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VOtuiME 23. ;
ThvVmmsiASis publi:ihedevery Lb; y "mm- I
incr, nt $2.50 per annum, if paid In advance; or
within six months after subscribing, etherwi :
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No subscription v,.;! he received for a less pc-
Hed than six months, for which $1.59 will be
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discretion of the proprietors, until all arrear
ages shall have been paid up.
Any person pnocurmg five reppoe ". 1 -vb>eii
uers, shall be entitle 1 to a copy gratis.
. S -' - ; ©f A : r ••
.' . Ouo stjuafe of JO lines or less, ~ : < ceutsforthe
ftrst insertion, and 10 for each couth] i snee. The
number of insertions mast be ra.-irS ! . y h the
baarghu or the i 1 •; . ' ement svil! be continued
till forbidden, a.. 1 <-10. -
To those wb-1 alv-.o .' eby the ;-r. n liberal
discount from the regular rates will ' 8 made.
All Stfes to the tfifio* nmy be rei ' ymail.
!n good and available Bank notes, at the risk of
the Editors, the p ice rein*ttr«g taking the Post
master's receipt that the money Was deposited
in the mail.
From the kyrichhurg
tienenii i*«fc'B Strsttc^V
We publish to day from the uk hmond En
quirer a dear and satisfactory exposition of
General Leo's plans and purpose-" in the con
duct of the war from the cimo of the buttles
before Richmond up t > the -close of the cam
paign which, resulted in the capitrre of Har
per's Ferry. H there were a-.y who d-übted
the wisdom jrf tl,e movements made by this
from a paper ci the reliability of
C<i the attention of tb. bljcUr; fr :h II.; rb
the reader is already Ktmiliaf,
These ihby~ --hou'd teach us to hecauri ids
Eour faith in our military leaders.—
ter months of trial, the enemy has
itire from tne attempt to carry them
er who now controls oar b id i pcra-'l
genius of the age. There is nothing
E history, that surpasses the brilliant
by pre-arranged campaigns, bavin ;
md well, defined objects. Gen..Lee
know ing the position of his enemy.
to Piedmont Virginia, with mr first
ing what would be his course upon
nt a step towards invading Penn
nei" yet was it made only to raise
entally tho rousing.of Maryland.—
i procbnuatmn to the people of Mr.- '
the world the (Mergpcd between theCo*fe ie
rate h>satier of c . jereiy ■•: i ;y wacvftncLtbat'
of our en.emiev, it complexly disguised Lis
princjj 1
c Hi - march to Frederick anij '«s prod l
tioa assemble 1 v trt '.." . and
reghneWs yi hi V a mid ' ft via
.: and usurers town to
ef B , /., ip ■
due '; ri ] • .'-■ F- y -- : '•-■• .
have 1- n -~.: •.. .. |a• .: ■,■■. - v . ' !
immediate cva<-i::Mion gf th a ;.'-. ■•■ i
La l'en:--sv3\;u:i;i, or directly to gashing
In military bpeniiitms the most eir
ror.\. .......
an object; and asr tb* fini: l purpose of '
campaign is -.... • i ■■-. Pd'y con . ' t, irp
pfaraikjcd :rre timde deceptive, and the peo
ple at I; ni s II as the enemy, are
ived; a'-iw :I.at the c tplure of lit.
--j and thetattlGfOf ref ea
of ttte .wo neat into jklarj bind, every :
1 ' • mvi t admire rhe strategic; i >!orit i.of oaf
distinguished general, and !.:• wehder&ti
power of combibnl ion heeon ea tin re apparent
as jce complete the- skilful mau»cr ki «rhich
he delayed MoCbbhufs army, destined to
relieve Ilarper'B Ferry, and postponed the en
gagement in general initio until the beseiging
» fi ai Iforper-'s Ferry could come up.—
'.;uied Harper's Ferry, the cam
baigri closed.
He th«n turns on MeCle'lan, and ftgfcts lie
have ! ecu determined by the battle, beeguAe"
by e-rrKsing into ViFgShda, be was appro&ebin r
bis ba c of operations and drawing the enemy
fmthef and further JTroni thehv. :; MrUlebun
dfc-cuvo:-' d Sen. Lee's design too lata t'i nre-
VC3l£ ft ! Harper's Furry, wdii it;;
.ib.n'W i'.-f #n ■■• ■. flc
entirely, socffoedod. Harper's Jferiy
en. :.;■ i ;d.<Jh-lhii et fci led a'>-'y I
m. has !■•'■ i d feati d, . '■'.
o«s triunap! a :d;.->dd tea-li our poo;de dW ut
nvwt ridiancc c: I ;,.:■. and ,:■ tko'thetn
ea»y even vJkonthey dV not umierstand Lis/|
Fr.;;; t'.e E/ynrcbbui'g B«puh)i\;nn.
Letter Fro3>j Gesa. £^arial's €&::>
CnAr.;.E-To.v, Ivax-w.-jta Co.. Va.. )
Sept. l;nh, 1882. j
fin- ;—Gen. L-vriag'a division
reached and occamied "this place ;ibou.t t\vi-
Uglrt on the uveninj;- of the l'kh iast., driving
the feherrrj, abuut strong, ptdi inell out
of to\v:>.
Theuh;do march, fivm tiie Xa:-rov,-s of New
Ili\;v, has been a remarkable one in thus, that
the average distance made was 20 inbes per
day, iniilnding all the of the river«,
ti:.:e oceapied in ii^btii;-. && ; and thia, to'),
when the therm.merer was at about 9:> de
sin .'.: —bade. Ar Ualeigb 0. 11., the i
:. ::)y Wrongly entrencbel. but »vacua-'
i ppoh the appr.pach of our troopa. At
pt&nd. Gen: Lpriag disposed his farces in a
'mostj Hci •. plan, and a ';. .;ly
h 'Ur, drove the enstax fr.mtbe
ahd'l . the villa ;o. Oar wzk was od
id on the field aad' bb u t 150 wounded;
that of tne enemy 59 kill 1 cm toe and
LibO woandel. We par-mil the enemy ho-ly
•towardsM'Kitg unorv's Ferry, on tkelvanawha
llivcr, (which is cue mile below Gauley
Bridge,) and eibs< & up a him ed rapidly that
when he was half way across ti;e'vl .(-r, our
men opened fire upon'hi-n from the baak.—'
Our troops were wildwiib exoltenrent, yelling
and aereiitoiiig like as many davits, peux
ing across the river a perfect sheet of lire.—
; yof our boys stripped off and swam a
cross the river under tire andtsucceeded in ex
tinguishing the bre sTbich bad heen put to the
big ferry boat. The enemy in tjje meantime
had evacuated Bridge, ihc Hawk's
Xest, «Sbc, and had Durnt over two millions of
stores. V>'e at once crossed the Kanawha,
, bands clapped,
whilst th-'b ren, with a flood
uf te! :■ ■ ' '.'"■". ' ;ored
' : ' i.to victory or to
' • ' '•■''■ ' ing and
■ mnd,
: > ' ' '• - ' steeds,
•by'" ;"; f5 \ the plaudit,
ef ih •'.:■:. : ■ [■ _■> ;l scene
which can-, a 1 ' kiomequai
. ■ .
at " a -..• .. . .. barinston
—the c lie a i rrdoubt—we
• ill .-: piies of
the environs of
Phaiie; ton- . . y. : ;..,, are
•. , tlne.i the lurid
.':;...:•.. ieks of the
i a who are drlv
-1 en from lifeh k«i ids fo r the town
to ,be tear of heavy ar
tillery, the ' ob ■ ml as they make
their lurid track ky, made us fear
that Churlc was . tous. But the two
'by men (doth arsd
ygbi) were m ivr.ate by this sight,
and all the - ■•■,,. hell could not have
checked them in thpt! ing course to the i
rescue. There, in tb ~■• : hbn view, their
:' hoii ? cv-r : : . ? 1 .'/bug, their wives
and children", sb-der •- a"n. b ..; were made
houseless, end i ercftfepiß . bb. is ■.!' a hel
lish soldiery,. S : ' v - '■ •'/ made
the mountain elJa. .bb'Oj n Uj and-Charleston
ran . Tb>b bbb ■: "*■ 1 .be large Hotel i
(Kanawha i Lou.-- ) _?'••; .nb r with a few other '
lings' we. • alien under the
enemy's tore! .. YV • vx% rrc i aborit bOO wag- !
•os::'.; i iQanrl b , n . ,ry supplies
to a limi 5 ~- , res
• :•• • ly; hoj I • am amount of
■• '- i y -a. The bW
I' <"'!;* ■!■■ •••■;; .; . . c b:.v;.:g been
! str ycd and at J ; f t.bcm we found
very large sunpij ' . Cmc noic and ;
1 ■'. • f<r :•i n- m., '. ; . .-. ': ore is a per
fect ocoaa of c.. ' . bgood sup- •
of aH kinds b bs.
The :■:■ .'- ~; bry. : ; ' :. but erucb.
es as are ! : id at the old price
for <' ■■- ..■ ••■ b. , no boots da-no;
; ! " .. '' ' ad. (It is
/■■' - ■ ■ '-' ■■ •; : ..) Everyborly
' " -
(hi .' 'i . '■ r I Is, and the
:•! is L-o auS r■ ■ b■ • :::::,urn,
■ this rak-i i,■ .■ . or-ks, when '
: perfect rd. ... '. - . b led 3,000,- -
[Wl get ft ra an
■■'• " v • ~ W.
liatferestl ■ -: :.:i siicliy.
On-being told 'Morgan's," ho asked where
Morgan was. l \E\ain '. lid Morgan, riding '
j bering some sixty ' n-en, w! o ' were on their
way from K.nox\;ilo , . tueky, were sur- !
From the Lynchburg republican.
TJac.Mlllta.ry Sill.
i The following is a copy of the Exemption
Bill, as passed by the Confederate L'emvte on
Saturday. The words between brackets in
dicate the variations, by aJdd'mn, from the
Exemption Act, now in force, with the cxcep
tien of the italicised words, which indicate
clauses in the c.b. ting law omitted from the
bill just passed:
A l»:m. to exempt certain persons; f
military service, and. to _
.titled "An act to'exempt c : b.. reons
i ' from enrolment for service in the urn
the Confederate States," approved the _1 \
, of April, ISC2:
1. T&s Gengrcss of Uic C'.'b' 1 >" '
a£ A&ericatto earftt, .That all y .••■ is ■
shall be held .unlit f)r military servi
reason of b .'lily or mental incapacity or im
becility, j under rules to be prase i .by .i.e.
. Secretary of "War, [the Vice Presi . : f the
: Goufod 'r...te SSte\j the officers, ju licial and
j executive, uf the Confederate and State (!.-.
vernment, [except post-masters not nominat
j ed by the President and confirmed by the
i Senate and assistant? and clerks in any other
post-olliee than the General Post-obiee, and
; such State officers aa the several States may
have declared by law to be liable to militia
i duty, or may hereafter be exempted by the
several States,] the members of both 1?
I of the Congress of the" Confedorate Sftttes,
' ami of the Legislatures of the several States
and their respective officers; all clerks h
: offices of ihe Confederate and Stale G ■■■■•
ments, allowed by law; all pilots and persons
engaged in the [merchant] marine service
[and in a fatal aa-cice on river and reiUroad
routes -of i, ,i:nporh>s-on,] the Pre: bhai', ''-hi
periritenb.-n.Ls, Con.ductors, Treasurer. Chief
_ Clerk, Engineers, Managers, Station Agents,
Section masters, two expert track has
each section of eight miles, -,\vA mechanics in
the in dye j i vi can 1 o y by ment i f :ailroad
v in; ,;.ies, not to embrace laborers, y.rtcrs
and messengers, the [resident, genera]
intendont and! operators of telegraph eom
pumes, [the local sa-pewnt'eiKieat ana opera
tors of said companies not to exceed four in
number at any Ibe&lity hut that at the scat of
Government of the Confederate State*', the
president, superintendents, captains, engin
eers, chief clerk and mechanics of eb!
... ■.. :. ... o . ..., r and casrsi I:. i 0,
I all onptahv- f .;'>. and engineer-" there
no.y by. ;j all [•"• ■•••■■:nc-n, -pressmen and]
journeymen printers, jactuallyj ....
bag new pnpev". [In'", b '■; rb:
oqu'&Ju'e su-bscribefs, fe \ -bb..; printer,.and
. those employed to perform .b ; e public print
ing fur the Confederate and State govem
..;:J every minister of rob .":•:.' r ;•-.
--"|o".n-b *C ' in! ! flits sect
and] in the Begular dis<
dutien [ill persons who itaYe 1 ■ . i now
are members of the society of :"b . Is and
ilia Association of Ihmkards: all •
vdo ;r,w aaSa and hat a ':■• . ... .
.tiee of their pr ■' I I• !ho Istst .• 9 yc:\i*;
nd shoemaker's, tanners, harness makers, sad
dlers, blacksmiths, wagon maker;, n.
and their engineers, and mill wr'yh'y g
and actually employed, as their iv. üb.r \ .a
tion, in said trades whilst bo actually en
ed; provided said persons shall mrke oath,
;in writing, that they arc so skilled atfd acta
ally employed at the time, as their regular
vocation in one of the above trades, which
affidavit shall only be jvima Juci- c .1.1 nee
of the facts therein slated;] ail superinten
dents of public hospitals, lunatic asylums,
and the regular nurse* and attendants there
in, and the teachers employed in thb. • instita
tioiis for the deaf and dumb, and blind; in
each. apothecary -store now: e&iabli lied and
doing business, one apothecary in good stand
ing, who is a practical apothecary [drugs
superintendents and operatives in wool ana
cotton factories who may be exempted by the
Secretary of Vv r ar; all presidents and [teach
ers] \ij<"ft',;;soris\ of colleger, academies
[schools, and 'theological seminaries who have
been regularly engaged as such for two years
preceding the passage of this act: all artisans,
mechanics, and employees in the establish
ment of the government for the manufacture
other munitions of war who may be cer.
ments of such persons as are or may be en-j
and other munitions- of war, provided that
the chief of the ordnance bureau, or some
ordnance officer authorized by him for the
purpose shall approve, of the numbers of the
all persons employed in the manufacture of I
Governor or Secretary of State 'thereof -may .
sons engaged ia the construction < f ships,
ners employed in the production and manu
facture of salt, to the extent of twenty bush- '
brace laborers, messengers, wagoners and j
servants, unless ' employed at works conduct- j
which one white person is required to be j
USTo. 28;
(and in which there is :. > white adult not liable
to 1 > military service and such other persons
as the President 'shall be satisfied on account
of justice equity, or necessity, ought to be
n -exempted, are hereby exempted fronvmilita
i- ry services in the armies of the Confederate
, c Stales; [provided that the exemptions herein
re caoraerafed shall only continue whilst
ihepe'-wons exempted are actually engaged iii
i c pursuits or occupations; pro
-. that such- numbers of the
.' • . ate as.-have been called ou«
v and mustered into the service cf said Statej
'i by the' c-"'-- oM'e thereof,.employed and ne
s '' cess&rj? to repel ar.y Sctnal invasion of said
;■ v, : ball ai obo exempte'l, jr. ■-.' icd that
.'. when vet shall have bemj w£
b ' ' ill "... | ... cd
.. ist, • . .. _ n hereby dc daw 1 shall e±*
■ ','■•
I 2. That the act entitled 'V.n apt to exempt
.•sons from cnrdlmcn'; for services
~ in ti of the Coafecfergia States, tip
i the bist April, 1562, is hereby re
The following clause? in the old bill have
been omitted from the pre-eat bill, as passed,
> in addition to the italicized clauses :..
~ ■'All hi the service er employed of the Ccn
j federate States.
. ''Ail persons engaged in carrying the mail,
' "Allfeatrynien oi* post routes.
"A 11 teachers having as many as twenty
. scholars.
'•All engaj ed b: . -king iron mines, fntb
! naees and bmnduries."
From tE« .nichmend Fug. Extra of Sunday.
? The Battle I a Mary land.
i Ybc are euabbd to give some authentic iri
-3 ; ielUgcnca of the operations of our Army be
y-rid Harper's Ferry, as late as to Tuesday
. night last: ,
i The battle of Sunday, the 1-iih, which has
f been variously called Mie battle cf Boonsboro*
2 and Middletown, took place, iv fact, between
- those two places, where the turnpike road
. ~,.,,,? na tl,« ru„~ kvlg- :. L«s? r *: :;•".rcb '
, i'fig -.rest from Frederick city, hold posted Oe-.
- serais l>. H. Hill and Stuart.at the passes of
j the mountain, to held back JlcClellan's forces,
i j Which were advancing' to the relief of Har
) : per's y.-ivy,
[ I II: ' b 9 held c.b somewhat
- | imger than Was expected, and McClellan's
- ! advance having heroine rapid, ( ieneral Lee
ted that he might attempt to force the
the mi ntain, and h.d u\. iq the
r rof G.r :•■•:.! 'b L.ws, who \v ■•. occupv : n : g
■ I the Maryland-Heights, and assisting hi tile
[ redueih*kof Harperfs Ferry. * lb- aceordirig
i| !y returned with Gen. L•ingstreedn division,
■| on Sunday, to ( n. II id's support. -
; On ap.pv. vb.b. '.' i ' b'.ro' couriers were
■ met from Hill, announcing that the enemy
j were pre,::';:-; Lira in f .reo at the main
pass on the Frederick and ilagerstown road,
;a.d that i c required immediate reinforoe
.•■. it, thereupon hurried his
march, and very soon bad his troops in posi
tion. By this time Hill's right hud been forc
ed back; and hero the gallant Cm. Garland
had fallen while rallying his brig ado.
General Lungstwet-ysmra succeeded in re
storing our right, which afterwards success
fully resisted to the very last the oflbrts of the
ensmy. ..
"The eneui3''s superior numbers enabled him
to make his line outstretch ours, both on the
j right and left. Ills right reached die summit
j of the mountain to oar left, anncying u3 coa
! siderabfy from that direction.
The battle raged until after night. The
enemy's determined effort to force a passage
had been soccessfelly resisted; and the object
be had in view, the relief of Harper's Ferry,
j was now rendered impossible of accomplish
j meat.
Late in the eveuing information waagained
that the enemy had obtained possession of
{ Crampton's Gap, en thedirect road from Fre
: dcrick city to Sbarpsburg. ThJSTuiabled hha
j still "to threaten McLaws' rear, Ssneral Lee'
I having' received information that Hsrper'S
! Ferry would probably fall next morning, de-,
terminc dto withdraw CeneralsLongstreef And
j Hill from their position, and retire to Sfearps
i arg, where he could more readily unite his
whole army. Sharpsburg is about ten miles
J north of Harper's Ferry, and about eight miles
j west of Bconsboro'. Lee's determination was
j rendered the more expedient from the fact
j that Gen. Sumner's corps of fresh troops had
come up to relieve their wearied comrades,
while on our side, we were without any such
The trains were accordingly sent off first;
and our army followed, and about day-break
Monday morning our position was taken in
front of Sharp-burg. Oar march was entire*
uninterrupted by the enemy.
McClellan's troops did not pass through
the mountain gap until eight o'clock of Mon
b'y morning, and about 2 P. M. of the same
<li\y, their advance reached a position in front
of our lines at Sharpsburg. They continued
to gather up their forces; but up"to Tuesday
night had made no attack.
Gen. Lee also remained inactive, waiting
fir the junction of Jackson's forces. A par?
bad readied him on Tuesday evening, and the
i rest were near by, save Gtoa. A. P. Hill's Di
| vision, which had been left at Harper's Fer
-Iry to guard the place and protect the public
I property.

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