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That has stood the test over
forty years, and is known to
be made of first-class material
lhat will stand the climate.
The Emerson Piano Suits
221 S. Broadway.
Piano Tnner and Maker
Testimonials from Wm. Steinway, A.
Weber, and Decker Bros.
Fine work in Lincrusta-Walton, Pressed Goods, Tinting, Etc.
Complete line of Room Mouldings.
Tbe well kuowii Artistic Decorator*, are connected with this Kstabllshment.
New York Weill Peiper Co.
10211 m F*. J. OI(_LMOR~, PROPRIETOR.
V \ for the best photo-
1- —■ / which ended Octo
v —TIB 1 sW F ™~— o~i~ O. ~~~~ y
—— Egg — S ber 8,1892, and at
all previous exhibits wherever work was entered iv competition.
Largest and Most Complete Studio in Southern California.
All tbe litest styles and designs used. Platlnotype, Sepia, CaxYis and Wat"
Color Portraits. Come early and secure a sitting before the holiday rush.
Retiring From Business.
A Q AT'"n<ni\T AT Fl Will sell his valuable stock of
°' iVi Boots and Shoes at the lowest
possible rate. Encumbered city property has been exchanged
for country property, hence a change of residence is an impera
tive necessity, and the BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS
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prove the statement. Call at o XT QTjpTMr QT
and get the best values for the HO I\. OrJ-vllXlj 01.,
least money. Fixtures will be disposed of with the stock.
mi T\ I'll 1 I I I It I On Adams sireet, 205 feet front-
The Beautiful Properly s-s?&S
Paim avenue drive from famous Adams street. Th* handsi me mansion and beautiful grounds
unrounding it, i-Uuated iv ihe m"St charming and rapidly g< owing potion of all los Angeles;
Burrouniud by elegant hones; the mon favoied locality; center of the elite; the "Nob Hill" of
the pr«t'leßt city on tbe continent.
This property must be sold to sstisfy a mortgage. For particulars jail on
MATLOCK & REED, Auctioneers,
Office, i2o}4 South Spring street.
CF. A. Ij AST,
Successor N. Main St.
Finest stock of old Hermitage, W. H. Meßrayer, Old Crow, Bpring Hill, New Hope,
Blue Grass. Bo d & Lillttrd, Meilwood, Old Tuylor, etc. Straight Kentucky Whiskies Fam
ily d m dlnin utrde »n lolted 9 303 m
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Leather Goods,
Stationery -
No better or larger assortment
of LEATHER GOODS can be found
on the Coast. Consisting of
Ln dies' and Gents' Purses.
Ladies' and Gents' Card cases.
Ladies' and Gents' Traveling Cases.
Ladies' and Gents' Dressing Cases.
Ladies' and Gents' Pocket Books.
Ladies' and Gent's Address Books.
Writing Tablets.
Traveling Ink Stands.
Pocket Pnoto Frames.
Pocket Toilet Ca-eB
Cisrar Cases. Etc , Etc.
Something new and novel in Flasks
Many dainty and beautiful tints
in pretty No c and Letter Paper.
Our department in Engraving is
a su< ces*.
gaT"We make a Specialty of Visit
ing Cards and Wedding Invitations.
110 South Spring St.
(Opp. Naiiean Hotel.)
Lively Betting in New York
on the Election.
Plenty of Democratic Money
Staked on Grover.
The Republican National Committee
Begging for Votes.
A Last Desperate Appeal to the Elect
ors—A Big Oatne of illull'.
The Congressional
By Che Associated Press.
New York, Nov. 6.—Fifty |thou»and
dollars Democratic money deposited at
the Hoffman hoim to bat on Cleveland
haa baen covered by about $40,000
Republican money. Edward Kearney,
a Democrat, has $50,000 more ready to
be placed the same way. Betting it
lively, the odda favoring Cleveland.
The Republican National Committee's
Tale of Woo-
New York, Nov. 6.—The following ad
dress was issued by the Republican na
tional committee today:
To the Electors of the Country : —
Tbe day of the election ia at hand. To
morrow you will be called upon to deter
mine by your votes the most important
questions fairly and squarely presented
to the country since 1801. You are to
decide between the policy of progress
and the policy of reaction in the coun
try. You are to say whether or not the
tariff schedules are to be so adjusted as
will furnish protection to the labor and
production of the country, while raising
revenue to sustain the government, or
whether such adjustment is inadmissa
ble because unconstitutional. You are
to decide between the policy of protec
tion and free trade. The party plat
forms leave no doubt aa to the posi
tion of the respective parties on
the tariff question. The Republican
platform favors protection to American
labor and American products. The
Democratic platform declares that such
a policy is unconstitutional, and there
fore commits the Democracy of the na
tion to the British free trade policy.
You are to pronounce for or against
the reliable, stable, financial structure
built by the fathers and founders of the
Republican party; you are to say
whether this sound policy is to be con
tinued or abandoned in favor of the
Democratic scheme for the ressurrection
of Btate banks and wild-cat currency. By
your vote you mußt say you do or do not
desire to disturb the present prosperity
of the country by involving our com
merce, manufacturing, agricultural and
finances in doubt aud uncertainty for an
indefinite period.
The re-election of Harrison will in
sure tbe continuance of the splendid
policy under which the nation has pros
pered in every branch of life. His elec
tion will insure a continuance of con
fidence in the policy of the government,
and will eliminate all questions of doubt
as to the course to be pursued with ref
erence to important government opera
tions in the future. The election ol
Cleveland would, on the contrary, briug
business to a stand-still; involve every
operating industry in doubt and raise
questions as to tbe effect unknown leg
islation might have on the economic
and financial policy of the government.
We confidently submit to the country
that no cause exists for a change, and
that abundant reasons will occur to the
mind of every loyal citizen in favor of
the continuance of Republican policies
and Republican administration.
This committee has conducted the
campaign on the issues presented by
tbe respective parties. Our opponents
have been driven to the necessity of
saying that their candidate was better
than their platform, and should be
trusted not to execute its declarations.
Tney would have the country believe,
through their candidate, that they can
procure tariff reform, while the party in
convention assembled declared itself ab
solutely in favor of free trade.
The Democratic managers would have
tbe country believe that their nominee
can be eafely trusted to violate the
pledges of the party in favor of the
resurrection of state banks. In Bhort,
tbe Democracy of the country
has abdicated in favor of its
candidate, and the management
hopes to win in this way by insisting that
the party does not support his platform,
but relies upon its candidate to violate
the platform—thus hanging the pros
perity of the country on tbe slender
thread of a single human life.
Our candidate, and the party he rep
resents, is each in complete harmony
with tbe other, and both candidate and
party stand in harmony with tbe best
interests of the republic. We dodge no
issue. We do not ask our candidate to
aid us in catching votes by promising to
violate or refuse to execute any princi
ple of tbe party as announced
in its national platform. The
party nominated a candidate worthy
of the confidence and respect of every
citizen, whether be be judged by his
acts on the field of battle while defend
ing the national flag, as a senator in
congress, or as the chief magistrate.
It is gratifying to announce that the
patriotic press of tbe country haß, to an
unprecedented extent, supported our
candidate and platform during this
campaign. Neither our campaign nor
our cause has proven popular in Eng
land or continental Europe. Tbe Demo
cratic nominee and platform have met
with.universal approval in every coun
try seeking to rival us in the commer
cial world. Not a single newspaper in
England or the continent has spoken a
kindly word for General Harrison
or the Republican party. Our
policy does not justify it, nor have
we courted favor from the champions of
alienators. This cannot be said of our
political opponents. We ever relied for
support on tbe friends of American com
merce and not on foreign interests.
While pleading poverty, the Demo
cratic national committee has been am
ply supplied witb funds intended to in
fluence American citi/.enß to vote against
their own interest. We are advised
that these funds have been chiefly con
tributed by foreigners, who seek to
break down the barriers of protectec
tion, to the end that they may reap a
profit on the ruin of the industries buiit
up by the patriotic policy of the Repub
lican party. This committee has used
the meagre contributions given it by
the people to fairly and honorably pre
sent to the country the issues to be
passed upon at the ballot box. Our op
ponents have relied upon the degrading
and corrupt influence of money, to be
used on election day, to induce the peo
ple to abandon their principles and in
terests and vote the Democratic ticket.
For tbe purpose of covering this repre
hensible scheme, the Democratic press
haß substantially abandoned the discus
sion of the issues, and their space has
been devoted to a continuous and wholly
unjustified line of assertions, with refer
ence to the supposed enormous contri
butions to the Republican national
committee for the alleged purpose of
carrying the election.
Driven to desperation, well-knowing
tbat the common sense of the body of
the people is arrayed againßt their un
righteous cause, the Democratic man
agers have not only sent forth a false cry
to covet up their* tracks wnile under
taking to debauch the voter, but have
likewise in this state, through the
lieutenant-governor, sought to incite
evil disposed personß to employ insur
rectionary methods for the purpose
of preventing the officers of the law
from guarding the ballot box, as they
are Bworn to do, for the purpose of pre
venting fraud. For the first time in the
history of the republic a prominent
officer, in an imperial state, has en
deavored to incite tbe citizens who here
tofore honored him by their confidence
to violate the law for the purpose of
securing partisan advantage. We ex
pect the law-abiding citizens of the
Empire state to resent this.
Confidently relying upon your patriot
ism, we rest with you the cauae of tbe
government, the policy of reciprocity,
the financial eystem of the government,
the extension of our merchant marine,
and the Republican principle of a free
ballot and an honest count. We appeal
to every Republican, every friend of
protection, every friend of fair trade,
every friend of honest money and every
friend of universal sufl'range to support
the Republican ticket.
The Democratic Majority la the House
Likely to Be Reduced.
Washington, Nov. G.—There is but
one point on which both great political
parties agree, and tbat is that the Dem
ocratic majority in the present house of
representatives will be largely reduced.
In Kansas and Nebraska the situa
tion is involved more than elsewhere.
The Democrats after having made a
strong fight for independent existence,
realizing tbat if continued it would be
nothing more than a fight for principle,
have abandoned tbe contest in those
states and gone over to tbe third party.
In Nevada tbe new party will elect its
electors and Bend a free silver exponent
to the house.
The fusioniets have made the Demo
crats uneasy in at least two districts of
In Michigan the Republicans admit
the probability of tbe election of three
Democrats out of 12 representatives,
while the Democrats claim at least half
the delegation.
In Connecticut tbe Republicans have
one of four members of tbe present
house, and expect another.
In Georgia interest centers in tbe
fight between tbe straight Democratic
candidate, J. C. Black, and Tom Wat
son ; the chances are said to favor
In Illinois the close districts are the
Third, Eighth, Ninth and Fifteenth.
Six of the 11 lowa districts are now
Republican and the party is hopeful for
four more in the next house.
In Indiana the Republicans,who have
four of the 13 members, hope to get one
more in the Seventh district.
In Kansas the Alliance haß five of
the seven members, but there has been
a reaction in politics, which may reduce
the number.
One Republican representative in
Kentucky, Wilson of the Eleventh dis
trict, will have a hard time to hold his
In Louisiana and Maryland no change
is expected.
One feature of the contest in Massa
chusetts is tbe lively canvass of Will
iams and Draper in tbe Eleventh dis
In Minnesota the third party expects
to carry three districts.
Missouri gained two members under
the reapportionment act, and will have
ten in the next bouse. Tbe chances are
that two Republicans will be among
There is an interesting fight in the
first New Hampshire district between
Blair, Republican, and Stone, Democrat.
The third party cuts no'figure.
Owing to the death of McDonald, the
Democratic nominee, in the seventh
New Jersey district, tbere is a strong
probability of a gain of a Republican
congressman in tbat state.
It is not probable t hat tbe delegation
from New York will show any material
In North Carolina the third psrtv has
a candidate in every district, and it is
possible it will carry three or four dis
Ohio has six Republicans to 15 Demo
crats, but as that state has been re
districted it may stand 16 Republicans,
five Democrats.
In Pennsylvania there is a spirited
struggle in the Sixth and Eleventh dis
tricts, and in the Twenty fourth, tbe
Homestead district, an independent
candidate has been put up, which jeop
ardizes the Republican chances.
Rhode Island iB very doubtful; the
two Democrats now in congress have
been renominated, but the struggle may
terminate in favor of the Republicans.
In South Carolina the Democrats will
have a clean sweep.
In South Dakota the Democrats and
third party have fused, making the
result doubtful.
In Tennessee the Republicans have
chances in the Chattanooga district and
the Ninth district.
In Texas and Virginia the Democrats
will probably ha/c it all their own way.
Ln West Virginia there is a prospect
of a Republican inroad upon tbe present
solidly Democratic delegation.
In Wisconsin the third party bopea to
carry three districts.
A Congressional Committee in New York
to Investigate Them.
New York, Nov. 6.—The following
"notice to registered voters" haa been
sent out:
The Hpecial committee of the house of
representatives of the United States, ap
pointed to inquire into the supervision
and administration of the election lawa
by officers of the United Statea within
the city ana county of the state of New
York, hereby request any registered
voters who may have received threaten
ing letters purporting to be sent by the
chief eupervisorof electionsof the south
ern district of New York, or who may be
arrested on election day, charged with
offenses against the election law, and
who are not subsequently indicted or
tried for 6uch offenses; aud any regis
tered voters who may b9 interfered with
at the polls in the exercise of any of
their legal rights by persons claiming to
act as United States marshals, or under
the authority of the chief superviaor of
elections, to send as Bpe.edily aa possible
their names and addresses, with a
statement of the facta in each case, to
the chairman of the committee, at 93
Naesau Btreet, New York. Iv caseß of
arrest on election day, followed by the
discharge of the person arreated, it iB
particularly desired that the name of
the deputy making the arreßt be de
manded, and if tbe name be refused,
tbat a statement of the menace and de
scription of the person acting or claim
ing to act as auch deputy marshal be
furnished the committee of the house.
A Bub-committee of the house commit
tee will be in seaaion on election day at
the poatoffice building, to receive any
evidence which may be offered.
By order of the committee,
AsiißEi. P. Fitch, chairman.
Mr. M< Lachlan'M Plea for the Votes of
the Pomonans.
Special to the Herald.
Pomona, Nov. (i. —Your correspondent
waß informed late this morning by a
gentleman who claims to have received
a postal card, copies of which he says
are addressed to the voters of Pomona,
asking them to support Jamea McLach
lan, cadidate for re-election to the office
of district attorney upon the Republican
ticket, on account of the decided stand
Mr. McLachlan took in the land owners'
favor in the land trouble which agitated
our people a Bhort time ago. It is
claimed by the informant and a com
mitteeman of the People's party who
have carefully investigated the matter
that Mr. McLachlan did nothing in
the case but what wae his sworn
duty. If he had done otherwise
he would have been recreant to the
trust imposed in him by the public, and
he does not deserve the support of any
Democrat or Populist for what ne did in
the matter, and it behooves the peoule
to cast a rousing majority for Mr. Dillon,
Mr. McLachlan's opponent, and in elect
ing bim the disclosure of the rascality
in all its hideousneea of the Republican
ring in our county will be accomplished.
The gentleman who vouchsafes the in
formation stands ready to reveal hia
identity and is Known to the Herald
reporter as a gentleman whose word can
be relied upon. Hal Hamner.
Attorney Aldrich Expects No Troub.e
on Election Day.
Washington, Nov. o.—Acting Attor
ney-General Aldrich says the policy of
the department haa already been clearly
defined, and cannot possibly be misun
derstood by inte ligent citizens. Being
asked if he anticipated any trouble be
tween the federal and state authorities,
he replied:
"No, none whatever, relying, aa I do,
on the patriotism and good sense of the
"Have you considered a possible re
sort to troope in protecting your offi
"No; the possibility of the necessity
of using troops has not been for a mo
ment contemplated. I do not construe
Governor Flower's proclamation as in
any way conflicting with the views of
this department in its position. I de
sire to emphasize tbat United Statea
marebals and deputies are not partisans,
and are not to make any discriminations
between parties in the performance of
their duties."
The Republican National Committee
Claims a Great Victory.
New York, Nov. 0. —The Republican
national committee has sent the follow
ing telegram to all the chairmen of Re
publican state committees:
With the full Republican vote all
along tbe line Tuesday you may be as
sured of a more pronounced victory than
has occurred since the soldier-statesman,
General Grant, led the ticket in 1808.
Driven to desperation by the hopeless
ness of their cause, tbe Demociatic lieu
tenantgov rnor of this state has issued
a proclamation citing evil-disposed per
sona to employ revolutionary methods.
The law-abiding people of this state will
resent such unpatriotic appeals.
Thomas II Carter, Chairman.
Lewis E. McComas, Secretary.
The Outlook in Vermont.
White River Junction, Vt., Nov. (5. —
The presidential election is tbe cause of
no apparent stir politically in tbe state.
The state election is the only one which
is considered to have any bearing upon
the result of the national c ection. The
majority of Harrison in 1888 was but 073
leßs than was given Dillingnam for gov
ernor, and unusually large. The major
its for Governor Fuller was considerably
leas this year than tbe R. publicans ex
pected. It is likely that the majority
for Harrison will be as large as tbatgiven
for Fuller, and may he larger.
Massachusetts Independents.
Boston, Nov. 6. —The Independent
Republican state committee lias en
dorsed Russell, Democrat, for governor.
The committee also endorsed tbe Re
publican presidential ticket.
Any one in possession of !5 cents can go to
the ne»reit rteHler iv medicines and procure a
bottle of -alvilli ■» Oil and bj cur d at once of
raeamatiim, imrn'ni i, or any patu or ache.
Steel building on Broadway, near Sec
ond, suitable for any kind of business.
Address 0. M. Randolph, box 809, city.
Sad Fate of the Whaleship
Helen Mar.
The Vessel Ground to Atoms
Twenty-Eight of the Crew Drowned
Ouly Five Escaped—Terrible Suft'eriiig
Kudu red by the Survivors Be
fore a Vessel •* auie to
Their Rescue.
By the Associated Press.
San Francisco, Nov. 6.—The steam
whaler Beluga, which arrived from the
Arctic today, brings news of the des
truction of the whaling bark Helen
Mar, Captain Thaxter, and the loss of
28 of her crew. Only five of the veeeel's
men were saved. On October 6th,
while the Helen Mar was in latitude 71
degrees ,30 minutes north, longitude 169
degrees 30 minutea west, she was
crushed in the ice.
While the crew of tho whaler were
busily engaged in cutting up a whale
the vessel was caught in a swift current
aud was carried between two big ice
bergs. They came together, crushing
the bark to pieces, and she sank almost
The ice came in a rush and without
warning. Th vessel and her boats were
crushed to splinters, the officers and
men having no time to lower the boats
and get away. Fifth Mate Ward, a
boat steerer, Cook Ocey Kershaw and
two sailors were the only ones saved.
They clung to the main mast as it went
over on the ice. Tbe rest of the crew,
including Caotain Thaxter, were either
crushed to death or drowned. For 48
hours the five men clung to the mast
and were finally taken off by the steam
whaler Orca.
Tbe Beluga brought down with her
the cook and a Japanese sailor of the
Mar. Two others remained on the
Orca, and one went on the whaler Rein
The Helen Mar bad taken five whales
before her destruction, aud was owned
by Wright, Bowen & Co., of this city.
Ocey Kershaw, cook of the Helen Mar,
who came down on the Beluga, fells a
story of terrible suffering and hardship
after the wreck. The five suivivors suc
ceeded in getting on the ice, and for 48
hours they suffered from cold and expos
ure. Mate Ward's lege were frozen up
to the knees, and Kershaw's left foot
was also frozen. When rescued by the
whaler Orca they were nearly dead from
William Robinson, chief officer of the
whaler F. A. Baretow. snd John Galla
gher of the Thrauber dbd in the Arctic.
New Bedford, Murs., Nov. 6—The
officers of the bark Helen Mar, crushed
in the Artie region, follow: E. O. Thax
ter, master; W. E Handy, first mate;
Richard L Ellis, second mate; Joaquin
Minia, third mate; John OH ra, fourth
mate; William Ward, fifth mate; An
tonio Leitz, Antonio Paugalino. Louis
Antone, Frank Bitch and C. Nelson,
boat stearera; Willis Bray, steward;
Ocey Kershaw, cook; G. Cooper, car
The wife of Captain Thaxter, who is
a native of St. Helena, recently arrived
in this city, were ehe expected to meet
her husband on his return from the
Second Mate Ellis belongs in Dirt
mouth, but for a number of years made
his borne in San Francisco when not in
the Arctic.
Officers Shot While Trying to Take an
ICsca|ied Convict.
Meridian, Miss., Nov. C. —A bloody
feud is now on in Kemper county.
Some years ago Tom Tolbert was con
victed of rape, escaped from the peni
tentiary, was recaptured and escaped
again. The sheriff took steps to arrest
him, and sent Deputies Spinks and
Donald to do the work. Yesterday the
deputies met Tom and John Tolbert and
were fired on. Spinks and Donald re
turned the fire, killing John Tolbert.
Tom Tolbert escaped, but was chased
by hounds and took refuge iv his
father's house, which the posse sur
rounded. A light followed, Thomas
Cole of the posse being killed. Another
party has left for the Tolbert place and
more trouble is expected.
Germany Can No Longer Trust Iter
New York, Nov. 6. —The Herald's
Berlin correspondent cables as follows:/
The same high political authority whoe/
opinions on the army bill I cabled yes
terday gave me another interview to
day. Speaking of the meaeure in its in
ternational bearings, he said: "The
army bill proves directly tbat we can no
longer trust our allies. We are required
to arm to tbe teeth as though war were
Trouble Expected in Kansas City.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 6 —Trouhle
between the state and federal officers on
election day seemß unavoidable. United
States Marshal Tracy will have 200 dep
uties on band to enforce the federal
laws, eveu to passing behind the guard
rail. The state will have an equal num
ber of officers at the polls to prevent any
one of the United States officers from
passing behind Ihe rail. If both sets of
officers obey their orders, trouble is sure
to ensue.
Italian Elections.
Rome, Nov. 6 —The generel election
of members of the Italian parliament
was held today Among ihe candidates
successful are Signors I'ellonx and Biu
acci, members of the present cabinet,
and Colombo and Barsilai, members of
the last ministry. Most of tbe members
of the present government were re
elected. The elections were quiet.
Your fall suit should be made by Gets.
Fine tailoring, best fitter, large stock,
112 West Third street.
in the Arctic.
or Crushed by tbe Ice.

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