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The Petroleum Centre daily record. [volume] (Petroleum Center, Pa.) 1868-1873, September 03, 1870, Image 2

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;L'f fAK LiiVi, J,M!7II & Co,
31e?chant Tailors !
,.. . - . WENT OF
The Imaistable German bee wen another
j great victor, decisive aid overwhelming.
cHMoi't army era prisoner. Inoiudin
J N apoleon, who U now suppliant for Peeoe
t o jcmolre II therefore vtrtna.lv at aa
naaatn u shut up Mo Hale tod ean
I oo escape. Pari la in a (lata of tlega and
mint surrender.
Kiog William la matter of the altuatlon.
laaaniamarok will dloiata tke term of
a. , f ueriueo nation unow tbe
vprmg ami Mummer Mules, atroogeat on the Continent of EurM. i
t. . . .
Tineioie in arms, aa aba baa bean tba moat
rar-reacbing In diplomacy. Tbe Aaerlean
heart baala with sympathy wltb tbe Father
i .
i tana, in inia Dour of tbair national pride,
I joy and gratulatlon. Ilea ran be nralaed
Ring Willlam't aword la but an inatrnmani
I or God justice. Long lire Our Frlti!
Berlin. Sent. 1.
Tbe following highly Important d la Da ten
i oaa just neen made public here:
"Jierora Sedan, France, Friday, Sept. Jd,
i :zz p. m. :
"From tbe Kl g to the Queen. A e.nlu
nlatioa whereby tbe whole armr at Sedan
MrFini. i ammit m. -"i-r-oo., omjum dm. concluded by
" aw MU, ajb I fl.efl Winntan MmmaaJ .. I i .l -fit .
isuai acaanon, wao la wouoded.
aau CA-tlxm:, which t makt up to ot.
r on d..ui..'-NOTICB. auporlor hi
J TtuS r.nd WOltOUNDHir.
Perfect satlretiaa Always
Dally Haaeivbg ell the Horelnaj la
or. warlaf Fraaklla la.
Tlttievllle, Pa.
Petroleum Centre Daily Record.
' '' C-aHra, to May, aepteaaaver g
aniYH nv OEPARTfJsaB Or
4UI ON O. C. 4k A. H, M.
jaoart ko. 6. ko. S. ' no. 1,
oiit irviw. a
Tbe Emperor aurrendered himaelf lo mm.
! aa be baa no command and left ntnthin.
r . . . f
to me Regent at Parle, Hie reeldence I
aball appoint after an interview wltb biro at
a rendezvous to be fixed Immediatalv. What
I com eventl, with Gad' guidance baa
. William.
Latest and Most Importaii
War Hews.
Berlin, Sept. 2.
Thefollowtag fa) from the Kiog to Queeo
Augusta, juit made public:
Sedan, Sept. 1 S p. m.
A battle baa ragrd alaoe bair-past eight
o'oleck tbla morning, and our forcee bate
adrancad vlotarlouala. Tbe fourth, fifth.
and eeventb eorpa and tbe Bavarlana were
engaged. Tbe enemy waa aimoat entirely
drl yen Into tbe city.
atnnica, sept.
Tbe Bavarian Klnlaterbaa rewired tbe
following, dated near Beaumont, on Tu.
day: A battle baa juit ocourred. In wbicb
we were victorious Tbe French were
driven aver tha Upum. The drat Bavariau
eorpa participated aocceealuly, one bat
talioo capturing two guoc.
Baal ton, Belgium, Sept. i.
Basalne baa driven the Pruuians toward
Tbe Freneh are at La Chanel!.
Parla naneri rennrt obiouralv'of three
French aiicceHca additional, locating them
from private aourera.
London. Sent. 210 a. m.
Oiapatchea received from Parla tbla morn
Ins claim the Pruaaiaca ware re nulted In
tbeir attack on HcMa boo, after ten hours
abarp fighting.
Tba PruMiana attacked tbe French from
tbe front and rear.
Tba French captured thirtv suns and a
great many orlaoneta-
Tbe priaonera are reported to have beon
uriven lownra Belgium.
Auotber dispatch saya the Prnaaiana
were victorioua, but It la not aeaerallr
K. 23 " S. 28
.l ' 9,15
.e io.3i i
KO. 4. KO. B.
6.00 a . 8,05 p u
7,40 " 7,45
8.17 " 8.35
6.65 9.10
11.03 "
freeve Oil City 7,00 a m. 142 r u
' " " Tlluav. 8.2.1
J'lfyaCorry, 9,35
ctu! , KO, J.
"Lrare torry, 11,20 a M
' Tituav. 12,45 r u.
" P. Cn. 1.25 "
Arrive O. Clly 2,05
" Irvine. 4,50 "
tST Ko. 5 and 6 run on Sunday.
. HwiiiVir..lv 1,06 .
veHlMV, ;.15a IMS a.. 11 00 a.m. (p
' ' a . vv"' "t' JItm " 1M P.M. IL80
Airlv o. t1ty,, ,o6 r a " 75
1 t, il ,n" 1 "'a ttirtre ftelhr, Intw oil
M - Ir, " a-a.um nblSBrinH CAR.
l52 tom Phjad,hla h itboti ehrtuce.
mi" " "".'iru wmion rnaniie.
Coraplanter township, which Includes
Petroleum Centra. Pltaote. RoumtIii. uj
Oil City, ahowa a nonnlxlnn m4i.
in.. 1.. r r ,
i'ia t V, r " ,M 0nB, "Pwwrda 10,000 lobabl-
m la 1 af 7. 4 T F If I 1 .
Unfa, exclualve of tba biroueh towna with
in lUlimlta. Tbe census of 1860 putadowo
me population of Tanango oounty aa some
thing over 25,000, and accordloar to the liti
cenaua tbla township alone eontaloa naari
or quite ooe-nau or tba entire population of
toe county in lean.
Among tba killed at tba battle 01 Di.i.
lotte waa Prloea Salm-Satm, who served in
tbe Union army during tba rebellion, and
waa promoted to tbe renk of Brigadier Gen
eral. Afterward he served tbe cause of
Maxlmllllan,! and very nearly ahared his
fate. Ha married an American Lady,
Agnes, daughter or Col. LeC era. who he,
came distinguished for tbe oonraira and ner.
slatenoe she displayed in bar efforts to save
tbe unfortunate Emperor of Mexico. Since
tbe downfall of tba empire the Prince and
hla wife bad been realding in Germany,
Um W., -r n . n .
I Tornedo Connui. r. .
A I be War Uawa. UUblilhd In nnlh I am nn !( Tk,,.. Bkll.
limn. i 1 h. ' I. . . .. r !"
. , ,u vur naaera. rarpeoo lor wen or smith, Hastings 4 Lind.
-v-whhv iHf wit luarKvi uwimi irnnir 1 ht. on inn nnint ha hut nnji k.. ...
... o 1 . ' 1 . u.ivu , tun vji
and active this alternooo, and that in tba pedo and plaoed It to one aide, and tu nil.
Gold at 1 p. m., lia.
In Lancaster,. Pa., la a machine incloned
In a glaaa vase, near tbe top of which Is
jewelled watch, keeping time: uoder the
watch la a train ofminlture cars, monies
on a circular railroad, and passing through
a tunnel, in the foreground is a girl num
Ing water and a man aplittlng wood, while
near him la another man working; with a
jack-plane. In a cottage near by alts a
young lady at a window, looking at tbe
workmen, but ifiou look at ber. abe mod-
estly 0 lose;i.tbe blind, wbicb ia quickly
opened by ber scowling mother, who leaves
n oigo aiiageon ana sends ber colored eer
vaot lo order you awav. Tha mnii
power ia concealed in a walnu cae
Tbe clergymen who preach avainst nomi
lai amusement, and fancy as Lowell mi in
w ar
'That all wbo take part in a waltz nr ont.
Are mounted for bell on tbe deril's own pill
should find some relief In the nranil
philosophy which the London Spectator I him
calmly and quietlylatates: "If people could
only ro without amusement, life would
much more easily be arranged; but aa tbev
cannot, It ia necessary, to put up wilb a
good deal that one scarcely approtes
We would 1 e com mend the lady's to call
and examine our cooking Stoves, Tun loc
ator, which we warrant tor economy, lor
baking, for cleanliness and for general
work. Wo warrant them to compete with
any atov" In tbe country.
Js'R'IIOl.HO A Blackmax,
Fall Sttlks. Call
Laiemere & Aldon'a.
and ace fhoin at
People oontunplatlng a visit to Chautau
qua Lake abould call and see Galfney. : A
word to the wlee la sufficient. u2d '
Tba oeiirieU liusiuo Meat Broilers' at
mcoison x wacKmou a. nen in toe mar
ket. Try them.
A new stock of imported Wlnea received
wis uay ai uauney a.
Soda Water and Ice Cream at J. W. Beat
Soda Waler and Ice Cream at J. W. Beat
a laekberry Brandy.
A verv sunerlor article or Klacktwov
Brandy, for summer complaints, cholera
morbus, &c., at
UR1FFE8 Uroa.
Tint ninat Vli Diiian Tpnn Clatn
Wheat Slipamonklncr arnvni. r Ninhnlmn
d,., ' .. :."
u. Ajistnuiuu a. ailffol'll.
The only pure Liquors are at Uaffncy'a.
Now ia the beat time In Inr In a trinfor
supply or hard coal. "Codington Corn
wall are toe men 10 buy from. June Z8tt.
Rlsseniren and Vicher V.'nternn riram?ht
fcome very nobby Cloth Hats lor vounff
uivi,, h ittuimera & aiupu 8.
Universal. Monitor and Sherman Wrinr-
i:ir, b l-,li;uuiBUU i DiaCKUlOn S.
21 cases old KenneMw Rpmlo mxaira
iota oay and for rale by the case or bottle.
atGafToey'e. '
(Tall ftt T. Mm mora .1-1 1U,..'. ..j .
of the New Fall Style Hals just received.
Kisseogen and Vicbey Water at
Ghifki;s Bros.
Vlchnr. Kiawnown nd w.t.. .
' - wv.w . . m.ci m
tbe Artie Soda Fountain or
J18-lf. : GniFFRa Buos.
The cxlebrated Boston Mal Broilers at
Nicholson A Bltckmon'a. Ce'at in tbe mar
ket. Try Ibem.
Soda Water and Ira r
Has now consolidated lii3 )m
nv8a l,,c!osi,,fT tl.e store '
on W ild Cat Stivet,
and concentrated
his stock at
"V" f
Upper Store !
u Wttsliliigton stre
WhtrowUl avlowiiia
Groceries &Provisions
AU kind. f t.
Forcisn & nomestic frulu
In addition the 1W Tn nii
Soda Water in town.
rctrolcum retitrc, April laMHTO -i mUh
XKW sIM Elll Axj)
IIl01iSI(, JsKRli!
vMtmr mi inr, kiiuhk
Ta f abetribere hat opened a new
Whre Uirj Intend erping
Vnmllr Grocorloa and Provi-
in their seaann. Th raliKriheni extend m lim
lut.nn to their ftluiid. and IhoMli, nni 0,y
; . . .XV. T KlfG EE A to.
absence of outside markets.
Ing tbe "charger," wbicb only bolda a small
amount of nltro-zlvcerlne. when it .mil
led, blowing off a portion of tbe fleshy part
1 01 out nana.
The envelope makers are going to Irv to
break up the Poatoflice Departments stamp.
ed euvelope department, because it Inter
feres with their business. .
The nntv rani unln. ...I. UTkl.l.
r i , v" . . L .
viincu lur aiD iuib piaee laat uarroey a.
Fine a.anrimpnt nr P.... nj ri.L ttt i
dow Shaiks and Fixtures, lost n'd at
ni8"' GaipyKS Broh.
Just rpceivprf i n ran anil ia, u 1 1 a..A.i.J
stock of ahelf hardware at J. Rutherforda.
Wuter and lee Cream at i. W. Beat
Buy the '-Red Hot" Saddle, manufactured
In Titilsville txpressly for the oil country
ndupted to all kinds of weallier.atj.lt.
Kron'a. al2-rr
Soda Water and Ice Cream at J. W. Beat
for tbe yacht
refuses to soil
RoaBltRT. Day before yeaterdav alran
get residing at coma point above Tltusvllle,
arrived in town, and after Indulffln? in av.
eral buina of "bonalne" journeyed along up
aireei ana lowarda ntsht l.miwl u ik.
hauatf nf nnm Jnll BIma V j .. i
" w w:m M.vr, IICMW UllflOg 1081 -hh .Um. I (W'.JIO, VI iUUIIUlllIU OVVCp 1 1 V O I , MUU U
veniug he lu robbed of tl.OOO. Th No- 106,793 Removing depostta from oil tha Little Bur Horn. 'Eu-not-anle-eaiP.'
next inorolug tbe lovely (t( Julia waa ar- we"' ,"ne, DIoke7 Venango City. or Little Mountain Sheep river the trapper
no. luo.mt iorpeao lor oil wells j James namesl'or most of the streams in Eastern
vioaay, veoango City. Montana being tranalationa of the ludiau
Among the oatenta Issued tn ninn. nr
Western Pennsylvania for tbe week eudin.
Anguet 30, 1870, and bearing tbat date
Offers have been made
America but Gjvernmeut
Tbe Indian name of ibe Biir Hum ia -Eu
potagle," or Mountain Sheep rirer, and o'
tna ue uig ilorn, "fcli
Hot Blast, Kire Quwn, Iron Gate and
Wheat Sheaf Cooking Stoves, at Nicholson
it Dlackmon's.
The cheapest place lo buy is where you
can suit yourself in goods. Tbeouly place
is at Gaffueya. "
New styles Hats and Caps at hammers a
Alden's. aug2li-tr.
Sash, Glaas, Uoor, Puny c. Large
trwl m . n .1. .. . . L -K t . .
-wvs w,j I.UCUJ) .1 iuo rurnuure More.
H. . C. J arvia,
Scalar la
IOinrO GLASSES In pren variety. I.ookmt
Glut 1'latas rcpluod la old Framo.
Plctnr Prmzaet made loorder
Curtis, etl .Moths, Ual
Paper, .V ndowSliiiiles
COFFINS of fc!l sizes on hand and trimmed
to order on s jort notice.
Peirolanm Cen'ra. 8pt 18S1 trs.
Petroleum t( Imne Hot 1
Received O" THE
Waartliiajton 9lnrt,
Prtrolenm Centre, Pa., next dour to rii'-.'f
Dry Ooi.dH fioro,
T). TVKWrlra KNfhmmiiri.tivl MmIi .in .d It
all liojre. Oyiten, and every dcKnoticn taut
lurnlnbed gecats.
No pain, will lie tparrd to a"commi!ie '.'
who Hiror ns with their pal.'iP"'" ,
Petroleara Centre, Angimt, xi, 'TO tf.
tested by Constable Lawrence and brought No' 106'79 Torpedo lor oil well; Jamea names lor most of the streams
wore rfusuoe reynows,- and after an ex
" .vm tv wii iu lua an m nr i a . w L .
$1,SW to appew at Franklin lo answer tba ,Mtd.y, at Pioneer, between tha Colum-
T..V ,; V . 7 " " ot Pioneer club of Pioneer, wbicb resulted In
Jtuiltv henalf. ahaat loaat ha Irnn.i.j.. ..I . - .. . ' '" "
7s. .... u ' .I ". . " " T,0,or7 tot me former club- The score
....... w..u.u.uUt7 . la M not stood 38 toJ2. Tha game waa a spirited
the drat lim that . a... li . ' '"" wa apmseu
wm.u ivwum i u i one.
anis house while drinking. $200 waa cJol
n Irom a Pioneer man a abort time alnee,
ana stun (mm another stranger. Tbla la
iue of tbe lowest doggeries tbe country af-
laras, ana we Would oot only warn all peo
pie horn going there, but would respeolful
iy urge the ofliceis of the law to do tbair
duly and break It Up.
Wa arc . informed, tbat a gang of pick
posaeie wa louowing atlaf CampbeU'e Cir.
cus and Menagerie, engaged lo plying tbeir
nefarioue vocation. Several nartiea .
relieved of their pocket-books and wallets
A. IS a m
moum i3 periormanca waa going on at
rieaaantrllle and Sbamburg. Tba gang Is
A new wall waa struck on the Columbia
farm, on tha bill above tbla nlace. a fear
days aiooe, wbicb la yielding 16 barrels of
on per day. It Is koown aa No. 81. No.
82, same farm, ia nearlv completed and
will be ready to test In a few days.
Oil baa been struck on Jackson Run.
Warren Couoty, about seven mllea north of
Warren. Tha well la 420 feet deep, and ao
far has produced considerable oiL
Tha Atlantic tba last of tha old Collin.
I Steamship Line, la converted Into a steam
merchantman. Ber companion, tbe Baltic,
having bean ao altered, is now making very
aald lo be beaded by one Sweene. hn ueceeeftil voyages between San Francisco
' aa a Depper" for them, and . wbo la well n0 jlTfP00'
......,.,,,, notorious oieoK. A refreshing rain to-daycooled tbe at
w. i ii nu ! lanninn . k & .iu... 1 1 . j i
I - -w.M .ii u nospnere
i w wob aiar inotr valuables.
Campbell' grand Clrcua and Zooloclcal
loetiiute made lu appearance in town this
''Waiter, this bit of lurbot is not as good
aa that you gave us laat week." Wallet
Beg pardon, air; it'a off tbe very aaine
New Lisbon, Ohio, baa a temale base
ball club. Yesterday one of tbo girls made
a "home ran." She saw ber father coming
with a big switch.
Tbe Remington rifle factory in New York
It ia reported baa received ciders from tbe
Frenob government for 5,000 rifles a week,
to be turned over to the agent of tbe
French government until further orders.
A handsome young patrolman at the
Highlands, near Boston, has boen suffering
so much from the "persecutions" of tbe fair
sex in tbat delightful neighborhood that be
threaten lo resign, and remove elsewhere.
Soda Water
at M. S
m4 tf.
icney. fttstengen and Soda Water at
iue Aruo bud a fountain or
Gbhtb Bros.
All styles light barneM. cheaper than the
Ahuanua. . 1 . r ,. .. .
"i"", uibiio rum jMonm e oaa alock. and
i.,.nl.J ... T Tl I r . '
ni , a , r, rvroo a.
We have the lurgest amoi tnient of Parlor
uu oiiiinir iinnm stnep. in nnn a
cheap. '
NICHOI.80M A Blackmom.
Artificial flowers are used more than
ever this season for trimming evening
' Tha ordinance of hantlam will ha rimtn
r ... i -. BiaraHEa in iuwu lull
islered at tha Methodist church' to morrow fcrenoon to tba great delight of tbe young
a. uociosi. ine pastor will explain the lalar and our conntry eouiius. They tnttde
auks auu usages oi toe onuict). 1 a Has apprarance
Tbe Fall bonnets are to be trimmed wit h
I g.y,velvet, ornamented with berries or very
origin cowers.
It 4a said tbat it takes ten men nearly a
year, Working steadily, to Qulsli a band
sonic camel's balr shawl.
STOT.EV. frnm tha nran,!... !.. ...L
scrlber, in Plumer, Venango Co., Pa., on
Monday night, Aug. 29, 1870, a CHEST
and Bridln and a now Halter. Tbe horse
is about 15W. hands hlrrh. had nn m.rli.
him whatever, is a little flat footed, and a
trifle hollow backed, about 9 veara 'old
$100 EEWARn will l, n.M f... Ih. na
tection and urreat ol tbe thief, and $25 for
the recovery nf iha hnrno a. r..i. ink...
V , v. .wa aaa. valuta
iion mat win lead to his recovery.
G. C. Prat h ir.
Plumer, Pa., Sept. 1, 1870-3t.
The falsa hair trade Is doomed. Olive"
Logan has discarded chignons, wears ber
bair plaited In two Chinese queues down
her back, and declares she will ao wear it
lor full evening dresa on the platform dur
ing tbe entire coming aeasou, She will
fight it out on that line if It takes all winter.
. RUSar A: DAVII'..,
Wonld Invite their old patron and.tho iu'ui Ic -'i
In Tttiiarllle n&d Viflnity,
To call and examine, Ihclr ii r.diu m k "f
Parlor Suit., Clianiber Seta, '
Book Car, fide H.wnl.
Loun'.'en, l..irii'.lf.
ifatKarlm hi. -A '
And every dcacrlutiiin of t-'urnl.""-. V u
all It. bnn vn, v law work of
corriira AND HIVVWIM- '-('
Now on hand.
On High rrlcss!
at the Old Stand of .f. 3. 1'rutb r. M--'
STREET, bv the tinw firm,
n. V. S, PIS HE
Wbo intend, keeping up ti N nvj r.i-Ji of
ud In ftket Tny kind ffgonj-i 1: rM!y k J
wuu sppoinua
1 tliVA A f.f"Mim nn Hin mni-1 mi u i i l () ' H
(-AII t asili Is filr tr'ul .1 d nil '
of my stock, (live me c Ul.
retroleam Centre, Pa., July a -tf.

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