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No. 221 South Broiiny.
Piano Tuner and Maker
Testimonials from Wm. Steinway, A.
Weber, and Decker Broa.
Betts & Silent,
We ofier today: Business property on spring Can you buy f,OO to 1000 acres at IjHiO per
street and Broadway Vte have iwt or three acre, close toL a A ngeleit We have it. Not
choice bargains which are not ou the gcucial en —*vi. ~„ „„„. „„ . „. , , .
market. If yon aro not pr pared to buy do not 20 miles from this ci-y, near Buera Park: best
call lor particulars on this property. °> Wui Jles level, and is cro.-scd by both tbe
Orange grove of lOarrrsln ben Gabriel val- southern Pacific and Senta Fe railways. The
ley, only 20 miles from this city, all in line . only isige bony of good la> d foutbeast and
navel trees; will bear next season; lies level; cloie to the city yet to be bad. $00 per acru
choice neighborhood: best of toil; watt r ritiut, on terrou. Abo two other townsite or col
etc , and inline condition; cheap at $1000; only ony pioporhion.-., one oi SOO and ono oi 1000
$1500 cath; balance aa you please; acres.
BETTS & SILENT, Second and Broadway.
For the best photographs at the late Horticultural Fair. CABINET PHOTOS
ONLY $5.00 A DOZEN. Come in tbr-e for your Xutas orders.
Largest and Most Compete Studio in Southern California.
All the latest styles and designs used. '
Retiring From Business.
boots andllelatcqst
A Q AT Tl Will "sell his valuable stock "of
**• °* iVI Boots and Shoes at the , owest
possible rate. Encumbered city property has been exchanged
for country property, hence a change of resiti'ince is an impera
tive necessity, and the BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS
MUST GO. This is no advertising dodge. The records will
prove the statement. Call at q xt qttd QT
And get the best values for the HO I\. orJL\.ll\Lr Oi.
least money. Fixtures will be disposed of with the stock.
The many customers that could not be waited on in
our store during the rush last week will find that we have
Increased our facilities for selling
£11 Goods Sold on tne Go-Gperative Plan!
TTiis • Week Only.
Chair- , Rockere, Tables, Wood Ba"
-ketf>, Look Racks, etc.—any of these
make a USEFUL and PRETTY Xmas
prMentj „
We keep open evening's from now
till December 24th.
110 South Spring St.
t'Opp. Nadean Hotel.)
The Renegades Fire Upon a
A Posse on the Trail of the
Four of the Roslyn Bank. R#)l>ers
Now iv Custody. jfc
Otiloors iv Hot Pursuit of tbe Notthcin
PuciQc Train Kobbsr*—A Tot* a
Terrorized by Footpads
and Murders.
By the Associated Press.
Tucson, Aria., . Nov. 26.—A MMcial
from Bowie saya two of Kid's hand,
driving off horses within two
miles of tbat place, shot at a cowboy
named Ashley, who came in and re
ported. Within less than half an hour
several citizens started on the trail, aud
the lookout from the hotel roof CO i!d
see the Indians riding up the valiej and
the posse on the trail, about 15 minutes
behind them. The Indians crossed
over a ridge and then doubled bacK on
th(ir trail and made direct for Copper
Creek cafun, opposite this place, and
the posse waß still in pursuit at 4 p. m.,
15 minutes behind them, when they
disappeared in the cation.
A Posae in Hot Pursuit of the Three
Hand Its.
Tacoma, Wash., Nov. 26.—Tho three
robbers who held up the Northern Pa
cific overland at Hot Springs, Thursday
night, are being pursued in the Cascade
mountaina by a posse of deputy sheriffs
nnd Theil detectives, headed hy Sheriff
Woollery of King county. A reward of
$500 for the robbers' arrest was offered
this afternoon by the Northern Pacific.
It ia learned thi3 evening that tbe Sher
iff's posse has been divided. Several
men are kept near Hot Springs to work
up clues; others have been ' bent
out to watch and guard the
Greer« river, Wenßtchee and Wilke
son • trails, which lepd thrutich
the mountains in different directionf.
With these trails carefully guarded the
officers believe the robbers cannot es
cape. Many tbeore? have been ad
vanced about the robbers, one being
that they are a gang from California
who have b&ui driven northward by the
vigilance of the Southern Pacific dating
the last few months. Some believe
them part of tbe Gilliam county, Ore.,
gang. Certain officers think the 'ob
bers knew pi H. Giiinnroe's preface
on t.»i-. ♦ rpli)' ~aid vrj'v .1 ti'j .. 1 jjj .
had Just received Mm this sale of a
mine at Slogan. He was-relieved of
$870, but his wife, who had $2700 sewed
in her dress, was not molested.
Robbery and Murder Rife at Wenatchle,
Wenatchib, Wash., Nov. 26 —Within
a week three old-time residents have
been held up by footpads. Thurs
day evening Joseph Cooper was
shot down while walking along
Wenatchie avenue, and hardly a night
passes that someone is not robbed and
terribly beaten.. Laet night John Mc-
Vicker, an old and decrepit
man residing 13 miles down the
Columbia river from this place,
waa robbed and killed and dragged
from his hut. Officers went from here
today to investigate the case, but no ar
rests have been made. The
people are becoming thoroughly
alarmed and have organized for
protection. A protection association
also exists among the railroaders, aB
some of their number have been robbed,
and the first man wqp is caught will in
all probability be strung up to a tele
graph pole.
Four of tbe Rotlyn Rank Robbers Now
in Custody.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 26.—-Officers ar
rived today with Thomas Kenzie and
George Zackery, two men who were ar
rested in Gilliam county, on Thursday,
for the robbery of the bank of Abraham
Sniper & Co. at Roslyn, Wash., Septem
ber 23d. Calvin Hale» the,third man
arrested, will be brought here later.
Dell Zackery, another of the gang,
was arrested today in Gilliam county.
Dell is a brother of George Zackery. The
prisoner will he brought here tomorrow
by Deputy Sheriff Hale of Pendleton.
Byron Bernard/the last of the live men
engaged in the robbery, is still at large.
Little News Items Picked Up in the
Coabt Mt-tropollt.
San Francisco, Nov. 26.—Dr. Will
iams held an autopsy on the remains of
Hattie Fellovrs, a former employe of the
Carson City mint, who was fouud dead
on a San Jose train, and stated that epi
lepsy was the probable cauee of her
S. Tachibana, a Japanese domestic,
was fcuDd dead in his room this morn
ing, having been accidentally asphyxi
A further the accounts
of Joseph B. Cook, tbe missing clerk of
police court No. 1, shows that his ac
counts are $3155 short.
Her majesty's steamship Daphne ar
rived here this morning from Eequi
mault, B. C.
At the Mercy of Fire.
Portland, Ind., Nov. 20 —Fire start
ed iv Weaver's dry goods store at Dun
kirk t his afternoon, and rapidly spread
to the surrounding structures, threaten
ing the town. The place is without fire
protection, and the Hartford City fire
department went to the scene, but was
unahle to cope with the flames. Meager
advices state that 10 dwellings and nine
business houses were destioved, entail
ing a loss of $75,000.
Your fall suit should be made by Get*.
Fine tailoring, best fitter, large stock,
112 West Third street.
The Mutilated Body Found Possibly
That of Dr. Tynan.
Stockton, Cal., Nov. 26—Mrs. Dr.
Tynan, wife of the missing Modesto
capitalist, who disappeared mysteri
ouply in San Francisco last week, came
here today to make inquiries about the
murder mystery here, having read of
the finding of the attne and leg 3 and af
terwards the headless trunk ot a fuli
eized man. She fears her husband was
murdered, and says he might
have been shipped here and
disposed of in sections far from the
place of disaprearance. She says her
husband's right arm was disabled, and
that tbe'bones were never ret after
breaking many yearß ago. Tho right
arm found several weeks ago in the
water here had only the bones of the
forearm. The coroner and Detective
Carroll will exhume the remains to
morrow for closer examination.
A. Unitarian minister's Mysterious Ab
sence from Fresno.
Fresno, Nov. 26.— Considerable anxi
ety is felt here at the disappearance of
Dr. S. A. Gardner, a Unitarian minister.
He left Fresno last August, going to
San Francisco, from where he wrote to
his wife a few days after his arrival.
Since then nothing has been heard of
him, and his many friends here are be
ginning to feel alarmed about him.
Gardner waß employed as a lecturer by
the Unity Bociety of this city.
So Say Mrs. Blame and the Family,
Physician—The Patient to Bo
MoveC' to Pasadena at an
Early Date.
Washington, Nov. 26.—Blame's con
dition continues to eicite gossip, not
withstanding the positive statements ol
the family and attending physicians
that nothing serious is the matter with
him. *
Aa aoon aa Blame is able he will leave
Washington to take up hia residence for.
a time in some warmer and more even
climate. The weather here ia irritating
his bronchial trouble, and the doctor
finds more difficulty in effecting a cure.
Blame's present conditio.! is such, in
view ot the complications that may
arise at any time, that he deems it beßt
to seek a climate tbat will do for him
what medical skill does not appear to
do here. It is Understood that r»\sa
rie-uji, Cal., bn- h>"p selected ft the
fflWi fi''i(tiMs ptu'e ut isftidcnceS hiiu
that Btaine and his family will go there
early next month, starting about the
Ist, and traveling by easy stages through
the south and west by way of the
Southern Pacific.
All callers at Blame's house this
morning were informed by the attend
ants that Blame was very much better
this morning. There appears to be no
good reason for alarm in tbe case of the
invalid. ~
Later.—According to the best obtain
able information. Blame- is slowly but
surely recovering from the recent attack
that gave his family and friends bo much
concern. Several prominent officials
who celled at the house today were in
formed by Mrs. Blaipe that her husband
was better yesterday than the day be
fore and still better today than yester
day. She assured them tbat his condi
tion has never been so serious as to
alarm anybody, and said she was at a
loss to account for the Bensational re
ports that had appeared in several news
papers concerning the case. Her bright
and cheerful manner, more than her
words, indicated the encouragement she
No More Pupils Can Bo Taken at tho
Whittier Reform School.
Whittier, Nov. 26.—Tbe Whittier
reform school now has 325 boys and 75
girls. The superintendent refuses to
receive any more until more room is
provided. Superior judges, police
judges and justices of the peace Bhould
learn whether a child will be admitted
before committing. Aa children are dis
missed, be admitted, thus
keeping the number 400.
A West&ru Naval Academy.
Chicago, Nov. 26. -Tbe Chicago
Yacht club, it is announced, is- arrang
ing for the eatabliehment of a western
naval academy on the city lake front,
near Fifty first Btreet. The grounds will
also contain superb club buildings. It iB
proposed that instructors ihall he pro
vided by the United States government,
and the radets from Annapolis shall
yearly visit the institution to obtain
lake practice. Graduates of the Chicago
academy are not intended primarily for
service in the federal navy, but will be
competent to fill the officex>f lieutenant
or midehipman or take places on mer
The Indian School Service.
Washington, Nov. 20. —Mrs. M. A.
Doreheßter, special agent for the Indian
school service, in her annual report,
among other thinge, refers to the im
provement in school buildings in the
lines of comfort, safety, healthfulness
and general respectability. On the
whole, while much remains to be done,
and further improvement ia still needed
in many lines, the tone of the Indian
school service in general and in detail
shows improvements tbat are gratifying.
Theory v». Practice.
San Antonio, Tex., Nov. 26—The
raiumaking experiments which were
begun yesterday by Prof. Dyrenforth
and party were kept up until 3 o'clock
this morniDg, with results, though not
a copious-downpour, sufficient to demon
strate that the theory ol producing rain
by concussion 1b a correct one.
A Waihtngton.lSetrotkal.
Washington, Nov. —The engage
ment is announced of Florence Miller,
daughter of the attorney-general, to Mr.
Clifford Arrick, a young lawyer oi this
city, employed ft present in the de
partment of justice.
How Grover Subjugated the
Tammany Beast.
He Flatly Refused to Bow to
the Machine.
A Threat to Appeal to the People Had
a Marvelous Effect.
Inside Facta of tho Famous Interview
. at the Victoria Hotel—How Mur
phy and Sheeliau'« Pro
posals Were Met.
By the Af Booiated Pre**.]
New York, Nov. 20.—"1 will appeal
from tho machine to tho people. This
very night I will issue a declaration to
the electors of the state, telling them of
the proposition you made me aud tho
reason why I am not able to accept it.
I will ask them to choose between us.
Such is my confidence in the people
that before the week ends I believe
your machine will be in revolution
against you. I cannot make the prom
ises you ask."
In the foregoing words, the Herald j
will say tomorrow, Grover Cleveland re
plied to the proposition made by Lieu
tenant-Governor Sheehan at the memor
able Victoria hotel dinner, September
Bth, which was productive of so much
gossip. Within 10 minutes Messrs.
Mnrphy and Sheelkn withdrew their
request for pledges or promises, and ac
cepted the situation as tbey found it.
Before they left the room they pledged
to the ticket a support as vigorous tie
their terms agreed 10.
An Ohio Statesman Who Is Into.-eotod
In Southern California.
San Fbancisco, Nov. 20.—Congress
man Vincsnt Taylor of Cleveland, 0.,
has arrived in the city. "J was in Cali
fornia during October," ho Raid, "but
went, houte to aid in rolling up a Repub
lican majority in Ohio. My present
business in this Btate is to further a
scheme I have on foot iv connection
with some property of mine in Sin Ber
nardino county. I own a 10,000 acre
tract of timber land down there and am
now having surveys made for a railroad
which I intend to build from Crafton,on
the Southern Pacific, aud Mentone on
the Santa Fe, up tho Santa Ana valley, a
distanco of about 20 miles. Thu Santa
valley at this point is one of the
Voveliest spots in California, aud the
'■p'-ti-y in «tor<Bt..ar.l» rtwci %$& srAMp
Mr. Tayio.r Bays his intention is to
erect a large hotel at the end of tho line.
Not Less Than 83 Democratic Majority
iv the House.
Washington, Nov. 26.—Captain Mc-
Kee, at the Republican congressional
committee rooms, made a calculation of
the composition of the next house, using
as a basis, he says, figures from returns
made to the various secretaries of Btate.
Two Rhode Island districts where there
were no election have been omitted
from the calculation, which results as
follows: Democ-ats elected, 218; Re
publicans. 128; Populists, 8; giving the
Democrats a majority over the Republi
cans and Populistß co nbined of 82. Of
the four territories, Arizona, New Mex
ico and Utah elected Democratic dele
gates, and Oklahoma a Republican dele
The Kangaroo Ballot Endorsed by 30
County Clerks.
San Francisco, Nov. 26.—The Call
has received communications from 36
county clerks throughout the Btate, giv
ing their views upon the Australian bal
lot system. They are almost unani
mous in declaripg the new sys f em a
success, and expressing a desire for its
New York Free Silver League.
New Yokk, Nov. 26—The executive
committee of the New York Free Silver
league met at headquarters today arid
appointed a committee of five to visit
Washington and advocate the passage of
a bill to incrpase the purchase of silver
from 4,500,000 to 18,000,000 ounces per
month, aB a necessary measure to pre
vent a fall in prices and relieve the peo
ple from the evils of a contracted cur
The committee will also advocate the
passage of a bill to restrict immigration
by a heavy on all immi
Governor Russell's Plurality.
Boston, Nov. 26. —A recount shows
that Russell, Dem., is re-elected gover
nor by 2(i86 plurality; Walcott, Rep.,
for lieutenant-governor, has 0003 plural
Competition Compels the Pa«!fia Mail to
Get Off Its I'ercli.
San Francisco, Nov. 20.—A cut of
one-half in the reguh v ir freight rates of
the Pacific Mail Steamship line on
freight to Champerico, San Jose de
Guatemala and La Libertad is an
nounced to commence December sth.
The cut ia occasioned by the competi
tion cf the Spanish-American Steamship
company, whose new line is just being
put into' operation between Central
American ports' and thia city. The
Briiish steamer Granholm, which sailed
on the 2d inßt., was the first steamer of
the new line, and will bo followed by
the steamer Monlserrat, which loads to
leave here December Ist,
Female Knights of Labor Fired.
Cleveland, 0., Nov. TO.—T. B. Mc-
Guire of the general executive commit
tee of Kuights of Labor today began
criminal proceedings against the Troy
Steam laundry for discharging 23 girls
because they joined the Knights of
Oue of Them Was „ Female ia Male
Santa Fk, X. M., Nov. 26,-John Mc-
Lecd and Sam Pollock missed a number
of horses and, upon search, found them
in the possession of three persons a few
miles north of Rlncon. McLeod and
Pollock were received with a
volley of bullets, which they returned,
killing one of the thieves and wounding
another. The third proved to be a
woman known as the "Kid," who says
her name ia Alice Parker, and that she
is from Texas. She was dressed in
male attire and armed. The man killed
was John Middletdn. and the fatally
wounded is W. S. Wcatherin.
Rhode laland Cotton Spinners Increase
Their Employes' Wages.
Providence, R. 1.. Nov. 26.—At a
meeting of the spinners of Blackstone
valley district tonight reports were re
ceived from a majority of the mills,
stating that an increase of 7 per cent
in wages would be made December sth.
The incieaee at J. '& P. Coate»\ limited,
at Pawtucket, will be from 10 to 15 per
cent iv all departments. The Berkeley
mill made no report, and the secretary
of the national association of spinners
is to be appealed to if au answer is not
given at once.
A Veteran Lithe Navigator.
Chicago, Nov. 26.—Cspt. A. W. Ross
nan, tbe veteran (*f all tbe vessel cap
tains on the lakes in point of active
service, died in this city today.
Calculations of the Orbit of Holmes'
Jqniet—Brilliant Meteoric Dis
plays Predicted for Sunday
and Monday Nights.
Boston, Nov. 26.—A cable message re
ceived tonight from the European Union
of Astronomers annou. r :ceb the discov
ery of a faint comet by Mr. Freeman
of Brighton, England. Its position on
November 24th, Greenwich mean time,
was bright ascension, hours, 29 min
utes; declination, north 30 degrees, 0
minutes. It has a motion directly
south, of three degrees daily, about cix
degrees south of Holmes's comet.
A Science Observer comet circular,
issncd bere today, announces officially
two elliptic orbils of Holmes's comet,
one computed by Dr. Kreatz and cabled
from Europe, and tbe other computed
by Father Sears of Washington. The
two orbits agree in period irom e'ix to
seven years ior the comet in arj orbit
which is more nearly circular than that
Ot any othor.
Professor Rees Predicts a Dis
play Tonight.
New York, Nov. 20.—Prof. J. K. Rees
of Columbia college conservatory ia
busy watching the comr-t tonight and is
also on the lookout for meteotic show
ers. At 9:30 o'clock be said the comet
was scarcely visible and rapidly disap
pearing straight above the earth. "To
morrow night," Baid Professor Rees, "I
expect a brilliant display of falling .
meteors, and probably on Montlay also.
The best time to see the heavenly dis
play is between the hours of 12 and 2
a. nr., though it may ci.minenceearlier."
Two Bobbers Disastrously Boat a
Sheriff's PoMe.
Rome, Ga., Nov. 26.—An attempt wis
made last night to arrest Jester Scott
and William Morrow, at Flainesville,
for complicity in a bold rohbsry at
Little Roe. As the sheriff and posse ap
proached the house wl are the men
were they came out and opened fire.
Sheriff McGinnls was shot in the
stomach and died in a short time. A
general fight ensued, in which Scott was
captured aud ore deputy shot. Scott
was taken to Calhoun for safe keeping.
When he reached there a crowd congre
gated around the jail, and later infor
mation is to the effect tbat Scott was
lynched by a mob and a number of
other prisoner's released.
• The Mafia Cases.
New Orleans, Nov. 26—The Mafia
cases came up again today ou a qnestion
bearing upon tne depositions taken in
Italy and recently filed in the court.
The city made objection, as the deposi
tions are based ou hearsay. Tbe court
made the ruhj absolute hs to receiving
evidence taken in Italy, but reserved to
the city the right to object to the ad
miseability of tho evidence from its na
Cleveland Enjoying Himself.
Exmore, Va., Nov. 26.—President
elect Cleveland anil party had a perfect
day for duck shooting, and iv conse
quence the shooting was excellent. The
president-eltct is in pplendid health, j
enjiyiog rest and quiet. It is under
stood he will extend bis stay upon the
island until the latter part of next
A Patul Fandango.
Eagle Pass, Tex., Nov. 26 —At a ball
at Villa Mueqniz, Mexico, Jesus Gulan,
a nephew of the governor of the Btate
of Coahuila, quarreled over a young
lady and Eliot and killed Manuel Gua
jara and Miguel Long, and tried to shoot
the young woman. He is in jail under
a strong guarftl for fettr of lynching.
Iloinsteuit Itlot Cases.
PiTrsncito, Pa., Nov. 26.—The verdict
iv the Ciitehlow case will in no way
affect the other Homestead casts ; they
will not be dropped, and no proposition
will be made to drop thetu.
Cashier aud Cash Mlsilng.
Memphis, Term., Nov. 20.—8. J. Mar
tin, cashier of the Webster bank at lin
fora, Miss., iis missing, with all the cash
in tbe bunk, variously estimated at fSM
000 to $50,000.
DeatU of an Italian Minister.
Rome, Nov. 26 — Signor Sanbon, tho
Italian minister of marine, died today.

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