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Cheapest and Most Reliable House in the City. See These
Prices. They Stand Above Competition.
( With fine decorations.) KJ\J\J VO
( Crystal blown with silvered tray.) \J\J\J VO
( Blown and engraved. Six glasses and decanter.) \J\J\J UO
( Decorated English ware.) l-L*Li\J
i With large burners.) tUtCJKJ
( With Rochester burners and silk-fringed shades.) .
The Greatest Bargains are our DINNER SETS. AA OR
( Fine Englieh ware in new and stylish decorations.) IWtIU
HAVING decided to close out our entire winter stock
we will, FOR THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS, allow A
We feel that it is unnecessary for us to lay any great
stress on the genuineness of this offer, as our past mode of
dealing with the public is a sufficient guarantee for what we
say. All of our goods are marked in plain figures, and the
above discount will be made on all goods bought.
Men's, a avOYer-
PalltS 'd
Suits. TRADE MARK. Vests. 1
THE GREAT RUSH before Christmas left us with a
number of broken lines of Clothing, which we are
offering at prices lower than ever given the public
before. We have your size left, if not in one style in an
other. Remember, these goods cannot be duplicate en
this coast for anywhere near the money.
132 N. Main St.
All Goods Marked in Plain Figures.
If Yon Have Defective Eyes
And value them, consult ns. No case of del <" ■
tlve vision where glasses are required is too
complicated for us. The correct adjustment of
frames is qnile as Important as the perfect fit
ting of lenses, and the scientific fitting and
making of glasses and franv s is our only busi
ness (specialty). Have satisfied others, will
satify you. We use electric power and arc the
only house here that grinds glasses to order.
Established 18S2.
9. tt. MARBHUTZ, Leading Scientific Opti
cian, (Specialist,) 167 N. Spring, opp. old Couri
Honse. Don't fo-«et the number.
Stimson Mill Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
Office and yard, coiner Third street and Santa
Fe avenue, Los Angeles. Tel. 94.
12111 yr
1 will sell from 200 to 500 acres of the abov
rancho. This land joins the Puente Oil Com
pan y's land on the east. 12-4 lm
P. C. TONNER, Pomona, Ca
Cor. Broadway and Second.
Open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 5 ;30 p.m. Of
ficial business meelings every Wednesday at
2 p.m. J. M. GRIFFITH, President.
JOMM secretary. 3-19 6m
"Our Steve" Polls the Full
Party Vote.
The Caucus Nominates Him for
All of the 59 Votes Given Him on
Second Ballot.
Only Two More Needed to Elect Him.
One of ■ These Is Assured and
the Other Is Not an
The following telegram received at the
Hkbald offlce last night explains itself:
Sacramento, Jan. sth.
Editors Herald, Los Angeles:
White received full party vote, 59, at
caucus. A. W. Bakbett.
The foregoing dtepateh was later sup
plemented by the Associated Press, as
Sacramento, Jan. 5. —The Democratic
caucus had 59 present. Carkon, Inde
pendent, did not go in. The first ballot
resulted: White, 46; Wilson of Te
hama, 7; Lynch, 6. The second ballot
was unanimous for White.
The Senatorial Situation and Legisla
tive Hatters.
By the Associated Press.l
San Francisco, Jan. 5. —A Sacramento
special says:
It was resolved by the assembly that
when adjournment was taken today it
should be in respect to the memory of
Gen. John W. Boat, once surveyor-gen
eral and twice a member of the legisla
ture. The assembly will adjourn over
until Monday to give the speaker a
chance to make up h is committees.
Including Burke, non-partisan from
San Francisco, the Democrats have (10
votes on joint ballot. Sixty-one votes
are necessary to a choice and there are
no indications aa yet where the extra
vote is to come from. The eight Popu
lists, with one Independent from San
Diego, have the balance of power.
Stephen M. White will be nominated
by the Democratic caucus tonight. T.
V. Cator ia the nominee of the People's
party and it ia expected either Charles
N. Felton or D. M. Burnß will receive
the Republican complimentary vote.
Carlson, Independent, from San Diego,
has not said how he will vote, bnt great
efforts are heiug made to induce him to
vote for White.
Senator Dunn of San Francisco ie not
satisfied with the way he haa been
treated and iB freely expressing hia
opinion. He signed the caucus call,
but did ao unwillingly. Certain patron
age was promised in San Francisco for
hia friendahip, but hia friends have riot
got their places. Senator Mitchell and
Assemblymen Boyceand Cusick expreei
tbe same opinion, and Schlesinger is an
other dissatisfied one.
A I,lltie. Wnslness Transacted and Both
Mouses Adjenrned to Monday,
Sacramento, Jan. 5. —In the senate
this morning Lieutenant-Governor Red
dick announced but two committees—
on attaches, contingent expenses and
milgage—consisting of Streeter, Maher,
Broderick, Wilson and Ames, and on
state library and rules, Ragedale, Hart
and Seewell.
Langford and Ostrom each offered
joint resolutions favoring the Nicaragua
canal. Referred to the committee on
federal relations. • 1
Ostrom offered a joint resolution in
of the anti option bill pending in
congresa. Referred to the committee on
In the afternoon an attempt was made
to begin the introduction of bills, but it
was voted down.
The senate then adjourned until Mon
The assembly today allowed over $1100
for services and mileage to temporary
officers and attaches.
Bledsoe and Carlson presented con
current and joint resolution! relative to
the Nicaragua canal.
John Cramer was appointed filing
clerk to the aergeant-at-arms; Wm. I.
Bell, bill clerk; Charles A. Flynn, as
sistant bill clerk—all three from San
Francisco. Miss Crawford of Lake
couuty waß appointed assistant, filing
A resolution to allow each committee
$Hi worth of stationery was laid on the
Recess until afternoon.
At tbe afternoon session the speaker
announced the appointment of a large
number of pages, messengers, porters
and clerks.
Speaker Gould announced the death,
at Merced, of Hon. J. W. Boat, once sur
veyor-general of the state and ex-mem
ber of the legislature, and a resolution
that when the assembly adjourns, it be
out of respect to his memory, carried.
Adjourned until Monday.
Governor Russell's Message.
Boston, Jan. s.—Governor Ruseell to
day sent hia official address to the leg
islature. He recommends legialation to
define the object and limit the amount
of expenditure! for election purposes,
and stringent laws to repress lobbying.
The legislature ia asked to memoralize
congress on behalf of reciprocity with
Canada. The other matters dealt with
are only of local interest.
Bate Will Succeed Himself.
Nabhvillb, Term., Jan. s.—The Dem
ocratic members of the legislature held a
caucus to nominate a candidate for
United States senator tonight. Senator
W. H. Bate was nominated. The nom
ination ie equivalent to eleceion.
Whitney Will Not Be In It.
New York, Jan. s.—Wm. 0. Whitney
today said all he knew of Cleveland's
cabinet was the fact that he (Whitney)
would not be in it.
Senator Stocnbrldire Nominated to Bnc
eeed Himself.
Lansing, Mich., Jan. s.—At the cau
cus tonight the Republicans nominated
Senator Stockbridge to succeed himself
ai senator from Michigan.
Governor Rich delivered hia inaugural
message to the legislature today. He
makes a plea for good roads; criticizes
the Miner election law; favors two
boards of election inspectors to facilitate
the count of the vote; aske that legiti
mate campaign expenses be defined;
suggests au effective quarantine against
cholera, and the gradual abolishment of
grade crossings.
Among the recommendations of the
retiring Governor Winans' message are
the following: An increase of the ca
pacity of the state university to accom
modate all who desire to come; the
establishment of a public road system ;
placing building and loan associations
under state supervision; the abolish
ment of free railroad passes to legis
Democrats Hold the Balance or Power
and Mean to Exercise It.
Topeka, Kan., Jan. 5. —The supreme
court this afternoon decided the Stubbs-
Roaenthal legislative contest in favor of
Stubba, Republican. Thia virtually in
aures the Republicans the organization
of the house.
In joint session the partiea would be
divided thna: Republicans, 74; Popu
lists, 71; Democrats, 6—giving a clear
opposition to the Republicana of two.
Thia majority, however, ia not a harmo
nioua one except in its opposition to
Republicanism. It would be an easy
matter to combine it on the question it
will have to decide, viz.: the aenator
abip. Five Democrats hold the balance
of strength. They recognize their
power and will utilize it in a strong en
deavor to elect a Democrat to succeed
Senator Perkins.
Watterion Says Carlisle Will Be Presl
ident After Cleveland.
St. Louis. Mo., Jan, 5. —Henry Wat
terson speaking today of the attitude of
John G. Carlisle toward the Cleveland
administration, said: "You can state,
as my belief, that Mr. Carlisle will ac
cept the proffered portfolio of the treas
ury. This will entail an actual sacrifice
on the part of Carlisle, for, as secretary,
his expenses wonld be greater than his
income. As senator he can supplement
his salary by law practice. As secretary
he could not."
"If Mr. Carlisle administers the treas
ury as the country has reason to expect
he will," continued Mr. Watterson, "ho
power on earth can keep him out of the
presidency, if he wants it."
There In Mow a Possibility of Its Being
Lincoln, Neb., Jau. 5. —The house ie
ready to canvass the vote on state elec
tion, but can do nothing else till the
senate, which ie still deadlocked, organ
izes and meets with the house in joint
session for the purpose.
Omaha, Neb., Jan. s.—There is now a
possibility of the deadlock in tbe senate
being broken tomorrow. Senators Ko
beck and McDonald served notice on
their Republican colleagues tonight that
they intended to withdraw from the
cancus. This caused a sensation. There
was also an independent caucus over the
allegations that certain members were
not acting in good faith, and there now
seems a possibility of a coalition of tbe
anti-monopoly members and the organ
ization of the senate irrespective of party
The Senate in a Muddle Over Its
Dunvir, Col., Jan. 5. —The senate has
resolved itself into a deadlock and how
it will get out of the muddle none can
tell. Seven Democrats, known aa the
"white wings" faction, have the balance
of power and declare they wjll have a
large proportion of the offices or not
proceed further with business.
It ia reported tonight that a combina
tion will be formed between the Repub
licans and Democrats whereby the sen
ate can be organized. Tbe house of rep
resentativea met.a -d without delay pro
ceeded with the work of completing
organization, after which an adjourn
ment was taken until tomorrow.
Kills Stands Some Chance of Not Being
Austin, Tex,, Jan, s.—The legislature
will convene Tuesday. Both houses are
overwhelmingly Democratic, and the
Hogg faction ia in complete control.
The seesfon will elect a United Statea
senator to succeed Mills, now filling
Reagan's unexpired term. Mills will
probably have a walk-over, though
there are rvnuora of a deal between Gov
ernor Hogg and ex-Governor Ireland, by
which Ireland ie to succeed .Mills and
Hogg succeed Coke two yeara hence.
Montana's New Administration.
Helena, Mont., Jan. 6. —Both houses
of the legielature adjourned ebortly after
hearing the governor's meeaage today.
Nothing can be done until the commit
tees on rules report. 'IMb ia looked for
tomorrow. Governor Rickarda' first
meeaage compares favorably witty those
of hia predecessors. It ia exhauetive in
ita treatment of atate issues and pro
nounced in favor of important meaaurea.
Cockrell Renominated.
Jefferson City, Mo., Jan. 6. —The
Democratic joint caucus of the general
assembly tonight renominated F. M.
Cockrell for United Statea senator by
acclamation, starting him on hie fourth
term. The effort to endorse Governor
Francis for a cabinet position was de
feated by tbe chairman adjourning the
The Fight in Wyoming.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Jan. 6. —The sen
atorial fight in this state waxes warmer
ac the convening of the legislature
draws nearer. Ex-Governor Geo. W.
Baxter is plainly in the lead.
Successful men secure fine tailoring
with pleasing fit from H. A. Oetz, 112
West Third atreet.
Gail Hamilton Goes for Mr.
She Says the Grand Old Man
Is a Murderer.
An Innocent American Woman Dy
ing in Woking Prison.
Her Blood Will Be on the Head of the
British Premier Unless He Or
ders Her Immediate
By the Associated Press.
Boston, Jan. 5 —"In the name of (iod
I arraign yon, tbe head of the British
government, for the murder of Florence
Elizabeth Maybrick, now dying in tbe
convict prison at Woking." So writeß
Miss Abigail Dodge, the authoress known
to the literary world as Gail Hamilton,
to Rt. Hon. William E. Gladstone, prime
minister of Great Britain. Miss Dodge
declares there is no evidence of the
imprisoned woman's guilt, and shames
the great government for binding the
feeble hands ot a woman in a living
tomb, and demanding more evidence of
her innocence. After reproaching the
British government, and the home office
in particular, for its barbarons action,
Miss Dodge declares they are guilty of
deliberate murder.
©losing Bhe aaye: "But if there
be a God who makes and notes the ways
of thia world; who heara the voice of
innocent blood crying unto Him from
the ground ; it ia better to be the young
wife and mother, perishing in Woking
prison, than the prime minister of the
government which works her torture
and her alaughter."
Valuable Business and Residence Prop
erty Destroyed.
Pittsbub.6, Pa., Jan. s.—Fire broke
out tonight in a large brick building oc
cupied by the Collins Cigar company,
and before the flames- could be subdued
the structure was entirely destroyed,
together with three other five
story buildings and a residence
on Pennsylvania avenue. The buildings
destroyed were occupied by P. Duff &
Sons, commission merchants ; Cavitt &
Pollock, lamps and fancy imported
goods; Booth & Fiynn, contractors, and
numerous offices. The losses at mid
night are estimated from a quarter to
half a million dollars.
Keech's immense installment house
and the Weatinghouse machine shops
were on fire several times, but the good
work ofe the fire departments saved
them. At 11 '30 o'clock the walls of the
Duff building fell with a crash,
burying the old Verner mansion,
adjoining. Fortunately the family had
deserted the house before the walls
came down, and so far aB known no one
was injured, but many valuable paint
ings and works of art were destroyed.
The total loss is $338,000, covered by
Many People Going to the Placers and
None Coming Back.
Durango, Colo., Jan. s.—Every train
brings in new arrivals, who "outfit"
here and pull out at once for the placers.
The first relief trip of the stage,
which consists of four Concord
coaches and 32 horses, was made into
Dolores thia afternoon. The driver did
not bring back anyone, and all report
excitement high, but no trouble has yet
A Real Tragedy.
Eiom, 111., Jan. 5. —Mahlom Jones, a
teacher in the high school at Hamp
shire, died today from a dagger wound
inflicted by Rosa Schultz, a handsome
young teacher in the aame town. She
wae the heroine and he the villain in a
drama presented by an amateur theatii
cal company of which both were mem
bers, and in the excitement of the pub
lic presentation, she plunged the dagger
with which she was supposed to kill
bim, into his breast.
The Little Rock Plague.
Washington, Jan. s.—Surgeon-Gen
eral Wyman haa received a report from
Surgeon Giddings, sent to Little Rock,
Ark., to investigate the disease in the
convict camp there. After describing
the filthy condition of the camp and
surroundings, ho givea the opinion that,
the deaths there were due either to
poison or contaminated water, with
fll'h and overcrowding, probably the
A Fake of the First Water.
Chattanooga, Term., Jan. 5. —A spe
cial from Bakereville says tbe etory of
the horrible killing of six people, aa
reported in the papers today ia a "fake"
of the first water. No eucli occurrence
haa taken place, and the people of that
locality are at a loss to understand why
the story waa told.
Fire in Omaha.
Omaha, Neb., Jan. s.—Fire tonight in
the composing room on the second floor
of the Omaha Printing company's build
ing communicated to the bindery on tbe
third floor and storage rooms on the
fourth. Within two hours the building
waa completely gutted, entailing a loss
of $100,000, partly covered by insurance.
Republicans to Be Unseated.
Augusta, Me., Jan. 5. —It ia atated
that an effort will be made by leading
Democrats to have certain Republican
members of the legislature unseated
under the section ol the new ballot law
which forbids any candidate to act as" an
election officer. >
Once lost. It ia difficult to restore the
hair. Therefore bo warned in time,
lest yon become bald. Skoukuin root
hair grower stops falling hair. Sold by
500 canary birds and cages tor Christmas
presents, st No. 134 West Fourth street.
A Report That the President I* in Dan
ger of Physical Collapse
Chicago, Jan.6.—The Herald's Wash
ington correspondent Bends the follow
ing: The friends of President Harrison,
who have had occasion to see and talk
with him of late, are very much con
cerned about his condition, and express
fear that his health will break down be
fore the close of his administration. It
is sa ; d the president's health is tbe chief
argument used by bis friends to have
him accept the overtures made by Stan
ford university, to go to California, and
that it is not at all unlikely that he will
agree to deliver a course of lectures for
that institution.
Washington, Jan. s.—ln view of the
statement published that President Har
rison's health is failing and likely to
break down before his term of office is
closed, Postmaster General Wana mak
er was questioned as to the fact,
and he eaid th« president waß in perfect
health and had not in four years been
away from hia desk on accoiiut of per
sonal sickness. He had for months
been out in the wilderness of suffering
and the shadow of it liijc-rs for a long
time upon a nature that litis as deeply
as bis.
, Little Martena Harrifon continues to
improve, but the White flense ie still
quarantined, and big placards contain
ing the information that contagion ex
ists within are displayed at the en
trances to the private port o( the man
sion. When th*: quarantine against the
White House ia removed it is probable
that the president will tske a few days'
recreation in duck shooting.
Republicans Bent Jon Getting Control of
It by Hook or Crook.
Washington, Jan. 5. —The Republican
senators met in caucus thia morning to
consider the order of business. The
initial steps were taken toward the be
ginning of a bitter fight for the control
of toe next senate. If there has been
aDy belief that the Republicans in
tended permitting the organization of
the next senate to go by default, that
belief is shattered by tbe action taken
The committee consisting of Teller,
Hoar, Mitchell, Chandler and Higgins,
all Republican members of the com
mittee on privileges and elections,
waa appointed to take special charge
of the subject of organizing the
next senate, and incidentally thereto
the matter of the election of in
the western states where a fight, ie cow
on._ The senators are all astute pol
iticians and will see that nothing is
done to jeopardize the chances of the
Republicans, and will prepare all the
cases, so that in the event ol contepts,
which are inevitable, the beet possible
front can be made. •
The question of order |of business is
secondary to the more important matter
of organization, and a committee was
appointed, in the persona of Senators
Sherman, Frye, Dolph, Cullom, Piatt,
Washburn, and Quay. Tbfv will can-
VAse tho situation and report at another
caucus to be called early next week.
A Seized Schnonor Condemned hy the
Canadian Court.
Victoria, 8.C., Jan. s.—Chief Justice
Begbie this morning gave judgment in
the caee of the Crown va. the schooner
o:car and Hattie, agaiiißt the schooner.
The chief justice held that her seizure
was perfectly legal and there
fore ordered that the schooner and
cargo be condemned. The judgment
came like a thunderbolt to sealers who
had expected that the schooner would
he discharged. The owners of the
Bchooner, in their statement of defense,
claimed that the schoont r went to Atu
for water and was seized while taking
water, and further, that, there were no
seals within several hundred miles of"
Atu. It is probable th;U the case will
be taken to the higher court.
r __
A Bullet Intended for a Mhwlc Lodged
iv a Man's Heart.
Modksto, Cal., Jan. 5 —The mystery
Btirrounding the killing of Lafayette
Steele at hia ranch while plowing on
Tuesday afternoon has probably been
cleared up. At the inquest Fred Rey
nolds, a neighboring farmer, testified
that at about the time of the killing he
had fired at a hawk in a tree, distant
over half a mile, with a Winchester
rifle, and missed tbe maik. The bullet
in Steele's heart aud tne one from
Reynolds' rifle correspond in every par
ticular. No arreßt will be made.
Excitement Over a Bank Failure.
Redwood Fai ls, Minn., Jan. 5. —Ex-
citement runs high at Fairfax over the
Bank of Fairfax failure. The r.sbigni c
has not made a statement, hut the lia
bilities are vry huge and the s«;ets,
very small. Messrs. Giay siid Beard
are cor.finpd in the viilnge lock up
iv charge of tbe Renville county offi
cers. An attempt was made to blow up
the lockup with dynamite, but the
fuse went out before reaching the ex
plosive. Assignee Brown Is having: dif
ficulty in securing the H 50,000 bonds
Amendments of tlie Wright Law.
San Diego, Jan. 5.— W. S. Montgom
ery left today for the state convention
of iriigation districts at Sacramento.
He will propose an an,endmer.t lo the
Wright law to consolidate districts for
Durpoeea of economical management,
and another to enable them to dispose
ol property they may not need.
Winter in lowa.
Marshactown, la., Jan. 5.—A terrific
gale raged here the latter part of the
night, dri'tiiig the snow co all trains
were greatly delayed today. Prospects
are for a very cold night.
Indiana Legislature.
Indianapous, Jan. s.—The general
assembly wae called to order at noon.
James B. Curtis was sworn in as speaker.
Other membets took tbe oath of office.
The houEe adjourned.
St. John at Nan Dl go.
San Diego, Jan. 5. -Ex Governor St.
John of Ksnsas has airived hereto
spend the winter in Southern California.
To quickly relieve Neuralgia Headache
i Use Bromo-Seltzer—loo a bottle.

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