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Weather Bureau.
Report of observations taken at Los Anreles,
December 4,1892.
Timn i n»r. ITher. RH'mlW'diVeliWeathr.
4li ,
54 .
Max. tern., 01; mm. tern., **.
Forecast tor Southern California: Fair
weather; warmer, westerly wiads.
The Long Beach board of trustees on
Saturday night extended the payment
of the city taxes until December 31st.
There will be a meeting, to consider
the emelter pioposition, at Hendricks
hall, Boyle Heights, on Thursday even
It ie a tribute to City Engineer Dock
weiler's honesty to know that each and
every street and sewer contractor who
has attempted to do shoddy city work
is working
~"W~ J. Johnson"of the department of
entomology at the Stanford university
has issued a circular of warning to mil
lers and flour dealers regarding the
Mediterranean flour moth, which it is
said has appeared on this coast.
There are undelivered telegrams at
the Western Union Telegraph com
pany's office, corner Main and Court
streets, December 4th. for itev. J. M.
Hervey, Charles F. Reynolds, Ed Skin
ner and A. A. Spear.
Mrs. Frances Adelaide Tyndall, wife
of Professor Tyndall the thought read
er, is expected to arrive from New Y'oik
today, and will "assist Professor Tyndall
in his tests at Turnvereiu hall tomorrow
and Wednesday evenings.
On the programme furnished for the 1
German theater and ball at the Turnei
hall, last evening, the name of J.
Schaffer appeared upon the same as the
Democratic nominee for councilman of
the eighth ward. This was a mistake,
as the genial, good looking and future
councilman, John T. Gaffey, is the regu
lar Democratic nominee.
William Shewlan, charged with grand
larceny, was brought iv from Pomona
last evening and lodged in the county
jail. He was charged with taking a
valise containing clothing and other
articles belonging to some one at Po
mona. The prisoner states that he
found the valise on the road between
Obino and Pomona, and wheu he ar
rived at Pomona with the valise he was
How many of the city officers does
the Temule-street coble road want?
Oetavius Morgan, candidate for council
in the Second ward, E. T. Wright, can
didate for city engineer, are both inter
ested in the" Temple-street cable road.
If every corporation in the city were .
granted the same privilege where would
the people come in ?—who would repre- |
sent them? The people of ihe west end ;
are hoping that they will receive a bet
ter car service for the large bonus which
waa subscribed to induce the company j
to extend its line to the west city limits.
A street car franchiae along Elysiau
Park avenue would be a decided con- i
venience for the weat endera, but it
would be quite handy to have a couacil- i
man and city engineer who could not
see the necessity for granting tiie same.
"Nuff Bed" to enable the people to sup
port Innes lor council aud Dockweiler
for engineer. See?
Ii you want tirst-ela<=H meals at popu
lar prices, and eastern oysters any style,
50c a dozen, go to the Hollenbeck hotel
ca!e, 216 W. Second street.
Reliable life insurance at half the
usual rates. Mutual Reserve Fund Life
association, New York. One of the
strongest and most popular companies
in the world. Investigate and be con
vinced. F.J. Creseey, manngei, room
6, No. 120 South Spring street, Los An
W. T. McFie of Santa Paula was in
the city yeaterday.
L. G. Haight of Redlands passed yes
terday in the city.
H. T. Christian of San Diego was in
the city yesterday.
George R. Yernon of Bald Butte,
Mont., is visiting Loa Angelea.
C. S. Martin of Santa Cruz was among
the arrivals in the city yesterday.
Mr. William C. Glass, manager of the
James Witcomb Riley tour, ia in the
Mr. and Mrs. 11. G. Dean and daugh
ter of Boston have taken apartments at
the Livingston.
Dr. W. Jeningson, one of San Fran
cisco'a capitalists, was among the arriv
als iv the city yesterday, and is atopping
at the Nadeau.
Mr. ond Mrs. George J. McKee aud
eon, T. S. McKee, of Pittsburg, arrived
in the city yesterday morning on a visit
to Southern California.
Hon. Ben). T. Cable, congressman
from Rock Inland, 111., arrived in the
city yesterday morning from the east,
on a visit to Southern California, and is
at the Hollenbe'ik.
Ex-Mayor Pond of San Francisco
passed through Los Angelea yesterday,
making a stay of only a few hours. He
will return here in a week or bo, and re
main a couple of days.
Mr. John Stock, a wealthy and re
tired merchant of San Jose, ia at prea
ent in the city with hia bride. Mr. aud
Mra. Stock will probably spend the
winter in Southern California.
Hon. S. M. White yeaterday returned
from a short visit to San Francisco. His
candidacy for the United States senate
is iv excellent shape and he will go up
north after the city election to counsel
with hia eupportere.
In a recent letter to tho manufactur
ers, Mr. A. W. Baldridge, Millersville,
111., says: "Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy gives the beat satisfaction of any
cougli medecine I handle, and as a
seller, leads all other preparations in
this market. 1 recommend it because it
is the beat medicine I ever handled for
cougbß, colds and croup." For sale by
C. F. Heinzeman, druggist, 222 North
Main Btreet.
R. D. List, notary public. Legal papers care
fully drawn. 127 west Second. Telephone lUS,
lleng I.cc's Holiday Goods.
Chinese and Japanese curios; silk dress rat
term: ladies'embroidered silk handkerchiefs,
two for 25 cents Manufactures ladies' under
wear and gents' furnishing goods. Also an ex
tensive line of new holiday goods at very low
price. o Phase call and inspect our stor/k be
fore purchasing elsewhere. No. 50} North
Main stree', near Plata.
Try Werner's new studio for linest photos,
120 N. Spring street, opposite Sheward s.
Our Froniluent. Physicians Recommend
John Wlelaud's and Fredericksburg Beer
Both unequaled for quality, strength and purity
Charity Kuhl
Wants to see all his oid friends at the O. K. sa
loon, 240 8. Main St.
Removed—Wesner, Photographer,
Haß removed to his new quarters, at 120 North
Spring street. Everything new and first-class.
Wall paper. 237 8. Spring, tamples sent.
Try Duggan's coffee. 108 W. Third st.
Dr. Pepper, 1193-2 §• Spring street.
Fresh fish. Duggan's, 108 W. Third.
Dr. Lindley, 331' j' South Spring street.
Broiled steake. Duggan'a, 108 W. 3d.
See Schumacher photo ad. First page.
Bi-chloride of gold cure, Santa Fe
Insure with A. C. Golsh, 147 South
If you want orange or lemon land read
ad. of W. P. MclutOßh in another col
Suitable presents for your eastern
friends at Kan Koo. See ad. Open
Heart Tbrob9 of Israel, by Miss Ray
Frank, at Unity church, Tuesday, De
cember oth.
Dr. J. A. Munk, 124... South Spring
street, ropture, rectal, bladder and fe
male diseases. Get his''Honest Johu''
Campbell's Christmas turios, 325 S.
Spring street.
Tornadoes will be the subject of a lec
ture by Lieut. John P, Finley, at the
Y. M. C. A. hall Wednesday evening,
December 7th. Stereopticon illustra
R. G. Cunningham, dentist, rooms 1
.md 2, Phillips block, N. Spring street.
Dr. Hughes, former Resident Surgeon
to the New York Hospital of New York
City. Office 175 North Spring street;
tel. 73.
Dr. K. D. Wise, office 142 1 .-. North
Main street. Office hours from Sto 10
a. iv. and 2tosp. m. Telephone 34(3.
Illich's restaurant, 145 and 147 North
Mam street. Everything new and iirst
clase. Private apartments. Fresh fish,
oysters and game daily. Open all night.
Dr. Tudor, dentist, removed to Hotel
Ramona, Third and Spring sis. Crown
and bridge work.
Try our Sonoma Zinfandel wine at 50
cents per gallon. T. Yache & Co., cor.
Commercial and Alameda sts. Tel. 309.
The Windermere, on Ocean avenue,
Sant3 Monica, is a pleasant winter re
sort, beautifully situated overlooking
the Pacific ocean.
Dr. C. Edgar Smith, rupture, female,
rectal diseases. Seventh and Main
streets. Telephone 1031.
Uncle Sam Wine Cellars, E. Fleur.
Napa wives aud brandies. Shipments
east by the case a specialty. Don't for
get your friends and relatives during the
holidays, 404 and 400 North Los Angeles
lio BefraJni from Kudorsing An\ Par
ticular Candidate.
Rev. Dr. Campbell preached a sermon
yesterday morning at his church on
Broedway, which bore come reference
io the city election today, but which did
not in direct terms claim the support
ofthe'ehurch for any particular indi
The usual large congregation was
present, and Dr. Campbell took for Lis
test a part of the 35th verse of the sec
ond chapter of Daniel: "And the stone
tha* smote the image became a great
mouutain and tilled the whole earth."
The tirot portion of the discourse was j
a running commentary upon the rise
and fail of Babylon, the handwriting on
the wall and the prophecies of Daniel.
Reference was made to the power of
Christian civilization and the battle it
is making against the powers that seek
to drag men down. Finally Dr. Camp
bell said he wished to refer to some
thing that comes nearer home, and
named tiie influence that is being ex
erted in the nation by what he termed
the alcoriol power.
"It is one of the wiles of the devi'.,"
he said, "this power that is abroad in
the land. There are those who say
that we should crush the monster at
any cott. Thia power has thrown a
strange sped over our life, and we seem
to be paralyzed by its influence. The
time is not far distant when it will not
be a fight between parties, but between
light and darkness."
Referring to the spirit of come who
are intolerant of the opiuions of others
Dr. Campbell said: "There are some
who are almost ready to apply thumb
screws to thi.se who do not see ac we do;
but we must use kindness aud charity."
Speaking of the election today the
speaker remarked: "Cist your ballot
tomorrow to get the best results. Pray
over it tonight and cast it for the man
who will do tho best for us, who will
pave us Irom the hoodlums and the
"Our Sabbath is in danger. The time
has come when I have outgrown party.
If the man comes out of the Democratic
party who stands for the best things I
will give iiim my influence, or if from
the Prohibition or Republican parties I
will do likewise. The time has come
when the church must forget party laws
and stand by those who Btand by it."
Dr. Campbell said lie did not plead'foi
the old Puritanical Sabbath, but one
that should bless humanity. He also
said he did not plead any man's cause,
but hoped his hearers would do the best
i they could, and concluded by saying he
1 believed the little stone is rolling on and
1 the time is coming when the American
saloon must go, because Christian civil
ization is progressing and not retrograd
j i"g-
They Wulk Out of the Ransom Hume ami
Emma Moore and Amelia Cota took
unceremonious leave of the Ransom
home laat evening about 9.-30 o'clock.
The dining room and kitchen doors had
been left open, and, seeing an opportu
nity, they walked out without leaviEg
their future addressee.
Emma Moore is aged 14 years, and is
oue of the four girls who visited Kiug'e
room a few weeks ago, which resulted
in his conviction and herself being scut
to the hum-.' for proper training.
Amelia Cota is aged about 15 years,
and ia a recent recruit to the incorrigible
element from San Diego. It ia sup
posed that they will head for Arizona,
and the authorities are requested to
look out for them.
Attention Voters;! Official Notification.
We, the representatives of the Demo
cratic and Republican parties, notify
the voters of this city, that no votes will
bo received at the municipal election of
December 5, 1892, except those whose
names appear on the printed great
register iv use at ttie polls. No person
will ho permitted, under the law, to
vote on a certificate of registration.
J. Makio.n Brooks,
Chairman Democratic City Committee.
E. E. Shaffer,
Secretary Democratic City Committee.
Walter S. Mookk,
Chairman Republican City Committee.
Francis J. Thomas,
Per John C. Wrav, Assistant,
Secretary Republican City Committee.
Los Angeles, Dec. 3rd.
Mrs. A. SI. Hough of West Sixth
Street Talks Most Feelingly
About Her Rrother, the
Great Financier.
Oat on West Sixth street, at the cor
ner of Flower street, resides a lady who
is a sister of the late Jay Gould, She ia
the wife of Rev. A. M. Hough, who is a
retired Methodist minister.
Mrs. Hough has been in California
since 1808, but she has made several
visits to her late brother since then. A
representative of the Hkrald called yes
terday afternoon aud had a short talk
with her of her brother. Mra. Hough ia
a email, elderly lady, and aeemed to be
in much distreaa at Mr. Gould's demiae.
In the parlor waa an engraving of Mr.
Gould taken 12 years ago, in which he
was attired in a double-breasted sack
suit of clothes and held a silk hat in hia
hand. Ttie laat photograph of him re
ceived by Mra. Hough waa also shown.
Mrs. Hough stated that she could not
recall all the dates that marked epochs
in her brother'a life, and that almost
everything ahe could say had been gath
ered from varioua sources and already
publiehed. She said in part:
"He was the youngest and only
son of a family of six children. We
lived upon a farm where he remained
until he wae about 15 years old. He
went from there to school where he re
mained one year. He engaged in sur
veying aud when about 18 years of age
Colonel Pratt, who had noted hia
ability, commiseronfd bim to select a
site for a tannery in Pennsylvania. Hie
career after this is well known."
"State something of Mr. Gould's life
at home, his ambitions, hia character
"He was not sufficiently strong to do
any work on the farm and his taatea ran
ito the contrary. He waa always gentle
I and kind and willing to help everyone. I
[ Unlike most people he had no special
favorites, but was the same to all. He j
was liked and respected by those who '
knew him. When at heme he did not
havo any special object in view aa to
what he would become. He only was
tletermined to make something of him
self and turn hia talents to the best
"When he went to school he used to
walk home eeven milta every Saturday i
afternoon and back to school Monday
m: ruing, bo as to be with ua over Sun- j
"At echcol the teachers said his head
waa too big for his body, meaning that
his knowledge was in advance of hia j
years acd strength. He w.ie always ,
classed among tie older scholars. Geom- j
etry, ttigonometry and higher algebra
had all been mastered by him when he
waa about 15 years old, and in other
studies he was also equally advanced.
"I never saw him with a paper-bound
novel in hia hand during the whole '
j course of his life, and he read nothing !
but the best of worka, including biogra- j
"We were brought up in the Method
ist faith, but my brother always evinced ,
a liking for the Presbyterian religion j
and he haa always worshiped in that
"He was the kindest and most con- j
; siderate brother I have ever known. :
I Our mother died while we were young
and my father remarried and had a sol
by this wife. Mr. Gould has been both
a brother and a father alike to this step
"The husband of ono of mv sisteiß
died, leaving her with a large family of
little children. Without being solicited
tor a dollar my brother came forward and
helped them, educating and caring for
the children in every way and giving
them a good start in the world.
"He haß always been a kind and af
fectionate brother, and was dearly be
loved by all ol his family.
"He disliked ostentation. Those who
criticise him the severest are either his
enemies or they did not know the man.
The moat of hia acls of kindness will
never be known."
Skookum Boot
prows J?*s - Stops
'»•••' Falling
£W\ Hal*
■ ffi'. ,' Vi'l Sialics
"."'••I*. M Bl The
V : '» th ii. soft
Strength, Glossy.
Contains !%fA¥,i, 4A \ Grow*
" rey ,, / Itmr \ mo*i
Vegetable / 4v* I \ Delicate
Cojnpc-ttcd, • $mffl V rubric,
ernes . ;»//ffifflf 3, 1,
Dandruff . ; ' 'law',; | f Nature's
Soothes, i ' ''is} ■' [ 1 Own
Cool.-, ' i «1» f » Remedy
And ' »' J ■ «l tor
Stops (Trade Mark Registered.) All
A ", . Sc:;l;>
If HAIR m,! -
Scalp. Ftpu
Dressing. Substances,
hold by Druggists, «1; six,s3. Worth a bottle
Skookum Root Hair Grower Co.
IS Evolution.
In light: first, the tallow dip, then
k\* I [j, kerosene, then gas, then last and best
In leavening agents: first, sour milk
and soda, then some home-made combination of soda
with cream of tartar, then baking powders containing
ammonia and alum, then Cleveland's Baking Powder,
by far the best of all, and entirely free from alum,
ammonia and other adulterants.
The best illuminating agent —Electricity. JL
The best leavening agent —
Cleveland's Baking Powder. Jj"\ "
/ \
Clevfxand Baking Powder Co., New York. [ I 1
Dk. C. N. Hoagland, President A./^
JnTortuintte M»u Instantly Killed.
His Body Fearfully Mangied.
The Statement of the
Victor Martinez was run over and in
stantly killed by an electric car last
evening, about 10 o'clock, on Buena
Yieta, near Ord street. He had bajen
visiting some frionda on Castelar street,
and on entering Buena Vista, was at
tempting to cross the street in a diagonal
direction, not noticing the approaching
car. At the moment he attempted to
cross the track the motorman, John
Albert, saw the man, and states that he
shut off the electricity and applied the
The car was then within about 80 feet
of Martinez, he states, but it was not
poßaible to stop, and the car stiuck
the unfortunate man, knocking
him down and dragging him
a distance of about 50 feet,
at which point the car was checked.
Wheu found, the body of Martinez wae
lying upon its side, half imbedded in
the mud ; the back portion of the head
had been torn off, the bones of the face
broken, the arms broken and the chest
bone fractured. The brain oozed from
the head, aud along the path, through
the siimy mud which the man had been
dragged, was a traii of blood.
The matter waa telephoned to the
csntral elation, aud Mounted Officer
Leverich vieited the acene. The motor
car ia numbered 107, the motorman ia
namtd John Albert, and the conductor
is named A. 8. Ratio. The body of
Martinez waa taken to the morgue,
where an inquest will be held today.
Victor Martinez, the deceased, was i ged
about 35 yeara and lived at San Fer
Vote K.irly.
It behooves every Democrat to gs to
the polls eavly today aud cast a straight
ticket, as it was learned last night that
the Republicans, in their desperation,
had decided to adopt obstructive tactics,
and put dummy voters in the lines at
the polls, co that the real votera could
not g»t their votes in after 12 o'clock.
' /f& : %\ ====
llf you have / Ba T-y> Sj \ Cleanliness
freckle / ' I \ is next
ycurfaceis I /** |, J to
Dirty. V V J Godliness
How to Cure Freckles in Three Days.
will no ix.
Since the beginning of ihe world pretty faces
have been spoiled with freckles, and the most
beautiful complexions hidden up by these uu
sigutiy blemishes.
The only cure ever knowu, discovered by
KMC. M. YALE, the world famed Beuuty aud
i Complexion r-peciaii'.t. Mme. Vale has treatid
crownsd heads of Europe, ladies of the White
House, and celebrities ol the world. Write her
in confidence. She can make you beautiful.
She can make you young again Turn grey
hair to Hb natural ro*or. Nodyeu6ed—nothing
but medicine, ahe can develcp your bust, till
out your sunken - hest, cure you of any skin
btemi'h h'end for her iamous Beauty Book
It will be mulled you lree Al of Mine. Yale's
remedies will be shipped jou from Chicago, or
you cau eet ihcm Loin your druggist, lie wiil
get them for you. (in to your druggist on Mon
day an* get a bottle of La j''reckla,take It home
an i apply It according to directions on Mon
day, Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Sunday
you will r.ot have a freckle Your complexi' n
wiil be as perfect as when a little baby. This
is absolutely true. Prioe, 81.00.
116 State st., /(: . «\ P. s. send
... ... I !■ Vl \ for Mme.
Chicaso, 111, / >- •■ , Yale's valu
»m\ . I C V able Beauty
Kill Dept. Jy'ii"'* J Book Free.
OIL LAIDS in l^M n '
I will sell from 200 to 500 acres of the ahovc
runcno. This land joins the I'ueute Oil Com
pany's land on the east. 12 4 lm
P. C. TONNER, Pomona, Cal.
: lllßfM||ft i t iwft nTrn
I* -oSALItk ID
j liitti (; *'' I■' ;fj, M *r.&
Price! low for spot cash, or will sell or. inntslj
4 rsi aotrrij SPRING htskbt
Between Fourth and Fifth Streeti.
Telephone S/S4, p. O. ho* 821 7.7,1.«
JL board of directors of the Orapeiand Irriga
tion district, duly psss'd at its regular meeting
held tbe 7th day of November, 1892, notice is
hereby given that sealed proposals will be re
ceived at tie office of B<id board, in Hrapeland,
Han Bernardino oounty, California, up to the
271h day of December," A. D. 1892, at 1 o'clock
p. m. of said day. for the purchase of bonds of
said district to lb» amount of one hundred and
I fl'ty thousand (150.0001 dollars.
By order of the boa-d of directors of Grapo
land irrigation district.
J. D. OU3TEBHOUT, President
E. T. Myhks, Secretary.
Grapeland, Cal., Nov. 28, 1892. 12 5 23t.
Great Hat Sale!
IS TO SAY, a large sa * of Hats, which are
I not necessarily large, but are of all sizes, to suit
all heads, large, small and medium. It makes no
difference about the size of your brain-holder or
pocketbook, we can suit you to a nicety in both respects.
Our stock includes every variety of style aud price, and is,
of necessity, extensive to cause such a sale as is now in
progress. The stock is going like snow in the spring; don't
delay; the early buyer has the largest room for choice from
the biggest display ever made in this city. Quality, vari
ety, price—we're ahead in everything. You will be ahead,
too, and have something nobby on your head if you make
a purchase at once from
Containing 62 acre* of land, all in high state of cultivation; cottage
house, bard-finished, of seven rooms, bath and kitchen, together with
small cottage of three rooms for laborers ; about four acrps in bearing
Washington Navels; 5 acres English Walnute; 5 acres Winter Ap
ples; two artesian welle; about 3000 feet service pipe and hydrants.
First-class corn, alfalfa and orange laud; all fenced and croee-fenced.
Apply at once to
d-io-i: 115 South Prcadwsy, Los Angeles, Cal.
I2i and 123 North Spring Street, Corner Franklin.
Watch's, Cocks aud Jewelry carefully repaired ami warranted.
Fine DUioo 1 ft Setting a speci-tlty

TAILOR, where you will find the finest tailoring done in the
city, and the best, largest and cash-selected stock to select
from. Remember the place, NO. 205 BROADWAY. California
Bank Build-np. Respectfully, B. SfeNS.
Put up in osni of two dozen pints at
$17.C0 per due.
Bole ugout for Southern California.
lli!iS4oC ■
——fiSTABLIbUBP 1880.——
I A. IjULLmIO With the Los Angeles Optical
Institute, 125 Bonth Spring street, Los Angeles
ityts examined fre<\ Artificial eyes inserted.
L'jnses ground to order ou premises. Occulists'
prescriptions correctly fllleo. 6-8 lim
ETcrytiiing First-Clasß iad Charges Reasonable.
No. 140 North Main street. Los Angelep,
AlWHysopen. Tin. Ho. m.
Sasnatoe Cure fo> Gonarbaßa, Chronic Gleet, Bun.
ning Ulcers or Strictures aid Leucorrhoea of long stand
tug positively ouroil from sto 1 < days: Sold by Dnw
gjstP. : JfdoDly by SOUTHERV€ALIFOIf*.IA
Price. 91. r. •. Bear *«.
. Kidneyand Blad
jjgfa tier Diseases.
g*'Ws Acute and Chron
ic Discharges.
Organal Weak-
Sexual Indiffer
ence of Both
If 'i"" <! ftnt ' Slciu
I Pinmptly and
i Permanently
3 Cured at
110 East First Street, Los Angeles, Cal.
The most successful l'rl vate Disease doctor
in the state. Gonorrhea, Gleet, stricture,
Seminal Weakness, Nervous Debility,
Syphilis, situ, ana Kidney diseases and
Sexual Weakai ss successfully treated. Med
icines prepared in privato laboratory, Both
•exes Mniult In confidence. Dr. white has
no hired substitutes. You see the doctor only.
Dr. White is the only specialist in the State
who exclusively treats private, nervous and
chronic diseases. Cures guaranteed in all
curable cases. Don't waste time with patent
medicue*. If you have any sexual trouole
cot suit Dr. White. Scientific treatment.
Reasonable charges.
If You Have Defective Eyes
And value them, consult us. No case of defff
tive vision where glasses are required la too
complicated for us. The correct adjustment of
frames is quite as important as the perfect fit
ting of lenses, and the scientific fitting aud
making of glasses and fram> s is our only busi
ness (specialty) Have satisfied others, will
satify you. Wo use eh ctric power and arc. the
only house hern that grinds glasses to oraer.
Established 1882.
8. G. MARSHUTZ. Leeding Scientific Optl
c'au. (Specialist,) 107 N. Spring, opp. old Court
Hons*. Don't fo"jet tho number.
No. 316 Commercial Street. Ul

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