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"V ts this a Dancet
The breath of evening sweeps the plain,
And sheds its perfume in the dell—
But on its wings are sounds of pain, .
Sad tones that drown, the echo's swell;
And yet wo hear a mirthful call,
Fair pleasure smiles with beaming glance,
Gay mdsic sounds in the joyous hall ?
• Ob. God! is this a time to danoe ?
Sad notes, as if a spirit sighed,
Float from the crimson battle plain,
As if a mighty spirit cried
In awful agony and pain—
Our "friends we know there suffering lay,
Our brothers, too,, perchance,
And in reproachful accents say—
-« Loved ones, is this a tinje to dance?
Oh lift your festal robes on high!
The human gore that flows around
"Will stain their hues with crimson dye,
And louder yet your music sound.
To drown the dying Warner's cry I
'' 00*1 Let sparkling wine .your joy enhance,
Forget that blood has tinged its dye,
, And quicker urge the maniac's dance.
But Btbp! the floor beneath your feet
Gives back a coffin's hollow moon,
And every strain of music sweet,
Wafts forth a dying soldier's groan j
Oh sisters! who "have brother's dear,
Exposed to every battle's chance,
Brings dark Remorse no forms of fear,
To fright you from the heartless dance T
Go fling your festal robes away !
Go dojj the mourner's sable veil!
Go bow before your God and pray!
If yet your prayers may aught avail. . . #
Go face the fearful form of Death !
And trembling meet his chiding glance* *
And then, for once, with truthful breath,
Answer, Is this a time to daneet
Richmond, Jan. 18, 1868. /
1. The following order is published for the in
formation of all concerned:
Richmond, Va., Jan. 10, 1803.
The following officera and men have been duly
exchanged, and are hereby so declared.
.1. AH officers and men captured in Kentucky,
»Ten'nesssee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Fio
rina and South Carolina, up to December 10th,
2. All officers and men captured in Missouri,
Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas and
Louisiana, Up" to January Ist 1863.
3. The two foregoing sections apply not omy
to ©{fleers and men of the Confederate service,
but'also to aH.£eraons captured in arms or hos
tile array against the United States, whatever
'may have been the character of the military or
gan iTatlons to which they were attached, and
whatever may have heen the terms of the paroles
given by them. If any are in Federal prisons,
they are to be immediately released,,and deliv
ered to the Confederate* authorities.
4. All per jons what have been captured on the
sea or- -v\cost of the Confederate or United
States, up to December 10th, 1862. If any such
are in Federal persous, they are to be immedi
ately released and delivered to the Confederate
5. All Confederate officers and men who have
been delivered at City Point up to January 6th,
6. All Confederate officers and men-who havo
been delivered at Vicksburg, up to December
2Sd, 1882, and including said date.
7! All paroled Confederate officers and men
receipted for at Vicksburg up to December 2Sd,
1802, and including said date.
8 All Confederate officers and men captured
and paroled at Frederiksburg, Va.,. in December,
0 AU Confederate officers and men captured
and paroled at Goldsboro', N. C, in December,
X)" Other miscellaneous andminor exchanges,
of which the appropriate officers will be duly m-
Note.—All Confederate officers and men .whs
* had been captured* in Virgin* or Maryland, be
fore the first of November, 1862, and all Confe
derate officers and men who at any time bad been
delivered at Aiken's Landing, were declared to
he exchanged by a former notice, No. 3.
* JrW" 1 _ Agent of Exchange.
4«r *' Bt Order,
(Signed) S.COOPER,
Adjutant and Inspector General.
. January 28, 1863.—6t.
General Commission Merchant, Richmond, Ya.
• his special attention to the sale
.of JJac&n, Butter, Lard, Feathers, and all
other kinds of sProduoe.
to Tardy & Williams, Richmond; Mc
•Daniel & Irby, MeCorkle A Co., Younger & Co.,
- Lynchburg; L. F. Johnson, Bristol.
Jan 23, 1863-rlm ,
Attention! Kentncklans X !
T HAVE received authority from the Secretary
X of War .to raise a Company of
to be armed with Williams' Patent Breech-load
ing' Gun. -This Company will undoubtedly be
recruited to a battalion in Kentucky, by ap
pointiaenJt of men from,the originall w»npsay to
"recruit and command toe other Companies —
Every man will be mounted, and the Gens are
the lightest and best in the service. Tbose.whe
join this arm of the service avoid the danger
and cxposure-sf picket. du|y,' scouting, Ac.,—
in fact, it is the easiest and safest of all. -
Volunteers will'receive "the rcgnlar bounty,
clothing, subsistence and pay of artillery.^
Recruiting office in C. N. Josephson s store,
one door below White & Cos. Hotel, Abingdon.
Capt. **£entucky Battery."
Feb. 13, 1863.—tf
* [ J. W. & O. H. BUBCaX,
Successors to M. Holliaj & Co.»)
Grocers & General Commission Merchants
No. 70 Main Stseet, Ltnchburo, Va.,
"*T.7"ILL give their personal attention to tho
▼ ¥ sale of Tobacco, Wheat, Flour, Corn, Ba
con. Lard, Butter, Brandies, &c, and make ad
vances on consignments when in hand. .
Eeatlier! Eeatner!! leather!!!
THE undersigned having commenced business
at the Tan Yard Property of Wm. Cox, Esq.-,
at Tawwell C. H., Va., is desirous of purchas
for which he will pay the highest cashjprice, or
will pay Cotton Yarn,' Salt or Tallflw, at the
)selling prices* of the place. He will tan Sole
LeatEer for one-third, or twenty cents a pound
when, the owner of the hide wants the whole;
&nd upper leather for one-half, he finishing.
Esb. 18, 1863.—4w Tazewell C H., Va.
Clrcnlar—To Absentees.
A LL members of Company X, 48th Va, Infon-
J\_ try, now absent without leave, who will re
join their Company by or before Ist of March
nc-fiCfwitkout being apprehmded, will be allowed
to return to duty without being tried or punish
ed for pest offences. All, however, who do not
fteoept this proposition aad are absent without
leave after that date, shall be published* anu if
arret-ted, punished to the letter of the law, as de-
Berters. Permission to make this proposition
has been granted to Commandants of Companies
by Col. Garnett aad it is to be hoped that all
eose'erned will avail themselves of so favoaame
an onportuiuty to retrieve their past misdeeds.
Comdg. Co. X, 48th Va. Infantry.
Camp at Morse's Neck, Feb. 13, '63—2w
I N conformity with a resolution of the Board of
I Directors of the Virginia and Tennessee-Rail
road Company, adopted on the 80th day of Oc
tober 1862, notice is hereby given to toe follow
ing delinquent Stockholders jn said Company,
that unices they come forward and pay the oa
iknces opposite to their names, Wiethe interest
doe thereon, on or before the 14th day rf-Morch,
1868, I shall, on that day, in front of the Mar
ket-bouse, in the City of %*£S»*£Z*£
sell, at public auction, to the
cash, the unpaid shares standing in their names
on the books of the Company.
John L. Adams.... « • * *. ~~
Orvilje Anderson } «J JJJ
Tabin B. Alexander...... ••• J *g JO
N- F. Barley — •, } Jj jj
B. D. Burley • ••• J£» ™
Marion Bridges.-* •• » 294 00
Wm. G. H. Bingham-.—.—— 2 196 00
Thomas J. Brown \ $$
Orville P. Bell « . „
Rohert Beattie «► 900 00
Robert 81ande1L...... 2 180 00
Wm. M- Brown, deed*—: J 98 00
Thorn* J. Barnes... • \ JJB 00
William Blair-....—..— • *•• * •
Brown..- «« 1 98 00
SaSl B cX..: 10 900 00
JobU M. Clarke ~.».. } 85 00
[■}.?. Curtis ~ ; mIJA 22
Jacob Clark 7 " 1 65 00
. Jemes CstSiC . .... 1 83 00
G'Tc'rckett................. ..- 12 1,120 00
Cary Clark.... ;J .JOO 00
Archibald Clayton, "deed— J'tS •«
Robert 11. Duval.... • ••*••?* | gno
Bennet M. Dewitt ........... J g JJJ
David G. Deuthat-,........ i \ *° 00
R. A. Davis. ...jo 6 425 00«
George Deaver...... - 9 , ©OU uu
John C. E11i0tt........ ••• J
GvorgeW. P*>x X .*...».,. 1 9***:
Thomas E. Franklin.- 1 ȣ OO
William H. Filer - *• - \ lf£ 00
Jacob Fixer-,... \ W;7»
i Joseph Fisher *. « 2 500
. William C.-Flournoy 2 150 00
Cimsiopher Frick.*. ~ \ 60 00
George R. C. Floyd 6 440 00
John D. Gibson.- » fcJ '5 00
Charles C. Glacken '2. 196 00
Hayes.... .......... 1 00
William P. Hayee *— 1 **0
B. HyUmn. 1 5?/ 00;
Esom Huff 1 08 00
William H. Horton..: * 392 00
Henry Hazlewood .. 1 46 00
William L. H01t..: 2 70 00
James W. Hortonstine, deed... 1 100 00
peter Hobflck- . 1 8 00
Ambrose Ha 11.... 1 78 .00
Richard J. Haller. , 1 4100
Miehacl S. aYeson.- 2 188 00
David J0ne5......... ....'..—..... 8 282 00
John Jackson -I —• 3 900
Vincent Kelly- . 2 80 00
David F. Keirt ! ... 10 980 00
Peter Killinger 5 300 00
Alexander M. Lewis. 1 98 00
H. M. Ledbetter ....- 1 100 00
William H. Lowry -. 5 2168
Milton Lowry ..» * 5 3-70 00
Lilbura Lowry... '~..:... 6 175 00
Henry Lowry -.- ■* JJS 00
Lunsford L0wry....... 5 175 W>
I E. W. Lockeft....*. , 6 . 465 00
Robert E. Mansori- «..- - 2 20 00
John Jr ~ •'••.•• 1 °0 00
John A. Mohr - — 1 t a»J2 '
Dabney Martin- ~.......,...- •.• 1 100 00
•laeob. Morton- I •• \ 80 00
S.ini'l D. McDe.arman ....— 5 490 00
Arthur J. McCorkle.-.. .....;• .} 28 00
George Percival-... .-.« .1 08 00
Rtchard W. Petty... .,,.,.,.. .............. 1 00
Nelson A y Patterson- 6 210 00
James F. Pendleton ■•— 10 800 00
Edmund Bosser ...,....., 1 90 00
Simon Ramsey 1 25 00
.J eß se Repass....* : •_• A 25 00
AgaU,aM. Smith J fOO
Samuel M. Sinithson, Jr 1 98 00
William M. Sears- ..••• } 75 00
William Steptoe, deed,.... 1 ®8 00
M. &E. A. Scott. r . 5 050 00
Thomas T. Saunders 3 00
Jacob Shufllobarger f Of
Jbhn5t0e1e............. 1 100 00
Tazewell Taliaferro * ,"* OO
John O. Tay10r........................... « 184 00
I Abrkm B. Trigg-.. • } 04 00
[ Francis R. Trigg..«....,.:.; } »4 00
Henry Taylor- ••— } J0 V "JJ
James Wade. ,' •••• j &00
John fl. .WhiU J 08 00
JainesL. Yost 1| 10 ° °°
RO. L. OWEN, President.
Jan. 23,'1863—tlSMar. ' - •
(5) r|rvr\ LBS. Copperasj.
/«,UU|/ 150 lbs. Allum,
I 200 fba. Epsom Salts; i
J 400 Bunches assorted Cottpn Yarn;
1 Hogshead Brown Sugar, for sale at
<S)K Good Blfeiopes, 50 Reams Note
-n~n~r P KirkMide, Administrator with the
W m WiU annexed of John Embride^ecjd
L H.Bogan, Jacob Hamilton, ) _
and J. M. Hcss, j In Chancery.
Same Plaintiff.
|R^»^r£}lnChancery. ,
The defendants in.the£o
causes wiß ptea se tak
houn> of 9 o'clocj A - »^*£ of N . c . Bald .
d - 7 of mottrille, county of Sulß-
of Tennessee, I shall proceed to
ton and btate « a«u Q Eanes and others;
1863, in the
of tnKrcuit Court orCarroß
Clerics office o•" - Hillsville, between
county, in toe town ot n
the aforesaid hours of the aay, i a Mc £ ar i alia
to take the depositioss of John D. Mo*«riana
Mothers, % -he Q taken I
££!%«, the same will be continued
from day to da? until all are completed.
Yours, respecttolg, KiRKB?li)Ef
Administrator, Ac.
Feb. 18th, L_
Washington County, to wit:
To the Clerk of the County Court of said County:
WE, A. J. Taylor, Calvin Whitaker and John
Webb, .three freeholdersof the said coun
ty, do herehy certify that, by virtue of a. war
rant to us directed by William Eastridge, a Jus
tice of the said county, we have this day, on our
oaths, viewed'and appraised a large work steer,
taken up by Joseph R. Snodgrass on his land, as
an estray, and assess the value of the said steer
at Fifty dollara. The said steer is marked with
a crop off the left ear, and a-swallow fork in the
right ear, red and white pided, and ten years
old. Given under our hands this. 1< th day ot
January, 1863. A- l£tQ£h A .
A Copy.—Teste,
13", ,1863--3* -
tisliinpfton County, to Wit:
the Clerk of the County Court of said County:
WE, A. C Maxwell, John H. Clark and A.
Basis, three freeholders *of the said coun
ty, do hereby certify that, by virtue of a warrant
to us directed by Jobs F, Preston, a Justice of
the said county, we have this day, on our oaths,
viewed and appraised two steers taken up by
John W. Wix, on the form where he resides, as
estrays, and assess the value of the said estrays
at Twenty-five dollars each. The said steers ap
pear to have been partially broken for* oxen—
the mark ef one fl a hole in the left and a split
in the right ear, a small piece of the tail cut off.
The mark of the other is a hole in the left ear,
and a crop off the same, and a split in the right
ear. Both are of a red coior, appear to be two
years old, or three next spring. ' Given under
our hands this 22d day of January, 1863.
A Copy.—Teste, N.
Feb, 13, 1863—3w ' . .
Washington County, to*wit:
THIS is to certify that we, the undersized
freeholders of Washington county, have tl»
day in obedience to a warrant to us directed by
Wm. R. Rhea, Esq;., dated 2Zth December, 1862,
viewed and -appraised a hog, to by
Isaac B. Dunn, and find the same to
and white Spotted barrow, about twenty months
old—ear, marks, swallow fork in right, and un
der bit in left ear, and do value the same at for
ty-three dollars and seventy-five cents. Given
under our hands and seals this 27th day of De
cember, 1802. ' „ 4 .
• • EDWARD C. STOFFLE, (Seal,)
W. M. McCROSKEY, (Seal,)
JOHND- HARR, (Seal.)
A Copy.—Teste,'
. Feb. 13, 1863—3w
Washington County , to wit :
To the Clerk of ike County Court of said County:
WE, Joseph Lewark, John W. Keller and
John M. Davis, three freeholders of said
county, do hereby certify that, by'virtue of a
warrant to us directed by John C. Campbell, a
Justice of the said county, we have this day, on
our oaths, viewed and appraised a horse taken
up by Andrew Richards on his land, as an es
tray, and assess the value of the said estray at
Fifty dollars. Baid horso is a dark sorrel with
blazed face, wjth nCother visible marks of dis
tinction, about 15 hands high, about
' years of age. Given under our bands thra, 6th
day of February, 1863- ' • V.
Washington County, to wit:
' To the CierkmO/ythe County Court of said County:
Clark', Joseph H. Baker and
fT James LjJ)avis, three freeholders of the
said countyv'djßMreby certify, that by virtue of
a warrant to by John F. Preston, a
Justice of the said county, we have tois day, on
our oaths, viewed and appraised a mulWaken up
by Job Clark on his land, as an. as
-1 sees the value of the said estray at §225\The
said mttle is a number one mule, supposed to be
two years old next spring, block mane and tail
and legs/ mouse color, black streak across the
shoulders. Given, under oar hands this 26th
day of December, 1862.
A Copy—Teste,
Peb. 13, 1863—8w .
Mr. Campbell E. Orr, Margaret S. Orr and Jo*.
Orr,' .. ~ ..'
TAKE notice, that on the 14th «ay of. March
next, at my store at Glade Spring, I will
take the depositions of George W. Palmer and
others, to be read in a suit depending in the Cir
cuit Court of Washington eennty, wherein I am
plaintiff and you are defendants, and to.adjourn
from day to day, till completed.
Feb. 18, 1863-lw
! ■■» ■ f ■ —» j _
Washington Count j, to wit:
To the Clerk of the County Court of said County:
WE, D. A. P. Campbell, John G. Clark and
Milton White, three freeholders of the said
1 county, do hereby certify, that by virtue of a
1 warrant to us directed, by John N. Humes, ■
Justice of said county, we have this day, on OUI
oaths, viewed and appraised an estray bay niare,
taken up by A. R. Humes, on his land, as an
estray, and assess the value of the said estray
bay mare at (§75) Seventy-five dollars. The
said bay mare is about 16 hands high, no star
in the forehead, two white hind feet »o brand
or other marks, about six years old pant, in ve
ry thin order. Given under our hands thi# lTtt
day of January, 1863.
A Copy.—Teste,
Feb. 13, 1863—3w ; .
New Tannery,
HAVING determined to erect a permanent
Tannery on my farm, in the Rich Valley,
5 miles North of Abingdon, I am now ready to
receive hides. I will tan on the shares, or buy
at the highest cash price, or barter for them at
fair rates. I have no leather to exchange for
them, but I have some wheat and a good deal ot
wool; which are about as good trade as leather.
All I ask is a fair trial by my neighbors.
I also, wish to employ a first-rate Tanner and
Currier to carry on the business, 6r I would take
a partner. None need apply, except a sober,
steady, industrious and upright man.
Jan. 80, 1863-tf . A. M. SHULTZ.
Ns. 147 Main Street, Lynchburg, Va.,
WHOLESALE Grocers and Commission Mer
chants, and Agents for the'sale of Manu
factured end Smoking Tobacco, will receive and
sell Sugar, Molasses, Wheat, Corn, Flour, Ba
con, Leather, and all kinds of Country Produce.
AH sales promptly reported and accompanied
with the nltt proceeds.
Jan. 23,1863—iy
J. E. OWENS, Proprietor
tj EOPENING of the Piedmont House. Mj
H friends, and the public generally, are in
formed, that having leased this well known HO
TEL, directly opposite tbe Depot of* the. Va. «
Term. R. R., and had it thoroughly renovated, 1
am prepared to accommodate the traveling public,
and I have no doubt that all who patronize thi
Piedmont will go away satisfied with my tabu
and sleeping apartment. I invite *)»!»*""*«•
of the 'public. JAS. E. OWENS.
Jan. 2, 18.63—2 m- • •
100.000 Fruit Trees for Sale.
' <&. PERSONS wishing tomake a safe invest
sM& ment, would do well to secure S good
j¥* selection of Fruit (at old prices) now,
whWmoney is plenty. I trill- furnish Apple
Trees of the mos,t approrved varieties at from
15 to $20 per hundred, delivered at the Depot
in Abingdon, packed carefully for transporta
tion. » .
Catalogues will be furnished by mail when
applied tor. SAM'L W. CARNAHAN.
Oct. 31,1862. •;,! .' '
N. B.—Now is the season for planting.
' JAS. W. PRICE, M.D.,
Atlanta, Ga.
TTAVING been absent, 1 as Swrgeen **'**"
D. Army, during the last six months, Would
respectfully inform the' afflicted at a distance,
as well as the citizens of Atlanta and adjacent
country, that he has again engaged in the prac
tice of medicine, in all of it? various branches.
It will be unnecessary to reiterate the fact of
his unlimited suecessjn curing the various and di
versified chronic diseases to which human nature
is liable. Especially has his attention been di
rected to the treatment of FEMALE DISEASES,
such as Prolapsus Uteri, Lueorrhaea, Painful
Mepstruation, and such others as females are
liable to, which, in most instances, may be .per
manently cured. . .
I also treat successfully, Rheumatism, Acute
or Chronic, Syphylis, in all of its forms, espe
cially when of the Mercurial type, Skin diseases,
Liver complaints, Dyspepsia, together with bow
el affections, either acute or chronic. And, in
deed, there ore but few diseases which may not
be reached by proper medication.
The great secret of my success, however, ae
not only upon an experience of somfe
Iv-seven years, but, to a very »fM&toßt
ihe agency of my "ELECTRO GALVANIC
IS," which are the admiration and wonder
scientific world. '
sons desiring my services can obtain them
ling upon me in Atlanta, where every thing
oe done, not only to cure them, but to ren
eir stay in our city agreeable and pleasant.
,erferred, (before coming here.) I will visit
them at their homes, by paying my expenses
and five dollars per day, while absent from toe
QrficE in the Markham Building, second
flight of stairs. Residence dear, the Washington
Gen. f. W. Capers, Marietta; Jos. h. JJrown,
Governor of Ga.! Col. I. P.
Whitakcr, Thomas Dozier, M-D.; E. R.Sassees,
Perino Brown, Gen. Ira Foster, Rev. H. C.
Hornaday, Gen. J. H. Rice, Atlanta, Ga ; Rev.
S. Anthony, Cuthbert, Ga.; Dr. J. DUlworth,
i Stone Mountain, Ga. ~. , .-_
rt affords me pleasure in adding my testimony
to the above, as well as recommending to my
friends and patrons, James W. Price, M. p., as a
physician of skill in the treatment of oil acute
abases. j w w? M . r>.
Atlanta, December 26, 1862—jm.
THE underslgn-
cd* keeps on hand at his
this the subscriber intends to do.
■ WM. M. GRIM.
Abingdon, Oct. 14,1859.—tf. , ' \
A rf\ PLOW Points No. 4
12 Mouldboards for Premium Plows, No. 4
12 Land Sides for Premium Plows, just to
, hand. T. G. McCONNBLL A Co.
1 Oct. 10,1862.
New Auction and*. Commission
Bouse, No. 102 Main fcneet, Lynch
have associated jtojuetai
together under the style and fiim of JAMES P.
«pATT A CO.. for the purpose of conducting*
NESS They have rented that large and elegant
building, No. 102 Main street, Lynchburg; late
ly occupied by Jno. fcfc Davis o*
tho Ist of December, will be ready to receive
MERCHANDISE of all kinds for private and
auction sales. „
They solicit. consignments of Manufacturett
and Smoking Tobacco, Sugar, Melasses, Coffee,
and other Groceries: Bale Cotton and; Cotton
Fabrics of all grades; Woolen Goods; Boots, Shoes,
Leather, and all other go*ds usually offered toe
Their first auction will take place at an early
day in December, of which due notice, wAfif
catalogue, will be published. (jr* ..-. .-.
They respectfully refer to the merchants asm
business men of Richmond, Petersburg, DenvlnSy
and other Southern cities, whose aid md ee
operation wiU be duly appreciated. isv| t.
of the late' firm of Jno. T- Davis A Co"
member of the firm of Bocock A Psrrislu
he concern of Bocock & Parrish, No. 9,
Bridge street, will continue at the old stand as 1
usual. .
, Dec. 5, 1862—6 m. B..AP.
(Successors to - M'CorkleA C 0.,) - ,
Grocers & Oonfmission Merchants,
Chewing and Smoking Tobacco,
No. 113 Main Street,
We will give particular attentiqn to the sale ef
Tobacco, Breadftuffs, Provisions, and all kinds of
Country Produce and Merehandiie, at the old
stand of McCorkle & Co. We shall endeavor to
keep always on hand a full stock of all articles
requisite to the business, and from our long:
experience in the business merit a share of
the public patronage, and especially that so lib"
erally. extended to the former concern. Our Mr.
Kinnierwill givehispersonalattentionto the Corn-'
mission Business, as he has been for some years
pursuing that branch, and we feel confident from
his long, experience and thorough knowledge of
the "business, will not fail to give satisfaction te»
all who entrust their interests to .
make liberal advances on approved
produce in hand, and remit promptly for all time
and cash sales.
October 11.18«1_1y.
—f— .'■ ' *■ "' . — ; —■ — —■ —■ ■ ■ r —'
(late of the firm of McCorkle A C 0..) and
ormerly Com mission Mereliant and dealer is
Fertilisers on Basin,) '>. -'■ *i.,
HAVE this day formed a copartnershipundei
the style and firm of .«»•
For the purpose of conducting a General 2 Com
mission and Grocery Business, and have taken
the storehouse No. 19?,' Main street, two doors
above the old stand of McCorkle A Co., and nest
door to Lee, Rock'e A Taylor,
We solicit consignments of Merchandise and
Country Produce of every description,' premising
our best personal efforts- to make satisfactory
sales—and from toe long experience we have
both had in business in this city, think we ore
justified in saying that we can do as well for
consignors as any ot&er bouse in the oity. Ac
count sales witbneft proceeds will be rendered
as soon as sales arc made, and sJI letters on ea
siness promptly answered.
We-shall keep the best supply of Groceries
that can be obtained, and as soon as fertilisers
con be procured, we intend keeping a good stock
of the most approved of which wjU be
sold as low as they can be afforded for cash.
We appreciate the patronage extended to us
in other connexions, and shall spare no pains to
merit it in future, - CHAS. J. JONES,
Nov. 1, 1861.
Clock and Watch-Maker,
AS located In AMner <5U>.
JWW don, immediately opposite (htty\J*
Cfj Book Store, where he is prepar-sfcasr
jSftJSsed to repair
Watches and Clocks
in the very best manner possible, and upon rea
sonable terms. Work repaired by. him wiU be
warranted for twelve - months. Thoroughly
understanding his business, he hopes to be en
couraged, and promises satisfaction to all.
September 28th, 1860—6 m.
Change of Schedule.
dMMm\MMdmmMMam s JI 3MM/MMa± %^MHta't^
BaHMflawwujß BffHfM fig 1&VT1
JgjgaSKjgsai MaBSSMk.
P 9Mm*~ m MJMM m ._ nV. JW ..
ON and after Thursday, the 4th of September,
the Mail and Passenger trains an this rood 4
will leave Lynchburg daily atat o'clock a. m.,
and arrive from the West at 4:80 p.- to. ,
Capital $100,B00! Contingent Fund $40,000!
J. R. McDahibl, Prett. Jas. M. C«**JS, T. P.
Geo. B. Tarra* aw, Chief Engmst*. •? ii
C. T. Wills, Secretary: 3. O. m imri TMsfr
John Otoy Taylor, Sanmel Oarisad, j
John T. James F\ Payae,
S. H. McKinney, Dexter Otoy»
Wm. Hißrratton, Crtjrinfree.
• -Dr.-Onrix Owns, »,» »/...t
" P.«. Qiuisa, / Mmea *, "■■""M- 1
" De. W. F, Basb,, /,.
Coale & Barr, Abingdon, Agents for Washiaff*
ton, R&sseU, Lee, Scott and Wiaa, t Mrt „.j
Jan. 31, 1867^tt
lAITJTAL, •****•*
f T for, this well known Company Mr this aad
adjoining counties, and are prepared to take risks
on Dwellings, Stores, Ac., Ac.

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