,811: wheat No. 1, $11; bar
ley No. 1, $10; alfalfa No. 1, $10. No. 2 grade
$1 lower all around. •
Straw—Barley, per ton, $5; wheat, $5. }
Poultry and; Kggn.
Poultry—Hens, $5.#[email protected] per doz.; young i
roosters. $4; old roosters, $4.00; broilers,
$3.50(1(5.00; ducks, $5.50;«mJ 50; geese. $1 per
head; turkeys, 14®16c per pound.
Eoq s—California ranch, 32®33c; Eastern,
25®26c per doz.
Honey and Beeswax.
Honey—Comb, [email protected]; extracted, white, 7 !
@7Vie; amber, 6®6Vic. i
Beeswax—2o®23c. ,
Almonds—Soft shell, 15® 10c; paper shell, ■
19®2 lc; hard shell, [email protected] Oc. ]
Peanuts—Raw' [email protected] $ lb; roasted, [email protected] 1
Walnuts—Bard shell, 8c; soft shell, 9c;
paper shell, 10c. ]
Dried Fruits. j
Apricots—Per lb. sun dried [email protected]; (
bleached. 12® 15c.
Peaches—Per lb., sun dried,' 10®l2v<c. [
Miscellaneous, i
BeAns—Pink, $2.50®3.00 per 100 lbs.; i
Limas. $2.50(93.00; navy, small, [email protected]; ,
large white, [email protected] I
()ABi)AG%-Per lOu lbs., [email protected] <
Chilies—Dry, por string, 75c; green, per ,
lb., 250. 1
Potatoes—Per 100 lbs., [email protected] (
Sweet Potatoes—Per 100 los., $1.00®1.10. <
Tomat»»s—P. r box, 35®500.
Onions—Per 100 lbs. ,75®90c. I
* 1
Saturday, Ootober 22. ;
D C Jackaon to J N Dowling—Land near lot 6, 1
Griffin's Arroyo Seco trt; $5000. t
S F Henry ci ux to J B Henry—N \i NE WNW _
% sec 7, T 1 8, R 10 W;sl. f
C H Bu«h to S England et al—Lots 45 and 7, r
Bub lot ti, bl 2, Hancock's survey; $1, r
T Edwaids to MJ Ed wants—fart lots 1, 2 and *
5, bl B, Clara bell trt: $2000. . t
W J Bryant et ux to E J Bryant-All int ln
lots 13 and 14, bl K. Palms; $800.
N Herrick to J C Mooney— Lot 2, bl X, Mead
& Dalton trt; $5. [
B Strohm to l H Loyhed—Lots 17 and 18, bl _
4, Urmston trt; $55. v
Tn x col lector to 3 Strohm -Lot 18, bl 4, TJrm- E
ston trt; $5.30. _
Be me to same—Lot 17, bl 4, Urmston trt; ,
$5.30. t
f-state W E Patterson toWF Patteison—Lot f
11, bl 14, Glendale.
E N MoDon <)d et ux to McDonald Co-Land a
In Wilmington, 28—458 of deeds; $5000. _
J W Gate to M L Yager—Land near frac HE
% sec 0, TIB, 814 W, for church purp.ses;
J L Plummer et ux to W I) Babcock et al—
Lots ln Plummet's su lInNX SE U, sco 9, T 1 1
B,R 14 W $100 J. 1
J Maskell et ux to M H Shafer—Lot 22, Mas
keli trt, 21-23; $700 c
S A Melius et us-, by W M Lyon, attorney ln I
fact, to F H Ware—) %of NB Wof NW \i, sec i.
18, T2S, R 13 W; $3500.
CF Harris to R W Poindex er-West 44 feet O
test vi land M per 280-2*o deeds; $2000. f,
State to A E Cronenwelt—East 5 acres of N U
of lot 16, sec 30, T 1 N, R 10 W; $3.22.
Alamltos Land co.-.pany to A II Blackburn-
Lot 14, hi 60, Alamltos beach townslto; $250.
H H Blackburn to E Leonard—Same prop
erty; $10.
W M Patrick et ux to J H Patrick—Lots 33,
34, 41, 4.', bl D, Meade & Dalton trt; $800.
C W Buchanan et al to San Pedro Lumber
company—Land in Pasadena, 7-99, 12—93,
10-83, 15—51; $10,
California L and Tcompany to Ganahl Lum
ber company—Lots 18 an I 19, replat bl C, Cen
tral trt, Pasadena: $304.60.
J A Neal to C J Ball-North 20 feet. 3 \: 2 lot 2,
bl 4, Ord's survey; $10.
M Winatis to 1 H Wlnans—Lot 32 bl D, W L
A tract; $5.
M J Btiggs to J J Briggs et al—Lot 12 bl E,
Crescenta Canada; —.
R W Poindexter to C F Harris—WK lot 199 E
12000 acres tSU Roex-MUsion San Fernando:
G A Chapel et al to H Obee—Lot 3bl 9,
Pioneer Building Lot Aesn, E L A; $LOOO.
B Strohm to E T Smith—Lot 1 bl A Stimson
Prospect Hill tract, Santa Monica; $17.50.
F M Dimmick et ux to J D Clark—N 20 feet
lot 19, Sbafer & Town's sub Rosedale Heights
S.I Duncan to J D Clark—S 30 feet lot 19,
same tract as above: $150
Tax; Collector to C P Dorland— 9% acres in N
NEJ.4 Sec 9, TIB, R10W;
C P Dorland to J C Paredes—Same prop;
U 8 to Mary Rienecker—SDW Sec T, T 8 N, R
13 W; patent.
M Rienecker et con to C M Stimson—Same
prop: $800,
M C McGrew et con to M Dewey— ili of SWVi
of bE!4 Sec 10, T3B, R 12; $5000.
State to M L A de 11 rquidez—Lot 25, Widow
Botiller tract; $12.53.
Deeds 37
Nominal 9
Total $36,065 19
Note—Figures separated by a dash, represent
book and page of mitceliamous records.
Protection Logic.
Major McKinley, with that complete
frankness arid boldness for which he ha 3
always beou distinguished, declares that
high protection has cheapened every
thing but labor. It has advanced the
price of labor, but Cheapened all the
products of labor. Then why not repeal
the McKinley bill? The laboring peo
ple, the only beneficiaries, by their votes
in 1800 showed an entire willingness to
dispense with the advantages of the Mc-
Kinley bill, and its continuance, accord
ing to Major McKinley, will ruin the
manufacturers. For, if the expense of
producing goods is increased in the in
creased cost of labor, and the selling
price of th* goods is at the same time
decreased, bankruptcy must "follow.
One cannot fail to be impressed with
the disinterestedness of the American
people. Hero aro tho manufacturers,
whoso profits, according to Major Mc-
Kinley, are greatly reduced by the, Mc-
Kinley bill, insisting on retaining it foi
the benefit of labor, and the men who
are reaping a rich harvest from it in
higher wages, according to Major Mc-
Kinley, willing to forego their advan
tage.—Baltimore Sun.
In order to hold the wage earner the
protectionists pass tariff laws which
will put money into tho pocket of the
manufacturer, and then depend upon
the latter to make a fair division with
the wage earner. But what if the "far
frier" gets hold of the manufacturers'
and takes the wage earners' portion for
use as campaign funds?
Protection "arguments" have a more
ridiculous turn this year than usual
The New York Tribune, in a leading
editorial on "Protection and (Jrowth of
Industries," notes with satisfaction that
"the weight of cotton bales was scarcely
one pound in 600 less than the year be
a Will cut Dry or Green
Bones, Meat, Gristle and aIL
Green Cut BONES will
double the number of eggs
—will make them more fer
tile—will carry the hens
safely through the molting
period and put them in
condition to lay when eggs
command the highest price
and will dovelope your
oMokl faster than. any
Feed Green Bones and
use Crcoaozoue to kill
the 1 ice, and you will make
fifty per cent more profit.
Send for Catalogue' and
3 and 147 N. Main Street.
JERRY ILLIOH, Proprietor.
T. J.. Griffith, President.
H. G. Stevenson, Vlce-Pres. and Treat.
ME. Nioholß, Sec'v. It. L. Chandler, Supt.
And Manufacturers of
Mill Work of Every Description.
984 N. Alameda Street, Los Angeles
er. j. i nonE
Clubfoot, Spinal Curvature, Hip Disease and i
Tumors, Rupture, Female, Bladder, Rectal and
all other diseases of the pelvis. Fits the only
truss that gives perfect satisfaction. Some
thing new. 124>_ SOUTH SPRING STREET
Los Angeles, Cal 9-23 6ro
Proposals will be received by the 1 os An
geles City Water Co. up to 3 p.m., December
6,1892, for one four-million gallon high duty
pumping engine.
The purpose for which this engine is to be
used 1b to pump water for domestic use to the
hill portion of the city of Lob Angeles.
For specifications apply to
10 94w Supt. Los Angeles City Water Co.
Druggist & Chemist,
222 N. Main St., Los Angeles.
Prescriptions carefully compounded day or
night. n>2Btf
Vulcanized Rubber Susoenaory
5 TSeT-' IV ,J '^ res any fceasncas ur tbe generatho organi
I K_ °f men—and la a protection front Injur; by
)/R Ifi [;ullll en jar or strain ; prevents chafing In hot
ja weather. Caret without medicine. Th. eureit,
] cleaaeßt.eheapcet and most comfortable remedy
fratfe wnOfhq. in existence. Affords absolute relief and Is
l»tt»,.. . ! «»sl!y applied. Nothing Use it, Protected by
b„„; , patc ,° t in "<n U.S. and Canada, Price only 83.00.
Sent by mall, orby express C. O. D.-Clreular frel. ,idd?ei»
7th. by the Los Angelas City Water Co , for
one F.-lt<.n wator wheel; also, one turbine
water wneel.
For «pc- ifii utions, apply to the office of Los
Angeles City Water Co
10-12 14t WM. MULHOLLAND, Bupt,
Baker I ron Works
950 to 966 BURN A VISTA ST.,
A £ioinin«j the Southern Pdciflc Grounds. Tele
pb.one.l2A. 7.21
— GIVEN TO—fc-
The Eminent Chinese Physician.
Dr. Woh'B life work has been from early youth one of persistent and untiring
• observation, study and investigation, as fully as lay in his power, to perfect him
self in all branches of the art of healing human sickness and disease. Born in
China, of influential parents, of a family whose ancestors have been for genera
tions deservingly renowned as leading physicians, Dr. Woh naturally followed in
the footsteps of his fathers. In China be has practiced his profession for several
years, being at one time a physician in tbe Imperial Hospital, and in America for
a long time his great number of patients, bin wonderful aud many cures, and the
great list of letters from grateful and thankful patrons now prove him to be a
remarkable and successful healer of Bickness and all diseases.
For a long time I have been suffering with Dr. Woh was recommended to me by a friend
bladder and kidney troubles. No doctoring or I had been troubled for years with indigestion,
medicines seemed to do me good. I consulted causing fearful headaches', ad vertigo, making
the best physicians and surgeons in Los An- my life one of misery I tried and paid the
gelcs city. They gave me morphine and strong best physicians without relief. Finally, to
drugs, but no relief could I obtain. After suf- please my friend, I visited Dr. Woh at his of
fering gi eat pain and angui >h, aud having my nee. and he advised with me and gave me
passage almost entirely clogged, I fourteen medicines. This was but six weeks ago. To
days ago began using Dr. Woh's medicines: to- day I can gladly and sincerely say that he has
day lam perfectly well. Ido consider Dr. Woh entirely enrod me.
the most successful physician ln Southern CHARLEB HEILMANN,
California. C. A. STEELE, April 3, 1891. 331 Court st, L. A.. Cal.
316-318 8. Main Btreet,
Oct. 13,1891. Los Angeles, Cal.
Tn Cleveland, 0., many months ago, 1 caught
a severe cold, which settled on my lun<s. ter- I have tried many doctors for heart disease,
mlnating tn auhma. 'ihe doctors said there but have derived no benefit until Dr. Woh, the
was no hope of my recovery, but that a change Chinese physician, of Los Angeles city, pre
to California might prolong my life. Fobruary scribed lor mo.
last I came lo fun Bernardino und doctored Two months ago I began his treatment, and
with three physicians but obtained no relief. I can now testify that he has done me great
Fina ly Dr. Woh was recomm nded to me by a good. I recommend Dr. Woh to my friends
friend. I took his m: dicincs and followed his as aa able doctor,
directions, and today I am fully cured and ncr- P. H. KINO,
fectlywell. MISS QKAi E M HELD. Justice of the Peace,
October 30,1891. San Bernardino, Cal. Burbank, CaL
Dr. Woh has hundreds of similar testimonials, bnt space alone prevents further publication
of them here. «-
Dr Woh is the oldest aad best-known Chinese Physician in Southern California. His many
cures have been remarkable involving Fema c Troubles, Tumors, and every form of disease.
All communications will ba regarded as strictly confidential.
Free consultation to everyone, and ail are cordially iuvlted to call upon Dr. Woh at his office.
Between Wecowd and Third Street.. 10 23 ntt. su tv th 3m Los Angeles. Oal.
L. WILHELM, Pr Xthe tor * * acme * *
828.5. :iain St., bet. Eighth and Ninth, l/UlllUl lullUlDs
Telephone v 97, Los Angeles. ~„„ „ ,
Good rigs, gentle hones and reliable drivers. a,48 8 * B P rta «; '*••>• Angtelea.
Prices reasonable. Special attention to horses ( Between Second and Third.)
boarded by the day, week or month. Hones to All work warranted. Cnarges reasonable,
let by the day, week or month. Brick stables; Gas riven. Open evenings,
fireproof. 9-9 U 9-283mdw A. D. GLEAVES, D. D,B.,Mgr.

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