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If Murphy Is Elected He Will
Keep Mum=
Croker Says Grover Will Take His
Medicine Like a Man.
North Dakota to Have Only Two Elec
toral Totes—The Nebraska Dead
lock Broken—General
Political News.
By the Associated Press.
New York, Jan. 6.—Since Cleveland's
utterance relative to Edward Murphy's
candidacy for the United States senator
ship, Richard Croker has steadily de
clined to talk. Today he spoke of it for
the first time. He was asked:
"Do you think if Murphy is elected,
Cleveland will take up a position hostile
to Tammany ball?"
Croker said he did not think Cleve
land would do so.
'•No," be Baid, "the wiehes of the reg
ular Democracy will be respected and
Murphy will be elected. Mr. Cleveland
iB not the Bort of man to turn on us be
cause our candidate is elected. Com
mon gratitude would be enough, for we
did not turn on him when he was vic
The Balance of l'oiver in the Hands of
One Populist liepresentatlve.
Helena, Mont., Jan. 6. -Doth houees
of the legislature adjourned till Monday.
The most important business done this
morning was the appointment of tbe
houee committee on elections to con
eider the contest of the seat from
Choteau county. This committee con
sists of an equal number of Democrats
and Republicans, and one Populist,
Beecher, who iB chairman. Beecher
heretofore has acted with the Demo
crats. The committee is expected to
report on Monday, when no doubt there
will be a fight over its decision. Should
it seat Hamilton it would give the
Democrats control of both houses with
out tbe assistance of the Popnliets.
The Missouri Legislature Booms Him
for a Cabinet Position.
Jf.ffkr.son City, Mo., Jan. 6. —The
legislature met in joint session this
morning and listened to the retiring
message of Governor Francis. It dwells
at length on state mattets, recommend
ing, among other things, that a law be
passed fixing the minimum price at
which convicts ehail be leased at 60
cents per day, and that the prisoners be
given a portion oi their earnings.
A resolution endorsing Governor
Francis for a place in Cleveland's cabi
net was passed, 124 to 4.
Corn 11, a Republican, Elected President
of the Nebraska' Senate.
Lincoln, Neb., Jan. 6. —The deadlock
in the semate was broken this morning
by tbe election of Correll, a Republican,
president, four out of five Democrats
Toting for him.
The anti-monopoly senators voted for
him on the promise that they would t>e
given control of the railroad and other
leading committees. They stipulated,
however, in case the combine failed to
carry ont its promises, that they would
join tbe Independents when it came to
the election of a United States senator.
So the situation remains almost as com
plicated as before.
North Dakota Will Cast Only Two Elec
toral Votes.
Bismarck, N. D., Jan. 6.—Probably
only two of the three electoral votes of
North Dakota will be cast Monday, i'he
canvassing board declared two Fusioniste
and one Republican elected. The su
preme court order ;d the counting of cer
tain votes which had been thrown out,
which elected a third Fußionist; mean
time the governor had issued certificates
to one Harrison and two Weaver elec
tors. Now, the third Weaver elector,
having no certificate, cannot vote, and
the Republican will not vote at all, on
account of conscientious scruples as to
his election.
Governor Chase's Retiring Message.
Indianapolis, Ind v Jan. 6. —The legis
lature in joint session this morning
listened to the farewell message of
Governor Chase. It contained matters
only interesting to the state.
After the reading of the message the
vote for governor and lieutenant-gover
nor wae canvassed and Claude Matthews
and Mortimer C. Nye were declared
elected to the respective offices.
Robbed from the Insldo.
Stockton, Cal., Jan. 6. —A Chinese
doctor named Chung Tow Sing and his
two sons were found in their lodging to
day in an unconscious condition. They
say Chinese thieves broke in last night,
overpowered and drugged them, and
robbed the safe of $2000. The money
'.elonged to the joss house fund and to
the doctor and his friends. The police
think the robbery was committed by
thoße inside to get away with the joss
house fund and special deposits.
A Wife Held Prisoner.
New York, Jan. 6.—Justice Barrett,
in the supreme court today, issued a
writ of habeas corpus for the production
of Mrs. Edith Steele, said to be impris
oned by her husband, Dr. Theophilus
Steele, at the Gilsey house, this city.
The writ iB returnable at 10 o'clock to
morrow and was served upon Dr. Steele
at the Gilsey house this afternoon.
Irrlgationiats in Session.
Sacramemto, Jan. 6.—A convention
< f irrigationiste has been in session here
today, considering proposed amend
ments to the Wright irrigation law. No
definite action was taken today, but tbe
convention will be in session again to
morrow, when some line of action will
probably be dete* -ained^on.
Last dplke Driven.
Spokane, Wash., Jan. 6. —Advices
from tbe front state that tbe last spike
on the Great Northern was driven this
evening. Thb connection was made iv
the Cascade mountains a few miles be
yond the summit. There was no cere
At the drag storo, a valuable package,
worth its weight in gold. My hair baa
stopped falling and all dandruff has dis
appeared nicer T foundsl(|oknm root hair
grower. Ask. Mr druggist about it.
The Lieutenant-Governor Announces the
Senate Committees.
Sacramento, Jan. 6.—Following are
the more important committees given
out by President Roddick in tbe senate
Public printing—Streeter, Shippee,
Public and swamp and overflow
lands—Hoyt, Everett, Bailey, Langfoid,
Roads and highways—Hoyt, Bailey,
Campbell, Wilson, Berry, Burke.
State library and rules—Ragsdale,
Harp, Seawell.
State prison and prison buildings—
Seymour, Voorhieß, Mahoney, Shippee,
Williams, Whijehurst, McAllister, Sea
well, Biggy.
Federal relations and immigration—
Williams, Ragsdale, McGowan, Brod
erick, Harp, Martin, Arms.
Finance—Voorhiee, Flint, Ford, Ma
honey (San Joe), Goncher, Mathews.
Forestry, Yosemite valley and fish and
game—Flint, Hoyt, Williams, Harp,
Harbors, rivera and coast defenses —
Broderick, Denison, McGowan, Ostrom,
Agriculture, horticulture, viticulture—
Shippee, Streeter, Hoyt, Fiiut, Rage
dale, Geaford, McAllister, Ostrom and
Bauks and banking—Flint. McGowan,
Ford, Simpson, Whitehurst, Langford
aDd Foy.
City, county and town governments—
Bailey, Broderick, Maher, Earl, Hart,
Geßford, Mitchell, Mathews, White
Claims — Campbell, Hoyt, Everett,
Ragsdale, Berry, Mitchell.
Hospitals—Simpson,Campbell, Street
er, Martin, Harp.
Irrigation and water rights—Seymour,
Earl, Shippee, Orr, Campbell, Sireeter,
Carpenter, Ostrum, Gatdiner, Berry,
Martin, Langford, Harp.
Ford, Hart, Orr, Goucher, Seawell, Ges
iord, McAllister, Burke.
Labor and capital—Maher, Simpson,
Mahoney, McGowan, Hoyt, Dunn, Foy,
Berry, Wilßon.
Mines, drainage and miuins debris—
Ford, Voorhiee, Campbell, Hart, Mar
tin, Osttom, Goucher.
Military affairs —Everett, Denison,
Orr, Williams, Matthews, Mitcheli,
Public buildings, other than prison
buildings, commerce and navigation—
Mahoney, McGowan, Simpßon, Brod
erick, Foy, Biggy, Mitchell.
Constitutional amendments — Earl,
Hart, Carpenter, Seawell, Burke.
Corporations—Carpenter, Orr, Flint,
Bailey, Maher, Deoison, Mahoney, Sey
monr, Goucher, Suawell, Dunn.
Counties and county boundaries —Den-
ison, Orr, Mahoney, Hart, Fiint, Voor
hiee, Mathews, McAllister, Whitehurst.
County goverumeut and township or
ganizatiou—Earl, Voorhies, Ford, Ship
pee, Simpson, Berry, Gesford, Burke,
Education and public morale —Hart,
Earl, Ford, Carpenter, McAllister, Ev
erett, Arms, Burke, Fay.
Elections —Voorhies, Maher, Wilhame,
Everett, Arms, Burke. Fay.
Kit rolled and engrossed bills—Rage
dale, Simpson, Seymour, Carpenter,
Biggy, Arms, Dunn.
The senate adjonrned until 2 p. m.
The first War Correspondents.
In a sense Julius Ca?sar was a war cor
respondent, only he did not Bend his
"commentaries" piecemeal from the
"theater of war," but indited them at
his leisure in the subsequent peacetime.
The old Swedish Intelligencer of the
Gustavus Adolphus period was genuine
war correspondence, published indeed
tardily compared with our news of to
day, but nevertheless fresh from the
scene of action, full of distinctiveness,
quaint and racy beyond compare.
The first modern war correspondent
professionally commissioned and paid
by a newspaper was Mr. G. L. Grune
isen, a well known literary man, only re
cently dead, who was sent to Spain by
The Morning Post with the "Spanish
Legion," which Sir de Lacy Evans com
manded in 1837 in the service of the
queen of Spain. But this new departure
was not followed up, and no English
paper was represented in the great bat
tles of the first and second Punjaub
wars.—Archibald Forbes in Century.
Was Converted and Paid the Old Bet.
Ten years ago Allen Talmadge was
staying in Indianapolis. He got into an
argument with a man and made a bet of
five dollars on the paint in dispute. Mr.
Talmadge proved to be wrong and paid
the five dollars. Afterward they got to
arguing which was the longest river in
the world, and Mr. Talmadge found out
that his river was the longest and went
to the man for his money, but he re
fused to pay it. Mr. Talmadge abused
him fur taking his money and refusing
to pay when he had honestly lost it.
Mr. Talmadge moved back to Georgia,
and about a week or two ago got a letter
from the man asking for his address, as
he had a little matter of business with
him. The address was sent, and Friday
a letter came inclosing a check on New
York for five dollars, and saying that
he had been converted and thought it
right to send the amount of the bet made
ten years ago. —Athens (Ga.) Banner.
From the Romans.
"Pnt your right foot foremost" is a
piece of advice that has been offered to
most folk, young and old, in the course
of their lives. It is generally equiva
lent to saying, "Now's your chance; do
your very best and show what yoti are
capable of." Like a great many com
mon phrases this expression has an old
origin. In the days of ancient Rome,
when people were usually the slaves of
some superstition or other, it was
thought to be unlucky to cross the
threshold of a houso with the left foot
first. Consequently a boy was placed at
the door of tho mansion to remind vis
itors that they were to put their right
foot foremost. The use of the phrase in
the wider sense soon became obvious.—
Lewistou Journal.
Dangers of Bathing in a Big Kiver.
Few people are aware of the danger of
bathing in the Mississippi. Aside from
the perils of the treacherous currents
aud eddies, which will draw a man un
der before he knows he is in any danger,
there are fish in the river big enough to
bite off a man's leg at one snap.—St.
Lomis Glebe-Democrat.
The Bight Man.
Papa—Dear tae! My watch has run
down, and 1 can't make it go again.
Willie—Div it to me. I'll div it to
cook, an sbV!l div it to the watchman
when he ttuu3.~ H.trper's Bazar.
A Second-Rate Prize Fight in
San Francisco.
Marry Jones Knocks (hit Montana
Kid the Second.
Dick Burge Rejects Two Flattering
Offers Because He Wants to Fight
MoAulifTe—Other Spirt
ing Gi,BSip.
By the Associated Press.l
San Francisco, Jan. 6. —Harry Jones
of San Jose and Jack Reese who ia
known as the Second Montana Kid,
fought 13 rounds at the Orpheum thea
ter tonight, under the direction of the
Pacific Athletic club. The San Jose man
won tbe contest. For the first eight rounds
honors were easy, although considerable
hard hitting was done, neither seemed
to have the best of it. In the ninth
round Jones got in a number of hard
blows in the kid's face, one of which
broke out a tooth. From this time on
Jones bad things all his own way.
Reese went down repeatedly, and in tbe
thirteenth was Bent under the ropes by
a swinging blow from Jones' left, and
time waa called before he could recover.
He Wants to Fight McAulifle Above All
Other Lightweights.
Boston, Jan. 6—Dick Burge, the
English lightweight champion pugilist,
haß received an offer from a prominent
New York sporting man, as the repre
sentative of a new club which is about
to be established. The offer is a purge
of $10,000 to fight Austin Gibbons or
$12,500 to fight Billy Myer. Burge sent
an answer that he would entertain no
propositions to met any other man but
McAuliffe until the American champion
positively refuses to make a match. In
that event Burge will give the Orescent
City the first opportunity.
Death of Jack Ashton.
New York, Jan. 6.—Jack Ashton, the
heavy weight pugilist, who for years
traveled in combinations as John L.
Sullivan's sparring partner, died at 9:15
o'clock tonight, in the erysipelas ward,
at Bellevue hospital. Ashton was born
in Providence, R. I. He was 34 years of
Vanderbeck Says None But He Snail
Manage the Angels.
San Fbancisco, Jan. 6.—The Post to
day says: Mr. Vanderbeck, the gentle
man who managed the Los Angeles club
last year, is now in this city and may
possibly attend tbe meeting of the
league managers eet for this week. Van
derbeck said yesterday that he will be
at the Los Angeles club next season or
there will be no league baseball in the
southern city. If the Los Angeles Ath
letic association gives the ground to
another party, Vanderbeck proposes
to get out a writ of injunction
against the new manager. He
states that the terms of his lease are
very clear, and there is no question as
to his right to the ball grouudß for 1883.
His attorneys have told him he will
have a good case against the athletic
association if they insist upon depriving
him of the use of the ball park. Van
derbeck says he will be in baseball again
this year. If he does not remain in Los
Angeles he will manage a team in some
other city.
Crescent City Races.
New Orleans, Jan. 6.—Track good.
Six furlongs—Borealis won, Ed Jack
soi second, Vashti third; time, 1:18%.
Five furlongs—Vashti won, Scottish
Mollie second, Bon Oabbell third; time,
Five furlong-t— Longbroeck won, Na
than Frank setond, Suriift third ; time,
i m%.
Six and one halt' furlongs—Rally
Greenleaf won, Thy Judae sacond ; time,
1 s2BJ£.
Handicap, seven furlongs—Texas Star
woa, Bonnie Byrd second, General Mar
maduke third. No time given.
Bay District Races.
San Fkancisco, Jan. G —Five furlongs
—Jack-the-Ripper won. Red Rose sec
ond, Nipper third ; time, I :02%.
Three-quarters of a mile—Alto Mio
won. Quarterstaff second. Huguenot
third; time, 1:16.
One and one-quarter.miles—Jennie IC.
won, Altassecond, SantaFethird; time,
Five furlongs—Roeebud won, Princes'
First second, Prince third; time, 1:01*2.
Seven furlongs—Nellie 6. won, Sedaha
second, Bad Prince third; time, 1:29.
A Young Parricide.
Houston, Tex., Jan. 6 —At Huntsville
last night Albert McDonald, the 20-year
old son of Sam McDonald aDd wife,
colored, wanted to ride a certain horse
to a frolic, and .his father not consent
ing, he shot him dead in his chair and
shot his mother, killing her also. About
300 negroes assembled at the scene ol
the murder this morning and lyncaing
was with difficulty prevented.
A Wild Engine.
Nkw Yokk, Jan. 6.—A detached en
gine on the New York and Harlem road
collided with a train from Oroton at
One Hundred and Thirty-seventh street.
John Baldwin,fireman,was killed; Alva
Stevenson, engineer, was slightly hurt.
Some of the passengers were slightly in
jured but not seriously.
Draw Tour Own Conclusion.
Mr. J. 0. Davenport, manager of the
Fort Bragg Redwood company, Fort
Bragc, Cai., has this to esy of Chamber
lain's Cough Kemedy : "I used it fora
severe cold and cough, und obtained im
mediate relief. In the Fort Bragg Red
wood company's storowe have poldlarg
vnantititsof CbamberlaiD's medicines "
For sale by 0. F. Heicz«mai!, 222 N.
Main, druggist.
Cut lory and Household Goods
At the W. 0. Furrey company, 159 to
165 North Spring street. Also nickel
plated find monntpd nirate w»r».
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alnm.
Used in Millions of Homes— 40 Years tae Standard.
Highest of all in Leavenir.rr Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Walters Hate a Dial*.*,
"After they had been nearly every
where today," said a Chicago man, "from
the bottom of the Washington street tun
nel to the top of the Auditorium tower, we
found ourselves about noon far down on
the Sonth Side, and stepped into the first
restaurant we came to to get something to
eat. Any surprise my friends may liavu
felt at the general ivppearance of the in
terior of the place was nothing to wbnt
they must have felt later when f gave mi
order for one bowl of soup, one plain
steak, Frankfort sausage, mashed potatoes,
scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee, and
our waiter transferred the order to the
man who was dishing out the several
things In the following astounding lan
guage, 'One swim, one boot leg, one ride
on the cable, mashed Murphies, a ship
wreck and one muddy.'
"My friends had seen and heard many
novel things while In Chicago, but this
caused tliem as Well ns myself to hold our
breaths. I pretended that it was a very
common thing iv n milly swell, first class
World's fair restaurant, aud quietly asked
the owners of tU» Illinois circus lots what
they would have. One of tacm looked at
his friend and then at me, and as my out
ward appearance evidently satisfied hini
that I had a thorough knowledge of my
position, In s wry uncertain tons of voice
risked for a cup of tea, cabbage without
I'je corned beef, a couple of turned eggs
and some wheat dikes, Those laces turned
/..sheii white, and 1 1 bought their hearts
~*.opped heating when our waiter yelled:
" 'Ona li,v;ht Chinaman, old Ireland willi
out a shamrock, white wings slapped on
tiie back and a stack of whites.'
" 'Wbat'U you have?' said the waiter to
.uy second friend, as the color commenced
to return to his face.
" 'Lord,' said the delegate from southern
Illinois,''give me the same, with the ex
ception of the white wings'—and we all
blinked and tried to look wise."—Chicago
Post. J
A Correspondent's Experience.
1 saw the Longchainps review, entered
Paris with the German column, and iv the
Champs lOlysees was spoken to by the
crown prince of Saxony at the head of his
staff I Immediately became a center of
interest on tbe part of a knot of French
men. »ho followed me when 1 quitted the
protection, of the Herman cordon and the?
promptly raised ti:e cry of "Spyi" 1 was
at l acked. Ivuoeked dorm, most of my
clothes were torn off me, H sabot split my
lip open, and men danced on meant! kicked
at me while I was being dragged by the
legs toward a fountain, in which—such
was the expressed intention—l was to be
drowned. From ibis fate I was rescued
by a picket of national guards, anil ores
ently made good my release. As soon as I
was t tee and had fuliilied a grateful duty
toward one who had helped inn to my free
dom I hurried to the place where 1 had
engaged a thjgcarl with a fast and stout
heist-lo be iv readiness. It was neither a
sale nor a pleasant ride' through Paris to
the St Denis gale:
Httt once outside I could let tbe horse
out.."Mid lie ti.H-.te xotm U meovorthe t\ve!ve
mil-s .'liiiiu.'iicy. the crown prince ol
Saxony's fteaddiHirterlf whence I was al
lowetl to t|i*|Mttuii a t' legnim of consid
erable length to, l-ondon That accom
plisin-d. I drove liaok to.St.. Denis in time
to catch the regular evening train for
Calais Wriiing I hi'otigl'.otit the journey,
1 reached l.ouiiuu the following morning,
brought out nswfnd edition ol The Daily
News, which was.selling in the streets by
8, aud then lay down on the lloor of tbe
editor's room and went to sleep, with the
London Directory for a pillow.
Wheu 1 awoke at 11 the manager and
bis staff were standing over me in great
concern, for I still had about me some of
the evidences of the little unpleasantness
with the gentlemen of the Paris pavement.
I started back for Paris the same evening
—Archibald Forbes in Century.
A Valuable Hindoo God.
The fatuous Hindoo god l.ingum is now
owned by an English gentleman of cul
tore, who paid a sum equal to $18,000 for
it at *n Motion sale of East India rel.cs in
1838. This sacred image stands but 12Jj
inches high, but small as it is it is wel:
worth its weight In Hist water diamonds.
Tbe base of the figure is of pure ham
ruered gold, and aiouud it are set nine
gems—a diamond, ruby, sapphire, chryso
beryl, catsoye, coral, pearl, hyaciutbinc,
garnet, emerald and moonstone. The apex
of the figure, which is in the shape of a
pyramid, is encircled with a plinth set
with small but very fin;: diamonds.
The pinnacle cf the pyramid Is a topaz
I 10-10 of an huh in length and 9-10 of an
inch in depth, this In shape of a Horseshoe,
the center being a catseye of exceeding
WLen the "Had shah," last king of
Delhi, was capt.md and exiled to the
Andaman islands his queen secreted this
idol, and it was never seen again until re
cent research brought it to light, where
upon it. was taken to London aud disposed
of to Mr Spencer. —Philadelphia Press.
Superstition.* of bailors.
Many years ago. when sailing vftfaels
were the only means of communication be
tween the different countries, auperstltion
was more rik 1 among sailors than at the
present time These absurd fancies were
not confined to.lack alone, but they were
shared in to a greater or less extent by
shipmasters and owners. Friday was con
sidered a day of evil, and the most malig
nant results were supposed to attend a
voyage commenced on this day of the
week. In those days he would indeed have
been a reckless skipper who would have
attempted to sail on this ill omened day,
for the crew would have broken out in
open rebellion rather than lift the anchor
from the bottom or cast off shore moorings.
Since the advent of steam many of these
prejudices have become as derelict as the
ships on which they were once entertained.
—Harper's Young People.
A Mud Covered Forest.
There is a sunken forest of white cedar
on the coast of New Jersey which has been
continuously "mined" for its valuable
timber for more than eighty years. The
curious industry of digging for these sunk
en logs is carried on by people of Dennis
ville, a village which was brought into
existence solely through the wealth of the
buried timber in its vicinity. Over this
large forest trees of large size are now
growing, aud in many instances the grow
ing timber is cut away in order to get at
the more valuable logs which lie only three
or four feet beneath the surface. It is be
lieved that they were sunk by an earth
quake. —Chicago Dispatch.
A Poet's Pitiful Plight.
Once a friend, a lady who had some prop
erty in Virginia, wrote Mr. Wbittier of
having named a street in a new town for
him, and having set aside a portion of
ground in his name. He replied with
thanks, adding that he had that week re
ceived news of go less than three towns or
streets beir:g tunned for him, with a gift of
town lots, adding, "If this sort of thiup
goes on much longer I shall be land poor."
—San Francisco Chronicle.
Does the Fly Reason?
Some files thrust their eggs into the
bodies of caterpillars, but always in such
parts of th» body that when the larv» are
feeding on the flesh of tbe foster parent
they will not eat into the vital part. Can
the fly reason?— Exchange.
Signs of Waving Love.
If your fiancee smiliDgly accepts even
the best of apologies for the smallest of in
attentions she is beginning to cool, and if
you make many of them you are.—Century.
A royal folio has a page 19 by 12 inches;
a royal quarto, VZ}4 by 10; a royal octavo,
by <% a 12 mo., 7 by 4; n 34 mo., 5 by
3%; a 32 mo., 4 by a 48 mo., Z% by 3}^.
Every book hunter sees books whi'h
were once the pride of every library at the
door of secondhand book stores labeled,
"Your Choice for Ten Cents."
General Sheridan's sword, which he is
said to nave used while at Fort Yamhill,'
Or., is reported to l;u in ibe (,usscs.-.tuu ol
an Oregon ludi.'tu.
In i.MO Philip BtubbeS inveighed wiiir
great energy against the use of starch,
which lie called "the devil's liquor,"
In Utah tbtreare Inexhaustible beds of
niter and alum, tonso nothing of the mines
of gold, si!--'-, copper, lead, iron, ele.
There are undelivered telegrams at
the Western Union telegraph office, cor
ner Main and Court streets. Jaunary
6. 1893, forP.O'Meil.MiesL. Blancartie,
Mr. A. Berry, Kalph Lowell, Mrs.
Falling Hair
Produces baldness. It iB cheeper to buy
a bottle oi ekookum root hairgjower
thßu a wig; besidee, wearing your own
hftir is rnnre Convenient. All druKSriets.
GRlFFlei—January 5, 1893, George Butler
Funeral will take place from his late resi
dence, 714 D ;wney avenue, East Los Angeles,
to the Sacred Heart church, Saturday, January
7th, at 10:30 a. m. Friend* and acquaintances
are requested to attend without further notice
BRYBON—In this cit?. January Otb, William
Bryson, a native of lielsnd. aged 02 years. ,ta
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
luvit- d to attend the funeral Sunday, January
Btb,at2p. m , frem late residence, No. 320
Bnena Vista street. Services at Lady of Augeis
church: interment in Catholic ctmeteiy.
ARMSTRONG—At 7a. m , Januar? sth, Patrick
Armstrong, born in Bailey-More coumy.West
meatb, Ireland, beloved husband of Julia
Armstrong, and father of eigM children.
Funeral will take plaoe frr.m the family resi
dence, corner State and Judscu avenue, Brook
lyn Heights, to Sacn d Heart church. Hast Los
Angeles, on Paturday, January 7th, at 9 o'c ock
a. m. Friends and acquaintances are requested
to attend without further notice.
Pure Blood
Il absolutely necessary in order to hare perfect
health. Hood's Sanapartlla Is the treat bloo<
purifier, quickly conquering scrofula, salt rheum
and all other insidious enemies which attack tb,
blood and undermine the health. It alto build,
ap the whole system, cures dyspepsia and sic*
headache, and overcomes that tired feeling.
Scrofula Sore*.
"My adopted boy, aged 14 yean, suffered terri
bly from scrotal* core* on his leg, which spread
till they at one time formed one great tore from
the calf of his leg np to his thigh, partially cov
ered with scab, and discharging matter contin
ually. The muscles became contracted so that hut
leg was drawn np and he could hardly walk. We
tried everything we could hear of, without n»
eeis, until we began giving him Hood's Sar
sapartll*. In Jast a month, after he had takes
two-thirds of * bottle, the sores entirely healed,
his leg la perfectly straight, and ha
Can Walk as Well as Ever.
Hood's Banaparin* 1* the best medicine I ever
i raw for icrofaloui humor. It has done it* work
more than satisfactorily." William oakdzbs,
Rockdale, Milam County, Texas.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold by druggists, tl; «lx for *5. Prepared only
by C. L HOOD A CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Maw.
100 Doses One Dollar
& CO.,
03C South Spring St., l.«n Angeles.
Telephone 102 P.
* * Printers ** *
109 East Second Si., Los Angeles, Cal.
Wedding stationeiy, ball programs, nociety
cards and high-trade priuiine oi every deseiip
tion. write for sample* and estimate" 11-1 6m
Head *mcc, Quebec; branch office, Montreal,
Canada. 12-20 ly
Manufact v rer and Dealer in
136 Bonth Main street,
Opposite Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles
Telephone 818.
Orders called for and delivered to all parte of
the eliy. 11-23
Drs. Porterfield & Losey,
We positively cure, in from 30 to 80 days' all
kinds of
Rupture, Varicoele, Hydrocele, Piles
and fissure;.
FISTULA, ULCERATION, etc., without the nse
of knife, di awing blood or deten
tion from business.
M. F. Lorey, M. D„ of the above well-known
firm of specialists will be at
JANUABT ll;b, 12th, 13tb, and 11th.
Can refer Interested parties to prominent
Los Angeles citizens who have been treated by
him. Cure guaranteed. 1S 2m daw
Doctors disagree. They
have to. There arc differ
ences of opinion among the
best, there will be so long
as knowledge is incomplete.
But there is one subject
on which ail physicians are
completely in accord, and
that is the value cf cod-liver
oil in co:. li.vrpuoa and scro
fula, and many other condi
tions in which the loss of fat
is involved. And cod-liver
oil has its greatest usefulness
in Scott:-, Emulsion. ,
There is an interesting
book on the; subject; sent free.
Scon*& BowNßvChemUts. 133 South sth Avenue.
New York.
Your druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver
oil—ill driiKgtsu , verywnere do. $1.
Joe Poheim, The Tailor
Hakes tbe fi Suits Qr T fL
clothes in the Jb|A FTOHIyIg.
State at 25 ||||
than any THdff*
other house Rules for eel*
fr I r. . measurement
On the Rjj X and Samples
_ ,„ — . ; fj 1 fifth, free to an*
Pacific Coast, r; ~ address.
143 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles.
lU'K Anaheim Co-Operativo Beet SurarCom
. pany will have about 1200 acres of the
very best beet land for rent on or before Janu
ary 10, lt-93. Sugar-beet seed will be here in
time, and the erection of tbe factory will com
mence about January Ist, and will be ready for
the campaign of 1893. For further informa
tion address
A. RIMPAU, Secretary,
Anaheim, CaL
111 South Broadway, Los Angeles Cal. I4t
THE BEST MEATS at the lowekt prices in the
city. For the Benefit of the peovle of
Los Angeles. No combination.
The proprietor of this market keeps only in
spected meats, stamped by the inspector, so he
can be relied on as having pure and healthy
meats. The finest meats of all varieties can be
seen at my place.
Steaks, per pound 8c to lOe
Roast beef, per pound 8n to lOe
Boiling beef, per pound 5c to 7c
corned bevf. per pouti-. 6e
Leg of mutton, per pound 9C
Mutton chops, x>?t pound 9c
Mutton stew, per pound 5e
Lamb chops, per pound lOe
Veal cutlets, per pound 19 H e
BMV t veal, per pound 100
Roast pork, per pound 10c
Pork chops, pel pound 13-i c
f ait pork sugar cured, ptr pound* lOe
Special rates to hotels, boarding-houses and
restaurants. Bo sure and get yonr healthy and
cheap meats at the
Los Angeles and First Ms.
Tel. 702. 12-1* lm FELIX LEVY, Prop.
and Ma&icwe Parlonw
107 North Spring street, room 23
Schumacher oloek.
Shampooing done at residences if desired.

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