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The Petroleum Centre daily record. [volume] (Petroleum Center, Pa.) 1868-1873, October 08, 1873, Image 2

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'1 :
i5 5a
!i V.t
v, ir "
: . i..
1 f : i
- i-ra &
I . V
-i t. : litre, i n, ;V.'tii('Ki!ay Oct .
services every snuontn at 1 1 A. Al. anu
i '4 l M. S;ibbath School at P.M.
cuts free. A cnnliul invitntlon extend.
e l to nil. .
Hkv. T. Graham, l'nstor.
rri'fichinK at 11 o'clock A. VI.. n,nl 7
o clock I . M.. by the Pastor, w. C. Rcitctr
Alio. Subbntti School at 12.', directly
utter lorenonn service.
Prayer Meetlntc and Sabhuth School
Teacher's Meeting Tuesday evenings ol
eacn weeK.
Petroleum Centre
715, I. O. of O. I'.
RoRiilar mooting nlgtita Friday,
at 7
C. IT. Bailky, a Hec'v.
lW"VUce of tneutitig, Uuia St., opposite
A. O. of I.
Liberty Loilyo No. 7, A.
O. of U.
meets every Moudtiy evening at 7J-g o'clock,
I n Odd Fellow's Hall, Petroleum Centre,
Jamks Wilso.v, 11. W.
James S. Whctk, li.
i. o. of it. in.
Jtinnekauni'H Tribe No. 183, I. O. R. M
of Petroleum Centre, meets every Thursday
evening in Good Templar's Hall.
15?" Council DreB Huhled at 7 o'clock.
II. HOWE, Suctieui.
C. L. JUKES, Coief ol Records.
Gold at 1 p. in. ;llla'
For some luoutus.pust wu liuvo nut had a
theatrical eiiterttiiuiijeut or public exhibi
tion of any kind lu our town, Irora the lact
that tlm ball agent, both in Tilusville and
Oil Ctiy. persisted tly report to all advauce
agents or troupes that tbere Is no use In
tupping at the Centre, as tba nlaca
played out and abandua.'d. T bey do this
luinhing aou Hoping probably that our citi
zob will be tools enouuh to charter ,i
KO to their respectlva places and spend a
tow uuimrs in order that they can muko
ends meet a few months looker. Comrary
to their advica given t0 Mr. James F. Sber
ry, be billed the town and gave us a first
class exhibition last night, when Ibe tliea
tre was packed from "pit to dome," with
one of Ibe largest and most attentive audi
ences entertained tbis season. We saw
Sherry at the door as we passed in, all
smiles, and delighted tbat be bad given us
call. The house was full of people, and as
he shook our band, be requoated us to take
a look at that crowd, remarking that it put
him in mind of "old time's rocks. ' He in
tends returning this way, add Bays this I8
(he greatest played out place be ever struck
ank "long may she wave." Thus much lor
the Titueville and Oil City ball ageuta.
The Right Nuble Mart King, who return
ed bere so suddeuly last month, has again
left our midst, between the shadows of eve
oiug aod Ibe breaking of day Mart re
turned here, and tlndlnti that the partner of
his joys and sorrows had taken up with an
other, looked around him for s. me congen
ial spirit into wboso ear be oould pour the
Bad Btory of bis desertion; be found it! Oh!
who could it be? Softly, now, It was Mad
am Deems, wife of Deacon Ezekial Deeins,
ioto her ear be poured Ibe aloriea of bis
wrongs: "she loved bim, for the danrer be
bad passed. lie loved her, lor she did pity
bim." She fell, and on the steam cars the
gay aud festive Samantha eloped with dear,
dear, Mart. Before the former beloved
Mart left Volcano, be threatened us, tbat it
we published bim be wculd give us a dose
tbrougb tbo Rucoita ol Petroleum Centre,
do it Mart, tbis Is our dose. Volcano,
West Virginia, Labricator.
You need bave no fears, Brother Sargent,
that we shall give you a "dose" lor show
log up a Bcouudrei In his true light. We
are not Mormon enough fur that. If this
weet scented Mart puts in an appearanue
bere the chances are be will get a lively
blast, much worse thau thu Lubricator gave
hi in. Send bim along tbis way and we will
agree to see bim safely deposited in the
nearest tank of B. S. oil.
On Fiiday evening next, Oct. lOtb, Sig.
Bonami, the world renowned venlriloqui-t
und magician, will give otm entertainment
at Sobei's Opera House. The purlbrmuuce
will cooslst of teats of uiaslc.veutriloquisni,
&is. Th Signor is said to be behind none
in bis specialties. Give bim a full bouse
As the Northern Pacitto baa sold less than
53,000 acres of its land grant, it would be
. interesting to know how many years will
vlapae belure it will have sold euotijjh to
pay Jay Cooke & Co.
A Western congregation recently dis
charged their pastor because of lis ' inor
diuu'.e tuueuuipliou ui beer."
r ft mtfflt-jMI. m -rn wn
li v u:; rowiKST r iiummukson
Oh, the visions that I see
As I drift along life's Bea,
While the shadows of the twilight o'er t
bend ;
Ol the friendB of early childhood.
And the days we in the wild wood
Roiiiued Irum early dawn until tt.u eud.
But (lie jo visioos pass away
Like the suu at close ol day,
And 1 drift and drift alone upon life's Be
1 Aud the Siiuiid ol buppy voices
Never mure my heart r juices,
And my soul but loiifielb to be Iree.
i'lie Gi-aiiil Trunk Pipe 1-inu
Tao Tilusville Courier bos the tollowing
in regard to the proposed new pipe lino
lrom the Butler oil Ueid to Titusviiie. It
is understood that a relay station will bo
established at this point. The liue will un
doubtedly prove n success:
This new Company, which, for the past
week or two, has bten in the process ol or
gunizitiou, has at length become a settled
fact, and we ate now prepared to give to
the public a comprehensive deccriptiuu of
its character and purpose.
t'l'bo capital stuck of the Company con
sidts of 2,500 shares of $100 each, amount
log to $250,U00. The whole amount bus
been subscribed, except $13,000, and is
held principally by the Tilusville refiueis
The headquarters of the company will be iu
ibis city. Surveys of the route are now
going forward between Tilusville and the
lower oil disiriat. Forty-Ova miles cf the
three iucb pipe Tor Ibe main line bave al
ready been contracted for, the delivery of
which will commence lu a lew days. Start
I iij; from Tilusville the Trunk Line will run
diiectly to Oil City, thence to Fuxburg utid
thence to the great nil fields ol Butler cotiu
ty, and ol course lapping all the producing
districts through which it paeses and
branches of pipe will be laid directly to
the wells everywhere for loading the main
Relay stations will be established eight
miles apart. Al each ol theso a pump oj
ample capacity aud power will be used iu
sending forward the ail. Sullicient tanks
will also be built. The policy ol the com
pany it will be seen ia to connect with all
tbe best producing districts ol the region.
W ben it is considered tbat tbeoil will be
brought from the wells through a single
continuous line and delivered to tbe re 11 tie
ries, there cau bo little duubt that the
BCheuiH.if properly managed,will yield large
profits to the stckhoiders
yiiio Worth i 10,Ool :i Drop
The cttyol Bremen possesses twelve bogs
heals of what, according to cerlaiu calcula
tions undertaken by the Nieue Freie Piesse
must be the most expeusive beverage in tbe
World. The towo ptuchased ill 1021 twelve
hogsheads ol li.idusbeiuior al throe hundred
gold thulcrs each. These weie placed in
the muulcipal cellars, where they still re
main. Al the eud of next year thest) bogs
heads will be 230 years old, und will, reck
oning iuterest on tbe original price at five
per ciint. bave cost 700,780,000 Pruseian
thaleis. The waste of wine from evapora
tion is always estimated at five per cent,
pur annum; there remains consequently,
only 405 bottles of the original supply.
This uunual loss bas been undo up by
means of old wine lound In tbe cellar
Calculating tba price of a bottle of tbis wine
at one thaler only, the 210,000 bottles
which will bave been tbua added by tit
ondoflS74 will be worth 3,427,920.000
tbalers, granting tbe same rata of Interest,
Ave per cent. At the end of next year the
twelve hogsheads tbua replenished will
bave cost 4,218,500,000 tbalera, giving an
average of 244,232 tbalers per bottle. The
housheads are not, however, all of tbe same
value. Thoy are filled up on a system by
wbicb tbe wine added must, in courso o1
lime, pass through all tbe eleven hogsheads
be lore reaching Ibe last, wbicb coulains the
Oldest and most precious liquid, each drop
of which, reckooing a bottle at 1,000 drops,
la now worth 5t!,000 tbalers.
An agricultural lair in Ohio is tbua def-
cribed by one who was there: "The whole
show cousisted ol a jackass and a peck ol
tomatoes. Tbe jickass broke bis bailer
during the night and ate all tbe tomatoes.
He was taken with the cholera morbus aud
kicked bimselt to death before morning.
The diredtorB then adjourned thu iair, prom
isliu a more exteusive list ol premiums lor
next year. "
A cautious Western paper informs its
readers that Johnson and Fillmore "are
said to Iih" the only aurviviog ex-Presidents
ol the Uuiled States.
Over eighty Americans urn reported to
be studying for the lyric stage in Mlan.
Snow fell yesterday
at Pottsvilie, Ta.,
and l'ouda, N. Y.
i'V.SHlo.v'.t Kit. MM. The ' aganes O'
D-mi- Faioiinti ire . n nijh to drive ine mi'd.
est mannered mill In o Bid ui. Ju't look
at the liiiiairMwiui!, growing, growiiu,
till they bid tail to reach the magnitude ol a
It.ealricil drop-curiuin. What the mascu
liue portion ol an audience will do altera
time is becoming a S"rlous question. Place
a short man behiud a medium-tiz 'd worn in
with the high hat and a huge fan, mi l his
Chaticos for seeing auythin more lhau li e
upper portion of the scenery very eta ill;
and, if she happens to be tall, he might as
well attempt to lo-k over one of the pyra
mids U iwever, having nearly rocbed its
height and nreadtii, It wilt probably be
abated belure lung. Theu as lor the dainty
little parasols and FUi.shnden, tbev are al
most discarded, and we see in tbiir stead
umbrellas, thriiBt through the bell In an
awkward way, but so long as it is a oew
idea, adopted by the Girl of fie Period,
wby, tbere will be many who will anopl il.
Then we read ol the Grasshopper dip, or
jump, as tbe latest wriggle, and which
must be about as charming us the various
affected gaits which bave been a-"uiiu-d
previously, under the u imea of Grecian
Bend, Baboon dip, aud Montreal wiggle.
"Go to a nuunery, go!"
Fiats ON Cow Rts. About nine o'clock
Tuesday evening, a fire broke out on Cow
Run, at tbe Willow Well tanks, and for
some time the prospect was ol a fearful re
suit. By damming the run It waa finally
checked, alter destroying tbe tanks and oil
of the Willow Company. Big Hunter well
was destroyed totally. Several others
caught, but no other sericus damage was
done. Tbe lo.-s will be about 400 barrels
of oil, besides some machinery and der'
ricks. Marietta Register.
A Sioux City lady went Into a gallery
for ber picture. Alter putting her in pos
ition tbe avtist put the plate in the camera,
and told ber to look at a certain spot on
the wall. She wasn't certain of seeing It
well from where she cat, and so git up and
went over to it, but failed to discover any
thing curious about it.
Coletidge says there are lour kinds ol
readers: the bonrglass, whoo reading runs
in and out and leaves no Ince of gain; I he
second like the sponge, takes everything;
the third retains only refuse that some
would throw away; but the lonrth like tbe
miner among gems, keeps the pure uud
Casts aside tbe clippings.
Near Rochester there is an eccentric old
fellow who lives alongside a gra re-yard.
He waa asked if it was not an unpleasant
location, ao," said he, "I nev r j'ined
places in all my !tle with a set of iit-iuh
borB that minded their o vu busiuest sj
tidy as they do."
A gentlemen who lakes a i.u.-ia.'ss view
of moBt things, when recently inked repec
ing a person of quite a poetic le tuperaAien',
replied: Oh, Le is one of those men wno
have soarings alter the infinite ml d;viin
after , tbe uufalboiuable wtio Liv.r pay
Barton, Vt., sent to market tins year 3
tons of raspberries, 30 bushels of strawber
ries aod a boat of blackberries.
The Wadswortk oak, at Geneva, N. Y.,
is 27, feet in oircumlei ance at the base. Its
age ia computed at 500 years.
Tbe culture of rice is prohibited within
one mile ol Savannah, the radious being
known as tbe "dry culture limits."
Zecli Chandler bought 100 acres ol Wis
consin land, Iwo years ago, at a bargain.
He has just discovered that tbe land ia at
the bottom of a lake, and now be would
like to bbI it to tbe government lor some
publio purpose.
We l-aru thai a big well was struck on
the Mount Farm Oh Companies tract last
week, aud is now pumping about 60 barn Is
per day. John A Stedl, Sainea Smoot, and
J as. Chambers are tbe lucky owoersr Vol
cano Lubricator.
Sberry'a Theatre will intoxicate you with
delight. Tilusville Herald.
A cheap way to get intoxicated.
The freshmen Class at Colhy Uoiveisitj,
Waterville, Me , row numbers twenty-four
members, aud includes lour young ladies.
When a cuuutry editor is J,exhaustcd for
news be pots in a paragraph telling bow
soma beautilul ladies bave called on bim
and cheered his toilsome I path with sweet
lluwerj.iTbeo bis contemporaries revile htm,
and ho answers back, aud business becomes
brisk again. Thus are our Greeleys and
Raymonds trained.
The wile ol Chanes Belts ol San Fran.
Cisco, committed suicide yesterday by out
ting ber throat with a rizar.uearly severing
the head from ber body. Causa unknown .
Tbe divers at wutk on tbe wreck ol tbo
steamer Atlautic report that several bodies
can. be eucu euUoglod in the wreck.
Notwithstanding tbo numeioiiB strikes ol
the past few duys in and around Modoc,
where the great bulk of the wells now drill
lug in the Butler District are located, this
once proilic territory has undergone a must
extraord inary decline iu Its aggregate daily
production. It will be observed by the lol
lowing telegram dated at a lute hour last
evenitig, from mujt reliable authority, that
the production is only 4,800 barrels per day
including two new Bttikes, otio of 300 nuil
the oilier ol 200 barrels. The fourth dry
imle his also been struck on Hie Starr tarm.
The old Tioutm.in well seems to bold iia
own uud its y i. dd lor the past twenty-four
hours wa 2t0 barrels. Tbere are fllteen of
the old Mowing wells now pumping aod tbe
J. Seep well is preparing to pump. It the
salt water should ever get possesslon of the
Millerstown belt the porous strain would, It
la thought, become UoodOil like Modoc in a
very lew days, and one-balf I lie production
of these two fields being cut off, tbe wells
would gradually dwiudle down to tbe onlln
ary avenue pumping capacity ol other ter
ritors in the northeast. This would at once
bring the total daily production of tbe re
glou below 20,000 barrel per day. The
new or second crop of wells in Modoc and
Millerstown could hardly keep paee with
the average tailing off during tbe coming
period of ninety dnyi. With such a proba
bility in the immediate future, the market
notwithstanding the immense stock of oi
above ground, hn" ralliel. from 55 caoia a,
the nells tu S5 ci-nls, and Closed very firm
al the latter Uguru.
Moiioc October 79 p. m.
Tbe Phillips Bros., struck a well on Gru
der farm, doing 300 barrelf, Lady Sutton
well in Modoc, 200 barren. The Giflord
well on the Starr farm Is called dry. There
are fitieen ol trio old flowing wells now
pumping in lb a district. The J. Seep wel
is being tubed to-day. Tbe old Troulmau
is doing 200 barrels.
Tbo t ltal production of Modoo to day is
Including i-verything, 4 800 barrels.
J. W. Pierce, Jr., cashier of Ibe Mer
chants' Rank, af Lowell, Mass., has been
fnuai) guilty of irregularities to tbo extent
of $50,000. Ho ia also treasnrer of tbe Cen
trul Savings Bank.
The SjudemaniatiB died out in Boaton
filly jeats ago They bave one society in
Loudon, numbering abuut a buudrtd mem
bers. Contributions are daily reported from all
puiula lor the yellow fever Btill'."rers iu the
Hose ,t Co.. ol Loud iu, buvo been np
pointed liscal agentB of thu State Depart
meut in Europe. "
The C ioper-' International Union met in
St. Louis yesterday. A largi number o'
delegates were present
The receipts of wheat at Milwaukee for
Sunday and Mu'nday, Sept. 7 and 8, resent d
tbe enormous amount ol 433,3S3 bushels.
Georgia larmera bave been trying the ex
periment this year of raulng their own corn,
giving less land lo cottou.
hstimates of toe product of the Calais,
M , lumber market tbis year gives 102,500,
000 feet ol long lumber, 43.5110,000 staves.
It is stated , that tbe publication of tbe
niutb edition of "Knyclopedia Britanica"
will involve an outlay of 200,000
McKinley & Gross,
Egbert Farm, Petroleum
Centre, Pa.
Boiler Repairing a Speciality,
C2T We wairant all work done by us to
be nearly as iiood as new when repaired. -Good
traterial furnished and pricea reason
able. Having had long experience in ibe feuil
news we are enabled to civs wtlnractlon.
Petroleum Centre, Pa., Jan. il. tl
g. t Kousrui:, "
Flour & Feed Merrliant,
XXX Wbito Wh't I'l, a,no I Mml, at 50
SiSP- 1 Who Bran, l,
m Mates,
in WiUtlot,,)
To do general housework. Iihm.lJ
don'a llardwarH Bi,,ru t
TO Tl) 15 C1TIZKNS nif oTTT:-ti
Your nttontloti is Hpeeiailv iiivluai0 j
the National IVtiiltA urn nn,u r
v pnipsria
fulwrlplloii! tn the ttanltl ?
1 .-".1.14 01 j(
al Hoard of Finance. The fami, ... .
this sourci sro to bo cmplojo I In t'le .
Iho building for Iho Intern itional Ex I, J
the expenses connertod wilh t10 Mnt' -lliioiiily
tieliuvid tint the K...I, - .
rcpi-esentid by the nun.Mf i.v,.ry citi2
patriotic dmiiiimi'jrntliin or Mie oik, ,u
day of the notion. The sharea of,',
for 1 10 eneii, ami S'ib'critn'iM w 11 twi
sotiiflly steel engraved t'orlitli it,. ,,ry.
for naming aad pronation u a nation!
Interest at thu rat a of'alr tM.r .
will be plld on nil payments of lVnt4
from date of pa men I to.T.int,.irv j
Slitiscriher who an; nut
can remit a chock 01 poat olll. e orjii i'Jl
villi v jin 4 AMAIU Uf hlleri
1 recotiimi iHlH. hy mulnr M ml irwf
""'"' -'. -".. iniif. putl, ;: Mfal'
PUliipituil. nit 1 nil 1 UJilUMmry Cufllliliiji,
JPE, 1
ern-imirbn-'. fioii-rn ind :ilf li v mini i5
(IHlltHS. l UIH' f 1 l!l "Infft HII J HI I R,. ftj
"rhuil Orttiri! iKT'f rtlv I;:iiTiilf-nf..
ill I" I
or Alroli-illc pr'p.'rtt- pL-isjnt ,
nrri Minnit i 1 ni u 1 U I . r In ttt
imrtk'u iu wilh nud'cil i-t niionv bj
CJt(" H-'nt on np;thc it inn. a idn- t
.K'rt. 1t'.K.vni Av..i, V..... v.'B
Alii; Ni.U
n ini 1:0 v
'4 I BM1.
l ft
a moii lmpormit mentum. Soldhy tin I
iIhv, ftt All t'iin'- tint undf-Hll cirniinKtaiiJSi
ii, mi. vaiipnoM "".linn m 11,11 V (Tl-e. jU
nyer be takfii ott'diiring timiihon time rete
itwr 0
now 1 1 ui fin mill nit.f.Hl l. .. .
. 1. a t.-c- iita j n IIIIUUI lllltlge
: or W
FAIItY V('WlMl c
r 1 in i'io
FAIItY Vi 10
FalliV V' Id
a ra u
.il to b
for schoo:
$ it PR II no
$11 1'KllM
till CfS, KAOfl:
flier t
Foil si'Hiioll
I I'll'K. 131
I'ns I F IU
I i.-i lE.thl
1I''SKN I-
Address, .1. L. I'ETBH,
bull nro.iiiwi.
Public Libra
$12,000 CASH tilt'lS $1,500,0
$250,000 FOR $!
The Fonrih (Irnnri (lift (Jonri'rt mithori
special act of thn l.tNliiture for thiJ benefl'Wj
I'uniic l iMinry of Kentucky, will mKOjiiacrii
ncuinrury j inn, at i.nuisviiie. iw .
OnlV dlxtV llinil;tnd tlrui-I .will lw
The ticket.- are dividd Into ten ronpom or f
At ttjift eoi.ecri. whieli will Iia the irriidet
leal display eror vltuetred u this c uniry, tkll
prececeiiiea cilia or
SI 500.0 O,
divided into 12 000 cn?h uiflu, w 11 be distributt
tub nuiuui; tn iiCKei-iiumeij.
finn nnA fl, i If. ... 'M
in nail ii. ft- iiinnn..u VtM
m (VmIi (.If.- rVoii 1.1
MIlaBhOlftf l.UMlta tl, Jl
UI n..t. l-i I IV, iliul 1. 1
' ."irn turn tmni,
1(KI Clliill flHIa ACMt au. k l
lf.lt n.iU mit. nnri i. '
u , an is tw en til, .-n I
IllE to fl.f'Wl
The distribution will he pmttlve. whrthrrllj
uu uib r inia ur ntit, nnu me iu.uuu '
iu pioponum to iiiu tickets mid.
Wlinlf.llnl.uta AIM,. II 'IVnlllH. lr
t'ouicil, hlnvvn Whole' Tii'krl for 5
IICKI'tfnr Zl.OIII : IIH ,V ,. Tirki'lil HH "
) Whole 'ifckab for Siotico. No dfcoimt '
lee. iiiun o.ssi wortli ol Tickut nt n rime
fOinnill.k'd bv tlia tiinnu im,i',,llv llll'it L1'
tcrnm civeu to thorn wno lmv In ael I ilillil..
Atcnt I'nbl. Uhr. Kv., and Msnmor HiH
I'unllc Llnrmy UuilOing, Louinvillc, -m JA
wlik the newest and heit traitmint for H L
The only ihorou.h work of the kind In ilw "JJ
Embraces MumII-Hox, el ow Ki vor, ' '"''u1!;,,!,
all aualoiroiis dUoiues. No family f" "
It, nd nil buy it llii. 34 chr.nn 'tic lllii"""!?
The highest rlmnce of the season fur ain. "
" ' ... ... V.UWJ.l.. t.I.L l Vf w.
new York.
KmabllRlied lu 183T, J
Is lie oldest and most succi Bufiil Institution In t
cnnntr for the treiitmcnt of flminle stiu p -Diseases.
For terms of treatment, f1";"!.. "nolt
by mall with statement of osne, 8. H HI0'' ..
11 Maiden Lane, A!lu, 'v . i
If r

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