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A Mining and Supply Center for Some of the Richest Mineral and Cattle
Country in the West.
An Immense Stock of Miners' Supplies of All Kinds
Agents for Hercules Powder,
Val Blatz' Milwaukee Beer,
Studebaker Wagons, Buekboards, etc.
Kll]gmai], and
Mineral Park, A. T.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Dry Goods, Groceries,
2a Boots, Shoes, Hats, Gloves,
o\| ..• |H||| w
ja Hosiery, Skirts, Flannels,
Children's Dresses,
Traveling Bags, Trunks,
Hardware and Tinware.
Everything Needed Supplied.
Sole Agents Grant Powder Co.
8 i
Hi 3 =g z
< S a as 5
H T 3 1 "8 z
Kingman, A. T.
Drugs, Paints,
Oils, Glass,
Toilet Aitieles,
California and Imported
Wines a specialty;
Elegant reading room. •
Rooms Reserved by Wire.
Table furnished with the
best the market affords.
Mojave County, A. T., and Its
It Is Rich in Mines of Gold and
Thousand* of Cattle Feed on the
The Battling Little County Seat of King
man—Something of Her Bualnei*
Hen and Knterprlae*—The
County Official*.
Mojave county, Arizona, in point of
area, is one of the largest counties in
the United States. It is 300 miles
square, or nearly so. It commences on
the north with the northern boundary
line of the territory, and extends south
300 miles. Its western boundary is the
Colorado river and its eastern line is the
San Francisco mountains. Just contem
plate all this vast stretch of country, a
veritable empire, under, the domain of
and included in one county govern
The vast acreage of Mojave county in
cludes thousands of acres of the finest
range country, upon which many thous
ands of cattle and other stock f ied. In
the mountain valleys is some of the
very best cattle land to be found any
where in tbe United States,
But while this is true, the county of
Mojave will be best known to the world
for its extraordinary mineral resources,
richer by far than those of any other
county in the territory or in the United
In the mountains can be found gold,
silver, copper, lead and in fact almost
every mineral that has yet been dis
covered in the mountains of the west.
Below is given under appropriate
headings an extended review of the
various cities oi Mojave county, and also
some valuable information as to her re
sources, mineral and otherwise.
Kingman, the Seat of Government or
Mojave County.
The county seat of Mojave county is
the city of Kingman, a thriving little
center of about 800 people, located on
the line of the Atlantic and Pacific road,
60 miles to the east of the Colorado
Kingman has not been a city long,
but it iB now rapidly growing and devel
oping and within a short time it will
certainly double its population.
Its location is admirable, as it is in
the center of a very rich mineral coun
try and is the supply center for some
six or seven districts. All of
the provisions and necessaries for
the White Hills camp are se
cured at Kingman. In this
district between 1200 and 1500 men are
now employed. It is more extensively
referred to elsewhere. The Mineral
Park district, the Cerbat, the Stockton
Hill and the Chloride mining camps are
also supplied from Kingman.
A handsome court house building
elands at the head of a broad avenue
overlooking the city. A complete sys
tem of waterworks covers the city.
The business men of Kingman are all
enterprising, pushing and progressive.
They know that Kingman is bound to
grow with the development of the'min
ing country around it, and they are do
ing all that they can to bring about this
desirable result.
The Citlzena Whom the Voter* Have
Selected to Fill the Office*.
The county officers of Mojave county
are: James Roseborough, sheriff; O.
D. M. Gatis, clerk of tbe district court;
John K. McKenzie, county treasurer;
Joseph Morgan, recorder of deeds; W.
G. Blakely, district attorney; Jonathan
Logan, probate judge; Samuel Crozier,
W. H. Taggart and William Grant, su
These gentlemen are some of them
Democrats and some of them Republi
cans. On national issues Mojave coun
ty is soundly Democratic, but in select
ing citizens to fill the local offices party
lines are disregarded and the ablest, the
best and the most popular men are se
cured to administer the affairs of the
county government.
The present board of county commis
sioners is universally regarded aa one
of the best the county has ever had.
Hon. Samuel Crozier of Hack berry,
president of tbe Mojave County Live
Stock association, is president of the
board. W. H. Taggart, esq., one of the
members elected in November last, is
one of the leading business men of Ari
zona territory. The third member,
William Grant of Hackberry, is known
as a sagacious business man and is very
popular. The legal adviser of the
board is Judge W. G. Blakely, one of
the best known and ablest attorneys in
the territory.
The Mojave County Miner is a six-page,
five-column weekly paper, issued at
Kingman. It is indeed a very credit
able paper. It is printed by a publish
ing company, of which John Mulligan is
treasurer. Anson H. Smith is editor
and manager. In politics tbe paper is
Democratic; but firstly it is for Mojave
county ; secondly, for the free coinage of
silver, and thirdly, for statehood for
Some Few Pointer*- That Will Show the
mineral Development Going On.
The following items taken from tbe
last issue of the Mojave County Miner,
published at Kingman, will give some
idea of the development that ie now go
ing on in the county in the various min
ing properties:
A large number of new locations were
made the first of the year and many old
claims were relocated.
Work on the Distaff mine is progress
ing finely. A larger force of men will be
put on as soon aa possible.
Fifty tons of ore from the Gold Bug
mine. Weaver district, were received at
The Needles mill Friday for reduction.
Rouiee & Ferraris have a big body of
ore opened up in their lease on the
Nighthawk mine and are stuping out
large quantities.
James Dundon and Ike Hnnt have a
nice body of good ore in the Nighthawk
mine, which they are taking out and
preparing for shipment.
J. W. Munn has a splendid showing
in his Lucky Boy mine in Music mount
ain. Considerable rich ore is being
taken out and prepared for shipment.
A number of mines in Aubrey district
are ehowing up in good shape. With a
small amount of work a large quantity
of high grade ore haß been uncovered in
a number of places in the district.
Judge Murphy has just had tbe as
sessment work ona number of his claims
near Cerbat completed. The ledges are
large veins carrying a high percentage
<?f lead and run from $20 to f3O in gold,
and silver per ton.
Work coni inues uninterrupted on the
Blake mine, southwest ot Kingman.
Some fine ore has been struck in the
drifts, while a considerable body averag
ing over an ounce in gold has "been un
covered. The mine is destined to be a
remarkably good property.
The gold fields in and around Cerbat,
reported in a recent issue of the Denver
News, are no myth, but a reality. There
is gold there and in paying quantities
should water be got onto tbe ground.
Many of the small ravines show up well
in coarse gold.
The mines of White hills are now be
ing worked in a systematic manner.
Shafts are being sunk, whims erected
and everything is kept moving steadily
along. As soon as water can be reached
in the mines a new era in mining in that
camp will be inaugurated.
A Brief HlatorV of the Taggart. Mercan
tile Company.
The W. ,H. Taggart Mercantile com
pany" of Kingman is one of the bast
known establishments of its kind in
Arizona territory, and the buainess
which the firm transacts annually ia
simply enormous. It has all been built
up within tbe paßt 10 yeare, as a reeult
of honest, square dealing and eagacioua
exercise of business ability on the part
of the managers of the company.
It was in 1883, when the railroad was
building into Kingman, that Mr. W. H.
Taggart founded the busineea now be
ing conducted by the mercantile com
pany of that name. At that
time Mr. Taggart and hia part
ner, Mr. O. W. Peaslev. who is still
in the store, had a capital of $2000. The
start waß necessarily on a Email ecale.
Year by year the business increased un
til in 1889 it was considered best to in
corporate as the W. H. Taggart Mercan
tile company. The incorporators were
Hon. T. S. Dennis, who is also member
of the territorial council, W. H. Tag
gart, county commiaaioner of .Mojave
county, and A. Van Mehr. The com
pany, in addition to its general merchan
dise business, is also interested in nu
merous properties in and around King
man. They have a store at White Hills
and carry a large' stock of goods there.
The business of tbe Taggart Mercantile
com pan v for 1892 reached the sum of
The I«tve and Active Buslneaa Men of
The business men and merchants of
Kingman are doing everything in their
power to push tbe interests of the town
and the county. They are live and
energetic and are working hard to de
velop tbe natural resources of the sur
rounding country and to let outside
capital know of the magnificent pros
pects that are there for the investment
of capital.
One of the leading general merchan
dise firms is that of G. W. Beecher &
Co., whose advertisement appears upon
this page. Beecher & Co. are both
wholesale and retail dealers. Tbey have
two stores, one at Kingman and one at
Mineral Park. The firm hae existed
for 10 years last past, succeeding
in the business Breon & Speer. The
Hubbe house is one of the most popular
hotels in the territory. Its proprietor
waa for a long time treasurer of Mojave
J. R. Halaey ie proprietor of the local
lumber yard, and ia conducting a large
and profitable business.
H. H. Watkinß conducts tbe large
drug establishment at Kingman, wbere
everything in that line can be secured.
Among tbe other prominent business
men are Harley Fay, G. M. Bowers,
Russell & Ziemer, Cross & Co.. and
A dam in Striped cation will furnish
enough water to reclaim thousands of
acres of fertile land and supply thou
sands of miners with water with which
to wash out the rich auriferous deposits
in the vicinity of Ehrenherg. The
placer grounds in the vicinity of Ehren
berg covers thousands of acres of land
and are very rich.
The White Hills i» one of the coming
mining camps of the west.
The White Hills a Great
Destined Soon to Haye a Large
Some of the Rich Mines Located in
Mojave Connty
A Blch Find of Free Milling; Gold and
Copper Giance That Hit Been
Discovered Near the Colo
rado Hlver—Notes.
Sixty miles to the north of Kingman,
at tne northern point of the Cerbat
range, is the White Hills mining camp,
destined in a very few months to have
a population of 50C0 people. At present
there are fully 1000 people at the White
Hills, all contented, happy aud making
A syndicate of Colorado capitalists
haß recently invested very heavily in
the Wite Hills district, and the result is
that a gteat deal of development is in
progress, About 490 ffiipera are em-
Plojed by one syndicate alone, and the
monthly payroll approximates $20,000.
Among the valuable mining properties
in the White Hills are the G A. R., tho
Occident, the Chief of the Hilla, the
Horn Silver, the Monster, Shaffer's
Treasure, the Emma and others. All of
these are Bilver ores, carrying corns
gold. In addition to these mines named
there are two very rich claims in the
White Hills—the Prince Albert and the
Belief, owned by Patterson & Rowe.
The Colorado syndicate has for the
trustee and general manager of its prop
erty in the White Hills R. T. Root, an
experienced mineralogist. E. B. Kirby
is consulting manager and Wayne
Darlington is general superintendent.
The syndicate has already invested
$250,000 in tbe White Hills and the
property has made a very satisfactory
Rich strikes are daily reported in the
White Hills district. The Blind God
dess is another very valuable claim
owned by H. P. Ewing. The Croudlet,
owned by Conkey & Tyler and Galiger
& Saufley, iB also a very rich property.
Mineral Park is 24 miles north of
Kingman, on the road to the White.
It is a very good camp and has made
and is making a fine mineral sbowirg,
but capital is needed to develop the
several lodes which have been discov
On the east side of the Cerbat rarge
of mountains, 18 miles east of the
White hills district, ha/j been found
some very rich* gold ledges. The cli
mate in that vicinity is fine, and only a
little capital would be required to work
the ledges. This section is known as
the gold basin. Here is a fine 10 stamp
mii), which was erected some time ago,
but it has not been operated for a time,
owing to a disagreement among its
West of the White Hills, 12 miles, are
located the Gold Bug claims which are
owned by Denver capitalists, including
Isaac Blake, B. T. Croßby and others.
These claims are being extensively
worked. The ore is shipped to Tbe
Needles, where it is put through the re
duction works. In the Geld Bug dis
trict there is at present a lack of milling
North of the Gold Bog claims six
miles is Eugene camp, where some very
rich silver ledges have been discovered.
Here is Horn Silver claim No. 2, owned
by Mulligan, Smith at Shepperd. There
is a great prospect at Eugene camp.
Seven miles north of here »nd six
mil .'s from the Colorado river have been
recently made some wonderful discover
ies, which have attracted large crowds
of miners and prospectors. Free milling
gold has been found, which ia intermin
gled with copper glance. It will run
from $445 to $550 per ton.
It must be admitted that Mojave
county has more mineral ttmu tiny other
county in the United States and brighter
mineral prospects than any section thtt
has recently been reported upon. There
is one thing though that has operated
largely against the development of min
eral property in Mojave county, and
that is this fact: Within the last tew
years several wildcat milling schemes
have been floated in eastern money cen
ters, the projectors claiming that the
mines were located in Mojave county.
By means of these bogus schemes
disreputable scoundrels have robbed
eastern people out of many thousands of
dollars and given a black eye to honest
mineral development in Mojave county.
The feeling of distrust which has existed
in tbe east in the past, thougb, has
largely died out. This result has been
attained by the excellent showing that
tbe mines of Mojave county trnve made
recently in the way of dividends.
The Popular Hotel at Kingman, Where
Quarters Cau Be Weoured.
One of the most popular hotels along
the line of the Atlantic and Pacific ro»d
is the Commercial Hotel at, Kingman,
The proprietor is Sam Fear, at d he is
indeed a courteous landlord. The Com
mercial has tbe beet of accommoda
tions. Tho rooms ate large end airy
and tbe furniture is new and seat.
Quarters can be engaged by telegraph if
deeired. When you go to Kingman,
stoD at tbe Commercial house. You
will never regret it.

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