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§§&§* ^ajeuc.
SATURDAY. May 3 1823.
An election lor O'Twen of the Poor for
the Corporation of \Vwche« w*» held at
the Market li uv* on Sa‘u> day la>t— ?''r ■ m
cer tin c«uie«. which are enn«ce*«ary her- to
detail, unuiual int-rert wo ,-xcred._One
hundr* • Seventy Votes were polled.—The
fullowlrg was the result —
J-hn Hei kell
N .than A><darton
John Irwin
• Jacob Cnnp-r
J^dn. S P-yton
•ll i* prop-r to add that this Cienlloman
wa« un contrary t;> hi* inclination, *nJ w>ti
decid dly opooard t<> 'lie change cattlempiat.
rd by some, in relation to »ne of the Mtm*
bera elect.
117 ? .
H2 >Eicct»d.
1^7 j
Jefferson % lection.
Ja’s. Stephenson, 348.
^iio opposition)
For tub sen it e.
Win. B. Pago, f including S 7 ■
votes from Frederick.^ j
John Mackey , ( including 9 )
votes from Frederick.) $ 1 / ^
Majority ^ 5i.
Mr. Page’s majority ia the Dis
trict 114
For the Assembly.
Braxton Davenport. 235 1
Smith Slaughter, 202 J
Daniel Morgan^
Joseph Mi Murwm,
Zachariah Buekinastcr
Wc learn that at the late Fauquier
Election Mr. Marshall reduced Mr.
Barbour’s majority to about 50—John
S. Barbour is therefore elected to re
present the Counties of Culpcpeper
and Fauquier, in the Congress of the
U. S.
Titos. M. Faunderoy <£• J. Marshall
Jr.were elected Delegates to represent
Fauquier County.
George Tucker is re elected, without co ^
position, to be a. It iir.sent alive in C ncr-ii
from 'hi S ate *f Virginia.
Mark Alexander is *l*o ra-elected, wiih
out , pos.'ion, fr; m ihe Brum wick District,
to Virginia.
Our reiurna ire ao far compete, th*t the
resul. of ihe El coon is one r am in sis dis. I
triets 0? ly. In all «he Diitricts we have
hear t from, th- old >ni mbm ar*- re-elec ed.
exnepi the ..ne in which ti.er* was a vacancy
by 'he resignation nf \Ir Kelson ibid.
Mr Hume, a persevering. inriusirinuf, hu’
siness doing memn-r of ihelintih l! ose of
t/om:..oo:, h.s c-vll d the attorn im. . f ihat bn.
ay In the exuerfi. ncy o> declaring Canada io
depend-nt-Dan. Prera.
Mr. A d-ri.-D' h, appoto*ed Minister
tfOKvte United Stales to Colombia, arrived
la tMs Ci.y ye> eruay, with .ii, ramify
On Tuesday, the Baron de Thuyll
MmiTr P ^i1' Eovi,y Ex .anr maiy L
Minuter Picmjio.eaiiaiy, from Russia, wi
pie.emed lo the President, by \»r. A >siui
ZC!- ^ 0! Siate; wh-n be delivered hi
credenoal leuer*. and was accordingly re
oeiveo by tee Pres.de.v in his char-eier o
^nv0y bxtra.,r/iinary and Minioers |>l nipo
teu.ury oj ms Imperial Majesiy, »he Em
peror of all the Runias, to this gov r. menl
Kat. Jut.
iTiHjor >v m. uamblB) one of oor eit*
jZen»’- ,AH j,l!4' ,l,t 111,8 City *'*>«■ Plnln
o« his nay l() London. We
iiulerstaod his business in Kurland i*
jo "o-icit from the government of that
(ouutry tbe relinrjuiahmeot of a small
uni <» money, which hia deceased un
cle, ,he Jate Major Tb-nas Gamble,
• 7q.UsIalbed *® ‘he Br.tifeh Government
0 help to p4y jj)e national debt A*
the sum bequeath' d (l&000/) .an be
, 1,0 ,n)P'»fturiC3 in the reduction s.»
jarge a National Debt, whilst ir wnold
je of great importance to Moj r (»
»»<lhis numerous offering, there is
1 d*on to hope for the suceoss of this
* -
■p Ur*?«
iflree mo.i hs. Or, the 25t,, lh. jj-orj Bi t
pa»*fd the S:natr. by a vote ol It „ 2. Jr
th*n b,0«gh' before the L,.wer House
iheeore bei, g >Bking there, 25 appeared
jr its passage a d II against it. Ti e bit
*• accordingly Io*», inasmuch us the L w
r House consuls of 48 mimters, anrt the
MJoitituiion r, quire* tha wo-tnird ,f ,he
•nembers elected to each Home shod be o«,
*e»ury to iht- passage of a bill Egsin**. t1.e
®eto of ih" Governor
I'he bill for the relief of the Charity ffos.
pilal, cmle npliting the repeal ,f he I w io
prohibit gambling, a. far as it concert s th
*J'y of New Orleans, which was r-iectod on
•toncay, 24 h, wu re-Considered ihe r-ert
■ay a- d passed, 21 yeas to ten nay.. Tocie
•re -o be ten gambling hoo.es licensed In ilia
*,:y and suburbs, ao n enndrion of their be*
■1Kk«p» in retired plac-s. By an additional
!«' lion, the price of Cach licuncse is fixed
M 5ooo dollars!/
irom the Petersburg Intelligencer
The correspondence betwe-o C: m. Por
fer and the Governor of P. »to Rico {who •
*e have copied from the Eru]uirtr) \t m-,sr.
Bl*f'llirg.— Seldom indeed li v.- eur cou- •
tiymen been called up^n to resent, a more
wa- t/ n outr.gr than that perpe rated by ibe
Spsnisrrls in firing ap n thr reise< of he la
mented Lient. Cockey—but rev, r under any
circcm«‘»neei, have th« rights, '.he h<>rnr, the
dign-ty of'ur country be- n more a!>,y -qg
•ai.ierl than by the g>r-nt commanded of <he I
lotted States squadron, irj the cotrerpon- 1
tlenc* to which the melancholy fata of that
ollir r h»- giv--n r’.-e. S> lu be<n remarked
with tesjicci to many or our naval officers,
that th-y coi wiebj the pen a* well ■ » the
•word ; ths they are »s useful to be sent a*
br-tsd in he cj achy ot Ainbri'sduri, as in
the character of command-rs of armadas ;_
Whet-, therefore, w ■ hav- disputes to settle
with the Pirates in the Mediterranean or the
West Indie,, or with the hsrborers of vil
lain., ' like ours, who can b-th write
and fight, ate doubly valuable, e.s they are
equally ready t - expound civil, national, or
omon taxc »s the case m*y requite Com.
f*urter. at er a prompt and spin ed r-pre
senUlion of the afTvir in question to the Spx«
niih authorities of Porto Rico, has, wi ll
C:»mmendab.e prudence, referred the matter
in our government, as the best yudge of tile
measure of reparation due,
Bvj.timorb, April 2,1.—Capt. San
ders.'wit-, arrived at New V .rk from
New Orleans in the aelioamr (»!e-*ner,
reports that lie tvas hoarded on the
to h in*t. near K y West, by u boat
from Commodore Portet a squadron,
uml informed by the cnaiinanAi&g fii
cer that a British alnop lied cultured a
piratical vessel of BO men, commanded
by the celebrated LA FITTK, win,
has boen far a long lime uoiurious as a
pirate and smuggler oo the Florida
coast and Rarraiaria, aud that he wus
killed in the action
The pirates hoisted the bloody fin",
and naked no quarters, not expecting
that any would be given them. Al«
ni-9* ail the pirates on hoard were ‘i
ther killed or wounded. Captain Saun
ders has letters from Cam. Porter to
bis friends. JUtner.
Extract of a letter from sin American
officer to liis IViernl in this ci.'y.
HAVANA. April 9,1853. 1
U. S. schr. Pilot. j
“I hive on!) time «;. tell you, shit
we captured a piratical *c!i inner, cal
ied the Pilot, yesterday morning about
8 o’clock, about twenty mile«t to the
earnward nf Havin':, Ttvo cutters ac
compe lled this. The action lasted u
bou fifteen minutes during which time
they kepi up a b i?k and spirited fire.
^ •* killed two, rad wounded several:
one prisoner liken. We pursu. d them |
to the woods with the marines and n
lew sa:lorw ; but be tm.lies were so
thick, we could no fi d them. One of
'li m wm killeo or hi beach. The rna
riuee stau ned in the boats, be hared
wi-li thei< tinU'i t b a * er y. I li e p * r a t c
had on board one double fortifnd »ix
p .under which • y Jet slip at u« f.ur
times, loaded with grape and canals
ter. I he boats were nisninded by
Lieut. >>irib!iog. Strange to say, not
a iii in iii our bouti sustained an j<»*">
1 he pirates had «n board n u:iy mu*,
kets, olan lerbusnes. eutl^«se», pi-to!.,
swards, aod a great deal ..f ammuui
rile captain of tb- pirate displayed
iig»eat <ial ..t bravery (Jne ..f the pi.
rat <. was k.llerl ou board, iiie oilier on
the beach. « he prisoner states tl>e,(.
w<rc thirty.»ix men on boatd the Pi
Extract of a lettcTTrom Mr. W\ Si- |
niunton; merchant, t<> the t dimr
ot thcN. London Gazelle, da
ted Alleritoil, In impst>ii*s
Island, April 7, recei
ved by the sloop
Eagle, apt.
i>ijiiiA ioner ttr/t e<i u?r2 on trie 2c|
in^ti since whjpli its has tutu very
(illicit engaged in ilie various duties
** necessarily devolve upon him _
V sterituy a bu rery ivds erected wi'lt
eight guns, -ibieh i. under the com
itiii.id iri Cujpiniu Grayof the U. S.
Marine Corj*,; u imttnriai saiire w»<
llf o fired, and the town named •Allen'
ton, (»t>! presume, to honor * he memo,
ry of the lamented (yep:. 'Mien,J at the
\jfiie fime, the C .nitnuiioie proclaimed
-rme regiii itionH tor |he present g.iv
e ument of the place. We lienrd .1 »o
• y few depredations committed by the
pira-i-s, all hough we have airno*t n
daily eoftiniuuii-aiion wiih the.Havana
'•milrd on - cruize, u* the GLh, U. S*
f> limner* Kx, la. V .ilmt ; J ,ckall,
L - Stt ph< us; with iM Ij. o UuMcis.
( here ore i. w iu thi. ;v.,i, H w, ,|,ip
Pen rock e* f s H-, iirq commander;
U S hrig Si . bull, L V\. II YV.it
G. S- . s - toie ship Decoy L>. L.
Keiw:icy;(J i> f.l(. p-n .J,in Marv.
L-. T. M iNewcil *’ 1
T la ING.
At the l*st fe'Sioo I . fo. Legislators of i
N^w I-r»ry, a at • w* p «*<;{} <o inc >rpo* |
r.lt; a Company « r er « ln,g ■ . e m ill m '
i|. - iuwr> . S i n., with bunking pnvi.
tiger. 'I he r. it., any h.., tie.. „ „ j
•h» back rs'ai.lirifd ; dot it ce< ms »i.e direc j
tors have c* (udi d i« *.mi' erecting a mill,
anri to i nfine h ir p ration* lo the b««.k
»ione. f< t* raid .tigi the , ri<icipal (.nr1 o; me
diiec'ors »ie i>gal chai«c. er», an.’ nine of
them and* r'Umi twisi-nt ni-..te<t Tosir
cereimiiialion ha. giv-. gr-at cffe-cr to
some of <.h»- r: izen* •>( 3»ien. and its vicioi
•J, who lr.lt h i.renco ir. the establishment i
• *f ihe 4/iiil, <*i well it n.ight. The law fpu*t
be a miserably i»ine one, it ih» cie'rrrn «•
ti m does no; produce a forfeit of the char*
ter.—I>ei, Gar.
tiom the I.ynchburg Virginian,
A foucii ot tin {it Miles, .md h (H ti• ma
>iou of Aspoieon** saying, .h t -there
i« bn one stop from the sublime to
the ridiculous !’
Two ciruDmeti. not a (Imnsand tnilc*
too. FinebStle, (cni" whi.»se snctiji<*•
qtittiifications will not he doubted, w^cti
our reader* sh ill have perused. (he sup- i
j tint'd exiraeti r < »i» «li ■« (>ni<ipitolii!t,j
propore publishing “a Patriotic Class
Book, containing Letters, Orations, and
Hssays for the amusement of youth,”
and thus enforce the nrctssity of such
a work :—
\\ e are in n land of freedom and in
dependence—the first air we breathed
was the fragrant zephyrs of liberty—
onr young in years was fostered by its
balmy gale, and with reviving bre. zes
vro have risen superior to all the m^u. \
t«!s of Nabobs.and despotic M-norths j
ot the earth. It has beeu a subject of '
astonishment to find compilers travers- I
, ,05 'he’unhallowed regions of despo* !
j turn and tyranny to gather fragments '
tor uur republican school. Shall we
go to imp'-pgna’ed pools or 'turiin*' 1
streants to quench our thirst? Aud 1
"hose sentiments shall we ius-il into j
tite minds of the rising progen j ? a
Washington's or a Buotiapai te’s, u
Jackson’s or u K.ingson‘s r
Had <tir great Creator & Preserver,
(through whose inexhaustible benevo, I
lence we inhabit this Inxuriant, sur ■
premely to be adored continent) want |
oil wisdom, or ware onr congressional
assemblage disrobed of eloquence, thrn
might v/e resort to (he pitiful ,ulite»
r«ige ..f foreign eomposition. But bier,
sed ho Uod, our native gciiiu- is as
! bright ns theirs. We eon think as
I "el,» «*« well, A talk ns w-ll as
Uuy. Nay, <|,c hu.ablest freeboru cat.
sour alolt on fanes of freedom, while
ti:e h^st of 111vsn must nt,»ve whit H,..rS
«r rise with letters on .hm w"ings.”° ’
[ \Vt have- received fr rn . friend at New.
*?rk* a small pamphlet, conlain'njr eer«
u,n tela mK <o th e*tt.m(ll,,nic*
nuau n of a Mrs T<mn<>end fr m he jJrick
I rn» ivt rian Church in thai city, f./r 4-uer-e
»rrinj disbelief in the doctrine of dieev«rt*s«
,InS punishment ..f if., wick-d ' IV first n a
leitt'r^frfnT1 t‘i*- >»dv to her minister the rsrer.
i enii Gardener Spring, giving ao ,cc„^ni of
h-r faith, enrt thu reasons on wiich it j$
ground .d. dnd respectfully reque-linu- lX
.o'mion of her conncc.i. n «/• t> tbs church
without public trial. Tiii. it fol:0«*d oy
the copy of a •ummom, demanding her at
tenrie.ee bflme the church o ur ivet
^4rKe of f trS'Vcnrg dtsbeiicf,' &■
‘ r». '1 . declined ... a. pc. suiim,. ‘*ili,i
.ier iette< to V minister, which contain,
ed <11 he had t.* m," woulo b- |«i > brtorr
the sr^ir.n Tne following letter, will ,;,,w
• he resuit.
New-York, Feb. lti,
Mrs. Mary '1 owusciid.
Madam: i ain dir cteo by the Se-simi or
•hePr sbyteriai* Church 10 tra smit to yob
he toilowiog ixtr.ci from their minute..
At a nti‘ ii**5 of i ha Session of the
Bnek Presbyierion Church,
Monday, PVtiruarv
•i ts^a—
The Moderator laid belrr- the Se.doo c
wr-i e communication from ,Wr . Mai.
Towns ml, dated January 3i 1823, in which
die atteinpsd to d<f nd he eri.tr di Ins
embx.ee); aikr;>.«.!,t)g J u,e receipt of tin
ei-«iL-, but declining to appear per a.>n ally
nefnre the 8u*.sior;, t>bse<viitg tha» m this
c .nunanica t..o, .he had expressed to ibe
15 n tw gtir hud 10 tiy,
W hereupon, ,
.'.esv/ved. That M»«. To-.vnaend be, f.r.d
hereby is, an*, on,,ed from the g^ali,.g 0rdi
n«ar\i\ b of ilii• Ch»jich
JitSn!rrjf. Thai tte c*t>\ of Mrs Town
spn.i be ret r e.: to the Presbytery of N-.w
V rk, f..r theii advice.
I «•", madam, rtspect fully, y. r.r obs.lient
»*• VV BCLKLlfV,
'Jtrkof Session of />. /> Church Y.
.N E'v York, J use 29,1822.
muria ivicnstna,
•Madam: Ii h»» become my duly to irans,
mii ;«> you the following ejttruc. fr. p, the mi.
nu-e- o. ,he Sss i-.n ot th, Brick Preibyteriao
Church in U'i-km .n*5trpct.
V >■r»..ei; -oliy your bedient servant,
H. W. bbLKUhY, Cterk of Session.
At •> *np: ii g .be 5-,sj,.|| 0i the Brick
Chirrh, B-e liman • tree:, I. Id in Scs.iof.
R om. Kriday, June 2S, l8?2
The Committee in the case • f Mis. Maria
T w ••■ml, reported, Thai t».v had called
on Mrs I1, amt made a Ns1 eft"-• r• to convince
her of her error, and they regret to nay, that
lbr.:r « (Torts were without an* -uic.ary rffecl,
Win e p n,
Jiesotved, That Maria Townsend he pX
CoromuDica.ed .’rom thi» Church. amt that
t< e first i Ubdc annoni-i .tion ».f < his sentence
be m <e the ensuing Lord’s Day.
Ordered, I hat the loiiow.!,^ minute te
marir- in the ntioie ca c
Whereas M-ina Townsend hath bren by
sufficient proo», convicted of persevering dis.
h» li*.f , J ilia ductiioe of the everlasting pun
ijhn»er’i r» >hi wick-d. and afticr much a,into
nitron ar.d pr >y. r, ohjtina ely refused to bear
*be Chur n. and hub rnanifeutb >o evidence
m repentance ; therefore,' in the nay.p, and
by th* aulhuiity of ht Lord Je-us Christ.
'h< S- io». piorwunce lici to >e ‘xciudr-d
fr* n, tb c.>mmoi |. ji of th» Church
Ordered. That thr Clerk furnl.h Mrs,
i m • r:d v-ith n copy of the above proceed
i- s • ir» hei c*ie.
Is llirre a man, whether Jew or Pa
gan. nfith I or (. 1: list i an, whost heart
does not sii ken within him when lie
reflects on such proceedings?
Very late from ihc Pacific.
Baltimore, April 2g.
Wp hare conversed with a gentlemen who
Cun.- pa-se-ger in the schooner Dart, arri
red h-re or Saturday in lwe-.|y ,(inr day*
In rri Canh*gen#. Me Ipli G aysquii about
the n.indleof March » which tin*. President
Bolivar wii h'-rp. The expedition which
the Peruvian Pa had sent agaisnl the
R yaiiste ne* C-ma h -d been defeat d_at
tl e last acccint the Unyali.i, were within
a bw league ot Ltm-, which aCe., it waf
.uppotfcd, r-uld inevi ah'y fall into their
h*nris egaif I' cnwq,,ence of the expect, d
ea.m e ot * n a. fugitives and much pro.
per y l ad « ‘here »rd anired a- Guayaqod
pir. wafo-sioerabl b»s le a « in
mjuence « lhi» imeliigrnce, and expenen* i
ced a depression by (he unexpected arrival
of the goo. ■ from the f<j«mer «ce.
Sev-ral shocks of earthquake h*vl been felt
at Lima aub-eqnent tu ihe isrth quakes in
Chili — and ihe people in con«equence» were
twd-r much alarm for their sn* y
^ Pr-.ident It nvai had ib-.ui loon men at
Guayaquil aou a» immy ai Cuenc. in the in
terior lie w*» preparing a secret expi-di.
ti- n, which, there ii no doubt, War to be di
rec'ed vgainst P.-ru.
In.the province ol Quito **ery thine wm
Perfectly tranquil—aa an>o at Panto, cue in*
•orrecdonary movement at the latter place
hiving bo;ii effk- q .ieteJ, thr.uisli the
instramen'aii y of B.divar
I he yp tmsh general Morale* wpo
Htill in poMi>e»»ioti of Maracaibo, where
he \va* closely hemmed in by aea am]
land. Hin movement* toward* Triix
illn and Merida, it ha* since been as
certained, were made in the hope r.f u
niling with him ihe people in *ho»e
section* of country ; bui meeting M j h
no success, he was obliged to f.|| hack
upon Maracaibo. He hadwi h h».n
2000 men, of whom about 1200 were
good * ildiaro and on whom he could
rely. Hi* ariillery was trifling. ]],.
had committed he greatest cruelties
and excesses upon ill* persnnr and pro
peity of foreigner*. He had in his pn*«
se»*ion large quantities of dry g»od*,
which he •old whenever oppnriuni'y
o lie red. The patriot general M -nlil
lo was at Rin Hocha with about ;t^oo
mm. On the 27<h of March there -ai
i led front Can hog ns, the Colombian
! corvette Carnhobn and several other
▼ >nr me purpose of reiurnrcius
• hi- blnekttdiug tqtititlmn i ff Maracaibo
wi'h irtMi{)n, mure*. ike. The blockade
wn* vert atrictly enforced. Freai.leiit
Bolivar had also lent to flu* aid uf
M -ntillo 1200 old troop*—at the dale
r,‘ ihe last accouii'a they were within
a shirt distance of him, as snnn they
conld for/a a junction. would pre** up.
on M'*r&;es, mid force him into a deei
sivu battle. The patriot general was
organizing a handsome force of anil
(len Detereaux had arrived at San.
tn Fee f*om i'uzija to meet the Colon:
hia-i Congress, preparatory it his de»
partnr. on hi* mission io Europe He
wa« • ypected f.i arrive ai Cartagena j
about the end of April. The general
i nj ijed fh<* full coi.G'lence of the Co
lombian Government.
Me*«fs Duane and Adam* were dai
ly xpeeied ai Carihog-ua from Santa
■ e, as also Mr. Lorick, Swedish Con
• •l! Grni-r il —They would sail in the
f»ra: vessel for the LT. S.
( American.
Prance and spain
Baltim-r., April 28 A uroour is now afloat
in thi. cliy, th*t « ur government have r-cei
v^d disns-ch-. hy ibe l»-i sitUal, from- uor
mtm-i-r in Prance, -ta'i g tlia». an invr. io >
in Sprin tv.ll inevitably' be attempted ; tint
they siave Hk^wire r*ce rg.1 au h- i tic intetii
ge. ee from our miaisi r in S^-i. , that such
wa ibe unanimoa- opinion ,i| h S^a.-iard* •
tha tiny are all in high -pirn as the «-ri»i ed’
vancej, calculating with cn. fider.ee on a glo
rious and successful rebalance. From the
stiuio we hear, .hat a force smoanlmt io 40,
OO’J m. n, is now raising in P r ugai to coupe
•-.a e with th- Spaniards as emerge .cie* may
require ft i. further stated ir» ,he eastern
papers, tha i; is the intern jon of the allies to
pas* the Pyrenean m< u..tains, and to push di.
rtcily .or .vludrid, in thehopethai thev will
t f < nabl-d by so doing to seize on flic person
o! the Spanish monarch u.nd to J.berate him
at once from the power of tl.e Spauisl; Cortes.
I ha; ibis movement i* contemplated by the
Spaniards, is a.teeted by the ttci of tlm re«
moval of the king to the town of S vide.
8u. Ii are the cutli jes of i he intelligence which
w- have this day to commur.ica'e_Some
gentlemen say, that thee has beer, no formtl '
declaration of war. This is » wonderful an.
ooitarit fact to br .are ! Ard -uppo-e tb.»t the
y reRch P*** the Pyrm-e-. eftd enter Madrid
wirh ,-re and sword, acrl i|,e Spaniards run
aw-y with : heir mor arch to the t -wn of S-.
m Is, and the Porugurse ferc- of 40 JjQ men
march to the a.-sisiai.ce of the Cture-, v;hat
shoo d we thi. k of the S;,a urn. who should
mov- with f-i. arm- f olden in the midst of all
this bus io ar d the coals of Madrid and say
that ail was quiet, then was no decoration of
w«r, *h-w me the declara'im »nd J will be
H-ve M td.-id to h- in llamci, “ | ,hnll believe >
in nothing but official . vidence’’ j
Extract of a letter received in Boston,
dated Havre, March 15.
“In addition fo our forme*' advices*
nip lituc only to say that toe news of
yes ml ay from Paris, was of a still
tooli warlike (haractrr. The Duke
d VngouJeme is to leave Paris this
morning for the army, & it is announ
ced that hostiiitics will probably com*
mence between the 1st ami Mh'jiroxi
mo. Our market is very brisk, and
e' ery thing is on the rise.”
On Wednesday evening last Dr. 72. .7.
McK. /lolldaif, to Miss Muni Tav or'
daughter of i)r. Samuel rayl'.r «,f
Berry ville, and grand daughter of the
late Dr, |{. Mackey.
V Meeting of the Bihle Society of
Frederick County, Va. wif he
held in the Episcopal Church it Win. !
cluster, on Wednesday 7th inst at .
12 •> clock. I he members and niana.
gers of the Society are requested to
attend as business of importance is to
he transacted.
WM. HILL, Frcs’t.
May 3.
, A small supply of this interesting
article,.luisjust bccu received and for
sale by
May 3, 1823.
, Bell Tavern.
TFIK sub«eriber *e<pecfullv informs
his friend* and the public dial ho
h*" removed lo hi* former -utablidtr
merit at the rign of the BKI.L ; 4 re
he i« prepared for the reception ofdiois©
who may diiok proper to favour him
with their compcnjr. t he h« u»e ha* un
dergone u ihorotioli repair. The riiuim
are ho furtii«hed e.* to promise comfort
and convenieiiRi ; t0 dim he pledge* ho
addition of hi» <\vn nervier* to render
the time of'hone eonifortablo who may
favour hnn with a cad.
M. UARBlitt, Jr.
Staunton May 3d.
TMI \ T we l known Tavern S(?nd
in Middletown, formerly on ; pi
nt by Campbell. Mast in, Nc and for
<l»e last six years !»y the subsrriber—
I he ! louse is large, and commodious,
and the stand offers many advantages
to a person disposed to emlmik in the
business of Tavern Keeping.—A part
oi the furniture now in the house will
be rented or sold with the house—For
further particulars apply to
James anderson.
May 3
Earthenware, China § Glass
HUGH SMITH «$* Co. have rc
eeived per ship Fiowbjbr, just
arrived from Liverpool, - .
223 Crates & hhds. E. Ware,
tS'r- * Ids supply, added to Their stock
on hand, gives them a very large and
general assortment, which they offer
lor sale at the lowest pi ices, current
in the United Slates, either repacked,
or in the m iginal package
l it»'> have also, and will keep con
stantly on hand a general assortment
of excellent
made by John Swann, whk h they will
sell as low as can be had of equal qua
lity .
Also, WINDOW glass, of the sizes
commonly used, either repacked or by
the box, pipes, in boxes, black quart
bottles, in bumpers or repacked.
May 3_6f
,TIIJ. be opened by the so Useri
bee on Wednesday the 30rh
inst. at the head of Opequon about
5 miles from Winchester. a school irx
which will be taught the various bran
( In's of ' duration, from spelling, rea'-.
ding an 1 w riling, to a complete Course
of acaoemical and collegiate science.
The terms of tuition will be
Spelling, reading and writi ng,
i2 dollars a year, to be paid
Arithmetic and English Gram
mar, t5 d olls.
Geography, Mathematics, Bel
lea U ttros, iO dolls.
Latin, Greek, and French lan
guages, £5 d.oils.
Hoard may be obtained in eputa
table families, on moderate lr rrns
Particular attention wil) hP
the morals of youtb 1
May 3—tl.
nventy years of age, about five fret g
or i(i inches high, of a yellowish com
plexion. lies longst' arghl wool, smiles
wI,cn -pokt n to, I; s u stammering
s, eerb when closely interrogated, had
on when he went off, a blue frock
« oat, nut off al the tail, black twilled
‘ b>lb pantaloons, a gray , j,:t|,
coat, and wool Hat half worn— I is
most likely he is lurking aho.it he
neighborhood ni 1 imber-ridge wp, re
b»s parents live with a man hy he
name of 11 la; k; 1 will give the ab vo
reward to any person who will deli* er
said Negro to me at my reside* e
n*ar .Snicker's Hap.famdomi Couny.
Va, on secure him in Jail so that licet
him Again.
May 3.—ff, *
#20 R ElVARD
ay from tie* suhsrril
vr‘ l"c 21st inst. a Negro M
named ®

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