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He Is Charged With Passing
Bogus Checks.
His Dashing Career in Los Angeles
Brought to a Sudden Close.
How He Succeeded in Making; Many
Purchase* In This Olty aud
Santa Monica-Hie Pres
ent Address.
R. Billy Boyd, "Charming Billy," is
in serious trouble; also, in the county
jail. He is a new worker in the south
ern vineyard, recently hailing from the
land of the webfoot, and his crooked
career has been brought to an abrupt
termination before he could make hp
presence felt to any great extent.
On Monday evening about 8 o'clock
a flashily dressed fellow of the howling
swell variety, aged about 23 years, en
tered Bartlett'a music store and asked
to be shown a banjo, as he whished to
do a double song and dance. He pur
chased a cheap banjo, and offered in
payment a check for $13, drawn on the
Farmers and Merchants bank of this
city, signed in a bold, business-Ike
hand, "55. L. Parmelee." He received
$7 in change, and gaily departed, thrum
in g on the banjo, "plink, plunk, plunk
ety plunk."
Later in the evening he called at the
Queen Bee restaurant, 322 North Main
Btreet, and tendered a $10 check in pay
ment for a meal ticket. This check waa
drawn and signed similar to the first,
but was dated "1892." Maiietrich, the
proprietor, pointed out the mistake,
when Boyd coolly replied: "Yes, Mr.
Parmlee has made a mistake ; it is quite
natural; I'll come back in 20 minutes
with the correction made."
He duly returned with another check,
similarly made, and signed and dated
"1893." The proprietor noticed that the
ink upon the paper had not dried, and
Buspecting that the dude had a check
factory, stated that he would investigate
the matter, and would keep the check.
Boyd then left.
Early yesterday morning Boyd and a
confederate went to Santa Monica. He
began operations immediately on ar
rival with his bundle of small checks,
and succeeded in passing two—one for
$16 and the other for $12. These also
had the name of Z. L. Parmlee as a sig
nature. When the third check was
offered to another dealer, it was the
story of tbe pitcher going to the well
once too often. The third man was a
personal friend of Mr. Parmelee's. and,
on telephoning Fo this city, learned that
the signature waa a forgery.
The dashing and "charming Billy
Boyd" was arrested by City Marshal
Max Barretta, and taken before Justice
Strickner to answer on the charge of
forgery. He was held in $5000 bail.
In the mearrtime Detective Benson,
who was investigating the. cases in this
city, went to Santa Monica and returned
last evening with the prisoner. Boyd
stated to Detective Benßon that if the
bail had been fixed at $1000 he could
have given it; but that $5000 was moro
than his Los Angeles friends could
Boyd's friends can find him in tbe
county jail, row C, second cage to the
Tbe Usual Routine of Business Disposed
or Yesterday.
The board of fire commissioners met
yesterday at 10 a. m.; present, Mayor
Rowan and Commissioners Kuhrts and
Brodrick. Chief Moore reported that he
had dropped Callmen Burlison, Hoist,
Bower, Masselin, Hughes and Bobbins,
in obedience to an ordinance of the city
council, adopted January 3, 1893, and
that he had suspendedCallman William
Martin for non-attendance at six alarms
in November and three in December.
The report of the chief was adopted by a
unanimous vote.
A communication of F. L. Thatcher,
asking permission to erect a two-horse
steam boiler at 124 West Third street,
was read and referred to the chief en
gineer, with power to act under the or
The claim oi Dr. R. W. Haynes vs.
William Barry waß read and referred to
the chief engineer.
Inventories of all city property within
the fire department were then ordered
to be taken by the foremen of the sev
eral engine companies, together with
property within the corporation yard,
and filed with the clerk of tbe board.
The requisition of the chief engineer
for supplies for the month of January
was then read and approved, amount
ing to a total of $136 50.
Bills against the city were then aud
ited and orders, d paid in behalf of the
following named parties, to-wit:
Fosmir Iron works $18 11
Cooperative car works 8 60
W. McDermott ?0 00
P. Goodwin 15 00
W. 8. Allen 49 00
Isaac Kennedy 6 25
L. A. Lighting Co 60
J. B. McCsnn 10 00
H. W. Heinsch 9 70
James A. Bhlnn 54 70
Gas Cons ass'n ti 00
bunse' Telephone Co . 5 OO
American Fire Engine Co 300 00
Off<fc Vaughan , 5 60
Total fttos SO
The board then adjourned.
Kesult of the Klrotlon Yesterday and
Report of the Treasurer.
The German Ladies' Benevolent soci
ety held its annual meeting yesterday
and elected the following officers and
trustees: Mrs. J. Milner, president;
Mrs. 8. Johaneen, vice-president; Mrs.
R. Meaeer, secretary; Mrs. H. Merz,
treasurer. Trustees —Mrs. C. Jaeoby,
Mrs. J. Kuhrts, Mrs. H. Felner, Mrs.
W. Grosser, Mrs. Dr. Kurtz. Mrs. A.
Adam. Mrs. Cornelius,' Mrs. L. Breer,
Mrs. Feldhausen, Mrß. Puck.
Tbe report of tbe president and the
treasurer is as follows: The receipts
during the year wae tbe sum of $1088 93,
but with the balance from the year he
fore made a total of $1315.73. < The dis
bursements during tbe year have been
$1176.75, leaving a balance of $199.98.
The four H's—health, happy homes and
hospitality—fostered by Angostura Bitters..
Sole manufacturers, Dr. J. G B. Slegert A tons
all druggists
Our Hume Brew.
Mater A Zobelein's Lager, fresh from the
brewery, on draught in all the principal sa
loons, delivered promptly in bo'tles or lrsgs.
•Office and Brewery. 444 Aliso st. Telephone 91
Visiting Cards KngraTed
At Langstadter'i. 214 West Second. Tel. 70S
Buggy robes, horse blanket* at Foy's old re
liable saddlery house, SIS M. Loa Angeles It.
Frank Frost and His Savages Are in the
The wild boomerang throwers are here
sure. Those who bave not yet eeen
these people will find them well repre
sented in their pictures about town, so
far as looks are concerned. There are
also pictures of the boomerangs which
are good, but the picture gives a rather
poor idea of what a real boomerang l».
For the benefit of those who have never
seen either picture or boomerang, this
cannibal war weapon has a close resem
blance in shape to the old-fashioned
grain sickle. But jit can be better des
cribed and come nearer home to you, es
pecially to the girls, when you under
stand that a wild man's boomerang is
shaped very much like a tame man's
arm, when it is crooked around the girl's
waist, and the farther around the arm
is and the tighter the squeeze, the more
like a boomerang doeß it look. It is only
t matter of time now, when genuine
hugging will be referred to by the 400
aB throwing the boomerang.
The wild Black Tracker's boomerang
is made of hard wood and is polished by
scraping with a piece of glass. They are
made only by the natives, who are found
in Australian Queensland. That is, this
locality abounds in tbe best boomerang
No other tribe of people on earth can
throw the boomerang beside these wild
Australian Bushmen or Black Trackers.
They know nothing of fire-arms what
ever' and have no idea of fear;
They are often employed by the Aus
tralian police to track down criminals in
the mountain fastness of their nati
country, and they are said to be raore
unerring than the bloodhound. They
are as black as tar, and can learn
to speak any language almost. Some of
the gang here now can speak English a
great deal better than most foreigners
wbo have been among English speaking
people all their lives. There are six men
and two women in the crowd brought
here by Frank Frost. Their manner of
throwing the boomerang must be seen to
be understood, or rather to be appreci-
it will never be understood by
the civilized people who have been try
ing to solve the mystery for a thousand
years. They can throw a boomerang
clear around an ordinary building, say
100 yards in front of them, and after
describing this circle the weapon will re
turn to the thrower.
Exhibitions will be given Saturday
and Sunday at Athletic park.
People Who Yesterday Secured Their
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses were issued yester
day to the following persons s
John R. Eckstrom, aged 28, a native
of California, and Ida M. Barnes, aged
27, a native of New York, both residents
of Los Angeleß.
Peter L. Abel, aged 29, a native of
Canada, and Margurite Lloyd, aged 21,
a native of England, both residents of
Los Angeles.
Harry W. Meserve, aged 31, a native
of California, and Ethel A. Houghton,
aged 28, a native of England, both iet:i
-dentß of Pomona.
Peter D. Van Alters, aged 24, a native
of Holland, and Gohanna Hulstkamp,
aged 24, a native of Holland, both resi
dents oi Los Angeles.
H. E. Caldwell, aged 29, a native of
Canada, and C. R. Smith, aged 28, a
native of Illinois, both residents of Los
The Gospel Union Lodging House
Keeper Buffers from Burglars.
Henry Engels, who was robbed yes
terday evening at 412 Wall Btreet, re
ported last evening at tbe police station
a greater loss than was at first stated.
In addition to the clothing stolen, the
thieves stole $80 in gold, two diamond
rings, come bed clothing and some valu
able papers—deeds to land in Mexico
and Germany.
Mr. Engels is superintendent of the
lodging house, which ia run by the Gos
pel union, and had that morning been
paid $80 which he intended depositing
in the bank next morning. He states
that some of tbe roomers of the estab
lishment knew that he had received this
money, and he has given a description
of those suspected to the police depart
In Which the Cartridge Failed.to li
The usual land dispute at Calabasas
was reported in the city yesterday. Fred
Cutler, aged about 20 years, was brought
in by tbe township constable and lodged
in the county jail, to be held on tbe
charge of as&ault with a deadly weapon.
It Bee-ma that the youth aud his moth
er live ou a government land claim near
Calabasas, and it ia charged that on last
Saturday Dave Harney and B. Baxter
.came upon the premises for the alleged
purpose of jumping the land. The
young fellow made a shotgun display,
but the cartridge failed to explode.
United States Dletrlct Attorney Allen
Will Vacate Hie Offlce.
United States District Attorney M. T.
Allen yesterday informed a Hkbald re
porter that he expects to tender hie
resignation of the office when the new
national government at Washington is
organized in March, with a request that
bis successor be appointed immediately.
It is understood thattbero are already
15 applicants for the position, embrac
ing gentlemen from Fresno, Santa Bar
bara aud Lea Angeles.
Royal Arch Masons' Insinuation.
Fast Grand High Priest H.S.Orme, as
sisted by Past High Priest J. H. Martin,
as master of ceremonies, installed the
new officers of Signet Chapter Royal
Arch Masons last Tuesday evening.
Tbe following officers were installed:
august Wackerbarth, high priest; Wil
liam H. Wbite, king; Niles Pease,
scribe; Tom Weldon, treasurer; Chas.
O. Scott, secretary; Ed Gibson, captain
of the host; Geo. W. Aylsworth, prin
cipal sojourner; H. V. Bard, royal arch
captain, J. N. Preston, grand master of
the third vail; John S. Perry, grand
master of the second vail; Arthur
Brookman, grand masterof the first vail;
Sidney P. Treselar, chaplain ; I. A. Mc-
Millan, guard.
Strength and Health.
II you are not feeling strong and healthy, try
Electric Bttt-srs. If "La Grippe" has left you
weak aud weary, use Electric Bitters This
remedy acts directly on liver stomach and
kidneys, gently aiding those organs to perform
their functions. If you are afflicted with sios
headache, you will find speedy and permanent
relief by taking Electric Bitters One trial will
convince you that this is the remedy you need,
l arge bottles only 50c. at C F. Heinzeman.
druggist and chemist. 222 N. Main street.
Use uermau Famuy uoap.
Councilman-Elect Campbell and
His Naturalization.
Henry Wbite and His Wife's Fancy
for Another Van.
Yesterday's Happening* in the Courts.
Notes of various Cases—New
Suits Which Were
The case against Councilman Camp
bell, brought by E. E. Shaffer to bave
his naturalisation papers cancelled,
came up before Judge Van Dyke yester
day afternoon on the demurrer inter
posed by tbe defendant.
Tbe demurrer was argued at consider
able length by counsel on each side.
Tbe principal points of the demurrer
were that tbe proceedings were brought
by the wrong person and in the wrong
court, the defense contending that such
a point should naturally be biought in
a federal court: and also that the mat
ter was barred by the statute of limita
The court finally sustained tbe de
murrer, with leave to the complainant
to amend.
The charge against Mr. Campbell, as
has been heretofore stated, is that he
was a Canadian subject instead of an
American citizen when he was admitted
to citizenship, and that be had not ob
tained a residence in tbe country long
enough to entitle him to the privileges
of the naturalization laws.
Her Husband Fonnd the Two Hugging
and Kissing.
A divorce suit Was tried before Judge
Shaw yesterday in which an elderly
looking colored man named Henry
White was the plaintiff. He sought a
divorce from his wife Lydia White on
the ground of adultery, and named a
colored man named Williams aa the dis
turber of his peace. The trouble oc
curred in Texas. White came out to
California five years ago and liked it.
He went back for his wife, and found
that she had taken up with Williams in
his absence. Mrs. vyhite was brought
before the church and found guilty,
and White came back to Cal
ifornia. The old gentleman said
tbe first he knew of any intimacy
between the two was one morning when
his wife weut out to milk the. cow. He
happened to go out and caw his wife
and Williams hugging and kissing.
When his wife came in he told her that
she had been doing wrong, a*nd she said
that if he did not shut up she would get
Williams to whip him. The disagree
ment thus started did not end until
Wbite came to California and his wife
went to live with Williams, who desert
ed his own family fbr her. Judge Sbaw
granted the decree upon tbe showing
Court Notes.
Claud L. Hill was arraigned yester
day before Jndge Smith upon an infor
mation charging him with embezzle
ment of money from Hugh Brinkley,
and the time for him to plead was con
tinued until January 12th.
A motion to set aside the verdict in
the Case of Charles Peterson was argued
before Judge Smith yesterday and con
tinued until January 7th., This is the
caee where the defendant was convicted
of receiving stolen property and the
jury left out the words "knowing it to'
be stolen" from their verdict.
William Paul, charged with illegal
registration, was arraigned before Judge
Smith yesterday and January 6th wai
set for bim to plead.
John Donnelly was arraigned in Judge
Smith's court yesterday upon the
charge of burglary, and January 6th
was set for him to plead; the same
action was taken in the caee of Qeorge
Spiker, charged with assault with •
deadly weapon, and James Howard,
charged with burglary.
Frank R. Warner, charged with put
ting a rock on the railroad track of tbe
Santa Fe, between Los Angeles and
Pasadena, was arraigned before Judge
Smith yesterday, and gave his trne
name as R. Frank Warner. January
9th was set for bim to plead.
Albert Slack, charged with embez
zling a cow, was arraigned before Judge
Smith, and January 7th set for him to
W. Holcomb withdrew as attorney for
Thoß. R. Nor lis, and tbe case was placed
on tbe trial calendar.
The caee of the Southern Pacific rail
road company vs. M. D. Painter, admin
istrator, an action to foreclose a mort
gage, was tried before Judge McKinley
yesterday, and judgment by default was
rendered in favor of the plaintiff.
Tbe application of All Saints' church
at Pasadena for leave to mortgage their
property was yesterday granted by
Judge Clark.
In tbe case of McArtbur vs. J. H.
Johnson, Judge Shaw yesterday made
an order allowing the substitution of
Mrs. Sarah C. McCormic for tbe defend
ant upon her depositing tbe $2500 in
controversy with the court, pending the
settlement of the case.
In the case of Holmes vs. The Euca
lyptus Manufacturing company, Judge
Van Dyke yesterday denied a motion
for a non-suit. The president and man
ager of the company are suing for judg
ment for salaries claimed to be due
In Justice Bartholomew's court yester
day, A. Jackson, W. Jackson and W.
Wilson of Bnrhank pleaded gniltv to
m Sour Eructations, #
fullness after eating, with disinclina*
• tion to exertion of body or mind; gm,
irritability of temper, general weari- WW
ness and debility are speedily re
fm moved by the use of fm
•Tiny Liver Pills*
• and good appetite, strong; digestion,
activity of body and mind, sociability,
• buoyancy of spirits, and health
strength take their place. Price, 25 W§
cents. Min t l<oUl4tnuMigtMst l l.l>
|# •
A^idVfull assortment of Crockery, China and
Glassware, strictly flrat-class at bottom prices.
8-27 . 417 South. Spring street omo
burning tome railroad ties, and were
fined $4 each.
Habeas corpus proceedings were beard
before Judge Van Dyke yesterday after
noon in the matter of tbe custody of a
little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Woffrom,
who are in the midst of a divorce suit.
The child was allowed to remain in tbe
custody of her mother.
Judge Clark ordered final distribution
yesterday in the estate of John 8.
Thayer, deceased. The matter has been
pending in tbe superior court since 1871.
Mew Suite Filed.
Among the documents filed in the
county clerk's office yesterday were the
Suit was begun by Anna Yon Poruhoff
vs. Oliver H. Holcomb et a!, to quiet the
title to lot 10, block 5, of the Los Angeles
Homestead tract.
A petition was filed by Mattie E.
Thomas 'for tbe appointment of Clark
Nottingham as guardian of five Brans
combe minors, her children.
Suit was begun by E. H. Winans vs.
S. H. Kellogg et al. to foreclose a mort
Their Union to Hold en Open Meeting
Thls Evening.
The Carpenters' union will hold an
open meeting this evening at 7:30
o'clock, in the Council of Labor hall,
No. 175 North Spring street. The oc
casion is the public installation of tbe
new set of officers. A cordial invitation
is extended to all, and particularly those
carpenters who have not as yet identi
fied themselves with the union.
Phenomenal energy is manifested by
this progressive body of men, and their
efforts are rewarded by additions to the
union at every meeting.
Everything bodes well for the carpen
ters, and to be abreast of the times they
have projected a bureau of information
and free employment agency, which will
in a short time be in active operation.
An enjoyable time is in store for those
who attend the above meeting. The
voice of labor will be heard from those
who have felt the sting of unjust condi
tions. The vital questions of the day
will be freely and fearlessly discussed.
Many accessions to the new union are
anticipated. The initiation fee ia only
$1. Let the carpenters take a foremost
place in the column of organized labor.
Sen Bernardino Democrats Express
Their Sentiments.
The following is a copy of a resolution
adopted by the San Bernardino Demo
cratic county central committee at a
meeting held on December 31st:
Resolved, That in the judgment of
this committee the representative of the
people of the state of California in the
United States senate Bhould be a man
of honesty, probity and capacity; a
man who knows the wants of the people
of the state, regardless of locality; a
man who acknowledges the domination
of no cl que, 'ring or corporation; a man
who iB known to be a true and well-tried
Resolved,. That in the opinion of this
committee all these prerequisites are
concentrated in the person of that inim
itable statesman and gentleman, the
Hon. Stephen M. Wbite of Los Angeles,
whom we heartily endorse and recom
mend for that position.
And the Mechanics' Institute Fays the
The chamber of commerce is just in
receipt of the following ttlegram which
explains itself. Parties deuirouß of send
\ng)exbibits to the institute can do bo
and be assured of freight being paid.
Mechanics' Institute, )
Pan Francisco, Jan. 4,1893.)
Special exception made for exhibits
from your section and freight paid by
institute J. H. Cui.veb, Secretary.
It Is Not What We Say
But what Hood's SarsaparUla does that makes
It sell, and has given it such a firm and lasting
hold upou the confidence of the people.
For a dinner pill and gsneral family cathartic
we confidently recommend Hood's rills.
ISroadu-ay Fuel Depot, Tel. 472.
No 432 South Broad «ay. is now prepared to
snppty the superior Caledonian and Wellington
coal; blue, oak and juniper wood; charcoal and
kindlings Prom it delivery. Lowest prices.
Jk Just
% 24.
In just 24 hours J. V. S. relieves constipation
und sick headaches. Alter it gets tho system
under control sn occasional dose prevcuts return.
We reter.by permission, to W. 11. Marshail.Bnlns
wlck House, S. F ; Geo A. Werner. 531 Calilornia
St 8. F.; Mrs. C Motrin. 136 Kearny St S. F.,
and many others who havo lound relict from
constipation aud sick headaches. 0. W. Vincent,
of 6 Terrenco Court, S. F. writes: "1 am 60ycars
ot age and havo been troubled with constipation
tor 25 years I was recently induced to try loy s
Vegetablo SarsaparUla. 1 recognized in it at
once nu herb that the Mexicans used to give us
iv the early 60's tor bowel troubles. (I camoto
California in 1839 ) nnd I knew it would help me
and ithas. Forthefirsttimo in years I canslccp
well and my system is regular and iv splendid
condition. Tho old Mexican herbs in this remedy
ore a certain cure in. constipation and bowel
troubles " Ask or
JUI VSarsaparilla
Largest bottle, most effective, same price
Pruning! Pruning! Pruning!
When scientifically done it improves tree
and fruit Now Is the time for pruning and
trimming your orchard, vineyard and young
citrus orchard Try and see the right way of
pruning. 1 will prune a few trees tree, and in
a few months you will experience tbe oeneflt
of it.
Address C. W., Box 580, Station C, Los An
geles, t al. 12-eod-lm w4t
Main Offloe: LOS ANGELES.
Wholesale Yard at SAN PEDRO.
Branch Yards—Pomona, Pasadena, Lamanda,
Asusa, Burbank. Planing Mills—Los Angeles
and Pomona. Cargoes furnished to order.
Baiter Iron Works
950 to 966 BUENA VISTA ST.
Adjoining the Southern Paclflc Grounds. Tele
phone 124. 7-21
Be. 810 Commercial Street. Bl
An Unreserved and Unequiv
ocal Offer Is Made.
Offer to Treat aud Supply With Medt
elnee All Who Apply Within Two
Week*—Free 1 Absolutely Wlthont
Money and Without Price.
For the purpose of Introducing Or. De Monco
and associates la their methods of treating
diseases to the people of Los Angeles and
vicinity, and giving at once practical and sub
stantial proofs of their skill, they make the fol
lowing offer, which will hold good until Jan
uary 14th.
Up to and including this date they will treat
all patients who apply to them at their offices,
rooms 2,4,6, 8 and 10, Newell and Kader
building, South Broadway—free, for
cost. This offer is absolutely unreserved and
entirely straightforward, and is made simply
for the purpose mentioned abova, of introduc
ing themselves snd their methods to the people
of thjs vicinity; It is not at all like offers that
ate sometimes made by adverlisers, wbo adver
tise free treatment, and then charge for the
medicines, or advertise free medicines and
then charge for the treatment, but m jans Just
what it says, nothing less. Dr. De Monco and
associateibWlll positively treat and furnish
medicines Lee for two weeks to all who apply
on or before January 14th. It Is their way of
introduclngthemselves and their methods, and
Mrs. Btever,son Describes Her Remark
able Recovery Under the Care of D
De Monoo and Associates.
"It was at least nine years ago that my
trouble began. Il came on from colds. My
head was at first principally affected. There
were severe pains across my forehead over ny
eyes, often causing me pain in the eyeballs.
My eyes would become weak and watery. My
nostrils would at times discharge a watery mat
ter, and at other times become clogged up, so
that I could scarcely breathe through them.
Constant ringing and roaring noises tn my ears
distressed and annoyed me and made me fear
that my hearing was becoming impaired,
The mucous from mv head would d op back in
to my throat and keep me constanlly hawking
and gagging and raising."
In this way Mrs. Mar. Stevenson, residing at
345 South Fourth West street, one of tho many
grateful patients of Dr. De Monco and associ
ate? residing In 8a t Lake City, described her
catarrhal trouble, where it first obtained its
hold upon her.
"Gradually," ste continu d, "the catarrh,
which first affected simply my hesdard throat,
extended until my whole syßtem was under
mined. It waß Catarrh or thiHrad,Throat
and Stomach, I believe they called It, but my
lungs and heart seemed to be Involved aißo,
345 South Fourth West Street Salt Lake City.
Phßrp, shooting pains would take tue in the
chest, runnlDg through to the shoulder blades.
Mv heart would beat hard and fast, and this
wonld be followed by a slow irregular Vesting
and a sensation of faintness or dizziness. The
least exertion would put me all out of breath
I had difficulty iv getting air enough into my
lungs. My breathing was labored. It seemed
as if I was drawing the air through a sponge,
and there would be a wneezing, whistling
kind of sound with my breathing.
"I had little appetite my stomach was weak,
and what food I managed to eat would lay like
lead upon it. Ther;i would be a feeling of dis
tress and nausea after eating. My sleep was
fitful and broken.
"In fact, I was a broken drown woman when
I wert to Dr. De Monco and associates. I had
tried mauy doctors and all sorts of patent
medicines without getting relief. I could
hardly walk, I was so weak and sick. Well,
you can see for yourself what Dr. De Monco
and as ociates have done for me. They have
restored my health. I eit well, sleep well, feel
well. lama new woman-a strong, healthy
and happy woman. That Is what these physi
cians have done for me. If any one doubts the
truth of my wonderful recovet y ond ir the care
of these doctors, let them call upon me aud
see for thtmselves."
Their Qualifications.
Dr. De Monco Is a graduate of the Philadel
phia In-titut3, Philadelphia, Pa.; also a gradu
ate of the Rocky Mountain University, Medical
Department, one of the most notable institu
tion pf its kind in this country. He has held
the most honorable positions in his cHs; while
at college, has special eertificn te on operative
surgery, special certificate on eye, eari nose,
throat and His diplomas bear the
written endo- sements of the deans of promi
nent colleges, besides being formally endorsed
by the secretaries of various county and state
medical societies.
The De Monco Medical Institute,
Located Permanently in the Newell and
Bader Building, Rooms 2,
4, 6, 8 and 10,
121J-2 South Brodway, Los Angeles.
SPECIALTIES Catarrh and all diseases of
the Ear, Eye, Throat aud Lungs, Nervous Dis
eases, Skin Diseases, Chronic Diseases.
9 to 11 a. m., 2 to 5 p. m. 7 to 8:30 p. m.;
Sunday. 9 to 11 a. m.
For the accommodation of those em
ployed during the usual working hours,
the oHires of Dr. De Monooand associates
are open week-day evenings from 7 to
8:30 o'clock, and Sunday* from 9 to 11
a. no. -,
The Doctor will tell all abont your Disease
without asking a question. It you can
not be cured he will tell 3on so, aud
positively will not take your money.
Diseases of Men and Women Thor
oughly Understood. Quickly and
Permanently Cured.
The Golden West Medical Institute, at No.
142 South Main street, fuliy equipped
with all the latest snd best .■idem itic
Remedies aud Appliances.
Charges Low. All Cases Guaran
teed and Treated by
Specialists of ;iong experience who are pre
pared to cure all
Diseases of Men.
Nervous Debility or Exhaustion, Wasting
Weaknesses, Early Decay, Lack ~>f Vim,
Vigor and Strength, all Disorders and De
bilities of Youth and Manhood caused by
too close application to business or study,
Se ere Mental Strain or Grief, Sexual Ex
cesses in middle life, or from tbe effects of
youthful follies, yield readily to our new
treatment. Every case guaranteed.
Women who Suffer
And are leading a life of misery and un
happiness would de well to consult the
old doctor in charge. Twenty-seven
years' experience fa the treatment of
Female Complaints. Be is always ready
to assist you. No disco:« peculiar to
your delicate organism is bejood his
sure control. Regulating treatment wai
ranted for all irregularities, no mattei from
what cause Private, confidential; yon
need see no one but the doctor.
Kidney and Bladder
Troublaa, Weak B ick, Pain in the Side,
Abdnmen, Bladder, Sediment in Urine,
Brick Dust or White, Pain while Urinating,
Bight's Disease, and all diseases of the
urinary organs of both sexes.
Private Blood and Skin.
All diseases of a Private Nature, Sores,
Diicharges, Skin Spots, Pimples, Scrofula,
Syphilitic, taint and eruptlous of all kinds
quickly and permanently cured.
$100,000 deposit forfeit for any case uf
Cancer that cannot be permanently re
moved without the use of knife. No pain
or danger. The doctor's own method, for
which he has been offered thousands of
dollars. Any skin Cancer, Mole, Wart, etc.,
removed in thirty minutes. We challenge
the world to produce an equal treatment
for the permanent cure of Caucer.
£mf Catarrh, Throat and Lung Troubles
Cored by our own exclusive Inhalation
CALL OI? WljlTß.
If you cannot call you can be cured at home.
Write your cas-i plainly. Medicine sent secure
from observation.
Cures guaranteed in every case.
142 South Main St.. Los Angeles, Cal.
Painless Dentistry.
Fine Hold Filling J
Crown and Bridge
Al ' M|ler |' t ''' > " s P*' n '
/*A f rfifV SKT TKKTH, $S.OO.
W%®ff%&Z Xooms 18 ano 39,
"» A A 107 N. Spring st.
Ft. martin
iW Prices low for cash, o/ will sell on in
stallments. Tel. 984. P. O box 921.
Now open for the fall and winter season
Appointments and service
first class.
Rates, $3 per Day and Upward
11-26 6m
Hairdressing and Manicure Parlors,
107 North Bprintr street, room 23
Schumacher block.
Shampooing done at residences if desired.
* * Printers ** *
109 East Second Si., Los Angeles, Cal.
Wedding station..y, ball programs, society
cards and high-grade printing ot every descrip
tion. Write for samples and estimates,!!-! 6m

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