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The Petroleum Centre daily record. (Petroleum Center, Pa.) 1868-1873, January 02, 1869, Image 2

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Petrolsum Centre Daily Record-
Pet. tfclttrr, Snfurclny, Ja: 2.
'J'lino of Closing Mntln.
P. 0., FETllnl.FI X CKT1W. TV,
JULT S7sT, lafiS. j
t'ntH further notice the mails will arrive at and
d't'im from this oftico as fnllonra :
Month and East, via. Irvlneton, 10.S8 A. M. '
Month an West, Meadvtlle, 5. IS P. M.
Msrtli ant But, " C'orry. 54 "
Knnah and Wat, 8.45 A. M.
Hnml . East and West, S 80 P. M.
North, East and West, 10.03 A. M. H
Hlvlne Service.
Proafihina: at 11 o'clock A.M., and
o'elock P. M.
Rev. J. T. QxTonr, Tastor.
Services every Snlibatli nt 1 1 A. M. ami
7 P. M. Sabbath Pchool at twelve o'clock
H. ' Seata Free. A cordial Invitation
oxtoniled to all.
En v. C. M. lit; Aim. Pastor.
M iss at I0. a. m.
, Vespers nnd. BennJiction of the Elcsed
Sacrament nt 4 p. m.
Catechism at 2 p. in.
JAMES Pl-Xtf. I'nslnr.
This importance or giving a good support
to a local paper, is not fully understood by
many. Some even do not consider th it u
newspaper is of any advantage to the com
muaity In which it in published. There
in quite a number of this clnss ofindividi."
i here. There are those doinff business
here who never advertise, and some who
in not even an much as take our paper.
U'e never shall beg patronage, ef such peo
ple. We bare got along very well without
it thus fur. While they, in common with
the real of the community, gain a (treat
deal from the fact ot a daily paper being
published here, they give us not a cents'
worth of patronage. Wo contend that this
is not doing the fair thing by us. But we
Iiuvo one consolation, and that Is when this
ceases to he remunerative tbote are other
fields in which w can engage. We never
have yet got down to begging for patronage,
and never ahull. As Boon as we become
convinced of the (act that this community
dees net appreciate a dully paper sufficient
ly to give it a good healthy support, we
ahull seek some locality where they will do
better by ns.
Nbxt Tuesday evenlug Meters. Carner
&. Peterson, proprietors of Hum ply Pumpty
and the Broadway Theatre Combination,
open up nt the Opera Houra in this place.
They have about the best company that
ever came inlo the oil region, and have
carried everything by sturm wl.eie.ver they
have been. At Uonwjvlllu lust night tiny
halacrowduJhou.se, and everybody who
was there speaks highly of the performance.
They biing oiit '-Rip Van Winkle" tod
'-Black Eyed Susan," on Tuesday evening
. next. Wo bespeak for tbem a crowded
If the dramatic muse baa taken flight
from the English speaking part of the old
world, as is averred by those who periodi
cally write jeremiads upon the decline of
the dramatic art, and has not taken passage
to this side or the Atlantic, as is generally
acknowledged, it would seem probable that
she has found her way to Australia. There
resides in Melbourne a genius named Cap
per who caps all dramatists of this or any
other age in the fecundity and originality
of bis dramatic genius. Yet a young man,
he has written twenty-three dramas, mostly
in five acts, and bns printed some of them,
though none of them appear to have been
performed, a circumstance the less surpris
ing when it is known that the subjects are
tnken from the irly history of Egypt,
Assyria, and Greece, and that trades and
professions of the present day are introduced
in scenes dated a Bcore or two centuries ago.
Taking structure, language, and characters
altogether, it would seem that Mr. Capper
has made bis dramas entirely '-out of his
own bend' without the advantage ot ever
having seen or rend a play In his lift'.
Representative Lynch, of Maine, referring
to the charges in the newspapers that bis
frank was being used by a publishing house
in New York, says that while in the city,
recently, the publisher ef the Mercantile
Journal informed him that he intended to
publish his CLynch's) speech on the finances
and inquired if he would not order a certain
number of oopies. .Mr Lynch did order a
large number of copies, and with thekuowl.
edge of the Post Mafier iu New York, he
sent the papeis through the country to post
masters only, and this accounts for the bays
full of 1'tlers in Cincinnati. Congressmen
are in the habit of sending away papers con
taining their speeches, the only difference
in this case being that the mailing was done
in New York Instead of Washington. Mr.
Lynch is a member of the House Post-office
Committee, and has always voted in favor
of abolishing the franking privelige, but
while it Is the law be does all be can to
make It odious.
A rather novel marriage ceremony took
place in the upper end of Charlotte county.
Virginia, last week. The water was high
and the bridges all gone; the parson lived
on one side and the bride and bridegroom
on the other. But "Amor vinclt omnia"
they were not to be outdone. So tho parson
stood on one bank and tho bridal party on
the other all decked out In their finery
and in the mud. And thus they were united.
But a most amusing scene took place before
they wore pronounced man and wile. A
difliculty arose hew the parson was to get
the license. Tho groom was called upon,
but bo net being able io Bwiro, refus-d to
take it over. At length, one of his waiters
volunteered. There was a log over the
stream, but it was covered with water two
feet deep. He hesitated a while, but finally
concluded to straddle it. We are happy to
say he made the trip, and deposited the
necessary document with the parson, which
enabled hiin to tie the knot as effectually as
it was ever done before.
To-ijav thu restaurant of II. P. Eddy is
opened. Hu has his tltniug room fitted up
in a neat and cozy manner. A restaurant
of the kind which Mr. Kddy proposes to
keen bus lpng been needed hero. Eddy is
a man who thoroughly understands the
business, aud we feel confident li..t he will
give general satisfaction to his patious.
Sixck yesteiduy morning considerable
snow bus fallen, which in'iures to us good
sleighing for huiiih time. 'Now this is
good lor all those who have ti lie niul money
ut their disposal, but it isn't nt much comie
cpience. to us, and other poor fellows like
us. who have tieither time .nor money to
EvKitv uue along Washington street
should keep the sidewalk in front of his res
ideucti or place of but Siuhj, in repair mi l
clear of rubbish. At Borne p iinls thu side
walks are in a dilapidated condition, but a
8 null outlay of timu and money would put
them in thorough repair. Let that outlay
by all means be ma le.
Til;: Catholic Fair mid Kostiv.il will
close this evening. All the articles nut
sold out will be sold at Miction. The 11110
lioiiw,ll couiiiii nco kI Id o'clock this even
ing. A Iniye number ol iiiticlen mo In lie
milled lor. All holding chanceu iliould be
in attendance..
Tuh ullije ul' Clio American Heiress Com
pany at this place, is now in charge of Mr,
ti. li. .lnr411n. Mr. Morgue lsqnitn well
Uniivvn In mil' ciliz cos. hi't'liig tecu line be
fore. Wiliie we aru a ii ry to lose U chalds
wo' ure glad to get M'U'g'in.
A writer in the Atlantic Monthly gives
some startling evidence to prove that con
sumption is inainlv caused by the dnmpnes
surrounding the abodes of those attacked by
tho disease. IIo says Hint extended and
repeated observations In England and Mas.
sacbusetls show beyond doubt that, other
things being equal, consumption among the
people is in direct proportion with the mois
ture of the localitios where they live.
Maxy of our cili.ens who nro absent
spending the bolid ivs, will soon be coming
back, and going Into biu-ineas enterprises
with renewed energy, and we shall have
lively times from this until spring, when
wo hope for a continuance of good times
through the summer.
Of it friend, 1). E. CrucKur, ol the Sher
man House, has been mado happy. A
daughter has been born in his family. Nine
pounds. All doiog well. Dun is as gay
and happy as a luik. Big country this for
The Missouri Uepublicau is responsible
for the statement lh.it the Indian Pencu
Commission, recommended, by a vote of six
to our, Unit the Indian Bureau bo transferred
to tho War Department.
According to the New York Commercial
Advertiser, Tr;iin says that England shakes
with thu pilsy, that Russia and America
back Greece, and thut Stephen II. Biauch
nin't his brother.
JudH Sharkey, ul Mississippi, is in Wash
ington, and will be suiunuitifd to lustily be
fore the Recitnslruciiiiii Committee. Ho is
well pleased with Gen. Gillem's aduiinistia.
tiun of nir.iirs in Ih it Stale.
SKIS notice ul J'ra! Vr'
GmicVi Sii-r . lu ti.e oi
'.i.ii a.ie -t.
I l'"V'ir. 1'i'ed
ii il.iilk blliUll l
The French I. n Inlnm ils hare forbid-
the ih:i of I'm lit!n Mmllenr lo the
new olibiid or.-an in I'aiia.
an H Tub tniiu ivas deluyed this af ei noon
-uii ' one hour lrv the freight Iniil liir.Siing id'.':';!'
ti.iek at :'i liil'er.
George Francis Train is in Omaha.
The Atlantic Cable last month netted
$3,350 a day.
New York has an evening paper, price
one cent.
Wood is only two dollars a cord in Cana
dian towns.
The Minnesota Legislature meets on the
5th of Januaiy.
(.The Supreme Court of Ohio, wan ad
journed until to-day.
Exactly $567,642 worth of buildings were
erected in Indianapolis this year.
Ruth Maiden Ml in Norfolk, Virginia,
Monday, and received fatal injuries.
K. II. Cox. a policeman, was shot by a
negro in Savannah, Georgia, Sunday.
Troy, Alabama, has voted to subscribe
$75,000 to the Mobile and Gir.ird Railroad.
Official vote of Oregon: Seymour. 11,125;
Grant, 10,9G1. Seymour's majority, 104.
There are six Masonic and seven Odd
Fellow lodgos in Rochester, New York.
A negress in Hnntsville, Missouri, claims
to be 120 years old. Probably she lies.
A Philadelphia firm run 75 looms and an
nually turn out 3,000,000 yards of ribbon.
Vermont Insane Asylum, at Uurlir.gtsn. last
year made $910.59 over lis expenditures.
Six hundred and (11 ty students have en
tered Kentucky University dining the Inst
Porlfville, Mobile eonnty, Alabama, mod
estly claims lo be '-the now Liverpool cf
the South.'
This year, New York fireman are to wear
double breastedjlilue fchiite, and the officers
white ons.
Several factories in Waterbnry, Connecti
cut turn out from 1,000,000 to 3.000,000
eyelets daily.
James Loiing kllh'd Samuel Dawson in
Charleston on tile 24th Inst. Cause jeal
ousy. Both colored.
Mrs. James Settle, of Rappahannock
coiinty,Virginia,gave birth to three healthy
boys recently.
General James, W. Armstrong, a promi
nent citizen of Ciss county, Georgia, died
oa the 21st Inst, i
The Presbyterians of Shrlbyvllle. Ken.
tucky, have gone to law to decide the out
ership of their church.
Thirty-one distilleries resumed opera
tions in tho Patis (Kentucky) district
Mifs Long, nf Tiffin, Ohis, has made a
fellow pay $2,51)0 for not loving bur long
enough to marry her.
Soue clocks rfcenly inported into New
York contttiiied$308,000 worth of shawls
concealed insida
The publishen of newspapers in Indiana
will hold a contention in Indianapolis on
the 5th. '
The Stale Comptroller of Tennessee has
perfected arrangements lo pay the iilterest
on the State du'jt.
Turkey is reported to lie employing Pol
isli insurgents to stir up their brethioa in
Austrian Poland.
PniFsla and Bflgium have lately enne uJ-
od a treaty fur the extradition of insr.no
persons and infants.
A French gelogist baa discovered i" a
valley a point there two water courses cioss
each other. i
Ueecher's san has been tho victim ot
''hezlng sophomores at Yale, who shaved
his bead in Benedictine fashion.
In Cleveland, the cemetery keepers are
said la be in collision with bodysnatrfn-rs,-and
considerable cxcireinent exists.
The veteran of German artists, the pain
ter John Martin von Ruhden, died recently
iu Rome at the age of ninety-one.
It is reported that Joseph Howard, jr.,
will shortly teliio from the New York
Democrat and tssuiuo thu editorship of the
Five Flore!'!, i.es. containing ninUlies.sul-
phur and grain, were destroyed on Friday
morning near Suppers llrldgo, Canada.
A chamelior. r.lligutir is on the way from
New Orleans i.s a gift to Prof. Agassi..
The creature is said tu be very raro and
very ugly.
A sun ofthelntu Diiko of Newcastle, hav
ing gone through with n million or so, is
now traveling wilh a low English minstrel
The Bililii is now printed in over 200
dillerent languages. Judging from the con
duct of must il' the. world, neai ly every
body's copy must be in it langu ie not his
TnK decision of tbo Supreme Conrt on
the legal tender act is expected toward th
close of January.- Thore are good reasons
for believing that It will be declared unton
stilutionnl. The Court will probably stand
five to three tor constitutionality, and -at
the worst four In lour. It is also expected
thai the cm jorily will only v defend It as a
war Uicasnro; hence a further issue ot cur
rency in time of peace would be unconstitutional.
Mrs. Abraham Lincoln is said to be lying
in a very low tunditinn attbe hotel d'Angle
terre. Frnnkfort-nn-ihe Main. Her condition
is such ns to give rise to grent apprehension.
She was attacked wilh a fainting fit while
shopping in Sailer's fancy goods store, and
was at once removed to her hotel.
James M. Morrison, on of the oldest and
wealthiest citizens of Chicago, died ot heart
disease Monday evening. lie left $750,000,
a wile and one child.
Xcw Flcnr, Feed and Grocery
More !
cppo&'.tu tho McClintock IIout, has en lmnd a
l.irgeund flist class stork nf Flour, feed uud
Ctrocoricm which ho la sctlliin nt a low figure.
t3 Don't forget the plnrj where A, I), t-'oit in
& Company broke up. junMf.
xv. ii. xicnoiiSux & ca.,
Are closing out their alock of TOYS for half
price. New Yenr'a Is coining! Holier fail ttigive us
a call 1 Fautr Goods sold at boi-galus I
And for a gencrnl assortment of
STATIONERY of all kinds,
we Lave a complote stock.
Ii rector, -llnaiiiean
final al Director,
J. W. darner
W. O. Peteroon
J. Volemau
Return of the Favorites!
... AND.
Troupe. Combined.
r . Engagement of
1 ho Vopulnr Young Actor.
Comedian and l'untom'iti'tt.
ICarry si. Jjooii,
Dun. Morrii,
A. G. En os,
JB. .1. iVard.
fouiini-dtcime and Vocalist,
Kate At in on,
Kitty litmil, Ajc.
Tuesday ve,ir..Ean.5tlil
Will be itwoi.tt d il e Niuricul Dir. ma,
ru two Ac In, of
Black-Eyed Susan
I o conclude with tho loretd of tlic Catiikill Alo.iu
laii.s, entitled,
J, W. CAltNIiU
AUo, a Circulating Library, composed of standard
tvorkii rind the latest out. Tcnna only 1 3.50 for Lx
months. docll-lm.
OT Doors opon nt 7 o'clock. 1'crformai co at 8
O ci-'Ck.
ty Admission to cts. Eeanvcd Kea'a, 3 cU-JunS-lw.
iTT LAUIjSS wleliina to make an appropriate
present, will find beautiful SLIPPEll PATTEUX8
at A. W. SMITH'S lior.t Shoo gtoni doclStf.
lllllii ( A.UKN. whuleme and retail. Thirty
four d-itorent st iLs to arrive till week, nt
A. 1). MILLER J6 CO. '8.
CAN A K Y III It OS, 1 uat (iirui.in Imported, whole
.ale and ruiall, at A. D. illl.l.KIt & CtJ.'S.
l,3iii mils WALL PAI'KIt recdved llifc) day al
A. 1). MILLER ft CO'S.
A'.ipua. This ia a newly discovert d nrticle to
Uiii-,1 for a hair dressing, hich ti said to bJ aiiuit
or to ni;yl liill "f lh kind yet p'acid betwe the pub
lie. ft renders the hair ?ifi nud til"'y, and will. It
I.- iM, e.iuno tho Imlr to ip-"W on M dpi whieh lute
liiiis linki-d khoIi a envrinte- Ilia not proporly a
htur ilvi mid vt it w;ll o opemto on tho roola ot
i:io win,'- when applied iw to n-rtture it to Its nrlirln-
rein: .Mid luxerliiucu in a very brief period nf
nil--, i; I. beyoua iUoTitin, a vi ry H.iierinr intni.',
ni win more Ihtm lnl the txpectaMdiw of any ore
Aim iimv nin-rliaso .;t. Svnicufo l'aixT. 'I'rv Sev.'-
anl f Miirii Cine. It la the bent. A. I). .Mil. I, fc.lt &
i' ., Wleili-anle alii Keiall Uriujiata, Amenta lor
IVirnloiim Centre, Pa. novia-lm.
Ilinntilul Slipper I'attcrna nt A. S. Smith's Boot
& Shoe store. decl5-tf.
53T FANCY GOODS, all deacrlptloiia. wholo
laleand retail, for Holiday Presents, nt
ti.'aU and examine the flue aasirtmeut of
HI.U'I'KR PATTERNS at A. S. Huiith'a Boot
til.oc Store. declotf.
CIiriKlmi.M Gift !
c:n'd Watc-hue, Finest American Wntcliea. Masl
eat In-itruinee'js Albums, Plated Ware, e'unry Cut-
kry, Spertarles, and Pocket Bonks. Also all kiuds
of I 'iirnrs innaiifactiired. Fancy Hmnklng '! oliarco,
tad Meerschaum Pipes. Ail these aud a great deal
mni-e eau hu iiiund i.t .T. V.'tJLl''E'S Jewelry Store,
Hum uisir u Bliei man llousu.
A Inrgi uHsiirlment of FINE SEWED inOT8 at
A. h. Sn.ith'a Ituot iV Slum Store. ducIM.
Xcw Clotliin !
Wo lme ju-at weivt-d nnd nro nmvnpfming io thi
ituiuirli g guzu ul in ciiizciiu
and -.Utiiity.tlio nifmt couij-letc hN rk, nnd lUv Tt-ry
Li Ii I, 1. L Ii h 1.
0 ) O O ) O O O
1 I J 1 I 1 II
Tliat u-n e.'rtr hefnve hri al.t lo Ihls plaeo or on
Oil Cmit ; which wc areselllug at Ih'j lowest pus.
sihle rates.
DI.llIK'- for I8il ut . 1. MILLr.U & CO'S. .
Jt CO 'S.
Tl'lS'lmst place iz. town to get a pair of Boots
innde of the beat Stool;, that Mill wear well, and
wiimintcd to fit, is at J. A. Iluiltc' Kaah
Lint hie Boot Shop, VYasliiutou Slrcut, Fetroleuiu
cur.tra, Pa. Give him a trial. seplO-tf.
Gen. V. CIkM.-i, il the; Pdilutl' lphia I.ed
cer. niitv tiavi-liiiL' in Ijiroiie. Iius nresenteil
, I tim:e of most of the principal holds iu Pelroie:rm
a Ptoue s-atiie (! I' runhliii tu Ihe New 1 ml; ( Mlri3. may V-tf.
1'xceUior Uilliard Pariom.
To enjoy a delightful and qiilet eame nl Bl!llitidi,
o tu A. o. FurulKun's l'luliiuiiHUic Billhi'd l ur.
lois, on Washington srreet, next door tcthe Itoch.
eiilnr lloue. 'I he-e IV.-iors nre within a .hint dV
at thu shortest notice.
ETats and Caps
onr BtncU U toinpVt". Ono price, Mid ttll jjkk1h
watTiiiiifU mm rt'inMMUt u.
Tlnnktii" our fi'lt-nds for tlmlr lH'onil n(irtii
huittuloic, k luijio lor a coMimmncu r' tlm i,(ih'j.
I,. A. TI 111: IIS : A Is DEN
I'.'lrolmim Vntr Due- H, laiJ tf.
triiiuj will ruu nu tbis rood lollo:
3 0.125 ft- rn., i'lttshua-li Kxpna, ptrw nt nil tfv
tion-s nnd tirrid iu A. W. It If. Trail.'
lor iu 15) m.( at New (Vhu ut '1,15 p til.
riuI ut liitlmrh Ht 6 oo p. m.
43tt tt. in., Accaminutliitifin hum Jutnuf town, iir
rivtwnt A. At. W. It. It. Transfer nt.V'ti.
tn.. nt Ni-w Cuttle at 7 oo u ni., nud ul
WtiMiurLli ni lti.iit) a. m.
5.10 p. in Mixt-d Triin lenvit! Rric for Mutoii
rtopHi nt uli hiluiuit U altj U'ioii unci a.
rivii.y ut 10 a. m
7.15 Erie T.;,ui- U-.uim Nuw Cn(!f nt 0.1" a m.,
A. . v u v. u. it. ir.ui-tii r ut ii,it a. in ,
a:iI atrives ut Liieit i fii p. r.i., nmhiiin
cti.M' oniiL"u.pii for Hut, hud Nnu, l-'ulU.
1.35 p ni. lro AcnoiiimotlatWjii leuvci K. n-lto al
7, i in , A I W. It. U. Truubftir at ,JJ
p iu., fiunw-town ftl 9. 10 p.m.
330 p. mi. M.xnl I'm iu Ivivud tiliarou ttt Krle, ur
rlvfn hi II b0 p m.
ritt1.ur'li Jixjiiw conih cnmiocU nt Jixmt()wn
nt ltf..Vl pin. with .1. & tf1. Kxpri'i. fur Krnnk-
lin it lid Oil City. i'niiu!cU nt Tiuiiitlur iil l,) p m.
with A. fc O. W. Acconunodutluu west, for War'
run, Krtverjhii and t Icvolimd
Krle KxprcfB nurUi (iinuenlH t A. & G. V Tran-
ft' t 11, lo ft in,, with Mail tmM tur Mundvllle,
Fmnklin, nwi OilCliy. and utJuiaustown wllk J.
& l' KxpiTHa for Franklin.
Twin connect nt itochostor with train for
Wlindinir and ml pnint in eit Vlr."tniA. nnd ul
iitKhnrtrli conneciloiw tr ri.iinaeinmx, n irn-
C illi ll i'.illc. TI;;
iil iiluUe it.
ijlisli -i-uli tvt", U.i il-
" ' ' THIIAM (' '., havu th l:ir'.wt .-.lork of UEVOI,
EKS in Venule,-!' cnniy
hui'iz. Bnilininreaud Wnshingtmi, via Ponuayivaiila
Cem i ul lUiilroad.
Erie Express North, ennnecta at Glrard with
IjiK-o Miuro tiatrs Westward for Cle.voland.
( hle:ii." anunll poii.ts In thewiHt; at Erie will,
l'hlhK'p!:lii .te Kiio Kallnaul fur ("errv, Vt'arren,
Irvliietiin. 'I'Minu'fl, tie, and with rintt'aio Ifiria
1'iiilioa.I lor liiurnl.i. Duukliii, .SiuHiua rails and
Nowy.iWCi-i. F N. F'NNEY,
Afn't Siiperintnndittkt
--''""ri.iri ii

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