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to burn upon the border, and spread northward !
witfi the speed of the hurricane ; then may we
begin to look for the "beginning of the %nd."
The glorious Morgan and the ni|)le Breckin
ridge, with the other spirits, who "strike for
God and their native land*" may yet redeem the
noble old Commonwealth. The people are right
at heart, but they are led by their leaders'. But
I must stop lest you begin te think me disloyal
to this\most blessed government. Ah! my sister,
what fraternity of soul these times of peril
develop. When you are happy because you are
free in your home, somtimes think with pity on
Us, who have gyves on our limbs and shackles,
on our tongues, and held life and liberty at the
grace of our masters.
V7e are not all degenerate spirits. May we
meet again "when this cruel war is over," and
under the protecting folds of that blood-stained
banner of the free, we will recall this terrible
nightmare which now oppresses us only as one
injher hours of gaiety remembers a fearful dream.
Reports of the Press Association.
Entered according to act of Congress in the year
1863, by J. S. Thrasher, in the Clerk's office
ef the District Court of the Confederate States
for the Northern District of Georgia.
The Confederate Victory in Trans
Mississippi, &c.
MEiiflhiN, April, 14th.
Advices from beyond our lines confirm the
report of the Confederate victory in the Trans
Miss. Department.
Wounded are arriving in large numbers.
Powers' cavalry had a fight recently at
Plains' store near Wadeville, In which he
whipped the enemy, taking a number of pri
soners and one piece of artillery.
Col. John Setc *t takes command of the cav
alry in East Louisana.
1 m «
Capture of Fort Pillow.
Mobile, April 15.
Western advices announce tbat Chalmers
captured Fort Pillow and two regiments of
sight to twelvo hundred negroes aud eight
guns, and destroyed two transports.
■» ♦ >
From Walton.
Dalton, April 15.
All quiet in front.
Five Alabamians who were to have been
shot, to-day, for desertion, were temporarily
reprieved by .Gen Johnston, until President
Davis be heard from.
2d despatch.
Dalton, Apr. 16.
Northern dates to 13th received.
The East Tennessee Convention met at
Knoxville on the 12th. Delegates from near
ly every county were in attendenee.
William Heiskell was elected President.
Daniel Treupitt nia>iea speech denouncing
apostates in the bitterest terms as a combina
tion of politicians against the administration.
Andrew Johnson made a speech declaring
that negroes have been working rich lands in
Tennessee long enough. Slavery was already
dead; if we had no slaves there would be few
Confederate Victory in Louisiana-
Federal Eos*, 14,000.
Mobile, April 15.
Mississippi River advices from various
points report a great battle between Gen.
Kirby Smith and Banks near Shreveport, in
which Banks wal defeated with a lo<s of 14,
---000. Baton Rouge and other hospitals are
full of Yankee wounded.
_»♦ • ;
From Richmond.
Richmond, April 16th.
Petersburg papers of* this morning report
considerable excitinent in Blackwater section,
in consequence of an advance of the Yankees.
Several skirmishes had taken place; the in
formation received, is reliable. Tbe Peters
burg Express represents Burnside's forces
landing in large numbers at Portsmouth, on
2d despatch.
Richmond, Apr. 16.
Additional Northern items have been re
There was great excitement in Jonesboro,
111., caused by a soldier shooting a citizen.
Forces have been sent to»prevent further
The Pennsylvania Senate adopted Resolu
tions for removing the seat of government to
Philadelphia, *
Meade will be retained in command of the
army of the Potomac.
Raining here heavily.
1 « ♦ ■»
Tbe Capture of Fort Pillow,
Great Slaughter of Negroes and Yankees.
t ' Mobile, April 16.
A special to the Advertiser and Register
from Fort Pillow, dated the >2th, says For
rest attacked this place with Chalmers' Divi
sion yesterday. The garrison consisted of 300
whites and- four hundred negroes. The Fort,
refusing to surrender, was carried by storm.
Forrest led Bell's Brigade and Chalmers led
McCulloch's. Both entered the Fort at op
posite aides simultaneously. An indiscrimi
nate slaughter followed. One hundred pri
soners were taken, the balance slain. The
Fortran with blood. Many jumped into the
river and were drowned or shot in the water.
F Over one hundred thousand dollars worth
of stores were taken and six guns.
Confederate lass 75. Lt. Col. Reed, sth Mis
sissippi, was mortally wounded.
• ♦ ♦ ■
The Array of the Potomac Pre
paring to Advance.
Gold 190.— Burnside's Designs.
Richmond, April 17.
The army of the Potomac is rapidly prepar
ing for the new campaign.
• Brig. Gen. Torbett is assigned to tbe com
mand of the first division of cavalry. Wilson
is to relieve Gregg in command of the second
division. • .
Scouts report that Longstreet, with the
■■■•S *■ smsamsssas-Bmsmsaa-a-amssm-w-s-Bm-M MBsmsßssi^nmmsßmsnntmswMSsmsssmmsr
' =- = — W=
;reater part of his army, has reached Ricn
oond. Also reported that the officers df Lee's
riny were ordered to send their baggage to
Richmond before the 19th inst.
—— <o—
From Northern Virginia.
Orange C. H., April 17.
Deserters who have entered our lines the
last week report that the enemy will begin to
advance to-morrow, eight days rations having
>een issued for that purpose. They also re
>ort the enemy fortifying Piney Mount near
Julpeper C. H.
Citizens just out of the enemy's lines, say
he enemy will force a fight soon, in order to j
tave their old troops, whose time expires in
d"ay, not one fifth of which have re-enlisted.
The Yankee army is reported in any thing
>ut fne spirits.
Meade is reported receiving reinforcemei te
Major General M. F. Smith, of the army of
he West, is assigned to duty in this army as
3hief Engineer .on General Lee's staff.
All quiet in front to-day.
i —£f~ —
From Richmond.
Richmond, April 18th.
The Secretary of tbe Treasury advertises
his morning five millions of the new guaran
eed six per cent, bonds to be sold at auction
n this city, in lots ts suit purchasers, on the
2th of May.
Prisoners (if war in Richmond at this time
ire less than two thousand,including 800 com
nissioned officers.
Another flag of truce boat is looked for
rriday, with prisoners for exchange.
Weather clear this morning.
It is believed that active -military opera
ions in Nurthern.Virginia will commence du
ing the week, by an advance of Grant's ar
—» ♦ ♦
Later from the \orlh.
Richmond, April 19.
The New York Herald of the 15th reoeiv
d. The excitement in the gold mn-rket seems
•erfectly uncontrnlable. At one time premi
im run up 189, but fell subsequently to 74.
L'he Heraid says these rapid fluctuations are
tartling and ominous, and if Grant is defeat
din the. coming campaign "we may-look for
he deluge. Flour advanced from 10 to 25
ents; pork $1. .
A convention of Republicans dissatisfied
vith the present administration will be held
.t Cleveland the 20th of May to nominate a
andidate for the Presidency. Lincoln's
riends are alarmed at this movement.
2d despatch.
Richmond, April 19.
On Wednesday Buford with a Confederate
brce demanded the surrender of Furt HaJ
eck, at Columbus; he allowed a respite of five
lours for the removal of the women and chil
ireu. The latter were sent to Cairo. Mean
vhile two steamers arrived at Columbus from
he Lower Mississippi w*jh 3,000 veterans on
heir way home on furlough. These were
artded and it was believed would enable the
oinmandaui of the Fort to malce good his de
The Yankee version of the capture of Fort
*illow says two flags of truce demanding sur
ender were sent in but not received. At
hree o'clock the Rebels poured into the Fort,
ompelling the surrender. The incarnate
tends then commenced an 'indiscriminate
laughter of whites and blacks. Out of the
jarrisoh of 600 only 200 remained alive.
Gold has fallen in N. York to 171$ in con
equence of rumors put afloat by Chase tbat
he Government would offer a large amount
>f Sterling Bills and Bendggfur the future
rants ofthe Government for-the most they ;
vould bring.
The Yankees who recently appeared on the
llackwater have gone back.
—— — * * •
Latest from Hnexvllle.
The Bristol Gazette has some interesting
terns from Knoxville.
The tcwa is guarded by negro troops.
Dr. J. W. Paxton, Sr., died on tbe sth inst.
Col. G. W. Church well is very low, and n_>t |
xpected to recover.
The Federals are accumulating .large sup
ilies at Knoxville, and have fire steamboats
unning between that point and Bridgeport.
Baxter has turned his negroes loose and
leclares himself free. He boasts that he in
ende to go to Asheville, N. C, and raise a
Srigade for Lincoln.
C. P. Temple is peddling calico and law,
.nd playing second fiddle to Brownlow.'
John Fleming spends his time between the
ail (where he picks up small fees) and Andy
Cnott's doggery.
.♦♦ ♦ '
[email protected]" The Telegraph confirms the Shreve
iort victory. The enemy's loss was 8,000,
nth 32 pieces of artillery, and many wagons
nd teams.
College Hospital, Lynchburg, Va. \
April 18, 1864. /
If the Mh Magesterial District of Wanhing
ton County.
Fellow-citizens, I take this method of an
ouncing myself a candidate for Magistrate in
our District. I have served my country in the
rmy faithfully for nearly three years, which is
rell known to you, aud am yet willing to do so,
ut my health has been much impaired by the
eavy duties of three campaigns, and I feel that
am hardly able to endure the hardships of a
»urth. Nothing would induce me to become a
andidate for this office and leave the army, but
ly. inability to endure the hardships of a soldier
i the field. If elected, I shall endeavor to dis
harge the duties of the office faithfully and
romptly, hoping therefore for a liberal support.
I am respectfully,
Your obedient servant,,.
ot La* T. T. SALVER.
*~-»—————■————■■—■!■■—■■■■■■■■—■■■—■—■■■■—■— ——
To the Voters of Scott County. 1
We present to your worthy consideration the
name of Jacob F. Stair of Co. C, 48th Regt.
Va. Vols., as a candidate for Commissioner of
tho Revenue for the Northern District of Scott
county. He was among the first to respond to
our county call, and has borne the hardships and
braved the perils of our cause as becometh a
good and valiant soldier. He is, excelled by
none for his patriotism, and will never desist
from our noble cause so hong as we have power
to sustain the name of our young republic, or
breath to lisp sentiments in her behalf. If ysu
wait to learn concerning his deeds of valor, we
would point you to the battles of McDowell,
Winchester, Cross Keys, Port Republic, ef the
plains below Richmond, Cedar Run, and the 2d
Bull Run, at the last of which he received a
wound in the arm. He, on account of said
wound, was only absent until able for duty,
then he again rejoined.the ranks to stand be
side his noble comrades. Soon after his re
turn he was wounded the 2d time at the battle
of Fredericksburg, which wound renders bim
wholly unfit for field service. We, therefore,
beg you look in behalf ofrfhe future welfare of
our cause, ask you to select qualified men, who
are disabled for military duty, and men who
will make good civil office holders among you.
By so doing, you will fill a vacancy in the army,
and a vacaucy at home. A rule that works two
ways on this basis, is certainly a good one. We
know Mr. Stair is sufficiently qualified to fill
said office, and do earnestly solicit that you give
honor to whom honor is due, and that you let
his opponent slide from civil office since he has
slid out of the war.
. *»
Camp near Estillville, Va., \
April 12th, 18C4. /
Fellow-citizens of the county of Lee, I have
concluded to become a candidate for Commis
sioner of the Revenue for the East District of
Lee county at an election which is to be held on
the fourth Thursday in May. Having been,
and now am, in the army, I have not the opportu
nity to visit your homes, consequently I shall
have to submit my claims to your consideration.
Respectfully, your friend and Fellow-citizen,
Co. F, 64th Va. Cay.
B&» By the solicitation ef many voters, I
have consented to become a candidate for Sur
veyor of Washington county. It is known to
many of my fellow-citizens that I am unable to
perform military duty. As canvassing is unne
cessary, I will leave the decision with you.
Yours respectfully,
We are requested to announce Captain
Francis M. Smith, of the 27th Mounted Bat
talion, as a candidate for the Clerkship, sf the
Circuit Court of Scott county.
Married in this place, on Thursday evening,
the 7th inst., by Rev. James McChain, Dr. D.
K. Tuttle and Miss Ellen W. Humes, daughter
of John W. flames, Esq.
Married, at Three Springs, in this county, pn
the 14th inst, by Rev. W. W. Neal,Mr. Wm.
Pase of Abingdon, and Miss Samaktha Page,
of tbe former place.
Departed this life in Atlanta, Ga., the 18th
day of January, 1864, Wm. A. Crenshaw, in
the 34th year of his age.
Eulogiums on the •dead'have become quite
common, and virtues are not unfreqnently as
cribed to those wbo never possessedtthemwin
order to hand down te posterity, a story of
the genius and virtues of those, when dead, who
never possesssd them while living. Not so how
ever with the subject of this imperfect sketch.
He had been a zealous and highly acceptable
member of the M. E. Church, for several years
prior to his decase, and so uniform was he in
his conduct and so zealous and punctual in his
devotions, that he won the esteem and'admira
tioa of all who knew him, and endeared himself
to the church as an upright christian gentle
Some three years ago the Northern Cain rose
us to Blay his brother Abel. Brother Crenshaw
felt it to be his duty fo help drive bim back "to
the land of Nod, when the storm of war arose
in the Northern Skies, when subjugation, Con
fiscation and annihilation were the terms offer
ed us if we dare resist. The Federal despot,
Broiher Crenshaw not wishing to accept the
Federal yoke, saying "Six Semper Tyrannis,"
and came forth gallantly, and taking bis stand
by the side of his comrades, beneath tbe flag of
his adoption signified his willingness to pour out
his blood in common streams for the common
and equal benefit of all.
He was a true type of the Southwestern Vir
ginia gentleman and would never have dishonor
ed the names and memory of those gallant Sons
of the old Dominion, who have crimsoned every
battlefield with this blood, from the first Manas
ses to tbe bloody Chickamauga.
Brother Crenshaw was a member sf the gal
lent Capt. Humes' company, 63 Va., Reg't and
was beloved and esteemed by the officers and
men as a good soldier. r «.."' ■
The writer esteeming-him for his piety, had
recently appointed him class leader in company
A, which position he held at the time of his
He leaves a wife and three children to mourn
this loss. But they sorrow not as those without
hope. They can rest assured that when the
summons came it found him with his lamp trim
ed and burning and fully equipped to enter into
the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. May the
bereaved family be prepared to meet the depart
ed husband and father in that happy clime,
where war and convulsions shall never disturb
them, but where love, joy and gratitude like an
eternal spring for ever bloomes.
O! how it greaves my poor heart to lay so
many of nty dear flock in the grave so low. But
Glory to God, when the reaping time shall have
come, snd Angels shall have gathered the har
vest home, yes when the new earth doth appear,
and Christ shall have been crowned King of
Kings, and Lord of Lords, I will meet them all,
'never, no never, to part again.
So prays,
\ Chaplain 63d Va., Reg't.
In th|s place, on Thursday lsst, the 14th inst,
William Loyd, son of Mr. James Alex'r Hagy,
aged 3 years, 5 months and 25 days.
Died, near this place, on the 19th March,
Jacob H. Z. T. Hughes, son of Mr. James
Hughes, aged 18 years.
Dr. E. M. Campbell has removed his resi
dence to Fruit Hill, but his office is the same
that he formerly occupied. When not at his of
fice or professionally absent, he can be found at
his bouse. [April 22-—tf
I WILL exchange the above in any quantities
"at my office for Bacon; giving for three
pounds of Bacon one pound of Sugar, for four
pounds of Bacon one pound of Coffee.
Capt. &A. C. S. 9. 8. A.
April 22d, 1864—2w
Southern Literary Messenger
FOB 1564,
A Monthly Periodical,
ABOUNDING with contributions from the
best Southern writers, selections from Fo
reign journals, Literature, Poetry, Romance,
&c, &c.
TERMS per annum, - - $15.00
•"• 6 months, - - - '8.00
Single copies, . - - - 2.00
Orders addressed to the undersigned,
will receive prompt attention.
RO. P. BUTTON, Ag't,
April 15, 1864—tf Lynchburg, V^.
T) all persons subject ts* Taxation under the
Confederate Tax Act:
I will meet the people at Friendship the 26th
of April; at Debusk's Mill the 27th; at David
Rosenbalm's the 28th, and at D. Rambo's the
29th. It is hoped none will fail to respond to
this call JOS.' W. DAVIS,
April 22, 1864—1t Assessor 65th Diet,
$300© Reward. •
S STOLEN from the subscriber, near Kings
port, Term., on the sight of the Bth of April,
A Fine Saddle Mare,
Saddle and Bridle. Said mare is a Mahogany
Bay, eight years old, sixteen hands high, white
face, very full forehead, roman nose, white un
der the belly, entering higher up on tbe left side
than the right, white collar marks on the top of
the neck, paces rapidly, and a mare sf fins con
rage arid appearance; also a fine Draggoon Sad
dle, brass mounting, large brass stirrups, red
web gearting and breast straps. I will give the
above reward for the apprehension and delivery
of the thief and mare, or I will give one thou
sand dollars for the delivery of the mare and
equipments, the above reward to be paid in
Confederate money. Any information will be
thankfully received. $> F. L. PHIPPS,
April 22, 1864—ta$10 t Kingsport, Term.
$10© REWARD. ~
LEFT me on my way from Abingdon to
Russell county,* my black boy
I bought Charles in Richmond, Va., some five
weeks ago; and said boy ran off from James
Ireson, Jr., and was taken and lodged in jail at
Abingdon, and on my way home with him, ran
again. Charles is aout 5 feet 8 inches high,
very black, a ship carpenter by trade, had on
when he left black cloth coat and white over
coat, gray pants and slouch hat. No doubt he
will try to make his w*y to Richmond.
I will pay the above reward for his delivory
to me, or confinement in jail, so that I get him
again. D. J. AYRES.
April 22, 1864—tf ,
\T|TAS stolen from my pasture, near Daren-
T T port's Mill, on the night of the 18th inst,
a BROWN MULE, o/ small size, and looks as if
he has been shaved.from the points of his hip
'bones to near his hoofs. He is 6or 7 years old,
' has chain and back band marks about his sides.
I will give the above reward upon the delivery
of said Mule, or any information by which I can
secure him again. CALEB J. LOGAN.
April 22, 1864~-3t
$1000 Reward.
MY store was entered on the nfght of the 7th
inst., and robbed of about $14,000 worth
of goods, in part as follows:
A lot of 38 inch Brown Shirting, 6 to 8
pieces Plaid Ginghams, some pink, some green,
some dark, some black and white and 1 piece
light purple.
A lqt of superior 4-4 French Purple Prints,
small figure, a lot of 4-4 Dark do. narrow check,
or plaid, 6 to 8 pieces 4-4 Chockolate Prints,
rather large figure, a few pieces 4-4 But* do,
small red star in it, seme 4-4 Black aud White
Prints, 1 piece Solid Black do, a lot of superior
4 4 Second Mourning Prints, some 8 pieces 8-4
Fancy Prints, a lot of fancy light-colored Cot
ton Handkerchiefs, (imitation silk.) Most of
the above goods were in full bolts.
I will give- the above reward for the.recovery
ofthe goods, and the arrest ofthe thief or thieves,
or in that proportion for any amount of tbe
goods recovered and returned to ma in good or
der. ,
Abingdon, April 15th, 1864—tf
Wan Department,
Bureau of Conscription,
Richmond, Va., January 28th, 1864.
PARAGRAPH X of General Orders No. 82,
Adj't and Insp*T General's Office of 1862, re
quires that "Application for exemptions must,
in all cases, be mads to the Enrolling officer."
If the local Enrolling officer has not the power
to act, or is in. doubt, he will, after investiga
tion under circular No. 8, current series, refer
such applications through the proper official
channels to this Bureau. All such applications
addressed to this Bureau, will necessarily snd
invariably be returned for local investigation;
and the applicants will thus have uselessly lest
time snd prolonged euspence. Appeals from
adverse decisions of the local officer and of the
Commandants of Conscripts for the Ststes, will
be forwarded by them for hearing, when any
plausible ground of appeal is set forth.
2. Commandants of Conscripts will give this
notice extensive circulation in the local press of
their respective States.
By order Sf » .
Col. JNO< S. PRESTON, Supt
C. B. Dckielb, A. A. Gen'l.
April let, 1864.

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