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losm nprvna u.-ioam
The French Ministry Needs
Further Revising.
Renewed Activity on the Part
of the Royalists.
A Close Watch Kept on the Camps of
the Conspirators.
Interesting- Developments In the Pa
nama Inquiry Damaging Admis
sions Made by M. Kurd on
the Witness Stand.
By the Associated Press.l
Paris, Jan. 11.—There is a strong
feeling in the chamber of deputies, ac
well as among the general public, that
Ribot has not yet sufficiently purged
the ministry who, whether innocent or
guilty, have been under suspicion of
connection with the Panama scandal.
In deference to the demand for further
reconstruction, Ribot had a lengthy
conversation with Admiral Gervata,
chief of the department of marine and
colonies, in regard to accepting the min
istry of marine and colpniea in place of
Burdean. Admiral Gervais declined the
ministry. At a cabinet council later it
waß decided to detach the colonies from
the marine and attach them to the de
partment of commerce, under M, Sieg
fried. Tbe marine portfolio will prob
ably be offered at once to another high
naval officer. If Ribot should fail to
explain to the satisfaction of the cham
ber the reasons ior the changes made in
the ministry, the Royalists will inter
pellate him on the subject.
The Royalists have shown great ac
tivity within the paat 24 hours and the
authorities appear to be in possession of
some new and important information as
to their designs. There has been con
siderable telegraphing between Madrid
and tbe ministry of foreign affairs, and
while the object of the communications
is secret, enough is known to make it
certain that a watch on Royalist in-'
trignes beyond the Pyrenees is kept,
and that an equally careful watch is be
ing maintained on the Royalists' plot
ting in Paris..
The announcement that General
Sauseier will remain on the activdSist
as military governor of Paris, after paajsv
ing the age of retirement, ia construe 1
as an indication that the government
means to be prepared for any emergency.
General Sausaier is considered the most
reliable man in the army, and would by
invaluable in the event of a public dis
sansleboy's palpaiilr quilt, $
The commiesion of inquiry appointed
in the chamber today heard th » t< ■ ti
mony of members of the lottery loan
association, showing beyond reasonable
doubt that Sansleroy waa to a great ex
tent, if not completely, guilty of the
charges against him. It was decided to
inquire into the contracts, the com
mittee declaring that 77,000,000 franca
had been virtually stolen, and that
light on tbe subject was necessary.
It ia reported that M. dv Freycinet,
ex-minister of war, and M. Floquet, ex
president of the chamber of deputies,
were examined by Magistrate Franque
ville. They, of course, are not under
arrest or accusation.
With reference to the statements of
Charles de Lesseps' attention having
been called to tbe statements of Provost
de Launy and M. de Lamarzelle, the
latter said he waa told by Charles de
Leaeeps that whenever a company issued
fresh capital, large sums of money had
to be expended on tbe press. Borne
financial concerns even made the news
papers a monthly allowance, but in the
case of tbe Panama company, tbe
journalists who flocked to its offices
whenever a freab issue was made re
ceived nothing. In spite of this the
expenses of the different issuei reached
a considerable sum. They did not,
however, amount to 6 per cent. Various
financial houses who formed a so-called
guarantee syndicate and whose co-opera
tion was indispensable, received large
sums without really guaranteeing any
thing. Whenever a fresh issue waa an
nounced, numbers of people called on
the company and offered assistance.
Moat of these were Jews. It was not
only bankers who made these offers, but
all sorts of influential persona who
would praise or decry the operations aa
they received more or leea money.
De Leaeeps added that there was noth
ing astonishing in the large profits made
by the contractors. Their high charges
could not be cut down. They ran great
risks. De Lesseps concluded hia state
ment with the words: "If certain per
sons and certain thinge are attacked,
the success of the undertaking will be
compromised, and those who make
those attacks will contribute to the
taking over of the enterprise by Ameri
cana. Tboae who attack the Panama
project are the people who wish to strike
a blow at the Suez canal."
The Socialist union has issued to the
people a manifesto which says:
"Opportunism has become engulfed
in a quagmire of blood shed at Four
mies and mud from the Panama scan
dal. As it sinks the nation's workers,
the system of delivering up parliament
and the presidency to a handful of
criminals, mußt be abolished. If the
republic is to be a republic of honesty,
and to maintain the place it holds with
co much glory in thevangard of nations,
we must organise a government by tbe
people, through the medium of uni
versal suffrage."
The manifesto cloeea with a call for a
great meeting at Paria on Saturday.
The manifeeto is signed by 15 Socialiat
members of the chamber. "
Le Gauloia accuses De Freycinet of
having been implicated with Baron
Reinach and Cornelius Hers in the
swindling of a man named Wenzel, who
invented a new railway brake, out of
his patent. Wenzel died mysteriously
on the day he received a check for
500,000 francs from Hens, on the same
day Reinach died.
The statement recently published that
tbe house of Boulangiat Deputy Laur
had been searched by the police in con
nection with the Panama inquiry
and incriminating; documents found,
proves entirely without foundation.
Deputy Hubbard has announced his
intention to request tbe ministry to take
steps to hasten tbe next general elec
tion. The ministers have decided to
agree to the urgency of Hubbard's re
quest for an interpellation and will
make their r°ply practically a minis
terial declaration.
According to a semi-official statement
issued tonight M. Baihut, wnen he was
minister of public works in 1886, sub
mitted to his colleages in the ministry a
mutilated version of Engineer Ros
seau's report on the Panama canal pro
ject. Rosseau'B report, it is now well
known, condemned the wnole enter
Examination of the Accused—M. Eiffel's
Damaging Admissions.
Paths, Jan. 11.—The trial of Charles
de Lesseps, Fontane, Cottu and Eiffel,
accused of complicity in the Panama
canal fraude, was continued in the court
of appeals today. Long before the hour
set for the opening of the court, the
room was filled to its utmost capacity
with a crowd of interested spectators, to
most of whom the prisoners were well
known. The audience discussed the
evidence given by De Lesseps yesterday
and the general opinion seemed to be
that he had not bettered bis case by his
statements regarding the transactions
between himself and the late Baron de
Reinach. Little confidence iB placed in
hie declaration that he had no knowl
edge as to the usee to which the large
sums of money he handed - tbe baron
were to be put, beyond tbe fact that
they were to be expended for the canal
When the court solemnly convened
President Perivier proceeded to examine
Fontane, who said that shortly after the
formation of the Panama Canal com
pany he waa placed in charge of the
company's business with the press. He
detailed at length what his duties were,
and gave much valuable information
regarding the bribery of newspapers to
prevent hostile attacks upon the com
pany and prevent the publication of
matter that would have shown the true
condition of affaire on the isthmus of
Panama. Fontane stated tbat he had
held hia position aa manager of the com
pany's preas affaire until 1885, when the
exactions of the newspapers became so
heavy that he was compelled to abandon
his position. Siuce that time he had
been merely private secretary of De
Lesseps. He had distributed to the
presß only 60,000 franca in dra<"ta pay
able to bearer.
m. oottb's testimony.
Upon the conclusion of Fontane'a ex
amination Baron Cottu waa called upon
to explain bin connection with the
bribery and corruption of officials and
others. Cottu declared that hia dutiea
as director of the Panama company were
merely mechanical. He dealt exclusive
ly with tbe internal administration of
the work of the company.
It. Eiffel's damaging admissions.
In the examination of M. Eiffel,
today, he admitted he had cashed
checks for 12,000,000 francß which were
ostensibly drawn io pay for machinery,
while he actually expended only 1,500,
--OCO franca for that purpose. He gave
2,000,000 franca to M. Hebrard to secure
contracts with tbe company, and 2,000,
--000 to De Reinach to aecure the latter'a
influence in hie favor with the govern
ment. Two millions was also paid by
him to a certain contractor, whose
favor, like that of Hebrard and Reinach,
waa indispensable.
All these admissions were made only
after a severe course of questioning.
The presiding judge then asked Eiffel
what he did with the 6,000,000 francs
received by him for taking to pieces,
shipping to the isthmus and reconstruct
ing machinery which, aa a matter of
fact, he never even supplied iv thia
country. "I kept that sum," replied
Eiffel, lamely, "because it formed part
of my remuneration for the risk 1 waa
''Your contract," said the judge,
"provided that you should receive 30
per cent to be paid within 30 days of the
date of sending the orders; now you
took 2,875,000 franks from one firm ac
percentage, although the order was
never executed."
Eiffel replied tbat it was not bis fault
that the order wae not executed. He
himself had often paid on contracts
which were never executed, besides
thia contingency waa contemplated by
tbe general condition of the transaction.
"I consider such transactions void,"
eaid the judge severely, "siuce it waa
the result of error, to call it nothing
worse. The procureur-general will tell
you more about this tomorrow and at
aubeequent sittings."
Eiffel quailed visibly under theae
M, Florry, the government account
ant who examined the accounte of the
company, testified that Eiffel had been
paid 69,000,000 franca on bie contract,
and made a profit of 33,000,000 franca
on it.
Prisoners Create Pandemonium in the
San Bernardino Jail.
San Bebnabdino, Jan. 11. —About 50
tramps confined in the jail here
were put on an allowance of one
meal a day for Betting fire to
tbe jail. 'I hia has made tbem vicioua,
and they are howling day and night and
pounding the steel cages in a perfect
fury with furniture and clube of any
kind. The jailer is powerless to keep
order, and threatens to turn on the hose
and flood the jail.
Rheumatism knocked higher than a kite.
Mr. J. N. Bncher. Mineral Point, Ohio, deposes
and says; "1 have used Salvation Oil for rheu
matism, and in one or two applications knocked
it higher thtnakite."
A Strange Rumor Circulated
at Albany.
The Tammany Boss Criticises
the Senator.
Murphy Will Not Be the Tool of
His Colleague.
A Monkey and Parrot Time In the Kan
sas Legislature—No Prospect of
a Compromise—Polit
ical Notes.
By the Associated Press.
New York, Jan. 11.—Men are whis
pering a startling rumor to each other
in Albany tonight. "Boss Croker and
Senator Hill are out," says the Herald's
Albany correspondent. The caustic
criticism made by the Tammany leader
on the senatoi'a presence and action
during the meeting of the electoral col
lege is not forgotten. It ia asserted that
Croker repeated hia condemnation to
several political friends at the governor's
reception, and said bluntly: "Hill has
done the Democratic party a deadly in
jury." However this may be, it is cer
tain the machine magnates have had a
serious difference among themselves.
How far the resentment of Croker to
wards Senator Hill is likely to go no one
carea to predict, but it ia taken for
granted by politicians that the big com
bination has been broken by the senator.
They also believe Murpny will rciuee to
be made a tool of by his associate in
the United States senate. It is said
New York intends honestly to support
Cleveland, and that a policy of pacifica
tion will be adopted toward him from
now on by Tammany. It looks very
much as if tbe future action of Murphy
ia understood, and in any further opposi
tion to Cleveland tbe senior senator
from New York state would get but
little backing.
A Begnlar Monkey and Parrot Time
Orer Organisation.
Topeka, Jan. 11.—The rival houses of
the state legislature have been in session
in the representatives hall since yester
day. At 1 o'clock this morning the rival
speakers agreed that no further move
should be made during the night, and a
blanket being produced, they lay down
amicably and slept the rest of the night
under the common protection of its
folds. The other members were obliged
to put up with chairs, the floor and
other inconveniences, in lieu of hedß.
During the night the Republican
members prepared a memorial to the
governor, Bigned by 04 membsrs, two
more than a majority of the whole num
ber of members, setting forth that Aher
bad a certificate of election from the
state canvassing board, certified by the
secretary of state; that they had partic
ipated in the Republican organization,
and petitioning him to recognize that
body as the legal one. Thia waa pre
sented to the governor, who was aroused
from hia sleep for the purpose, but he
declined to say what action he would
take. Jamea Wilson, an independent,
waß among the signers.
Sandwiches and coffee were served to
the membera this morning in lieu of a
regular breakfaet.
Both houses,, were called to order
simultaneously*at 10 o'clock by the rival
speakers. Two Populists responded to
the Republican roll call by mistake,
making 66 members apparently present.
The Republicans adopted a concurrent
resolution for a joint committee of the
senate and house to call on the governor
and inform him that both houses were
in session and ready to hear from him.
They then closed the legislative day of
Tussday and began Wednesday's ses
sion. Meantime the Populieta did
nothing except await the return of the
committees sent to the governor and
While this waa going on, Governor
Levelling, the attorney-general and the
Populist senators held a canons and de
cided not to recognize either bouse, in
view of the doubts as to which was
legal, if either, bo after the meeting the
senate at once adjourned till afternoon.
Both houses of representatives were
still in session, but doing nothing. A
caucus of the senate appointed a com
mittee to get legal advice aa to which
house was legal.
A conference including the governor,
both' speakers of the house and commit
tees of Republicans, Populists and
Democrats, held thia afternoon, decided
to adjourn the bouse till tomorrow and
appoint a joint committee to formulate
a plan of settlement. The five Demo
cratic membera informed tbe governor
that if it came to a show down they
would vote with the Republicans as the
legally constituted house.
Both speakers then returned to the
representatives chamber, explained ar
rangement and both houses agreed to
an adjournment till 9 a. m. tomorrow.
The equabble in the house of repre
sentatives haa stopped short all efforts'
of Treaßurer-elect Biddle to secure
bondsmen, and the legality of the ap
propriations has been involved. Treas
urer Stone will honor no requisitions
upon the etate treasury, and no money
will be available until Biddle qualifies.
It will thus be impossible to carry on
tbe business of the etate bo long ac
there ia any question as to the legality
of the house organization.
Before adjourning thia afternoon tbe
Republicana adopted a resolution to call
upon tbe Populist eecretary of state to
turn ov?r to the Republican house of
representatives, aa the constitutionally
organized body, all records, deposi
tions and evidence in con
tested election cases, aa required by
law. The eecretary thia evening declined
to obey the demand. Tomorrow morn
ing, unless in the meantime the joint
conference which in considering means
to organize the house arrives at Borne
conclusion, the Republicans will in
stitute mandamus proceedings in the
supreme court to compel the secretary
of etate to show why he does not obey
the law.
The joint committee appointed for the
purpose of unraveling the tangle in tbe
house adjourned at midnight without
having fo/mulated any plan to present
in tbe morning. It is probable that the
conference win meet in the morning be
fore the bouse convenes. It is not
likely that any agreement in the matter
will be reached.
A Republican Elected Freaident by
Democrat, and Independents.
Lincoln, Neb., Jan.' 11.—The senate,
after a deadlock lasting: more than a
week, organized today, a combina
tion of Democrats and Independents
having been effected late laat night.
The independents tried to make tbe con
dition of the compact that Correll,
Republican, previously elected president
pro tern., should he unseated, but to this
a portion of the Democrats would not
A resolution in the interest of econ
omy, offered by Correll, limiting the
number of employee to the stat
utory number and providing that
they should not draw pay for more
days than tbe Penate set. was tabled, on
motion of Darmer (Indpt) The motion
to lay on the table received tbe polid
Democratic vote and the votes of
all the independents, except Sen
ator Dyaart, who refused to
vote. Other motions were tabled
by the same vote. Organization was
effected by tbe election of Democrats
and independents alternately, t-everal
motions in the interest of a reduction of
expenses being voted down by them.
New York Harbor Aim out Frozen Up.
The Delaware and Other Big
Rivera Blocked—Wide Extent
of the Blizzard.
New York, Jan. 11.—No Buch jam of
floating ice haa been Been in this harbor
since the great blizzard of 1885 ac was
seen this morning. Ferry boats were
unable to get to the piers at many
points and ferry steamers and tugß were
fast in the ice in the bay and were una
ble to get out till the tide turned this
afternoon, carrying the ice toward the
narrowe, when many of them were
smashed or driven ashore.
Flushing bay ie frozen over out to the
East river for the firet time in many
years. A number of of schooners are
fast in floes upon the sound
Reports from various points in the
state show a temperature ranging
from 2 below near thia city to 32 below
in Clinton county. It waa' the coldest
day in Central New Jersey for years, the
thermometer falling to zero. The Dela
ware river is frozen solid between Lam
bertville, N. J., and Newhope, Pa.
From Pennsylvania come reports of
continued cold. A passenger train on
the Downing and Lancaster railroad wae
stuck in a drift last night several hours
and the passengers suffered severely.
The extreme cold weather is having
tenons effects in the vicinity of Hazel
ton, Pa. The work of co tl stripping was
suspended today. At Philadelphia, as
far as the eys can Bee both up and down
the Delaware river in front of the city,
the river is packed with ice. Naviga
tion, so far as sea-going coastwise ves
sels are concerned,ia at a standstill.
Reports from New England tell of ex
treme cold. At Winston, N. C, the
thermometer registered zero today, the
coldest for 15 years.
Crisfikld, Md., Jan. 11.—ChessDeake
bay and all its tributaries are covered
with from 12 to 18 incheß of ice and the
oyater industty ia at a standstill.
Stock that is almost worthless brings
from $1.50 to ft 1.75 a bushel. All the
packing houses are closed. The ice em
bargo ia the heaviest for 17 yeara. It ia
feared many dredgere who were frozen
in, milea from shore, perished in their
frail boats.
Johnstown, Pa., Jan. 11.—The worst
storm for many years has been raging
for 20 hours past in the. mountains near
Ebenaburg. Last night thte. passengers
on a branch train which was snowed in
near Ebensburg, aa mentioned in these
dispatches, were held all night in the
open country, and Buffered eeverely.
The train waa stalled through the care
less work of a ewitcbmnn who ran it on
a siding where it stuck fast. The
storm raged all night, and with
the thermometer 12 degrees below
zero, it was a tryiDg time. Today the
engineer, who was badly frozen, waa
removed to the nearest farm honae, and
ia reported in a serious condition. The
train haa been abandoted and the pas
sengers during tbe day were gotten to
the main line.
Huron, S. D., Jan. 11.—A blinding
Bnow Btorm is in progress here. Tbe
wind iB blowing 40 miles an hour. The
thermometer i eight below zero and
growing colder. The storm is more seri
ous in the northeastern portion of the
state. Trains are from three to five
hours late and the telegraph is inter
It Wag Welcomed aa Relief from Long
and Severe SnUermg.
Washington, Jan. 11.—Senator John
E. Kenna of West Virginia died at 3
o'clock this morning, of heart disease,
of which he had been for some yearß an
acute sufferer. His 6uiTertnga during
the laat few months fiom heart spasma
were so poignant that himself as well
aa his family must have looked on death
ac almost welcome. Kenna whs only 45
yeara of age, being the youngest man in
the senate. He served cix years in the
lower house, and waa elected to tho Ben
ate in 1883. Hia present term of service
would have expired in 1895. The term
of his colleague, Senator Faulkner, ex
pires March 4th, and the West Virginia
legislature will therefore have two sen
ators to elect.
Both senate nnd house adjourned to
day ac a mark oi respect to the memory
of the late Senator Kenna. In the
former, resolutions and memorial ad
dresses were presented. The funeral
aervices will be held iv the aenate cham
ber tomorrow afteruo.ui.
Sncceeeful men score fine tailoring
with pleasing fit from H. A. Getz, 112
West Third street. ,
The W. C. Kurrey Company,
159 to 165 North Spring street, has the
beet line of plumbing goods in tbe city.

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