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Baoomaon lo JreKarland, Hmith Co ,
Merchant Tailors!
Have put la ooe.of lb flamt amortmente oj J
Xvr.oocred)n the Oil Region.
Twenty different styles of
Alt the Uteri and Nobbiest styles.
Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c.
Petroleum Centre Daily Record.
Pat OeeUrePsu'Weelneerfar August 91
Ulvine ervlee.
Services every Sabbath at 11 A. M. and
iXF. M. . Babbath School at Htf P. M.
eate free. A oordlal Invitation extend'
ed to nil.
. Bit. P. W. Scofiild, Paator.
Preaching it 11 o'olock A. M., and 7),
D. PATTON, Pastor.
Petroleum Centre Lodge,
Tift, I. O. of O. P.
, Regular meeting nigbta Friday,
e'clook. 8lgoed.
at 8
, G.
, K. O'Flahkbtt, A Bec'y.
tWPIece of meeting, Main St., opposite
MoCllntock Hons.
A. O. of V.
Liberty Lodge No. 7, A.
O. ofU.
meets evory Monday evening at 8 o'clock,
In Odd Fellow'i Uall, Petroleum Centre,
A. M. Klecenee, M. W.
J. H. Merrill, R.
Gold at 1 p. m. U
Oil News Tbe new Noble well, on tbe
8berman Flail, was torpedoed yesterday by
Mr. Tboe. Roach, and tbe production In
creased Ho M barrels per day, so out inform
ant states.
The Tree Toad well, Sherman Flats, own.
ed by Mr. Wray, ef Tltntvllle, waa torpe
doed yesterday. Result not known aa yak
Mr. Wray also bat a new well going down
whloh la now In the red rock, will be oom
pleted soon.
Tbe new well, mention el which we nude
day or two since, as likely to prove a dry
sole, U yielding 3 barrels per day. Owned
by Mr. Campbell. .
By reference to the sard published else
where, II will be seen that tbe proprietor ol
the Record has purobaaed tbe stock, Ac,
of tbe Pt Office Newsroom, of Mr. F. K.
nicnoMon, ana win berearter oooduct that
business. This will nol Interfere with the
publication of tba Record, which will be
eoniiuueaae usual, we respectfully re
quest our friends toeall and see us at the
old stand, la Ibe Brick Bank Building. In
order not to Interfere with our editorial dus
ties, tbe new and stationery depot will be
under obarge of Mr. TV H. Grlffea for tbe
present. We will only add that a full and
complete atook of newspapers, magazines,
books, stationery, blank books, fancy arti
cles, Ac, will be kept constantly on band.
1 hl eoaeeotlou we mo requested by
mr. . nioDoitoa to return his thanks to tbe
puuiio tor ue generous patronage extended
to him, and be trusts tbe earn will bo ex
onded the new proprietor In the future.
Tb ColumMesandPettoiiae are to play
match game of base tall, on the Pamiiaa
grounds, this afternoon.
The Grant Wilton aw mutf ,
format tbelr headquarters, last
The meeting waa addressed by Capt. Keffer
ao4 others,
Green la tbe favorite color among Leodoa
faehloaaWetattbe present time.
It Is said that there are no very neb peo
ple In Japan, and that the people generally
are lo the happy medium condition between
-tuouw poverty ana extreme wealth to
wen desired by tbe prop net of old.
Mkrtino ok tiii Oil. Producers A
meeting of tbe produoera of Parker'a Lead
ing end vicinity has been celled to meet In
Ibe Opere Home, et Perket'e Landing on
Thursday, 22d Inst., to teke into considera
tion tbe expediency of not drilling any well
for six months, from September let. It Ib
urged that It is of vital importance that
tome movement of this kind ibould be In
I f I . C I) . . - I -.1 a. ik. TT.II
Stelei Patent Office te Pennsylvania invent
or, lor the week ending July 22, 1872, and
eeoh bearing that date.
Devloe for extracting broken itools from
oil walla; H. IWrris, Tldlout.
Mode of attaching iprloga to wagons; J.
II. Cornwall, Curry.
Caalng T for oil welli; J. C. Dickey, Ti-
Metal drilling machine: W. 0. Judsoo,
8tam and air oar brake; J. Y. Smith,
Pittsburgh. .
Tbe following are tbe quotations at tbe
New York Mining stock board, August 17,
Bid. Asked.
Benneboft" Run 30
Bergen Coal and O 15
Blivso Oil SO
Blood Farm 5
Brevooit 1 75 3 00
Bucb'an Farm 40 60
Central 42 60
Home 1 00 1 40
N. Y. and Alleghany 1 25
Northern Light 30
Phillips Pet 6 16
Pltbole Creek 1 00
Retbborne Oil 20 25
Rynd Farm 20 30
Seoond National 40
Sherman & C
Terr Farm
U. Pel Farms 25 28
United States ' 65
Webster 4 6
1 bave this day disposed of my entire In'
terest In tbe Post Office Newsroom Estab
lishment lo Mr. Chat. C. Wicker, who will
heiealter eoodusl the business for bis own
use and behoof, apd for whom I solicit the
same liberal patronage that has heretofore
been extended me. All parlies having
claims against me are requested to present
them for settlement, and those Indebted to
me are requested to psy up at once.
Dated Petroleum Centre, Aug. 21, 1872,
A very disgraceful affilr, in wblcb a wo
man of the town named Rose narper figured
very extensively, occurred near tbe upper
end of Washington street, last night Our
Informant slates Ibal the woman was Intox
icated at the lime, and outraged all manner
of decency, by using tbe mot vulgar lan
guage In tbo vocabulary, throwing eto net ai
and grossly insulting tbo patseta-by. We
trust tbe next time thia vixenish female wo
man gstson the "rampage" the polios will
take bold of Ibe matter end see to It thai
she la punished. It does not follow because
it is a woman, that she should be privilege
ed to kick op a rompa whenever sbe takes
It Into ber addle pate to do so. Let them
be learnt better by too attoog arm of jus.
All tbe Catbollo clergymen in this Dios
case are at preeeat lo session at Ibe Catbo
llo Church, In this place. Thia august body
la presided over by Bishop Mullen, of Erie,
and comprises forly-Ave clergymen. Tbe
teaslon is known at Ihe Retreat," and is
peculiar lo the doctrines nod rites of tbtt
Mr. D. M. Uolgrove, local editor of II
Tltutville Sunday News, paid us a call Ibis
alleroooo. He reports tbo News as lo a
flourishing oondiiloo, "wblcb Ibe same," on
account of Bro. Bless, wo are glad lo re
Moses Sydenham, of Fori Kearney, Neb.,
publiebse a psper having for lis object lbs
removal of lha National Capital to Ibat
city.. He proposes, If Congress will pass
Ibe neoeasary law and give biro the agency
for tbe disposal of ten thousand sections of
land adjacent to tbe present reservation of
ten miles square,, to ''build all tbe necessary
publlrjbulldingt form tbe uses of Congress
ad all tbe departments, la the most sub
stantial manner."
Thia Is from a lady'a diary: "At last
night's party there were some two or three
women loo much decollette, and wheo a
gentleman bent over to apeak to liism they
used Ihelt fans lo bide their necks. True
modesty ought not to be aware of exposure,
and thia effort of concealment excites .
nun's Imagination more than simple expos
ure." A mueb needed eootrivaaea baa recently
been Invented by a Ciooionatt mecbenio by
whloh cars may be coupled without tbe
necessity of going between them. .
Tbe Jujube is a native of the East Iodlts,
and was originally called by botanists Ma
in Indioa or Iodinn Apple. The trees are
of medium size, solrtom growing more than
twenty-five or thirty feet high. They have
very orooked braocbes, covered with long
recurved thorns, and a foliage of dark shin
ing green. In tbelr native country tbe tree
loom in January or February, aud the fruit
rlpena In June and July. Fruit oblong, of
a brownitb color, and one locb in length,
containing one seed, somewhat resembling
that of Ibe date. It is esteemed delicious,
being ol a most plesssnt subacid. It dries
readily, and can thus be preserved with
but very little trouble. Tbe jujube has
been cultivated to a limited extent in tbe
southern Atlantlo and Gulf States. It will
prove bardy wherever tbe orange cao be
grown, and should be more extensively cul
In Connecticut a new school law has been
pasted wbioh provides for giving the minori
ty an active part In tbo management of
schools. In cbooeiog tbe town boards of
sobool visitors, wblcb In all cases must be
either six or nine in number, one-third are
0 be chosen annually, but no ballot can
have more Iban ooe name on It, and Ibe two
candidates receiving the highest number ol
names are elected. If there are nine mem
ben, three to be elected annually; eaobbal
lot may bave two names only, and Ibe two
namss on the majority ticket will be elected
together with tbe one which receives tbe
highest number of votes on tbe minority
ticket. If the two names on the minority
tlckei receive an equal number ol votes tbe
first in order on tbe ticket it to be declated
This la tbe way in wblcb Indianapolis got
Its name. In tbe old days, when Ibe first
colony of white settlers arrived there, the
ooly tavern waa kept by an old Delaware
Indiao, called Apollos, because be always
watered bia wblsky, of wbioh be waa very
(ond. The tow o was named after him, "In
dian Apollos," wbioh was finally corrupted
Into Iudianapolla.
A Peoria lady lately gave employment to
a gorgeously olad and tremendously pig
tailed heathen Chinee, and the entire fara
ily turned out to see tbe new girl work.
He broke plates, smashed lamp chimneys,
spilt dishwater on tbe floor and sword - In
good English when be soalded bia Angers.
Then to ber dlaguat tbe lady found Ibat tbe
suppotod exile from Ihe celestial flowery
land was in reality ber eldest son, wearing
her beet Dolly Varden and ber last new
twitch. Ue won't do that again jutl yet,
Tbe use of mineral oils has never been
tested In this eouotry, as suob oils bave
been considered unsafe. Tbe French
Bureau of Lighthouse claim to bave over
come objectloot, and are now successfully
using coal oil at a very great saving to the
Tbe ladles of Turkey are assuming tbelr
right.lo discard tbe closo veil by wblcb
Ibeir beauties Ibave to long been bidden
from tbe world, and high born Otman dam
eels now Are is la perfect Parisian toilettes,
the thinnest possible lineament of gauze
throwing a aofteolog shade over the fea
tures, without la tbe least concealing them1
Tbe English government baa marched a
number of aold!era lo tbe midland countries,
lo be plaoed al tbe disposal of tbe farmers
In aid of Ihe work of harvesting? tba mm
This action baa ieep taken by tbo executive
to neutralise Ibe consequences of strike of
tbe agricultural laborers for higher wages.
Tbe Rio Colorado Cbiqutto Little Color,
ado river on wblcb tbe fabulous diamond
mloea of tbe California ditpalokea are looal-
ed, rlaea In lha Navajoe Indian reservation,
about 160 miles west of Santa Fe, and 326
miles southwest of Denver, flowing tbenos
sootbwestwardly 100 to 125 miles, . thence
nortbweelwardiy about 200 ml lea, where It
empties Into the Colorado. Tbe country is
covered, on the general land office maps,
with gold Indications, and tbat south of It
with silver. There la nothing said abou
diamonds, however.
A feminine correspondent of tbe Wash
ington CapTtal telle about a Boston lady,
who recently got herself up most gorgeous
ly for dinner at one ot Ihe great watering
plaoe hotels. She bad tbe misfortune to
sneeze, just as she sMdowo, when suddenly
tbe half of tbe waist of her drett ripped out
and somebody bad to put a shawl around
her. Her drees was an nxcelisnt fit upoo a
well proportioned for, and having been made
on a single thread aewing macbioe, the
sneeze broke tbe thread.
A New Hampshire at age driver who lost
control ol bis team at tbe summit of a hill,
gave a succinct account of bis descent, by
saying tbat be went down "like a cat out of
a buttery."
A disappointed visitor to Ml. Washington
(ayt tbe views tbat people expect to seofrom
tbe summit an like tbe cloudi Mist on the
West Virginia Oh. News. Wm. Bell
la buildlog a rig on lease 1, sec. B. V. O. &
C. Co. tract
The shipments of oil from Ibe Gale tract
for tLe week ending Saturday, Aug. 10,
amounted to 1636 barrels.
Covell A Garver'a well No. 2, on the W.
Va O. Jfc O. L. Co. waa torpedoed this
week and Is now pumping 15 barrela per
Rebecet well, belonging to Ibe Grant Oil
Co. was torpedoed Ibis week and is now
pumping about 7 bbla. per day; well on Ibe
Gale tract.
Win. Beli, Esq. Is drilling well on lease
18, see. B, Volcaolo Ridge. Tbe well la
now down to a depth of 360 feel, with good
prospecta for oil.
C. K. Leonard, Esq?, gave us call Ibis
week. Wbeu bis gen el faoe waa observed
by tbe sellers, 'the price of oil advanced
per oent
Sbufelt A Harry's well on Mud Lick we.
torpedoed this week; Ibe production was
nol Increased; well on Ibe Y. O. A C. Co.
Matsey A Cu.'s well on lease 85 tee. C. Y
O. A C. Co. trsot, was torpedoed tbls
week and U now pumping 12 barrela per
Tbe Gibson Oil Company bad tbelr well
on lease 69, Sec B, torpedoed tbia week,
and it Is bow pumping 20 barrela per day;
well on Volcanio Ridge.
Tbe Star Oil Company had Ibeir well at
Mud Lick, on tbe V. O. A C. Co. trect tor
pedoed tbit week; Ibe production was nol
The Alexis Oil Company have just com
pleted a well oo lease 46, Volcanic ridge
It was torpedoed yesterday and Is now pump
ing 2 barrels per day.
Grant well No. 2, belonging to tbe Grant
Oil Co., waa torpedoed tbia week, aad te
now pumping about four- barrel! per day;
well on tbe Gale traot
Tbe Pegg Away Oil Co. on tbe V. O. A
C. Co. tract, bad tbelr well No. 1 torpedoed
tbia week, and It la now pumping 40 barrels
per day; this company la composed of E. L.
Conger. D. A. Conger and Taos. Pegg.
(.volcano Liuoricaior.
A Thrilling War Sceae.
Out In a certain Western fort, com tine
ago, tbe major conceived tbe Idea that ar
tillery might be used effectively, In fighting
with ibe Indians, by dispensing Iwlth gun-
carriages, and fastening tbe cannon upon
backs of mules. So be explained bia view
to the commandant, and it waa determined
to try the experiment. A howitzer waa se
lected and strapped upon an ambulance
mule, with tbe muzzle pointing towards tbe
tall. When tbey bad seoured and loaded
tbe gun with a ball cartridge, tbey lead the
calm and steadfaat mule out on a bluff, and
set up a target in tbe middle ol tbe river to
praotice at. Tbe rear of Ibe mule was turn
ed towards tbe target, and he waa backed
gently up to tba edge of tbe bluff. Tbe
officers stood around In semicircle, wbile Ibe
major went p and inserted a timefuse la
Ibe touobbole of tbe bowitaer. When tbe
fuse waa ready, tbe major lighted it and re
tired. In a moment tbo hitherto unruffled
mule beard tbe fining upoo bia neck, and
tbls made blm uneasy; be moved bis bead
round lo ascertain what waa going eo, and,
as;be. did ibis entire body turned like
wise, and thus tbe muzzle of ; tbe bewltzir
began to sweep around tbe horizon. The
male became more and sore excited,
bia curiosity became most intense; la a see
ond or two be waa standing with bia feel in
a branch, almost touching ooe another.
making six revolutions In a minute, and tbe
bowltzer,;do yon understand, tbrealeniog
sudden death la every man within half a
mile. Tbe commandant waa ' observed
quickly climing up a tree; the lieutenants
were aeon dim log ever tbe bluff Into tbe
river, as if tbey didn't care at all about tba
price of uniforms; the adjutant made good
time towards tbe fort; Ihe sergeant began
o mrow np breattworkt with bia bayonet,
and tbe major rolled over the 'ground and
groaned. In two or three minutes there
waa a puff of smoke, and a dull tbud, and
the mulalO, where was bet A solitary
mule might bave been aeen turning succes
sive back aomrrsalta over tbo bluff. Anally
ooly to rest at anchor with bia howitzer at
tba bottom ol tbe river, while tbe ball went
forward toward tbe lort,,blt tbe chimney of
or toe major's quarters, scattering tbe bricks
into tbe parlor, and frightening tbe major's
wife Into convulsions.
Tbey do not allude to it now, and no re
port of the experiment was ever soot to Ibe
War Department It is said that tbe mule
artillery is not only a decided failure, bat
when any of Ibe men speak of It Ihe major
says tbe guard'bouse It the beat place for
tbem. American Hemes.
Tbe grand buffalo bunt which waa to ban
come off July 4tb at Niagara Falls, but waa
postponed lor weal or performers, win lake
place on tbe 28th ana SOth of tbtt month
It will be under the direction of the etlsbrey
ted "Wild Bill."
Change of Erm.
Having purchased the
I am now prepared to sell any
thing and everything in the
Blank Book,
Fancy Goods,
Or Confectionery Line !
At Greatly Reduced
Preparatory to laying in an en
tirely NEW STOCK
la connection with tbe News
room there is a firot-class
Library I
My Stock i Unexcelled.
on draught at all lime a
I hope by strict attention to
the wants of the f ublie to nier
it a share of their patronage,and
would invite my friends to pay
me a calL
tn as. c. vi( ki:k.

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