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The Democratic Committee
Issues an Address.
A Few Words to Voters at the
End of the Campaign.
Cleveland's Election Assured by an
Overwhelming Vote.
The Republican National Committee
Also Issues a Circular—Prospect
ive Trouble at tho Polls
in New York.
By the Associated Press.]
New York, Nov. 4. —Following is a
synopsis of an address to the people of
the United States, iesued by tbe Pem
ocratic national committee today :
Aa the campaign will aoon end it is
right and necessary we should aay a few
words to you. There is no man, woman
or child in the United States who is not
aliVcUd by the tariff laws. Since 1885 a
thousand men, by means of individual
or corporate wealth, have been the mas
ters of our tariff system. Their power
has been sufficient to enforce the con
tinuance and increase in time of jaeacc
of taxes on the necessaries of life,
originally imposed in time of
war, only because of tbe actual
needs of the government. Wealth,
which, under former laws, was distrib
uted among all tbe clasßes engaged in
industrial life, bnscentered in the handa
of a few. The masses of the people who
gain their bread by the labor of their
brains and bands, are struggling on
wearily, looking to your united action
for relief.
The feeling strongest in your breasts
today is the conviction in each of your
minds that every man and woman
among you is forced to pay a price for
thß very necessaries of life which ought
not to be paid, aud a great proportion of
which does not go to the government,
but to a small number of favored people
who control the government. You know
this class controls and uses the govern
ment. It is a band ol moneyed men
combined for sordid purposes, and
actually ruling the Republican party.
The federal office-holders are part of its
machinery. It succeeded in 1888 in de
feating Grover Cleveland by the intimi
dation of tbe workmen and a corrupt use
of money, before you became aware of
the danger. You are not now ignorant
of the peril. In no country of the whole
civilized world in which the people
have the right to vote haß the ourpoae
to carry an election hy the n«e of money
been more plainly shown. You will not
remain parjive spectators o' ihia eoene.
The people of New York remembering
the high character and public services
of Grover Cleveland, and knowing hie
election a certain guarantee for wiser,
purer and better government, will rally
to his Bupport. Many Republicans in
the state of New York, who love their
country and despise the men now con
trolling their party, will come to hia aid
and he will win an overwhelming vic
tory in his well beloved state. The
iarmers of Indiana will show that a
thousand beneficiaries of federal legisla
tion fni not again by fraud, knavery and
purchaße obtain the electoral vole of
that state. The Bubstantial yeo
manry of New Jersey will teach
the contiibutors on the day
of the presidential election a lesson
they will never forget. The farmers
and workingmen of Connecticut will
remember their wrongs at the polls in
November, and the people of Delaware
and West Virginia will follow their ex
Bear in mind that you owe to the men
who maintain the preaent corrupting
and iniquitous tariff a ecore for initiat
ing and continuing the threat of a force
bill, a measure introduced for furthering
Republican partisan schemes. Failing
in their nefarious planp, they again
put their handa in their pockets
and raised a campaign fund which
the government, under the force bill,
would have supplied them with. Pres
ident Harriaon is in favor of any method
of carrying the federal elections which
that dangerous bill supplies. Tbe
silence of the Republican leaders on the
subject does not, we are sure, deceive
You muat, on the Bth day of Novem
ber, make a choice which will vitally
affect the intereata of the country. The
individual vote of each one is of supreme
importance. Under Grover Cleveland,
as president, the controlling motive will
be the greateat good to the
greatest number, and office will be
safely regarded aa a public truet
The civil service will not be dragged
against its will through tbe mire of
nominating conventions, but the laws
regulating it will be honestly enforced.
Agriculture and corometce, growing
steadily under wiser lawa, will greatly
increase the national prosperity. The
individual workingman will rind his
wants more taken into account, and his
reasonable demands more readily lis
tened to. No combination will be able
to dictate lawa to Grover Cleveland or
to the Democratic majority in congress.
We ask every one of you to labor
without ceaning for Cleveland and
Stevenson, and for good government
under a Democratic administration. On
election day lay aside all dutiep, except
the duties of that day. Protect the re
spective polls against bribery, fraud or
intimidation. No authority can em
power any man to interfere with the
lawful casting of your rightful baliotß.
The right is with us, and we are certain
of victory. Make it an overwhelming
Voters Warned Against Roorbachs
Sprang on the Ere of Election.
Nbw York, Nov. 4.—Following is a
synopsis of a circular issued today from
the Republican national headquarters:
There come to the Republican com
mittee intimations that the reserve corp
of campaign lies for issuance before tbe
day of election is very prolific, and the
unusually sensational articles are to be
published, presenting what purports to
be facta from all the western states fo
publication in the east, and vice versa,
when too late to be contradicted, that
shall have intended effect at the last
moment, influencing a large number of
men who are always willing and anxious
to be on the winning side. They are to
claim everything in the east, and give
over the west bodily to the Weaver elec
toral vote. Carefully prepared tables
will be published that shall prove these
assertions and demonstrate the election
of Cleveland beyond question. The
Republicans all over the land should be
prepared for such action, and should
discredit all claims not based upon sure
information, and tbe more sensational
the story the more it should be dis
The Irish-American voteß are to have
careful consideration, and roorbacha of
the most sensational character pub
lished. The sentiment of the race is to.
bo worked for all it is worth, and several
prominent Irish-Americans who are as
firm Republicans as the head of the
ticket himself wiil be quoted as having
at the last moment turned to the apostle
of English interests, and as deserting
protection and honest money for the
false god of free trade and wildcat cur
Be on your guard ; believe only that
whicli is consonent with common sense,
or accompanied by unimpeachable testi
mony, and do not change the convictions
that come by honest thought, but vote
aB your conscience dictates, and as you
believe to be right. You ba»e the as
surance of this committee, based upon
confidential and reliable information all
over the country, that the nominees of
the Republican party wiil be elected by
a constitutional majority, that shall be
beyond all question.
State and Federal Authorities Apt to
lin-h Iv New York.
New York, Nov. 4. —The members of
the Demociatic national committee fear
trouble at the polls if tbe marshals carry
out the United States law thia year as
they have in the past. The national
committee approves the action of the
state committee in advising the citizens
to arrest marshals who attempt to en
force those parte of the federal atatutea
which conflict with the state lawa. It
is stated that Chairman Harrity of the
Democratic national committee will is
sue a manifesto on the subject.
At Republican national and state
headquarters it was eaid today that
marshals would certainly go within the
raila at the polls, and that no authority
of the state or city had any right to pre
vent them.
At Democratic headquarters it waa
said Lieutenant Governor Sheehan's in
structions would certainly be carried
out, and the marshals arrested if they
went within tbe rails. Sheriff Gorman
has begun swearing in special deputies,
in case of an emergency.
Chairman Carter of the Republican
national committee said this evening he
had nothing further to say than that tbe
controversy was between Sheeban.and
♦he United Statea government, p.nd he
apprehended that the government was
abundantly able to take care of itself.
Edward Mitchell, attorney for the
southern district of New York, haa
written a letter to the United States
marshal and inspector of elections in
regard to Sheehan's instructions, citing
the revised statutes and telling the mar
shal to instruct each supervisor and
deputy that wherever there is any con
flict between the law of the United
Statea and the state, the law of the
United Statea is paramount. The
marshal ia also to inform the
superviFors and deputies that the
United Statea intends to carry out the
provisions of section 2019, revised stat
utes, and see that every supervisor and
every deputy, if requested to support
him, shall be allowed to take any posi
tion behind the guard rail be Bees fit,
and any person interfering witb them
in any way while they are in the per
formance of their duty can be at once
arrested without process under section
5522 revised statutes.
Charles M. Dennis >n, chief auperviaor
of elections of the northern district of
New York, has isaued final instructions
to the supervisors of elections appointed
to serve at the election November Bth,
of which the following is a part:
"The extraordinary pronuociamiento
issued by Wm. F. Sheeban, chairman of
the Democratic state campaign commit
tee, directing Democrats to prevent su
pervieora of election and United States
marshals from performing any of their
duties inside the guard rail on elec
tion day is revolutionary. Frequent
convictions have been bad in the
federal courts of persons who
committed offenses of tbe same nature
bb are now advised by Sheeban. In
view of these convictions it seems
hardly possible that any person will at
tempt to follow Sheehan's ordera, but
fearing such attempts, I again instruct
the supervisors of election that they are
to go inside the guard rail on election
day, and remain there before or behind
the ballot boxea, as they deem best,
until the voting is done,!tne votes can
vassed, the returns made and the board
of election inspectors adjourns.
Twelve hundred United Stateß deputy
marshals were sworn in today for duty
at the polls next Tuesday,
Claims Made at Democratic and Repub
lican He.dquai ters
Nkw York, Nov. 4.—The Herald says
a member of the Democratic national
committee hss prepared this statement
of the electoral votes the Cleveland
managers expect to obtain : The solid
south, 150; New York, 36; Indiana, 15;
New Jersey, 10; Connecticut, 6; Michi
gan, 6; Wisconsin. 12; total, 244
From a-emi-offioial source thia table
of Republican expectations ia obtained :
Alabama, 11 ; Colorado, 4 ;1 Illinois, 24;
lowa, 13; Michigan, 8; Nebraska, 8;
New York. 36; Ohio, 23; Pennsylvania,
32; South DaKota, 3; Washington, 4;
Wisconsin. 12; California, 8; Idaho, 3;
Indiana, 15; Massachusetts, 15; Minne
sota, 9; New Hampshire, 4; North Da
kota, 3; Oregon, 4; Rhode Island, 4;
Vermont, 4; West Virginia, 6; total,
Sehwatka's Koraains Burled.
Portland, Ore., Nov 4 —The remains
of Lieutenant Schwatka were taken to
Salem this morning, where the inter
ment took place this afternoon.
Steel building on Broadway, near Sec
ond, suitable for any kind of business.
Address 0. M. Randolph, box 800, city.
Appeals from the Stump by
Party Favorites.
Cleveland Receives an Ovation
in Jersey City-
Patrick Egan Twists the Lion's Tail
in New York,
Members of the Cabinet Pleading for
Harrison's Re-electlun — Senatur
Hill and General Stevenson
Doing Good Work.
By the Associated Press.
Jersey City, N. J., Nov. 4. —The Jer
sey City Democrats gave a hearty wel
come to ex-I'resident Cleveland tonight.
He was here as the guest of the Hudson
Pemocratic society, and 3000 men rushed
into the auditorium when the doois were
opened. Mr. Cleveland was greeted
with deafening applause when intro
duced as New Jersey's favorite and
favored son.
After some felicitoua remarka Cleve
land said, in part:
'"Eight years ago, when another pres
idential campaign had advanced nearly
to the precise stage tbe present one has
reached, I came to your state and de
clared it to be my understanding of the
Democratic creed that all tax
ation should be 1 imited to tbe. re
quirements of economical govern
ment, and that every cent taken
ftom the pockets of the people beyond
the requirements waa no better than
robbery. I need not call to your minda
that campaign. With a Democratic
president and house of representatives,
you know how faithfully we attempted
to engraft our doctrines upon the policy
of the country, and how constantly we
worked to relieve the people from the
burdens of a taxation which had its or
igin in the exigencies of a terrible and
wasting war, but was continued through
many years of peace to seive the pur
poses of private and selfish intereata. You
remember a mea>ure of relief passed
by the Demociatic house was
defeated by the Republican sen
ate. From the recreancy of the eenate
we appealed again iv another presiden
tial election to the people, with the
pledge, that if entrusted with power we
would continue the struggle to rectify
the wrongs of the unjust tariff. In the
campaign of 1888 we still followed the
banner upon winch was emblazoned the
legend : 'Unnecessary taxation is unjust
taxation' It is needless to remind you
of the agencies which operated to defeat
the Democracy in that campaign. A fea
ture of it, however, is interest ing. It wao
impossible for our opponents to overlook
the fact that our contention in the
cunse of the people had arrested the at
tention of the voters of the land to such
an extent that there waa danger in
further ina'Stence on the burdens then
resting upon the people of the land.
Then it was that the concession waa
made by them that, our tariff lawa
ought to he amended and readjusted;
and then it wbb that the party whose
representatives in the senate had de
feated our plan of relief implored the
people to trust them and rang the
changes on the delusive cry : 'Let the
tariff be readjusted by its friends.'
Thua pledged, they gained the ascend
ancy in every branch of the government,
and the tariff has been amended, if not
by ita friends, evidently by the friends
of those who grew rich under its unjust
importunities. Has the party which
promised to be the friend of the people
lightened the burdens of life in the
homes of our lat;d? Do you and your
wives and children enj ry the comforts
and advantsges your labor should
supply? Where are the in
creased wages of our workingmen,
which they were assured would lollow
the amendment to the tariff by its
friend*? You know that broken prom
isea and violated pledges are ecattered
all along the path of the Republican
party since four years ago they came to
the people with fair words. The Demo
cratic party, with no faithlessness to
excuse and no shortcomings to explain,
again appeals to the voters of the land
for their suffrages and declares
its continued adhesion to the doctrine
that the government haa no right to
burden the people by taxation beyond
the necessities of its e-onomic adminis
tration. The national Democracy rests
its hope for success upon the people's in
telligence and patriotism, aud upon the
confident trust that the principles of our
voters will not be bartered away. In
the front rank and in the thickest of the
fight we shall s<ill look for the banner
ol New Jersey "
Senator McPheraon also spoke at
length. \
TUe Senator Makes an Able Address at
Santa Ana.
Special o the Herald,]
Santa Ana, Nov. 4 —R. F. Del Valle
add reaped a large meeting here tonight,
making one of the moet able addreaaes
of the campaign. The speaker devoted
considerable time to the force bill, show
ing the results that would issue from
passage of Ihe infamous measure. He
also showed the importance of having a
representative in the United Statea sen
ate and ureed upon the Democacy the
nec-psity of electing the Democratic
nominees to the legislature. Mr. Del
Valle'e ppeech waa one of the beat heard
here this campaign.
Hill In th- Thick of the Fight.
Cortland, N V., Nov. 4.—Senator
David B Hill addressed a large audi
ence here thia afternoon. He devoted
his time mainly to the tariff question,
and closed with a strong appeal to all
Democrats to stand by Cleveland.
Ei.miua, N V.. Nov 4 —Senator Hill
addressed the largestpolitical rally so far
during the campaign held in this city
ton'ght He waa received with a most
enthusiastic demonstration. In the
course of hia speech he advocated the
taking of contest d election cases from
the legislature and giving them over to
the courts. The senator then apoke at
length on the tariff, of the McKinley
and force bills, and closed with a flat
tering eulogy of Cleveland and Steven
Tbe Lion's Tail Twisted at au Irish-Re-
I "Milnil Meeting.
New York, Nov. 4.—Au Irish-Ameri
can Republican mass meeting at Cooper
Union, tonight, waa largely attended,
and much enthusiasm manifested. Gen
eral Dennia P. Bourke made a lengthy
speech in presenting Minister Patrick
Egan aa chairman of the meeting. He
aaid: "Thirty years ago England waa
united with the rebels of the south to
destroy the union. Today she is allied
with the leaders of the Democracy of
the north to force on this nation free
trade. We helped to beat them with
bullets, and next Tueeday we will help
to beat them with ballots."
Minister Euan was warmly received
when he assumed the chair.
Mr. Euan Baid he kuew the reason he
was selected to speak this evening was
because he was singled out hy the un-
American Mugwumps and pro-British
section of the Democratic party as the
butt of all their bile and venom against
thoße of the Irish race who would uot
meekly bend the neck to the yoke of
that party. From the first day his
name was mentioned for the Chilean
mißßion the Mugwump and Dem
ocratic press, with some few
honorable exceptions, keDt tune with
tqe London Times in assailing him. In
Cnili, while loyally endeavoring to up
bold the national honor, he was treach
erously attacked from the rear by those
people, and but for the thoroughly
American stand maintained by Presi
dent HarrtEon, Mr. Blame aiid other
members of the cabinet, American pres
tige and honor would have suffered a
defeat from which it would have taken
many a long year to recover.
Egan said : "The reason the English
flag is so respected throughout
the world is the fact that the humblest
Englishman abroad can obtain redress
for wroi.gs promptly, and any ship of
the British will be ready promptly to
exact satisfaction. The officer in com
mand of the English navy said to one of
our officers at Valparaiso, that if an as
sault were committed on his men, like
that committed on tbe crew of tbe
Baltimore, he would settle the matter
at tbe muzzles of his guns, and explain
to hia government afterwards."
"Why can not Americana act thia
way?" said Egan. "Simply because
there are so many unconverted topptr
heads, ever watchful and ever ready to
take the part of any foreign foe against
their own country, that a howl would at
once be raised for the head of the officer
who should dare to do so. I felt myself,
as an Ameiican, that the glorious flag
of this republic should wave at least as
proudly aa the Btaudatd of Eng
land. I thought, too, I under
stood those were the eenti
uients of the Republican party, and its
Btandard bearer, Prezident Harrison,
and I found I was not mistaken. I
therefore adopted the course I pursued
in Chile, and am proud to say tonight
that my every act and word in that con
| nec.tiou met the unqualified approval ot
sneh representatives of Auiencn patri*
' otisra aa President Harrison and James
G Blame "
Ex-Congressman Finerty of Chicago
and John Brenuan of lowa also spoke.
Wanamaker, Miller, Klklna and Foster
on the Btump.
Inoianapolis, Nov. 4.—Attorney Gen
eral Miller delivered an address before
2000 people atMonticello this afternoon
among whom was a large representation
of Democrats. The attorney-general's
address was a strong andcomplete show
ing of the achievements of the Harrison
Goshen, Ind., Nov. 4.—Postmaster-
General VVanamaker addressed a
large Republican meeting at ibis place
early this evening, and afterwards
left for Warsaw, where he addressed
another, making seven speeches he de
livered todp.y.
Wuekmng, W. Va., Nov. 4.—Secre
tary of War Elfins addressed an im
mense crowd at Phiiippi tonight. In an
interview he expressed himself greatly
encouraged with tbe outlook for the
Steubknville, 0., Nov 4—Secretary
Charles Foster made the final speech of
the Republican campaign in this county
in this city tonight. A large audience
greeted him.
Crimea Against the Frnnchiiae Promptly
PuuUhed In Gotham.
New Yobk. Nov. 4.—The trial of John
Kearney and John Griffin, charged with
colonizing voters, was concluded today,
Griffin being sentenced to three years
and ten months at hard labor, and
Kearney remanded until Monday.
George C. Holland and William Green
(colored), both of Harlem, pleaded guilty
to falfe registration today aud were
sentenced to two years each in the peni
a number of dwellers on Randall's
island, charged with false registration,
were admitted to bail in the sum of
$1000 each.
Stevenson in Illinois.
St. Lotus, Nov. 4 — Adlai E Steven
son, after a short stay in this city this
evening, during which he was visited by
many prominent Democrats, went to
Belleville, 111., where he reviewed a
torchlight procession of 5000 men, end
later addresped an enormous crowd at
the park. Gen. John C. Black and
others also spoke. The meeting wasione
of the largest ever held in Southern
Reid Speaks in Albany.
Albany, N. V , Nov. 4 —Hon. White
law Retd addressed the final rally of the
Republican! in this city this evening.
The meeting was field under the aus
pices of the Foundrymens' Protective
league. Reid received an enthusiastic
reception, and in bis speech discussed
among other things the lahor question,
tariff and state bank currency.
Attempted 'I'rain Wrecking.
Salem, Ore., Nov. 4.—Another attempt
to wreck a Southern Pacific train
was made near here today.
A south bound freight train
ran into a tree which was placed across
the track and braced with a fence rail.
The engine knocked the obstiuction off
without damage.
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