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What Sherman says of our Sol
The "Countryma.-" of the 15th publishes
a letter fro-i Rev. Geo. G. N. McDonell, re
porting the substance of a conversation he
had with a very "intelligent lady, a friend of
'his who had beeu exiled from Atlanta under
Sherman's edict. This lady bad an interview
with Gen. Sherman before she left Atlante, in
which he paid a just and well merited tribute
to the valor of oiir arm*. -We copy from Mr.
MeDooell's letter:.
"He (Sherman) remarked that it would be
no disgrace to us if we were finally subjugat
we certainly would be—as we bad
fought against four or five times our number
with a degree of valor which had excited the
admiratiou of the \ world; and that the U. S.
Government would gain no honor nor credit
if they succeeded m : their purpose as they
.had thus far failed, with five men in the field
to our one. He regarded the Southern sol
diers as the bravest in the world, and admit
ted that in a fair . field fight we could whip
them two to our one; but he claimed for him-'
sell and his compeers the credit of. possessing
more strategic ability than our Generals. —
*You can beat us in fighting, madam,'said he,
*but we can out manoeuvre you; your Gene
rals do not work half enough; we work day
aud night, and spare.no labor nor pains tv
carry out our plans.'
•Referring fco his evacuation of the trench
es around the' city, he asked the lady if they
did not all think he was retreating; and when
she replied that some, think so, be laughed
heartily at the idea, and remarked, 'I played
Hood a real Yankee trick that time, didn't It
He thought \ was running away, but he soon
had to pull up s takes* alui run himself.'"
i ■- _ ♦ • —i
• Raiding in Greenbrier.
A correspondent, writing to the Lynchburg
"Virginian," from the county of -Greet-briec,
on'the 21st, says:
. On.the night of the llth instant, that noto
rious scamp, Captain Ramsey, with forty-twt
of his marauders, made- a raid into the coun
ty of Greenbrier for the purpose of.captur
ing a lot of horses, sent there to recruit, in
charge of Lieutfyiant C. J. Lon*g t of tbe 17th
Virgiuia regiment. His men, ten in humber.
were quartered in a cabin, convenient'to the
horses. About 11 e'cioek the cabin was sur
rounded anl the men all captured, but, most
fortunately, Sergeant J. Cain and one _£tl)€
men, who had been to preacliingfin the neigh
borhood, came in sight of the cabin just in
time to see what was going on. .
The Sergeant sent the men full speed td
Captain Amick's camp, about two miles off.
He found Lieutenant Aulstid in camp, who,
with most commendable promptness, mount
ed fifteen of his men and started' in pursuit ol
the thieves. He soon overtook them, charged
them most gallantly, rescued our prisoners,
recapture- all the horses but eighteen, (fifty
or sixty having been captured,) took seven ol
Rainsoy's meu prisoners, got nineteen fine
guns, and drove the rest of them out of the
country. > It is said four of them were killed
near Mcadowjßluff.'by Oapatin.Snyder's men.
Thus ended this bold attempt to steal horse:
by a. cowardly band of thieves, who wen
driven .yut o.*the county by the gallant Lieul
Aulstid and Fourteen of his brave men,, aided
by a few of Lieut. Long's men, who,, aftei
being rescued, turned upon their captors.
•All quiet now in the county.
Cheap, Funnel.
In the scarcity of tin. every one may not
bo aware that good enough funnels for syrup
and all ordinary uses can be made of gourds
of the proper shape and size. Cut off the end
of the handle and cutout from around the
eye a piece large enough to pour in your syrup,
remote the seeds, etc., let it soak to get out
the bitter taste, and your funnel is-ready.--
Gourds in these times' have become a very
important institution in bouse.hold economy.
-i—__ ■» ■»- '..
Core for Mug (jliolora.
A planter publishes in the Vicksbur/J
Whig the following cure for hog
which, he says, never fails: j*.
Taken table spoonful of soda, dissolved in
a,cup of water, and drench the hog. If it
does not stop it soon, give- a second dose,
which will certainly effect a cure. Try it.
Later from Louisiana.
An arrival at New York, from New Orleans
on the ltlrh,, gives the following Yankee
It is said that A Hen, who assumes to be re
bel Governor t_f Louisiana, has organized at
Shreveport, in that Sta.*-, ten regiments oi
negroes, who are to be armed and equipped
from the proceeds of cotton sales at Matamo
ras. There is a report that the rebel General
Buckner has ten thousand troops at Alexan
dria, Louisiana, where there ar. said to*be
abundant supplies of beef and corn. «oneol
our New Orleans correspondents says that a
gentleman has arrived in that _ity with per
mission from President Lincoln to bringtwen
ty thousand bales of cotton into the Union
lines. The large supply 'of cotton recently
stopped by tlie rebel authorities on its way
across Texas to Brownsville has been releas
ed. The House of Representatives of th.
Louisiana Legislature has authorized the is
suance of bonds to the amount of two and a
half millions of -dollars for the purpose of car
rying on the State Government. Gen. Canbj
was rapidly recovering from the effects of hi.
Around received on White river, Arkansas.
$90© REWARD.
. Cj» TOLEN from my father's stable, in the low
k_7 er end of thi*. county, on tbe night of th'
7th inn., a very five Gray Mare, four years old
l-ist spring, and barefooted ail round. She is
about 14} hands high, and paces "well: ' '■
At the s!.-M»ti_.ie, a Gray Horse., three yeai.
old last spring! 14 or 15 bauds, high, and has a
dog trot.
Atso at the sametime, stolen from me, a Clay
JVink Mare, with flax mane and tail, with a
bald face, and I think, white hind feet, 8 or 9
years old, -bout lo hands high.
Taken at the same time, two citizen Saddles,
One was* nc.w, the other one was about half worn.
Taken at the _ame time, a Gray Confederate
Overcoat, nearly new. : - .
I will give nine hundred dollars for the "three
Horses, or three-for either of them, or a liberal
rowfti-d will be paid for any information so that
I pet tlit.ni.
I hope the people will help me, as lam a one
legged sobiier, mid it i>.the last horse I had, and
my father is in tbe army. The thievos said they
were going to Col. Qiltovr'a command.
October 21, 18G_—tf
.•• . . .
.TiiHt Published I
Richardson's southern Almanac
_e , O_El.lB«3St
IT contains, besides the 'iJalenuars, &c, the
Officers of C. S. Government, Official list ol
Members of 2d Congress, Statistics of States.
Army and Navy List, Population and Debt ol
; Europe and America,. Statement of killed, _.c,
[m the battles of the War, Rates of Postage, _.c.
rendering it the moat valuable publication evei
iasued'at an unprecedented low price..
Single copy 7.5 cents, 12 copies $6, 100 $40.
Send stamps to pay return postage.
.'.*"•- ; Publishers, Lynchburg, JTa.
Nov. 4, l c 64—tasl2. ; .
of Sequestrated Lands.
ON the 26th day of December next, that be
ing Court day, I will offer for sale, to th«
highest bidder, in frontof the Court House dooi
of Washington county, Va., the following land,
which have been .Sequestrated and ordered to bt
sold, to wit; The large and valuable tract oi
land, which belonged to William Johnson, oi
Indiana, containing 500. Acres, more or less, -ly
ing mainly in Scott, but partly in Washington
county. One-fourth of the purchase money to
be paid down, the balance in equal instilments,
at 6 and 12 mouths respectively, with' interest
from day of sale, with the privilege to the pur
chaser of paying down the whole, but if the said
privilege is not exercised, the deferred pay
ments to be secured by bonds witL good securi
ty-. •
Also, on the same day and place, I will offer
for salej (subject to the dower intere*-t.)tbe un
divided interests of 8 alien, heirs of Adam Shel
ley, deed, being eight eighteenths (8- oi
the tract of land on which.the said Adam Shel
ley resided at the time of his death, and on
which bis widow and son Isaac now reside, situ
ated in Scott county, Va., and coh tain ing some
387 Acres, more or iess. One-third of the pur
chase money to be paid down, tbe residue in
t.qual instalments at G and 12 mouths respec
tively, with interest thereon from day of sale.
Defered payments to be secured by bond with
good security, and by retaining a lien spon tbe
land, but with the privilege to pay the whole
. Al.o, oh the Ist Mpnday in January next,
(Court day,) / will offer'for sale in from of tbe
Court House of Montgomery county, Vs., 2,50.
Acres of land, situated on Dry, Run iv said
oouuty, which belongs to the firm of Spotts,
New house & Co., alien, enemies' residing in the
State of Pennsylvania* conveyed to them by one
John-Pepper, by deed, dated April 26t_, J 856,
of record iv the Clerk's office of the' county a
foresaid, the same being undivided nioitits ol
tvTo tracts, one containing 2,100 and the other
2,400 Acres. ,
Also,'on the same day and at tbe same place
last above mentioned, 1 will offer for »le 800
Acres, belonging to Howard Tilden, being an
undivided part of 15.238 Acres of land, situat
ed iv the county of Montgomery, Va., aud was
grunted to Bcnjamen Martin. Deer. 4tL, 1793.
The aforesaid 2,400 and $00 Acres of land
will be sold on a credit of Gaud 12 months, wuh
interest from dayofsale, but the purchaser may
discharge the same with interest then djie at a
ny time before maturity.
Also, ou the Ist Mojiuay in February. next>
(Court day,) I will offer fur sale, in frott of the
Court House door, in Carroll county, 500 Acres
of land, lying on Reed Island Creek, 8 miles
South of the Court House of said cou»ty, be
longing to Benjayiin Hill, an alien enemy, and
was in the possession of Ira B. Col-ranc. Said
500 Acres will be sold on a credit of 6 and 12
months, -allowing the purchaser to disci-Urge (he
same with interest at any time before aiturity.
Also, at the same place, and on tlie same day
last above n.-imed, I will offer for safe three
'tracts of laud, situated in Carroll Vs.,
to wit: One tract of 450 Acres,' more er less,
lying on Crooked Creek, and was granted to
Joseph .Jackson by patent, dnted May; 30th,
1806, and by the said Jackson to Tlionia. Wester
and John Cook.
The 2d, atract of 400 Acres, more or le.s,
lying on Chestnut Creek, aud was grauted by
the Commonwealth of Va.' to Daniel Carlan, by
patent, dated May Ist, 1787.
The 3d tract contains 200 Acres, mor. or less,
lying oh the waters of Chestnut Creek, adjoin
ing the 400 Acres last above mentioned, and
was also granted to the saitl -Carlan by patent
dated .August 7tb, 1788. The two liist named
tracts of land were conveyed by the said Daniel
Carlan to Alexander Smith, and by him to Tho
mas Wester and John Cook, deVd.
The 3d tracts of land last mentioned belong
to the heirs, of Thomas Wester and John Cook,
deed, who are alien enemies, and will be sold
for cash in hand, "subject to the rights therein,
it'tany, of Joseph A. Richardson, : ' who had leas
ed the same for a term of years.
Nor. 25, 18-4—-4w Receiver, &_*
-■■ ■ -
Tax in Rind—Corn
FARMERS owing Tax in Kind of Corn, are
inf-rmed that they may deliver t>eir ddes
to the Government as follows: In the county
of Washington, at ray office near the Railroad
. Depot, at thus place; at the mills of Jam«s Vance,
James L. Cole. James Mj Byars and VyuJham
Rqb'ert-on, (near Saltville, to his miller, David
Denny.) In tbe connty of Russell to .my Agent,
E. D Miller, nnd at Hansor.ville, to James M.
Hanson. All the above are authorized to give
receipts which will be placed in proper form,
either by my Agents or when presented to me.
Late orders from Richmond are very urgent
that I*shall spare no effort to obtain all the sur
, of this District'for our Armies with as lit
tle delay as po.sible. They speak pArticularly
of Corn, which seems to be greatly needed. My
Agents have directions from .me accordibgly.—
It is earnestly hoped that the people of the Dis
trict will exhibit the same loyal and liberal spi
rit which it is my pleasure tv be able to testify
they have generally done since I have been on
duty among' them. But should there be aijy
found attempting to avoid so plain a duty by
seeking to obtain higher prices, and withhold
ing their supplies from the Government, I shall
be compelled, most unwillingly, to impress ri
gidly in every such case.'
Capt. & A, C. S., C S. A.
Abingdon, Nov. 25, 1864—4t
Stock tor Sale,
I HAVE a pair of No. 1 Oxen for sale; a
couple of fine year-ling Moles. Any one wish
ing to purchase such property, will find it to
their iuterest to call oa me at an early day, at
my residence, seven miles above Abingdon, in
Rich Valley. 8. P. METCALFE.
Abingdon, Nov. 4.1864—tf
Milch Cows for Sale. .
I WILL sell 4 or 6 Milch Cows, (improved
stock,", either for specie or Confe*.erate mo
ne y-V .new-issue;) if application is made soou.
C-darrill., $«_, Nor. 11, TB64—tf
Pianos! Pianos!! {
MR. 11. COOKE, of long experience iv \
tuning aud repairing Pianos, will remain
iv Abingdon a few weeks. Any who may wish
to have their Pianos tuned, can leave their ad
dress at this office.
Oct. 14, 1864—if
Gold ana Silver Cciii for Sale;
I. hereby notify the public that I have <*peued
an office at the store cf _\ B. Hurt __ Co., for
tbe transaction of a General Brokerage Business,
and that I am preprred to buy and sell Specie,
. Bonds, Notes and securities generally, en the
most liberal terms. >,
A supply of Gold and Silver Coin just receiv
ed for sale at market rates. - * *
Wantsd—Bonds, of all descriptions, 4 per
. cent. Certificates, State Money, &c. ' '
Abingdon, Sept. 16, '
T.N pounds of Salt to each inhabitant of
Washington county, Va., at $4 per bushel
of 50 pounds, is now ready for delivery at Salt- !
The citizens are requested to call promptly
on tbe Agents, pay and get orders..
T. G. MoCONNELL, Dist. No. 1, 2, 4, 5 & 9
R. C ALLISON, •♦ " 6, 7& 8.
W.R.RHEA, " ».*.
Orders will not be drawn for less than 10
Sept. 9, 1864^-tf
$100 REWARD.
ESCAPED from me on Saturday night, the
27th inst,, at the house of Charles Gilmer,
E«*q , Scott county, my Negro boy CHARLES—
this being the 3d time Charlies has escaped from
me. Charles is about 5 leet 7 inches high, very
black, heavy built, and will weigh about 160
pounds,.had no. wearing apparel but shirt and
linen pants and shoes when he left me. I will
pay the above reward,for his apprehension and
confinement in jail so that I can get him again;
nnd I will handsomely reward exclusively aßy
person that may get and lodge him in the jaH
cf Russell county, Va.
Lebanon, Va., Sept. 9, 1864—tf
TI AN,away from the subscriber on Tuesday
JLI, nipbt last, a Negro Boy by «f
Madison, about 19 years old, about o feet 10
inches high, dark complexion, slightly pock
marked, nnd had on a dark Jeans coat, yellow
pants and gray cap. He formerly belonged to
Willoughby Munsey, of Lee county. J. willjpTe".
the above reward for his confinement in any jail
in tbe State, so that I get him.
Dec. 18, 1868—tf B : C. CLARK,
ALL.persons holding certificates for snpplies
bought by Commissaries.- of Longstreet's
coi-pl, and of Johnson & Grade's Brigades,*"are
hereby notified that Capt. John M. Qfr&Bri*-«ol,
Term., is furnished with .lists of said indebted
nes and fund 1 ) for payment ef same-
July 22d r 1864—tf Capt & ACS
Wf ILL begin the next term the 15tb August,
V v 1864, and,close thtf 25th December fol
lowing: '..*';
Prices of Board and Tuition, &_., the same
as those for the term just closed, viz ;
For board for the term $50, payable in pro-
I vision, at the most liberal rate of old prices.
Tuition in Preparatory course, ' $75
-• -*• Collegiate «■» 100
" •- Music, 100
"* ' Contingent, fee, 8
" Use of Piano, . 8
Provisions nm.tbe paid in advance, or within
the first month of the term. _w j
. : Address m WKA. HARRIS,
July 29, 1864. w . Abinfdon, Va.
THE FIRST SESSION of this institution
will open Sept. 5, proximo, in the. basement
of the Episcopal Church, under the superinten
dence of the Rev. W.C. Bowman.
Term* ol Tuition.
The Primary Department, embracing .
Arithmetic, Geography History and , ' '-'' s
below, per session of 5 mouths, $50.00
The Academic Department, including
English Grammar and Natural
Sciences. - - - $60.00
The higher branches of Mathematics " '
• and the Languages. - . - $75 00
As-tunny, as ten indigent pupils will be receiv
ed and taught in nny or all of the*abovc branch
es, free of tuition charges.
j&3&~ Board id private families Can he pro- 1
cured on reasonable terms.
Wytukville, Va., Aug. 26, 1864—tf
Sew Concern. -
WILL Tau Hides on the shares, or pay Shoes
& Boots, Money or Merchandize for Hides,
upon as good terms as can be had in this conn
They respectfully solicit a trial. Their Shoe
Shop is one. doojr east of the. Washington house,
where George W. Man.z will be found ready to
. accommodate all who may call.
Their Tan Yard is about eight miles Northeast
of Abingdon, Va., where R. A. Lipford will be
found ready to receive hides, and pay for the,
same, or take them to tan on the shares.
Parsons wanting Shoes and Boots made,, oi
money, in exchrnge for hides/will call on Mr.
Mants. GEO. W. MANTZ A CO.
Feb: 27, 1868. <
Dr. 11. fit. GRANT,
OFFICE nearly opposite Martha Washington
Female College, treat end of town.
Feh. 20th: 1-J6B.
Mutt or Misplaced,
IN the mail from- Christiansburg. Va., two
four per cent. Certificate*, dated 30th May,
J 1864, No. 20, issued in the name* of James P.
Kelly for four hundred dollars, aad No. 19, in
the name of Jefferson Mataey. for one hnndrad
dollars, by C. B. Gardner, Depository.'
This notice is given, that a oaution may be
offered the publieagainst trading for these Cer
tificates, as application will be made for dupli- '
catesthereof- .JAMBS P. KELLY. '..
Not. 18,1864—6*
' _-■•■'•.
nD-QRS., DEPT. W. VA.,ja^hjtfe
Wttbiville, Va., Nov. Sfe X .- jLyi
I. All c-Scers, men and _fetasM|
from their eotuuiands not under flpj rVr_ "'
from-those Head-Quarters, will ItMßilEt
mcc. Those belonging to Cosby
Brigades and who did not go with tge
Valley, will report to Col. Giltner, «M.
of the portion of these Brigades ra___t_oj| !■
this Department, at his Head iQuarterain 1
county, d. at whatever p_i_Ftb_y amy be -
11. AU officers in their sphere are cbanpftt
with the execution or this order. . Ab__oterfi_i t
straggling and pillaging cannot bt to)-m£iij
and all hereafter absent from their c_-fcf_
who'are unable to produce proper a«tl-_-En|
be treated as deserters, stragglers or
as tha ease may be. ' _
111. Ths sov-rnl C4m_umdj_g 0-_cs!
report from time to time any u_un-_fco_-t|
sense of oßeer* met. or d_«*«_i__ea.«" kipi ■'
fer with these Mead Quartern as to ■>_>■_ ;
covering them.. ! - ** '
By oemauißd __* • - : <k«
Major Genera. B_JK._I-.HDSE;
J. SzenDAK- Jsusstos, ,
- December 2d, 1804—lm.
- • . . ■' _¥OTICE.
NOTICE ia hereby given that I will apply to .
tbe Secretary of the Treasury of the V-ft
federate States fur the -eßewalof a __ttiic
iof a four per cent Bond issued by t. % 4s«rf
Depositary at Abingdoa. Va., in tie name of
John C. Johnston, for $600, dated March 28.
1864. No 975. •
Dec. 2d, 1864—6w fi*-is»\>
T) make a durable yuui e_e«llaot BLACK
INK, which flows freely, will not corro_f
th« pen, and warranted "periftlanent. .
Trice by mail, postage paid, $6,00 per paelfc*
age, which makes one pint of ink. ' ;■_ .
Crimson ink, for office ruling, cd&ei-. JM|s ;
per, &c. ~*■/, T^
Blade by J.-R WALKER, Chsmla., T." '
Dee. 2d, Wytbevßle, Va.
*_«*© REWARD. t
T» AN AW AY from the unuVtsigned, li*r__e 7'
■3\> miles South West of AbingdwA V*., abe«**
«hg- first of No-ember, a n_gVo_la-ui, n&Bted
JOHN, belonging to tbe _.«■_ .
tucky and hiretT.y me from Mr J_i>_*e tytk, #f
Mt. Sferling, Jty. Said mantis W&\\\m » \
years old, 5 feet 8 or 0 inches high—heavy
vevy dark, large eye*, thick lips, good
ftanc*. When s»p_ken to he answers slowly*—*
. Had on when k_ left, shirt, pants .and wtrf-. \ \ <
'shoes rather worn and hat rather iudiferent. f
will give the above reward for the arrest and d«-»
livery of said slaw tome, or forhise.«__wwetft,
so that T can jret Wm again.
My Poet Office addres is Abingdon. Va.
December 2d, 1864—4w.
_- FARM WALTER. .' -
ANY person h mug a small faim to r-sti it) the
lower em. -»f Washington caunty, dm find
.a tenant by tv ling at the VirginianOfficeJAb*
ingdoft, V*. - ,
December 2d, 1864—2w
*- - — :■ ' .:■ ' -' '*■■; *'■_ '■■■•-- ' •
PURSUANT to a decree in the easa of -Slel
ton and wif. against W. B. Campbell,Ex'or,
and othei-s, I will offer for Rent, on the Ist day
of the next Decepiher County Court, for the tens
of one'year, 'Mo_t Calm," With 82 aer«« ad
joining. And in like manner, I will offer
Rent, on the Ist day of tbe next January Coun
ty Court, the small Meadow of ab_qt 8 acres,
adjoining ReT. Thomas Brown and Wyndbatu
Robertson. The terms will b. made known' on
the day of the letting.. Bond aud security ViH..
be required of the lessees.
G. S. BEKRM, Com'r.
Abingdon, Va., Dec. 2,1864—tf
-Liberal Reward,
LOST on Saturday, Nov. 26th, betwern Mr. ;
McChain's and Mr. Vance's Mill, a Mourn
ing Breastpin, with hair in it.- Tbe finder will be
liberally rewarded upon .leaving the Pin at Hup
qffic*.. ' [Dec. 2—tf
VIRGIN I At—At Rule. Md in the Clerk's
office of ihe County Court of Washington
county, on Monday,,the 7th day of Nov., 1804:
•lohJißoe, Plaintiff.
Hugh 8. Neely, Defendant.
- In Case—On an Attachment.
The object of this suit is to recover of the de
fendant, the ram of §63 due by account, .and
subject to the payment thereof any money in
the hands of Caleb Neal, who has been garni
' sheed for the purpose, as will be sufficient to
satisfy the plaintiff's demand. And, it appear
ing by legal evidence that the defendant iapot
a resident of this State, the said defendants
required to appear here within one month-after
due publication of this order, and do what is ne
cessary to protect his interest in this suit.
A Copy.—Teste,
JOHfL 0. KREGER, c. c.
. Dec. 2.1864—4w ..-.- .
Washington County, in wit :
To the Clerk of the County Court of said County :
WE, Julius T. Davenport, Wm. C. Arnett
and Joseph Logan, three freeholders ef
the' aaid connty, do hereby certify, that by tit*
tue of a warrant to us directed by John If.
Maiden, a Justice of the said.county, we hare
this day, on onr oaths, viewed and appraised
two-Steers taken up by James Arnett, Br.,
on his land as estrays, and assess the value of -
the said estrays at $550. One of said Steers la ■
white and red speckled, the other a brindie, with
white in each flank, and both marked with crops
off the left ears, ever bit ia each ear, small, and
three years old. Oiven under our bands the 19th
day of Nov., 1864. J. T. DAVENPORT,
WM. C. ABNEt3.
A Copy.—Teste,
Dec. 2„ 1864—3w Pis. fee $14
WILt sell all property entrusted to him for
sale upon the usual Con-missions. He
will give the strictest attention t» all business
entrf-ited to him, aad promptly pay over the
proceeds of all sales. Business solicited. '-
My address is Abingdon, Va. v:'
No-. 18. 1864—tf. .
THE belderi of receipts iasu ad by me ftt-niw
isspe, vtS present .-.em _t once f*r i^.
--•' ■' ' " : -■■■"""' ,♦ '/, -J' ■>■ >■ ,-■ , - 'v^'-, ; &

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