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c'ro'eum Centre Daily Record.
sjeiitros '.. Jtrndar. Wept. I
I'lvlH rlei.
S'TTic- fT tSeblwtti at II A. M. and
i H. M. Kabbate School at I2l ?
ate rrw. A oMlel Invitation exU-nd-M
to (III.
Itltv. G. Moon, Pastor.
IVachinir, at 11 o'clock A. M.. and 7
o'?'?ck I. M., by fhn Paslor, W. C. Rimm
aiid. Sanbath School at 12,'-,', directly
el'irr lureoooti service.
Prayer Meeting; and Sabbath School
Teacher's Mm'tlug Tuesdsy evenings ot
each week.
Pntrolenin Centre IiO1ro, N.
Tl, I. O. of U.K.
uogiilar oinatiDg nights Friday, at 7
o'clock. Signed.
C. II. Baii.ry, A See'y.
fgrPUce of meeting, Main Bt., opposite
McClinlock Hume.
A. u. of v.
Liberty Lodge No. 7, A.
O. of U. W.,
meet every Monday evening at 7!(J o'i
In Odd Fellow' llall, Pulroleuui Ci
.Janus Wilson, M. W.
Jambs 3. WntTit, H.
i. o. f it. hi.
Minnekauii"" Tribe No. Wi, 1. O. R. M
of l'eirolimm Ueotre, mnU every Thursday
evening in Good Templar's Hull.
7yCouocil tires llehted at 7 o'clock.
II. HOWE, Sacheta.
C. L JUKES, Chiel ol Records.
tfoid at 1 p. in. 115
Theft. (Jo Saturday last our townsman
Mr. Henry Wlrbert and bis brother were en
gaged In plastering and Onisblng up the
new school bouso at Clnpp larm. They bad
left Iboir veats hnnging In an outahed and
oo going for them at the close ol tho day's
work, Mr. W brother discovered bis waich
which be always carried la b!s vest pocket
minus. An inquiry revealed tho fact that
number of boys bad by seen around the
out bouse. Mr. W. remained tbero awhile
to search and was Anally accosted by a man
hamed Clark who informed Mm that while
looking through bis garden be (Clark) had
discovered the end ol Ibe watch guard on
top of Ibe ground and had dug the watob
up. As Clark's boy was among those wbo
were skulking rouod the building, Mr. W,
bas strong suspicion as to bow the watcb
came io the garden. As be has got the
watob, however, ho Is satisfied to let the
matter drop.
An accident occurred on the Valley Road
at an early hour yesterday morning, which
matted in the smashing up ol two or throe
passenger coaobos, fortunately injuring no
one. Tbe accident was caused by a boavily
luden freight train tuocing into tbe roar ol
Ibe passenger train.
lMamer, Items.
The schools upeoed ttiis inotuiug. Miss
Shreeves, ol Miller farm, principal, and
atjp M. j. rv-nntuy, or llynd Farm, as
sistant. The former comes highly rscon
mended, while tbo ; latter, having taught
here with perfect success before, noeds no
other rscommeud.
Tbo Rev. Graham preaobed his tarewell
sermon, yesterday. ' We regret to lesru that
be is leave Pluoisr. A man of groat learn
log and loog experience iu bis prolessiou,
be is woll qualified lo till a more exalted
position. Though terse decisive and sar
castio la argument, be could prove; bis
promises and draw bis conotusious ably.
Mr. G. S. Duncan, v. bile riding from
l'llhoie last week, bis boide became fright
ued ruoolog oil tbe way bouie. Mr. D wei
Uirowo but sustained no sefious Injuries.
Our frleud Alden informs us Ibat just as
soon as he can Hod a good lucre live stand
bo will pack bis satchel, make the dust off
his shoes and Irave Pluuier lorever. Though
wo are sorry to lose Mr. A we cannot Hsuie
bim for consulting his own interests lirst
We wish him siiocees wherever be may go.
Mr W N Wilson, wbo ha oarrisd ou the
haruusa business since tbe palmy days of '03
will remove soon to Shippenvillo. Mr W Is
one ol the best citizens we have and bis re
moval will be rogrettod by all.
Farmers are harvesting their oats an fast
ai possible.
The Grapbie calls the attention of nav'
gators leaving Amrictu ports during the
coming month to the fsct that Wise's
billoon expedltroo will leave New Votk ;for
Europe about the last of August or the Otst
f September, and wises them to make note
of time aod locality la tcgard lo the articles
they may pick op that are llrowu Irom the
ballocu. We hope they win nut have oo
cslon topitt up the bcd'.en pi lue '-.erial
Tin' Prtrcleutn Cius question is heme; agi
f'ed H e Titusvillepspets, A goo.t M
An lodlotmeot against Alexandra Brown,
for fornloalioa and bsitordy, was non
prossed on pay eject of oosts $19.29, and
giving the usual bond to the county.
Commonwealth vs. Vet Evans, for aggra
vated assault and battery upon A. Raymonk
was ooo-prosied on payioeut of Cos's, $14.
Com vs W. A. Hull Assault nod battery
Not a true bill, and prosecutor, P. J. White
pay costs.
Com vs Margaret. Oetniau. Soiling li
qiior wiltout liconeo. Not a true bill, and
prosecutors, John H. Cofl'maa nod 8 It
Gili'ple, p.iy the costs.
Com vs Jacob Sbeasley, Andrew Mlor, C.
Kit. Dsvid buck, James Uall,Jamos Sheas,
ley, Frank Oowdl and others, whose names
are unkuown, lor riot. Not a true bill and
county pay coat i.
Cum vs Thomas Cooners and Martin Con
tiers, tor Iraudulently secreting property of
debtor. Not a true bill, and piosecutor, J
V. Humphrey, pay toe costs.
Com vs George W. Nueley, Fornication
and bastardy. Not a true bill, end prose
outor, Lucy Jane Tatr, pay the costs.
Com vs Fredor ick Leydecker. Larceny
of a belter worth $20. Tried, and verdict
of out guilty This was a dispute between
tbe defoodaul and John Browu about tbe
ownership of a belter, and should not bsve
been brought into tbe criminal court.
Com vs Alice Kolley. Larceny. Not a
true bill.
Com vs James Shoasley et al. Not a true
bill, aud prosecutor Henry MorJlbeooy, pay
Com vs W B Davis, selling liquor wllb
out I'ceuse Not a true bill, and county pay
Com vs W SGregory. Soiling liquor wltn
out license. Not a true bill, and oounly
pay costs.
Com ys C E Bishop. Libel. Not a true
bill, and prosecutor, licnry Kiffvrly, pay
tbe coals.
Com va Martin Conors. Forcible detain
er. Not a true bill, and prosecutor. J W
Humphrey, lo pay costs.
Com vs J J Waldai. Larceny on prcse
cution of John Williams. Not a Hue bill.
Com vs Thomas garment. Soiling li
quor without license. Not a true bill and
county pay oosts.
ComvsC McC'illough. . Soiling liquor
without lioeose. Not a true bill aod county
pay tbe costs.
Com vs Jacob Sbeaa'.ey at al. Not a
true bill.
Com vs George B McClelland, J H Dev.
ereux, A W Mao ford, J J Sbryock aod otb
era to Ibe number of five, t be names vf whom
aro miknowo, directors of the Atlantic &
Great Wosteru Railroad and A C Dunbur,
Su'perlutendenl of tbe A A O W R R. In'
dlctuieat common uulsaace. Not a true
bill and prosecutor James K McCurmick,
pay costs.
Coin vs C Howard alias Ji.hn Brown i.lsr
ceny on prosecution of B W Bredlu. Oo
Saturday this case was called and tbe de
fendant not answering bis teoognlziuce was
The prisoners wbo have been convicted at
this term will probably be sentenced to
At a recent nosnioo of tho county court
held at Portland, Oregon, la coiapllance
wllb a petition to that ett'eoi, It was de
creed that the uewfy elected Senator from
tbe Stale should be legally eniitlml to as
sume (ho naiue of John Hippie Mitchell.
Tbo pelltioneor tta'ed ibal bis lather's
name was Hippie, aod bis , mother's Dam
previous lo her marriage was Mitchell; lbs1
be was cbrlstioned Jobu Mitchell Hippie i
but that of bil own volition bo baa traos
posed bis name to that of John Hippie
Miloljell, and that as such be had been
known ever since bis residence In tbe State
of Oregon, thirteen years past.
(several ol. ibe bouses la Argyle have
ueeu torn uowa aud removed to the front,
which gives tbe place a rather desolate and
uisuanu Bipenrauve. toe changes 01 a
yoar have told tearfully on Argyle. Titus-
Vilio Courier. .
We very much fear that will be tho case
before lung with others of Ibe down river
oil towns.
The Herald of this morniug Is in error In
stating thai the wells oa the Egbert farm,
Coxtc.u larm, and Skinner farm are shut
down. Such Is nut tbo esse.
Lbree new wells are reported last Satnrv
day, oue on the Hemphill (aim doing 500
barrels, another oa tbe Troutoian farm do
iug 500 barrels, aud a third ou tbo McClel
laud farm doing 200 barrels.
If you dou't believe Sbeil Cautiold bst
a Dew stable open and it doing a rushing
ttade, read bis new tidvertiseoieol, H
advctiitds just wbat he hat got and oo
Tbe putlie ecooola opened this msfftln;'.
Pro! Alcora is pritcipal of the high ache:!.
TUo Parrot WIDch ai Pre-
enttidtoaClerfirman'a sVlfe.
Detroit Free Press. 1
Last winter a Gratiot street saloon keep
er went to Clnoioaatl oa a visit, and while
tweing tbe Iowa he Came across a saloon
sporting tbe wickedest old parrot which
ever learned lo speak tbe English language.
Gratiot street stood by aod heard the bird
"rip aod tear" for a straight bour, and
when be cams borne tbat parrot oam witb
bim- All tbe way up here tbo purchase
'went for" braketnen and baggagemen,
ripping out oaths which Capt. Kid couldn't
have handled, and the further North bo
came tbe more wicked he crew. Reaching
Detroit, his cage was hungjup la the sslooa
and "Jack" bas been there ever since, up to
Friday. It was a poor day when be diJn't
learn some new oath or slangy expression i
and floully be became so that nobody out a
hardened villlaa could talk with him. He
was sold last Fridav for $20, and his owner
kept him about an hour and they sent him
as a present lo a minister's wife who bad
been attentive to his family during sickness
She was very grateful, having often thought
how nice It would be lo have a talking
parrot around tbe bouse. "Jack" seemed
put out by the change ol owners, and sat
on bit perch all Friday right aod relused to
ty a word, Saturday morning tbe minis
ter's wife started tor Pontiac, aod she carried
"Jack's" cage Into ber husband's ttudy Ibat
neither might be lonesome. She bad been
gone about an hour, and the good man was
scribbling away, when al I at ooce tbe par
rot shouted:
"Hearts Is trnitp!"
The good man gave a jump and looked
out of ibe window, thinking tbat a couple
of bad boys were playing euchre under bis
shade trees. Ho could see no one, and tup-
posing tbat be was miatakeu, be seated !
himself and began to writo again, when tbo
parrot shouted:
"Not auy gin, thank ye '."
Horrified, the clergyman Jookcd around
and saw "Jack' trying to wink at bim.
l'lalf doubting if it was tbe bird which had
spoken yetdeiermiuod to flud Joul, be in
quired i "What!"
"Shut op, ot I'll put a bead on ye!'' re
plied Jack, banging to the ogo with one
claw and shaking bis featbero.
"Is it possible?" exclaimed the good ma.i.1
drawing nearer to the cage.
"Champagne Charley was his oamo
Champagne Charley was bis name,"
saog Jack, twiagiug furiously oa tbe slick
"Vile bird, you shall go out of bore!'1
said tbe minister in an excited voice; "I
would as soon harbor a highwayman."
"Rouse mlt bim!" cried Jack, add then
be chuckled and crackled as it be was
Uugbiog heartily.
'It Is a sin and a sbamo tbat men bave
taught an Innocent bird lo use such Ian
guage," contiuued the good man, as be
picked up tbe cage.
"Hit bim with a boar turcbUr, replied
tba parrot, tryiug to lasteu bis claws into
the ministerial leg.
"Little did my wife dream what a vipr
sho was brlnglug into Ibe bouse," mused the
tuao. "I shall hire some boy to carry you
"Send for the Black Msria," replied the
bird, and while be was being carried out be
continued, "Who stole tbe wheelbarrow." .
Tbe minister reached the sloop an.l call
ed lo a boy wbo was playing mumblety peg
on the gran
"Here, bub," be said, as the ' boy earne
np; "take this bird sir somewhere and give
bim away, and I'll give you two shillings."
"Ob, dry up uow!" growled Jack, seem'
log lo know Ibat be was to change places
again. 0
"Give bim to any oie wbo will take
bim," continued the minister. "I bare ro
oeive a (hock wbioh fairly make me troto
"Chuck htm uuder tbo table:" called tbe
bird, as he went through tbo gate, and
when be was nearly a block away be could
be beard slrging:
"We won't go borne till morning
Till daylight dues appear.".
AS INClnKNT OF TIIB. SnoW, A s'cie
show couni'utud witb O'Brien's aggregalioo
which exuibited at Parker City oa Friday
Ia3t, bad an educated pig, wbicb amoug
other tiicks cslcuiulod interest with sur
prising correctoe&j, by means of cards. It
bappcoed while. tho pig was performing a
West Virginian strayed into tbe tent and
watched tbo pig wUb great interest. Alter
bo bad calculated tbe interest on a certain
sum of money tbo Virginian raised bis head
aod lookiog at tbe proprietor of the show,
while bis fsoa wore a singular expression,
be exclaimed, "I lay, Mr, Sbnwmao, you
ought to take thai pig lo West Virginia. "-
"Wby,"exolalmod ibe somewhat turpiisod
ownecof tba teeming lntolllgent;pg, .jje.
oause'sald tho straoi?i)t, "if voi; vraro to
lake him toere tbey would 2vu l.l.n fl,., ,
class certttlCiSie as n school teacher. Th ty
vaut Mloir llco biu uowu there fOi
man's Journal.
The Preston well near town la ootnplet'j
d aud yield lus 100 barrels per day.
Tba Gordon well on the M'Detmtt farm
continues lo flow about 200 barrels of vi1
per day.
A well on Inc Hemphill farm bat tbe tools
stuck and eable broken in tba well.
Toe Salisbury well, on tba McDerinlJ
larm near M lllerstuwo, utruok on Friday o
last ww, started at 600 oils.
A well owned by Stoughtoo, Duffy and
McCsodls,ol Butler.locaied on tbe Widow
Hemphill farm is in tbe sand and makes a
good show.
The well on the I oiker larm, which we
said last week Wat reported dry bat proved
otherwiie. Tbe sand bas (since been pen
clr.iled at a depth of 1535 leet and it bas
proved one of toe bust wells In this territory
yielding, it Is said, about 2W) libls. per dJ
B. B. ctnpbeil and James M. Lam'iing are
the fortuuate owners.
Tbo well on tbe Johnston larm which lies
one mile south 22 degrees west ol Ibe For
ker, it has been ascertained by leveling Ibe
tbe ground, Jlacks 43 feet of nbeing deep
enough and It is now being sunk (deeper.
Tbe oit heretofore pumped from this well, It
Is thought, came from tbe stray sand. Oil
man 'i Journal,
Bustlet worn by alllsubjecu ol tba gof
dess laabioo now a days arc lodaad curiout
tpeoimens of modern Ingenuity and mecbsn
ittn. A filend of ours (noted for ber gar
rulity) in conversation witb ut not long
tinea tendered us the lollowing detorlptiou
or the tame which we furnitb to our readers,
at tbe same time we vouch for nothing or
extenuate whatever. The Bret bnstle tbat
came out was Ibe inflated bustle or balloon
bustle which bad a very abort lite on ac'
count ot its smallnesa and evorlsstlng ten
dency to seek its level or sphere, viz: Ibe
(aserlly air current. Again, It was generally
adopted, which was a strong argumeut lu
lavor ol Its disuse. Bustle No. 2, known as
tbe demi-Doopskirt. This seemingly was
perfect. But, oo, the eternal desire of I ba
unregeoorate is change and variety, conse
quently some one devised tbe plan ol stuff
ing this bustle witb newspapers which
greatly increased its proportion. Was It
perfect, now you askt No, one fault which
tbey failed lo successfully eomhat witb, wat
tailing to keep ibe papers io the bustle. If
M'lle eo aod so look a stroll up town, aod
assuming the latest walk the wat sure lo
loose six or seven papers very much lo ber
cbaurio. Upon going Into tbe ball room
afier a bop I fouod tbo floor covered witb
papers. Whatpapors wece lised.jSouie llkad
one ond another, some nelog eiorellglous
enough to use the Cbrisliao Union aod
United Preibyteijsa J One was fom d
on Centre street by .Mr. Mtrsbail roceotly
Not knowing the "nater"of Ibe thing
caueu a oumosr oi oiutire wno knew no
more of it tban he. Old and reliable
connoiiteurswere called but still no autlien.
lie clue was lound whereby any deffiaite
conclusions could be arrived at. Mr. M
bas the thlug lu his possession now. Any
ooo can uave me same oy caning, proviag
property, and enlighten 'og bim aa lo ' Ibe
use end origin of the ariiole. If not called
lor will be sent lo tbe Arcbirlogical Society.
H owe & Cook bave received their large
new casing and tubing cutter. It is line
piece of machinery.
liocul Aioticca.
Go to W. As LOZIElt,
4tU Street,iicar It. It. track,
tor your dclh
ered at the wells for 1,50
per Barrel.
I'oiroleum Centra, Fob. 6tb tf.
DON'T BKHl'.tlHEttGfcD
With niMrl:. mil Imnnalm !.n nt . I
Heece you, but Id elnntv-'iiue cases out of a him
atvtl do ytm w,th t.uuini enpniva cnlomcl. r
Bi'iKiiiir ydurcnsHwor-a Hcrt;nt once to the
on j ,iv;ku romeiijf Hull can ho relied i,u, Dr. Alo
laliiiin's lii.L-t Bio.U hoaroiior, which banishes
irom the system all Turin of privato dlswues and
vini4 in :lu hi ju.1; ul., omlmil woakuuw, Iiwk ut
energy, low of memory, aud nil nervous di.iwi
lofumug fn.iii sell abu, which dcnirova boiU mind
lid body, roiiduriiiK niarrlv- impiwllile. Warran
trf,.HrK b-v. B""1 ('ri'l "ilnd, no exiiosurol
of Blood Suuiihi-r. Munnms VI dldueCo., ?UU
hui-li, fa Box ISM. l'amplili.t Fine.
l'lltllitltA. Hlntf'hfK. nnl . "
Tuer. Kinjworm. FMhorms. Erystnl .s, K7
and adeniprlre scrolulous diaiwei, have Uu-ir or
lm fr..m ylni. and corruptions in th. Dln.d Cr
Mcta'lum'a h.iot Wood Soarth.-r eirikes at ii,e
tooret of all acn,f0. uiu.by Si J
i'a w, rinsourgii, Fa. Box
?rr S,r"lir "lT"a ,le 'Iflcll l-o, a stirs rem-
Ki- ;i ""iwie i o. Itt.buryii.l',
Jab tables
Main Street,
Petroleum Centre, Pa.
Good Horses,
&e.f always in readiness to hire.
Always on hand for hii
I am prepared to furnitb tlotrd'nic lionet
sue wm Acoomtnoattiona to be touou
in 1'etroleom Centre and Ibe cheep
est wltbaU
f. Tha vaw lwaf. Sad'
dies and Bridles fur
aaKiUing Iloiees.
Totuk Tkavemno Prrrlio.
1 a a
i Uesireu travolora will Le taken
to nnv town 5n t.Ii ni' rAL'iou
reasonable cLaryes.
Boilers and Engines
Uoved to toy desired point with oaf a r
sept I -if.

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