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__j 1 — a
A Sigh.
The night-wind comes with fitful moan—
9 • "£&rvona!"
The heavens with gaury clouds are clad,
The moon looks tearful in her light, •
The trembling stars seem faint and sad,
. the sward they feebly write,
The hyacinth, perfumed and pale,
Breathes forth her soul to cheer the hour;
Alas! it seems a noiseless wall
For him within that prison- tower, %
i • ' -'-%
gad memory stands all wrapped in weeas,
And looking back o'er weary years,
She points to never-dying deeds,
She murmurs through her choking tears,
. - ■ . ■
And Heps, who bears the almond rod, • i • j
Looks upward with her*eyes of blue—
. Looks upward to a pitying God,
•* J And through her tears, *he murmurs, too,
From the. New York Freeman's Journal.
Wew Bills to be Laid Before Congress*
at the "Present Session.
A bill to make buttons a legal-tender.
A bill to prevent private parties from mak-
A. oil? to" order said buttons, to be made
the bones of mules that died "kicked
A bill for whitewashing negroes. Carried.
A bill to prove the Conetitution a. humbug,
as well as the framers thereof., '
A bill to make buttons superior to gold.
A bill to cheat persons generally.
A bill to rob persons wore systematically.
A bill to provide Greek Lexicons fur each
■intelligent contraband. Carried.
A bill to alter the shape of the negro s
head. Laid on the table. "
A bill to shorten his heels, «tc. .
A bill prohibiting the mention of any
liquors, Ac., and regulating the number of
sneezes per diem. . k A ,. . ..
A bill compelling every «V» tfc person to take
the oath of allegiance at feast once every
twenty-four hours. ■
set A bill calling upon members to propose j
similar bills to the abov^ BBYMEMBEK '.j
The Poison Bash. ,
. During a visit Dr. Hodge made *ome years
since to the Bahama Islands, a shower uf ram
unexpectedly fell. Such an occurrence w
very rare at those islands, excopt during the
rainy season, and is regarded with great
dread by the natives, who.'.as rapidly as pos
sible sees: the nearest shelter. On tins occa
sion* a little colored boy was caught in the j
shower soma distance from home, and having
no place to go for protection, crept under a
brush that was near. Ite foliage, however,
was not dense enough to keep him from the
rain, and he was wet by the water trickling
through tbe leaves. Unfortunately, for him,
the Kush was a .poison bußh, and the water I
falling on the leaves, caused the poison to
strike into his limbs, so that in a short time
he was dead. After the shower he was F»und
and carried home. Doctor ll«»dge was re
quested to attend his*funeral. The circum
stances of his singular death excited the Doc
tor's curiositjt and he wished to learnisome
thing more about the fatal pois »n bush.
An ao-ed negro told him that it grew abnn
daatly on the Island, but that by ite side
there always gre% another bush, which was
. its antidote: and that if ft* little boy had
known it, and rubded himself with the leaves
of the healing bush, the. poison would have
dons no harm. What an illustration is this
of the sad fate of those who hiive been pois
oned by sin, and know not how to escape from
its dreadful consequences 1 But for this fatal
poison there is a sure remedy by tiie
same God who tiie antidote beside the
poison bush. The cross of Christ is the, tree j
nf life. Let tbe suffering aud the dying come 1
to that, and they shall be saved; "its leaves
are for the healing of the nations," .
. t » ■» »—
Folly •* Pi-M**-
Take some quiet, sober, moment uf life, and
add together the two ideas of pride and man:
behold him. creature of a span, stalking tiiro
infinite space in all the grandeur of littleness.
Perehedon a speck of the Universe, every
wind of heaven strikes'into bis blood tbe cosi
ne's of death; his soul Boats from his body
like melody from the strong; day and night,
u# dust ©n the wheel, be is rolled along the
heavens, through ajabyriutii of WMridw, and
all the creations oPGod are flaming above and
a eresturs to make for himself a
crown of glory, to deny bis own fiVh, toaiock
' cat bin fellow, "sprung frop that dust to whtsh
i both wilUoun wturu ? Does the proud man
not err ? Does be not suffer? Does be not
die ? Wheu be reasons, \§ hs never stepped
by difficulties? When h*«cts, is be new
tempted by pleasure? When he Hiss,.w he
.■free from pain * When he dies, can be «r
cape the common grave? Pride w •* »«
Heritage of man; humility should dwell with
Jrailty, and atone for ignoranse, error, and
imperfection.—£W«tf Smti&i
_^_—» ♦ * —
"Mr. Usees, the new Secretary of tbe Inte
rior, threatens to bang Democrats. In reply
tiie New York Express says: . .
"Truthful, too, but rather
and Dantonte for a Home Sectary. .Tbe
Democratic partis certainly «<» longer tbe
friend of fighting under Lincoln* Proelata»*
tion to free neijroes, Connecticut, New York,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and
Illinois are full of tcrwtef-s, two *» one of tbe
Abolitionists:, nearley, if this be trsnsnnl
••But we would respectfoH/irmggest to Mr.
Secrttary Usher, hanging is a business three
can engage in these States we name, »»* »
fbnnging commences we should not be atau
Wpri*ed, mm, to see tbe Secretary first
Strobe up by the halter. But what a raying
secretary! Who is be? WlKmccdid be come?'
/•rK-J i\l\ • !"} /■•»Tl'" r fi !•/■
1 about 16 hands high, and 8 years old. H has
? little lame * one of his fore feet, and has tiie
*mir rubbed off of his tides, by the gears.
iw lSve?2&forthe delivery of the horse
toieat Abingdon, and $75 for the delivery' of
U.r r h 18th, 1068-t£__ Abingdon, V*.
the farm of Mrs. Miller, about 5 miles
.Feast 6fAbingdon, about tbe Ist of December,
Two Steers,
one Red aud one White, with pale red-spots and
™C f ,* Th eY are about 3 years old and.
Sea wHh .Sooth, crop off the right ear
53 split in same, arid over-bit out of the left
ci up to head. Any persoA giving me in
fornSion of them, will be suitably regarded.
March 13,1863— tf _
Cfcurch Street, Xynclifoiirg, Ta.
rsiHE subscriber beg-i leave to inform4he pob
-1 Ho that he has charge of the above named
popular House, which is situated m the immedi
ate vicinity of the most business part of the city,
and the location is one *f the most umet and
Clthv in the place. Every effort will be made
vide frr the comfort and welfare of guests.
»«Valways be found at the Depots and
andingon the arrival of the Trains and
Boats to«oav.y fe
* Feb. 27. Proprietor.
~ . New Concerit.
WTILh Tan Hideson the shares,or pay Shoes
ff. & Boots, Money or Merchandize for Hides,
upon as good terms as can be had in this coun
tr They respectfully solicit a trial. Their Shoe
-Shop is one door east of the Washington house,
Nrhere George W.Mante will be found ready to
accommodate all who may call. _ i
Their Tan Yard is abo*\it eight miles Northeast
ofAhingdon, Va., where R. A. Lipford will be
found ready te receive hides, and pay tor tbe
Bane, or take them to taa on the shares.
Persons wanting Shoes &nd Boots made, or
Feb. 27/1863. ' >..
\ r f RGIIW A:—At Rales held intheClerk's
V office of tfie Count v Court of Russell, on Mon
day, the 2d day of March, 18681:
Alexnmler M. Lee, Lewis P. tee, Wm. E Lee,
David T. bee," Cl«*y Osborne, Wm.R. Porter
•ivod Nancy bis wife, Francis Sophia Osborne,
who sued by her guardian and next friend, Wm.
B. Arton, Rachel Leo, David Lee, Martha Lee,
Sarah Lee, children and heirs of J-Ja-rtin Lee,
deed, who "tie by their guardian and pert
friend, George C Gose, .Plaintiffs,
aoaisst -i
The unknown heirs of Sally Jessee, dec o\ and
the nnkuown heirs of Peggy McKinney, dec d,
and Giles Lee, TOxr Defendants.
The object of this suit is to have sold a cer
tain tract or parcel of land, lying in Russell
county, in Castled Woods, subject to widows
dower, and three slaves immediately, and three
others at the death of the widow, which land
and slaves wet* owned by James M. Lee, dec sd-
Arid it appearing by satisfactory evidence that
the unknown heirs or Sally Jessee, and the un
known heirs of Peggy McKinney and Giles Lee,
are ant inhabitants of this Commonwealth, the
waid unknown defts. ere to appear here
wit Sin one month after due publication of this
do what is necessary to protect their
'nteifct in said suit.
Mwck 6. 18fi8-4w OR- COWAN, c c
\"**irgitllat-*'At rules held in the Clerk's of
fice of the County Court of Russell, on
Monday, the 2d day of March, ISG3:
MitcWl Crabtree, who sues for the benefit of
Wia, Lockhart, . PlaintuTi
AOjuxer / . -
Abraham Cmbtree, and Thomas W. Davis, Ad
ministrator of Urkin Herndou, dec d, Defts.
Tbe ebj*et.of this suit is te prohibit Thomas
W D«vis from paying over to Abraham Crabtree
or wife, any funds or property which is or may
be dnSthem from the estate of said Laridn Hern
don, -and »b«t Abraham Crabtree be prohibited
from selli»s. taking away, or otherwise depos
ing of any of the said estate until further order
of Court* And it appearing by satisfactory, evi
dence that Abraham l>autfree is" not * resident
ST this State, the said Crabtree is required te
appear h*re within -«S month after due publi
cation of this order, and do what is necessary to
. protect bis interest tp said suit
A e»ipv. —Teste,
jgg--4w G- R- COWAN, c. c
\f I RttlXl A?-— At Rules held in theClerkfs
ofnoa, of the Circuit Court of Smyth county,
on Mon-inv, the, 2<i day of March, 1868:
Ptt«ii»n B. Wjatti Complainant,
.Tkosaas A. Wyatt, aud William A4
•ninistrator of Williem Wyatt, deed, Defts.
The object of tkia suit is te obtain a diveree
Trtwe the Una of nuteiirioay with Thomas A.
Wyatt, and to restrain William Leonard, Admr.
of* William Wvatt, from paying over or otherwise
dfe-sosm* of the interest of Thomas A. Wyatt,
in (nTestete'ef WUKam Wyatt, deed, smtn tiw
farther seder «f the' Court, and then to ©btela a
.leer** directing the said interest to be paid over
to complainant and her inftnt child. _
It •pi»eariug by fatisfiwtory evidence that the
defendant Thomas A. Wyatt is anun-residsntnf
the B**te of" Tvgaa*, en motion ft <>oa*Uaiant
by her eoansrA, it is ordered that tiie saad defend
aat so wp***t here witein- one month -after due
put&carion hereof, and do what is accessary to
j .protect ; hid interest in this suit.
I ' Copy-—Teste, «s '
March 6.1868—4w j
BOXES Chewing Tobacco,
I 20 P««k*ges gaolanj "Tobacco,
I . 5,000 Segars. « '
'(AAA POUNDS Attspi<»»«dso-pen«da*aronnd
March 18, 1868. -•■
1A A EEG3 Nails assorteu; at . *
• I.U '**• ■*»• McCONNELL * Cos. ,
I Psb. 27,1808.
I • EN-soiL-fifo Offics, j
I . , Abingdon, Va., V
, March 3d, 1863. )
1. All persons in Wellington county, exempt
by reason of having substitute papers from any
source whatever, exoeit the Ctourmandant oia
Camp of Instruction, am hereby ordered, in obe
dience to an order fron Col. Shields, to bang
\ their papers to this offife on Saturday, tlfe inn
inst. AU who fail focomply with the aoove, |
may have trouble about their substitute exemp- i
tion papers after this. . H
2. iam informed by Col. Shields, that cinsens
of the State of Kentucky, when found elsewnere,
are liable to conscription. All persons in tms
•county from that StaU, betw.een the ages ot 19
aud '40 years, are hereby notified to come up> ana.
enroll or avail themselves of the opportunity oi
volunteering at once, (>r they will be treatea as
other delinquents. :.„„„„
Chief Enrolling Officer
March 6th, 1863—tf <* Washington.
HEAnQUAETBRS IstßaT, Va. M*- B^ l -* B ' )
Camp hbab JarraasosvirA, va. >
. . January 19,1862. J
DESERTERS, following
named non-comnissioned officers andl pri
vates are deserters from my Battebon, and the
usual reward of Thirty Dollar* each, is offered
for their apprehension and deUyery mment-
Camp, or confinement in jail at
TaieweU co Va., and due notice to me oi vie
fact of their incarceration. ■*.*
Company A.
Jno. Escue, .4th serg-t Thos. Stephenson,
Hamon Artriss, Wm: LockhaTt,
Benj. Blankinsbip, Benj. Stephenson,
Jas. Gibson, Jno. Hardy,
Jackson McMnllen, Leander
Jas. H. Price, Jas., Baldwin,
t Company B.
Jai N. Adkins, y *» Keller McNeely,
Wm. D. Adkins, • David SheHoa,
Anderson Adkins, Crockett Witt,
I P.'M.Blair, Pleasant Witt,
j Jno. Defoe, * Hamon Whit,
Wm. Dillon, Gordon Whit*
P. G. Dillon, Henry Whit,
J. H. Dillon, *• I* Blankinship,
Jas.Heesv Jas. Bandy,
Wm. Meets, Aug. Repass,
Company (£."!
D. R. AltixeTi J. Muffins, * «-,- -.'
A. J. Beavers, Pory Allen,
Rufos Bailey, Sam Daniels,
fnos. Bailey; G. Bailey*
Anthony Chrishau, Wm. OUne,
Felix Cole, C. Bailey,
A. Cole, F. Ibtilay, .
John Cole, T.F.Whit, \,
Wm. Cornett, Moses Adair, *
Wm. Day, Wm. Mosety,
Wm-E. Evans, Jas. Seen, >
Henry Horn, . Jeff Keen, ' ,
F. M. Harless, Wm. Keen, v.■•:*
Wm. Newsen, Harvey Muffins, '> J
BdiWhit, Nich Howaker, j.
Wm. Dyke, Elijah Vance,
Walter Dyke, Wnv Muffins,
W. H. Evans, , *" Geo. Church,
Company D.'
Wm. Workman, Jos. Williams,
Company E.
Sam. Luster, Wm Stanley,
Win. Jewell, A., J. Bfewster,
Nath. Lawson, Jas. Mclntyre, -
David Moore, Jas, White.
KBy command of
Lieut. Col. Convdg let-Bat
Va Mounted Rifles,
Cans. Edwards Adfnt
863—tf * -.
ffieod* at FrieadsJbip.
JDSTreeeived 2JDOO yards Brown Domestic,
1 Tierce Rice,
500 yds. Bleached Cotton,
' 4 dux. bom Dressing Combs,
10 Reams Letter Paper,
I Feb. 20,1863—tf ' 3.V.MXSTZ.
JJ. W. & 6. h. BiJitcii,
(Successors to M. Boffins A C 0.,)
Grocers * Oenoral Qoannimsion Merchants,
No. 70 Mara Stbbbt, Ltxchbttbo, Va., '
XWfTLL -rive their personal attention to the
TT sale of Tobacco, Wheat, Flour, Corn, Ba
con. Lard, Rutter, Brandies, 6m*l, and make ad
vances en consignments when in hand.
Jan. 80, 186S-«m .
STOLEN from the subscriber, in the Poor
Valley, near the residence of Hiram €. Flee
-1 nor, two Mares, one «% them a red roan about
13 -years old, with a' star in her forehead, and
very light mane. The other is a dark roan
ouue, 8 years old, with a sear en her left bind
foot on the fetlock, big-honed and heavy made.
The first rather thin, tbe other in tolerable
order. .».'. . \
IwilTgivea reward ef §10 for the two,'or
$20 lor either of them, or for information where
by I may obtain them. EUFLEENOR.
*W istn, im-*
f v ~ Smmelrle«.
Tarda 4-4 Brown Domestic;
Portmonaies, Purses;
Pins, Spool and Patent Thread;
* <^fir AA *and\
Marca 13, 1888-
w r BUS. Dog Foot Evergreen at
/ 5 T- •• McCOXXELL & Go's
Feb. 20,1865
--300lb*. EpsomSalte; ~
400 Buncoes nwteted Cetten Yam;
1 Hogshead Brown Bcgar. far sale at
T. ft. McCONNELL A Cos.
Jan. 80,18». J
a Setts WagoS 80-es, *
lUU 20
100 Setts AatLrons,
Feb. 27, TJG. McCffiraELL A Co.
.-urTBTAVING ctefcermiued to erect a .pemanen,t
XI Tannery on my farm, in the Rich Valley,
5 miles North of Abingdon, lam now ready -to '
receive hides. I Will tan on tiie shafres;
at the highest cash price, or barter forthem at.
1 fair rates. I have, no leather to excbajrge for i
Sthem, but I h*ve some wheat and a good deal of
(wool, which are kbottt as good trade as leather.
All I ask is a fair trial by my neighbors.
I also wish to employ a first-rate Tanner and
Currier to carry on tiie busmesß, or I would take
a partner. Nona need apply,: except a sober,
steady* industrious and upright .man. .
j Attention ! BLentucfeians !!
I T HAVE received authority from the Secretary
I JL of War to raise a Company of
to be armed with Williams' Patent Breeobrload
ingGun. This.Company will undoubtedly be
, recruited to-a battaliori in Kentucky", , ap
pointment of men from the original company to
recruit and command the other Companies —
Every man will be mounted, and the Guns are
the lilhteat and best in theWrice. Those who
join this arm of the service aVoid the danger
and exposure of picket scouting, &c,,—
in fact, it is tbe easiest* and safest ot all.
Volunteers will receive tite re-gular bounty,
dotbing, subsistence and pay of artillery. |
Recruiting office in C N-.Jos=ephsori's store,
one door below White & Co*s. Hotel, Abingdon.
" Capt "Kentucky Battery."
Feb. 13, 1863—tf - ;
Dr. H. M. GWLMMTV, D.». S.,
-TSFFICE nearly opposite Martha
; 'vf Female'"College,' west end of town.
Feb. 20th, 1863. ' fl «, . t ,
at. node*. f,bat-*u » c. b. hoot*
No. 147 Mats STafTKt, Lyxoub-cbg, Va.,
"ITtTHOLESALE. Grocers and Commission Mer-
TT chantlvatrd Agents for the wife of Manu-
I factored and Smoking teeehre and
sell Sugar, Molasses, Wheat. Corn, Flewr. Ha
eon Leather, and all kinds of Country Proddce.
. All Mdes promptly reportetl and accompanied
With tbe nett proceeds.
Jan. 28, 1863-ly . ♦ __
1-DO.OOO Frnit Trees for Sate.
PERSONS wishing to make a safe invest
feif* m ent, would do well to secure a good
selection of Fruit (at old prices) no*,
wbftemoney is plenty. \ wiU furnish Appte
Trees of the most approved varieties at_from
15 to $20 per hundred, delivered at the Depot
in Abingdooi packed -garef ully for transporter
tion.. .-it.
Catalogues wilt be furnished by mail w&en
appHed for. SAM'V W. CARNAHAN
Oct.-si, 1862. ; .
jf_ U. jjrtw is the season for plantmg, :
-.' . . Atlanta, Ga.
HAYING been absent, as Surgeon in the
Army, during the last six nwnths, wou"d
respectfully inform the afflicted at a instance,
as well a* the citizens of Atiam* ami adjacent
country, that he has again engaged in the prac
tice of" medicine, mail of its various branches
It will be unnecessary to reiterate the tact of
Ms unlimited caring the various anddi
versified chronic diseases to which "human nator*
is Bahle. Especially has his attention heenidi
rectedto theieatmeut of FEMALE DISEASES,
such as PtoLsptm Ctfri, Luc«rriwea, Prmful
M«astruation,*and such others as females are
liable te, which, ia most instances, may be per
manently cured. *..!*%
I also treat suecessftuly, Rfaewuafism, Acute
or Chronic, Syphvlis, mall-of ita forma, espe
cially when of the Mercurial type. Skin diseases.
Liver complaints, Dyspepsia* together withJow
el afiectioua, either acute or chronic v And, »
deed, tiiere are but few diseases whicn may not
be-reached by proper medication.
The g»afc secret of say seeeess, however, «e
--nenda not only upon an experience of some
twenty-seven years, bat, to a very large e**ent
BATHS," fAieh are the admi-ratow and wonder
of *he scientific world. • fej-SfL-i
Persons desiring, my servieeacan obtain tJhea
by calling upon me in Atlanta, where every thing
shnfi be done, not only to eun them, hntto-ren
der their stay in our city agreeable andP'"
If perferred, (beforecom"** here.) twin vait
them%i their homes, by ft ta ß»/, , 221t£
and m doßaxs per day, while absent from the
ffighTofstans. BVeudenceneartimWaAington
™ b .
F . W. Capers, *J*™£
Governor of *%**£* sfjstSl2
Whitaker, ThomasDoxier, M. D.; B MS Sajeen,
Perino Brown, Gen. Im Foster, Jte*. »- L.
Hornad a v, Gen. J. H. Rice, Adante,
t Aphony, CWbbert* G*-i Jlrt. J. .IWlmsitn,
.Steaello«Btf«m,.-Sa. __• / .■:. >".-"j
to thTabove, as well as recommendnjg to ay
ffiatds im*-s*<rm»*3.*»m w r "BPf**": YrJzl
physician of sskiS in tiie txtsXment of ail aenie
di,Beaifl,s9 ' W. W. DtJR«AM. H. J>-
I Atlanta. Decear^^g^- 18 --
ed keep* en naadat his
Sh'>p in tine lower tttaj
; '- v%il 2 ofOdu-ydßow^'*^.*
JmWii m
£^Z z!~3gL kar and Box Stewee, to
I b==l«Ml which he invites tbe at
safffl tention of the rsibfie.—
i 1 Exfourage heme folk*
I nr^if'tkeycafe-yws'as
1 'gwod noon as
v «airri
AWfJec •QA^2 tB^ 4t ' I
" **
12 Meilsnoaa* «w r < i~r tM
i* Sides for Pwmanm Flows* j«« «»
I JJ I * W|W,M3 ,
; 1
**-*<- J **L—. '" .., ';' '''~■-— r
tore ~y. 15152. 1
toeether under the style and fim Ma ****W&
Ily occupied, by, Jno.. *J>Wj>totfEb&.
the Ist of December, ***
MERCHANDISE of aU Wads' Bn p*vS**"«S»
nuotien tsltm : - T^'^lfi^fi^toMd
, They solicit < of St *P?*Z*i&T
and Smoking Tobacco, rfuamr. ™g|
and other-GrTceriC^*B B lcC(rtten, and CjWan
Leatiw-fc,andaUother goods mdblWF**W
"iW lb auctiori will teke
day ; in' December, Of wbiebdse n**«ee, msun
' catalogue/.will be published. edj oSoi *it^u
i Tiiey respectfully retototite W e ™MsW*J£?
business men of Richmond, Pf^Si^SsW
anil other SotttheYn cities, wbostfaM and SO*
I operation will be duly *PP 1 * Miate iL f y I . r a .
late firtnflf tyjF'jSjEi&rtd
| tnembefiefthenrmof;*^^
' Bridge' street, will continue at the Shiran*'
1 Dee. 5, 1862r-em. , ;.-' - .-. ■/> i-. -^.fcS-uiL
s m'cobkxs. s. n. m'cohtklk. wn. sisuam.
i : "fc «**»., "
' (Successors to M'CorWe A €&,) I J«»*S
Grocers A MefdMUrttr
[ . . ANDMA^fiFACTPBJIRapF^,,;,. w ,
10. 113 Italia «"SS&, Wot
We wffl gtvesparttcuferr attention tb tbesaleef
Tobacco. Bi-endbtoffi-. Pro virions, and attkind»S>f
Country Produce
stand of McCnrkle A Co. We shall endeavor to
keep always ou bands' fulllitoek of aU articles
requisite to "tiie Soilness; and from uSinlamg
«xpe wnceiivtliebiufttiei-* hope u» me-ritaaha»S«f"
the public patrQnago.sP'l especially, A*** o
crafty extended to the former concert.' OrirMy.
I will give •
mission Business, a* he has been for some years
pnrsning tbdt braac*,*an* we"AwT confident froaa
his long experience and thorough knewMg* of 1
the business, will not fail to fs
all who *ntra*t their interests to our hands. .
•fegrWill make li-bwal adr'abces fan «P|WJr*jel
province" in tinnd, and itoitpremptiy'SaSSniSaßßS
and nn*srf«
"■'■ CIURLES "*. J; &*
(late nfth»- firm of MeCerkle & C«. Jul* '
WILiUM A- MiLtstM* r>b
I (formerly Comiui s*von M«rciuai> iaawL <******* !•
Fertilisers, on Bj-jsin,,) . , i; .
f TJAVE this day formed'a coparlnelrfmipunasr
[ Xlt-WftyleflThJ firm of-"""* * ' «" { .-' JJ **"?
For the purpose of conducting a General C*m~
and u*v* to**?*,
f the storehouse So. Kff, Mos»ft?eet. two doom
Labove the eid stand of McCorkk & Co^.andnext
door'to Lee, Rocke &, Taylor.
!'- W~solicit. eonwgninrUts J «f and
Country Proiiaee of erery deacriptaori, sriimiamar
Lour-best personal. eSor.'**- to make satisfaftefy
(.sales —and "from me Jong experience* we Mayo
I both had in tmsfrrrss ia this city, 'tarns' we sro
I in saying that we can »d» so weJt: -sbr
[ conHgnors as any other boasc in the rifty;. -Ap
eoont sales with nert proceeds will he rendejaal
as soon as sales are made, and all letters on tm
siness'pTomptlyanssHrrtd. ' X Ht
Ye shati keep tin best supply of flroeeriso
that can i*'«btfli»*d, and as soon- as fei-tifixera
Can be procured, 'in in'te»<3 keeping iffraa'atAfk
of the mast apprared binds—«H of which -mst
sold as low as they can be afforded tor cash.
V<« appreeiato the pnnoewa* extended to us
in cornexina*, amd «hall spSM so pains to
' '-Sot. V. gfWt.-' "-1; ' " •;, ; \ v > nr: ' "*"'*
JClocU ana
ttffr HAS located in AJbiaie<sL p^
mPTJf immediately opponte tbeFVA
aCfJI B * ok *^ or * A - where he is
ffiKSed to repaai\
W-atcttes and Clscpw
in the very best maririer passible!, and upon nsa
souaWe terms- Weri repaired by him*-wfll W
watraatod for twsxtb "Wra*. Tborouffcty
understanding his teinmai i, -ho- hopes to be em
ceuraged. and prorari»es saristVction to a*L
. September 2&lh, lgQO.—Cm- ~ .., UIMtl
1 ljß*filJhlA m> TEXm* MAII F»abm>>
orr^otM>t|Wl»^v t ,<
. f|X and osser I^uiyfay, of: OhiM*as* n,
\J the ]|afl.aad'.KsfaiMser.4xn^
wiH leave Ljneb'bw^'-ArA/!af
and arrive ifrom the West at 4-**» -p.!«. ' >•
LTscaftinftd, va.
1 naaos, sisje au« suaxs ar cnanspr a inss
]J. R. McDakicx. Avat. Ja«. *L Oiwa. I*- J^
Ceo. B. TneaJtan, CUtj JBmgweer,
XC T. Wnjba,*JSeora»Srjr.' XXX Wuuajas, Aaak.
John Otoy Tay'lbr4 Samuel flrnf«aj^
1 ' . 8. iL HeAnmey, . 9i*amv6lafctier- u s3
1... Wm. BL Stcsltoa, ... O Wtfa**? . ni)|
! Dr. Orwav Owtol"! ifc'ij M f'iSnnaaaana
j <* T». H-GitWEU, jf mi«iPi puj mil ■..,,..
I « »t. W.FI Basua, Anafrhan.' i«arras
Coale A Barr. Ahureaaon, Af«om tar Warabsjrap.
; ton, RoHtsea, Lee, flfastt and ; ;W»sb._ '
■ •'( ■ ■■■ —"i ■'■■; 'i' ."■' —";m .e'r.>'!*o "Mrr »,<
| GS HI Lbs. Sew Rice ■
Cfra . T. G. Mc€O\SRLL * Co. ,
■• Een.3B. 188S.'* "' «w
SMOhli-ti Tobacco at _^

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