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]\7cgroes for Sale.
Ju HE subscriber* will r.ell, at pri
Vatc sale, In good j
30 on 40 valuable Slaves, '
a part of the estate of Adam 5*. I) n»
d ridge, deceased. A liberal credit
Will be given.
January 12— tin.
Messrs. Samuel Edgar and
John R me land,
That ou site twentieth d y of E. tirsta
ry next ensuing, in the county of Wood,
in the state of Virginia, between the
flour of iu ’clock and Sun i»el of I he
same day. I shall proceed to take the
depositions of AaiguMu* Stone and o
tliers, at the h iusc of H. Hook, to l>»
read »n evid- nee in a suit now depend
ing in the Chancery aide of (lie county
court of tVo«d, in which l nut plainUH'
and vou are defendant,
Parkersburg, Jan t«.
Machinert) for Sale.
npuE siioicriticr having more Car.
_H ding Machines than ure necessary
in In» factory, would give the chore of
three ounce -nniodaliog terms, if np
plie..ili»n is shortly made Also, for
sale, a .X'arrijw Shearing Machine,
ayici two pair of Hand Shears—il>e\
have n it been in use for some time, but
are considered good. Apply to
Opeqnnn Factory, Jan. 2fi—tf
FOR SjllJi Olt It EAT.
rtpHrt undersigned being desirous of
H changing >iis business on aeenuo'
of the labour attending a niAiiufactH*
ring establishment, would be pleased
to sell on easy term*, or rent his es
tablishment, ('lie best ou account of
situation, custom and other advanta
ge* in Virginia.) provided it can be
effected before the fir*l day of April
next, to a u'*rs n well qualified to con
duct such uu establishment.— If not dis
pos'd of by the first of April it will be
continued in operation a• heretofore.
&*?" Flits property is very susceptible
nr it- iog converted into u Manufaetu
ii”«r *«>•!, it * • «*li should he desirable
to a nurcliase —in tld's respect its |.,
: :*l situ-ilioa i* I'Prtie.ns inferior to no
©if er* DANIE L ANMN.
Jan. 20— tf
tri" ' be editor of the Torch Light, Ha
g •Slow I, is requested to i.inert tbr
above seven io>.*j. nn.i send Lis uc
count to ibis Dnc f**r c dleetinn.
Taints. Oils. Glass Ground
Dye Woods.
"Jfyr A'*4 for rt!•• nop siie the Wash*
J* \l mg' on Tarcru. King street, u
ire.h an.f cinpletp assortment of
Dry C) is round Paints Fine
Pulty by the too !ln. put up in blad
der* ; glass of «11 f.iy.i-s, from 7 by y
to 20 by 24; cr.j»;»! van ish , spirit,
terpentine ; Imxeed oil ; Rummer, f,l‘
and winter sperm, iomu oil ; ground
T< :1 wood ; nieare^tin ; camwood ; fus
tic ; Campeacliv logwood; &c. &c.
M x udria. J n 20*1). ts22—at.
£ October In*! between Kernstown
_r ’A niebeaier, o Red Morocco
1* efcef Rook. Containing -umLy vain
a’;1 * Paper* and a small sum of money
— e owner can hare the Annie on '
Satisfactorily idi rt'ifyiog if, uuil pay
ing lor thin advertismont .
Taoit'i” 2f>th. is a st.
TPV virtue of ft Deed fifTinot, P5jf»- J
V J Ct ufed to 1 b ° f»ltbo<*ri')pr b- ,l< npnh j
'I hompg'ui to indemnify John Ham !
rt erk, and to secure to l>im a «mn »• ■
m met ieb be bi-eame Reentry to
p-\ t-, ibe linn .f ilm IVJhr•>I nil, f>.r
Kind J nr b I'bompRon, will be Ro’d
r;i> ' V p'rrrhft enfh 'inif of March nr.vK
In I re 11> Court |(ou>ie floor in tlie
'1 HR of? iron V, (bei-^ Court fl y )
»'! ti nt TR ACT OT l.AN!) «i'a«ite.
1\ nj* > n 1 b tow n t b< '’mini y « f I!h.oi(>
K lire. •>!> 'ortli River, rotiti*inii.i:
1 u n hundred ft nineteen acres.
. rr b’-K, fin wbi-b ihe s*id Jogepb
'Jbnirp- ifi no v r*-ei f s. Tl.fg i* n
lraef of exe-ll n» land and ha* upon j'
a very fine SKAT for Mills nr M.
c' inert/ In lie dfiven bv vn'.-r. I b<
stream ii Uig# and never foil*, bnvirur
a perpend- ’*nr f.-.JI nt rnsnj feet.
'VAT NaVI.OR, Trustee.
jin 2m—id*
HE Por.'!< ei V- n ' '|ip «afe »f tin*
S I f pert* fit t-ie |«fe \1 • . |<reoeeR t
Helm have e-nfiie lm> ; ai d imperimiR *
eirc-im« .f,ce » quirn 11 it imnx dintr j
p-ym"ill b-- fua p | f»- ip di rpr,-n)\c*
l? i« no i-e mm i>»jiee» to l ave riptu
ii.-i. i.U I tbf-m, tvifbont »!m* j
ui iiiiirJU11#*n, rc?u» r '\Mc \ ^r»j» c«.nf f#
.JOHN .»(>i J,JFF!„ * i
E, W.jWiLIJAM.:. i
Jan. ;f
PETEK PR1N IZ *respeetftjlly io
fortns the public, that he continue*
til- business of BLUE DYING >n nil
its varioit* branches, at hi* Columbian
Inn, in LntidiituiKMreet. Winchester,
where he will execute all orders with
promptness, und on rea-unable t-rnis.
He will also color RED uud GREEN
in iIn* neatest manner,
fi-j’I wi’k i not done well, no
charge will be demanded.
Fib. 2—St
Notice is fieri Inf ^iveti,
» aHHA ! in conformity with on order
J5_ of tin Co poiutimi ('oiirt, elec
tions will be held in the several wards
in this Corporation, on Tuesday the
\2th day of lubruury next, for the
election id Mayor. Ktcarder, Alder
men und Common Coimciltnen, viz :
I1 or the li»st ward, at IJ iiloughby
JMayburry’s Tavern, under the mi
pe» i1 i* tuiuaee of John .\1111 c r uud Ju.
c».b Cooper.
For the second ward, nt Tease
Browns shop, under the superioten*
dance of John Irwin, and Jesse Brown.
For tlie third ward, at the Corpora
tion Clerics office, under the superin.
j tendance of Nathan Anderson, und
Daniel Hartman.
For tlie fourth ward, at Jlfrs. JV’
Sherrtf’s ; under the superintendance
of C* e or go Heed, and Joseph Slagle.
./amiary 26.
1 unite bale.
w ILL. RE SOLD on .Monday the
noth day of February next ut ihe lute
residence ul Solomon Cunningham,
dcceM, all the PLRMtN AL fcS’i A1 li
of said deceased, (Negroes excepted.)
One Hundred Llcej Cattle,
which will lit* so'd for Cash.
.1 number of valuable II rses. Stock
Cuttle. Hogs, Sheep, household
and I\ lichen Fu endure, and
Farming Utensils.
of every description, on which a credit
I • I tireli'p months will be given on all
over Live Dollars, the pureiiu'cr giving
bond with approved security ,* the cash
will he expected for live Dutiars ami
under. Also will be hired a number
ot V A LI ABLE NKGRORS ; anil tIt«•
LANDS li- longing to the said ilee’d.
rented for one year, the hirer or renter
giving hand with approved security.
Due attendance will lie given hv
dan. an — t !« Jldmiuistra'ors.
In the Superior Court of Chancery,
holden at H inchester, in first nin.
Ambrose Baineit, administrator of hi*
late wife, Margaret Barnett, decM.
Plaint ilf
Joseph Helm, surviving executor nl
Thomas Heim, deeM. am! Elisha W
W i!li;utiH ami John JohiiL, execu
tors of France* H'lm, decM. who
was an execHlrix of Meredith Helm,
dee.M. nnnther executor of Thomas
Helm, dee. d. Defeuiiunts
i I lie Defendants, Joseph Helm and
; Elisha V* . V> iilinnis, who are not in*
habitants of ihe state of \ irgiuin,are
hereby notified, that cm the m h day
of February next, at the Olf.ce of Lem
up I Dent, rommis(*i->n<*r, in Winches,
ter, Virginia, the D* positions of Ma
ry Messer, Mary MiUnrmiek. Call a
rim* Print/, Martin Gaineff, Frunze*
Garnett, Ann Al!rn, FAi/abeth BHr.
nett, anil Benjamin Helm, will he ia»
ken 0:1 ihe part of the plaintiff in said
suit. And on the i>s» • Ji ih.j of the *nme
Mont!', at Hie dwelling House of Ben
jamin N. Barneti, in Culpepper emr.
•). Virginia, »!»*- Depn-itiens of Btnja.
min N. Barn* 11, r ml Milly Barnet*,
will he taken to In* evidence ;n the
same suit on ihe part of the plaintiff.
Jan. 19*
^ Midma to wij:
At Hides />(■/'!■ n >n t/,e (Icrk's Offer rf the
S n pet tor (ii'Tt „t Chancct y for the
ii mrhesti r D/jtncl the fust Mcnday in
Jitnnrn v 1822.
Abraham Neil, Plaintiff,
•f'lui Block more, Geor^a Blnckmore,
denies Black more, Thomas B’nr;^
and l/ticj hi# wife, William done#
nod Ann his wife, and Ann Hiack
Fn r*’» Defendant#,
il.c Defendants John Bla< kmore,
Janie# Black more, T horna# Braet;i and
i.iicy I i# wife, and William Jones and
•\» ri hi# wile, not having entered their
ftpp Mirnnce and fiven security npeord*
'F,<s D *hp Ah * f Assembly and the
Rub-# of this Court, it appearing by
sm is factory evidence, that |h<y are not
inhabitant? of this country; if is or
ueretl, I hat the said Defendants do
appear here on the first day of • he next
uun and answer the bill of the plain
tid; and ihut a pony of (hi# order hr
fn'hwifh insrrteil in some newspaper
published in Winchester, for two
niMitl-.s ?iicrc»sively and ported «f the
frontdoor of the Mouse in the
said town of W'ini hi» er,
A Cop>—Teste,
r DAVlKLLKF, c. c. c.
Jan. 20—t. 31, 1
j Virginia to Vvit:
At Rules /widen in the clerk's Office of the
Su/jetior cour t of chance yfor the Witt'
Chester Oistridt the first Monday in
January, lb.'2.
Benjamin Chamber**, PI ntill,
Thomas Cromwell and Mary his wifi*,
Leonard Dnbbius, Isaac Peebles and
Samuel D'tv»»><D, Defendants.
Mm- Defendants Thumtfs Cromwell 1
and Mary his wife, and Leonard Dub
bins out Imvini' entered their appear
ance and given security according to
‘lie Act of Assembly and the Rules of
this Court, and it appearing by satis,
factory evidence, that tli y are not in
habitants of this enuntr>: It is ordered, ]
I hat the said I)t fende.M* do appear (
here on the lii*t day of the next tern* |
and answer the bill of the plaint ill;
anti that a copy of this order be forth. ]
wi’h inserted in some newspaper pub- !
lished in Winchester, for two months J
successively and posted at the fr-.nt {
door of the Court House in the stud
J tow n of W inchester.
A C*-|»> — Teste,
DANIEL LEE, c. c. e.
Jan. 2(V -R. II. L.
Virginia to win
At Rules hidden in the Clerk’s Office of the
Superior Court of Chancery tor the V\ hi
chestvr Dntrict the first Monday in Jan
uary, 1822.
Carl on >moot, administrator of Fredes
rick Slarne, dee’d. I’lainuii,
ern «ii ct
John Slarne ami ,/o,eph Sterne,
l)rli ndanls
I lie Defendant .Joseph biunie not
having entered Iiis appearance and
given security according to the Act 01
Assembly aud the Rules of this Court,
jiim! i» appearing by satisfactory evi
dence, that lie is mi an inhabitant ol
bis country: It is ordered, I hat the
Slid Defendant do appear here on tlir
first day of tlib ncx< term and uu. wet
the hill of the piaintiH; and that a co
py o' this order he ionhwith inserted
m some newspaper published in V. in
Cluster, lor two iimn'tlis successively
and posted at the f ont door if flu
Court Mouse in the said town Win- j
Chester. A Cop\—i este,
D VNl/th LEE, c. c. c.
Jan 20 — \.
Virginia to wit:
sit Hates hotUta m the clerk's Ofjcc of the
Supenor c art of chancery Jut the
II inches ter District thejirst Monday in
January Ih22
William iM’Coughtry. Plaintilf,
Nicholas Dick 4v John W ilk ins, Defies.
I he Defendant John Wilkins not
having entered hi-. appearance unit
-'•ven security according to the Act of
Assembly nod the ilule- of this Court,
and it appearing by satisfactory evi«
deuce, that he in n»f an inhabitant of
this country; It is ordered, That (be
-uid Defendant do appear line on the
first day of lb;- next 'erui anil answer
1 he hill of the plaintiff: and that a copy
<>•'this order be forthwith inseted io
some newspaper published in Winches
'rr, for two months successively and
posted at t lie frontdoor of the Court
House iu the said town of Winches,
ler. A C-.pv Teste,
Jan. 25 — C.
\ irginia to wit:
Jt Hater hidden in the Clerk's Office of
the. Superior Court uj Chancery tin the
ft inches ter District the Just Monday in
January. It»22.
Els feweariugen, PiaintiH,
: Daniel Hayne, John Littlejohn and
others, Def> ndutits.
I he Defendant John Litthjohn not
having entered his appearance and
•riven .ecurity according to the Act of
Assembly and tin Rules of this Court,
and it appearing by satisfactory evi«
deuce, that he is not an inhabitant of
j his country: It is ordered, "I hat the
•aid If. feiidant do appear here on the
first day of the rex' term and answer
(h<- hill of the piiiimiH, and that u copy
of ibis order he forthwith inserted in
some newspaper published in Winches
ter, for two months successively and
posted at the front door of the Court
House iu the said town of Winchester,
A _ rt*
JIANiKL LKIi, c. c c.
•fan. VS—
Virginia to wit;
■J* hu'cs ho/den m t/n Clerk's Office of
l/.c uf>erior Court i>J C /lancet y for the
ll me heslet I district (fie Jn si Monday in
January, IS22.
John Gordon and Frederick } 9
ac A 1 N*T
Jo«htta Dfltvmn, Jehu Lang and Wil
Jinm Ow i g«, |), fendaots.
'I III |)e tenon r« a .In-htia Rauaon and
W illintn Owing* no' leaving entered
llceir appearance and given aecority
aepocdicig io Ili»» Act of Actar-tnlily ancl
Mic* Rule* » f (hia I’onrf. and it appear
ing l>y aati'fectory evidence, dial they
are not ithahiinnia of thia country; It
s ordered, 'I hat (heated llelndani.
do appear here no the1 fir'd d»v of the
»cxt I cm m and n;i«t»cr the hill of die
plaintiff*; ancl that n copy of Ihi* order
fee forthwith inserted in antne newapa.
per ptihiialred in Winch*’•Irr. for two
n;on{h> «*ne rea.ively at d povltrlnt tht
front door of the Conn Motive in the
*aid It wn of Winch eater.
A Copv—Te.fe,
IfAM'n, LKK, 0. r. r.
Jan. 2f»—A. S. T,
Virginia to wii:
At Rules hoid<ii in the Cl edfs Office of
the Superior Court of Chinrery lor the
Wimh>#tii Di'iricl tbv first Vlonday in
January 1822
Ditniel Ivaliel Plaintiff:
Jacob Hi’ihwnkr Henry Howland and
A hrah an. Good Defendants,
The Dalei.tuni* Henry fowlnnd and
Ab'ohan: Good, riot having entered
their appemauce and given security
according to the Act ■ f As*cmhly and
the Holes of" this C'>nrt, and i* appear*
»og h\ sa isfactnry e vide roc, that they
me not inhabitant* of thi* country :
If is ordered. That (lie said D» ft nd.
an«a do appeur here ou the first day of
the next term and answer the Idii of
the plaint:!! ; and that a Copy of this
order be forthwith in*ert» d in some
newspaper published in Winchester,
for two amuth* successively and poa*
ten at tlie Irani door of the Court
House in the said town of Winches
ter. A Copy Teste,
DAMfiL LE£,c.r,c,
January 2<> —•
\ irginiu to wit:
At A'n/e.t holaen in the Clerk's Office of the
fttijjciiut court yf chancel yjor t/it H \n
cheiter District ihe j ist jfionaay i:i Jan
unry 1822.
David Ueese plaintiff
Andrew Davison und Mary his Wife
und Robert bkcrrard, defendants
'I he deieoaoutg Andrew Davison &
Mary his wi!» n.»i having entered their
appeaitttue ai d given security accord
ing to the Act ot Assembly und the
i»ul«-s of this (Joint, at.tl ii appealing
.by satisfactory evidence that tliey uiu
not inhabitants ot ibis country : It is
order, d. that the defendant- d«. appeal
here on the firs day of the next enn
ntid answer the lull of the plaintiff;
and that a copy of -Ins ■ rd«-r tie iorth
with inserted in some newspaper puh
lished in Winchester, fur two tooirlis
successively and posted at the front
iloor of be Court Honse iu the said
tow II of W inches tel.
A Copt—Teste
DANIEL LEE, c. c. c.
.Titntiury 20—S
Virginia to wit:
At Rules hv/..tu 7u the Clerk's (.ff.ee oj t
Superior ( t urt <J Chancery for the
II mchtsitr District the Just Movuay in
January. Ia<:2
Samuel Darke Plaintiff,
Leonard Jones, Joseph Baker and Da
vid Itiheoo, Defendants.
The Defendant Leonard Jones not
having entered his appearance und giv
en security according to the Act of As
sembly and tlic Rules of thin Court,
and it appearing by satisfaefnry evi
dence, that he i« not on inhabitant of
this country: It is ordered. That the
s-iiii D iemiutit do appear here on the
iir»t day of the not t urn and answer
the bill of the plaintiff: and that a copy
I this order lie forthwith inserted in
some newspaper published in Win
• heater, for two nunths successively.
And posted a' the front door ot the
(•otirt House it; the said town o! Win
A Copv—Teslp,
DANIEL LEE, c. c. c,
Jon. 2R—]V.
Virginia to wit:
At Rules It cl am in the clerk's Office cf the
Super/ot court of chancery Jet the H in
cluster District tin fust Monday in Jav
uat y 1822.
Martin Wildtr.an Plaintiff.
p gainst
Joseph W ildman.Benjamin Shrove. Dan
iel Lovett und James H. Hamilton,
I)< fendants.
The defendant Joseph \\ ildman not
having entered his appearance und giv
en security necording to an Act of As.
scmhly and the Rules of this c« ml, and
it appearing by satisfuctoiy evidence,
that he is not an inhabitant nf this
country: It is ordered, that the said j
defendant do appear here on the first
day of the next term anti answer the
hill of the plaintiff, end that a copy of
this order he fot titwitli ins ned in seme
newspaper published in Winchester,
for two months successively and postvd
at the front door of tit<• Court House iu
the feiiid town of W inebesicr.
J* «- l
HAMFL LKK, c. c, c.
January 2f»—H. H* L.
Virginia to wit :
At HuhS'ftolaen in the ctcrh's Office of On
buftcrioi (opt l oj chant cry for the t! rn
c/ustern District the Ji,sl Monday m Jan
vary, 1H22.
Samuel McMechen, Plaintiff,
John Heinzman ami Catharine hi* wife
nml other:-. Defendants.
T I’p Defendants John Heinzman
and Ch harine his \vif> nut having eti.
tered their appearance and ^i\en se
curity according to the Art of Assem
l*ly and the llule* of thi* Court, and it
ppenri- g by satisfactory evidence,
llml they arc not inhabit) nt* of (hi*
country: It is ordered. That the said
Defendants do appear here on the first
•Iny of tho next trr;n and answer trie!
bill of the plaintiff; and that a copy of j
this order fie forthwith inserted in !
some newspaper published in Win- !
chcsfcr, for two months successively j
and posted at (he front door of tin
t i-urt Meuse in the ‘.aid iowii of V,*in. j
Chester, A Copy—T» »te,
I)ANiF.lj,F!i, r. e.r, j
•Jmitary 28—N. f
j At Rules /(I.
Superior (ourt of v.._ f ,
I' mcfirsier District the first Monday e,*
January, 1822
John Moore \?a*-y Peters ant! lsan?
Peters and Margaret Lis wile,
I Abraham Moore Ji.hn Parrrtt and R. 1
i lizubeth his wife and peter Moure,
Defendants. (
The Defendant# not having entered
their appearance and given security
according to llie Act of Assembly und
• he Kules of this Court, and it appear*
I ing by satisfactory c» idencc, that they
ur? not inhabitants of this country: If. A
I * ordered, That the said Dcfcndantr. ®
| do appear here on the first day of the
j next term mid answer the bill of the
, plaintiff*; and that a copy of this order
; be forthwith insert*d in some newspa
per published in Winchester, for twe
months successively and posted at tho "*
front door of tlie Court House in tho
said towu of Winchester.
A Copv—Teste,
DANIEL LEE, c. c. c.
Jan 2ri—O W,
Virginia to wit;
At Rules hidden in the Clerk's Office of
the Superior Loutt of Chance* y Jo* the
11 inchestei District the first M ,n„ y irt
January, 1822.
Nathan Parkins, Plaintiff,
John Gardner, J seph C. Pnrker, Sam
uel Peters and Alfred Parkins,
Tlio Defendant John Gardner not
having entered hi* appearance and lmv
en security according to thi Act »| As
s*-n;i)iy and the Rules of this Court,
unil it appealing by snlisfactcry evi
dence, tiiai he is not an inhabitant ol'
this c«nntiy: It is ordered. 'That tiio
s;id D. tendant do upptar here on tha
iiist tiny of the n* xl term and unswpr
the bill of the plaintiff; and that u cn*
Py tins order he forthwith inserted
to S' me m wspnpi r published in W in
cliesinr, ior two nuntin successively
and posted ai the front door oi tha
Coon House in the said town of \\ in
A Copy—Teito,
DANIEL LEE, c. «. c.
Jan. 2f».
Virginia to wit:
At /lutes /widen in the Clerk’s Office of the,
Superior Court vj Chancery for the
Manchester District the jits! Monday in
January, l822,
Lewis Lunsford, Plaintiff,
Burr I ripldt and others, Defendants,
i ha Defendant ftiur Triplett not
having entered his appearance and giv
en security according to he Act of As.
sembfy and the Rules of th»v Court,
j and it appearing by satisfactory evi
| dunce, that he is not an iiihaliitunt of
j (bis country; It is ordered. That tha
[ said Defendant do appear '.ere on tho
! hi»t dry of flic nort term ami answer
i (he bid of the plaintiff; and that a eoj y
| of ibis oriler be forlhwt h inverted in
! some newspaper published in \\ in
cluster, fur two niuii'h* socoessively
and posted at the f ont door of th«
Court House in the st:d town of W ia
A Copy- Teste,
DANIEL LEE, c. c. c.
Jan. 26—N.
\ irginia to wit:
In the Superior court of chancery holden
at H iuclicsiCT (he oUth day oj Aoxtmber.
Henry Beatty, Plaintiff,
The heirs of Godfrey Humbert, dec*d.
the heirs i.f Tlmma* Smith, dec’ll,
and the heirs of Lewis vv„|fe, dic’d.
«)n (he motion of the plaintiff by his
counsel, nod it appearing to the court,
that the conditional deerre awarded in
this canse, at Rules hidden in tho
Clerk’s Office, hath n. t hern served ou
the defendant George Wolfe, and that
lip Inis removed out of this common
wealth: It is therefore ordered, T hat a
copy of said conditional decree he pub
lished for two months successive!* in
ono of the newspapers printed in Win
chester, and another copy thereof b#»
pi sted at tho front door of the Court
House of the county of Frederick*
A Copy— i €*•«»*»,
DANIKL I KK, c. c. c,
Virginia to wit: *
.11 Rules hol(li n in the clerk's Offer of the
Stipend court o f chance-1/ for the Ilium
Chester l)istvict, (he. j sl Monday in Oc
tober, 1816.
Henry Beulfy. Plaintiff,
The heirs of (Godfrey Humbert, drc’rl.
the heirs of Tlidinas Smith, riee’d,
ami the hiira of Lewis Wolf,, dec’d!
Ihfi nr)unt*.
'! he Suhpmna awarded in this mi a
being returned executed on the defend*
ant George Wolfe, and three months
since filing the bill, and the service of
the Subpoena having elapsed, and I n
still failing to file hi* answer: the hi:l
of the plaintiff is taken f«,r confessed *
against him, and the Court viill pro.
ceed nt a future day to decree thr tuat
ter thereof, unless the said dr-fondant,
on or before the tenth day of »!je term
rtex', nfti r he shall have been served
vvitb a copy of this order, shew r»u-\i
to the contrary.
A Copy—Teste,
I) WILL J,KK. e. r. <•.
Jan; C Iff.

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