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Stye mcs, Nero Bloomftclu, Ja.
llt flltromftcfti pints.
Tuesday, November 1, 1870.
L O V A L 1 K 1'A 11 T M E X T.
Are One Dollar a Year in Advance I
Persons who receive a paper with this artlelo
marked, may know that t hoy should mail or oth
erwise send the subscription price, it they wish to
continue to receive The Timet.
CORRESPONDENTS "ill please hear In
mind Hut letters received later than Saturdayeve
niiiK, or the down mail on Monday morning have
to lay over until the following week.
Postponed. The salo of tho Klino estate
in Juniata twp., which was advertised to
take place on the 29th ult., has Lccn post
poned until Saturday tho 19th inst., sco ad
vertisement next week.
Coiiflrinei!. At a meeting of tho di
rectors of tho P. 11. 1. Company, held on
tho 3rd, tho appointment of Charles E.
Pugh, of Philadelphia, as General Agent,
cicc Mr. Franciscus, deceased, was cou
llrined. Exhibition. Tho Students at tho Acade
my in this borough, proposo to give an Ex
hibition in that building on Thursday and
1 Friday evenings of this week. No doubt
all who arc present will bo agreeably enter
tained, as tho youug men have been at con
siderable expeuso and troublo to mako tho
nfl'air a success.
A Scientific Puper. Wo have received
several copies of tho American Engineer, a
paper published by McCalla & Stavely,
Philadelphia, which is always filled with
reading of much interest, not only to me
chanics, but to all thinking persons. It is'
mailed to subscribers for $2,50 per year.
J. Sluiltz Splclman, a sou of J. D. Spiel
man, esq., of Altoona, and train master at
Dcrry station, whilo coupling cars on Sat
urday morning a week was caught between
tho bumpers and thrown down, several cars
passing over him, killing him almost in
stantly. Installation. Tho Rev. John Edgar
will bo installed as Pastor of the Presbyte
rian church in this place, on "Wednesday of
next week, Nov, 9th, at 7 o'clock in tho
evening. Services in tho court house. Tho
sermon will bo preached by tho Rev. Mr.
Downing of Newport, tho charge to tho
pastor by Rev. Mr. McPherson of Landis
burg, chargo to tho pooplo by Rev. Mr.
Hamilton of Ickesburg, and tho constitu
tional questions proposed by Rev. M.
Thompson of Duncanuon.
A Man Killed. A man named Ely, em
ployed at Watson's stone quarry, near
Hollidaysburg, met with a fatal accident ou
Tuesday afternoon. Two boys were blast
ing in tho quarry, and ono of them neglec
ted to give proper warning in time. Ely
raised up just as tho blast went olF, a rock
striking him on tho head, crushing in tho
skull, and forcing his brains out at tho cars
and mouth. Strange to say, he lived about
three hours after being injured. Exchange.
Nearly Suffocated. Mr. Joshua Bcale, of
Tuscarora township, Juniata county, a few
weeks ago was on a visit to Carlisle. In
stopping at a hotel, he was placed in a
win niiuiv f"a nils uwu iui uiuuuiiaLiuu.
The light was extingusshed but tho gas
n,oo :..i ,i ,. i Jt i 1
was not entirely turned off, and it escaped
into tho room. Mr. Bcalo was found in tho
morning almost suffocated. By aid of a
galvanic battery ho was rostored to con
sciousness. He has been removed to his
homo in Tuscarora, but is still in a critical
Runaway Accident. On Friday a week
a runaway accident occurred in Whoatfield
twp., which nearly proved fatal to two lads
who were in tho wagon. A young horso
belonging to Mr. Kirk of that township,
was hitched to a spring wagon, in which a
son and brother-in-law of Mr. Mayers, two
boys about 12, and 15, years of ago, and
when near C: Roup 's the wheel went into
a rut so deep as to upset tho wagon throw
ing out and injuring both boys. Tho
horso took fright and ran away with only
tho shafts attached, which he soon kicked
loose. Diligent search was inado for tho
animal but no trace of him was found un
til near night tho next day when ho was
found in tho woods, by a son of Mr. Sea
brights. Supervisors who allow such ruts
to remain in tho road ought to bo held
personly responsible for any damage which
may occur.
Serious Accident. On tho 23id ult., Mr.
Adam Losh while driving just beyond Ster
rctt's Gap, was thrown from his wagon and
badly inj ured. Tho accident was caused by
the front wheel breaking, which threw Mr.
L. out in such a position that ho was kick
ed by tho horse, inflicting a terriblo wound
in his head and was otherwise hurt by being
dragged a distance Ho was so badly in
jured that it was impossiblo to tako him
home, and ho was therefore carried to tho
hotel at tho Gap, and his family sent for,
as it was supposed impossiblo for him to
live. At tho last accounts wo received,
ho was still alive, though no hopes wero
entertained that ho would recover.
Inothcr Accident. On Thursday night,
a man named Rice, who carries tho mail be
tween Loysvillo and Sandy Hill, was some
what hurt by being thrown from his buggy,
tho accident being caused by his vehiclo
coming into collision with another, the
night being so dark, neither driver could see
tho other's buggy until theycamo togeth
er. Ono of tho vehicles was considerably
damaged, but tho horses remaining quiet,,
prevented tho accident from resulting in
consequences moro serious.
Killed. Tho body of a young man was
found on Wednesday morning last, badly
mutilated, on tho ralroad track ncaro
Westchester intersection. It proved VTva
tho body of Clayton Courson, a young man
who had left Altoona, whero ho had been
employed, on Monday night with the inten
tion of going to Philadelphia. It is sup
posed ho fell from tho train and was run
Fire. About 3 o'clock on Sunday morn
ing John Barnitz was aroused from sleep
by tho falling of burning timbers upon his
face. Ho found himself all alone and his
house enveloped in flames. lie hastily re
moved some half-dozen articles but the
balanco of his goods and house wero
burned. Assistance arrived too late to save
anything else.
John is a native of Ireland, and had, by
hard labor and economy, built a snug ltttlo
houso about two years ago, near tho Big
Spring, and says that had $130 in the
house, laid up for plastering and painting
it. Ilia children wero fortunately absent at
tho tiino othcrwiso somo lives might havo
been lost. Ho had an insurance of $800 in
York. No account of the origin of tho flro
can bo given other than that an incendiary
went for tho cash and then applied tho
torch to cover his tracks. Shippensburg
A Curiosity. Mr. John II. Wise, an em
ployee on tho Reading railroad, on tho
Leesport oro cars, brought to this oilico
yesterday afternoon, a small turtle that
had two well formed and distinct heads.
Each had two eyes in it, in tho proper
places, and tho turtle othcrwiso was well
formed. It would pull in its head if teased
and although very small, would open both
its mouths to bite. This curiosity was
picked up by - Mr. Wiso near a creek at
Hanover Junction, York county, and it is
his intention to try and raise it, but should
it die, he will presorvc it in alcohol. Head
ing Eagle.
T-iOml HvIei'H.
Now is the time to plant Strawberry and
Grape Vines. Capt. Samuel Rico has tho
best varitie8 cultivated. I lo also has a new
variety of Potato.
XA " Oalathumpian" sorenade is a relic
of barbarism which is unfortunately oc
casionally allowed to disgrace this borough.
Sucli an incident occurred last Tuesday
night. It is doubtful which is tho most rep
prehensiblo, tho authorities who permit
such outrages, or tho boys who commit
On Monday of last week a scaffold erect
ted near tho peak of tho gablo end of tho
Presbyterian church in this borough foil.
There were on it at tho time throe hundred
bricks and threo men. Fortunately tho
men saved themselves by holding to some
of tho timbers and tho wall.
Burglars paid a vory unwelcome visit to
Mcchanicsburg on Sunday night a weok,
breaking into about twenty houses, taking
tho overcoats of many clergyman who were
thero attending synod. The silverware also
received their attention.
Among the premiums offered at a county
fair in Kentucky is ono of $10 for tho neat
est patch put on an old garment by an un
married woman. That is certainly, more
sensiblo than offering premiums for raco
horses, in an agricultural community.
A lad 10 years of ago, a son of Isaao Hum
mel of Snyder Co., was last week kicked
in tho neck, by a colt and so badly hurt that
ho died in a few hours.
An Oriental Stovo with or without Heat
er for salo. Used only part of one season.
Warranted perfect in every respect, ('all
at this ofllce.
wild gcoso fly low this year, and only a
few days since a flock passing over New
port, got so low that tho game loving por
tion of tho town went on a wild gooso chase
and succeeded in shooting threo of tho
Tho Sherman House in Shipnensburg
was sold last week for $12,025.
A cow in Juniata twp. ,i
ast week
from lock jaw.
an animal.
An up-iii complaint for
. J. C. Kunkcl who ecently died at Har
risburg left property valued at half a mil
lion. Two flno colts belonging to a Mr. Davis
near Shippensburg wero run over by tho
cars near that plaeo last week. Both wero
hurt, one so badly that it had to bo killed.
A horse attached to a buggy recently at
tempted to pass a railroad train on tho
samo track, near Huntingdon, resulting in
a promiscuous scattering of horso and bug
gy, but no damago to the train.
A few days ago a child in Cameron coun
ty fell into tho machinery of a flouring mill
and was literally ground to pieces.
15?" The Five Dollar Sewing Machine pur
chased by me, January, 1SGG, from the Family
Sewing machine Company, bO Nassau-Street,
N. Y., has been in almost constant tiso ever
since. It lins not been out of order ouee. Has
cost nothing for repairs, and I llud it simple
and reliable In operation, and nlways ready to
sew. Those friends of miuo who use them with
tho new Improvements are very much pleased.
Tho one I havo 1 would not part with.
4.41.3m. 428 West SiGth-Strcet, New-York
Tub People's Literary Companion, for
November, comes to us as bright and as fresh
looking as the green holds alter a gentle rain.
It is published by E. C. Allen & Co., Augusta,
Maine. Terms 75 cents per year. A line Steel
Engraving; entitled " From Shore to Shore," Is
presented to every new subscriber. It is really
one of the most, pleasing engravings ever beforo
the public. Tho Companion is printed on flue,
heavy paper ; its columns are tilled to the brim
with good things by talented authors, and
withal is ono of tho largest and finest illustrated
family papers published.
A gentleman who suffered for years from
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all
the effects of youthful indiscretion will, for tho
sake of suffering humanity, Bend free to all who
need it, tho recipe and direction for making and
using the simplo remedy by which ho was cur
ed. Sufferers wishing to profit by tho advertis
er's experience can do sobv addressing, in per
fect confidence, JOHN B. OGDEN,
ly 4 41, n. No i'i Cedar St., N. Y.
Church Xoticcs.
In tho Methodist church, praycr-mccting
on Thursday evening. Preaching on Sun
day morning at 10i o'clock, by Rev. G.
W. Bouse.
In tho Lutheran Church, prayer-meeting
on Wednesday evening. Preaching next
Sabbath at 2J o'clock p. in.
Presbyterian Preaching in tho Court
House next Sabbath. Young Men's prayer
meeting at tho houso of B. Mclntire, Esq.,
on Satuiday evening next.
Stage Lino Between Newport and New
QTAOES leave New Clerinantown dally at four
O o'clock a. m. Landisbiirgat 7. 30 a. m. Grccu
park at 8 a. in. Now llloonitleld at VA a. in.
Arriving at Newport to connect with tho Ac
commodation train Kast.
Returning leaves Newport on the arrival of tha
Mail Train from Philadelphia, at 2.30 p. m.
Z. RICE, 2'roprletor.
County Trice Current.
Bloomfield, November 1, 1370.
Flax-Seed 82 00
Potatoes, 75 cents.
Butter 1 pound, 28 "
Eggs dozen, 22 "
Dried Apples 1 pound, 6 "
Dried Peaches 8 10 cts. ft.
Pealed Peaches 15 18 cts. ."
Cherries n 0 cts. "
" Pitted, 15 18 cts. "
Blackberries 8 10 cts. "
Onions ) bushel, 75"
Corrected Weekly ly Win. Kough t ions.
Newport, November 1, 1870.
Flour, Extra ja 00
Bed Wheat 1 25 1 25
Rye 75
Corn '. 75.75
Oats V 32 pounds, 40
Clover Seed 6 00 6 00
Timotliy Seed, 3 00
Flax Seed, 1 75
Potatoes 70
Ground Alumn Salt 2 25
Llinchurner's Coal, 2 40
Stovo Coal, 6 6 00
Pea Coal 3 25
Smith Coal 25 cts. p bus.
Cross Tles.8 feet long 32 42 cents.
Philadelphia Price Current.
Corrected Weekly by Jannty t Andrews,
No. 123 Market Street.
1'uiladeli'uia, October 29, 1870.
White Wheat, $ 1 45 1 65
Bed Wheat 1 35 1 38
Bye 90a?
Corn 87'J0
Oats 49 62
Clover Heed 0 256 75
Timothy Seed 4 25 5 00
Flax Seed, V? 2 15 2 15
Country Lard, 1Q 17
Eljgs 1 29 31
Butter, solid iu bbls.' 19 2J
Washed Wool fiOcents per lb.
Pennsylvania R. R. Time Table.
On and after May 29, 1870, Passenger trains
will run as follows:
Pittsb'g Expr's. (Flag)4.41 A. M. dally exe't Sunday.
Way Passenger, 9.13 A. M., dally except Monday,
Mall 2.11 P. v. ihiifv exi'l-tlt Km,, l ...
A mixed train with nnsseiiL'cr car nt.tnrlioil wtii
leavo Harrisburg at 5 o'clock p. 111., und Newport
at 6.40 p. 111.
. . EAST.
Fast Line 4.10 A. m., daily except Monday.
Harrisburg Accom. 11.31 A. at., daily Sunday.
Mail 7.53 p. m., daily except Sunday
J. J. BARCLAY, Agent.
On and afterSuuday, June 12th, 1870, trains will
leato Duncanuon, as follows :
Fast Lino, (Flag) 4.35 A. M., daily except Monday
Harrisburg Accoin. 12.04 1'. M., daily " Sunday
Wail 8.23 P.M.. daily " Sunday
Way Passenger, 8.33 A. M., daily except Monday
Mail, 1.40 l. M dailyexcept Sunday
Thro' Freight, Pass. Car attached, H.oo p. m.
WM. C. KING, Agent
Odell Woiiley On the 115th ult., at Ncw
villo, by the Rev. If. B. Hartzler, John A. Odell,
of Terry county, and Mary C. Worley, of Cum
berland county, Pa.
Mokrow Williams On tho 12th tilt., at
the Lutheran Parsonage in Carlisle, bytho Rev.
Dr. Swartz, Mr. Samuel Morrow to Miss Rosa
E. Williams, both of this county.
, FitiTZ Toland In this borough ou the 2oth
ult., nt the residence of the bride's mother, by
tho Rev. G. W. House, Mr. G. W. Fritz, to Miss
Addu M. Tolaud, both of this place.
Xcw Advertisements.
J. &. P.COATS'
O IV 3Li Y
Thread put up for tho American market which is
From No. 8 to No. 100 inclusive.
For 3amt ami laclamc.
THE PRACTICAL F'AltM Kit. The lead
ing Agricultural Monthly of tho United States;
containing 24 quarto pages ; is recommended to
Farmers everywhere, as a thoroughly reliable and
well Illustrated Agricultural and Horticultural
Journal, li is largely made up of original matter,
and devoted to Stock Raising, Grain Growing, tho
Dairy, Orchard, Vegetable and Market Gardening,
Grazing, Rearing.and FatteningAniinals.a Veter
inary Department, &e. Price SI ) per annum, iu
advance. Sample copies supplied on application.
Liberal terms to Agents and Canvassers, with
show-bills, furnished on application to PASCHALL
MORRIS, Editor and Proprietor, IS North Thir
teenth Street, Philadelphia.
How to be obtained for Five Doi.laus I Planta
tions, Farms, Villa Sites and Town Lots, at Tho
Great Premium Land Sale, Aiken, S. C. Tho "Sar
atoga ot tho South." 48 hours from N. Y. The
most delightful climate In the world. Free from
tho Rigors of Northern winters, exempt from
Throat Diseases. ' Vineyards and Orchards In full
bearing. Fur descriptive pamphlet, address, with
stamp, J. C. DERBY, Augusta, Ga.
320 wanted as local and travelling salesmen.
Address (witli stamp) It. H. WALKER, 3-1 Park
Row' New York.
Tliin in no IIiiHilmg? I
BY sending 35 cents, with age, height, color of
eyes and hair, you will reeeive.by return mail,
a correct picture of your future husband or wife,
with name and dafo of marriage. Address W.
FOX, P. O. Drawer No. 18, Fultonville, N. Y.
HOUMBLE. I suffered with Catarrh
thirty years, and was cured In six weeks by
a simplo remedy, and will send the receipt, postage
free, to all a'llleted. T. J. Mead, Drawer 170, Sy
racuse, New York.
A MYSTERY SOLVKI.-Eifteen Minutes'
Private Conversation with Married Ladies by
one of their number. Sent free for two stamps.
Address Mrs. II. METZGEK, Hanover, Pa.
A C A It I .
A Clergyman, whilo residing In South America
as a missionary, discovered a safe and simple rem
edy for the Cure of Nervous Weakness, Early De
cay, Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and the whole train of disorders brought on by
baneful and vicious habits. (Jrcat numbers have
been cured by tills noblo remedy. Prom ted by a
desire to benellt the afflicted and unfortunate, I
will send the recipe for preparing and using this
medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any one who
needs it, free of Charge. Address JOSEPH T.
1NMAN, Station D, Bible House, N. Y. City. r
At Private Sale,
THE subscriber offers at private salo his prop,
erty in Savillo township, Perry county. Pa,,
consisting of
H71 AClt K s
of Land, 35 Acres of which are cleared, and well
Improved having thereon a
Ono and Half Story Log House,
f.,)!l,t!1?r. oi't bulldlngs. with a flno YOUNG
ORCHARD. Hie balance of the land is well tim
bered. " For further Information address or apply to
4 3 Ickesburg, Perry county, Pa.
New York Life Benefit Association.
Cupltul Hoo,ooo !
ORGANIZED under tho Laws of tho State of
,"-w Vork, Insures the lives of Its patrons at
One-tyth the Charge of other Llfo Insurance Com
panies. All wishing to Insure their lives should
send lor our descriptive pamphlets, which we mull
free. Agents, Local and Travelling Wanted,
lley. FliANtis C. Hill, J. Anokkw, Pres't.
4 42,lma Vlco-Pres't. No. 01 Uroadway, N. Y.
Bloomflold - Academy!
An Eiiflish and Classical Schoot
Young Men Prepared For College.
A Kormal Sihrtu and a Srlinol o f Art.
On Moiuhnj, tho 20t nf Amjml, 1870.
AStlie above school has recently been re-orgaii-l.ed,
students can enter any time.
Prof. WM. II. DILL, a graduate or Rutger's Col
lege, N. J., Principal.
The ( olleglale Dt pnrdneiit
embraces all the higher blanches, Including the
Latin and Greek Languages, Engineering, Practi
cal Surveying, Literature, Natural Science and ad
vanced Mathematics.
Vacations: .luly and August, and one week at
Terms: For Hoarding. Furnished Room. Wash
ing, Tuition iu Lat in, Greek, English ISranchcsand
Mathematics, for the scholastic year, S1S0.
in vacations. J-jno.OO.
The Hoarding Department Is at the Institution,
under the supervision of Wiliam Grier. Esq., by
whom good and substantia! board will be fur
nished : and the pupils will be under the strict caro
of the Principal. Address
W. H. DILL. A. M. Principal,
Utfl fNew liloo-nlield. Perry county, Ta.
A Hotel Stand having a GOOD RUN OF CUSTOM
for sale. Apply to
New llloomlleld, Pa.
4 41 tf
Farm at Private Sale,
THE undersigned otters at private sale, a farm
in Rye lowuship.Perry county, Pa., containing
n i' a. o Tt it ss .
The land is the best in the nighhorliood, with run
ning water in every Held. Is under good fence, and
has thereon erected a new
Frame Dwelling House.
There is also a thrifty Young ORCHARD on the
place. This land lies along two public roads tlio
Fishing Creek road and the Lamb's Gap road : tho
last named divides the laud in two parts 3u'km
the one sido and 'irM ou the other : on tho 20J;
acre piece is a New Frame Dwelling House, und on
the other a
FRAME 22 x 28,
erected for a house, w ith a never failing Spring of
water. Tills land will be sold as a whole, or in two
Tracts, to suit iiiirchasers.
ijr-ir not sold at private sale before the LAST
OF DECEMBER, this property will be sold at pub
lic sale, at the Court House, in llloomlleld, on tho
o'clock p. 111., of said day, when terms will bemads
Persons desiring to purchase a farm will do
well to examine this one before investing else- '
where, as it lies within four miles of Marysville,
and the Pennsylvania Railroad one of the best
markets in the county.
-Further Information can bo had by ad
dressing Dr. JOHN USAW,
Jenner X Roads,
4 40 Somerset county, Fa.
Ileal Estate, Insurance,
Heal Estate Brokers, Insurance, & Claim Agents
Now JJloomlioll, Pn.(
WE INVITE the attention of buyers and sell
ers to the advantages we offer them iu pur
chasing or disposing of real estate through our of
llce. We have a very large list of desirable property,
consisting of farms, town property, mills, store
and tavern stands, and real estate of any descrip
tion which we are prepared to oiler at great bar-
fiains. We advertise our property very extensive
y. and use all our efforts, skill, and dllligeuce to
effect a sale. We make no charges unless tho
property is sold while registered with us. We also
draw up deeds, bonds, mortgages, andall legal pa
pers at moderate rates.
Some of the best, cheapest, and most reliable
tire, life, and cattlo insuranco companies In the
United States are represented at tills agency.
Property insured either on the cash or mutual
plan, and perietually at 84 and 5 per thousand. "
Pensions, bounties, and ail kinds of war claims
collected. There are thousands of soldiers and
heirs of soldiers who are entitled to pensions and
bounty, who have never made application. Sol
diers, If you were wounded, ruptured, or contract
ed a disease in the service from which you are dis
abled, you are entitled to a pension.
When widows of soldiers die or marry, the minor
children are entitled to the pension.
Parties having any business to transact In our
line, are respectfully Invited to give us a call, as
we are conlident we can render satisfaction in any
branch of our business.
-No charge for information.
A Desirable Farm for Sale.
"ITriLL be sold at o bargain, a FARM situated
y In Centre township, about 2 miles North
West of Uloomneld borough, containing lO
ACRES, 37 well timbered, and the balance clear
ed, and under a high state of cultivation. There
are on the premises a LOG HOUSE, plastered, con
taining 7 rooms j a good HANK BARN, a good
4T For further inl'orinatiou apply to
C. A. BARNETT, Att'y-at-Law,
New liloomtleld, Pa.,
Or on the premises to Mi s. Reukcca GuoK.j4368t
13 X 17 in. Ono year for 60 cent.
Addrtu, ECHO, I'ort Kcyal, Pa,
Clocks. Another new lot of 80 hour
and 8 day Clocks just received by F. Mor
timer & Co.New illooinflold.
jmiss AiNNA AKISITRGER, a graduate or
Esther Institute, Columbus, Ohio, teacher of Mu
sic, Painting. Drawing, French and German.
Every facility for the training of the youth of both
sexes in all that constitutes a liberal and thorough

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