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Some Interesting Developments
in the Munroe Case.
Judge Smith Tires of Waiting for a
Proceeding* Yesterday in the Various
Tribunals—A Land Trade Which
Did Not Suit — New Haiti
Filed—Coart Note*.
The supreme court adjourned at noon
yesterday for the fall term in Los An
geles, and nearly all the judges and
officers of the court from the north left
on the afternoon train for San Francisco.
The present session has been character
ized by the hearing oi many oral argu
ments in cases upon the calendar, and
the final submission of more cases than
usual. Very few decisions were ren
dered and the justices have piled up a
great deal of work for themselves upon
their return to San Franciaco.
It is more than likely that the conrt
will occupy new quarters at its spring
session in Los Angeles, although no defi
nite arrangements have been made. It
is understood tbat aome negotiations
looking to that end were made while the
justices were here, and that the location
most favorably contemplated is the new
building being erected on the east side
of Main street, between First and Re
quena streets.
The court sat in departments yester
day morning, and arguments were heard
in several cases.
In department one, present Jus
tice Patterson presiding, and Justices
Garoutte and Harrison the case of
Hayne vs. Herman was argued by
Luckel for appellant and Guthrie for re
spondent and submitted.
The cases of Vejar et al. vs. Mound
City Land and Water Association,
Ybarra vs. Sylvany and estate of Haas
were submitted upon briefs on file.
The case of tbe connty of Los Angeles,
vs. Reyes et al. was submitted by stipu
lation npon briefs on file.
The case of La Societe Fracaiee Bien
faisance Maetelle de Los Angeles vs.
Wiedmann et al. was argued by Schei
line for appellant, and submitted.
In department two, Justice McFar
land presiding, and Justices Kharpetein
and Be Haven, the cases of Bulletal.,
executors, vs. Strong, and Yoakum et
ux. vs. White et al,, were submitted
upon briefs on file.
The two cases of Meserve vs. the Po
mona Land and Water company were
argued orally and submitted.
The Defenae Strike! a Snag—A Sudden
The trial of George Munroe, charged
With forging orders for the delivery of
school teachers' salaries to an invest
ment company, of which he waa the
preaident, was resumed before Judge
Smith yesterday morning.
Tbe prosecution wound up the strong
masa of evidence it has produced against
tbe defendant by recalling Deputy Dis
trict Attorney B. W. Diebl, and ques
tioning him aB to the information against
Munroe, and the copy of the warrant
contained therein. The prosecution had
been forced to use the copy in evidence,
owing to the absence of the original and
inability to procure it, and the defense
had resorted to every technical objection
possible to keep it out.
Mr. Diehl testified that he drew the
information, and copied the order into
it from the original order supplied to
him by Jackson, the missing witness.
He compared the copy with the original,
and testified that tbe copy was an exact
reproduction of the original. This
closed the testimony for the prosecu
When the defense was called for W.
T. Williams, leading counsel for the de
fendant, was not present, and the case
was opened by W. K. Cox, associated
with him, and Jackson's former partner.
The first witness he called waa Deputy
District Attorney Diehl, and be proved
to be a damaging one for tbe defense.
Mr. Cox wished to show by him that
when Mr. Jackson and himself were in
conference with him about getting out
the complaint against Munroe, Diehl
had expressed himself aa doubtful about
tbe evidence, and in substance intimated
that tbere was nothing in the case.
Bat Mr. Diehl replied to the questions
put to Aim in such a way tbat conn jel
would willingly have withdrawn him, if
it had not been too late.
Tbe witness stated that after" Mr.
Jackson and Mr. Cox had related their
story to him about the orders given to
Jackson by Munroe, be was satisfied
that the name of Helen Henry in one of
the orders was a forgery.
Mr. Cox asked the witness if .he did
not then aay that tbe difficulty would
be to connect Munroe with it.
Mr. Diebl replied that he did aay ao,
wanting to find out how Munroe could
be connected with it.
"Then Jackeon said to you," contin
ued Mr. Diebl, addressing Mr. Cox,
'You aaw Munroe tbat night, Cox.
"Didn't he admit to you that they were
forgeriea.' And you aaid, 'No, he didn't
Bay that exactly, but aaid aome of tbe
orders were bogus."'
This answer of tbe witneaa waa a cork
er, and the counsel looked as if he didn't
know which way to turn.
Mr. Cox went on and asked tbe wit
ness if be bad not considered it difficult
to connect Munroe with the forgery.
"I became sufficiently satisfied that
Mr. Munroe committed the forgery," he
replied, "to draw the complaint; other
wise I would not have drawn it."
Mr. Diehl having been permitted to
step down and out, City Auditor Lopez
was called, and stated that he had seen
the order in question for Helen Henry's
salary, but had not examined it particu
larly at tbe time.
Then, over objections by Mr. McCo
maa, which Judge Smith overruled, the
defense proceeded to ask Mr. Lopez the
custom of hia office about issuing war
rants, and whether, if he had known an
order to be addressed simply to the city
of Loa Angeles, he would have issued a
C. A. Hamilton, deputy county clerk,
N. B. Eddy, deputy county auditor, and
Al Cobler, deputy county tax collector,
were interrogated about ordera they had
sold to Munroe, and asked in regard to
the forniß that had been ueed, whether
or not they had been directed to the
county auditor or aimply to the county
of Loa Angelea. All these questions were
asked and answered over the objections
of the proaecution, who held that they
immaterial, the only queation being
what bad been done in tbe caae of the
orders in question?
Mr. Cox then had himself recalled and
proceeded to give his recollection of the
conversation with Mr. Diehl. He en
deavored to throw a different light upon
the testimony of Mr. Diehl, but hia
recolletion, when it wae all uttered, waa
about the same as Mr. Diehl's, Cox aay
ing that he only aaid Munroe admitted
aome of the warranta were bogus. Mr.
Cox aaid he never used tbe word "for
gery." He also tried to ahow that at
tbat conversation Jackson aaid he knew
the aalariea were not due when he took
the orders.
This closed the testimony for the
morning, and aa it proved, for the day.
When court reconvened at 2 o'clock,
Judge Smith asked Mr. Williams if he
was ready to proceed. The latter re
marked that he waa waiting for Super
intendent Frieaner, of the city schools,
who bad been subpoenaed to be be
present at 2 o'clock.
Judge Smith waited three or four
minutes and peremptorily asked Mr.
Williams if he was ready to go on, who
said he had no doubt Mr. Frieaner
would be there in a few minutes.
The court waited another minute and
aaid abruptly tbat be would wait no
longer, and aeked Mr. Williams if he
would rather adjourn until this morn
ing or go on. The latter replied that he
would rather adjourn, whereupon the
court adjourned at 2:10 o'clock until
thia morning. Superintendent Frieaner
arrived a minute or two after the ad
journment, but found no court before
which to testify.
The Trade Didn't Suit.
A case which has been pending in the
superior court for some time was again
brought to trial before Judge Sbaw yes
terday. One branch of it was tried sev
eral months ago, and tbe trial is now re
sumed for final disposition. It ih the
case of N. M. Entler against J. 8. Hutch
ins tor $10,000 damages, alleged to have
been done the plaintiff by defendant
through a property trade.
Tbe plaintiff and defendant entered
into an agreement in January, 1890, by
which Entler traded some acreage land
and some lots in East Los Angeles, upon
which there were buildings, for a hotel
property in Nevada City, Story county,
lowa, called the Hutchins house.
He valued his property, upon a por
tion of which tbere was a mortgage, at
$15,000, and the defendant valued his at
Entler alleges that Hutchins deceived
him as to tbe value of hie property, and
that, instead of its being aa he repre
sented it, it was not worth more than
By way of answer to his allegations,
the defendant claims that Entler mis
represented hie property; that the title
to it was very much clouded, and that
there were railroad and municipal
rights of way upon it, and dedications of
streets and alleys, which made it not
nearly so good a bargain as had been
Entler also claims that in order to in
veigle bim into the trade, Hutchins
agreed to loan him $5000 on tbe hotel
property. The record shows that the
defendant did loan him the money, and
took a mortgage on the property for it.
The rights of the parties appear to be
very much tangled up. Quite a number
of witnesses were examined yeaterday.
Andrews Pleads Guilty.
Yeaterday morning A. W. Andrews,
the young man who forged his room
mates name at the Southern California
Savings bank and drew out $70, a few
weeks ago, being arrested on the Santa
Fe overland train while attempting to
leave the country, pleaded guilty to the
charge before Judge Smith. Several la
dies who have become interested in the
boy were present. They are desirous of
securing a suspension of sentence and.
committing the young fellow to the
Boys' and Girls' Aid society of San
Francisco. The sentence of the defend
ant waa set for this morning.
Court Notes.
David Beasley pleaded not guilty to
burglary before Judge Smith yeaterday
mornfng, and hia trial was Bet for No
vember 9th.
The remittitur from the supreme court
affirming the judgment in tbe case of
Nicodemua Urquidea reached depart
ment one of the superior court yester
day, and the sheriff was directed to exe
cute the judgment. Urquideß was con
victed of tbe burglary of a barn at Ba
llona in April, 1801, and sentenced to one
year at San Quentin. The case wae ap
pealed to the supreme court and decided
aeveral weeks ago.
The case of Klemen vs. Dapace, an ac
tion to quiet the title to 40 acres of land
near Las Virgeneaj was on trial in Judge
Wade's court yesterday.
In the trial of the damage suit of Mra.
Arcadia de Baker against tbe Southern
California Railroad the defense closed
its case in chief yeaterday morning. The
rebuttal testimony by tbe plaintiff occu
pied the remainder of the day.
Judge Clark gave judgment for plain
tiff in the foreclosure suit of Louia Mes
mer va. D. J. Kraemer on two promis
sory notes for $1000 and $500 respect
ively. The amount of judgment waa
New Suits Filed.
Among; the documents filed in the
county clerk's office yesterday were the
Broadway bank vs. W. A. Pallett and
wife—Suit on a promissory note for
A petition by Mrs. Alasan Hoffman to
remove Hugh R, Stephens as guardian
of his son, Hugh Alasan Stephens, and
that she be appointed instead.
A Cholera Scare. ,
A reported outbreak of cholera a Hel
metta, N. J., created much excitement
in that vicinity. Investigation showed
that the disease was not cholera but a
violent dysentery, which is almost as
severe and dangerous as cholera. Mr.
Walter Willard, a prominent mer
chant of Jamesburg, two miles from
Helmetta, says Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has
given great satisfaction in the most se
vere cases of dysentery. , It is certainly
one of the beet things ever made. For
sale by C. F. Heinzeman, 222 North
Main, druggist.
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Maler & Zobelein's Lager, fresh from the
brewery, on draught in all the principal sa
loons, delivered promptly In bo ties or
Office and Brewery, 444 Aliso St. Telenhond 91
Coupe No. 4, Hack No. 133,
Stand corner Second and Spring streets from
Op.m. to 6 a.m. Telephone 273. Bates, 25c
per mile, one person, 81 per hou Bargains
can be made. N. Klpp
If Ton Need a Trnss
Call at Beckwlth's pharmacy, 303 North Main,
A fit guarantied. Our book all about hernia,
or rupture, now ready, free at our store or by
mall. JOHN BBCKWITH & aON, Druggists.
Patronize California Induetrlea
By ordering 8. P. Donble Extra Brown: Btont.
superior to any foreign made stout and .porter,
Jacob Adloff, Bgent.
California Vinegar Worka,
565 Banning street, opposite soap factory,
near Alameda and First streets, one-naif block
from eleotrlc light works.
lee Cream, Boda and Confectionery.
Soda of all flavors. The finest in the city at
Merrlam & Go's, 187 South Bpring street
Exchange Review.
Nsw York Oct. 26.—The stock market to
day turned npon developments in tbe New
England deal. Tbe stock advanced this morn
ing from 47% to 49%, bnt towards the close
was fiercely assaulted, and broke rapidly to
44%, closing at Enormous blocks changed
hands, and the scene waione of Intense exclte
men. Reading was slightly affected. The
temper of speculation, early, was strong. Chi
cago Das, Distillers and Northern Pacific pre
ferred were especially strong. Sugar dropped
3 per cent, but rallied 1 per cent. The general
market closed steadier.
Money on call, easier; closing, offered at 3 per
Prime mercantile paper—6®6 per cent.
Sterling exchange—Weak; $4.82%@4 83 fo
bankers' 60-day oil is; $4 80 for demand notes
New Yobk, Oct. 26.—Bar silver, per ounce
San Francisco, Oct. 26.—Bar silver, 85%@
85% c per ounce.
Ban Fbancisco, Oct. 26.—Mexican dollars,
[email protected]
New Yobk, Oct. 26.—Closing quotations
were as follows:
U. 8.45, reg 114% Northwestern ... .115%
U. 8. 4s. coupon. .114 4 N. W. preferred . 141
U. 8.25, reg •lOOU N. Y. Central 109%
Pacific 6s *107H Oregon Impt 22
Atchison 39!4 Oregon Nay 74
American Exp... 1191* Oregon Short Lino 23
Burlingion 103% Paclflo Mail 31%
Canada Pacific... 66% Pullman Palace.. 98%
Canada Southern. 57 Reading 68%
Central Pacific... 28% Terminal 98%
Lackawanna. ...153 Rio Grand West'n 30
Denver & Rio Gd. 52 Do. preferred.... 69
Distillers 67% Firsts 79
Illinois Cent 100 Rock Island 83%
Kansas & Texas.. 25..; St. Paul 80%
Lake Shore 133 St. Paul & Omaha 52%
Lead Trust 47% Texas Pacific .. 11%
Louisvl & Nashvl. Union Pacific... 40;,
Micb. Ctntral.... 107 U. B.Express... 61
Missouri Pacific. 62% • Wells,Fargo<SiColl4
Northern Pacific. 18!* Western Union.. 98%
N. P. preferred... 50% sugar lug
North American. 112}, General Electric 16%
Amer. Cotton Oil. 46 Unseed 40%
•Bid. tEx dlv.
Boston, Oct. 26.—Closing quotations were as
Atchison :t9VvMcx. Cent, com. 15%
Burlington 103%: Bell Telephone.. 208
SanJ Fbancisco, Oct. 26.—Following are tbe
closing prices:
Belcher 2.35 Ophlr 2.50
Best and Belchr 1.50 Peer 10
Chollar 80 Potosl 1.15
Con. Virginia.. 2.95 Savage 90
confidence 2.00 Sierra Nevada.. 1.25
Gould* curry.. 1.05 Union Con 1.25
Hale & Norcross 155 Yellow Jacket.. 1.20
San Francisco Market Review.
Sam Francisco, Oct. 20. —The vegetable
market was quiet today, with no material
change In prices.
The market lor fresh fruits was dull this
morning; prices shaded in favor of the sellers
In nearly every variety. Wine grapes are in
light demand. Table grapes arrive in excess
of the demand. Prunes are dull. Mexican or
anges are in, and Santa Paula are not quoted
any longer.
In tne market for dairy produce, bnttei is
still easy at quotations for all grades of fresh,
and pickled is shsded a little.
Choice ranch eggs are scarce and firm.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Oct, 26.—Wheat, moderate bull
ness The market opened unchanged, to %<a
per bushel lower; rallied %@%c on smaller re
ceipts in the northwest; declined [email protected]%c, ral
lied }4(g)%c on covering by shorts, eased off, and
closed tteady and 'se lower than yesterday; De
cember wheat, higher.
Receipts, 644,000 bushels; shipments, 173,
--000 bushels.
Chicago, Oct. 26.—Closing—Wheat, cash,
7134 c; December, 73% c.
Corn—steady; cash,4l%c; Dec.,42V^c.
Oats—Firm; cash, •29%u; Dec.,30%0.
Flax— AI.IIW.
Liverpool, Oct. 26—Wheat, holders offer
moderately. No. 2 red winter, 6s 3d; No. 2 red
spring. 6s 3d.
Corn—Marketclosed firm. Spot, 4s o'M ; Oc
tober, 4s November, 4s sJid; December,
4s 6J*d.
San Fbancisco, Oct. 26 —Wheat, very dull;
buyer, December. 81.34%.
Barley—Very dull; May. !U\c.
Corn—Al. 30.
California Fruit Sales.
Chicago. Oct. 25.-The Earl Fruit com
pany auctioned California fruit today at the
following prices: Onr car Muscat grapes aver
aged $1 05 per single crate; Cornlchon grapes,
single crate, $1.30; Tokay grapes, $1 20 per
single crate; purple Damascus grapes, single
crates, 90c; black Morocco single crates, 90c;
Verdelle grapes, single crates, BSc.
New York, Oct. 25 —The Earl Fruit com
fumy auctioned California fruit today, realiz
ug prices as follows: Tokay grapes, fancy,
double crates, $5.00g5 25; single crates, $2 45
(92 65: double crates fancy Cornlchon grapes,
$4.30(94.40; single crates, do., $2.25(93.55;
Tokay grapes, aouble crates, $-1.65(94.75; do.
single crates, $1 50(92.15; Cornlchon grapes,
double crates, $2.80(92 90; do., single crates,
$1.50(92.00; quinces, $1.90 per box.
General Markets.
Naw York, Oct. 26—Hops, quiet but essy.
Coffee—Options closed steady, and 5 to 25
points up. The sales were 47,000 bags,
including October, $15.70(915.85; November.
$15.40(915.50; December, $15.10(911.25. Spot
Rio closed firmer but quiet, No. 7 16% c.
Sugar—Raw closed quiet but firm; refined
closed steady and fairly active. Off A, 45-16®
4 11 16c; granulated, 4 3-16(94%.
Copper—Steady: lake, $11.75(411.85.
Lead-Dull; domestic, $3.30(94.00.
Tin—Easier; straits, $20.55(920 60.
Chicago, Oct. 26 —Pork firm; cash,
January. $13.47^.
Lard—Cash, $8 6214; J&n , $7 57K-
Rtbs—Cash, $10.75; Jan.. $6.92^.
Short rib5—57.75(910.50.
Short clear—sß[email protected]
Chicago, Oct. 26.—Whisky, $1.15.
New York, Oct. 26.—W00l quiet but firm.
Domestic fleece, [email protected]
Niw York, Oct. 26 —Petroleum, United
November, closed at 50'^.
iThe quotation! given below are Lot Angeles
lOlesaie selling prices.]
Pro visions.
<Urns—Per ,Ib., local smoked,
Bacon—Per lb., local tmoked, 15><@15Jic.;
medium, [email protected]}«c.
Pork—Per lb., dry salt; 12Kc.
Dried Bkef—Per lb., insides, 13^0.
Lard—Compound, 3's, 9%c; s's, 9%c; 10's
9}4c; bOB, 9c. Pure leaf lard, 4c higher all
Mill Products,
Fnocß—Los Angeles XXXX, 84.20 per bbl;
Capitol Mills, 84.20; Sperry's, $4.90; Crown,
84.90; Vie or, 84.80; f upurtlne, 83.25; gra
ham, 82.40; Drifted snow, $4.90; Stock
tonia, 84.90; Stair's choice extra, $4.85.
Mill Fbbd—Bran, per ton, $21.00: shorts.
$23.00; cracked corn, per cental, $1.25; rolled
barley, $1.05; mixed feed. $1.20; feed meal,
$1 30.
Dairy Products.
Butter—Fancy roll, (i7!/ 2 (970o; choice, GO
r«/65c; fair, 50(3)55c; Eastern tub, 27(8 30c;
Eastern dairy, 19(923c.
Chbbsb— Eastern. 14c; California, factory
14c; Young America, 15c.
Grain and Hay.
Ba»t.by—Brewing, [email protected]; feed, 81.
Corn—Per cental, $1.20.
Oats—No. 1, per cental, $1.50.
Wheat—No. 1, per cental, $1.4031.50; No.
2,J1 2001.30.
Har—Oat No. 1, $11; wheat No. 1, $11; bar
ley No. 1,810; alfalfa No. 1, $10 No. 2 grade
$1 lower all around.
Straw—Barley, per ton, $5; wheat, $5.
Poultry and. Kgg».
Poultry-Heus. $>[email protected] per doz.; young
roosters. 84; old roosters, $4.00; broilers,
$3.50(95.00; ducks. [email protected] 50; geese. $1 per
head; turkeys, [email protected] per pound.
Eggs—California ranch, 32(933c; Eastern,
25326 c per doz.
Honey and Beeswax.
Honey—Comb, [email protected]; extracted, white, 7
(h/7}ic; amber, [email protected]!40.
Beeswax—[email protected]
Almonds—Soft shell, [email protected]; paper shell,
190921 c; hard shell, [email protected]
Peanuts—Raw [email protected] » lb; roasted, [email protected]
Walnuts —Hard shell, 8c; soft shell, 9c;
paper shell, 10c.
Dried Fruits.
Apkioots—Per lb. snn dried ll»14c;
bleaohed, 12915 c.
Pbaches—Per lb., snn dried,* 10®12%c.
BEANS—Pink, $2.50f<*3.00 per 100 lbs.;
Limas. [email protected]; navy, small, [email protected];
large white, [email protected]
Cabbage—Per 100 lbs, [email protected]
Chilies—Dry, per string, 75c; green, per
lb., 25c.
Potatoes—Per 100 lbs., [email protected]
Sweet Potatoes— Per 100 los., [email protected]
Tomatseh—P. r box, 35®50c.
Onions—Per 100 lbs ,75®90c.
Wednesday, October 26.
B B Briggs et ux to F J Young—Lot 12, bl E.
Cresanta l.nfiada; $1000.
H Olee et ux to A vi Hardle—Lot 15, bl V,
Garvanza add No 1; $150.
M Stoddard et con to C H Jones—Part lot 15,
Gary tit; *1800.
W H Holllday et ux to M Dodd, jr-Lot 10, sec
8, S"b sees 8 and 9, T3 8, Rl4 W; $1.
M Dodd, jr, et ux to W H Hohiday—Same
n" hteveuson toH Griffith—lnterest In NE
y. sec 7, and NW % sec 8, all sec 5, T 5 N, R 10
J E Plater to F Eaton—Land in sub E 12,000
acs E \\ Rancho ex Mission de San Fernando;
Sheriffto J A Graves—Lots 8 and 9, bl J, Cre
senta Canada; $678.22.
B P Jones et con to W 8 Bower—Land, 3—328;
to E C Nye- Lot at 206 8 Broadway;
S Strohm to W R Wilson—Lot 20, bl L, LA
Imp Go's sub lot 7, bl 39, H 8; $30.
M Blackbarn et con to B C Thomas—Lot 6,
Xi lam's sub E % bl 158, Pomona; $1050.
T C Gower to C W Longdon—Lot 20, bl 12,
San Gabriel; $10.
M A Nesbit to C D Ely—Land, 75—35 deedf;
A Glassel et ux to A M Page—Bl 6, 8 Part
Montezum i tract; $1259.
GW Adams etux to M Bmith—Lot 31 bl 3,
Old Clapp Orchard tract; $iOO.
A Savings bank—Part lot 8 bl 35,
t-smetn same—Part bl 36, O S; $11 75.
L Matthews to G F Paulk— Lots 3, 5, Mat
thew's sub; $500.
W O'Brien to A X Bauer—Lot 114. Waverly
tract; $10. '
J 8 Halglcr et ux to C H Brown-Lot 13 bl D,
Shafer & Lanterman sub Montague tract;
M Lewis et ux to 0 B Taylor—Lot 15 bl 2,
Urmßton tract; $400.
Stats to F Schrelber—Lot 10 bl 6, Highland
tract No. 1; $24 53.
State to S G Wilson—Lot 65, Patk Villa tract;
$15.12. TP
M 8 Tyler ot nx to M I Edwards—Part lot 4 bl
A, Clara belle tract; $60.
Deeds 29
Nominal 7
Total $ 30,238 37
Note—Figures separated by a da»h, represent
book and page of miscellaneous records.
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enough to resist every tendency to disease. Hun
dreds of subtle maladies are floating around us
ready to attack wherever there is a weak point.
We may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping
ourselves well fortified with pure blood and a
properly nourished frame."—Civil Service Ga
sette. Made simply with boiling water or milk.
Sold only in half-pound tins, by grocers, labeled
JAMBS KPPS ft CO., Homoeopathic Chem
ists. London, England.
Liebig Company's =
in the Kitchen for Soups, Sauces
and Made Dishes.
826 8. Main St., bet. Eighth and Ninth,
Telephone 297, Los Angeles.
Good rigs, gentle horses and rename drivers.
Prices reasonable. Special attention to horses
boarded by the day, week or month. Horses to
let by the day, week or month. Brick stables
Are proof. 9-9 tf
Dr. J. A. MUNK, °°is„
Clubfoot, Spinal Curvature, Hip Disease and
Tumorß, Rupture, Female, Bladder, Rectal and
all o'.h-'-r diseases of the pelvis. Fits the only
truss tbat gives perfect satisfaction. Some
tv> Angeles, Cal 9-23 6m
211 New High St., Fulton Bl'k,
Near Franklin St., ground floor. Tel. 417,
S -10-6 m
mfm 5* Are only acquired by using
A Guaranteed togive the best
1 WIIHNKSMr satisfaction of any article
¥ h" th l B m * rket- P erleotl T
X Suta by the Mannffto ' nrea om *
TRADE MARK. Los Angeles. Cal
Main Office, 135 West First Street.
Works, 715,717 and 719 North Main Street.
Special rates for family washing. See our hold-over
price list. We make a specialty of Woolens and Silks,
Blankets and Lace Curtains. Men's Clothing cleaned.
telephone: iosi.
->! — GIVEN TO —8-
The Eminent Chinese Physician.
■6* m
•g <=>
Dr. Woh's life work has been from early youth one of persistent and untirind
observation, study and investigation, as fully as lay in his power, to*perfect him
self in all branches of the art of healing human sickness and disease. Born in
Ch na, of influential parents, of a family whose ancestors have been for genera
tions deservingly renowned aa leading physicians, Dr. Woh naturally followed in
the footsteps of hia fathers. In China he has practiced his profession for several
years, beiDg at one time a physician in the Imperial Hoepital, and in America for
a long time his great number of patients, hie wonderful and many cures, and the
great list of letters from grateful and thankful patrons now prove him to be a
remarkable and successful healer of sickness and all diseases.
For a long time I have been sunering with Dr. Woh was recommended to me by a friend
bladder and kidney troublee. No doctoring or I had been troubled for years with Indigestion,
medicines seemed to do me good. I consulted causing fearful headaches*. Jd vertigo, making
the best physicians and surgeons in Los An- my life one of misery. I tried and paid the
§eles city. They gave me morphine and strong best physicians without relief. Finally, to
rngs, but no relief could I obtain. After suf- please my friend, I visited Dr. Woh at his of
fering great pain and anguish, aud having my Bee, and he advised with me and gave me
Sassage almost entirely clogged, I fourteen medicines. This was but six weeks ago. To
ays ago began using Dr. Woh's medicines; to- day I can gladly and sincerely say that he has
day lam perfectly well. Ido consider Dr. Woh entirely enred me.
the most successful physician in - Southern CHARLES HEILMANN,
California. C. A. STEELE, April 3,1891. 331 Court st, L. A., Cai.
316-318 S. Main street,
Oct. 13,1891. ;Los Angeles, Cal.
Tn Clevoland, 0., many months ago, I caught
a severe cold, which settled on my lungs, ter- I have tried many doctors for heart disease,
minating in asthma. The doctors said there but have derived no benefit until Dr. Woh, the
was no hope of my recovery, but that a change Chinese physician, of Loa Angeles city, pre
to California might prolong my life. February scribed forme.
last I came to ban Bernardino and doctored Two months ago I began his treatment, and
with three physicians, but obtainer? no relief. I can now testify that he has done me great
Finally Dr. Woh was recomm nded to me by a good. I recommend Dr. Woh to my friends
friend. I took his msdlclnesand followed his as an able doctor.
directions, and today I am fully cured and ncr- p. E. KING,
fectlywell. MISS GRACE M MELD. Justice of the Peace,
October 30,1891. Ban Bernardino, Cal. Burbank, Cal
Dr. Woh has hundreds of similar testimonials, but space alone prevents further publication
of them here.
Dr. Woh is the oldest and best-known Chinese Physician in Southern California. His many
cures have been remarkable involving Female Troubles, Tumors, and every form of disease.
All communications will be regarded as strictly confidential.
Free consultation to everyone, and all are cordially Invited to call uoon Dr. Woh at his office.
Between Second and Third Streets. 10 23 sat su-tn th 3m Los Angeles, Cal.
Wonderful Cures
713 South Main Street, Los Angeles, California.
" 8 , k , 11 .J 1Dl cnre increftses longevity to tho "Ingeniously locating diseases through the
world. pulse and excellent remedies are »reat bless
ings to the world."
For seven months I was treated by five different doctors, none of whom stated what my dis
ease Ws». During that time I suffered terribly, and continued to fail until I became a skeleton
For the last three months I had to be dressed, fed, and have my water drawn. Finally my feet
limbs, hands snd face became swollen. I could not rise from a chair, and could scarcely walk'
and was obliged to h.ve my water drawn from fifteen to twenty times a day. My friends con
sidered I would not last many days. I then—three months ago—commenced treating with Dr
Wong. The first dose of medicine completely relieved me, and since I have not been obliged to
resort to artificial means for relieving my bladder. In five days I was able to dress and feed my
sell; in ten days the swelling hud left me and I could walk as well as for years before. I now
weigh as much as I ever did, v nfl feel better than I have felt for fifteen years. lam 75 years old
and feel tiptop. Dr. Wong sa> i I was afflicted with one of the fourteen kinds of kidney diseases
Rivera, Cal., August 29,1890. W. W. CHENEY.
Hundreds of other testimonials are on file In the doctor's office which he has received from
his numerous American patients, whom he has enred from all manner of diseases.
Large and commodious rooms for the accommodation of patients. Consulta
tion Free.
It will repay you to call and inspect the choice line of new Fall and Winte
Clothea now displayed by
This firm is new to Los Angeles, but they will at once gain the popularity which
their name and class of work guarantees.
Leave your measure with Korn & Kantrowitz.
Painless Dentistry
A " oper ] Uonß pain "
£jtk\ BKT TEETH, $8.00.
& Sons,
Our PKBFECTIOK SYRINGE tn» with ststt bottlo.
Curat GONORRHOEA »od GLEET In Om to fova <l»y«,
Bula. b» oil nRCGOISrS. Snittoim AddrePUfOrJl.OO.
H. N. Bale & Son, agents, 208. Main st.
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Eto.
117, 119 and 121 Bouth Log Angeles Btreet.
536 Bouth Sprint; Street,
Will open their new undertaking parlors
about October 25th.

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