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Petro'eun Centre Daily Record.
feu Centre, fn.,1 Saturday Oct. 23
tlvine aorvlco.
Services every Sabbath at il A. M. ami
t'si P. M. Sabbath School at 12 P.M.
mM tree. A cordial invitation extend
ed, to all.
Kir. T. Graham, Pastor.
Preaching at II o'clock A. M.. and 7
O'clock P. M , by the Pastor, W. C. Bcrch
arb. Sabbath Sohool at 12, directly
alter loreooon service.
Prayer Meeting and 8abbath School
Teacher's Heeling
cacb week.
Tuesday evenings ot
Petroleum Centre Lodge, No.
Tilt, I. U. OI U. F. ,
; Regular meeting nights Friday, at
'clock. Signed.
S H. KOOKER, . N. G,
. J. C. E. Hartmak, A Beo'r.
HTPUce of meeting, Halo 8t, opposite
A. O. of V. W.
- Libert Lodire No. 7. A. O. of V. W.
' Wets ever Moodav evenlnff at M o'clock.
to Odd Fellow's Hall, Petroleum Centre,
Jamks Wilson, M. W
Jamis3. Warm, R.
I. U. of II. JW. t
M tnnekaunee Tribe No. 189, I. O. R. M
. of Petroleum Centre, meets every Thursday
-wTwnmj m uooa leinpiar Hall.
, OLt" Council fires lighted at 7 o'clock,
. H. HOWE, Sachem.
C L. JUKES, Cblel ol Records.
Gold at I, p. m. logitf
A young, man by the name o r Newton,
accidentally shot bis sister dead, on Frank
lio street, cesr (be old Hon grocery, at Ti
tusvllle, this morning. The above is all the
particulars our Informant, Mr. RatbbuD,lhe
geotlemauly telegraph operator at tbe W.
t. oince, oooia leara in regard to this tin
r foituoate affair,
Our towosmao, Mr. John B. Kartell, met
witb quite a severe accident, at bis well on
tbe Wood farm, at ao early hour this morn
log. it seems at ooe end ot "the engine
Douse barrel bad been sunk wbicb held
bot water. Ia walking past It, by some
means ois loot slipped sod one leg weot
Into tbe boiling water almost up to tbe bip,
osldlog it so badly that tbe skio literally
pooled oft.. He will be laid up lotus time in
cousequeoc. .',.',
ibis morning tbe trunks of two sporting
women named Mushier, were attached ai
the depot, at suit of Geo. N. Riker, wbo
lalmed tbey were leaving town witb tbe
Inteulloa of defrauding bio out of a oroce
ry bill. The defendants weot up street and
arter staying short lime and when about
to leave were served with' a warrant bv
TV....... D .. . . . '
"i"7 ourua ou a cnarga ot keeping a
bawdy bouse. It happened; however, that
tbiy had a friend io tbe person of one Eb
eo-sier Iey, wbo managed to get the two
women into a carrion and s'arted off to the
Intense disgust or Burns, who followed
them nearly to Cberrytree but was finally
oompelled to give up the pursuit. During
the excitement some party made off wuh
tbe attached trunk.
Tbe unfortunate Individual, mention of
whom we made yesterday, ;as being very
sick and not likely to reoorer, breathed bU'
last at six o'clock this morn log. Justine
Reynolds and Commissioner Mcllugb, look
Charge ol tbe remains and tbey will be de
eeotly buried this afternoon. Nothing
whatever is known as to the poor unfortu
nate' history or oven name, with tbe ex
ceptiou that he resided somewhere in the
State or Missouri. Poor man,; bis life's
work Is over. The loved ones mayhap Ibat
are waiting and watching for him will look
In vlu even for tidings of tbe departed.
Not until ibe grave renders up its. dead,
at the resurreolion day, will it be known
wbo this poor uofortuaate was. lie
had good eare during bis sickness, . and a
christian burial will be accorded bim.
The depot of "e Oil Creek 4 .Allegheny
River Railway fat Trunaeyville Is under,
going some needed repairs. t-. The shingles
era being taken off and a new roofing put
The fourth well tost bas been put down
across tba liver opposite Truukeyvllle das
proved to be a dry bole. About thirty feet
of very good land was found, but not a
smell of oil.
It takes three barrels of oil now to buy a
small keg of beer.
The great ship Tore Brothers, formerly
the steamer Vanderblll, was lowed to sea
l oin San Francisco Harbor yesterday,; by
'he tiin Neptune uud HoscGe. TiiuiiHa'nda
ol people nolli-ctcl to w.Itae.: tho deparlnru.
I be flip was sainted by all th'j ve.wela In
the burbot a' pltwml out.
My darling tries Willi all her att
To bide young Love within bur heart,
Tint, prisoned In that tender nest,
He dels and frets ttciiTwill not rust;
And soon tbe little rogue I spy
At play within her laughing eye.
Mv darling tries with nil hor skill
To bind young Love unto ber will,
But work such witchcraft as she may.
The pretty rebel hatb his way.
lie decks ber cheeks with blushes rare,
And lingers in tbe dimples there;
In glanoe and blush and smile I spy
All that my love would fain deny.
The French Creek Itlockarfc.
Tbe Venango Spectator very appropriate
ly pays lis respects to those venerable mum'
miea, the County Commissioners, alter the
following fashion. Tbey deserve . it and
much more: ' ,
. Tbe great blunder of the County CommiS'
sioners In putting off tho building ol tbe
lower Frenob Creek bridge and neglecting
the upper one ooe until the aeasonjof storms
and high. water was close upon lis, la now
apparent to everyboby and a serious datrl
moot to tie busioess of the city. While
teams could lord the creek tb lack of the
bridges was not so apparent, but to-day
Frenob Creek is impaspable except to foot
passengers. Suob a state of things In a
town like this could only exist by tbe gros
sest mismanagement or unusual stupidity.
It would never have happened In tbe case
or private individuals; it wbould have been
Impossible under tbe management of a rail
road corporation, or an loorpated bridge
Oampany, because In any of , these cises tbe
men chosen to attend to such business would
ave been selected because tbey were fit for
e place. Such bundling as a blockade o 1
Freuch Creek at tbis lime ol year could
only occur under tbe direction of public
officers, nominated and elected under the
present system, without any regnrd to busi
ness qualifications or any qualifications
whatever. Charity leads bs to place this
contlruction upon the neglect ot tbe County
Commissioners. Tbelr ofllce Is one renuir
ing first-class business capacity: and if, in
Connection witb it, tbe magnitude ol the
duties to be performed is too large for tbem,
tbe fault is wilb the people who put such
burdens upon snob men more than with tne
men themselves.
An Ottawa dispatch says tbe Royal Com
missioners In their report decline to avail
themselves of tbe permission given to ex
press soy opinion of the evidence regarding
tbe Pacifio Railroad scandal.
Considerable credit Is due Mr. Tbomas
MoHugh, for the care taken by bim of tbe
unfortunate stranger whose death is an
nounced elsewhere. Mr. Mcll. took bim in
and oared for bim when uo other place
oould be found to take bim in.
Try a dish of those shell oysters at Snow-
den & I'ugb's.
Quartermaster All. Myers, of St. Peters
burg, was in town today. Tho same jolly
good natured fellow as or yore.
This morning a singular looking craft
pased down the Creek. It coutained the
worldly effects of some individual wbo was
taking bis family west. The craft ran
aground a short distance above the Hubert
bridge, but through tbe exertions of Jim
Meloney, the well known cartman, it was
set afloat and tbe man went on Ills way west
Oil Looking Up. A crisis In tho oil
business appears to have been reaohed and
safely passed. There bas of late been such
an exiraodinary falling off In tbe production
of oil, that the present yield is hardly up
to the actual consumption, and everything
predicts a rise io tbe great staple, and a
Suanclal cbango for the better in that ex-
eusive region with whose prosperity the
Oilizens ol our country ere so olosely con
nected. Nothing but Ibe immense wealth
previously accumulated in tbe oil regions,
backed up by indomitable courage and en
terprise oould have given the business men
of the dll regions the bottom to wilhstoad
the pressvre of such bard times as for over
a year tbey have experienoue. Wo rejoice
that they begin to soo daylight. James
town Jaurnal.
The Scrantou Republican says: '-In sev.
erlwards of Scranlon samll-pox ss again
making its appearance in a virulent form."
In truth Soruulon seems to be email-pox
curred. No reading person cm fail lu re
member how terrible tbe scourge raged
there last winter. It bas again api eared
in foice, never having ceased to linger in
he city during tbn bot weather. Tb lie.
publican recites the stiffiiring It bas caused
on family, out of which three hive died of
i', and inys: tn i,:n JU, 0f p!ni,tv tliere
was pot n mors.il f f.iod vilhiu t 'i ; i i- reach
and I'mv u ; o?ir:ly 'I utm ol
took moTis-
Takiiiir into consideration the
dullness of the times and the
low price of oil, not speaking
of the scarcity of money, 1
have, concluded to reduce the
price of delivered
at the wells to $ Pr ar
rel. My motto is live and; let
live. Pav me a call before
goinc: elsewhere
satisfy you as to
price of Benzine.
and I will
quality anil
OKI stand
Railroad track
w. a. uvimx.
Petroleum Ceotre, Oct. 23, 1873.
Between 60 and C5 wells are drilling io
tho district.
Tbe Smith well continues to flow 150
burrels por day.
Tbe Graphic Is tbe name ot a new well
being sunk by S. D. Karns ou tbe James
Sutton farm.
On tbe Jos. Sutton farm, West ol Medoo
there are two dry boles tbe "Old Joe and
tbe Gitlord."
Tbe llop; well No. 3 is flowing one hun
dred and seventylive barrels.
Tbe Jenkins well, on Ibe Jenkins farm,
is flowing two bundled and Gfty bands.
Cunt. Grace's two wells, on the Starr
farm are pumping oae hundred and twenty
fire barrels.
Tbe Giflord well, on the Starr farm, is
dry. Ii was drilled over sixteeu hundred
feet deep,
Tbe total production of tbo district was
5,710 barrels la3t,Siiurday by actual meas
urement, This iuoludes tbo wells at liiiena
r.ukr & Thompson struck a new well ou
the McCuunell lurtn, on Wednesday. It
sturted at about live bundled barrels per
The Giffjrd well on the stuT firm wis
tubed some ten days ago and has proved to
be but a small well.
Tbe B'ack Hawk owned by Vuodergrift
3c Co., located on the lUrprr, Urm smick
laat week uud stal led ut 4uu baireli pet
The Sbaw well uwn 'l by Shaw and otb
ers, is a new strike uo ti.u llarm-r t.trui
wbicb started up at a produc.iou of lully
400 barrels pel day.
Three Pipe Companies bave statious
hi-n, the Fan view wuh tlx lines of pipe,
tbe Karns with four and tbe Butler who
foui ull of which are iu conetaut npeia
llon. Tbe well owned by .Reno Oil Company,
on tbe Starr farm, struck ,' over two weeks
ato is doing over two hundred and tweniy
bve burrels.
Fiaber Bios., Chos. F Thumm and John
Bird struck a new well on ibe Rider farm
last Salu:dny evening which is uow doing
overoua buudred aud fifty barrels per
The Adams well is a new strike on the
Troutmaa larm. It was tubed on Tuesday
last, but it is Baid that silt water bas inler
fered with it aud it it not expected to be
a large well.
A well on tbe Tioutman farm which had
dwindled down to a Binall affair was torpe
doed on Wednesday of lust week, whloh
had a tendency to Jncreaso lis prodnotiou
to 80IUO extent.
A well owned by Seldon & others, localed
on the James Sutton farm siruck too sand
oo Saturday of last week and at once com
menced flowing oil at tbe rate of 3t)0 bbls.
a day. -
Tbe Black IUwk on the Troutman farm
started up on Thursday of last week and Js
esumated as flowing three buudred and
fifty barrels. Wm. K. Vandergrift aud
John Satterfleld are the owners.
Well No. fl, on theTtoulnua farm.etruck
the sand on the I5ih Inst., and commenced
flowing oil at ouoe at the rate of about 500
barrels per day, It ia located below the
old well, and is owned by Vandergrift and
others. Oilman's Journal.
Once a careless man went to tbe cellar
and siuek tbe candle In what .-be thought
was a keg of black sand. He in near it
drinking wine until tba candid' burned low,
Nearer and neater It got foTbe black sand,
until the blaz reached flie black sand, and
It was black sarld no harm was dnne.
If there Is anything that will make a
young man proiane and curse Cupid and bis
srro -.s, it is wnen he goes to spend ;:l0
ev:'ing with his lady, Mi l have her ynim,...
er eieiei e.'t nr and read too J.""!,;. n ,
.11 II u .i1! i m ,.j .
Tlirne inches of snow nt Negnnou, Mlohi
can, and seven indies ntFort Gray, Manito
ba, yesterday.
On Wording lcgsl'trr.rr, $3G0,259,888.
Four yellow lever deaths in Montgomery
yeiterdoy. ,
Tbe First Nslinoal DnBH of Salt Lake
City lias resumed. ' .
' E. W. Clark & Co., of '1'hlir.delpbla will
resume business to-day.
Four yellow fever deaths at Shreveporl
Tbe trial of Frank L. Tainter, defaulting
cashier ol the Atlantic National bank, has
been adjourned uutll Monday, owing to the
burning last night of the residence ol one of
tbe jurors
Tbe case of Mr. Shanks, city editor of Ibe
Tribune, was adjourned until Monday, j
Two children of W. R. Corfloe, living
near Carbondale, Illinois, fell Into a tub of
boiling wa ter, Wednesday, evening. One
died and the other cannot recover.
Eighth champion game between tbe Bot
tons and Athletics at Philadelphia, aster
day Bostons, 4; Athletics, S.
During tbe past twenty-lour beairs su
has fell to the depth of four taokca. Ills
now snowing at Cheyenne. Ka tlOIMlloa
to traias.
Tbe Atlantic Mills at Lawrence, Massa
cbusetts, bave commenced running four
iu tbe week, and Ibe nail mills of Ibe
Bay State Works have suspended, making
necessary tbe discharge of three hundred
and sixty men,
A Washington dispatch says the Supreme
Court docket is very lull and under the new
law allowiug appeals and writs of error
from Slate Courts wherever a Federal ques
Hon is raised on test, must continue to in
crease, and perhaps even to such an extent
ns to require a remedy.
The cflicial roturns give Gordon ' for Su
preme Court Judge a majority of 14,"4,
aud Mackey for State Tieasurer, 25,332.
A Contest Near St. I.oul for $3,000 a
Niao aud theChaniplau(hti. .
Tom Alien ol St. Louis ,aod Bon Uogan
of Fiiisuiirgb are already, ia coudiiiou
Uogan weighs WO pounds, . while: Allen
weig'.s 170. They fiht on the 23tb lust.,
ne ir St. Louis tor $2,000 a side and tbe
cbauipiousbip ol America. . Another tibl
Is a nuounced to follow this contest. Tbe
men ure George Kooka of New York and
Jem Coyne of England lor tbe middle weight
championship ol America. Hooks is wel
known, lormuily ol l'rovidenee, R.I. He
was defeated by Rocky Moore of New York
at I'lo ol Shoals, N. II., Oct. 2, 1S67, in
tweuty-Iive rounds, lasting one hour and
lour minutes. Coyne is a celebrated Eng
lien middle weight. II a (ought Harry
Allen, Tom Alien s brother, belore be Ml
England. Tbey fight on tbe 31 ol Decern'
bar. Tom Kelly of St. Louis stands ready
to tibl the wiuuer. Hogan is tbirty-two
years ol age, stands five feet eleven inches
in beiitht, is a well formed, scientific boxer,
a skilful wrestler, and an active athlete In
all br inches. He fought once in tbe ring a'
Tiiusville, and bas also .lougbt glove fights
with Billy Edwards and Tom Allen, gain
ing tbe supremacy over botb. He is wel 1
to do, owns real estate ia Pittsburgh, and it
may ba added Wears a diamond cross valued
are letjion and their syspatbies are witb
Hottau, and they readily take tbe oJJs of
lured by Allen's admirers.
Last of lite Modoca.
San Francisco, Oct. 24.
A dispatch from Reddiug, California, last
night, gays tbe arrival this afternoon of ibe
remainder or tbe celebrated band or Mo-
docs, created qu ite a sensation among the
people generally. From every quarter ot
the oountry people came expecting to see
something graod but tho Modoc, though
historical , are anything but attractive In
appearance. A more filthy, insignificant
baud oflndiaus oould not well be imagined
I'riucea Mary and tbe widow of Jack were
tbe most observed. ;Tbey were each ar
rayed io deep mourniui!!, tar and ashes, for
the death of their kindred. All look as
thouiib tbey had lain out all winter under
an ash heap. Tbey left bere on the cars
lor their new home in Wyoming territory,
Capt iiu Uasbrouck witb twenty men. a
light battery ol tbe Fourth artillery, and
Company G, Twelfth infantry, will etcoil
tbem to Cheyenne. Lieutenants Tyler and
Anderson, witb the remainder of Battery
B will proceed Jto Sin Francisco, whore
they e-apect to arrive in t.lie mora in ,
Is it the proper thing to put
fire escapes on prisons?
Miss Una Hawthorne is com
v. this
A party of Det Moines ladu. ....
plummlag tba other day and workin. T
dustrlously to gather two bushsls. JM
tbey bad completed the job the (mow
Io an appearance and gobbled the nil, T
marking a bo did that be bad basa 1,1'
all summer Io keeping 'folks' 0Uin ,?
thert patch.' Ho bad hit plum Bc
It U a nA Iklt,. .....
w riri
nuni on dido, i neeiflfliinn t -.. .
k . B..1.1 IK. ... I . , .
wbeo tbe lemperance reformers c!li,
meeting and created a new excitement. it
Caused a few liquor dealers to ! k.n
insir appearance at too next term of Court
( LWarren Ledg't. '
ThS limSdAlta Jiia.n.1 ....ii..
. puvtiaurS t
mill l;nnpl ftnis liAfirL nr n.. ...i a,
. : . " . ---
v g in araiion m
Li iii i v siivj. luerv are iui civil Ctssi
Iba oalaadar. and Ibe Lord .
many unoivil onot, Catlarangus countt
ina ij a i a u i mm u i ii.iuaiuiii. r.v.rfl
r a J HJSQ l
tu a. win. wuwu inn wi uaaien I D 1 nil
kla kAHmlM anH nnn.ltln (Inn . I .1 . . . .
... .. ..U.T l0 J,
' V. I. 1 1 . . n . . . . . ..
a. .- - ." viNuMa. wuigq V
loss: iutiuji mv euureaa y nir i
Allen county, few dsyi ago, a geotlemu
LI.. UTW.I.. .JJ . . .
in tne auuieoce aroim partly 10 OIS reel lni
ilia ta that i r La a H a r n aaa aamaplraj in.....
u, -VUGQr
Bo bad boon cluing on a wasp, anl ta
wasp uojhsi awiieea il,
The fftHMtw of a young ladies' sett.
tini in Illiaala haa atterl rnlnoil hi. k...i
nrra by caDtVac to be inserted In s lir
number ol paper a picture or the buildint
wiib two girls atanding on tbe balcony win
iaei years naie od toeir oeans.
We now know Ibe nam of tbe joudj
man wbo, oo belog giveoa photo of h i
ladv love replied thai ba would "cam t
next tu his heart," and stuck II in bis con
tall puCKel
Geneial Cadwallader of New Jersey, di4
yesterday, aged elgblyslx.
Six yellow fever death lo Monlgomst;
during the last two days.
bdward tlalgbt, Jr., wbo rspmssti
flnlght t Co., In lb New York stock m
onanxn was er pel i en yesisruay, ror IDS II.
signed reasoo that Ibe senior member of lbs
firm bad overdrawo I heir account with lb
Bank of lb Commonwealth, lo lb mifdI
of $400,ooo, and only returned a put,
causing the closing of 'ba bank.
The hoaviPBt froal of tbo season last nig
Chicago has 112 churcoes,
Geneal Garibaldi is in Paris.
Collector Casey 19 in New
M. Go y.ot has retired from
political life.
McKinley & Gross.
13 laoksmiths,
Per Saks,
Egbert Farm, Petroleum
Centre, Pa.
Boiler Repairing a Speciality
tW" We wairant all work done by o l
he nearly a good as new wbeo repaired."
Good traterial furnished and price reason
Having had Inns experience lo lb tul
limn w aiearaMod (ogive !isfkctlnn.
I ctroleam Centre, i'a., Jan. a. H
A moat Important fn'ratlon. Bold b the KtoHe
Trusa Co , 037 Droadwaj, N. T. City. It "UlaJ
Huiilure alisnlnialv In nn and mm fort nlfh so?
tuy, at all tlmn and nuder all clrciimataoees. wlia
out an; exixption wlmuior In any ca-e. and seoora
irver hetakou off during th short llni rq 3
fll'oct a peimntu-nt core, eut by man.. Clreniai
Iroe. Any ilrucula. or Physician will order ta
uew Truss for yon without charge.
dr. BAnviN's Eiixnror w-
trysipelaa, 9vspi'Hla, ana ul l eeeirry, . .
er:i-ui.,rbn, t.lioii ra and all llv r and bowel
pbli.t.. Kidney disco.es ani all aff.cti.ns t
Urinal Ortiau perieotly barmle'S fiee Irsra "-
eial or Alcohulic propertlea prVusant to taie n
Oliver known lo toil I'rlca tl.Oo per bottls. fj"
particu.ara wilb medical toHtiDiony ane 'SU
- s. il on upplfcalion. A idrcss I. F. Ill""
.v .V lOi a.oi.i Avenue, .NwV."l.

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