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No- 7?°- WINCHESTER, VA. SATURDAY, AUGUST 8t«t, 1883. " v
-— ^ ,, - — _ _ ’ ^ •VOL. XII.
% Jlf three dollars per annum payable in
I. No papers will he discontinued
dntil all arrearages are paid,
v II. Advertisements not exceeding
asquara,»(17 lines printed matter or
12 lines common manuscript matter,
inserted three times for One Dollar,
Hiul Twenty-Five Cents per square
for every subsequent insertion, and,
when not specifically directed to the
contrary, will be inserted until forbid
and charged accordingly.
III. Advertisements from a dis
tance must be accompanied with the
Cash, or be assumed by some respon
sible person, or the Postmaster most
convenient to the advertiser.
IV. Advertisements will, in ever
instance be charged to the person or
dering them, unless particularly sti
pointed to the contrary.
V. The Postage on all communi
cations to the Editors, must be paid
by the writer, or they will not be at
tended to.
VI. Chancery Orders inserted as
other Advertisements and charg'd to
the Attorney, whose name is indorsed
by the Clerk, on the order.
N. B. Jt is distinctly to be under
stood by Advertising Customers, that
no Advertisement will henceforward
be directed by the Editor of this pa
per to be inserted in other papers,
unless the same be previously paid for
VII. The Postage on all commu
nications to the Editor, must he paid
by th- writer, or they will not be at
tended to
Wetter and others, and whereon the
subscriber now lives. The f r.
tile, wiib m c'iRtf' ru'iir DWKhLI;>0
TIOU^R, Kitchen. Smoke-house, an
excellent new Barn, an Orchard of
choice fruit, and excellent Springs of
water. The terms vs ill be m vde ac
commodating on applicati to rl»r» sub
scrib *r. JOHN F. AVER
Ff'». 2—tf.
Pine-Grove Factory
This establishment is now in good
order and ready for the rec--pti:,n
of which avill be manufactured
info cloth, capw^tt, blanket-, or I in
sey. at moderate Wiees. Those who
«en*l their wool enpy wi’! get their
cloth early; wool vwll be 'aken io part
pay at a fair price. The subscribers
tender their sincere thanks f.r past fa
vors, and every exertion wiil. a* here
tofore, be made to render satisfaction
t those who may favor them with
their custom.—
IC^Carding & fulling done at the
customary prices of this section of
Rruectown. May 4
THH House tyid Lot in 'he town of
Tt ri' Royal lately occupied hy James
Dooley dee’d. the', property of Mrs Ar
thelia MiiMin; poteseggion can be bad
ALSO 1 wo other houses and lots in
aaid Town, my own property; one •■■f
them Qow undergoing repair* the oth
•r at present oernpud' by D»vhI Kei
zer. P e*-ion eithpr of 'he »w<'
* last can b had in Octobsb- n-xt. Ap*
ply tm
Fron' R >yal, Ai;gn*» 10.
"\X/*LL "d a' p'» hlic Sal**, on
’ V V tbe premises, poor Bcrr*’* FVf
?y, r«n the aftiMdi dav nf September
next, if fair, if nof, *hc nnxi f ur day,
that valuabln pr"tisf*)', e »•»!-( \g of
il5 Acres of Land. ’
about one half e.lr.ar. I, rj i u|»r ctj|.
Citation, with a g®*d GRIST MILL,
and DISTILLERY', calculated for ma
I kiug a barrel of whi*k *v o**f day; the
water atlaebed to tbe Pistill-Ty, i<. al
lowed by all who know it to be oftbe
best quality.—There is a good log
dwelling house and kitchen adjoining,
with 51 fire places, a distillers house.
And Kitchen, with a stone chinriet,
Mill ers house, W hiskey house, $m >ke
house, <Sj*c. Also will be off* rod C,r
(tales. Cattle,A*heep, Hk^^JHsgr? o &
Team,, farming nten^im^^'c ^he
terms Will be made known on the '’.:y
*¥5«Utf Ub-Ik
j To Weavers.
1MIE Subscriber wishes to employ
_ a m.tn who understand* Spinning
& wttt> iog ; aiul another who is fully
qualified to exn ute any kind of plain
weaving, broad or narrow.
None but sober industrious men need
danif.l annin.
Opeqoon Fa"t«ry Jun,, *n.
~~ NOTH’!-;. ”
Negro (Jirl or Woman,
to answer tss a imuse servant; who can
br well recommended as to character
4* health. For such an one I will give
a ’iberal price in cash.
* ugus* IT. tf.
«T'or i ale.
ipiHE SubnciberRvtslies to sell a
*- Weaver-Ldjuii and Tackling* for
Double and Figlr.yl work: there is eve
ry thing complei^Uo the Loom with
Drafts aud eordages^Coloring Receipts
and half of the Cploun^ tools for Blue
living. For trrlns appr^jo
Harrisonburg August
N, B. If rliejabove is not sold before
September Court, the property will be
ffered nt Public Sal* on that day.
Stockholders of
* Leesburg *
*»ivrn, that the
ast J instalment
often share is called
for. *i on or be
fore tl ■, 18-22.—
Those io former
calls, i diligence;
the roi be paid
THOM AS R. MOTT. Tr**«»r,
*■9 :«♦ tO —41.
Land lor JSale.
£ ^ V mine «f a deed ef trust eieeu
w >(•«* »o tlie subscriber by WilliAoi
l*hby, Jesse Asbbv Erastu* Strong,
to secure the payment of certain sums
of money to David Morgan, I will sell
t*» the highest bidder, for ready money,
•in the 25th day of September next,
Trafcfs or Parcels of Land,
adjoining «acli other, contaiuing in
the whole
236 ACRES,
as described to said deed. The said
lend lies in the county of Preston, in
the state of Virginia, on Cheat river,
opposite the Dunkard Bottom; is land
of the best quality and the same on
which Jesse Ashby now resides. The
* il will be made on th# premise*.
ICT*The above mentioned land was
sold heretofore for five thousand dol
WILLIAM Bt<»LER, Trustee,
June 22—tds.
A TRACT IIP (.AND e*n aining
239 J1C11E8, lying on both side*
«f Back Creek, whereon tfie subscriber
now liven, a oonajdersbje part of which
is good BOTTOM LAVD. The im
provements are I comfnftable DWEL
LING HOUSE,kitehenJRtnoke-houne,
a goud Barn, aid an cSchard. The
payments will btwnade aqfbmmodating
and the land soldVi low firm*. ALSO
Four Hundred Acres,
lying on the wafers of Back Creek, a
bout two miles from the farmer, and
adjoining the lands of Wm. Bvwaters,
Joseph D»>lby and others. Thin in fine
land and well timbered, but htJ no im«
pruvements on it. A great bargain will
be given in either of the above farmn.
by applying in the sub«erili»*r living
near Pught-IWD, L. M'COOLE.
Feb 2-if.
Popfkf! A LS will be i^reivetl un
U ri; thp North Monda/ in August
n-v. for a contract, to a/d to and re
p »r ’he pne-Piit Jail of Muquier eoun«
The plnn may be see* by inspecting
a rppnrt of former /Commissioners,
made «* June Tet^, f*22.
The proposals to/l set forth the
quantity and prieewif material*, and
'sork nreegsary ♦ * eAaplete the build
ing} so ay to enabl/fhY commissioners
*o contract by tpiece, or in the
lump. / \
WII.lAm ^RhvKER,
W\f It *mith,\
tik/mas i\rsh\ll,
Cotomiwionei 8,
l Aosuit^—^ ,
No. 15, South Fourthwstreel, Philadelphia)
between Market and Chesnut.
T r*HE sub*cribe/’ respectfully informs
JL- hi* friends Knd the pubiife in gene
ral, that he has taken the above e*tuh.
libhment, where they may rest assured
that he will use every election to give
general satisfaction to Jfcch as may
favor him with a eall.^
The House has been/teatlu\tted up,
and is well calcnlateiMfor till accom
modation of gentlemerllrRvejfing with
their families it i%jo/he centre
of business, and convemlini to all the
Insurance Officps, Banks, Auctions,
nad Posi Office ; likewise to the Muse
um and other places of public amuse,
mem. All favors will be gratefully ac
knowledged by their obedient servant,
Philadelphia, March 9 1822.
Virginia to wit:
.91 links hoi den in the Clerk's Office of
trie Sipcrior Court of Chancery for
the Winchester I)istrict thefirst Mon
day n July 1822.
Harriot Conrad Administratrix, C 2 1
and James Roberdenu, adminis. 4 5 L
trator, of Edward Conrad dee*d [ ? J
Frederick Conrad Kir. of Frede- f £ J
rick Conrad dec’d. John Broun, 1 ^ I
& Hober. O. Grayson, admin*trs.^ " ^
of John Peyton, dec’d. George } > |
F. Norton, and Charles Magiil. ^ 3 j
fTlHK Defendants Frederick Conrad,
* Executor of Frederick Conrad,
dec’d. and George F. Norton, not ha
ving entered their «ppearance and gi
ven security according to the Act of
Assembly and the Rules of this Court,
and it afin«ariog by •ati«factory evi
dence, that they ire not inhabitants of
this country : it is ordered, That the
said Defendants d<* appear hero on the
first day of the nett term and answer
the bill of the plaintiffs; and that a
copy of this order be forthwith insert
ed in some newspaper published in
Winchester, for tso months sticces*
sively and posted at the front door of
the Court Hoose in the said town of
A Copy—Tette,
July 27 D INIKL I.KE. c e.
\V Negroes for SaL£.
TTTRf\mbicribei will o+y a» publia
sale, on'Tiiesday the 27tjf of the pn*
sent in*»ntn, far' a term “ot years.
Eleven Lifcelv Virginia born
S L aSv E S,
of all description!^ T^rms one half
cash, the other ban Wxl" Christmas,
oy giving bond with tpprlfced security.
Sale to begin as ten o’flfcck. when
due attendance will be giv^^Br tb©
subscriber, livirfg near Mr. Jonrkftam
ilton's Mill. Jf
August 3-«-itp.
BY Virtue of th* last will and teg*
tament of Major Adam Heiskell,
the subscribers, Executors of his Eh
Uife, will, on the 20th, September next,
aell before the door nf the Promises io
the town of Romney, Hampshire Counv
ty V«. tho following property viz.
The House occupied for many years an
a Tavern by said deceased. There are
perhaps few Country Stunds superior
io this ; in a man of industry and qua!,
ificd for the buxines*, it holds out the
prospect of realizing a handxome in.
dependence for himself and family.
Adjoining the lot on which the Tav»
ern Standi, there are threo half aere
lot*, affording fine clover; these will be
sold with or without the Tavern as
may be agreed upon*
400 Acre* of wood land near the Town
of Romney ; and the Personal estate
of said dee’d. consisting of 18 Fea
ther bed* and furniture ; one eight day
Clock, Tables, Chairs together with a
variety of other furniture belonging to
the Tavern ;— Also a fine stout heal,
thy negro man; a wagon and two
Horse* and a variety of other articles.
For the Tavern and land one fourth of
the Purchase money will be reqnired
in hand, and (he hallanee in three e
qual annual payments—the personnl
property will he sold at a credit of 12
Months for which Bonds with ap«
proved security will be required ; and
R Deed of Trust on ibe Hon«e 4* land.
Avgust 24—*
HAVE j »hI rreti'fd & offer lor sale
2000 YARDS row LINEN,
which they will sell scry cheap for
Cash by the quantity.
put *p in papers of one pound oach,
which will be sold low by the quantity,
if immediate application is made.
Augo». 24
FOR the instructing of young La
dies, will open Ai (heklst September
next—Mrs S.^eemsft proper to in
form the puhft, l\\m the branches
heretofore t«ug»t in Seminary will
be continued uswisuan, together with
Necdle-wt, wutfch will be taught by
ft Lady in Mr*. Scott’s family, who is
well qualified.—Eight or ten young
Ladies will be taken ns boarders.—
Terms for Tuition and Board as here
in foie. August 24.
Frederick Limestone Land
for Sale.
THE Subscriber offer* for sale, on
accommodating terms, bis FARM,
which lies on the road leading from
Winchester to Millwood, and abcut e
qui-ilistant from those places. This
Farm contains
693 ACRES,
a large proportion of which 19 in tim
ber of good quality; and there is on
the land an abundance of excellent
stone for building and fencing. If
wished, the subscriber will divide the
Farm to suit purchasers; but will not
sell a part, unless the ballance can be
sold at the same time. For terms ap
ply to Francis B. Whiling, of Clay
Hill, Frederick county, Va. or to the
subscriber in Aldie, Loudon connty,
May 41—tf*
Wool Carding
^®TILL fie conducted at the Green
▼ V Spring Factory this season by
Thomas Ogde n.w ho is reputed a first
rate carder. The machines have
cards of good quality, and the subscri
cer flatters himself that those employ
ing him will not be disappointed "iu
good Rolls, provided their wool is de
livered in good order, divested of
sticks and burs/at*! greased with one
pound of eleaA gr|ase to every ten
pounds of wool
May 25tf. \fILLJ\M BAILEY.
N. B. I wilt rec^ve wool to ma
nufacture into cloth or blnnket* upon
the following terms.*—Manufacturing
one half for the remainder, the owner
pnying half the amount for carding.
T he wool must ba clean and well pick
ed and greased. W. B.
Hardy County, to wit:
June Court, 1822
Hetty Updegraff. Plaintiff,
Ambrose Updegraff, - Patch and
Margaret his wife, late Margaret Up
degraff, and John Updegraff and Mary
Updegraff, heirs of Joseph Updegraff,
deceased. Defendants.
THE Defendants Ambrose Upde
graff, and -- Patch & Margaret hi*
wife, and John Updegraff. not having
entered their appearance and given se
curity according to the act of Assem
bly and the rule* of this Conrt, and it
appearing by satisfactory evidence that
they are not inhabitants of this coun
try: It is ordered, That the said De
fendant* do appear here on the first
day of October Cnurt next and answer
the bill of the Plaintiff; and that a eo
py of this order be forthwith inserted
in some news.paper published in Win- !
Chester for two months successively,
and another copy posted at the. front
dooT of the Court House of Hardy
A Copy—Teste,
ED. WILLIAMS, e. h, e.
July 6.
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust etscti
led by Philip Horn, to seeurethe
payment of a certain sum of mooev
therein mentioned to William Vance,
I shall, on the lft#A of September, be
fore the Court'* House in the tawn of
Romney? Hampshire County, Virginia,
preceed to sell, for cash, the following
real and personal property, to wit:
3 bay MAKES and one sorrel MARE,
a roan COALT and one WAGGON :
also a ce»te:n
Tract or Parcel of Land,
situate, /sing And being in the said
county of Hampshire, on Tear Coat,
a drain of Nsrth River, it being a part
of a larger traet of land, containing
421 ACRES:
| Sueh title only as is vested in me as
| trustee will be given to th» purchaser
or purchaser*.
, JOHN B. WHITE, Trustee•
f AugUSt 9&y i
For Irate* „
AN eieelloni W-k, .iboot
26 year* of RgAr) tieraon
wmhir.g to purchase the tc.\4 mgro cA
receive satisfactory info motion res
per.iiog her character, bynppRuig t&
the subscriber.
Warner Washington.
. Augu.( 3.
Farm and Mill to TlentT^
9M\ —
Ji_ O be ►re'fn fi » a ter* r r*arg^
A Merchant % Grist Mill,
on a permanent stream, and a «
situation for Cu*iom,-—Also the b A RAt
on which the Mil! i*. will either b«
let with, or without, the Mill, <v may
best suit the tenant. For further par
ticular* apply to the subscriber, eight
miles west af Winchester.
Angus, 3. J. W. HITE.
CONSISTING of 4fcverul enotigtv
oos tracts, amounting in quantity
to upwards of ELEVEN HUNDRED
ACRES, situate in the county of
Hampshire, on Patterson’s Creek, *
bout a mile above the town of Frank
fort. Nearly FOUR HUNDRED A.
CUES of this land is cleared; a large
proportion of which is bottom, excel
lent for meadow or ctnni aud the rext~
due is fine for grass umi small graitv.
with water for stock in every field,
I here is also a good mill seat ou the
premises It would be an object to a.
ny one who wished to have a large
stock farm; or for one who wished for
a comfortable retreat on retiring frotn
business. A part of the purchase mo
ney must be cash, or it must bo paid it*
a short time after the sale. Store
goods would be received for anothdt
part, and the residue at aceommoda
ting periods. Application may tfe
made to William Naylor, residing at
Romney; nr to the subscriber, residing,
on thp premises.
April 27.
public sale.
IS> Y virtue of a Deed of Trim of jjp*
I'»aae Settle and Mary Settle hi*,
wife, bearing date 4th day of July^
1820, I shall offer for sale, on the pre«
raise*, on Saturday the 5th day of 0«y
tober, 1822, foreash,
and 18-60tl»9 ofaL ot, aitnate in Parity
Fauquier county, and khgwn in the
PUt of aaid Town by Nns^fc 2, 8, 4, 5,
48 BOths, excepting th»rrf£i»i *o much,
of the said Tract of Land a« said Settle
has sold to Thomas Shearman by Deed,
bearing date 23d day of August. 1816.
The aforesaid Deeds are resetded in
the Office of the County CnQrt of Pnu
The above sale will be made to ****
tisfy a debt recited in the Deed to thq
A conveyance will be made upon that
payment of the purchase m-m y f*,c
such title as is invested in the *nb4
snrib'r. INMAN HORNER^

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