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The Slayer of James Frazier
Must Stand Trial.
Letters Found ou the Dead Man
Throw Light on the Tragedy.
The Evldenee Brought Out at the Cor
oner's Inquest Yesterday—McKeu
ale Placed Under Arrest.
Two Verdicts.
Tbe coroner held an inquest yesterday
over the body of James Frazier, who
was shot and killed last Sunday morn
ing by Alfred E. McKenzie. Frazier
was killed in his own room, in a lodging
house kep*, by Mrs. Carrie A. Tupper,
bis first cousin. The facts were detailed
in the Herald yesterday, aud .the evi
dence was substantially as published,
the "new material" being two rather
racy letters written to Mr. James Fra
zier, the deceased, by a sister of Mrs.
Tupper, living at Turo, Canada. These
letters tend to show that tbe cause of
the tragedy was jealousy, as tbe Herald
stated yesterday.
Mrs. Caroline A. Tupper testified sub
stantially that Frazier came into the
room where herself and McKenzie
were, and that Frazier struck the pris
oner several times with a club, then
drew a knife and advanced, when Mc-
Kenzie fired, killing Frazier.
Charles A. Tupper, husband of tbe
woman, testified that he had known
Frazier about five years and had known
McKenzie about 12 years; Frazier had
spoken to him. about McKenzie coming
to tbe house and said: "I bave a notion
to club him." The witness further
stated that McK»nzie came to his house
unon his invitation, and that be had
sufficient confidence in his family, and
so told Frazier.
Detective Auble stated that the pris
oner directed him to room No. 1 as the
scene of the tragedy, but he found the
deceased in room No. 9.
The prisoner, Alfred Q. McKenzie, tes
tified in his own behalf. To the ques
tion, "Where did you sleep Saturday
night?" the prisoner said: "I do not
Care to answer that question."
Coroner —Do you refuse ?
McKenzie—l do not care to answer.
Coroner—Yon have a room at the
Corfu. Did you sleep in that room on
last Saturday night?
The prisoner refused to answer.
The servant girl at the Corfu testified
that no one slept in McKenzie's room on
last Saturday night.
Coroner Weldon then stated to the
jury tbat among the effects found upon
the body of the deceased, James Frazier,
was a package of cayenne pepper and
two letters, addressed to the deceased.
They were from Salmon river, Nova
Scotia, from a sister of Mrs. Tupper,
named "Libby." At the time they
were written Mrs. Tupper was then
visiting tbe family at Turo, and Mc-
Kenzie was there at the time, it seems.
One of tbe letters is dated August 28th,
last, and is addressed "Dear Jim,"
meaning James Frazier.
"I wish you would try and get Carrie
back home; the people are talking about
her and Alf. McKenzie. If this was
told to poor Charles he would worry
about it. (let her home, they a.c talk
ing scandalously; I told Carrie
about it, and she sneered at it.
All Carrie seems to think about is
flirting; I hope Tupper will not hear of
this; if so he would feel bad; Carrie
and Lou went to Halifax; Alf followed;
Lou returned, but Carrie did not return
until Friday."
The other letter is an account of a
. picnic at a place called Picton.
"Carrie and Lou went to the picnic,
they had men with them; Lou came
home; Carrie stayed at Picton with Alf.
It is very bad; I wish Carrie had never
come home at'all; she is no sister of
mine; it is a very hard thing to say, I
know. Burn this letter."
After deliberating about 40 minutes
the jury made two reports. Tbe mi
nority, of four members, returned a
verdict tbat the prisoner, McKenzie,
killed deceased with criminal intent.
The majority, consisting of ten, exoner
ated the prisoner.
Tbe coroner issued an order commit
ting the prisoner and McKenzie waß
taken back to the central police station
and locked np.
Frazier will be buried today, the
funeral taking place from the morgue.
Offloer IfoLain Makes a Clever Cap
Q. E. McCarthy was arrested yester
day by Officer McLain, and booked on
the charge of drunkenness. Officer Mc-
Lain saw the man on Alameda street,
and thinking that he answered to the
description of the fellow who robbed and
assaulted Mrs. Eglehoff Saturday night
on Hill street, near Fourth, took him to
the station.
Mrs. Eglehoff subsequently identified
the fellow as the person who attempted
to snatch her parse and struck her in
the face. Officer McLain will today
change the charge to that of battery
and attempted robbery.
Arrested by Ofaeer Maguire fnr Steal
ing Harness.
Ike Davis, better known as Three
Fingered Ike, was arrested yesterday
by Officer Maguire, and charged with
petit larceny.
Ike was charged with taking harness
from a shop on Wall and Fourth street,
and a wagon cover from another place.
The matter was reported to Officer
Maguire, and he found Three Fingered
Ike while offering the property for Bale.
Falling Hair
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a bottle of skookum root hairgiower
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Will Extend the Civil Service List.
Waihingtok, Dec. 12.—There is little
reason to doubt that the president will
soon issue an order extending the civil
service law and rules to include letter
carriers and clerks in free delivery post
offices. These offices now number 601
aad give employment to about 11,200
carrier! and 0300 clerks. ,
Good Looks.
Good looks are more tbau skin deep, depend
ing upon a healthy condition of all the vital
organs. If the liver be inactive, you have a
bilious look: 11 your stomach l>- disordered
you have a dyspeptic look, and if your kid
neys bo affected you have a pinched look. Se
cure good health and you will have good looks.
Electric Bitters Is the great alterative and
tonic; acts directly on these vital organs.
Cares pimples, blotches, boils snd gives a good
complexion. roldatC. F. Helnseman's drug
■ton, 332 North Main street, 80c der bottle.
Proceedings Yesterday of the Board of
The board of education held a meeting
last night, but nothing outside of
routine business came up for considera
tion. There were present President
Kierulff, Mrs. Hughes, Messrs. Marsh,
Davis, Boal and Barber.
The finance committee reported favor
ably upon a number of demands, in
cluding those of teachers' salaries,
amounting to $18,412 50, and janitors'
fees to the amount of $1208 75.
It was resolved to wit hold payments
on demands until the teachers' salaries
had been paid for the month of Decem
The building committee recommended
tbe painting and varnishing of the in
terior of the Seventeenth-street school,
which was approved.
Tbe board then adjourned to meet
Tuesday evening, December 27.
The Victim of the Gutting Dies l.asl
Night—The Charge against Smith
Will Probably Be Changed
to One of Murder.
The preliminary examination of
"Pomp" Smith, who slashed John
Manning; with a razor and nearly cut his
head off, was set'for yesterday morning
before Justice Ross, at Pico Heights,
and Dsputy District Attorney Diehl
went out there to represent the prose
cution. It was found, however, that
Manning's condition is still so critical
that he could not be present, and the
examination was continued until Fri
day morning at 10 o'clock.
The cut which is the most dangerous
begins on the Bide of the head, extends
down under his neck, aud, it is said, cut
into the jugular vein. He passed a bad
night Sunday night, and was troubled
with a choking sensation. The physi
cians believe tnat he will pull through,
but the wounded man is not yet out of
Later — John Manning died last
evening at 9 o'clock from the effects
of wounds received in a difficulty
with "Pompey" Smith. Several even
ings ago Manning and the colored man,
Smith, had a quarrel in a saloon on Pico
Heights, during which Smith cut Man
ning with a razor. Smith is now in the
county jail under the charge of assault
to murder.
Little Cases Which Were Investigated
In the police court yesterday James
McMillan was fined $15 on a charge of
Q. T. Kinzie, charged with petit lar
ceny in stealing a buggy robe, was Bent
to th 9 Boys and Girls' Aid socity home
for 60 days.
U. Parro, charged with disturbing the
peace of Mrs. Miller on Center street,
was fined $5.
Vnited States Courts.
In the United States circuit court
yesterday, Samuel McKinley was ad
mitted to practice, on motion of the
United States district attorney, M. T.
Allen, and presentation of a certificate
from the supreme court of California,
The case of Briggs, Priestly & Co. et
al. vs. The Frank, Gray company of
Los Angeles, was tried in the circuit
court before Judge Ross. The plain tills
sought to restrain the defendants from
selling an inferior grade of henriettas
as goods manufactured by them, and
after hearing tbe testimony the court
granted them an injunction in accord
ance with the prayer of the complaint.
Tbe case of C. W. Dunlop vs. The
California National bank of Ban Diego
was argued and submitted. It was an
application for a temporary injunction
in connection with the funds of the
bank in the hands of tbe receiver.
In the district court the grand jury
made a partial report npon the case of
James Campbell, charged with illegal
registration, finding that the facts did
not justify an indictment, whereupon
the case was dismissed and the de
fendant discharged.
On last Thursday evening a most en
joyable social, composed exclusively of
young ladies, occurred at the apart
ments of Miss Lena Patterson and Miss
Edna Coburn, at the Clifton house, on
Broadway near Temple street. The
evening was spent in dancing, singing,
games, etc., and refreshments were
served. Among those present were:
Misses Lena Patterson, Edna Coburn,
Tina Benner, Louise Bandholt, Lucy
Nelme, Carrie Anderson, Pearl Schu
macher, Mamie Schumacher, Gertrude
Smith, Mollie Reynolds, Jessie Kent and
Lee Parrish.
Banta Barbara's Loss.
Santa Barbara, Dec. 19. —W. N.
Hawley, a prominent citizen, died early
thie morning of heart failure. He was
the owner of tbe Arlington hotel and
other valuable property at thia place.
He formerly resided in San Francisco.
Fall to Da Our Duty
Everybody an at times failed to do tbeir
dnty toward themselves. Hundreds of lady
readers Buffer from sick headache,nurvousnees,
Bl eplessness and female troubles. Let them
follow the example of Mrs. H. Herbechter,
Stevens Point, Wis., who for five years suffered
greatly from Nervous Prostration and sleepless
ness, tried physicians and different medicines
without success But one bottle of Or. Miles'
Nervine caused sound sleep every night tnd
she 1b feeling like a new person. M s. Eliza
beth Wheeler, Laramie City, Wyoming, who
tried all other remedies, declared that after
three weeks' use of the Nervine for Headache,
Nervous Prostration, etc. she was entirely
relieved. Bold by 0. H. Hance. Trial bottle
Mr. L. R, Paxton was made happy
yesterday by the arrival of his parents
and Bister from Philadelphia, who bave
come to Los Angeles to spend tbe winter.
®«Sa n e g r.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard.
Three Days Occupied in Argu
ing His Defense.
Sentiment Seemingly Against Him
at the Close.
The Moderator Declares Supplementary
Remarks Out of Order and the
Presbytery Sustains
the Ruling.
By the Associated Pro*.]
Nkw York, Dec. 19.—Dr. Briggs fin
ished hie three days' speech today.
Several times he was applauded, but at
the closing moments of the session it
was evident that the spectators were
against him. Taking up charge six, the
essence of which is tbat the accused de
clared that sanctification is not com
plete at death, which is contrary to the
standards of the church which teaches
that the souls cf believers are at their
death at once made perfect in holiness,
the defendant said there was no proof
offered for this essential doctrine in the
charge. He had declared for progres
sive Bantification and argued at
length to show that there
was _ a middle state and that
sanctification could never be complete
until the day of resurrection. The in
variable statement of the New Testa
ment is that the second advent of Jesus
Christ ie tbe goal of sanctification.
In conclusion Briggs said: "I have
shown that the doctrines taught by me
are not contrary to the Westminster
confession; not irreconcilable with the
scriptures, but the product of a compre
hensive study of the scriptures. It is
now for the presbytery of New York to
make its decision. I pray God you
make no mistake, but stand firmly by
tbe work of God and tbe constitution of
our church, and so deliver a righteous
Dr. Briggs asked how much more time
tbe prosecuting committee would de
mand. He said tbe prosecution should
not be permitted to bring in new matter
or matter prepared months ago and held
for the conclusion. He wanted the
matter settled.
Colonel McCook, speaking for the
prosecution, said he thought they could
conclude their reply by Wednesday
evening. The committee would insist
on the usages of the courts, which al
lowed the complainant in all actions,
both criminal and civil, to open and
close the proceedings.
The moderator so ruled. Briggs rose
and commenced to speak, but the mod
erator declared him out of order. Briggs
appealed, but the moderator was sus
tained by an overwhelming vote.
Col. A. A. Pope to Address the Chamber
of Commerce.
Col. A. A. Pope, the apostle of good
roads, is now at the I'.aymond, but will
be the guest of Mr. C. W. Ford for about
a week in this city. He has expressed
his willingness to address a meeting of
the chamber of commerce during his so
journ here on the Bubject of roads, and
the committee appointed for that pur
pose will meet at tbe chamber of com
merce this afternoon at 2 o'clock to ar
range the date.
The committee consists of Messrs. J.
Q. Tufts, Seward Cole, E. T. Wright, M.
S. Severance and F. W. King. It is
probable tbat they will set any day
agreeable to Colonel Pope, probably the
latter part of the week, for a public
meeting at which all interested in the
subject of better highways will be given
an opportunity to hear this gifted gen
tleman on his favorite theme. Colonel
Pope is president of the celebreted Pope
Manufacturing company, and has begun
a national crusade for good roads tbat
is already marked with good results and
bids fair to work one of the greatest
revolutions of the age.
The case of the Los Angeles, Pasade
na and Glendale Railroad company vs.
Minnie Ramp, was on trial before Judge
Clark, sitting for Judge McKinley, yes
terday in department No. of the su
perior court. The case was originally
tried before Judge Shaw, it being a con
demnation suit for right of way through
the Sycamore grove between Los An
geles and Pasadena, and the judgment
of condemnation was for $775. The
defendant appealed from an order de
nying a new trial, and the supreme
court reversed the judgment, granting a
new trial. The defendant claims the
judgment was very mnch too small.
The court and jury will visit the prem
ises today.
In a recent letter to the manufactur
ers, Mr. A. W. Baldridge, Millersville,
111., says: "Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy gives tbe beet' satisfaction of any
cough medecine I handle, and as a
seller, leads all other preparations in
this market. I recommend it because it
is the best medicine I ever handled for
coughs, colds and croup." For sale by
C. F. Heinzeman, druggist, 222 North
Main street.
A Desperate Crook Arrested.
Sack amen ro, Dec. 19. —Yesterday
afternoon Deputy Sheriff Alter arrested
Amasa 0. Hall after a desperate strug
gle, in which Hall tried to ahoot the
officer. The prisoner was locked up. He
ia a notorious eastern crook and des
perado, who ia wanted in several states.
The crime for which he waa arrested was
the robbery of tbe postoffice at Lincoln,
Neb. He had been biding some time at
the residence of relatives in Washington,
a town in Yolo county, opposite this
A little boy who gave bia name aB Lew
Taylor came to tbe Heuald office last
night and eaid he waa lost. Hia' par
ents, he aaid, bad allowed him to go out
to sac Santa Glaus, and he got excited
and forgot how to get home. He waa
taken to tbe police station, where Clerk
Cottle gave him a bed in the receiving
hoepital, and where hie parents can find
him this morning.
A Lost Boy.
Royal Baking Powder imparts that pe
culiar lightness, sweetness and flavor
noticed in the finest food, and which
expert pastry cooks declare is unobtain
able by the use of any other raising agent.
How Father O'Reilly Was Tricked by a
San Bernardino. Dec. 19.—Saturday
night an individual cailed at the resi
dence of Father O'Reilly, a Catholic
priest of this city, asking the father to
hurry with him lo the bedside of a
dying man living beyond Colton. The
priest hurriedly made arrangements
and got into a buggy with the
stranger to drive there. After they
had passed Colton the stranger, who
was a Mexican, overpowered the prießt,
robbed him of his watch and money,
putting him out in the road and leaving
him to find his way back to Colton. The
robber came back to this city this after
noon and endeavored to sell the prießt's
watch and gold crucifix, and was
promptly arrested. The prisoner re
fuses to disclose his name.
Seven Firemen Crushed Beneath the
Wall of a Burned Mill.
Albany, N. V., Dec. 19.—Fire started
by an explosion in the elevator shaft of
tbe Fort Orange Milling company's
building destroyed the plant, entailing
a lobb of $75,000. Charles Wolverton, a
member of the firm, was badly burned.
About 7 o'clock this evening aB the
members of steamer company No. 4
were preparing to lsave the ruins by the
river front, the east wall toppled over
without warning aud seven men were
buried under tho mass of debris. A
large force of firemen and policemen
immediately set to work. James Shat
tuck and Fred Bamer were taken out
slightly hurt and Bent to the hospital.
Two hours later the dead bodies of
Charles Marshall, John Brtfgefoid and
Fred Amthor were found.
Connt Peter Again In Trouble.
San Francisco, Dec, 19 —"Count
Peter" Ruhlovasbaßk, who has figured
a number of times in police transac
tions, was arrested this afternoon on a
warrant sworn to by Joe Nealon and
William Kelly, charging him with em
bezzlement. The complainants owned a
saloon which tho "count" purchased,
giving them in exchange a certain
amount of land in Bakersfield, Kern
county. He then sold the saloon to an
other party and pocketed the purchaee
money. Nealon and Kelly telegraphed
to Bakerefield and ascertained that the
"count" bad no land whatever in that
part of the state. The prisoner alleges
that a man named Campbell took all
the purchase money with the exception
of $20. ■
Rosecrana Coming; to Los Angeles.
Washington, Dec. 19.—General Rose
crans continues to improve and hopes
to leave for Sonthern California next
This annoying scalp trouble, which
gives the hair an untidy appearance, is
cured by skookum root hair grower,
All dmggista.
Christmas Presents For All,
At the Crystal Palace, 138, 140 and
142 South Main street, elegant assort
ment of china, clocks, silver-plated
ware, etc , etc. Open every night this
week. You are invited to inspect our
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The Finest Line or Hardware
In the city can be found at the W. O.
Furrey company, 159 to 165 North Spring
Btreet. Plumbing and tinning a spe
ciality. Cooking utensila, cutlery, etc.,
at prices that defy competition.
A Paper Company Falls.
New York, Dec. 19 —Tho failure of
the American Wood Paper company was
reported today. The company's mills
are at Manayunk and Spring City, Pa.,
and headquarters at Providence.
smallest Pill in tho W"rld I
Provided the great Organs
%Jp of tho body are not irreparably injur- ®
ed, there aro few diseases that
% TUTT'S *
©Tiny Liver rlmm
ewill not euro. Hy their notion the
Liver, the Spleen, tho Heart nnd tho A
J. Idneya are brought into harmonious
• notion, and health, vigor of mind and
body follow their use. Dose small.6m
Price, iJSc. Cllico, 110 to Hi Waalf n St.,«. I-
1880. — -
LM. uULUnu With the Los Angeles Optical
Institute, 125 Sonth Spring street, Los Angeles
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Lenses ground to order on premises. Occullsts'
prescriptions correctly filled. 6-8 6m
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Etc.
117, 119 and 121 Bouth Los Aagelts Street
American Cholera.
From the Daily lievellle. Whatcom, Wash.
"T. C. Burnett, the Democratic can
didate for sheriff, waß taken violently ill
at Clearbrook. He bad all the symp
tomß of Asiatic cholera, and for an hour
or two it was feared he would die. They
finally gave him a doeo of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy,
which revived him until a physician ar
rived." That is precisely what the
manufacturers of that medicine recom
mend for cholera. Send for a physician,
but give their medicine until the physi
cian arrives. If cholera becomes preva
lent in this country next summer this
preparation will be in great demand,
because it can always be depended upon.
For Bale by C. F. Heinzeman, druggist,
222 North" Main street.
A Freight Office Short ago.
Cincinnati, Dec. 19.—1t is stated on
Rood authority that the shortage in the
Louisville and Nashville freight office,
in thia city, ie at least $50,000. Agent
McOourt and Cashier Sliotwell
been dismissed. The company has at
tached McOourt's property on a claim
of $30,000.
Fell Dead.
These words are very familiar to our readers,
as not a day passes without the report of the
sudden death of some prominent citizen. The
explanation is "Heart Dt-ease." Therefore,
beware if yon have any of the following symp
toms, Short Breath, Pain in Side, Smothering
Spells, Swollen Ankles, Asthmatic-Breathing,
Weak and Hungry tipells, Tenderness iv Shoul
der or Arm, irlnttcring of Heart or Irregular
Pulse. Those symptoms m-an heart ditease
The m< st reliable remedy is Dr. Milea's New
Heart Cure, which has saved thousands of
lives. Book of testimonials free at C. H.
Hance, who also sells the New Heart Cure.
PR aveu—ln Los Angeles, C*l., December 18,
1892, James A. Fraser, a native of Nova
Scotia, aged 37 y ars.
Friends and acquaintances Era invited to at
tend the funeral today (Tuo'day), December 20.
at 1:30 p.m., from tin under.akiug parlors of
Orr A riut"h, 147 N'orih Spring stre. t
A staff of German and English Eoctors have
arrived and permanently located at
All who visit the doctors before January 1
will receive services for the first
All diseases and deformities are treated, but
in no instance will an Incurable case be taken
for treatment. If your case Is incurable they
will frankly tell you so, also caution against
tpending moro money for useless treatment.
The object of this course is to become rapidly
and personally acquainted with the sick and
afflicted. Remember dates and go early, as
their office* will ba crowded from morning till
night during last days of free service.
OFFICE HOURB:~^i m «.^ 5 ?o m 8: ;e 8 y u e n u :
days, 11 to 2.
Catarrh and Consumption
Positively Cured
12 ltf
ty of Los Angeles, state of California.
In matter of petition of Trinity Methodist
Episcopal Church r'ouih.
Pursuant to order ot the Hon. W. H. Clark,
jud.eof said Superior court, notice is hereby
given to any and all persons interested in the
real property of Slid incorporation, and in any
matters thereo', to show oau>e. If any thiy can,
on Tuesday, the 27th day o! December, 1892,
at 10 o'clock a.m. ol that day, or as soon there
after as counsel can be heard, at the courtroom
of said court iv the city ot Los Angeies, Btate of
California, why the said incorporation Bhould
not be authoris d by this court to mortgage the
real estate of said society, described as tbe
southwesterly strip, 80 foot witfe, of lot 0,
bock 13, of Ord's survey of I.os Angeles cily,
fronting 80 fe»t on ihe west side of Broadway
street, and to extc ;te and Oeliver wlih such
mortgage a note under the corporate seal and
in the oorporats namo of said society as evi
dence of said indebtedness.
Witness my h-<nd and seal of said Superior
court this lbtu day of December, 1892,
[seai.,l T. H. WARD, Clerk.
By A. W.BKAVER, Deputy Clerk.
ILL. Wicks, attorney for petitioner. 12-2*
to the Public]
January 1,1893, the undersigned will open
for business at No. 232 Ht uuena street, in tbe
shop formerly occupied by Lloyd Bios., where
we will do carriage and wagon work, and we
would liko to have you cill auu give us a trial.
Yours respectfully, J. DARBY.
12 20 lm A. M'DONALD.
.. Our PttRTECTIOS f.YItIKGB tn» with e«ry bo'-tto,
Core. < U.VOKItnOiA snd OI.SIT ia Ona to Fotm dsja,
A qvv-i curu r<* i.rc<:our.nrt:Aor whites.
Sudor «ll Ulinoolsrs. Sent to »nj AcKlrc.l ftir Jl.Ha.
X.-- I " ' va:.'uvacickiru to., lakcasiku, oi«o
H. N. Bile & Son, agents, 308. Vain it.
Manufacturer nnd Dealer In
130 routh Main street,
Opposite Chamber of Commerce, Los Aneelaa
Telephone 818.
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________ the city. 11-23
> _____
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Thursday, Dee. 22, at 10 a.m.
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MATLOCK & REED, - - Anctioneers,
Dr. Wong Fay,
Having made a study of disease and the heal
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merit the patronage of the discriminating pub
His stock of drugs Is selected with extreme
care, regardless of lost, and imported direct
from China for his own use. His objeot is to
relieve suffering rather than to acquire fame
and amass wealth.
For the first three days examinations, pre
scriptions and medicines will do free. After
ward all advice will be carefully given and
free, but a small charge, sufllyient to cover
cost, will be made for medicines furnished.
12 No. 227 South Main Street. 20
?V£#^* i «*wav^
II n ? $ m^ili A fin
And a full assortment of Crockery, China and
01as«ware, strictly firstclßSS at bottom pricde.
8_27 al7 Scuta Spring street Brno
: . If Have Defective
And value them, consult ns. No case of def c -
tive vision where gistees are required is too
complicated for us. The correct adiustmfnt of
f rimes is gui, eas important as the perfect fit
ting of l.'nseß, and the scientific fitting and
making of glasses and fram- s is our only busi
ness (specialty). Have satisfied others, will
satify you. We use el« ctrie power and aro. the
E£uto™Ai!« e . ,lwl gTla& «- toowet « e '»' u
8. «. MAiWHDTZ, Leading Scientific Op«
-clan, (Specialist,) 167 N. Bpring, opp. old Court
Boost. Don't io-*et the number.

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