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JossrH D. Lynch. James J. Ayebb.
(Entered at the postoSice at Loi Augeles as
secoail-clasa ma'.ter.l
At 39c I*er Wools, or 800 for Mouth.
Daily Herald, one year 00
Dai T Hkbald, sis uuuths -•• * 25
Daily E.-.rai.d, three months 2 - s
Daily Herald, one mouth _ 8<)
Weekly Herald, ono year 2 °0
Weekly six mouths 1 00
Wkrkly Hi.bald, three months 00
IimsTRArKD HEBAI.D, per copy W
Offlno of publication, 223-225 West Second
street. Ttltphoue '36,
T»..tice to Stall Subscribers.
The papers of all delinquent maii subscribers
o the Los Angeles Daily Hekald will be
promptly discontinued her after. No papers
will be sent to subscribers by mail unless tiio
game have been paid for iv advance This rule
inflexible. AVERS & LYNCH.
The HERinalssoldat the Occidental Hotel
news stand, ban Francisco, for sjM>_copr.
This id a Democratic year, and it will
be signalized by any number oi pleasant
thinns. Not the least of these will be
the New Year's edition of the Uksald.
This publication will contain an ex
haustive resume of the event.B of
the past year, and will be scat
tered broadcast over the United
States. No doubt our patrons will, as iv
the past, extend a generous support to
this issue, of which au unusually large
number of copies will be printed. Its
letterpress will be devoted to accurate
descriptions of the city and county of
Los Angeles and their leading indus
tries, and its advertising columns will
tell of the development of business in
our midst. The merchants and bust
ncsa men of the city will be interviewed
by our solicitors, and we are confident
that they will respond liberally. It
will frimply be bread cast upon the
waters, which will return before tbe
lapse of many day?.
The Stockton Mail baa nuterUken
tho pleasant task oi collecting the judg
ments of leading Democrats throughout
the state aa to their views ol the can
didacy oi Stephen M. White for the
United States senate. Tiie volume of
tffirmative opinion will be vary im
pressive. _________
Captain Smith! according to his own
confession, most be a sad old sea, do*. Ia
addition to the murder of the boy Neale
in southern water?, he admits that he
was once a justice of the peace in gome
northern county. At this rate there is
no knowing what enormity he may own
up to before trie confessional mood
leaves bim,
An effort is b.'ing made to-have Gar
rett, who v,as s.'utenc.'d t > ten years in
the penitentiary for,, incest, pardor.ee!.
He has succeeded in gotting the ear of
some San Francisco paper?. That whole
affair was oiie of tho filthif st things ever
developed here or anywhere, end Gov
ernor Markham doubtless recalls lh<-
circumstances. It ia greatly to be re
gretted that tbe law of California doeß
not make Uiis crirae capital.
There may ho differences of opinion
upon many thing?, on the principle ol
"many men, many minds," but there
seema to be absolutely no room for doubt
on one point, and that is that the least
agreeable thing to Grover Cleveland in
all this wide world is a clamorous
office-seek* r. This ia a case in which
the early oiid is likely to fail to catch
the worm. Tlie president-elect has sought
the seclusion of Ltkewood, .New Jersey,
to escape the importunities of
who are willing to serve the good people
in almost any ofiije which has a salary
attached t > it.
A ebaxcii of the eub-troaaury of the
state, to bj located at Los Angeles, is
one of the demands of tbe hour and em
bodies one ol the mo3t sensible sugges
tions of tlie Non-Partizan Reform Asso
ciation. The state's portion of the
taxes collected in Southern California is
first sent up to Sacramento, and then
that portion of them to which the sev
eral counties are entitled is sent down
here, such as their allotment of the
school fund, etc. This is a cumbrous
and expensive process. Tho Los An
geles banks would doubtless gladly un
dertake the work of discharging the
functions of a sub-treasurer.
Gbnuhal Chipman has been giviug
statistics respecting the growth of the
cities of California in the decade be
tween 1880 and 1890, which he claims to
have derived from the census. If his
figures are no more reliable than those
copied iv the Express's editorial
columns yesterday they are not worth a
baubee. He gives the increase in popu
lation of Loa Angeles for that period as
20,000. As this city by the official
figures gained a little more than 119,000
during that period the discrepancy is
something considerable. In view of
this fact we are scarcely warranted in
attaching much importance to the gen
eral's corollary speculations.
It m about time that the Traffic asso
ciation of San Francisco should disband.
It has lately directed its attention to
trying to get the S jnthern Pacific Rail
way company to discriminate against
the interior citiea. The leading mer
chants of San Francisco failed in that
effort Eotne years ago. The old talk
about making that city a di-tribtiting
point is being revived, but only in the
line of hostility to ether cities, either
more favorably situated or with better
transportation facilities. Why does not
San Francisco do something for herself?
The true keynote of her rehabilitation
lies in the Golden Gate. Her ships
should cover the ocean. Her million
aires have untold millions, her bank
vaults are boreting with coin, aid
nothing but the timidity or niggardli
ness of her bu?iot'B9 men prevents her
from taking her place high atnongjt the
great cities of the world. Instead of
doing something worthy of their wraith
and of their city, all that her merchants
can do is to kick ag.uust those of tho in
terior having equal advantages with
themselves. Bah 1
That portion of the people ot the
United States who take an intelligent
interest in the silver question will await
with great anxiety the full text of Sen
ator John P. Jones's speech before the
Brussels conference. We notice that the
Associated I'iess and ft number of New
Yotk journals have assumed that Sen
ator Allison was the ablest representa
tive of the United States on" tbe silver
issue. This is a mistake. We doubt if
there is a man iv this country or Kit rope
as profoundly versed in the silver ques
tion as the Nevada aerator. His,
speech on the resumption of
specie payments iv IS7-4 was so
remflrkakable for its exhaustive treat
ment of tho matter that it positively
electrified the senate and the whole
country. He was chairman of the com
mittee appointed by the United States
senate to investigate the demonetisa
tion of silver in 1870. The report of
that committee contains one of the most
logical, learned and luminous discus
sions of the relations oi the precious
metals to each other, to legislation and
to the commerce of the world, ever
wtitten, aud it was largely the work of
Senator Jones. Although a Republican,
he showed with merciless force all the
details of the treacherous demonetiza
tion of silver, the work exclusively of
his own fellow partizans. He placed
the blame just where it belooged, ond
ho has nover hesitated since to denounce
the machinations of the enemies of silvei,
let them be found in whatsoever party.
It has bean usuai to reter Senator Jones's
ardor iv the cause of silver to the fact
that h-i is largely interested in m'ues of
the white motal. A* a matter of fact,
the miuss in which he has been inter
ested during the past three or four years
have been gold deposits, like the cele
brated Douglas island mine in Alaßka.
Mr. Jones ia incapable of being iuflu
enced by such sordid considerations,
and he is simply at) euthustastic and en
lightened advocate ot" bi-metallitm. It
i 9 pleasant to be assured that he was
listened to with profound attention by
the member*of the conference.
Toe report of tbe senate committal of
which -Mr. Jones w<n the chairman
■bowed A number of things that would
Mtoniih many parsons who have ob
served the present attitude of France
and her noted financiers towards silver.
Baron Anselm de Rothschild, the head
of the P.ria housa of that family, pro
nounced the demonetization ol silver a
«rent tuietuke. He denounced it as a
monstrous outrage against debtors all
over the world, aud looked for unmixed
evilj to flow from tho surrender of the
parity Which had existed between silver
and j'old. Many other noted bankers,
and amongst them a number of great
tmiuecce iv expressed the
same views. At the same time that the
repoi t gave in extenso the views of these
European financiers, it showed with
great clearness the tricky way in which
silver was demonetized by congress in
President Grant has placed upon
record tha fact that he did not know
that he was signing auy bill taking
away from silver its legal tender quali
ties, and many senators and representa
tives have asserted that if they voted
for it at all they were tricked into so
Its evil effects have been felt all over
the world. Coincident with the fall in
the prica of silver, and descending part
passu with it, has been a decliue in the
prices of whe.it, barley and all the pro
ducts of the farm. English capitalists
a'ous have been benefited by silver de
monetization, as they could buy the
white metal on their own terms, coin it
into rupees and use these at tin■ ir face
value in paying for wiieat in India. The
English, in common with the American
farmer, now realizes that in proportion
as silver fails the value of his crops fall
with it, and tbe agricultural classes are
now joining in with our own tillers of
the soil iv the demand for reraonetiza
tion. Sir Guildford Houldsworth, one
of the delegates from India, day before
yesterday called the attention of the
conference to the changed condition of
sentiment iv England, as shown by the
declarations of a national agricultural
convention, and by the able and clear
headed letter of Aroh.bisb.op Walsh of
Dublin. This Roman Catholic prelate
has thrown himself into the breach very
effectively and with a financial sagacity
that is somewhat enrprisiug in an eccle
siastic. It ia to be hoped that, as was
suggested by Sir Guildford, these ex
pressions of opinion will have some in
fluence ou tho British government,
whose hostility to bi-metallism baa been
unrelenting and consistent from the
start. There is ju3t a possibility that,
after all, the cuuference may accomplish
some goo;!.
The orange buyer entered the field
early this season, aud already a great
many orchards have been bought in
Los Angeles, S.tn Bernardino and Orange
counties. The fruit ia of fine quality
and in a forward st tt'.}, although it will
be much more agreeabla to the palate
three or four weeks later in tho season.
Russell Hakrison seems to be a
young man who missed his vocation in
life whea he failed to identify himself
with Mousienr Do Lesseps' Panama
canal tche . . If he bad been con
nected with an international project like
that he would have made himself illus
trious by his great capacity to hornewog
gle things. The theater of his activities
has been entirely too small. But he
has done enough in the little town ol
Helena, Montana, to show his colossal
abilities. He is said to have blown in
confiding people,in connection with bis
paper, the Helena Journal, to the exteut
of #81)0,000, more or less. Amongst the
victims are Dick Kerens and Steve
Elkius.the gentlcmeu who showed what
could be dine on Star Route contracts.
This young man has a gizzard lhat has
been wasted in a provincial arena.
What coi Id he not have dove in a field
commensurate with-hls gall.
Ir must be a somewhat uncomfortable
thing to be a minister of Fiance. The
chamber of deputies ought to imitate a
8*1! Fraucisco saloou of the dive order
aud keep a professional bounce; to heave
the chiefs of t te government out of the
window when they are found out in
some dirty work, which seems to be tbe
case every week or so. Talk about the
American's love for the almighty dollar!
Ttie Gaul can give him ten pjints iv the
game and beat him, substituting a five
frauc piece for the dollar. Mexico once
upon a time was wont to furnish the
examples of shaky govarnmeiti and
ministers, but, under the firm hand of
Porfirio Diaz, she has become staid and
stable, while La Belle France does the
lightning change act.
The days when Mayor Hazard can
veto smelters are rapidly drawing to a
close. We shall miss those vetoes which
were wont to set the council table in a
buzz. The city executive will retire to
private lif», but will he stay there?
Few men have lived to ccc their politi
cal opponents so palpably visited by the
vengeance of Heaven in such a signal
manner as characterized that meted out
to Tufte. Where is his honor at in the
line of political aspirations?
Unity Club.—About 400 people last
evening enj >yed one of the best even
ings at the Unity Club's lecture course
yet given. Mr. W. H. Knight, in the ab
sence of Dr. J. S. Thomson, gave his per
sonal recollections on Crossing the At
lantic. Mr. Wm. J. Hutchins delivered
an excellent paper on The Reaction of
India Upon England. Mr. Hutchins
handled hie subject with skill. He is
both familiar and learned in the life,
character and thought of the people of
Rev. A. Blum talked on D'lsraeli and
the British Parliament, taking his hear
ers through .the life of D'lsraeli in a
manner that no doubt interested many
iv the life aud work of this famous
From the attendance at these lectures
they are proving both popular and in
structive, and the interest shown in the
lectures already given speaka well for
one Los Augeles talent.
Oo next Wednesday evrning Mr. J.
H. Dockweiler, Mr. Henry C. Dillon aud
Prot. 0. 11. Keyea, president of the
Tiiroop university, Will deliver papeison
Municipal Safeguards.
Illinois Hall.—Down Ry the Sea is
tbe title of a two-act drama giveu by
local tab tit at Illinois htil last night for
the benefit of the People's-chuich. The
»flair was under the direction of Mrs. L.
F. Morrison.
The performance was equal to the av
erage amateur play. Several of the
participants caught the idea of their
various chaiacteis. Mr. H. G. Ay Her
as Captain Dandelion was good, as was
Mrs. Morrison. Tne others in the cast
Abuer Baymoi,d, a city _er:hant
Mr. ► most UoeksiQder
Captain Dand-dion, a city flower
Mr. H. C »yller
John Gale, a flshermsn Mr.v. F. Keune}
September Q*ie, | i ro i ges of | Mr. O.J.
March dale, i John Gale, I Mendeuhall.
Jean Gtapeau, an old French p ddler
Mr. C. M. Clark
Kate K-<ymond, a city belle. ..ILiss Joe Heath
Mra Gale, John Gale t wife
Mrs. L. F. MorriEon
Kittle Gale, John Gale's daughter.
Miss Jessie Conner
Y. M. 0. A. Hall. — The concert
given lae.t night in Y. M. C. A. hall, un
der the direction of Mrs J.D.Cole aud
Mrs. Henry Ludlatn, wag well attended
A large audience waa present and
seemed to fully enjoy the affair. Tlie
following was the programme as given:
Lady Clare, Tennyson, by Miss Majd Newell.
A Love of ali >unet, b ; Mi*s 1.0 ha Lewis.
(Since First I Met Thee, hubem>t=iu. by Alls!
EliZHb.th H. Kimball
Kit*.yon Uaies, by Ifisi Nina Cuthbert.
When the Heart is Young, by iir». Philip
Ge:h ndy.
TrumpetFong, by Mr. D tpuy.
Picture of Memory. Alice Carey.
Cud,lie Doon, Alexander tnd Anderson, by
Mrs George Ftt eman.
Fiddle and I, by Mr. Templer Alien.
A Medlov, by Miss Nina Cuthbert.
Tru t Her Not, by Mid Elizabeth If Kimball
nnd Mis J. Allen.
THE Gkand.—Miss Clara Morris
achieved another of her old-time tri
umphe at the Grand.last night. It was
a dramatizttiou of her own, very differ
ent from the versions given by Fanny
Davenport and Louiee Pomeroy. The
star was so hoarse from the frightful
cold she had taken at the Tehachepi
accident on Tuesday that she was
scarcely audible at timep. and her cough
was distressing. For all that she threw
so much force into the character of the
woman more sinned against than sin
ning that a sympathetic audience took
her as she was and applauded her loud
ly at every opportunity. The part of
the headstrong but still manly husband
was finely rendered by Mr. Coiville, who
has everything to recommend him. Mr.
Meldon was a very vivacious villain and
Mr. Vining (Vogelsang) got all there
was out of the part of the lawyer. Mies
Morris has the Hkbald's best wishes
for a speedy recovery from her ailments.
Both of the plays in which Pat>i Rosa
will be seen at the Grand next Friday
and Sai urday are new here. She plays
Djlly Varden Friday evening and at the
Saturday matinee, and Miss Dixie Sat
urday night. Dolly Varden has been
seen and approved throughout the en
tire east and south. Mies Dixie was but
recently produced.
Napa, Cal., Dec. 14:—At the recent
election R. M. Kyßer, Republican, de
feated William Stewart, Democrat, for
coroner and public administrator of thie
county, by 10 votes. Stewart has filed
pipers contesting Kyser'a election.
Kyßer is said to have been elected by
the votes of the Yountville vclerans'
home, and the Democrats will make an
effort to have the veterans disfranchised.
There Is nothing more pleasing In tlie eyes of
the Indies than a weli-rtiessed turn. We ien fit
you out in clegnnt style al ver> lime expense.
Mullen, Main & Co.
An Interesting Contest.
Mr. Hilton's
Editors Herald : Your issue of yes
terday contained the following:
"Ten hoodlums were arrested laat
evening on South Spring street in front
ol the Gospel union meeting house.
"They have mtde a practice of stand
ing in front of the door and acting bois
terously and indecently. They were
charged with vagrancy. Their names
are: O.Evans, Charles Carter, George
Wilson, A. (toddard, Moses Reed, Coas.
Hansen, Oliver Grandsten, William U.
lirown, John Toppiu aud Edward Mur
"The arrests were made by Officer
Duggau on the complaint of the evan
The above is not a correct statement
of facts. The 10 men arrested were not
hoodlum', had not disturbed a gospel
meeting, and were not in front of the
Gospel Union rooms, and were not ar
rested on complaint of the evangelists.
They were all men seeking employment
of our employment bureau, sitting qui
etly nt our reading table, as scores of
Other men do daily, and had done noth
ing whatever to warrant tbe outrage
committed The entire affair waa just
what it was intended it should be —an
insult to the Pacific Gospel Union, de
liberately planned hy a malicious wo
man, who tonud a willingas-dstant in an
over-officious policeman. In justice to
the injured men we 6hall esteem the
publication of this correction in your
columns. Geo. A. Hilton,
Superintendent Pacific Gospel Union,
131 and 133 South Spring Btreet.
Berlin's Population.
Editors Herald : Please state in to
morrow's Hkrald how many inhabi
tants Berlin has, and oblige
A Subscriber.
MeCaii'y's statistician of 1890 gives
Berliu's population at 1,489,072.
The Progress of the Senatorial Fight in
the North.
The San Francisco Evening Post of
Tuesday says:
Steve White, the Los Angeles states
man, has arrived again in town and in
consequence the senatorial fight has be
come very active.
Last Saturday evening the executive
committee of the Democratic state cen
tral committee held a meeting in tbe
Grand hotel. . . . The senatorial
question was not mentioned during the
formal proceedings, but before and after
tbe session the gentlemen present wero
sounded as to their position, and every
one, with tbe exception of Judge Sulli
van, who is himself a candidate, an
nounced that they were for White, first,
last and all the time.
Across the way from the headquarters
of the state central committee a conviv
ial party assembled in the rooms occu
pied by W. VV. Foote and hia b >omers.
Ostensibly the object of the meeting was
to present a gold watch to M. J. Lay
mance iv behalf of the California dele
gation to the Chicago convention. . . .
The only thing interfering with the
Foole boom is the extreme scarcity of
votes. The friends of Mr. White ate
making no attempt to compete with
Foote in the entertaining of country
legislators, but they claim that while the
rural assemblymen and senators drink
wine and dine at the expense of the
Alameda aspirant, they remain loyal to
the man from Los Angeles.
The state central committee of the
People's party held a meeting in the
Lick house recently, and after transact
ing the regular routine business took up
the proposition of the senatorehip, and
after an exchange of opinion passed the
following resolutions: . . .
[The resolutions are instructions to
Populist members of tbe legislature to
vote only for their party's candidate for
Tho effect of the resolutions can be
easily appreciated upon consideration of
the fact that neither of Ihe two great
parties can elect without the coalition
of the People's party representatives in
th J legislature. . . .
While the Democrats pretend to attach
no importance to the action, it is easily
seen by talking with the Bourbon lead
ers that the attitude taken by the Peo
ple's party managers is considered a
severe blow, and if the instructed ones
stand up to orders the result will be a
deadlock. . . .
White's friends . . . hold that
the resolution only applies to straight
People's party men, and not to those
who were also nominated by the Demo
... If the Democrats caucus
Steve White will be the man upon whom
they will agree, for he has a large ma
jority of the Democratic members of the
legislature with him.
Deputy Marshal Marsh Makes an Im-
portant Capture.
Deputy United States Marshal Marsh
returned yesterday from Hanford where
he, in conjunction with Deputy Internal
Revenue Collector Anger of Fresno,
made an important capture.
It had been learned that a large
amount of crude opium was being man
ufactured into the preparation used for
smoking, and seemed to be especially
plentiful about Hanford.
Mr. Marsh and Mr. Anger investi
gated the matter, and at last arrested
a Chinaman named Ah Wing and his
wife Annie Wing, while in tbe act of
"cooking" the opium and seized about
$1000 worth of the material. The pris
oners were brought here and lodged in
the county jail.
There are undelivered telegrams at
the Western Union Telegraph com
pany's office, corner Main and Court
streets, December 14th. for Mariah
Hix, W. C. Wilson, W. W. Shryock.
Vanilla : \ Ot perfect purity.
Lemon -I Of groat strength.
jffjnOTd —| Econom > m their use
Rose etc.?) Flavor as delicately
and deliolously as the fresh tfruf"
And at once. We need the room for Pianos.
We mean business.
bartlettlmdTiTuewelry- house,
IQ3 NO °TH _SPf? Q REFT. 11-17
—££— * /nrlllK • r.nd old STEAK is ! o.in(tnir->«l b-y 8 —3r'—
I the music-* word aid On tr*d< ai I
TUB cniCKKR- slaodin*alth>plntnotool stMidird I
INC. plannis the plan is It was awnrld O 'I.V G ) D I
oldas',aswellas MKDAL at Vienna In 1873* ou iiii ti'st. j 'run vosk a hon i
oho of the ilinc or mo ml and di,il uiaut I'aiiadelphi* in lsJ7l» I A piano has at
lour neknowlidKid ! tuinol a nniversad
, lands'd maVes of ~™""™ — ™~ — """"*™*""*■ - roput itloa ail c.
tuc wand. The rues- ■ -w- , -m ~T" lv flr»tel*-s m.tra
cnt house of Chlckcr- 1A 1 A lm I I \ I 1 mem. Ovir Hu odO
liir .tons lias been 111 A lm I f ■m. Of tho'o ln»o
established over sev- I w [ f ■ lU| ■ I been mm if ictured
only ve-rs. in which 5 li * ■ I \H I m Within tno Ut 44
time over -0,000 In- g » J S 5 1 \ / L J years, all of which
itinraents have been JL. JL. JL. .JL JL. 1 haveiriven the ovist
manufactured und p rfo t snii.f ictioa,
sold. Gaardner ,t ———————»— 1 1 ■ and hare gained a
Zellner keep all tlie „ . , , . ~ Krent r pn.Mio i for
different styles in Before puroh^ini!_» P ano oritan. v o In, t | le ir durobllUy, aid
Circassian walnut, binjo.et.'. etc , lor the holiday, .don t fail »| ao h>r *.ih«aiidln t
MiglUh and a mcd- to iuspocttli < bir<e, w-'llas-nrted au.clt of extreme clliuvl)
?<? Man?.l4s «ARD!iKR & MINER, 213 8. Broadway fr^^a^
ro ewood. Wholesale ami Ht'ttil HaslO t> 'alors. umut.
To every purchaser of Shoes of
THE QUEEN Shoe Store, 162-164 N. Main street*'
will give, free of charge, a beautiful Cliristmii Prui L) >
on and after November 25, 1892.
Our prices are the most reasonable; our shoes wear
the best. Satisfaction always guaranteed.
11 2.V118
Rectal, Female and Chronic Diseases
W <SB£. Al Such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Consumption, Constipation,
tion, Dyspepsia, Nervous Prostration, Insom
(%yl P nia, Insanity, Paralysis, Rheumatism,
JjSß*\] t kin Diseases, etc., etc.,
i&mV^LS)^ Send for b-'ok (free i which will explain fully how Chronic
'"'f^jßLW^Slj^^LW^' diseases of all kinds arc reatiily relieved and cured.
Rectal Diseases CURED infrcm two to four weeks,
"Utl/ h '- 'y Call on or a-dress
nJwf W. E. PRITCHARD, M. D..
IWfswV 155 M."Spring st., Los Angeles.
Office Heurt, iato4p m. Telephone tsj
«• . 4\vffl\fo?v or B ran<l P a at tlie titeside is an<indispen-
S I h Ea °le artic em the home. We have an ele-
VL-rinrYTisJ %r\u/- /r r / f' / ? ant assortment °' substantial easy chairs
:Ift 11 9^4 I P^^ - / f > n a " st ie s a "d sizes.
\\M~ r or an a^ ,at " er or mother, or an invalid
klr TV lrV\ \ luß friend wonld be a grace d] thing, and what
Lj m bet er gift could you se:tct than
* 1 ffrW T =' HI We have all sorts of household furniture
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I I LJ. \u yjT s jr[P —"'fll) invite your immediate attention. We have
"~>ffn/jjCl \l \ ' lvM*i taem today; tomorrow they may be gone.
882 und 834 South Spring Street.
PAT Thlriy.rw.in»iie»ea»toi r,os Amt-ies.
A V v > ri, HOTKL PALOMAKEi CO., V. D. SIMM i. Manager.
CATERER, 241 S. Sprinrr St.
ANDIES, —• —
onfectionery, Ice Cream Parlors
OLD DRINKS. pev«aiu»« f3 UPP iied.
I Telephone 303 -;- Telephone SOS
138-140-142 SOUTH MAIN STREET,
CHEAPJEST In LUr Art Roo -' ri9 wo present an Elegant ABSortmont in
—and— Rich Cut Glassware,
Artistic Bisques and Ornaments,
RELIABLE Piano and Banquet Lamps,
Clocks and Silver Plated Ware.
JrLACE ~~~"—~ mmmmm ~ mmmmm " mmmm ~~—""'
The Finest Assortment of CHINA,
IN THK n Wll — ■■! ■■■Hl* —II I—M——— >MiM««BsWPSMSsIMMnM»S««MSS»JMS¥n«Mnr-
From the celebrated factory of HAVILAND A CO.,
CITY. Limoge.
Inspect our cheap 15c, 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1 and $1.50 Counters,
■ on which we have placed goods worth double the price.

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