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C. C. Brown of Pasadena Evades
a Challenge.
Great Democratic Enthnsiasm Shown
at Redlands.
Events at the Crown of the VaUey—Po
mona Happenings — Marine
Matters at Ke
Pasadena, Oct. 26.-Where, oh, where
is C. 0. Brown, of local water company
fame ? After all the large talk of wiping
the ground with certain local represent
atives of the Democratic party, in a
political debate, he has at the first sign
of fight ignominiously backed down
from his high political position.
The cause of this sudden backward
movement was the challenge printed in
this morning's Herald, from Mr. Hop
per, offering to meet him upon either
the general issues of the day or the
tariff. The challenge further gave Mr.
Brown all advantage in opening and
closing, limiting time, etc.
Certainly no politician could ask for a
broader or more liberal field for discus
Mr. Brown presents as an excuse for
not accepting tbe challenge the state
ment tbat at some past time in the
world's history he told tome one that he
wanted to talk about the condition of
the laboring man under different admin
The plain facts are that a straightfor
ward challenge has been issued, and he
is endeavoring to crawl out of meeting it.
The gentleman has placed himself in a
position where but two interpretations
can be put upon his actions in case be
refuses to accept the challenge. Either
he is afraid to take up the subjects men
tioned, because of the shaky condition
of his party on these points, or his confi
dence in his ability to cope with an op
ponent has failed bim. In either case he
is placed in an undesirable light.
The Republicans held a mass meeting
in Williams' hall this evening. There
was a fair turnout, many being inter
ested in the tale of woe which was
billed to be given by District Attorney
McLacblan. The other t-peakers were
Capt. C. M. Simpson, Hon. H. T. Gage,
and ColoneLßanbury.
The spemers in the main confined
themselves to the eeneral issues of the
day, with the exceptions of Mr. McLach
lan, wbo, in a wail of anguish, told the
harrowing story of how he had been
abused and maltreated by the Demo
The meeting was characterized by lit
tle or no enthusiasm, and what little
cheeiing was done came principally from
those seated on the stage.
Last evening, at their house on South
Moline avenue, Mr. and Mrs. George A.
Richardson celebrated their tin wed
ding, which marked the tenth year of
tbeir wedded life. A very enjoyable
supper was served, after which Mr. Mun
son, in behalf of the many frienda pres
ent, presented the couple with a hand
some Bilver tea Bet, Byrup pitcher and
nut dish. Music was furnished by tbe
Serenade club, which was much enjoyed
by all.
It waa at a late hour tbat the party
broke up, wishing the host and hostess
nif.ny long yeara of prosperity.
The firat rain of the season fell this
morning, and has continued at intervals
during the day, doing much good in
laying tbe duat in the atreeta.
A game of ball ia being arranged be
tween tbe Fobs nine and the Ontario
team, to come off on the Athletic ciub
grounds next Saturday afternoon.
The Terminal company baa taken up
the track between the old and new ata
tion. The removal of the track baa
opened the old ceaapool directly back of
the elation. It is to be hoped that this
place will be filled up aa Boon as con
nections cau be made with the aewer.
The production of the opera, lolanthe,
at the Opera house tomorrow evening
■honld draw a crowded house. Mr. Kyle
and his company have generously do
nated their services on thia occasion,and
the proceeds will be turned over to the
Charity Organization aociety.
Mra. Louia Blankenhorn gave a moat
delightful reception yesterday afternoon
at her residence on Lake avenue.
Pasadena Briefs.
BT. NICHOLAS, half block from terminus of
the Los Angeles, Pasadena and Glendale rail
way. Rales $5 to $7 per week. Miss I. Mc-
Lain, proprietor.
BLE, rear of post-office. Safe and sijlish turn
outs at reasonable prices. Telephone 56.
C. GARI3ALDI, dealer in wines, liquors,
cigars and tobacco, also canned goods. East
Colorado street cor. Chestnut avenue.
COOK & EJKOZA, general blacksmithing.
No. 15 Onion street.
Q. 8. MAYHEW, real estate broker, 20>£ West
Colorado street. Loans and Investments.
P. P. BONHAM, plumbing.steam heating and
gas fitting, 19 East Colorado street.
BROWN & BUTLIFF, carpets, curtains and
shades, upholstering, steam carpet cleaning.
99 -outh Fair Oaks avenue,
THE CROWN VILLA; centrally locattd;
newly papered and furnished throughout;
lighted by electricity. Kirßt class only.
Btreet Brockway block. Conducted in first
class style. Moderate charges.
Oaks avenue. Chas. Grimes, proprietor.
D. S BAB3ITT. Ladies' and Gents' Toneorial
Parlors. Ladies' hair cutting, curling and
shampooing. 5 East Colorado street.
way. General blacksmithing and woodwork.
Randlemon & De Hay.
M'DONALD, BROOKS & CO., real eßtate.loanß
and houses for reut. Bargains in houses and
ranches. 7 East Colorado street.
SAMUEL WEIGHT, 109 East Colorado Btreet
Real estate. Pension claims a specialty. Em
ployment furnished. Help supplied.
ARTHUR H. PALMER, D. D. 8. Dental
room*, Eldridge building, Pasadena.
Fa r Oaks avenue. Mealbat all hours.
KEYSTONE LUNCH, 22 South Fair Oaks aye
'; ie. Meals cooked to order at all hours.
W. 8 FAIRMAN, the painter house, sign and
• arriage painting, paper hanging, calsominlng.
etc., corner Broadway and Kansas street.
Oaks avenue. Meals at all hours. C. L. Berry,
THE BALMORAL, first-class in every depart
ment; rates, $2.50 per day and upward.
HOTEL GREEN—Electiic lights, steam heat
ed, hot and cold water, elevator, and ull mod
ern lmpiovements.
THE PAINTER HOTEL, tair Oaks and
Washington; first-class family hotel.
LOS ANGELES HOU3E, corner Colorado
Btreet and Delai ey avenue; trm.ients, $1 and
$1.50 per day; flrsi-class. P. Klein, proprietor.
liquors and cigars, 8. R. Brown, proprietor.
KKRUKHOFt -CUZKkR Mill und Lumber
Co., corner Broadway and Kautaj sir.et.
Hang lm-'* t lonlng-Out Sale.
All kiuds o si is and trepusilk dress patterns
dressing gown*, shawls fancy scr> ens, Chinese
and Japanese cnrlnsttl««, "tn Wrent reduction
in gentleman's fumi»uiiu goodi and ladles'
underwear. 505 North Main street, opposite
poetofflce, station C
Fro reeding* of the City Trustees—Mote*
snd Gossip.
Anaheim, Oct. 26.—Tbe board of city
trustees met in regular session Tuesday
evening. The committee on public im
provements reported progress.
Pauling gravel by the day was dis
continued and the committee was in
structed to have it hauled for $1.25 per
cubic yard.
The committee was instructed to at
tend to tbe trimming of tbe shade trees
on Clementina street.
Action in the matter of street cross
ings was deferred to next meeting.
Tbe city clerk was instructed to notify
Mr. Kenney of the granting of a fran
chise to him for an electric light plant,
and ask him to present a contract be
tween bis company and the city.
An 8-inch pipe was ordered laid across
Center street, between the properties of
S. 8. Federman and Mrs. Metz, to
carry off storm water.
The president was authorized to pur
chase Buch furniture for the city hall as
may be required.
The marshal was directed to raise the
flag at half mast until after the funeral
of Mrs. Harrison.
The city hall, public school and H.
Cohen's flags were flying yesterday at
half mast, on account of the death of
Mre. Harrison.
Since the last railroad timetables have
been issued our postoffice authorities
are kept busy forwarding and distribut
ing mail. Two mails are sent out and
received each way over the Southern
Pacific, and three are sent and received
each way by the Santa Fe daily.
Herman Deutch, of Los Angeles, who
has large property interests here, was in
tbe city yesterday.
Mr. E.J. Pellegrin, who left for a
business trip to his mines in Mexico,
got as far as Nogales, where he found a
railroad strike in progress, and, conse
quently, be will be detained longer than
he anticipated.
Some strangers, Who came in yester
day, offered $2000 for the property re
cently purchased by the Misses Aubert
on Los Angeles street, which was re
fused, and before night they bad bought
another prorerty in the same locality.
County School Superintendent Gree
ley, of Santa Ana, was in town yester
Personal and New) Notes From That
Pomona, Oct. 26.—The congregation
of the Catholic church is to be congratu
lated upon securing the services of Mrs.
C. P. Johnson, a pleasing soprano, as an
addition to the choir.
The following young people will at
tend the dance at Ontario tomorrow
night, given by the Ontario Dancing
clnb: Mr. Charles Zilles, Miss Mabel
BufSington, Mr. E. W. Thomas. Miss
Myrtle Cowan, Mr. Howard A. Brough
ton, Mies Jessie A. Padgham, Mr. Earl
Cowan, MiBB Carrie Lorbeer, Mr. Harry
A. Howland and Mr. George 0. Brown,
the misses Means.
Whist clubs seem to be getting numer
ous. Last evening at the borne of Mr.
and Mrs. E. M. Keller a club of the fol
lowing 20 people was formed, which will
meet bi-monthly at the homes of the
different members: Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
M. Keller, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Abbott,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bell, Mr. and Mrs.
S. M. Haskell, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan
Cohn.Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Androus, Dr.
and Mrs. Thad L. Johnson, Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. H. B.
Westerman, Mr. and Mra. W. H. San
Another whist club met at the home
of Mrs. Howland, on Holt avenue, last
evening. The usual number were pres
ent and a most pleasant evening enjoyed.
The club numbers among its members
Mr. and Mrs. Stoddard Jess, Mr. and
Mrs. Padgham, Mr. and Mra. Hall, Col.
and Mrs. J. L. Howland, Dr. and Mrs.
Little, and Mrs. Howland, Misses Minier,
Roe, Guild, Padgham, aud the Misses
Means, Messrs. Jay Spence, Howard A.
Broughton, Harry Howland, Leo Park,
Clarence Thompson add Earl Cowan.
Sociably inclined young men are go
ing to form a "winter" dancing club
this evening.
The Unity club, under the auspices of
the Unitarian church, was organized
Monday night at the home of Rev. Mr.
Sprague. The club did excellent work
last year, and everything points toward
the coming season being most profitable
and pleasant to the members of the club.
It is the intention to have a number of
lectures on different topics by the differ
ent pastors of the Unitarian churches in
this part of the state.
Mre. Watt and daughter, Miss Lillie
Watt, leave for Toronto, Canada, to
morrow. Mrs. Watt was called here on
account of the illness of her daughter,
the late Mrß. Frank C. Evans.
• A number of Pomona people took the
morning Lob Angeleß-bound train,
among whom were : Messrs. 0. Sweet,
J. L. Howland, J. Hardy, Rev. Loop,
Geo. Yeoman, C. T. Bennett, W. Arneil,
Leo Park and Mmes. Geo. Dunn and
Frank House.
A slight rain fell here today.
Pomona Briefs.
Seaver, president; Htoddard Jess, cashier. Capi
tal paid up, $100,0(10; a general banking busi
ness transacted.
C. C. ZILLES & CO., manufacturing jewelers
McComas block.
ADVERTISE in the columns of The Herald.
OLD PAPERS for sale at The Hbbald office.
Great Democratic Enthusiasm — Local
Redlands, Oct. 26.—A special train,
jammed and packed to its utmost ca
pacity, went to San Bernardino last
night to hear tbe Hon. Stephen M.
White on the political issues of tbe hour.
Upon tbe return of the train it is safe
to cay there has never been a noiser or
more enthusiastic crowd of people in
this city. They cheered and cheered
and cheered again. Tbe Republican
meeting here to hear Bowers and Eger
ton, although a rouser, did not seem to
affect the excursionists either in num
bers or spirits.
Mr. Frank Alverson, after making an
extended stay in Redlands, returned to
Los Anseles today.
The Republican meeting and torch
light procession which was held here
last night was a success. The procession
was large, aud the Academy of Mu
sic filled with attentive listeners, Mr.
Bowere, iv his own peculiar style, enter
tained the people very succe o ßfully.
This afternoon the threats of rain, bo
conspicuous of late, have been realized,
and a lively shower began about 1:30
o'clock. There were alternate streaks of
sunshine and shadow all the afternoon.
No harm was done.
Judge Julius Broueseau returned to
Lr>B Angeles today, after a brief visit to
his ranch.
TUTT'S PILL' give appet'te and gcod diges
Political Matters—A Match for Sllkwood
and Oar Dick.
Santa Ana, Oct. 26.—This haa been
tbe People's party day, and as a result
tbe heavens have been overhung with
da-k, black clouds; the thunders have
rolled; the drops of rain have fallen,
and gloom lias pervaded everything.
Tbe calamity howlers bad good reason to
howl today. At 11 o'clock the parade
came upon Fourth street, and what a
parade it was. There were in line 126
voters, and it had been expected that at
least 400 would have participated. In
the afternoon AnnaL. Diggs, the Kansas
sunbeam, orated, and really the little
woman from the Jay hawker state made
a very entertaining speech. She
thought that if the speakers of the third
party had been put into Califor
nia two months earlier in tbe
campaign, tbe People's party would
have swept everything before it. To
night A. J. Uttley and 8. A. Waldren
addressed a fair-sized audience. While
there are a few enthusiasts in the third
party, it is safe to say there are not
more than 400 votes in the county tbat
will be counted for their candidates.
Arrangements have been completed
for the meeting between Onr Dick and
Silkwood, the two greatest pacers weßt
of the Mississippi river, and tbe race
will be held a week from next Saturday,
over the Santa Ana race track. Tbe
Santa Ana Fair asssciation has hung up
a purse of $1500, $1000 of whicn goes to
the winner of tbe race, and $500 to the
loser. It also pays the expenses con
nected with the bringing of Our
Dick to this city. The race track is to
be placed in the finest of condition and
made last, and many of the best horses
in this part of the state will come on
that day to go for a record, so that an
excellent programme will be offered.
The management intend to spare no
pains or expense to have everything in
the beßt possible condition, and it ie
safe to say that both horsea will lower
their already phenomenal records. Ar
rangements for the accommodation of a
large crowd will be made, and all wbo
attend are assured of a great day's
There are six prisoners in the county
The Tactive club meet in the parlors
of the Brunswick house Friday night,
and will enjoy an oyster supper.
Marshal Nichols anested another
tramp last night, but as the fellow
promised to leave he waa turned loose
this morning, after having his photo
graph taken for the rogues' gallery.
Teams from Pomona are hauling ap
ples and potatoes to that city from Santa
The Santa Ana Democratic club meets
Hon. Olin Welborn, the Democratic
nominee for congress from this district,
will speak in Sourgeon's opera house
next Tuesday night.
Rev. J. T. Hopkins and J. T. Nourse
have returned fiom Fresno, where they
have been in attendance at the Presby
terian, Synod.
Mrs. E. Tedford is in Los Angeles, at
tending her mother, who is seriously ill
in tbat city.
A pigeon shooting contest is to be held
at the race track Friday, between Ar
thur West, of Santa Ana, and £. Max
well, of Los Angeles. Fifty birds will
be shot at, and the puree is $50. Paul
Knauf, the favorite tonsorial artiet, and
Jimmy Joneß, mine hOBt at the Bruns
wick, will also have a shooting match
for an oyster supper. Both men like
oysters, if others pay for them, bo the
match will be hotly contested.
Dr. J. L. Dry«»r's elegant house is
nearly completed.
The Olive mills have been closed
down, so far as the manufacture of flour
is concerned, the trust of the northern
mills having crowded them to the wall.
Mrs. Roberts was granted a divorce
from her husband by the superior court
yesterday, and awarded the custody of
her child.
G. W. Geldermann, a native of Prus
sia, was made a citizen of the United
States yesterday.
The case of L. N. Brooks, who is on
trial on a charge of malicious mischief,
is occupying the attention of the supe
rior court and a jury today.
The chrysanthemum fair given by the
ladies of the Congregational church
opens tomorrow night. The hall has
been most tastefully decorated, and pre
sents a beautiful appearance. The fol
lowing is the programme for the first
Recitation—Minnie Garrett.
Tableaux vivants—
Columbus and child.
Scene In monastery.
Isabella and the monk.
Isabella knights Columbus.
Courtier brings parse to Isabella.
Columbus claims the new land for Spain.
The court of Spain-Columbus' triumphal re
Characters—Columbus, Mit Phillips; Colum
bus' child, Ada Cbesebio; King Ferdinand. A.
J. Crookebank: Queen Isabella Miss Lottie
Padgham; Pane, Miss Ethel Howe; Monk, E. E.
Keech; Notary, E S. Wallace; Dancing Girls,
Misses Bertha Baker and Lulu Howe; Spanl.h
Cavalier, W B. Tedford; Court Ladles, Misses
Minnie Roper, Ora Ball, Anna Kernodle, Edith
Hogle, Marlon Duncan, Ora Foster, Kilty But
ler, Nettie Johnston, and Mrs. Wright; Cour
tiers, Dean Johnston, Harry Heighton and
Hard Harlin.
A rrlmitive Shelter.
While attached to a military expe
dition against the Sioux in Wyoming, in
187", I saw those Indians construct at
the various camps we made what I take
to be the most primitive form of house
built by human hands. It was simply
a shelter, or tepee as they called it,
made with the green boughs cut fror*
the cottonwood trees. Without any
especial preparation of the ground, they
implanted the cut ends of the limbs in
two parallel rows about eight feet long
and five feet apart. The tops were
adroitly bent over the inclosed space and
fastened together along the middle line,
thus creating a semicylindrical shelter
open at both ends. These tepees were
merely intended for two or three men to
sleep in, all the cooking and other ar
rangements being performed outside.—
R. W. Shufeldt, M. D., in Popular Sci
ence Monthly.
A Leader.
Since the first introduction. Electric Bitters
has gained rapidly in popular favor, until now
it Is clearly in the lead among pure medicinal
tonics and alteratives — containing i oihlng
which permits its use as a beverage or intoxi
cant, it is recognized as the best and purest
medicine for all ailments of Stomach, Liver or
Kidneys—lt will cure Hick Headache, Indiges
tion, Constipation, and drive Malaria from the
system. Satisfaction guaranteed with each bot
tle or the money will be refunded. Price only
50c. per bottle. Sold byC. F Heinzeman, drug
gist and chemist, 222 North Main street.
StlO a Mont lit WIO a Month!
Gives a lesson a da» in short hand at the Ast
burv Institute, the old and reliable >chool, es
tablished here for seven years pa*t. The rec
ommendations of <mr pupils are our references.
Phillips block, over People's store. Take ele
Butgy robes, horse blankets at Foy's old re
liable saddlery house, 315 N. Los Angeles st.
Gents' Hats Cleaned, Dyed and Pressed
Hartley, hatter, 264 South Main street.
A Great Gathering of tbe Democracy—
Marina Mnttera.
Redondo Beach, Oct. 26.—A large en
thusiastic audience of the Democracy as
sembled last night in the Waltonjr nk
in thie place. Mr. Harrison, president
of the Cleveland and Stevenson cam
paign club, was in the chair. The spa
cious rink was well filled—many ladies
were present.
Mr. Abbott Kinney spoke at consider
able length on the tariff question, show
ing conclusively that adding tbe tariff
tax to tbe original invoice of goods, did
not reduce the price to the consumer.
The county candidates were on hand in
force, and each made short speeches,
prducing favorable impressions upon
tbeir hearers. J. De Barth Shorb made
an eloquent appeal to the electors of
Redondo, to call a halt by their votes
Nov. Bth, of the reckless and venal ex
penditure of tbe people's money by
county officials. Mr. Binver, candidate
for supervisor followed in an effective
speech on the same line. A favorable
and salutary effect was made upon the
the audience by the appearance and
utterances of the speakers.
The steam schooner Casper arrived in
port at oa. m. today with a cargo of
1000 railroad ties for the Redondo rail
way company, and 11,000 feet of lumber
consigned to the Willamette Lumber
company, and cleared at 11:30 a. m. for
San Francisco.
The four masted schooner Salvador,
Captain Tibbetts, cast anchor in this
por( at 1 o'clock p. m. today. Her car
go consists of 700,000 feet of lumber con
signed to tbe Willamette Lumber com
pany, Redondo.
'i he steamer Coos Bay from the south,
arrived at 4:30 p. m., and will proceed
north at 6:30 p. m. with grain and mer
chandise and a good list of passengers
from this port.
Arrivals at the Redondo are: E. E.
Hewitt, W. S. Creigbton, R. C. Guirado,
Gen. A. McD. McCook. U. S. A.; Mrs.
McCook, Miss McCook; Miss Lindsay,
Kentucky ; Miss Phillips, Dayton, O.;
J. B. Mullen, with J. L. Hibbard, San
Arrivals at the Ocean View house are:
A. Raymer.C. P. Reamey, Peter Kearn,
F. B. Colver, B. Jeßsie Hall, A. P. Mor
ganetern, Loa Angeles; Robt. W. Far
rell, Cascade City ; Jas. C. Banks, Balti
more, Md.; Thos. Young, Kane, Ga.;
O Frenier, city.
j! CURE j|
ii Disordered Liver, etc.;:
\ | They Act Like Magic on the Vital Organs,, j
i 1 Regulating the Secretions, restoring long] i
|! tost Complexion, bringing back the Keen,;
11 Edge of Appetite, and arousing with the ] >
I! ROSEBUD OF HEALTH tbe whole physical i;
'j energy of the human frame. These Facts] i
! > are admitted by thousands, in all classes of,
11 Society. Largest Sale in the World. ] i
!! Covered with a Tasteless & Solubla Coating. | [
|! Of all druggist:;. Price M centr. a ISi.>x, j!
11 New York Depot, -\6; Cai.il P*. <>
' m 11
Lost or Failing Manhood,
Nervous Debility,
Night Emissions,
Decay of the Sexual Organs,
Or Seminal Weakness,
Dr. Steinhart's
Which Is a combination of tbe well
known fclr Astley Cooper's Vital Re
storative with other ingredients. It
was established in San Francisco in
1575, and is the oldest remedy of its
kind on the Pacific Coast, and is guar
anteed to contain no mercury. Will
cure when all other remedies fail. You
citn call or write. All communications
strictly (onfldential, and medicine sent
under a private name, if preferred.
Price, $2 Per Bottle; or 6 Bot
tles for $10.
Pil's same price per box. Call on or write to
DR. STEIN HART, Rooms 12 and 13, 331% 8.
Spriug Btreet. Los Angeleß, Cal.
special and infallible specifics prepared for
all private diseases. Office hours from 9 a.m
to 3 p.m., and from 6to 8; Sundays from 10 to
Instruments treatment of strictures and all
kinds of surgical work done by competent sur
Your druggist does not
spread his plasters or gela
tine-coat his pills. He knows
that such work is better done
in a factory.
Some try to make an Emul
sion of cod-liver oil: but they
cannot make one like Scott's
Emulsion—they'll find it out
some day.
There is no secret in what
it is made of; there is a
knack in making it. That
knack is Scott's Emulsion.
There is a book on' care
ful living that you ought to
read. Shall we send it ? Free.
SCOTT & BowNB, Chemists, 132 South sth Avenue,
New V ork.
Your druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion oi cod-liver
oil—all druggists everywhere do. $1.
Compagnie Generate Transatlantiqae.
North river, foot of Mrrton streetkESHßs.
Travelers by this line avoid both transit by
English railway and tbe discomfort of crossing
tbe Ch *nnel In a small boat.
LA BRETAONE. November 12, 9 a.m.
LA BOURGkGNE, November 19,5 a.m.
LA CHAMPAGNE, November 26, 7:30 a.m.
LA GABCOGNE, December 3, 5:30 a.m.
For freight or passage apply 10
A. FORGET, Agent,
No. 3 Bowling Green, New York.
J. F. FUG\ZI & CO., Agents, 5 Montgomery
aye., San Francisco Branch office, 19 Mont
gom r 1 street. Tickets for sale by all railroad
and steamship offices. d 29 tf
Weak Men ana Women
the Great Mexican Remedy; gives Health
and Strength to the Sexual Organs.
• TUTT'S •
!Tiny Liver Pills*
™ stimulate the torpid liver, strengthen ™
• the digestive organs, regulate tl»>
bowels, and are uneciualed as an anti- mm
bilious medietas. In malarial districts
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they possess peculiar properties
freeing tho syntciu from that poison.
Price, afic. Offloe, 39 Park Place, N. Y.
B a perfect imitation of nature | Jmposs- 99
Ible to detect It. Price, »1 per box.
••• • •
"T. B."
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£mf~ At all drug stores.
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6-22 lyr Wholesale Agents.
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j 14S North Spring street.
\ 1019 cod lm ,
MM i ipq s
J StWRM.»»»«»"\ I t- 1 Z
Main Office: LOS ANOELEB.
Wholesale Yard at SAN FKDRO.
Branch Yardß—Pomona, Pasadena, Lamanda,
Asusa, Burbank. Planing Mills—Los Angeles
and Pomona. Cargoes furnished to order.
Difloer, Tea sTflilet Services
Places and bowls for the million.
Haviland China, Amateurs' Supplies
8-27 417 South Spring street 6mo
Ha'rdressing and Manicure Parlors,
107 North Spring street,
Room 23 Schumacher Block.
Shampooing done at residences If desired.
MRS. M. CODIE, 219 Sonth Spring street.
Or the Liquor Habit Positively Cared
by administer!as; Dr. Haines'
Golden Speelflc.
It can be given in a cup of coffeu or tea, or in food,
without the knowledge of the patient- It is absolutely
harmless, and will effect a permanent snd speedy
sure, whether the patient is a moderate drinker or
in alcoholic wreck. It has been given In thousands
of cases, and in every instance a perfect cure has fol
lowed. Ii never Tnll*. The system onoe impregnated
with tho Specific, it becomes an utter Impossibility
for tbe liquor appetite to exist. . _
SOLIteN HFEOIFIO CO., Prop*rs, Cincinnati, O.
46-page book of particulars free. To be had of
F. W. BRAUN &, CO.J DroggiirtH,
H. QKRMAIN j Log Angelea, Cal!
American Steam Dye forks
Ladies' and gents' garments cleaend, dyed
and renovated in superior style at short notice.
Blank.ts, curtains and merchants' goods.
Ostrich plumes cleaned, dyed and curled.
Tailoring establishment In connecton for all
kinds of repairing and altering.
Orders by email promptly attended to.
Office and worKS. 615 West Sixth street.
Store, 210% South Spring tstreet. Tel. 1016.
rj lirM.'tn OPTICIAN. Eyes fittf u
. D. AM hi, accurately with BPJSCTA
.v. auauu, CLBB or EYE GLASSHB by
the latest methods. Fine lenses a spe> ialty
Microscopes, telescopes, hydrometers, barome
ters, thermometers, con passes, microscopic ob
jects, lantern slides, etc. Glasses ground o
order. Repairs promptly done.
No. 126 South Spring st., Los Angeles,
6-29 3m
ti T»TITI I was quickly and permanently
If If If If cured of Nightly Emissions, com -
I IIJjU pie'e Impotency, Varicocele, and
small,wasted and shrunken organs
CURE caused by Self Abuse. Thousands
have been fully restored through
this simple remedy. I will mail the recipe of
this unfailing self cure (sealed) FBBE to any
sufferer Address, with stamp, D. B. KM MET,
Topeka, Kan. 10-11 lm
Honest Administration!
October 20,1892. )
The following meetings arc arranged to take
place at the precincta named In Los Angeles
county, on the dates named, and to be addressed
ciy the following speakers:
Thursday, October 27th, Glendale,—
C. F. Harris and A. L. Selig.
Thursday, October 37th, Glendora.—
Hon. H. B. Westerman and H. 1). Cassldy.
Friday, October 88th,:8ara Fernando.—
County candidates and Judge Outhrle, A. L.
Selig and Richard Dunnigan.
Friday, October 88th, Oompton.—W. A,
Ryan and J. a. Ardls.
Friday, October iiStb, La Manda Park.—
Abbot Kinney and J. W. Mitchell.
Satnrday, October «eth, Fuente.—Judge
J. R. Dupuy and Frank Jaaes.
Saturday, October iSOth, Newhall.—
M. L. Graff and A L Selig.
Saturday, October 39th, Rivera.—Judge
F. B. Guthrie and J. A. Ardis.
Satnrday, October JSfttb, San Pedro.—
W. A. Ryan an* P. J. Bolan.
Monday, October Slst.Calabasas.—Frank
James and J. A. Ardls.
Monday, October 31st, Lancaster.—
County canaiaates and J. A. Ardls and J. Sim
Wednesday, November 3d, Pomona.—
W. A. Ryan and J. W. Mitchell.
Wednesday, November 3d, Lordsburg.
—W. A. Harris and H. D. Cassldy.
Thursday, November 3d, Spadra.—J. A.
Ardis snd other speakers.
Thnnday November 3d, Wilmington.
-Judge F. B. Guthrie and J. Marion Brooks.
Thursday, November 3d, Pasadena. —T.
L. Skinner and T. H Gibbon.
Friday, November 4th, Downey.—Hon.
W. B. Westerman and Judge F. B. Guthrie.
Friday, November 4ih, Whittier R. J.
Adcock and Judge J. R. Dupuy.
Friday, November 4th, Santa Monica.—
Judge Enoch Knight and John W. Mitchell.
Friday, November 4tb, Bl Monte.—T. L.
Skinner and A. U Selig.
Friday, November 4th, Redondo.—W. A.
Ryan and W. R. Burke.
Thursday, October 27th, 7:30 p. m.,
Third Ward.—At 115% South Spring street.
Gen. John R. Mathews, M. P. Snyder and
Friday, October «Bth, at 7:30 p. in..
Second Ward.—At 081 Upper Main street.
Gen. John R. Mathews, M. P. Snyder, and
Saturday, Ootaber 39th, 7:30 p. in.,
Eighth Ward.— it Lambourne and Turner's
hall. Frank G. Finlnyson, Isadore B. Dock
weiler and others.
Monday, October 31st.—Mass meeting at
Turnverein hall of organized and unorganized
labor of the city and county of Los Angeles for
discussion ot political issues affecting the In
terests of laboi in this county. The meeting
will be addressed by Homer Katz, Gen. John R.
Mathews, F. G. Finlayson, James 0. Kays. M.
P. Snyder, Gen. T. L. Skinner; president of the
meetiug, F. B. Colver.
Tuesday, November Ist, 7:30 p. m., Sev
enth Ward.—At Opera-house hall. den. John
R. Mathews, Ja«. C. Kays, F. G. Finlayson and
Saturday, November sth.—Grand mass
meeting of the city and county Demociacy at
Hazard's pavilion. Chairmen of the evening,
vice presidents and sneakers will be announced
By order Democratic County Central Com
mittee. C. F. A. LAST,
HENRY P. WILSON, Chairman.
Material and
» Workmanship,
l| Durability,
9 Economy
/ Steady Power,
They cost less to operate than any other pow
er. First-class satisfaction. Call and see en
gine operate, or write for circular.
200 N. Los Angeles St., Lot, Angeles.
8-4 3m d w
311 S. Spring St., Near Third,
Removed from 160 N. Main st.
A complete stock of Drugs, Chemicals, Toilet
Articles, Druvglsts' Sundries and Electrical In
struments always on hand.
Prescriptions carefully prepared at modern '
prices. 6-30 6m
without pain*
BET OF TEETH, »7 TO 910.
118 S. Spring St., Los Angeles
Hours—B a.m to 5:30 p.m.
fyconsnltatlon free. 9-28 6m
Prices low for spot cash, or will sell on Install
Between Fourth and Fifth Streets.
Telephone 984. P. O. box 921 7-31-tf
Baker Iron Worka
950 to 966 BUENA VISTA ST.,
Adjoining the Southern Facial Grounds Tela
phone.l 2*. 7-21

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