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frotn markedjprices on our
Winter Uridcrwrar,
Custom: lla Clothing,
Hat? and Caps,
For the next Thirty Days !
HcFAitiAM), smith & Co.
Merchant Tailors!
liOioe Block, TItiisvllIc,Pa.,
Petroleum Centrn Daily" Record,
x'ou Centre, Tuesday, March 28
XIlAK.'S OM O. V. & A. It. K,
On and after Monday, Nov. 28tb, 1870,
iraiuo win run as luuows;
NORTH 110. 6, SO. 3. " NO. 1
Lenve Irvlue. 12,01 p m. 6, 10 P H
Leave Oil City 7,00 jl K. 2,55 p u. 7,50 p u
rei.veu 7, " 3,39 " 8,80
" Tllusv. t.HO 4,25 " 9,12
Arrive Curry, 13,00 ' 6,67 10,3t
outh. an, 2. no. 4. no. 6.
Leave Corry, 11,03 am. 6.10 am. ,16pm
" Titusv. 12,40 r it. 7.35 7,62
" P. Cen. 1,27 " 8,19 8.42 "
Arrive O. City 2,10 ' 9,02 S,20 '
" Irvine. 4, JO 11.40
tST No. 8 and 6 rnn on Sunday.
. 19 .No. Is. Nc. tl. No. 15. No
C, 11.115 A.M. U,15.. lO.fSi.M. MUM 3 10 PU
ArP.C 10,10 LviTsi iS,l5r. 8.15 ',)
Vitas, 11,14 4.x. , 1,44 ' ,45 0,10"
Ar, Corl.iCS ru.
Ko. 10. Ho. 8. No. IB. No. K V 20.
M Vlt. 1.iiB
f Tt. W ".SHA M. 30.35 a.m. 11,14 am. 4 SSi'M
ArOUllUU i. UM 1,3a ' 11,00 " T.Ou
',yllldltroleiim Centre, frulubt, Icaw oil
I4ty s,10 p. m , arrlws i fotrolouni I'oulre S.20 p.
5-,Jry0,.P""'",""1 Jutre at p m., arrives
at on city !,,oo p m.
, , 4, 4 on I it aro eiprcat tinia.
ko. 1v Is a thrmuh cumuiodaiioa, conuccts at
wry ior East auu N'O'lh.
C' !"ro,t " I'lillnd ilohiii iiliont chaueo.
W. 3-lll,cct to Hhiludnlphia wlihoul nhnucih
No. -DlrMtfrom Pitlsburkh without ehauee,
o -Dir.tct to pittHbnigh wltlioat ctiannii.
Moniiuy, ;v. Si 1970.
tiukl at 1 p. hi., Ill
Oir. Item A dispatch Irota I'itliole,
received this morning, says; The Haskell
te Baodes well No, 2, Fisher A Harrington
loasi?, Eootser farm,, has Increased In pro
duction to 160 barrels per day. Heretofore
it has produced between fifty and sixtv bar
rels daily. '
In this vicinity lbs oil territory on Tarr
Run is at present exoitiog considerable in
terest. The first well will bo finished on
Fitday of this week. Ro far the show Is x
ce Vat lor u pood well Tarr Kun ia a
brauoh of Bennehoff Ruo, and Is distant
about a quarter of s milo from Petroleum
Thn Appy Couoart troupe, re-ortranixed,
re-moilelled unj rejiivenated, is soon to ro
Visil this place.
It is iiuttiue that larg well Was struck
at Beno yesterday.
Ani.il company with $500 shares bas
been kruied at Ellioottville, N. Y. Tbiny
l bares have already been taken.
Yesterday afternoon a team of borses
owned by the Messrs. Parkers, proprietors
of the meat market, on Main street, became
frightened uud lan away up Main and
WildCal streets, and from tbence up the
roAd that leads lo the Columbia farm
Fhiiy were captured on the Columbia farm,
nearly a mile from the place of martini:.
Tne wanon was smashed tu pieces, aud oue
b'iriA quite seriously cut. Ko other damage
Was doue.
Two woodjhoppers ut work on the Wil
son farm, cutue to town yesterday afternoon
end got on "bit ova spran," which re-
suit, d In th.)lr being arrested and contin d
in ibo lock.up ovnr nigbt. This moruiug
h y wt brought before Justice Reynolds,
HO U plead (Willy to a charge of druoUenuess
Hiidnitoidurly ooniluct, ami were flniwl 5!2
nli tind oot. The 0io was pild by their
mipVoyer, and ihe two u.ener a'.lovi rd to
ifiul in pec.
IsiuH A Co., JRWKI.KU8. Among lite
many business houses of Titusvilie, tbat de
serve the ottentl n of strangers, and which
will imply repay u elimination, I the
jewelry eatatiltKliin iit of Jsbum &. Co , on
Spring street, nearly opposite the American
Hotel. They bare recently enlarged and
otherwise beautified their main salesroom,
Bad with ltd shell c anil show cases tilled us
they are with costly und elegant solid silver
and silver plated wan-, beautiful aud rich
gold and silver jowelry of every design and
pattern, rare works of nrt, 4a , will bear
Close comparison with similar establish
ments in aoy of our large cities or towns.
The jewelry told by tbetn is, warranted fl int.
Class und composed of the finest gold and
silver. Of the brothers Ishara we speak
but tbs plulu truth when we say they are
honeBt, honorable and upright dealers,
which fact we cheerfully bear testimony to
from an acquainting of over six years wiib
them during their residence Id the oil re
gion. Those of our citizens having occa
sion to visit Titiiaviile should by all means
call la and examine the jowelry store ut
Isham & Co.
The New Castle Cuuraot, speaking of the
Phillips Bros., well known olloperatoisol
this place says:
Tba Phillips Brothers of this city ate
again in luck. We are pleased to
earn that their recent experiment lu the
Pit llole region has proved a magniticeut
success. A well was tttucK on Friday last
which yielded forty barrels a diy at the
start, end has been increasing ever since.
Yesterday morning "ti if patch was receiv
ed stating thai the well is now yielding
ninety barrels, and still increasing. We
understand tbey have about two hundred
and nfty acres or Und on the same
A largo audience wero in attendance at
Sabers Opera House, last evening, to wit
ness Char. iacEvoj's famous and original
Bibsrnicon, illustrating Ilia ten cry, music
and antiquities of Ireland, The panoramic
portion of the entertainment was good, the
paintings being far above the average of
panoramas. Mr. Wm. Lawlor, ss Barney
)be Gt'.ide, gave excellent descriptions o
Irish character and eoceutrlcities and was
loudly applauded. Miss Marie D. MncKvoy
aau several beautiful Ir.isb b.ilindu in a
manner tbr.t it would be bard U excel. On
the whole, the peiform ince is Htst-cUss and
d serves a liberil patronaku. All Buould
attend this evening.
A nsw well on the Fox Uud, lu Uichland
tuwnsbtp, tbis county, nearly upponite
the bead of tbo ielaiid khnve the uioutn
of the Clarion river, Is reported as yield
ing 60 barrels of oil a duy. Large de
velopments will he tnado this snjson in
Richland and l'eny townships. Clarion
The temi-sniiual 1. O. G. T. Convention,
of tba north-western district of Pa. wnl
be held at Meadville, commencing April
10, 1S71, and remaining lu session two (taj
Erie county is in tb district.
Thousands of wild geese got lost by get
ting into the; smoke iu flying over t'itts
burgb, the other day, aud tbey llew around
ther for SKveral hours, until Bnully a tnan
camo along with a lantern,' when they
followed him off into the country.
Ia the list ut' Travursn Jurots drawn fn
the fourth Monday of April we And the. fol
lowing Centerites:
C. II, Williams; U. C. Juvis, J. 11
Messis. isi2giiis and inibiis, County Com
missioners, are at the Rochester House to
day, hearing the tux appeals.
Greeley says be tears lariuers generally
don't appreciate the luipoi-tanoe of having
their strawberry trees properly pruned ai
this season ot the year. Tberu shouldn't
a limb ever threo ii.chts thick be allowed
tu grow ueurer thau six feet iroui the
A Boston man has invented a process by
wbioh maple syrup can be made out ol
common brown suitar-, flavored by steam
ing maple wood, and getting the . juice.
Next they will mako boney out ol castor
oil, uud ft ivor it with beeswax.
Bostuu bas got another tneau man. Tbis
one is moaner than tho oue that discharged
a servant because she was too particular,
aud picked the bones out of Ush bulore eat
ing it. This mean mau iuvitud bis servant
to atteud church oue Sunday and sit in bis
pew, Sho accepted, and after be got borne
he llgured up thn amount of bis pew lent
uud charged the poor gin her prupoition lor
silting in it ouco. Si-o bbjbb'jo never work
ed for such a mean tuau
'ihe uullior who is engaged lu writing
a bumoroiis history of the late wur is'said
to tiuvo received an oner fium a piomineiit
publishing housj to write a I'uuuy history
of tbe sinking of the City of Boston, and
ine ina'ciou r.Fi;ic,t cl a utlro-gMcrme s-
a '1i i in tm lajiilli"! ! aiT-i
'fell us nut lu idle jiliili "martiuita ii"
un empty dream;" for inn glil is dead thai
"tiirfle, and things ura not what they seem.
Lllo ts real, l ie 1st earnest, siuglu blessed
ness n fin; Mao thou art, tn man retnrn-
etb," bas been spoken of the rib. Not
enjoyment auil uot sorrow Is our destined
end or way, but to act that each to-morrow
finds us nearer marriage day. Life is lung
aud youth is Hunting, uud our hearts,
though light and gay, still liko pleasant
drums are beating wedding marches all the
duy. J n the world's broad Uelds ol butile,
lu lbs blvoui.o of life, be not liko dumb
driven cattle lie a beroiue, a wilel Trust
no I'u IJ re, however pleasant j let too dead
past bury its dead, act act lu the living
present, heart witlilu and bopu abend.
Lives of tnairied folks remind us we cau
live our lives ua well, and depurtiug, leave
behind us such examples as sbull "tell"
such examples that another, wasting time
lu Idle sport, a forlorn, unmarried brother,
seeing etiail tako heart and court. Let us
then, be up aud doing, with a heart on
triumph set, still contriving, still pursuing,
aud each one a husband get.
Eouu Woon Wilu brUT bo. A gentle
maa residing near Allemler Run on l'itholo
creek, haviug miseed cunsideralde stove
wood ol late, selected it fine specimen stick
and treated it dexterously lo a gentle dose
of nllto-glycerint. Tbo next morniug
while a neighbor was engaged in splitting a
few slicks of wood for breuklast be was
startled by an explosion, the slick of woct!
WASCouveiled into splinters, his axe tvvui
up through tho air iiku n rocltet followed l y
his hut a ftw 10,1s liehiiid, and w hen las I
seen the wooiiumn was duty picking chips
out ol his ear with a bailig fork. The
joking neighbor was snoa alter condoling
with toe victim Miusuid ho said be suppos
ed ihe frost was all out ol tho wo-U a week
ago. Herald.
It is said there ia now luu largest tide io
he Kentucky river that bus been kuowu
tor c ura her of years. Iron, coal and lum
ber have pasel down in itnmanso qutnii-
tics to the market witbio. the pact four
week: Sinci th-3 present heavy rise thi.u
sands of I043 have bee 1 swept unt ot creeks
where raftsmen bad them It Ing to put to
getber for rattin?. Numbers of these haid
wurking men htvo thus lost in a single day,
ihe wrk of a wtioie winter.
Tbe following resolution was recoully In
troduced uud ertoj ted in tne county ci urt
at Nashville: liesolved, That the portiuit
now placed over the etuir of the judge ol
this court, and purpuriing to be tbe likeues.
of the father of our c-uunry, Cleoeiul
George V.8 trn'n, but which lu'dis n,oie
tike Ibjack olcluhs, be ri.aoved Iroin this
hall, ami the c eirt-liouso , committee U
anthoriz-d o have a i-nia likeness of the
pure patriot, George Washington put iu its
The evi'tiiug str Jupiter is now very
bright, and may be s-eu u Ihe western heuv-
eiis auy pleasant evening shorty after sun
A JiflVrsou county, H. Y , farmer
Inuyhel wni'O bis prudent wife advised him
not In smoko on u load of hay. He footed
it borne that night, with his hair sln.ed,
most of his garments a prey lo the devour
ing element, and, tho iron work ot the
wagou in a potato sack, and thn: his wife
hushed. The dyin agonies of the horse
were dreadlul to cintempl ite.
A colorored m ill carrier in Virginia was
recently well shaken by a man for kicking
lug bis dog ''Look a here, mussa," said
he "you'd better tie keerlul buw you shake
ds chile! cjs wbrn you shakes m, you
shakes the whole ol the 1 lilted Stalest 1
carries do inuils."
Thn annoiicemenl cards of candidates lor
noniinaiion lor ihe various offices will be
pulilishtd at the following r iten
Awmi.lv, $fl; Aso"itie Jud'e, $10:
SlienlT. SlOj Treasurer, $10; District Alt r
U y, S 1 1 ; Commissinner, $:; Auditor. $5
I'osilively no unnoiiuceiueiiis published
uulesj paid fur in- auvasck.
We are nuiboi- zed to annm-n -e the name
of Junius If. tjiuitii. as omdiUale ler liii--trict
Attorney, sut j- c' to tne usages of tbe
Republican Primary Klecllon.
Pelroieiiiu Centre, M iroh 25, 1871.
Knixoii liKCoiui; Please announce tbe
naiueol nil) Bin HOP, .f Oil C'iiy, 11s a
candidate lor the oHIcm of County Treasur.
er, hiil-j.ci. 10 the di-cUion ot the Republican
Primary Electluu, ami oidige
Many Rmtblicans.
We are anthnriged td announce the name
of N. U KIDDLE, as a 'Candidate lor
Treasurer, subject lo tin tisanes of the Re
publican pirty. nt the primary meeting.
I'etioleum Centre, M uch "i, jU,
Wo am authorized in announce the name
u! I'.ii MAUK J, aa a candidate, for Sheriff,
subject to the usages of the Republiuau
pally, at the primaiy meeting.
Putroleuin feu ire, March 1, 1871.
aiiariHiiM r un
tAi:iti l.'ki .!',.
SI. iD!SH!i4!illll JL C1. ilJ
I'nrU "0. New Yoik, null t!ii P. l.'encll X C i.
Adi'etllsiug AgontH, nra thu sole nesuts Kir the 1'e,
uole un L'eniri-Hill. T ltcciinu in Ihhl city. Ad
vertisers in tint t-iti" am rwjm-eltu tu loao tlidr
lavors with libr uf tne -il 0e !,i,iiua
tl r tiiitp ffnr l'ttiMiivs ttil ti
A'i'ulerin iit:i'l, Wests.
Kenyon's New Doiioln Acting Oil Pump
Is acknowledged to be the Ifal pump now
ill use. One o( Its leading leatureH is that
II not only produces a cntinuoos Uow of
oil or other Uuld. but that It Cieali-S anil
sustains a constant and pinverlul Miction,
by means of which the seams or veiumif the
well lire Iu a great measure cleared of par
Boo and other ohstiuct tins, tnd ihe oil in
Ihe veins is drawn towarus the well. It
has been ascertained by aciilal teat that the
use of Ibis pump causes a gradually iuvri. rs
lug flow ol oil. It Is well known ly oil
operator? that this Improvement Is "f ureal
value, and one that has been lum Bought
lor. ThouM'et mechanic uor country
have foryeuis li en tit woik Hying to Israel
out some new Olid untried plun to prolong
the life lime of ou oil will; and nothing y-t
lo nor knowledge has been tiiouht Leloie
the public that i.l any nay equals tbe power
ol the Kenvon Pump, txpcrierice huvitia
t aiubt thai it is lie Ion,; coiitinneil suc
linn Unit has the poer to li"e) iti nnd in
creiise the prinli.'i-t'u.ii if oil Willi, Oil
operators ure reteireu t.i .Mr. Geo. Uon'tnti,
Snpei inieniient of the Colutnida i' 11 ui. for
Inforinnlioii iu ngatd to Ihe iiiietiv''il wind,
ing of the Ivenyon Pump. We apt-e'.d ihe
following nut iinonhl iioiii the n.ad ,gi.iaoi
lliu fMuvnhiii l''nri',i :
Ornt.11 CoLt MriA On. Co.
(',. lunula Fa.-iu, JaU, 2'i. 5
Ma, II. K. Ivi:.vvox:
l.'nar Sir: We re iiiu,j yiir . ! m 11.
Acting Oil Puoij.'S in three ol our oil v.. il,
anii luki' pleasnie in hlauru ihut ir m,
lietUnj ii'.ore ttiiaud gas tuini e ,n:i ot tl.en
than w,.s previ-ni-iv nliiaineil t-y the i,s, ut
tvorUir.g biuivls. We bi lieVe y;uir oil p-..mp
to be Ihu be-,1 111 ii,i,
iiejptcifn'ly ynuri,
Q W. Uoi't.TOX. Piip't.
J. P. t'aiicuoi-T. Mnimger
For further par iciihirs audr sh !1. K.
Kkxyck, Puiwiruiu Ceutie. P. O box
517. j.ir.31.
Silk Hats (spring Slvles) at
A A '.PUN':?.
IHuustt i'or Rsile.
A d.ifr.ibln linage f.,r 8'tr'it;'d rn tho
boil t:i:'m F.lted no withciery eonvfiiieoec o
family !! A r.ro baii;.lii 1- ,'tl' ref. F.-r flu h it
b Tiieu ara umj ih-a ai lliu Ja.u,.t.tcau l',uhii',
litot o JllilU II
l'i t'ujchuser otf sitii,er.'.ewltiB Iln
CillCn! .'uutioii!
All parlies are hnrehy ciuiieneil oaifns'
piiithasitig any ol uur Muchiiies e.je,t
taronirh our duly autfii,rt;;.;d i,imiIs. us
M ic bines will nut lie gonfafteeii l,y -uMiiai
are not so ,iiicitH"il. Mu .! L. loiixsox
is oar ngtint for Petroleum Centre and ti
cih'u'y. -1 .
TtiH Sr.GBR Manuf'u Co.,
doil lfroainvay, iSev Yoik.
NuTli'H is herci'y sjiven that Vr. D. C.
GrnveBij my ugeiit lor Petioien.u Centre
and vioiuily.
J. !.. Johnson.
BIFiD.i Tile teal Singllltr aid ctP0lrt"'t
Canary Birds in tbe oil regions ure to be
had at
nov7-tf. J. W. BGU'TY3.
On ntunlny efentn:?. tie'-e-n five nnd s'x e'elo k
at't.tls m.At'K Hii:M.'i' llij',K 1 n' eitmiir
'hh tn pi renlui';ha The hunk va- ciitl'T h-lt t,( M
J .-niuii l.s' dry iroods i.i,,i-,. ur Io;i: hi-t'ioa lliat
l.nin. anil the li us, of A C S-olt. l.jih, rl l-ui
T e Ih'd' r wid hi libcelly rowan, ! i-y i-otarnlni;
il t,i t- e house of A. 0. Be, ill, ou II, a lbtrt funu.
Attention All !
New Jewelry and Watcliruali-
lng rHtablishment.
IVe, ilia uride''strLed, liavo openfd a
Next I) or 1 1 l:oi,oori's lldltnl IMtlnr, AVabhilig
ton S met. I'KTtti U.l Lit Ci.NTUK, I A.
I'l HDlN M) t., BNAM,
one of tl 0 ft tu, U a wracdt-al rnichiiDle, tmvinsTinii
0 vellifi e.;;niienee t.j V, aiclr-iiikliK nn-l ilOiiatl-
i.KiuH neriii' d, (Jeriiiuii , Krauc , liu.l mu aua
Ann riia.ai.il nil! , n, cut 1 all kinds ut ru, o i'i.g
Willi lii-iiteet! mid di,iteh.
Pari cihir aih-ution p;id foie,inlrlPi: (.'htontme
t .r., Kip meis. l..d,puudcilt Kcmlus uud l-'iue
Duplex Watel en.
ai 0, wn Kill 1 eep on Fine Wutthes, Jewe'rr,
t'loi'k , mid I fiet it ia our itium:ou 10 keep u flrsi
olass tore. srHlve lis s end.
mchiSaih. iiL'ksr & IIENAND
William & JHtiri-nv, Proper.
lillSIVlliLIl, PA.
This bouo Is now open for tha reception or
guesls It Is elegnutly f'iriiishtd tluonyhuut, com-,
pricing all tun m 'deru imn.ovuratn'.s. and email
wllKrucrivv ull Ihe aituutluu and cumfirta ubiaiua
bla in tbt but hoteU nf tno o..uiury.
Table Heard, ' .
K. Z. William.
$H Oil er un i.
Oiuinoa MuiuiA-r
Measures luknii, uud Cloth lux muile
lu I
order, ut A. A I liEN'S,
Jamestown Clnthiutr Store.
White uud colored Shii 18 inaiiu to ordt
aud tils guaranteed, or 1111 sale, ut
m21. Jamestown Clothing- Store
All rtyles lij'tit harness, cheaper than the
eheapest, made from Moffat's oak stocit, snd
wurrvutd, at J. 11. Ivtuti's.
liAME, f-MITII ACtfriAD.
Seneca Falls
With. Steel PaiKing.
CO Sold lu liiist SO I:iys.
Exclusive Ag-ut fjr the '11 Hokl.a
Successors to F, W. AMEo,
TITl'sVll.I.E, PA.
Wood Work
UC3 BAND5, A2I.E,,.
An) tbe
fik'st ( arrl.jjie Halt in MarUt
Lii'-cessora to F. W. AME5.
Scbel's Opera Housa i
itlitiiffssv. M;r. 27i Ei,
lutrKitsiy, foht, 'ZStlt,
Wediusisliiy, March ZHu
UlusUatU the snentry, miaii nnd a'itlqaltlni vl
Assisted by tbe following talented Artistes:
MARIU u. mac evoy.
Adnriaaion, SO Cta. Iteaet ved, 73 t
Tirkein for Male ut OiUUj
Broii. lnuu itori'.
Duo s open at 1 o'clock, l'erf jrmai ce couiai .n net
ill B ii'cio- h.
U121-UI. "PHAT BOY," Agent,
Large iistortint-nt uew 8t3.es
jllSt lVU-'lVitl
Nest door to Recorc OfSce
Sl9 f
t2T Tea Serveia for sale i
Mn.um.i-ox &BLU'Elo

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