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The Petroleum Centre daily record. [volume] (Petroleum Center, Pa.) 1868-1873, March 07, 1872, Image 2

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tBaosessors to McFarlant, Smith A Co.,)
Merchant Tailors !
Gents' (Furnishing , Hoods,
TIVVflVifcLE, PJt.
Bttt w;of tb .to ftMor.mlfiU.qj-
trn tBtni iaf the Oil Regie.
All the Latest lad Nobbiest style.
Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c.
Petroleum Centre Daily Record
fet. Centra Tkarsday, march TV
Ulvlne Service.
Services every Sabbatb at 11 A. M. and
t P. M. Sabbath 8chool at 12U P. 11.
eats free. A eordial Invitation extend'
d to alii
Rf r. P. W. SeoftELS, Paitor.
Preaobiaw at 11 o'clock A. M., and 7U,
elock Pi II.
D. FATTON, Pastor.
FetroirKrit'Ceutre Lodge,
Tlfts lVO.-of O. F.
Regular meeting nigbls Friday,
at 7
v ciooa. oiguea.
J. E. B0YLE8, N. G.
W. A. Ratine, A. Sec'y.
.Cs7Pl"ce f meeting, Main St., opposite
McUilotoek Bouse. '
... A, O. Ot V. V.
Liberty Lnetge Nn. 7j A O. i.f IT. W.,
Heel evnrv ofnnday vvenlog at 7 o'clock,
in Odd Fellow's Hall, Feiroleuui Ceulre,
Penn'a. '
M A. Gi kk, M. W.
S. H. Konxta, R.
dold at 1 p. m. IK' j
S 1.,
a m
Let every oil producer, every oil refiner,
and every business man, atteud tbe mass
meeting, at Oil City, to-morrow. We must
'put our shoulders to the wheel" In uni
ted effort to crush out tba hydra-headed
monopoly tbat threatens to overwhelm
ttcntlon Company I! Turn Out!!
be new Odd Fellows Hall at Ronaeville
waa dedicated on Moudny, with Imposing
ceremonies,. A large delegation of the
brethren from this place were prete'nt.
Wa are sorry ta learo of tbe serious II Iness
of our townamaa, Mr. M. C. Martin, wbo i,
eonfined to bit bed, at Foxburg. At one
time It waa feared be woold aot recover, but
t present ba is slowly mending.
A few daya ago Mr. John Rhodes; of Pio
neer, was quite severely bitrned, at bis well
on tbe Saermen Flats. Ha went' Into tbe
derrick' wf lb a lighted derrick lamp, - and in
trying to bang It up on a nail, it slipped
from bishenda end fall, throwing lbs burn.
Ing oil aver bis persoo, burning bis face aod
neck In severe manner! He is slowly re
covering.' .
The extreme cold weather does not freeze
out tbe kxcitemeot against tbe great menop
ly. Let tbe oil producers put no faith In
tbe mild colt soapy words and1 promises of
Watson, Lockbart and others. Tbe truth Is
sal in tbem. Tbey are "blowing tbeir bu
gles" only for eftVet.
The lecture delivered before tbe Colombia
Library Association, on Moodsy evening
last, by Capt. W. W. Gray, of -Tituaville,
was largely atteoded and gave universal
eatlafaetion to allv- The next lecture or tbe
aiurse will be delivered by Rev. J. J.- lis
Illyer, of Pittsburgh, on tbe 2 1st Inst.
That Leap 'Year Party comes off at tbe
Oil Exchange Hotel, this evening. There
will be lets of sport, and tho.e who t.ke
delight in "tripping tbe light fantastic lo"
will he sure In atlenj.
H. P. Sweelzer, at tie A. A G. W. Rail
way, fays "Tba oil men htTO neither the
bsekboos to bold out against tba 6. I. Co.
H. P. 8. will discover tbat It will mora tbtn
bit tlimblelul of brains, backed by the So.
Im. Co. to. "ran" tbe oil meu. Tbe A. A
G. W. will be glad to etll for assistance
tram tire produeert wben tba rotten monop
oly I Carted out of tbe region OTer the still
ore rotten raili aod dilapidated ties of tbe
MeClellao corporation. Let the oil men re
al amber tba blusteriogs of thla self Impor-
tadf Individual.
A man from Pioneer was found asleep on
(be ice In Oil Creek, a night or two since,
Where ha had laid down while intoxicated.
A Chart time looger and be would hare beea
candidate for a little bed under tbe sod,
and a head beard Inscribed "Drank Fro-
Col. H. B. Laeols, tbe well known mu-
slo dealer af TituiTllle, was In town yester
day, Tor tba purpose oi settiog op one o
Marshall 4 Wendell's celebrated Pianos,
recently purchased af him by Mr. Green-
wail. Tba Cal. Is ages for tbe sale ot all
tba well known- Pianos, Melodeons and Or
gans manufactured In this country. Our
citizens contemplating purchasing musical
instruments would do well to purchase el
Messrs. Loomis & Co.
Tbe traditionary wood chuck ground
hog some call bim was sound in bis bead
tbisyear. February bad a battendloit
tbat would do credit to tba North Pole.-"-And
tba sky lor many days was cloudless,
and the sun smiled sweetly, but it was cold
enough tor tbe Esqurmatrx. Aod March,
so tar, has settled permanently in tbe "lap
of iprlng," and will not be unseated. We
know a lady who visited the bank of the
Lake on Sammlt street twa days sines.
Sbe has a powerful imagination aod she Im
agined navigation would soon open, and
vessels be I lldlog In and out. and sbe in-
dnlged ber imagination, and froze ber ears,
and concluded It would require an uncom
mon amount of,"etberial mildness" to
liquify Are lea.
Mr. T. II. Griffes, long engaged In tbe
drug bualness in tbis place, has been engag
ed as prescription elerk by lbs drug firm of
Crane t Francis, at Tituaville. Tommy is
a thorough druggist aod cao mix anything
Irom a bread pill to a bottle of bane lini
ment. We wish bim sucsess in bis new
Our citizens will be favored to-morrow
and Eatiliday evenings Wltb'a' flrst-blasa
theatri eel performance. Those old favor
ite, Messre. Alcnlfoid. Blake & R'altoa, to
gether witb the member oT Sherry's New
York Theater, are to appear at Sobel'a
Opera House. Their names alose are
eufBcieot gnarantee of what tba peoform-
eace will be, and also of crowded bouses.
Levers of tbe legitimate drama will take
Aontber curae against the So. Ia'. Co. of
raeeats. Fisber, Netrli & Co., on Monday
next, will discbarge a number of tbelr work
men, and only work tbe belanoo elgbt hour.
a nay. uniting wens abut down and no
more tools warned lor tbe next' sixty days.
Tbe men unite in saying "D n tbe mo
nopoly 1"
They have a smart rogue down in Maiden
Massketiueette; For some time be baa beau
sending out oirculars offering to send a book
In a sealsd package for tbe aum of eighty
five cents. Tba language ol the circular
conveyed tba impreaiton, without diaiinetly
stating it, tbat It was an obscene publica
tion, and ao the boek vender bad a large
and conataat demand for bia sealed pack
ages. At last tbe police came on tbe trick
of the book vender, captured a sealed pack
age, and found a new Teaiimenll Tbe
price of tbe book is about filteen cents at re.
tall, so tbis novel method of colporteuring
proved Very profitable,
A pbyician waa called io preaoribe for a
somewbat illiterate old lady, and as cod
liver oil, io bis opinion, was tbe remedy for
her coinilalrji; ba wrote 'a prescription for
'be apothecary to put up, witb tbe Letio
formula, "Ola. Joe. Aw." being an abbrevi
ation ol Ol enm Jecorls Asselll, or In plain
cognsn, cea liver oil. The medicine wss
procured, taken, end in a fsw weeks tbe old
'ady completely recovered ber bfeltb. A
neighbor paid ber a visit alter ber recovery,
and 1 expressing surprise at ber' improved
condilien, inquired tbe secret of ber restor'
atlou. "Why," said ;tbe old" lady, "it wa
tbat beautiful medicine, the Oil ot Jaekaas,
tbat brugbt me to my feet again:'
Tbe lighting of Rochester, N Y., witb
natural gas ' from tbe BloorutWld wells is
likely -to prove a success,
A poverty 'Stickeo -look log man wbo picks
old paper iu the streets of Boston, owns
half a-dozen brick buildings at tbe south'
end, and ao old apple woman on Kilby'
street paji taxes ou a $10,000 hous.i.
The (.alive Cbioch bug has reappeared Io
Jennie Johnson, the courtesan who was
stabbed at St. Louis by Nellie Smith, on
Monday, died in tbe hospital on Tbursdsy.
Nellie was arrested aod will be tried far
The ship Suuex, Irom London, was wreck.
ad offBarwak Heads, Australia, on theSlst
of January. Seven of the crew were
An intelligent store cat in Boston Im
proves every favorable opportunity loan
street a Ova cent nickle from tbe money
drawer, and, carrying It In bis month io a
butcher's shop near by, purchases a "square
meal," just like anybody.
Tbe Cincinnati Gazette solemnly ssys:
"Tbe disposition upon the part of a large
percentage of tbe human family to commem
orate tbe birtb of tbe Saviour by drinking
wbiaky waa manifested in a most extraord
inary degree in tbis city yesterday."
Tbey have a policeman In Springfield.
Meat., wto captured a highwayman and
then refuted a reward of $500, which bad
been offered by tbe city for bis capture,
remarkiog that be simply did bis daty. He
will probaby be acquitted on tbe plea of
Two dwellers upon Cape Cod discovered
a whale In ahsllow water last week, and by
strenuous urgings with jack-knives and bos
bandies drove bim into a spot where tbe
retreating tide left bim entirely In tbelr
poseesaion. The creature was thin, but tbe
capturers realized aliout $160.
Messrs. Barefoot aod Shoemaker hap
pened to get on the same jury in Pennsyl
vania. Bolts was choked in tbe same elotbes be
wore when Mr. Halstead met with thatilUlo
TSe Naahvllle Banner aays: "It is men
tionea as a significant reol tbat tbe young
lady meat admired by the Grand Duke at
the recent ball in Memphis, wore a ten del
lar dress.
The "Japs'' will tbink tbe snow of Amer
ica owes tbem a grudge. The Embassy was
sbnt up at Salt Lake City for many day,
owing to the snow embargo, and new tbe
dsy after tbelr arrival io Washington, tbe
biggest snow storm of tbe last decade bag
buried tbat city under a fleecy maotle of a
foot or mora of snow. Cool reception surely
for tboae who come from tbe next door ol
the' "Flowery Kingdom."
A young lad named Allen aged thirteen
waa drowued in the Alleghany laat Thurs
day, lie was skating and broke tbroi gli
tbe icn. A yet, bta bcay Una not been re
covered. Hie parenla reside on the oppna'te
aide of the river ftom here. fEaat Brady
Pocket Dictionary. We have received
from tbe pu t habere, 138 and 140 Grand
Street, a copy of Webster's Pocket Diction
ary,whtcb ia a great improvement over all
previous editions and all simular works.
Io tba first place It Io neatly printed and
bound in morocco, with gilt edges. Then It
contains ZUI) pictorial illustrations, which
give a mucn clearer Idea ot the meaning of
many woraa man couia noasioiy be convev
ed by tbe usual definition. Tbe little vol
time, wnne being no larger than aa ordin
ary pocket-book, embranea in lie vocabularv
a carelul selection of over 18,000 of the moat
important words of the ianiiiiai e, with detin
Itlons sufficiently clear, tbuugb rtecenarilv
brief, to meet tbe ordinary wunta ot any one
requiring its use. Prefixed to the work aie
tables or money, weight and meaauro, ab
breviatlona, works snd phrases Irom foreign
angiiHgea, rules lot spelling, explanations.
etc. It is in ract a moat valuable little
honk, and ia doubly wu'th the dollar' it
coats. The fuDllaheis; Iviaon, Iliakeman
laylnr i Co., 1J8 and 140 Grand Street,
few lork, will forward it by mail on re
ceipt ot uae uoiiar, or it can bo bought at
aiiauat any duo a store.
A Ualllorhla paper tella ol a dnce which
took place recently In a wine tank. It saya
"A large party or ladles and gentlemen, in
vited to tbe dedicatory ceremony of danclug
in one ol tbe largest vals in tba United
States, were in attendsnea snd participate
ed in tbe hospitality or ooe nf the moat en
terpnalng vintners in California. The
monater tank was lit up; tbe musicians an
nounced 'take partners lor a quadrille,
acd dancing commenced after tbe old Ba
vanoo style. While one set danced, ttere
waa plenty of room for twenty spectators
aod tbe musicians." Tbe vats have a ca
pacity of 60,000 gallons.
TbeTidioute Journal is soon to be issued
as a daily paper. We wish you success,
Major, but hardly think Tidloule can sup
port two dailies.
The laal circumlocution tor youug- ladies
wbo don't want to "obey" in the marriage
ceremony is to repeat in indisCioct tones
and rapid manner, "love, honor aud 'go
Let every body sigu tbe ptttilieu for tbe
paaageof a free pipe bill. It will help to
squelch out racali and robbers wbo would
ruin ui, and beggar our fjmiltPi.
What the Prosnpter Told Him.
A noble tragedian being engaged to play
Macbeth at a country theatre, at the latest
moment the man who was to represent the
mettrngar In tbe fifth scene of tba last aot
fell 111. The prompter, however, was eqaal
to the occasion. He got br Idol super,'
an Irishman, whom be bad drilled te ro
ped the few ill omened lines, and Instruct
ed him bow to deliver tbem. When Mas.
both was ready lor bim, on went the Irish
man bravely through bis task -
"As I did stand my watch npon tba bill,
I looked toward Birgam, and, anon, me
Tbe wood began to move."
"Liar! slave!" cried tbe great tragedian,
Avion upon tba terrified "saper," and
grasplug bis throat. Down on bin knee,
dropped tbe messenger, gasping in hit ag
ony :
"On my sowl, sir, that's exactly wbal
tba prompter towld me to say."
"Martha, my dear" s.id a loving husband
to bis spouse, who waa several years bll
junior, "what do you ssy to moving to tba
far weit?" "Ob! I'm delighted With lb
Idea! You recollect wben Mr. Morgan mov'
ed ont there, be was as poor aa wa are; and
in three years be died, leaving bis widow
wortb a hundred tnoueand dollars."
A Wisconsin editor waa called ont of bed
one night to receive a subssriptloo. After
that he tat up nights for a week, but tba
offence wasn't repeated.
Local Notices.
St. JI. I'etttnglll 4c Co. 8T
Fare How, K.w Tfotk, and Geo. P. Kowell A Co
Advertising Agents, are the sola agente tor the Pa,
troleum Centre Daily Keoobd to laat city. Ad-
vtrtlsera la that city are raqneated td leave their
a vora witb either of tne above houses'
Fur Male.
Five Rigs, Four Stationary Engines; rjne
5 Horse Power, two 10 Horse Power, two
Portable Boilers and Eogines, 10 Horse
Power, one Stationary Boiler 23 Horse Pow
er, 1.500 feet 5fi inch Casing, 4U0O teet
wo lnc Tubing, lOOu feet ik inct) Steam
Pipe, 6000 feet loch Pipe, 3000 feet Sucker
Koda two uaa I'limis, three 400 barre
Tanks, one 200 barrel Tank, four small
Tanks, also a lotol Fitting'.
McCliotock Hi.U' Petroleum Centre, P
, marun e-iw.
Take IVottaf).
Now ia the litre to buy your Apples,
am selling tbem off at prices that will as-
loeicrn i on, Ironi onu dollar a barrel aod up
wards, or anything else In the store, ae Mr,
UriitgH is going to close ant about the first
oftbemoutc. Call and aee for vouroelvee
E. Tr Bhiouh.
Por II. n. Wars-sr, Clerk.
dec. iUt.
Pictures' colored In India Ink and oil. at
Heinpsted Co a Gallery. jao. IS,
tr$ Cal I and examine those taablooeble
Ilats and Cps just received at
leb. Zl-ll A. ALUEK'S.
tW The fiuest Stock of fashionable Hals
tbe latest styles ever brought to town
just received at Alde".
VF Tbe Duke Alexis. Crown Prince ot
Russia ordered ooe of tba Nobby Hata at
E4V Children's Likenesses taken between
the uours of III a m and 2 p m, ai flempeled
li Co s Jjagueireao Uallery. janiail.
For Sale or Kent
The building lately occupied by A. M
Sbults as a 3ukery and Grocery Store. En
quire of
II. C. J Arms.
Petroleum Centre, Pa. jan 30-tf.
March 8th and 9th.
Tbe great ai d only
New York Theatre Co.,
The most powerful and complete
Now 'oa the road.
Producing tba latest and moat pordlar
Blake, Ralton& Montford, Prop'rs.
n, M. WIIITIIETt Agent.
rto Knrly and Meoure'yonr fSnaia.
Dealer In Iron and Woo working
Use cons'antly nn handacomoleto stock ofXmiih'e
bask and Door Machinery, Jud.on Guv.rnors, 'fapa
and Dies, fc.ui.ry Wheels st.ilitne. facklng, 4c.
woodwonh's rtalaer e ,r..-in. s.od
i it (.'i.cnlurj and 1'itc- mr nil
Agents Wanted
it. Mnractnc also Mograpalcal bketches ana ft.
oold, Tweed and others. Ohumu ..rCI?
OnlaeJU n w?!''
tbe market, over GOO nana.
bane for drcWe
Emei Zedlvicb
Baa beea eetaWlahed ia Patrolsam Ontra ft. ii
pastUMse jeers, and aaa tbe naawef
Jilaklng the Beet Fll Finest
Be Is eaosUntlv reeetrmg erdsrs fraaa atkataN
uooe si we mi luciees.
Hseoaeuatlj keeps oa hand i '
Ready-made Boot 8,4 S hoc.
.X. wBTTHons, Tsoa. a um, cnia. v. run,
c m. wem, jobs d. cnaaaT.
wol Lane
aHga JsenVotUoed M.
i mm aoort nnnve bt. i narie noim,i
vsiansisaian pv.sk.
Ittrtte the altenttou nf bnveia to tkclr Snrles Rtrk.
which, tn aclacilon and price, la aanrpoestd la i
'S'aierare Agents for Anerlcaa Pile Co-
Dsnt't celebrated I'llee and HaesM. Ranker
Belltnar ai4 Haeklsil, aaS Wlloea,
HawkaworibJEIIIauta Coa Eugllsb
Mbel. PlnaUurgn Krtel, Leeks, Hav
els; Ac. bold at maoubctttrara prices.
PlANOrj.f 300. ORGANO, f 4t
Nn mi ahonld be vithffift PIANO or OkGaV
when, by saving 13 or f S'pcrWeek. yos eanbti
sneh lastramanta aa Uecker at Barnes' aarlvsliel
Ptaaoa, Hallei, Pavia crs ana uradiora un
Pianos, and toe nneqoalled Taj lor Farley t
lesioe Organs. Old luetrdaieDU taken In part fl
mens for sew ones. Montbly payment ukeo -
Bpeeiel raise to Preochen,
. tkhooil
id Teachers. Mend hr elrcular or call oa H. 11 AX
ILTON CO , 61 Fifth Ave., rltubur.h, Pt
(MaecoMor toA.T. taggett,;
Mannfaetarar au' Dealer la
Seed Bags,
Valve Cups, &o
Experienced workmen; are arnplrared, and ni
nes of all kinds Kept c-ins'-aoiiy
on'oand oad msor
io nraer.
n hand at raketaabto rates:
Tbera ta no superior
Made. then ths'one made A tny ahop , J''
wtllba sold at IU per b&dred or Moaais a
Mln.ti, tfoloTr ttfe BlcCII-toek
PotrolanmCent'rs, Pa.. Nov7,. h.
CaMoEie&fFioiuT ullwt'
Now ready. Coosistlog oirver '"1-7-.
on rose tinted paper, with wVlll
design, in colors. Tbe richest catslcp"
ever published. Send 25 cents for Wh
not one ball tbe value ot toe coio.c- k
In tbe first order, amounting to not iw
than $1, tbe price of ' Catalogue. 2So , w
be rerunded' in seeds. . New cu.lon.fti
placed on tbe s4mo fooling ia ' ,
to old customers' duality ot
packeta, pricek and premintoa off'',
tt to tba advhnt.ge of all to V2.
ot in. See Catalogues for extraordlaary
lodiieenientg .ioee out
v... iu mioi It if von do not see w
Catalrfguo neforo ordering 8rtds
Klther Ol our, two yureuj-- - --
19x24lonaa flower plate o Balho" r
ever laaued In tble Country. A aP" J
lor nrhemeot; mailed. po f, ojfj
of 7otf.j also free, on coodllloai cnewe
Catalogue. Addfesa neft
CMu.ll.Fial 184B. 1 ,
Opera House
IionU J. VoMClieT,
Under the Opera PJ-JjSliril
FRK8U WO' BraeetveddaUyauB al
drangM I.CNOH at all Kraads f
WlrfEB, ALKK. c, and i the ntto
OABHoooauntly op .b"", .Jri-T me,f?atl
pnbllc are resttr.liy tu,"oA J. VfCiflS'1
& a-,

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