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The Council Selects Fire and
Police Commissioners.
The City Attorney's Opinion as to
the Control of the Chain Gang.
The Make-Up of the Two Most Impor
tant Boardi—Minor Officials
Who Were Select
An adjourned meeting of the council
war) held at 2 o'clock yesterday after
noon. Eight members present.
Mr. Munson moved to go into an elec
tion for a board of police commission
ers. Mr. Innes moved to amend by
postponing until tbe return of the mem
ber from the Eighth ward (Mr. Gaffey.)
This motion was lost by a strict party
vote of sto 3, whereupon the original
motion of Mr. Munson was put and
The names, of John Q. Tufta, T. J.
Weldon, A. J. Bradieh, W. F. Boaby-
Bhell, A. F. Mackay and M. P. Snyder
were placed in nomination. The first
four named were elected by a vote of 5
to 3, Messrs. Nickell, Innes and Pessell
voting for Messrs. Mackay and Snyder.
The chair then declared Messrs. Tufts,
Weldon, Bosbyshell and Bradiah elected
as police commiesionera for the eneuing
Mr. Rhodea moved that the council do
now go into an election of fire commis
sioners. The names of George P. Mc-
Lean, Jacob Kuhrts, W. J. Broderick
and R. E. Wirsching were then placed
in nomination, and each having le
ceived the entire eight votea of the
members present was declared to have
been duly elected.
On motion of Mr. Rhodea, the council
next proceeded to an election for captain
of the chain gang. Mr. Nickell moved
to postpone until Monday, January 16th,
which motion was then lost. The name
of J. J. Houston waa then submitted
and received 5 votes, Mr. Nickell voting
for George N. Lockwood. Excused from
voting, Messrs. Innes and Pesaell.
Mr. Mil neon moved that the council elect
a superintendent of street sprinkling.
W. A. Caldwell was placed in nomina
tion, and aleo E. J. Reese. Mr. Cald
well received six votes, and was declared
to be duly elected.
Mr. Strohm moved that the council do
now proceed to elect one chief janitor
and three assistants, two of whom shall
act at the city hall and one at the police
station. Cyrus J. Vena was elected
chief janitor, with Isaac Hall and Fred
erick Marshall assistants at the city hall.
Scipio Thompson was chosen as janitor
at the police station.
Mr. Rhodes moved to elect a keeper
lor the city hospital.
Mr. Nickoll moved to amend by refer
ring tbe subject matter to tbe board of
health, which waß then adopted.
Mr. Strohm now proposed te elect two
engineers for tbe city ball, which was
carried. The names of F. E. Bland, 11.
W. Smith and W. B. Sprague were
in nomination. F. E. Bland received 5
votes, W. B. Sprague 6 and H. W. Smith
2. Tbe chair then declared Smith and
Sprague to have been duly elected.
On motion of Mr. Rhodes two elevator
boys were to be chosen, when Mr.innes
moved that the present incumbants— Ed
Kinsey and Thomas R. Smith—be re
tained in their position.
The council then adjourned.
City Attorney McFarland yesterday
gave an opinion to the city council as to
whether the park commissioners have
exclusive control over the city prisoners
commonly known as the chain gang.
The Whitney act providing for police
courts and the city ordinances are cited
in relation to working prisoners in the
city. The ordinance says the prisoners
shall work under the direction of the
chain gang overeeer and do such Work
as the superintendent of streets may
designate. The act creating the board
of park commissioners provides that on
request of the board prisoners over 21
years of age sentenced to hard labor in
any of the jails, prisons, houses of cor
rection, work-houses, etc., of the city or
city and county, may be put to work in
parks and grounds under control of the
board. The city attorney holds that
"may" should not be construed as
mandatory, and from the language
of the act it was not intended by
the legislature that the act creating the
park commissioners should supercede
the Whitney act. "And even if this
were true," says the city attorney, "it
will be observed that the Whitney act
provides: 'That persons convicted in the
police courts may be required by ordi
nance to labor in the city;'leaving it
discretionary as to whet tier the labor
should be required in tbe jail or any
where within thelimitsof the city, while
the language of the act creating the park
commissioners provides that 'Only pris
oners who have been sentenced to hard
labor in the jails, prisons, etc., may be
required to work upon the parks and
"The first ordinance which I have
cited requires the city prisoners to per
form work on the public works or ways
of the city, and not in jail; and as it
also provides that thiß labor shall be
performed at such places as may be des
ignated by the superintendent of streets,
I am of opinion tbat the chaingang, as
now constituted, should be controlled
and directed by the superintendent of
Seventy-I'ive Convulsions.
A Thrilling. Experiencb —There Is no one
but at some period In life has an experience
that stands out prominently beyond all others.
Such is the case of John B. Collins of Romeo,
Mich., who says: "From September to Jan
nary, before using Nervine, I had at least 75
convulsions. After three months' use I have no
more attacks. Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine
also cures nervous prostration, headache, poor
memory, dizziness, sleeplessness, nenralgia,
etc., and builds up the body. Mrs. J. R. Mirier
of Valparaiso, Ind., and J. R. Taylor of Logans
port, Ind., each gained 20 pounds of flesh by
taking it. Sold bj C. H. Bance, 177 North
Spring, on a guarantee, net the doctor's book,
free. _.
Heng Lee's Holiday Goods.
Chinese and Japanese curios; silk aress pat
terns; ladles' embroidered silk handkerchiefs,
two for 25 cents. Manufactures ladles' under
wear and gents' furnishing goods. Also an ex
tensive line of new holiday goods at very low
{►rices. Please call and inspect our stock be
ore purchasing elsewhere. No. SOS North
Main street, near Plaza.
Buggy robes, horse blankets at Foy's old re
liable saddlery house, 81S N. Los Angeles St.
A Chinese Discussion Which Does Not
Mean a Klot.
Leading Celestials deny tbe report
that another highbinder war was on tbe
tapis in Chinatown. No such move
ment is or has been begun, they claim,
and they are very indignant over the re
port in consequence. That there has
been some contentions among certain
mongolians is not denied, but it wae
wholly owing to misunderstandings as
to the transfer of certain real estate.
On December 17th last, Tom Ning
Sang Bold to Dr. Quong Jake Hong an
undivided one-eighth interest in a cer
tain brick block of eight numbers on
Marchessault street east from Alameda,
and occupied by the Wing On company.
The transfer was made in the form of a
bill of sale, instead of a deed. The pur
chaser demanded a warranty and
failing, offered to compromise on a quit
claim, but a notary public, an American,
to rhom the matter was referred, de
clared the bill of sale valid inasmuch
as it was attested to by reliable parties
and placed on record regularly with the
county recorder.
Why Cannot Some Movement Be Made
Towards Establishing Canneries at
San Pedro, Ballona, Bedondo
and Santa Monloa?
The mackerel fisheries of the Atlantic
seaboard extend from the George's
banks, oil tbe coast of Newfoundland, to
the capes of Virginia, but the fishing
season begins in April and ceases in
September, from which time around to
the next spring the fishermen devote
their time to cod, halibut and haddock.
The loss of life on the banks of New
foundland, every year, is something
frightful; and yet the fisherman's boy
stands on the hillside beside his wid
owed mother and longs for the day to
come when he can go out as a sailor in a
fishing vessel and tempt the same fate
which overtook his father. The hardy
New Englanders make good settlers in
any new land, because they are not only
brave and industrious, but thrifty and
economical as well. In our anxiety to
settle up this country we have paid too
much attention to tbe people in Kansas,
Nebraska and Minnesota, and have
overlooked the sturdy men of Noank,
Marblehead and Gloucester.
Our mackerel fisheries will not com
pare with those of the Atlantic for size
or fish, but there is no end to the num
bers of them, and that is the greater de
sideratum after all. In the eastern
fisheries the largest mackerel are c or ted
out and put up in kits with brine,
marked No. 1. Then comes a second
size, also put in kits and marked No. 2.
The third size is put up in small kegs,
with a mixture of vinegar, onions, bay
leaves, Bait and peppercorns, wbiie a
fourth is canned in tin cans holding two
pounds each and seasoned with tomato
sauce. Every grocery store in Los An
geles has the kits and the cans, but
there are few spiced ones to be had. In
the great fishing towns of France, such
as Concarneau, Nice and Trouville,
there are canneries where mackerel are
canned in oil just like sardines; and the
man who has once eaten mackerel put
up in this way, will never care to eat
sardines again,
At present the preserving of mackerel
in oil here is not to be thought of, be
cause the olive industry is too new and
the price of oil much too high. Ellwood
Cooper of Santa Barbara and Frank
Kimball of National City are selling
their oil at $15 per case for quarts, and
so much purer is their oil than the im
ported article that all tbe restaurants
are willing to pay the difference iv price
for tbe sake of getting an oil that does
not grow rancid. But other olive or
chards are coming in daily to swell tbe
product, aud prices must decline as
products increase. Whenever oil gets
down to about $1.50 per gallon, then it
will pay to use it for canning mackerel
and sardines; and then we may expect
to see canneries established at a dozen
points between here and San Francisco.
The very same capital which is em
ployed in the salmon canneries of Alaska
and Puget sound is ready to go into this
business whenever olive oil gets down
to such a figure that they can see their
way clear to use it. Five years hence
that will not be such a difficult matter,
for trees that now yield a quart of oil
will then be yielding two gallons; and
while the price is sure to be lesß than
now, the increase in the yield will more
than make up the difference.
One dozen smart and active New Eng
land fishermen on Santa Monica bay
would soon make a good showing for
themselves and their families. They
would erect tidy little cottages, sur
rounded by little gardens, and teach our
people how much could be achieved
with a very little money. They would
not lose a boat once in five years, and
yet they would have the whole range of
the great coast, from Port Hanford to
San Diego, in which to conduct their
operations. Ice is plenty, and just as
cheap as in New York or Boston. They
could Bhip their product to Fresno,
Tulare, Visalia, Bakersfield, Pomona,
Riverside and a dozen other inland
towns, and never lose the sale of a dol
lar's worth of fish in the course of a
year. The presence of such an element
in our midst would be a blessing. In
tbe next 50 years they would build up a
cordon of prosperous towns between San
Diego and San Francisco; and would
add a vast deal of capital to the material
wealth of the country.
Proceeding* of the Board at Yesterday's
The board of supervisors met yester
day and transacted considerable routine
The bid of the Puente Oil company to
supply the county with crude oil for
fuel at s'.j cents per gallon was ac-
The bid of the Crescent Coal company
to furnish the county with coal for the
ensuing year was accepted.
The report of the viewers on the Al
bambra and feck road wus received and
a hearing on it set for January 2 Ith.
The same action was taken in the mat
ter of Bosedale avenue road.
A petition for a saloon license at Av
alon, by W. A. Bloeser, was set for a
hearing for January 24th.
On motion transportation was ordered
for Mrs. Townsend from Stockton to
Los Angeles, and to Miss Emma Hughes
from Los Angeles to Biverside.
The four H'«—health, happy homes and
hospitality—fostered by Angostura Bitters.,
Sole manufacturers, Dr. J. 0. B. Siegert & Cons
At all druggists,
The Question Raised About
Wm. Paul's Indictment.
Mrs. Daisy Sibyl Mayne Secures Her
Adams Versus Barbank—Notes of Cases
Which n't i In the Courts Yes
terday—Now Suite Filed
William Paul, against whom tbe coun
ty grand jury returned an indictment a
few days ago charging him with perjury
in connection with bis registration in
this county last fall, was in Judge
Smith's court yesterday morning, and
bis counsel, C. 0. Stephens, moved to
set aside the indictment.
The grounds upon which the motion
was made were, that the grand jury was
not legally constituted, in that when it
was impaneled the requieite number of
ballots were not drawn from the grand
jury box, nor were they drawn in ac
cordance with law; that no notice of tbe
drawing was given, and that it was not
had in the presence of tbe officers desig
nated by law. Also, that there existed
before tne present action of the indict
ment, a prejudice on the part of tbe
grand jurors against tbe defendant such
as to disqualify them from acting impar
tially ; that the grand jury bad had doc
umentary evidence before them before
this indictment was found, and by reas
on of it not one of them could act impar
tially and fairly.
After the motion had been presented to
tbe court by Mr. Stephens, he placed on
the witness stand A. E. Pomeroy, George
L. Arnold, J. A. Chanslor, S. B. Caswell
and A. B. Johnson, members of the
grand jury, and W. H. Crane, deputy
county clerk at tbe time the grand jury
was drawn. The grand jurors were ex
amined at some length upon the subject
of the finding of the indictment, and
Mr. Crane read from the minutes how
the original drawing of the jury had
been set aside by Judge Smith, when it
was found that tbe number of jurors
fixed by law had not been drawn.
At tbe afternoon session the points
advanced by Mr. Stephens were argued
by him and Deputy District Attorney
Dupuy, and tbe motion was submitted
upon briefs to be filed.
Mrs. Mayne Secures a Divorce.
Yeßterday afternoon a default divorce
case was tried before Judge Wade in
which Mrs. Daisy Sibyl Mayne charged
her husband, Fred Thomas Mayne,
with drunkenness and cruelty. She and
her brother, John Pearson, were the
only witnesses, and the decree was
granted by the court after a brief ex
amination. The case is a particularly
pathetic one. The husband, who baa
occupied positions of trust and responsi
bility, has gone down rapidly through
dissipation, and is now lying in tbe
county jail awaiting trial on the charge
of stealing a horse and buggy, which be
say-i he took in order to be sent to the
penitentiary out of revenge for the di
vorce proceedings brought by bis wife.
Adams vs. Burbank.
The second trial began before Judge
McKinley and a jury yesterday of the
case of J. S. Adams vs. David Durban k.
Mr. Adams built the Tally ho stables in
tbia city for Dr. Burbank, and there wae
a dispute as to the final settlement.
Adams sued for tbe balance due bim on
the contract, and secured a verdict for
$2200. The defendant applied for and
was granted a new trial. The amount
sued for by Mr. Adams is $4625.14. A
lot of plans were produced before the
jury yesterday, and the construction of
tbe stables was very exhaustively gone
into by both sides. The trial will last
two or" three days.
Court Notes.
Divorce proceedings have been com
menced by W. J. Webb vs. Sarar Webb.
On motion, the report of the United
States court grand jury waß yesterday
continued by Judge Boss until this
It is understood that the county grand
jury will not make its final report until
next Thursday.
Judge Roes yesterday, in the United
States court, made an order directing
Jury Commissioner J. M. Griffith and
E. il. Owen, clerk of the court, to select
and place in tbe jury box 72 names for
service as term trial jurors.
John Donnelly was before Judge
Smith yesterday for the purpose of
pleading to the charge of burglary, but
on motion of his counsel, the matter was
continued until this morning; the same
action wae taken in the case of George
Spiker, charged with assault with a
deadly weapon.
James Howard pleaded not guilty in
Judge Smith's court yesterday to the
charge of burglary and his trial was set
for January 17th.
Robert Williams was arraigned yes
terday morning before Judge Smith
upon the second charge of burglary
against him, and Tuesday next was set
for him to plead.
A motion for a new trial was denied
by Judge Van Dyke yesterday in the
case of Severance vs. Barclay et al.
In the case of Bowen vs. Careon et al.,
Judge Van Dyke granted an interlocu
tory decree, ordering the property in
question to be sold and the proceeds
paid into court for distribution.
In the case of Magee vs. McCormic, a
suit for foreclosure. Judge Van Dyke
yesterday beard a motion foi the ap
pointment of a receiver, and directed
the defendant and the purchaser of the
crop of oranges to appear in court this
morning to which time the motion was
continued. The plaintiff's motion for
leave to amend the complaint was
The case of A. E. Davis vs. A. W.
Eameeetal., in which tbe plaintiff al
leges a breach of contract and is suing
for damages, was argued before Judge
Shaw yesterday and submitted.
The contest of Julia Logan et al. in
tbe estate of Mary Pattison, deceased,
was dismissed by Judge Clark without
prejudice yesterday, upon motion of the
A decree as prayed for was granted by
Judge Clark yesterday in a suit to quiet
the title to certain property brought by
J, Spratford et al. vs. J. S. Spratford.
An interlocutory degree was granted
yesterday by Judge Wade in the suit of
Sam Hellman vs. C. D. Piatt et al., the
defendant being granted 00 days in
Buekieu's Arnica Salve
The best salve in the world for cats, bruises,
sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter,
chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give perfect sat
isfaction, or money refunded. Price, 25 cents
per box. For sale by 0. F. Helnzeman.
which to fulfil tbe contract. The amount
due is $2150, tbe security being a mort
gage on part of lot 7, block X, Mott
In tbe foreclosure suit of tbe Main
street Saving Bank and Trust company
vs. Augusta Halt et al.. Judge Wade
yesterday gave judgment for plaintiff for
$2269 94. A default judgment for plain
tiff was also'given in the foreelosnre case
of tho same plaintiff against T. Clark.
Deputy Ctnßtable N. J. Mendoza yes
terday afternoon brought in and lodged
in the county jail Juan Balanzuela, who
was held to answer to the superior
court at San Gabriel upon a charge of
horse stealing.
Adolph Bettine was examined before
Judge Clark and Drs. Wrenigk and Bick
nell upon a charge of insanity, and dis
charged. He had been sent to the
county hospital, and his crazy condition
was due to excessive drinking.
New Suits Filed.
A petition was filed by Bertrand
Riviere for letters of administration
upon the estate of Sacramento Ruiz de
Riviere, the estate being valued at
A complaint was filed by James W.
Hellman and others, stockholders in tbe
San Pedro Electric Light and Power
company, against E. E. Peck and others,
directors of the company. The action
is brough to enjoin the defendants from
doing any acts as directors of the com
pany, restraining E. E. Peck, secretary
and treasurer, from selling or disposing
of the stock in controversy, and to de
clare a levy of assessment void.
Proceedings Yesterday at the Board's
Your board of public works beg to re
port aB follows:
In the matter of petition No. 4, from
J. M. Davies, in regard to the paving of
Second Btreet between Los Angeles and
Alameda streets, we recommend that
the street superintendent be instructed
to clean off the Btreet bo that a thorough
inspection can be made.
In the matter of petition No. 14, of
J. S. Haigler, asking for an extension of
time for the grading of Eleventh and
Hope streets, on account of delay caused
by rainy weather, we recommend that
60 days' further time be granted.
In tbe matter of petition No. 2, of C.
A. Sumner, in regard to a storm drain
near the intersection of Oiange and
Witmer streets, on investigation we find
the facts to be as stated in said petition,
and we recommend that tbe same be
referred to the city attorney for a legal
opinion as to the city's rights in the
In the matter of petition No. 3, of G.
W. Durfee et al., asking for the grading,
graveling and cement curbing of Twen
ty-eighth street from the east line of
Main Btreet to the west line of Trinity
street, we recommend the same be
granted, and the city engineer instructed
to present the necessary ordinance of
intention ; work to be done under speci
fications Nos. 5 and 12.
Recommend that the street superin
tendent be instructed to construct a
scbute, or box flume, to carry the storm
water at the intersection of, or near
Rosemond and First streets, to pievent
the washing out of the fill.
Recommend that the Pacific Railway
company be instructed to fill their
tracks with gravel on Pearl street be
tween Sixth and Ninth streets.
We recommend that the bid of W. B.
Nichols for tbe grading, curbing and
eidewalking of Twelfth street from tbe
west line of Sentous street to the east
line of Burlington avenue at $2 33 per
lineal foot for grading and graveling,
and 42 cents per lineal foot for cement
curb, and 14 cents per square foot for
eidewalking, or $4.57 per lineal foot for
tbe work complete, oe accepted, and the
accompanying resolution of award
We recommend that the bid of Patillo
& McCombs for the grading, graveling,
curbing and eidewalking of Vernon
street from the north line of Pico street
to the south line of Eleventh street at
91 cents per r ide for grading and 40
cents per lineal foot for cement curb
and 14 cents per square foot for cement
sidewalk be accepted and tbe accompa
nying resolution of award adopted.
We recommend that the bid of W. B.
Nichols for the grading and curbing of
Daly street from the south line of Dow
ney avenue to the north line of Haw
kins street at 31 cents per lineal foot for
grading and 1G cents per lineal foot
for curb, or 63 cents per lineal foot com
plete, be accepted, aud the accompany
ing resolution of award adopted.
We recommend the acceptance of the
bid of Thomas A. Grant for the grading
and curbing of Los Angeles street be
tween Eleventh and Twelfth streets,
grading $1.15 per lineal foot and curb 29
cents per lineal foot, and that the ac
companying resolution of award be
We recommend that the bid of
Thomas A. Grant for the eidewalking of
Flower street from the southerly line of
Twenty-third stre«t to the north line of
Adams Btreet at 14 cents perEquare foot
be accepted, and the accompanying res
olution of award adopted.
The Notorious Woman Beater Once
More Arrested.
Frank Powelson was arrested yester
day by Detective Boequi on the charges
of disturbing the peace and battery.
Powelson was in a house of ill-fame
on Alameda street, kept by Grace
Pomeroy, and in addition to raising a
general disturbance, assaulted an in
mate named Helen Lewis. Subsequently
they swore out warrants against Powel
Some time ago Frank Powelson was
sentenced to 180 days imprisonment on
the charges of assault, and vagrancy.
• •••••••••
m Sour Eructations. #
w fullness after eating, with dislnclina-
• tion to exertion of body or mind; A
Irritability of temper, general wearl- V
nese and debility are speedily *c-
moved by the use of £
•Tiny Liver Pills*
• and good appetite, strong digestion,
activity of body and mind, sociability,
• buoyancy of spirits, and health ami
strength take their place, rwe,
cents. Mke,l4«ti)UtWatlungUnBt.,l.l. 1
Notice to the Public.
January 1,1893, the undersigned will open
for business at No. 232 Requena street, in the
shop formerly occupied by Lloyd Bros., where
we will do carriage and wagon work, and we
would like to have you call and give ns a trial.
Yours respectfully, J. DARBY.
18-20 lm A. M'DONALD.
It Is in the Mountains Between
Acton and Summit.
How Confiding Ohicag'nana Have Been
Induced to Boy the Lots.
Secretary Perkins of the Board of Trade
Telia About the Whole Af
fair—Some Interesting;
Secretary Perkins of the board of
trade was seen yesterday by a Herald
reporter and said:
In this morning's Herald I see a
copy of a letter addressed to the secre
tary of the chamber of commerce asking
for information regarding the town of
Santiago. I can throw some light upon
the subject, having had occasion to in
vestigate tbe same.
Some dayß ago I received the follow
ing communication:
Chicago, 111., Dec. 21. 1891,)
400 Superior street. J
To the Secretary of the Board of Trade, Los An
Dear Sir—l have several lots in the
town of Santiago, Los Angeles county,
California, which I took in trade here in
Chicago. I have written to several par
ties in Calitornia asking for some inform
ation about the above named town, and
have invariably received answers de
scribing the city of San Diego, every
street of which I know as well as I know
Will you please inform me as to
whether there is any such town in Lob
Angeles county or any other county, as
Santiago; if so, where is it and what is
its population.
I am an old Californian and am doing
all I can to further tbe interest of the
grand old elate in this section, and as
I have seen quite a number of these
Santiago lots floating about the market
here at $50 each I want to get definite
information as to their validity. If it
is merely a town ea paper and has no
existence in fact I want to know it, and
will take pains to let others know it, as
such schemes will do nothing but in
jury to any country. If there is such a
town, where am I to send my deeds for
By answering these questions, my
dear sir, you will confer a great favor
on, yours respectfully,
John McGrath.
The information I obtained is con
tained in my reply to Mr. McGrath,
which is as follows:
Los Angeles, Dec. 28,1892
John McGrath, esq., 403 Superior street, Chi.
cago. 111.:
Dear Sir: Your favor of tbe 21st
inst. came duly to band, and I have
been making inquiries in order to sat
isfactorily answer your questions.
Upon inquiring at the office of the
county assessor I find tbat Santiago is
in Lob Angelea county, between Acton
and Summit. The town is described as
follows ■ A subdivision of the SW W of
sec. 29, T 6 N, R 12 W, SBM. The whole
townsite is assessed to "unknown own
ers," as no one gave it in or any part
thereof. It is assessed in 36 blocks, at
$5 per block. There are probably 20 or
more lots in each block ; I cannot tell
how many, as the map could not be
found. As to population, it is evident
that it is only a "'site" for a town, the
whole being assessed as above stated.
If any one is living anywhere on the
site they are probably cultivating the
land as acreage, if it is possible of culti
If you deßire to record your deeds they
should, of course, be sent to the county
recorder of Los Angeles county, in this
city. You can judge as to whether it is
worth while or not.
Mr. Perkins has done good work in
investigating this matter.
A Little Girl's Experience in a Light
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Trescott are keepers of
the government lighthouse at Sand Beach,
Mich., and are bleFsod with a daughter 4 years
old. l ast April she was taken down with
measles, followed with a dreadful cough and
turning into a fever. Doctors at home aud at
Detroit treated her, hut In vitiu, she grew worse
rapidly, un il she was a mere "handful ol
bones.''—Then she tried Dr. King's New Dis
covery, and after the use of two and a half
bottles was completely cured. They say Dr.
King's New Discovery is worth its weight in
gold, yet you may get a trial bottle free ate. F
Heinzeman, druggist and chemist, 222 N
Main street.
Visiting* Cards Bngravod
V Lamrstadt-ir's. Sil4 West Fecond. T .i. 7G2
Ose Herman Famnv Moan.
gm. f»\ MRHOOD RESTORED !,;?=lr™&
j$ w[ raf * en to cure alt nnrvouß diseases, inch as Weak Memoir
« , W Loss of Brain Power, Headache. Wakefulness, Lost Manhood. Nightly Kmis
\j 9 jjfljL \j sions, Nervousness, Lassitude, all drainß and lnss of power of the Generative
fl-3 ~ \ *JWVt*' Crrcans in either sex cause! by over exertion, youthful error*, or excessive
(TITON v jO\ use °' tobacco, opium or stimulants which Bonn lead to Inflrraitv. Consume
Put up convenient to carry in Test pocket. 902 per ia-c*<
( , iy mail; o fortft. With every ۥ> order we give (iwruUn qunranUe U cun
okfore and ATXEiiusiNfj. or refund the money Circular froo. Address A'erve Seed to., Cisicam*,
For tale In Lo* Angeles, Cal., By GODFBEY <fc HOpBE, Druggists, 108 South Spring st.
pane, and rtueases*of women am > rbilrtrcio.
Tronic Diseases of the Nose, Throat aud Lungs
."uocessfully treated by compressed air and iu
tfil* halation of atomized liqtildH and powd -vs. \\>\-
mt-diate ieliei for Catarrh and irritation of the
i, l.i Appllames lor Rupture, Curvature of tbe
Spine, Olud Foot, and al! delormitiee, monn-
tactured by our own instrument maker,
iipiT Nervous Debility, Bexual Weakness, Loss of Power, Gleet, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis,
Sri \ j ft I spermatorrhoea and all mtnaturai dlsobarees of either sex treated wltL unls.ll
■Vl I IM ins success. Confidential book and bottleof German Invigorator given free so
prove Its merit; sure cure foi special private and nervous troubles.
All our pbyficlans constantly in) Address nn I ICDId V, Pfi 123 S. MAIN ST.
attendance from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.( (In confidence) Un, LILDIU Ot UU., 103 ANGELES.
i2i and 123 North Spring Street, Corner Franklin.
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry carefully repaired and warranted
Fine Diamo'd Setting a specialty
X 9 I\ I MX. WM. MERQFLL, late of Omaha, Neb.,
a W -w- I %l lB now i°o ated with
OlUll O G. STROMEE, "™
For rapid work, low prices and modern styles, a nharo of yeur patronage Is sellclted.
Card Blgtu, Muslin Signs, Wire Signs, Brass Signs, Signs of every description.
PoliUoal work done at short notice at reasonable rate*.
m mm
Try One Ear and Tta
the Other end
Ascertain flow the Hearing of Ore Ear
Can Be Lost Imperceptibly
A Remarkable Fact Described fur the
Benefit Of Oar Readers.
This Is a remarkable fact. Haven't yon ob
served how many of yonr friends make yon
take the right or left hand side, as the case may
be, so that they can hear you?
What is the cause of It?
The eustachian tubes are small tubes about
two Inches long, leading from the upp-r back
part of the throat to the middle ear. Their use
Is to permit the passage of air inside tbe drum
bead of the ear Every ordinary drum has a
small ho c in the birrel to admit the air 0.1 the
Inside. This is done to allow the pressure of
air to be equal on both sid j s of tbe drumhead,
and without it the drum would I) • worthless.
fo it Is with tbe middle ear; the pressure must
be equal on both s d> s, so that the drumhead
the tymranum) may be sensitive to
respond to the delicate vibrat ions of air, which,
when communicated to the bruin through tbe
auditory nerve, produce sound, if anything
happens to obstruct the eustachian tubes, hear
ing is very much impaired, if not entirely de
stroyed. This makes It plain how easily it is
for the catarrhal process to extend from the
nose to the throat and thence up the eustachian
tubes to the middle ear. The mucuous lining
of these little tubes becomes inflamed and
thickened, and the tubes wholly or partially
closed up, the equilibrium of air pressure is
disturbed and the roarlnv, buzzing, cracking
and hissing noises, so annoying to thousands of
catairhalsubjects, follow, accompanied nearly
alwAss by dull' ess or entire loss of hoarlntr.
If the disease is permuted to run on unchecked
the small bones of the ear will be destroyed
and tho drum attacked, perforated aud de
stroyed and total deafnees will follow.
The Doctors of the German and English staff
have unqualified success in the treatment of
these cbbcs. Their methods arc the result of
man" years of study and practice and have
been demonstrated to be the most successful In
use at the present time.
European Staff of German 4 English Physicians
308£ South Spring Street,
Specialists for All Chronic Diseases.
We do not claim to cure everything; but we
assert without fear of contradiction that in all
chronic diseases, weaknesses aud ailments, par
ticularly those pertaining to the mucuous
membranes aad sexual organs, our treatment
Is unexcelled. We positively cure Catarrh
nasal bronchial, gaslro, intestinal and vesical—
in all its forms and compiicationas; genito
urinary diseases and diseases of the nervous
and sexual system.
Our terms for the month of January,
55.00 Fur Month.
This includes consultation, examination,
office treatment and all medicines neteisary
for one month.
All who visit the doctors before February Ist
will receive treatment at the above rat« i-nul
cured. If you can't cal), write your symptoms
fully arid frankly. Thousands of cases cured
at home. If your case is Incurable we will
frankly tell you sr>. also caution i gxinsi spend
ing more money for usehss treatment.
Office hours: 10 a. m. to sp. m. Evenings,
7 to 9.
.Address all mail to
308*4 South Pprlng Street, Los Angeies, Cal.
King's Royal Germetner
Is a Positive Cure for
Catarrh, Bheumatieni, Neuralgia,
Asthma, Bowel, Liver, Kidney
and Bladder Diseases. Gen
eral Debility and all
Germ Diseases.
Manufactured by
Atlanta, Ga.
For Conghs, Colds and Lnng Troubles
It Is Pure and Healthful.

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