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The Petroleum Centre daily record. [volume] (Petroleum Center, Pa.) 1868-1873, September 14, 1870, Image 2

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McFAllLAi D,SMIT1I & Co.
and Summer
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vaz,.M which thw make up t.i or."
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njafs, caps, sc.
THwslirt, p'a.
r-ertroleum Centre Daily Reoofd
Latest aii(( jnfs Iiliiifrtait
' - PavhirSapt, 13.
The exact position of tbe Prussian ad
vanco Is unknown; ?
. According t various acoounts tha enemy
baa, arrlTed at Mcaux, . Seiuy i(a Me-,
rose. . ,.-.' !;, A ff.
t. ? 'tA.V?.'.vr' ' tooflon, Sept, IS,
n A special dispatch frets Reason Is eays
dffilttiUf ail sumsltelow ten dollars. Tbe Within tbe past Week a advance has been
iavu ui eav myviv pibiiii bjiuwo is aithuvr i lunuv tuweni loavJMUa v - lunia Kuavuru
Huad Commissioner Mmldlo.
Plumkb, Sept. 11, 187Q. f
Mb. Editor: I beg loavo to reply to.ojb.
article in your paper of 8ept. llitb over
tbo signature of Geo. W. Wllsoa, Vtotifying
tbe tax-papers of Corn planter Township..
Dot to pay ino the necessary taxes for tbo
purpose ot repairing the roads, and alsf in
ferring that I have been fruiidulenlly act
ing in tbe capacity oi Hoad Commissioner,
and bence collecting tbe larger sums and
ship, vlat .Many, of my .Meads owing to
the lateTat)king bf tbe township convep
llon which nominated Mr. Ulxo'n bave bden
wrging dm to mn aaaa independent oaad
date for tbe office of Bead Supervisor ia
opposition Id hie so-called candidate Sir. H.
. I hence'the'Ierrlble raid. I regret muoh thai
a pretended good Republican would demean
himself by using poor Democratic tools to
Injure me because I pave said -1' would be
an opposing candidate. 1
Mr. Wilson says I bave failed lo give the
required bond of 1 0,000 and. Jienee cannot
act legally.. , 1 deny that any sLob amount
of bond Is demanded by law, and without
asking tbe worthy Auditor what bis bond
should bo for fulling to give tbe citizens a
settiemVat for $20,
log overtures ol peaoe,
Notice' bas been glvon , that H will be
time when tbo Prussian army bas arrived
before Paris to reoeive interveulioa. -
Tbe King Is .still anxious - lor -such
peace as wiU'gtvo safety In tbe future and
will make" atbrinal demand on Paris.' and
be ready to .receive tbe proposition of tbe
amboritlea, u f jfj .;-
' Paris, Sept. 13.
Tbe troops here to-dsy passed in grand
review before General Troflbu.
Tbe bridge at Crlel was blown up yester-
dsy. . ,
Tbe destruction of all the other brldces
win follow. . ' i
The treoca General who commanded at
" Centno, Mrednoeaay, Bepy M
r - a.. .
On nd art Monday, May 30th, htfO,
trains wiM run a follows: t ' '
f!"! STa'Sh ;TV ,45am. 6.0OB M
T n ? ' J'u" P M. 7,47 P f
' Titusv.8,f 4.U .4 o15
Arrive lrryr ,as 6,46 lwt--
8. VhtcWiWfi
A 6.06l'MrrT.06pM
, JLaaweiUotry, 11,20
TUBS. 11,46
8,17 "-8.3!m
I Irvine. 4,b0 . l Ka5 ' " I :
Arrive O. Cilv.2.05, , M a.
, , jHT No- 5 nd;fi run on 8undy. . .
Sttf 'ifiU nd -"" Ccntrw .frBljihf.'lri. oil
V. I silt vtf ni i ! . i
bbT. rT. "i-brhto cars.
5S fcRIS S?Ka!tt!tS!!l.
M.,Bda. .aa- m " """"
1,000 patd ttteO) Id tbalasi Laaa and Is wounded is under onani t th.
two years, 1 answer that I have given the t hospital: ' I -m. i;.ri-. i. y t
Metz'ie quiet ' -f - ' 't I
i ne siege of Strasbourg - is - progresslnir
vigorously audita fall' was early expect
ed. ... . .
The movement on Paris ia' unlntcrrUD
ea.'. !,; . .... . t ...
The renort of Rnlnoa tum ' l.. u
collected than Messrs. Wilson, Parnbam thron.h a-xi-. I'.i.,
' -.-. vim a uuunuu, ,uv urn
, si .. ' r-rn-i i iuuiuhju ome lose, ia untrue. '
fore,I:would respectfully ask tbe citizens to! !!',.: i London. iSent 13-t m
11. ... . .1 ' r I" '
iuauuiiwiw a niuemeoi. ana I II ! mmtuA lo k. .1... i...
I wni tun, jboib yms
required bonds ana am aclUg as a Jtwful
Commiesioner; aAd so fat; aa mf disburse
ments pi toe public funds are concerned I
an prepared to aooount for every dollar, and
06$ prive by the citlzem at large, without I
iHstloctlon of, party, that I have done more
work wjtb the small amount of taxes I bave
ftnllAfltMl than Mahm tVflann v.-.t.-
a Fejtterer done with $20,0001 Tnerf I
aw.what has become, of, fJio ;; fmaiense surrendered unconditionally., ,-
,utm ,t .us VUI. ,vnw jeffioiaiv advices attend tbe
f&l KitDVb "blei iM r ne". " ! Aed at Prul.n Embas.
tfioiieut Aiiuiwr uaa prononacea lm
JJVfiere it not for iapoeing en yonr space
I Would be clad to inform the citizens what
ikcoala) them fon Broken '8gons, taxes and
Dau roods. VfVUVV.
I r r ., Jambs Sage,
Lf. oi rlcaSB 1 announcer mk n m in,io.
peadent candidate for Road Cbmmisstoner.
... . "PSept. 13.
it is stnMKl- tlal ib main'- ho,laV if
Prussians arr'lveS 'at a 'point within
miles of Paris yesfurday aftereooe.
TbaNJle etpadlttop. hr, ,.Samiwl,Bi
ker bad reacborl liilln,,!,,' .1
r.vy v.uu.ura lur nwn commissioner, Ker Dad reached latiludo' nine decrees
subjecjtohu deciajooprbe honest voters twenty-six minutes, north, on theMfof
ofCor,plM4wb.4;li . .1,..,.
I J. S. three in number, had hun .ari.. ,...
mreo m uumoer. Dad been safely trans.
ported throngh-1 tbe Nirbi,atir UesW, -'iriore
man oignteen btiodred camels bulus em
ployed In the operation.. : . '
riOTlc.-TWItnwgard to Mr.' Sago's letti-r
so tar as It baa reference to Mr. Wilson's
teller el a late date we have nothing to ssy.
incy oars tnanw..or our oolumns to put
.uu..OT1,Kuiueiora me mx-payers or a san yranclsco telegririr of Vesterdsy
tbe,.TeiinlWp. Bus r. Sagoia djerrMJa says: Joeatih W. lilttl.. ih hM i
ucuuiuug loeuonvenuon wdicq doleatod silver cue, bas accepted a-challenge from
bin, aadln U(bMwal la tba minority John aMcCIerfrv ia m .-,ru.
from the start. Mr. Randolnh. ha Inr. 1 ihm4 f.. th .11..,. .... . ..
v ...v. . ix'.uto iwii a ciaim 1 t aoinc uoast; j ri-m,"l (;n t
any jinrairnessio tbe Qsnveotion. . ,Mr. Hix-I . " t-'M '' 'jl'J
1.1 1 1 " i iii , .
ob was unanimously nominated amidst the! Br "'"PJ'ch Irom Fagundas city, West
Dest oFgood feeflnj by the'lriends of bdth "'"Kory; leant th the neWbll of Lee
bimsell and Mr. Kaodolpn. As it was Mr. J Tomms, was fialsh4: night- bwfora- last
I Sage bad not the eet chance 'in the ou-l D0W J'lllng over three hundred bar-
1 n. . .1 . J . . . .. I K.I . a... . TIP--. V. t
. 1 -i-t 1 " " wrong iq claiming it was a I ' r" , neat uictiery.., territory, Is
AOetDKXT.Henrv Joomi..k uk in ,hJ pacuta conventional En. I loosing pp. " - 1
emptoy flCBobdbblotuTA Wlna, .'m'et witha
severe accident at their upper store, y eater.
day. He bad raised tbe trap door leading
to tbe; cellar and slartrd logo down the
stairs, missed bis foothold and fell to tbe
IuWvWeataar.f XVtl, mntenU
PiwgawimK iaanaaatteReyaeld, tgaTbst
t 7 3.vV0A Mother, fVtjj amendment,'
'tor- -aiaaairAiir-ltattafy,1 elafmVng that
Hoover bad not coly.ibattf red him but bai
'saltedbins too. Jry trla), Weston pleai
his own oase In a 'truly Weboterian man
'neY, lout" failed to prodJoo any 'etfed.t"d
tbe minds '&f juryaten Wbo,bioiig"ti ?n i
verdiot of n'o oanaa ,for sotipu, 1 and Lemuel
badlbe'phtasura of peylug''$ll,'cosis of
1v: iiv.; T-:t f. -i ; ' KV.
CiUNiuy! l4Jio.rOut old friend
a. U. Allbrd ot Pirlole. baf -meiuill taaan
poaeseloo of tfca Aiof jir"th House, in thai
j,Iqco, aud prgyseii to tnaka Uf tbe hotel o
that portion 'bf yia-iiUa.'wgJoae, :,T1 Col
Is aa old and experienced landlord, an I
will no doubt make this popular bouse mora
attractive than ever both to bis regular
-gHeeta aad to traeelhun. Tbeeu of -our
TalfiwHWWtiM Whole will flud it tolhejr
advantase to nut ud at tha n.mfi.rih
Uoiiso. .HAVIT i ! 7 i
I. 1 . rrr r . I
1 1 "iiooBU fertile Elwiod .'LoiaU Minstrel
troupe, at Sobers Ilallk. : this evening. A
ine womaa named Uraoe, reoeatfya-,l Ob, sweet September! thy Mrs; breezes
rested for arson at Pioneer, failing te pro- bring tbe dry leafs rustle and the ennlr
cure the requited bail, was taken to Frank- rel laughter, tbe cool, fresh air. whence
lln, this morning, to await trial at tbe next bealtb and vigor spring, and promise of ex-
session or Court. , .... ... .,,.,.., ceedingfoy hereafter.
ium. auy, ius luuiviuuai wno maae nisi i" ,a,mious racij'sajs some en-
escape-from tbe lock-up a' nigbfii two I tonaologlst, "that it Is tbo female mosqiiltoe
since, wasre-arfeatedjnJ1a house up towq th tortures us." A bachelor says that it
bbi uigoi, ana fatten Q.nranklio, this morn- ' "o a ail curious .
log. ' neen arrestee he was bid away lo a
Mr. Smalley, acting Treasurer of Erie
county, was robbed or his pocket book con
talojng $215 In 'greenbacks, at Corry, a
low days since.
Loml IVotlcca
Wo wfinld' recommend the lady's to call
and examino our cooRlng Moves, The Dlo-
nUHV which wo warrant for economy, lor
bttklng, lor cleanliness and' for funeral
work. I We warrant them td.compeio with
any stov .to, tnc country.
.. ' ', ' jL-i !'i N101IOI.80S & Bl.AC'KMAM.
FaIi. STTi.B8.-Cal! and see them at
Laumers 4 Aidea's.
People contemplatinic a visit lo Chautau
qua Lake should call and sea Gaffiiey. A
word to tbe wise is sufficient. a28
Th eelebrated Boston Meat BSeilers at
n 1001 son a uiaoamon s. . iseat in ina mar
ket. Try them.
The Last and the
. : Best !
A new stock of Imported Wines received
this day at GaffheyV
Hot Blast. Fire Uueen. Iron Rata and
Wheat Sheaf Cook nz stoves, at Nicholson
x. liiacamon s. aiic31-tr.
The only pure Liquors are - at Gaffaey't.
Now Is tbe best time to lav in a winter
supply of bard coal. Codington A Corn-
wen are me men to buy rrom. Junezstt.
Kissengen and Vic'hey Water on draught
a uriffes linos.
Showbf the PeHo3fJ
Some very nobby Clotb Hats for young
uiBu, bi ijammers c aiuud s. ...
Universal, Monitor and Sherman Wrlne-
H at moooHua ic uiacamon e.' ' '
720 cases old Hennessey Brnndv reeelvad
ibis day and for rale by tbe ease or bottle.
u uiuuejr 1, .11-. i un . i)
Call at Lammers & Alden's and net o'ne
01 tue ssew ran aiyie uaia just received.
Tbo celebrated Boston Meat Itmiler at
Micboison S. Blsckmon a. Best ip the mar
ket. TW them. " " .... ,
" I vl
The only real genuine aoole Wbisbvev'ar
onerea lor sale in tnis place Is at GaObeya,
Fine assortment of Paner and Cloth Win.
iuow enaaes ana f ixtures. Inst reed at
-BBtr. Ghippmh Bros.
well a'sortoij
numonoru a.
.1 i
Just received a lame and
stock of shelf hardware at J.
Buy the t-Ued Hoffinildle.. miirmr'nrliiri
10 Tlliisville vxpresslV' for tha oil mum
iu mi Kiaus 01 woainer) at J. K.
o-roo-a. - al2-tf
.. ' 1 1 1 . t 'rn
Hot Blast. Fire Onoen. Iron l?ntA
Wheat Sheaf Cooking Stoves, at Nicholson
uincKmoa a, , ,: j';. h.--. n
UneaualleJ anil uadividetl. will
exliiUit at i'etrolcum 'Centred
, ; j on , TIIUIISMV,; ; Sept,
afternoon and 'ovonimr.-- ' -
t;iiT'iJf!i 1 .11 .a
russians in Front of Paris
l?aVef'Teleffratm ! '
Inform the ttfusfa r Y'I'I
vrt k j
bruce fuller iookiHIere!
i bas been com-
built a
A new ExDress Office ia l,in
Broataa station and the'! fcuadailoni boa
been laid by the Ruilroad Company for a
)e census of Cleveland bos been coin
nlalA .1 It . .. .
p.utvu, BUU iu popuiaiion Das. been as
certained to be ninety-three thousand and
aipin ri I 1 -.1 . . .
M..vH. viiotiubuu now. T tin KM trtirn An
the lakes. It exceeds Detroit by fourteen
thousand and Milwaukee by twenty-three
Corry bad a lira Saturday moroinir.
nn tl.l T
1 Wi'PPfttbajwoVpusjii
raiuuce or rumanism.
uol. K. Jiidsonr (Ned Bunlline
ui .ap leouira n, snarpn, next saont(. r . - i
iumphour, tbe Cold Spriug, , New ork
murderer, bas written n letter to bis father,
which closes as follows; 'Ii4 yoiijtbought
wJiVJt is that . (ills alpii , housaa, , pest
beuaes, homes of dishonor, and tha prisons,
and iurnlsbes -victims for the callows'
Well, look, and you will see; and you will
flud. that it. comes from Intoxication, and I
Shun badoony,alwya, . er U leads to
iolpxicatlou. . Remember that tko .road, to
ruin is swift and sure. ' '' '" ''
11 ... 1 1 "i
Already tome lellow is predicting that
tbe coming winter is going to be a severe
' jiiiil; Tlionie. tne Butftilo jiiuiplHt, is lo I one. We should tbiuk, after tbe miserable
liavo a coini'UmenlarvI lirrellt nt St. James Mailuro her mado ol' it ..lubt year, that be
IJILI Ihrtt ; i t v-. j would have committed, jiiicice.-
new and varied protaiuuw vsitl kenrvsoot-
-'11,1 . .. . . I
od. .
See BruooA Poller's new advertiaemont
fjfffojlj WajtPapay at.Gjrlffua Baos,
. Tlirf naiuilfttinH at Ulilirawav. Ji.lk 1
ia a little pvor Bye nifndred. v'
The Isthmus of Oarleii
new explorations and surveys of the
isthmus of Darien ore to be made. Tbe
next expedition will start on tbe 15th of Oo
Uober upder eammand ol Captalu'gcbjifeldt
f of the Uattad Bsatai w
- MueUais aeref wra,iu VarUr except by
iqe oemr-mODdev IM a walking. dress, ' the
tissue being too light.
"Amau-rn i'ortraed wanted to irain ad-
miaiiou to, a panorama - 04 bail price on the
gruuod that he bad but one eye.
t ao vuooui Misbaaa laments1 tbe loss of
several busbela of apples, shaken prema
turely Irom tbe tree on WHlsh bW wife bang.
eu uerseu.
The Place to eet vour Boots and fihnn. 1.
at Bruce i Fullers, Main Street.
All styles iliibt farness'.' che'aoer than th
cheapest, made from Moffat's oak stock, and
warrauted, at J. It. Krou's.
Vicbey, Kissengen and- Soda at Water
the Artio Soda Fountain of .
- jlS'U'. . Griki'bs Euos.
GO lo firuoH & Pullers,- Muiu
vour liae UuoU 4 Suucs.
Street for
Men', Itoy and Ynutha.
Also, fin cndltM vn'rlr.fr nf ' ' -
Of the best, that cannot foil to please, oiir ork Is
sew and Itvllch. and 20 lur rn .1 J.V
ether dealer. ..!. . .
Our eiifttora dcnaitmcnt Is prerieed over by a flnt'
T. 1 1 . ' . i uia ilia
. unu uuw; wiu jou are onr customers.
Notice when .J..
v m . 7ure.m,
Oil Alain Street. OBnnait a ibu
McCUntock Houto, I'ctrolenm
Centre, Pu.
8aptl4 tf.
- Mr Editor. Pleusn announce tbe name
of W. T. McGee, of Petroleum Centre as a
canamaio ror toe omce 01 constable, subject
to the usages of tbe Bemooratic party.
air. Aicuee m a worthy young man and
win uii iue viucv wiu CHMlll.
IVetlneaclnv final Tsni..a-
..- , ; 4 t Hurnuaf j
Sept. lltta. and. 10th, 18Tn.
Female " Minstrels!
Feinal Tocaliata, ..
t emale Clog und Jig Dancers
. l'cmuie (jyinnastH, &c.
Among the principal An'ieti, will befoaud '
with ftilt Feniulo rhunn mill fur... 1VII..II., .
W'o have ihtl nn fiiitl,' ;- ."
We have Mild sufurVi n1 .
We hvo imiI.h eti la-.!, ,.
Ue have eolil en f ml.
lur !irliiK aon Summer rintMne,
IMir h(irini a-.H Sninmerl MhtiiK.
lOnrSpriaii smtm.rrrii.iiiiiii.v
Our Spring anil SuminerCliilfiiiiK,
Our spring ami Siuniuer rioiliini;.
(nr Spring ntid Sniiinivr t'lntliinii,
Hir Sprint: i SiuiiDiarlllnlhlng,
lur ftiirinr mill Siiinnmr l.'UlthlUL'..
We are new mvlvin...
We are now receiving, .
We are nnV lecelvlnjr, ' ' '
We are now receding, '
We are now receiving.
Wear now rteaivtaa,. . ,
We are now Rcdvio '. '
. . The Petond Instalment,
1-he Srooixl loBlelteinl,
ThcSeeimd llilalinenlr
, 1 i .-. ... The Mraond luslaluienl.
. . TheScund Iiwlnliiienl,.
' " . . ' The NratHMi Inetalieenl,
... Tbe Second lmU!nit,
Pmnifnl Freeh nimrts,
neftutlfiil Freeh niod,
Hemifirrrt Krmrr (loorte, ...
Beeullfnl Frinh Oood. '
lleantiful Freeh Uiiielis "',T' i l
Ikautinil Vreh Uuoui, ' ' '
An4 Marked nrr Snwts rnwn,
And MaikedourGoodHOoee,
And Markfie oar (ionde Due if
, , And MrkloorOundUown.
, ' " .' And Marked mirDoodi Down
Aud Marked oar onoas imwn
Aad Marked our (Joods Potrn
Will Bell Cheap,
Will Bell Cheap,
Will hell. Cheap,
Will Sell ChnT.
Will Hell-(,.- f
Win Hell'oheap:- ' '
uvii UVafa
1 ( - .
1 :v
ike rouio fur Fai
,1 v.m tmm Vm
To make room fnr Kali 8l k.
To make mm fcr Fell sik.
To stakernom for Fall Htoek
To cakeruoia tor Fall mock
Ta tulu roum fir Fall Slnck
.' to nwks room far Mll,!(,
' To intake nHl for Mil "
OSMeV-Weare-lhankral for ( Ma
we have hand. Our eelee have been" larce. but u
till have a splendid stock eftkevfpy best and
newest stylos or Genu Furnishing Clouds and Clotb
a We clolnMo have the LaratieS Htoek of Clott
ing In the OH Hcgloas and do not except Tltusvlllc
or snr other oil town, an on wfcosare to
CKTiT. LOWSKtBaa TlChevlltentea.
rt 1
Prole. J.
usnip 01 j
and Joliu
CAnnr The Vrtnn Inillerf r tM. tin,.' .11 LL
pear In Whits face, uud the uublle nuiv rest iw-
mna mat tne Mitenninnier.t l one that Indies nd
ehUdran can wituenewitli perfect propriety. Iui.vIuk
....... uwi.,1 .. iuu ri .iiucrmno pten, mm public
llli.U'.llllilll ihO l-.U.-lL'lli Millie. iul l',,r Ml. ,v ..1.0 1..
thecuy. of lioaiou. Evi yttriaij utw , kiiuilu uud
Washlniiton Htrwt,.
Washington Street, '
W'axhlngion Street,
'vneningpon stroel,
Waehlniffnn Strict..
Washiiilou Street,
Waeluiiguisrreele' ;
' t.iMiftarwi ai.pbn.
. T.AMMEK8 AI-llBJi,
inn t T.m . 1-
i.,ri.L.nm iu.nl re. ra
vCsTerrutenfl Unilre. Pa.
I'etroleum Conlre, Pa
l'ttlrolellill Centre, I
1'elnileiim Centre, 1 a.
I'etrvk'uni Ceutio la.-
mm-r r;M fSi5r-VWi

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