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A Jury Finds Peterson Gnilty
in Short Order.
Judge Clark Decides a Very Interest
ing Case.
' Tne Supreme Court Decide* a Ban
Diego Caie—Two Mew Indict
ment*—Mew Caaoi and
Court Note*.
Charles Peterson was tried before
Jndge Smith yesterday on a charge of
receiving stolen property, knowing it to
be stolen. The whole trial lasted about
an hour, the young man being found
gnilty by the jury.
The testimony showed that Peterson
about two months ago went into one of
L. B. Cohn's pawn shops on Main street
and offered a revolver for sale. He said
he had owned it for a long time, and
that he was a sheep herder.
The pawnbroker and his son, A. B.
Cohn, examined the revolver and saw
that it was a new one which looked as
though it had never been shot. Young
Cohn then said be believed it was one of
their revolvers, and Peterson began to
stammer. Finally he said the revolver
was given to him by a boy named Joe
Bellisle, and pointed out the boy where
he stood across the street. Officer Con
ley was called and both were arrested.
It then transpired tbat shortly before
tbis time Bellisle had knocked a hole in
the show window in front of another of
Cohn's pawn shops, and stolen about a
dozen revolvers which were in his reach.
He was sent to the Whittier reform
school, where he is at present, and Pe
terson was held for trial.
Upon the trial yesterday a deposition
from Bellisle was read, in which he
stated that he stole the revolver in ques
tion and gave it to the defendant to sell
for him, telling him where he had ob
tained it.
No evidence was put in by the defense,
even tbe defendant not going on the
stand. The jury was out only a few
minutes when they returned with a ver
dict of guilty. The form of this verdict
was that tbe jury found tbe defendant
"guilty of receiving stolen property,"
and then it stopped.
Hugh J. Crawford, Peterson's attor
ney, claims that by the omission of tbe
words "knowing it to be stolen," the
verdict will not stand. The court fixed
January 4th for the sentence of tbe de
fendant. _
Judge Clerk Renders an Opinion In an
Involved Foreclosure Case.
Judge Clark yesterday handed down
the following opinion in the case of tbe
First National bank of Pomona vs. £. D.
Rice et al.:
This is a suit to foreclose a mortgage.
On January 10,1887, ihe premises were
conveyed by M. L. Clarke to the defen
dant Rice. In payment the said defen
dant Rice executed three promissory
notes in sums of three, five and ten
thousand dollars, respectively, and at
the same time executed a mortgage to
secure trie payment ot tbe same. The
two first notes have been paid.
On July 2, 1887, the notes and mort
gage were assigned by the said M. L.
Clarke to one Stoddard Jess, and he on
the 10th day of July, 1887, assigned the
came to plaintiff. After the conveyance
from said Clarke to said Rice, viz: on
February 19, 1887, the latter conveyed
to the San Bernardino and Los Angeles
Railway company, the predecessor in
interest of the defendant, the Southern
California Railway company, a portion
of said land for railway and depot pur
poses. Tbe deed is one of grant, recites
a consideration of $1 and other good and
valuable consideration, and after de
scribing the land conveyed proceeds:
"And it is made a condition of tbis
grant as to both the strips of land here
in described tbat the said San Bernar
dino and Los Angeles Railway company
is to construct, maintain nnd operate its
railroad over and upon tbe Btrips of
land hereinbefore described, and tbat
said railway company is to build and
maintain their principal depot for the
Pomona section of the country upon the
land described between stations 1326
and 133t>, on line x, per railroad sur
vey ; said railroad to be constructed
within 90 days and said depot building
within six months, else this conveyance
and all rights thereunder to be void and
of no effect, and said railroad company
to be amenable and held for reasonable
damages," etc.
It was not alleged or proven that the
condition of tbe deed was not complied
with. There was evidence that tbe $1
consideration had not in fact been paid.
After the execution of this deed and by
various conveyances and successive con
veyances, the balance of the premises
mortgaged came to the defendant, J. L.
Howland. The question presented is
one of marshaling the aesetß; each of
said defendants, the Southern California
Railway company and.the said Uowland,
claiming that the land conveyed to the
other should be first sold to satisfy the
mortgage debt.
The general rule is that where land is
subject to a mortgage or other incum
brance and a portion thereof is sold by
the owner, the mortgagee, being then a
creditor with two funds, must proceed
primarily against the fund or property
remaining in the grantor, bis equity be
ing regarded as inferior to that of bis
grantee. And it follows that, as between
purchasers of different parcels, each
purchaser in turn succeeds to the equi
ties of the grantor, and as between them
the land is therefore chargeable in the
inverse order of its alienation.
If, however, a conveyance be
made without valuable consideration
tbe equities of the grantee are not re
garded as superior to those of the
grantor, or at least are regarded as in
ferior to those of other grantees whose
grants rest upon a valuable considera
This rule is recognized by section 2899,
Civil Code, which reads: "Where one
bas a Jien upon several things and
other persons have subordinate liens up
on or interests in some but not all of
tbe same things, the person having tbe
prior lien, if he can do so without risk
of loss to himaelf or of injustice to
other persons, must resort to the prop
erty in the following order on demand of
any party interested
"1. To the things which have not
been transferred since the prior lien was
created. 2. To the things which have
been bo transferred witnout valuable
(onsideration. 3. To things which have
been so transferred for a valuable con
sideration in tbe inverse of the trans
fer." Applying this rule it would re
quire tbat the property of thedefend-
TCTT'B FILL is the family doctor.
ant Howland should be first sold unless
tbe conveyame to the San Ber
nardino and Los Angeles RU
way company was, aa urged
by said defendant, made without con
sideration. Ido not think this conten
tion supported. Tbe deed recites that
the grant was made upon a consideration
of $1. That tbis was not in fact paid
does not make the deed a deed of gift,
or the grantee a volunteer. An inabili
ty to pay tbe sum specified was thereby
created, and t*at would constitute a
valuable consideration. Moreover, I
am of opinion tbat the conditions of the
deed, i.e., to lay tbe track and construct
"their principal depot for the Pomona
section of the country," at a certain
point, would constitute a valuable con
sideration, and would prevent tbe
grantee from being)regarded as a volun
teer as against tbe grantor, or his sub
sequent grantees with notice. I think
the usual rule should be followed and
the land sold in the inverse order of its
Decree is ordered accordingly.
Judgment In a Ban Diego Attachment
Case Affirmed.
An opinion was received by Deputy
Supreme Court Clerk Ashmore yester
day in the case of Kennedy, appellant,
vs. The California Savings Bank et al.
It was an appeal from an order dissolv
ing an attachment. The action was
upon certificates of depdßit, issued to
plaintiff by the defendant, tbe Califor
nia Savings bank, a corporation, in
which the other defendants were stock
holders, and the relief demanded was
for a judgment for the amount of money
represented by tbe certificates, and
against each of the defendants for the
proportionate part thereof, for which he
is liable as a stockholder. Tbe motion
to dissolve tbe attachment was made by
the defendant Havermale alone, and
was upon the grounds, first, that the
action was upon a statutory liability,
and not upon a contract; second, that
the writ of attachment in its statement
of plaintiff's demand against him was
not in conformity to the complaint.
After quite a long discussion of these
points the court affirms the judgment of
tbe superior court dissolving tbe attach
ment upon the second ground stated in
the motion of the defendant.
"Lulu Martell" Divorced.
A default divorce case waa tried be
fore Judge Wade late yesterday after
noon, in which the plaintiff was a
variety actress whose stage name is Miss
Lulu Martell, but who appeared in the
complaint as Mrs. Minnie Lizzie Lynch.
She has been in Los Angeles for two
years past, and has appeared at various
times at the old Vienna Buffet as a
serio-comic singer. She ie a very fleshy
woman, and sued tor a divorce from her
husband, James M. Lynch, on tbe
ground of extreme cruelty. She testi
fied that she was married to the defend
ant in San Francisco in 1888, and that
since that time ber husband had treated
her wilb brutality, frequently striking
her and threatening her life. The night
of March 26th last she was singing in
the old Vienna, when her husband
came in. He assaulted ber and drew a
revolver, with which be would have
shot her if he had not been prevented
by the "bouncer." Her statements
were corroborated by Tom McGinley,
who saw the assault. She also stated
that her husband iB a seafaring man,
and when he comes to Los Angeles, at
rare intervals, he always tries to terror
ize ber. The court granted a decree
upon the showing made.
Two New Indictments.
The county grand jury reported to
Judge Smith yesterday morning and
stated that the work of drawing up the
final report of the body will occupy sev
eral days more.
They returned two indictments. One
of them was against Wm. Paul, charged
with illegal registration. The old in
dictment was defective and the present
one is to take its place. .The defendant
is out on bail. The other indictment
was kept secret, tbe court fixing the
bail upon it at $1000.
Court Notes.
Gland L. Hill waß arraigned npon the
charges of embezzlement against him,
yesterday morning, and Judge Smith
set January 3d for him to plead.
Divorce proceedings have been com
menced by Sarah Tt. Smith vs. W. C.
The petition of the Turnverein Ger
mania association to mortgage property
for $29,000 to Jacob Kuhrte, was granted
by Judge McKinley. The debt existed,
and the proceeding was taken to put it
in mortgage form.
The divorce suit of Biewend vs. Bie
wend was argued before Judge McKin-
I ley yesterday afternoon and was sub
mitted, the conrt reserving its decision.
The case of Lemmert vs. Morrison et
al. waß continued for the session by
Judge Wade yesterday, tbe plaintiff an
nouncing that he was not ready for trial
after the filing of an amended answer.
The suit is for balance claimed to be due
for reduction of ores according to an
agreement made with the defendants.
Yesterday, in the suit of A. L. King
vs. A. N. King, npon a note, Judge
Clark rendered judgment by default for
$600, tbe balance due, and interest.
The damage suit of J. J. Wilson vs.
The Terminal Railway company was
finally concluded before Judge Van Dyke
yesterday afternoon, and went to the
jury about 5 o'clock. At a late hour
last nignt they agreed upon a verdict
which was sealed and will be opened
this morning.
New Suite Filed.
Among the documents filed in tbe
county clerk's office yesterday were tbe
Petition by £. E. Hold for letters of
administration npon the estate of Elisa
Johnston, deceased, the estate being
valued at $8000.
Petition of Sebastian Oerelli for special
letters of administration upon tbe estate
of Giovanni Zeni.
George H. Smith and Thomas L.
Winder vs. Arthur Gayford et al.—A
suit to recover $2007 00 from tbe defend
ants as individual stockholders of tbe
Santa Monica Wharf and Terminal Rail
way company, tbe amount of a judgment
recovered against the company.
Savings Bank of Southern California
vs. the San Gabriel Valley Rapid Tran
sit railway et al.—Suit on a promissory
note for $10,000 and foreclosure of the
Savings Bank of Southern California
vs. G. 11. Bonebrake et al —Suit npon a
promissory note for $10,000, tbe plaintiff
demanding a several judgment against
each of the defendants for his propor
tionate part of tbe debt and interest.
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An Uneventful Session Over
Routine Matters.
Several Bonds of New City Officials
Are Approved.
Reports of Street Superintendent, Fi
nance Ci imlttee and Board of Public
Wurki uo Bllnor If atters—The City
Garbage—Monday* Mooting.
The city council met yesterday after
noon in adjourned session, President
Bonsall in the chair.
The report of the street superintend
ent, recommending tbat the contractors
be granted 60 days' additional time in
wbicb to complete certain work on
Qirard and Winfleld streets, was read.
It was tbe opinion of the majority that
30 days was a sufficient extension of
time, and it was so ordered.
The report further recommended re
advertising for bids for tbe curbing of
Eleventh street, from Pearl to Sentons,
which was adopted.
The report of the finance committee
approving various claims and requisi
tions, was approved.
The report of the sewer committee
created considerable discussion when
read. It recommended that 130 feet of
15 inch sewer pipe be given by tbe city
to repair the break in tbe sewer at Los
Angelee and Aliso streets. After a pro
tracted argument it was decided to fur
nish the contractor having the work in
charge a sufficient amount of pipe at
half its original cost.
Tbe following report from the board
of public works was then read and
Your board of public works begs to
report as follows:
First—ln the matter of the grading,
curbing, etc., of Hope street between
First and Third streets, we recommend
tbat bids for the came be readvertised
for. .
Second—On petition No. 681, from J.
H. Martin et al, for council to order a
cement sidewalk constructed ou the
east side of Buena Vista street, between
Bellevue avenue and the Baker iron
works, we recommend tbat the street
superintendent be instructed to notify
tbe property owners interested that un
less they take immediate steps to lay
said sidewalk, the council will pass an
ordinance of intention to do the same.
Third—Recommend tbat protest No.
682, against the sidewalking of Twenty
first street between Grand avenue and
Figueroa street, be filed, the work hav
ing been done by private contract.
Fourth—We recommend that tbe fol
lowing petitions be referred to the board of
public works appointed by tbe incoming
council, to wit: Nob. 366, 446, 634, 737,
708, 799, 80G, 813 and 814.
Fifth—We rcommend that tbe specifi
cations for tbe removal of city garbage,
etc., be adopted as amended by this
board, and that the council determine
the amount of bond to be required. We
also recommend that bide be advertised
for, to be received and opened on the 3d
Monday in January.
In relation to the final clause of the
report, it was resolved to exact a bond
of 5 per cent of the contract price. It
waß at first proposed to amend the re
port of tbe board of health in this mat
ter, changing the duration of the con
tract from three to two years, but upon
deliberation the report was adopted as
submitted. It will cost a considerable
sum to equip this particular branch,
and should the contract be for a brief
period only, it would dampen the zeal
of the bidders.
The proposi ion toreadvertise for bids
for the curbing of Hope street, between
Second and Third, raised a nice point of
argument. Mr. Innee'a motion to refer
to the incoming council was lost. As it
would be an expenditure of money to
readvertise for bids, a vote of six waß
necessary to carry the proposition. Thia
vote could not be obtained, and after
reading extracts from tbe city charter,
President Bonsall sustained the minor
ity. Mr. Bees appealed from the de
cision of the chair, but on a vote the
president's ruling was sustained.
The following bonds were read and
Harvey J. Shoultere, as city treasurer,
in the sum of $150,000, with the follow
ing sureties: H. W. Hell man. T. L.
Duque, John E. Plater, Charles Forman,
J. M. Elliott, D. O. Miltimore, James C.
Kays, George H. Bonebrake, F. C.
Howes, R. R Brown, E. W. Jones,
J. Frankenfleld, Sam Lewis, R. M. Wid
ney, H. G. Kerckhoff. W. G. Cochran,
J. S. Park, A. D. Childress, John
M. C. Marble, O. H. Churchill, H.
J. Woollacott, A. W. Ryan, O. F.
Howes, L. N. Breed, Fred M. Smith,
Warren Gillelen.
John Henry Dockweiler, as city en
gineer, in the cum of $10 000, with tbe
following sureties: Frank G. Schu
macher, William Lacy, Joseph Mesmer,
W. H. Workman, John Moriarty, D.
Robert D. Wade, as city tax and
license collector, in tbe sum of $100,000.
Tne petition of Samuel Barlow was
referred to tbe incoming council.
A 30 days' extension of time waa
granted the contractors in which to fin
ish work on Center place.
An invitation from the mayor to par
ticipate in the opening of the Elysian
park boulevard today, was read and
Lem J. Thompson of the Morris Vine
yard tract petitioned tbe council to be
relieved of a double assessment on his
I property, and on a favorable report
from the city assessor the petition was
The report of the supply committee
approving demands and requisitions was
approved, save the expenses incurred in
fitting up tbe outer office of the mayor,
which was referred to the incoming
This concluded tbe transaction of bus
iness and then came the motion to ad
journ. It was tbe desire of tbe conncil
to meet next week, simply to read the
minutes of the past meeting and ad jouru
sine die. Monday being a legal holiday
there was serious doubt as to whether
any business transacted on-that day
would be legal. This question was
brought about by tbe ruling of the at
torney general tbat the state legislature
would have to convene the first Monday
in January .
City Attorney McFarland, wbo was
present, stated that tbe council could l
transact any business they might see fit
and their acts wonld be valid, but, be
ing a legal holiday, tbey could not cjm
fel any one to come before t);;*' body,
t was, therefore, resolygj to meet
Monday next at 10 a. »» *•■"
De*eryrng «»» n *?lSio.-Thero 1* no arti
cle which so richly iae entire confi
dence of tbe comg* ~_ M bbowb'b Bbow
c*ial guttering from
i^ - u,lu
The Matter a* It Stand* at the Local
Land Office.
Capt. W. H. Seamans, register of tbe
land office, has received a letter from
James Madden, tbe land agent of the
Southern Pacific company, in reference
to the recent decision of the supreme
court concerning the lands in dispute
between the company and tbe govern
ment, in which he says :
"The suit just decided involved only
4912 acies of the company's lands in
township 1 north, ranges 4, 8 and 9
west, 3 and 4 north, range 15 west, S.
B. M. I have not yet seen the full text
of the decision, and do not know how it
affects the company's interests. The
railway company intends to press the
suit regarding the remainder of the land
covered by tbe overlap of the Southern
Pacific railroad and Atlantic and Pacific
railroad grants, and it is in hopes that
when the entire case is presented tbe
supreme court will modify its views.
Tbis case, No. 184, will probably come
up in tbe United States circuit court, in
Lob Angelee, in February next.
Tbe register of tbe land office is
acting under the following instruc
tions received from M. M. Rose,
United States assistant land commis
sioner at Washington:
"Continue the euspenßion of action on
applications for lands within the over
lapping limits of Southern Pacific rail
road and Atlantic and Pacific railroad
until officially advised of the determina
tion of motion for review of department
al decision relating thereto, in Vol. 6,
L. D., page 816, still pending before the
Tbe decision in question is one ren
dered by Secretary Vilas to Commis
sioner Stockslager, June 23,1888, which
is exactly in line with the recent su
preme court judgment. It is very prob
able that Secretary Noble will decide tbe
motion sustaining Secretary Vilas's de
cision, and tbat no conflict will result
between the department of the interior
and the department of justice.
Routine Proceeding* at the Board*
Meeting Yesterday.
The bond and contract of Walker and
McLean, the successful bidders for sup
plying the connty hospital farm with
meat for the ensuing year, were ap
proved yesterday by the board of super
Tbe petition of Rev. Joaquin Bott of
San Gabriel for permission to move his
fence into tbe highway was considered,
and tbe board decided that it could not
grant his petition.
Several deeds for Tights of way for
roads were presented and accepted.
The application of C. and F. J. Ganahl
for a wharf franchise at San Pedro was
received, and the hearing set lor Janu
ary 7th.
It was ordered that bids be received
until January 11th for furnishing gro
ceries for the ensuing year for the county
Personal and Mew* Mote* from Depot
and Office.
The Santa Fe bas changed its tourist
excursions to the east to Wednesdays in
place of Thursdays.
Mr. H. B. Keeler, agent of the Santa
Fe at San Diego, waa in the city yester
day, r
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hynes, the
parents of S. B. Hynes, general freight
agent of the Southern California Rail
way company, are in the city for the
uiefl 15 FoiuS:
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ed fifteen pounds in weight."
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tion as a thorough physician has been tolly es
tablished and appreciated by many. His large
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onesty. The doctor graduated iv the foremost
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244 South Spring; Street.
MT* Inspect my stock before purchasing
vou'r boots aud shoes. I will be sure to suit you.
1119 43t
a ßones, Meat, Gristle audali!
Greeu Cut BONES will
doublo the number of eggs
—will make them more fer
tile—will carry the hens
safely through the moltinj;
period and put thorn In
condition to lay when egrrs
command the higher' price
aud will dovolop • yemr
chicles faster than any
Feed Green Eot ■ and
use Creosozoii" to kill
the lice, aud you will mokes
0 lUty per cent inoro p rotlt.
Bend for Catalox-U" and
> prices.
Card and Seal Manufacturer of Rub
ber Stamps, Seal Prusses, Steel snd Brass Dies,
btencils White Kriami led Letters, House Nutn
bers, etc, "isiting and Wedding Csrds en- 4
graved end printed. 212 We«t First strc "., l.os
Angelee, Cal. Telephone 9t>7. 11-19 43t
Ohlehestev's English Diamond BvunA.
Pennyroyal pills
Orliplttul.itnd Only Ueuutai'. A
TPpJN safc > always reliable.- LAOiCS Ma /S\ f
V*V<*l Urosglrt for Ckirhettcr* JinoU** JH"-Mlk\ ™
Brand in Itcil an* fi-ii ( UJtUllit
-sTKffjbiiHJ, scaled with bloo rtbbou. Tak/- \Er \
SS* "<» other. Refuse dtittiieroriM tfa (i* V
f~~ MJ u,!,ji * mi4vitio.lt. At I»ni«;sji*t»- ' 14fl»
Jdj in '•laTiij.a f«: y^rliouliirj. tos.i t * oni
ff MalL l«,«0O lv«!mooUi», >■».>■ fttp#r.
Bold by *L*l Local DrtiztriM.s. PMlrv a. r»R.
(p. F. heinzemanT
DruWist & Chemist, I
223 N. Main St., Los Angelej.
Prescription* earelully compounded d» ■
night. m¥i\!t
\ Vl
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