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No. SI Senth Broadway.
Piano Tuner and Maker
Testimonials from Wm. Steiuway, A.
Weber, and Decker Bros.
Betts Sc Silent,
RE ~ R R E R Q ♦ LOANS *
We offer today: Business property on Spring Can you buy 500 to 1000 acres at #00 per
street and Broadway. We have two or three acre, close to I.t s A ugelcs? We have It. Not
choice bargains which are not on the general < m r mm iw. . n,„ ... v, i i ,
market, i! yon aro not pre pared to buy do not 2 ° mll , cB Jfom this ci'.y, near Buena Park: best
call ior particulars on this property. °' so "' "es level, and is crotsed by both the
Orange grove of 10 acrrs in San Gabriel val- Southern Pacific and Ssnta Fe railways. The
ley, only 20 miles from this city, all ln fine only large bocy of good land southeast and
navel trees; will bear next season; lies level; clote to tbe city yet to be had. $60 per acra
choice neighborbood: best of toil; water right, on easy terms. Also iwo other'ownsite or col
etc., and lutlnc condition; cbeapats4Goo; only ony propositions, one of 300 and one of 1000
$1500 each; balance as you please; acres.
BETTS & SILENT, Second and Broadway.
For the best photographs at the late Horticultural Fair. CABINET PHOTOS
ONLY $5.00 A DOZEN. Come in time for your Xmas orders.
Largest and Most Complete Studio in Southern California.
Ml the latest styles and designs used.
Retiring From Business.
A MTIOIVJ AT r> Will sell h »s valuable stock of
°- iVI -LivJIMAIvU Boots and shoes at the lowest
possible rate. Encumbered city property has been exchanged
for country property, hence a change of residence is an impera
tive necessity, and the BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS
MUST GO. This is no advertising dodge. The records will
prove the statement. Call at o at q"d"D tat/-a
and get the best values for the HO I\. OX\Kll\ 01.
least money. Fixtures will be disposed of with the stock.
Eagleson & Co.
Men's Underwear,
Flannel Night Robes,
Hosiery, Etc., Etc.
The largest and best stock ever shown in
this city, and at by far the lowest prices.
Open Until 8 p.m.; Saturdays Until 10 p.m.
112 Soiatlri Spring; Street,
(Opposite the Nadeau. Hotel),
n3.eod.2m LOS ANGELES, CAL.
Tliis Week Only.
Chair , Rocker?, Tables, Wood Bas
kets, Book Racks, etc.—any of these
make a USEFUL and PRETTY Xmas
We keep open evenings from now
till December 24th.
110 South Spring St.
fOpp. Nadeau Hotel.)
Elements on the Rampage
in Alta California.
The Wind Blows Great Grins
at San Francisco.
Much Damage Done to Wharves and
Shipping in the Bay.
The Tacht Nellie Among the Vessels
Driven Ashore—Many Small Cratt
Founded to Pieces—A Heavy
Fall of Rain.
By tho Associated Press. I
San Francisco, Nov. 27.—Shipping in
San Franciaco bay had a lively time last
night and today. The weather haa been
atormy for the past few days, and laat
night before midnight a furious gale
commenced which aeemed to increaie in
intensity until nearly noon today. Then
the wind began to go down, but there
waa atill a heavy gale on at 6p. m, At
2 o'clock thia afternoon the wind was
blowing 54 miles an hour from the
southwest, and during the early morn
ing its velocity must have been much
greater. Outside the heads the weather
and the aea were bo bad that no ahipa
left port, and there were only oteor
two arrivals of steamers. Even in the
sheltered bay the sea waa unprecoient
edly heavy. Ships were torn from t leir
anchorages and knocked together, and
those lying at the wharvea were bai ged
up considerably. Tuga were in feat
demand to pull colliding vessels at *rt.
There was a score of accidents, but, ao
far as is reported there was no losi of
The British ship Stronaa and the ship
Occidental dragged their anchors tnd
fouled each other in the stream. The
damage was slight, however, and they
soon drifted apart. The British enipQ
Taliaman and Manchester, which were
at anchor in the stream, drifted toge her
and before they were hauled apart by
tuga damaged each other considerably.
The British Bhip Nereus broke adrift
from her berth at the long wharf, Oak
land, and fouled the British ship
Benicia and the schooner Laura Pike.
All three were severely damaged and
had to be cleared by tugs The lcng
wharf became unsafe, and the ship Are
thußa waa pulled out into the stream,
where ehe dropped anchor. The
Bchooner Maria Z. Kmith collided wi.n a
ecow in Mißsion bay. The Harri- jn
Btreet wharf was badly shaken by b» as
going clear over it. The whaling bark
William Bayle lost ono of her anchcra
and went Bailing down the bay. She
dropped another anchor in time tc ye
her from further injury.
The wind was accompanied by a pelt
ing rain which fell steadily for nearly 12
hours. The indications for tonight are
that there will be more rain and more
The telegraph wires are in bad shape,
and for a abort time San Francisco waa
cut off from communication with mott
of tbe outside world.
No Let Up in the fury of the Gale— Wide
spread Havoc.
San Francisco, Nov. 27.—The storm
continues tonight with almost unabated
fury. A heavy rain is falling and a high
wind ia blowing.
In addition to the damage to the ships
at anchor in the atteam and at the
wharves off San Francisco and Oakland,
shipping has suffered Beverely at Sau
salito and Tiburon, on the Marin county
shore. The damage at Tiburon alone is
estimated at from $20,000 to $30,000, and
probably as much more at Sausalito.
At both these places big ships and
Bteamers lie up for the winter, and they,
aa well as a great many yachts and
small boats, were hustled about by the
wind and sea in a most alarming man
At Tiburon the yacht Belle, valued at
about $7000, waa blown aehore and
pounded tv piecea. The yacht Duke waa
alao wrecked, aa well as a number of
house boats and small boats.
At Sausalito tbe big iron eteatner
George W. Elder dragged her anchor
and went on the rocks, where ehe
pounded a hole in her bottom. She was
pulled off by a tug, but is Btill in a dan
gerous position, and liable to go ashore
again it the wind changes. Half a dozen
big ships were run up on the mud fiats,
but their position ia not considered dan
gerous. The gasoline launch Marin was
driven under the big ferry boat Tamal
paia and sank. The yacht Nellie alao
ran into the Tamnlpais and wa3 badly
battered. The valuable steam launch
Mary McNeill waa driven ashore. The
Tamalpais Land and Water company's
wharf waa destroyed by heavy eeaß.
The damage to big ships on the San
Francisco and Oakland side of the bay
cannot be estimated until they go on
the dry dock for repairs. The big iron
ships Talisman, Beniciaand Nereus had
plates stove in and spara broken while
in collision. Hundreds ot email sail
and row boats were knocked to pieces
or eunk.
In San Francisco the wind did no
very great harm. Some trees were
blown down and chimneya toppled over.
The rain also caused a few eewers to
break and washed out gardens and
yards. At Golden Gate park the casino
was uprooted and plants and shrubbery
suffered aome injury.
The storm iB general throughout
Northern and Central California, but
beyond a few buildings unroofed, no
damage iB reported.
Considerable Damage Done lv aud
About the City.
Sacramento, Nov. 27.—A terrific
windstorm burst on tbe city about
midnight last night and continued
with great fury until 10 o'clock this
morning, when the gale Blackened
somewhat, as rain began to fall.
It rained all day, but late tonight is
clearing, with the wind from the east
and etili blowing stiffly. While tbe
storm was at its height, several thousand
dollars' worth of damage waß done.
Several buildings had their roof
coverings rolled up and carried
oil. Trees, awnings and fences
were blown down, and signs ecattered
about the streets. Two old and unoccu
pied houses were toppled over into the
slough near the Chinese quarter, and in
the suburbs yards were Btrewn with
overturned out-houses and sheds. Suffi
cient rain has fallen here to enable
farmers to begin plowing, which was
greatly needed.
Various Towns lteport a Heavy Wind
Storm and Rain.
Wheatland, Nov. 27.—A heavy wind
sprang up about 3 o'clock thia morning
and increased in violence, blowing over
outhoueea and shattering windmills.
At 9 o'clock the tin roof of the Odd Fel
lows' two-atory brick building blew
away. The heavy rain whioh followed did
about $800 damage to the plastering and
furniture. At this writing the rain haß
ceased, but a heavy wind continuea.
Over an inch of rain has fallen.
Winters, Nov. 27.—The first real rain
of the aeaaon has commenced, 1.23
inches having 'alien for the season to
date, against .84 last aeaaon to the same
date. Everyone is rejoiced at the proe
pect. A high wind prevailed last night,
but no damage waß done.
Gilroy, Nov. 27.—A very heavy wind
storm prevailed here last night, accom
panied by light showers. The wind is
blowing a gale today, and appearances
are favorable for a heavy rain storm.
Modesto, Nov. 27.—The heaviest
aouth wind which has prevailed for
years swept through Modesto last even
ing and today, blowing gußtsof dust and
playing havoc with swinging signs and
windmills. Thia afternoon the wind
subsided, and a heavy rainfall started
Sonoma, Nov. 27.—The heaviest storm
of the season occurred here last night.
Rain fell in torrents, accompanied by
heavy showers of hail.
Merced, Nov. 27.—The hardest wind
known for years has been blowing dur
ing the day. The only damage thua far
is aigna blown down throughout the
city, a few windows broken, trees in the
yards blown down and the grand stand
at the race track destroyed.
Rockets Bent Up by Some Vessel Off
Santa Cruz.
Santa Oituz, Nov. 27.—The heaviest
storm of wind and rain for many years
ia prevailing. No damage beyond the
lose of several fishing boats is reported.
The trainmen en the electiic cars run
ning to the cliff this evening observed
rockets being sent up some distance out
to sea, supposed to be from some vessel
in distress. There are no tugs or life
eaving service here, and no response
could be made to the signals. They
were not observed after 10 o'clock.
BTAK oa/.kk; disappointed.
Clouds Prevent the Comet and Meteors
from Belog Seen.
Chicago, Nov. 27.—Local astronomers
were much disappointed today at being
unable to obtain a view of the comet
and the expected star shower. The sky
was overcast the entire day with heavy
gray clouds. Professor Hough of Dear
born observatory; said tonight: "There
has not been the slightest chance of
seeing the comet. It is not Biela's any
way, nor is it at all likely to collide with
tho earth ; in fact it is moving directly
away from our planet at the rate of 15
miles per second, and it is already 150,
--000,000 miles away. Dispatches from
many points throughout the west and
northwest state inability to see meteors
or tbe comet.
Nkw Haven, Ct., Nov. 27.—The Yale
observatory were on the
watch for a shower of meteors but they
were disappointed. No meteoric display
took place.
Tbe Rothschilds Engineering a Gigantic
Scheme In America.
St. Louis, Nov. 27.—The consolidation
of the four mammoth export breweries
of the United Statee, the Anheuser-
Busch and William J. Lemp of this city,
and Schlitz and Pabst (with four auxil
iaries), with a capital of $40,000,000, and
bonds to amount to $200,000, to supply
the world with beer, is a gigantic
enterprise which is being fathered by
the Rothschilds of England, and the
consummation of which is among the
possibilities. That it will be ultimately
accomplished, Mr. Adolpbus Buscb,
president of the Anheuser-Busch Brew
ing company, stated there is reason to
believe, and when seen by a reporter to
night, the millionaire brewer seemed
enthused over the proposition.
Three Cowboys Chased by the Kene-
gades Near Bowie, Arizona.
Special to the Hkbald,]
Bowie, Ariz., Nov. 27. —Apache Kid
and his band attacked three cowboys,
who were rounding up stock about six
miles from tbia place, yesterday after
noon. They chased the cowboys to
within one mile of Bowie station and then
started Bouth. The United States army
paymaster arrived at Fort Bowie Friday
with a strong guard, but he did not ccc
the Kid or his gang. The sheriff of
Cochise county, Scott White, with a
posse of 15 men, is in hot pursuit. The
renegadeß were about 20 minutes ahead
of tbe sheriff's party laat evening.
The President-Elect Did Not Shoot
Ducks on Sunday.
Exmore, Va., Nov. 27. —President-
elect Cleveland arose at 5:50 this morn
ing and took a brisk walk. He after
ward breakfasted and remained indoora
until after noon. About 2 o'clock tbe
party took a drive along tbe beach.
After their return the regular 5 o'clock
dinner was served and the evening waa
spent quietly.
At tbe drag store, a valuable package,
worth its weight in gold. My hair haa
stopped falling and all dandruff has dis
appeared since I found skookum root hair
grower. Ask your druggist about it.
He Will Stand Up for His
Country's Rights.
The Mijares Incident Said to
Be Happily Ended.
Uncle Sam's Trouble With Nicara
gua Also Settled.
Terrible Casualty at a Bull Fight ln
Mexico—The Monetary Conference
Promises so Pan Out
All Right.
By the Associated Press.
Caracas, Nov. 27.—A minister at the
capital today told a correspondent that
General Oreapo would maintain
full jurisdiction of Venezuela, and
especially its right to arrest criminals
on merchant ships in her waters. This
right will be more particularly insisted
upon when the fugitives are citizens of
Washington, Nov. 27.—Happily, it
appears from unofficial news received
from Venezuela, that the Mijares inci
dent is at an end, the Venezuelan gov
ernment having been silenced by the
presentation of the case made by Minis
ister Scruggs.
Mr. Shannon, United Statea minister
to Nicaragua, haa made an interesting
report to the department of Btate re
garding the Gomez case. Mr. Shannon
finds that the courts of Nicaragua,
upon the actual trial of the captain, who
refused to -surrender Gomez, found he
wae warranted in refusing.
A Mexican Festival Mas a Disastrous
Saltillo, Mex., Nov. 27.—The mayor
of Arteaga, a town 40 miles southeast of
here, arrived here this morning aud re
lates a thrilling accident that occurred
at Arteaga, yesterday, and the object of
his visit was to secure medic.il aid for
the unfortunate victims. The fall festi
val opened in Arteaga this week, the
feature of which is bull fights. The
great event of the week was postponed
until yesterday, when four wild bullß
were turned into the riDg at once.
About 4 o'clock, when over 3000
spectators were present, the bull
fighters took their places and the
animals were turned into the arena.
After working the bulla into a state of
| frenzy a matador attempted to Vill the
j first bull. The wounds were not fatal,
and the bellowing and wild capera of tbe
wounded animal stampeded the others,
and they made a united rush against the
barricade made for the protection of the
spectators. The barricade gave way and
the bulls rushed frantically into the
crowd, tossing the people right and left.
In the height of the excitement the
seats collapsed and roily 50 people sus
tained broken limbs and severe internal
injuries, while a number of others were
otherwise injured. The bulls killed one
person and wounded 10 others.
It Now Promises to Lead to Beneficial
Brussels, Nov. 27.—1t is now under
stood that the proposal Baron Alfred de
Rothschild of the British delegation will
submit to the monetary conference is a
well conceived and long thought of plan
for an international monetary agree
ment, and not a mere project of air.
There is a feeling of greater
confidence among tho delegates
that the conference will have
practical results. The attempt in
certain quarters to ridicule the confer
ence, and the false impressions conveyed
by certain European papers, is strongly
resented by delegates of all opinions.
Indeed, it caused the Russian delegate
tonight to announce his intention of
bringing the matter before the conven
tion tomorrow, and protest against the
circulation of such reports.
Big Fires in Edinburgh aud Glasgow,
Edinburgh, Nov. 27.—Jenner's Bilk
store, containing a large stock of goods
for Christmas, has been burning since
last night. The employee, who slept in
tbe building, escaped in tbeir night
clothes. Everything is loat. The fire
men directed their efforts to saving the
Royal hotel. Two firemen were badly
injured. Jenner's lobs is about $500,
--000. The damage to adjacent buildings
from fire and water ia probably $750,000.
Hamilton Caldwell & Sons, furriers of
Glaegow, lost property valued at $125,
--000 by fire today.
Argentine Finances.
Buenos Ayres, Nov. 27.—The minia
ter of finance makea a statement iv
which he declares it will be impossible
to resume cash payments. Payments in
funding bonds duriDg the moratorium
must be discontinued, because it is dis
astrous to the nation. He proposes to
convert the paper issue at the rate of
$2.50 for one national dollar. He con
siders $80,000,000 in tbe national bank
Baron Hirsch Injured.
Paris, Nov. 27.—1t is reported here
on seemingly good authority that Baron
Hirsch's right hand was blown off
through the bursting of a breech of a
gun with which be was shooting. Ac
cording to the last report it seems that
the accident ia only a bad burn, and will
be all right again after a few days' rest.
Two New German Cardinals.
Rome, Nov. 27.—Dr. Kopp, archbishop
of Breelau, and Dr. Krementz, arch
bishop of Cologne, have been raised to
tbe cardinalate.
Your fall suit should be made by Getz.
Fine tailoring, beat fitter, large stock.
112 West Third street.
A Society of Naval Architects and Marine
Engineers Formed.
Washington, Nov. 27.—1t was an
nounced today tbat the most prominent
and influential men in the ship buiding
and shipping interests in the United
States had completed the preliminary
organization of a professional society of
high standing, to be called the Society
of Naval Architects and Marine En
gineers, whose object shall be to pro
mote the art of ship"building in all its
branches, both commercial and naval.
Tbe committee on organization, consist
ing of William 11. Webb of New York,
Lew ; s Nixon, general manager of
Cramps'; Col. P:. A Stevens, Francis T.
Bowlea. naval constructor of the United
States navy, and Clement A. Grisoom,
president of the International Na\iga
tion company, expect to incorporate the
society in New York, and are sending
out invitations to members, hoping to
have the first meeting at the time of the
naval review next spring. The list of
thoae who have accepted poeitious in
the preliminary organization includes
many well-known names from vii sec
tions of the country. The president is
Clement A. Griscom; vice-presidents,
Theodore D. Wilson, chief constructor
of the navy; Charles H. Cramp, George
W. Melville, George W. Quintard, New
York; Irving 31. Scott, San Francisco,
Gen. Francis A. Walker, B.ston, and
W. H. Webb, New York.
Blame Doing Well—Dr. Scott Sutler!
a Relapse.
Washington, Nov. 27.—"Mr. Blame
is doing very well. He is regaining
strength and looking better eve?y day,"
was the reply made by Dr. Johnstone to
night when asked concerning the condi
tion of the ex-secretary of state. The
opinion expressed by the physician in
regard to improvement in Blame's con
dition is shared by the family and by
the attendants at the house.
The condition of Dr. Scott, the vener
able father-in law of President Harri
son, is not aa favorable tonight ac last
night. The change iB attributed to a
slight return of the low consuming
fever, which has tuch a prostrating
effect upon the invalid. The outcome
of the lastchange inthecase may depend
very largely upon the progieES of the
Two Amatenr Burglars Knocked Out
Willi a Bung-Starter.
San Fkancisco, Nov. 27.—Dreager ct
Tiedmann, proprietors of a grocery
store, neatly trapped two amateur bur
glars last night. Yesterday it waß dia
covered that a bnek window to the store
had been tampered with and that some
one had made preparations for an easy
ingresa. The grocera put out their
lights, aa usual, and went up-stairs, but
stole back, armiDg themselves with a
bung-starter and a cheese knile, re
spectively, to await the invadera. At
about midnight two men climbed
into the Btore through the window.
Tiedman knocked both senseless with
the bung-starter and called in the
police. The burglars gave the names of
Wilson and O'Brien.
The Members-Elect Sounded as to Their
New York, Nov. 27.—There will be
published tomorrow a consensus of opin
ion of members-elect of the fifty-third
congresa, on the question of an extra
session and the repeal of the McKinley
bill. One hundred and eighty-eight out
of 356 congressmen responded. Of that
number 72 declared themselves in favor
of the extra session ;78 oppoßed it, and
38 were non-committal. On the ques
tion of tariff, 75 voted to reppal the Mc-
Kinley bill; 44 favored it, with modifi
cations ; 57 were opposed to any change,
and 12 were non-committal.
An English Forger.
New York, Nov. 27.—Capt. Edgar
James Vernell, an educated English
man, is a prisoner at police headquar
ters, charged with forgery. He became
associated with Thomas Aubrey Peart,
in the grape packing industry at North
fork, Cal. Vernell, it is charged, ab
stracted enough of Peart's papers to es
tablish his identity as Peart, and wrote
to the young man's father for $300. The
money was sent, and Vernell drew it
from the bank, representing himself aa
Peart. Vernell obtained more money
from the Y. M. C. A. in this city, but
a second request to Peart's father came
soon after he heard from his son, and
complaint to tbe American consul caused
Verne ll'a arreßt.
The Roilyn Bank llubberg.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 27.—George
Zackery, one of the bank robbera who
was arrested in Gilliam county, was
brought here today in charge of Deputy
Sheriff Haley of Pendleton. The state
ment that Dell Zackery was arrested
proves incorrect. It probably arose
from the fact that he waa seen with bia
brother George and the officer. George
was taken to Westburg tonight.
Chile ami Peru.
Valparaiso, Nov. 27. —The protocol
between Chile and Peru has been with
drawn temporarily by the high contract
ing powers, on account of a disagree
ment in reference to the appointment of
arbitrators for the settlement of the
claims, but it is thought an agreement
will soon be reached.
Beds in Trafalgar Square.
London, Nov. 27.—Trafalgar square
waa today the scene of another animated
gathering of Socialists. Anarchists and
otherwise motley crowd, which required
police supervision. When revolution
ary talk waa indulged iv the police dis
persed the meeting.
Falling Hair
Produces baldness. It iB cheaper to buy
a bottle of ekookum root hair giower
than a wig; besides, wearing yoar own
hair is more convenient. All druggists.
Death of Herr Waihrmtnir,
London, Nov. 27.—The Vienna cor
respondent of the News reports the
death of Herr Waßhrmann, president of
the Lloyds Commercial society, which
owns the newspaper Pesther-Lloyd.
Hall's Hair Renewer Is pronounced the best
preparation made for thickening the growth of
ihe hair, and restoring that which is gray to ita
original color.

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