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Tuetiday, Ieccmbcv 29, 1874.
Our Subscribers wlslilno; somo other publi
cation, with TIIR Tin KM, enn havo either
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Tim Times HH:i: the remainder of this
The honso committee on appropriations
agreed to the bill appropriating $30,000 for
defraying the expenses of entertaining
King Kalnknua, of the Sandwich islands.
The man has been found who wants tho
income tax restored. His name is Lough
bridge, member of Congress from Iowa,
and ho has introduced a bill to restore that
tax. His term expires nexf March, and
probably he wants to bb Revenue Col
lector. General Stagnation.
It is not alone in our own country that
there is a decline of industrial oneigy the
ttame causes that operated in producing a
stagnation in our manufacturing, mining
nnd other business departments have been
at work in Europe. At Krupp's foundry,
and mills, at Essen, Prussia, 700 nieu have
been recently discharged ; an extensive
lock-out is in progress at Soligues, Ger
many, among the scissors makers ; 10,000
coal miuers are on a strike caused by a sec
ond reduction of wages at the mines in
Gloucestershire, England ; and the Clyde
ship-builders have reduced wages live and
ton per cent. The generality of these
movements should convince laboring men
that the constriction that afllicts their
' pockets is not a local ailment, but general,
and must bo tampered by compromise, as
it cannot be secured by constraint.
Another Dam Accident.
Baydcnviile, Mass., Dec. 19. Iluyden,
Gere & Co.' dam. broke away near the
centre to-day, and two-thirds of the struc
ture was swept away. . The large body of
water covered with ice ten iuches thick
rushed down the stream with a crackling
noise similar to that made by the flood of
May last down the same pathway. There
were seventy-five or more children skating
on the pond, all of whom were saved. The
children on the pornis below llaydenville
bad warning in time to escape, and there
was no loss or Wo. . iJie Dew dam was
built to replace the one swept away last
May, and . but recently completed. The
water side of the dam was faced with
moment, while each end was tfanked with
lieavy parapet walls eighteen feet high.
Tr- bulkhead was of granite, and was
twelve feet high and ten feet wide in tho
clear. The lose is abont $8,000.
The cotton mill dam, about half a -milo
below Hayden, Gere & Co.'s dam, held the
water and the iee from the pond of the lat
ter, and prevented any further destruction
nt life or property below. The mill dam
is one of the strongest ou the river. A per-
4ieo of it was carried away by the May
flood, and baa aince been thoroughly re
paired. (': ' . i
.'.""'! Too' Bud.
Mr. Daniel Mosearof Ann Arbor, Mich.,
a well known watch inventor, has been la
boring for years upon a very intricate watch,
-which, without bolug of any larger aiae
than usual, was to show quarter seconds,
vtocoud s, minutes, hours, days of the week,
uud of the month, and month of the year.
Every fifth time the watch was opened, it
was to wind, itself. vIfr appears that Mr,
Moseart had completed his model, so that
it worked successfully, aud had received a
largo offer from parties for the exclusive
right to manufacture. Borne slight trouble
in the works necessitated taking them to
pieces : but on attempting to put them to.
gother again, the inventor found himself
unable to do so-om -Q0 very peuoais
portions probably having beoomejoet. The
intense mental application over the diffi
culty resulted in derangement of the mind,
and it was found necessary to remove the
unfortunate man to the insane asylum, aa
Supposed Murder In Mount Joy. .
On Monday night a shooting scene oc
curred in Mount Joy, Lancaster county,
which may have a fatal termination in the
case of one of !he parties. Tho Lancaster
Expren of Tuesday gives the following ao
count of the affair : It seems there has been
some ill feeling botweon Uarry Gallaghor
and Francis Bchlegelmilch for some time,
.and last nl;ht thoy met at tho time and
placo mentioned, nnd after seme angry
words GallagLer drew a revolver nnd fired
its contents at Schlogeimilch, the bullet en
tering on tho loft Bide of the nose and pen
etrating to the back of the head, where at
last accounts it was still lodged. As the
wounded man staggered Gallagher raised
his weapon, it is said, and was about to fire
a second shot, when he was knocked down
by a man named Drabenstadt. Schlogei
milch was carried into Imhoff's and Gal
lagher was marched to the office of Squire
Sellers. The latter, desiring to know the
exact nature of tho man's wounds, stepped
down to ImhofTs leaving Gallagher at his
ofilcc; but when ho returned "the bird
had flown" nnd has not since been heard of
although telegrams have been sent to tho
police in nil our neighboring cities. The
Drs. Zicglcr were summoned to attend
Schlcgelmilch and probed for tho bullet but
could not find it. ' Up to the hour of this
writing twelve o'clock mid-day the
wounded man is still living but it is be
lieved to be in a critical condition. ' '
Mr. Schlcgelmilch is one of the parties
charged with fraud in the late republican
primary election, and Mr. Gallagher is a
sou of Captain Gallagher, the well-known
auctioneer of Mount Joy. The respecta
bility of tho family connections of both
parties to this sad affair adds a painful in-
tercet to it." Later accounts any tho injured
man will probably recover.
Attempt to Tow an Island.
The Duluth Tribune of Nov. Ill, says :
" On Tuesday last a strango sight was to
be seen in our inner harbor, a few rods be
low, the canal. It was nothing more
nor less than attempt of two strong
tugs to tow an island, nearly two acres in
extent, out into the lake !
All who have visited our city have ad
mired tho charming littlo islands, heavily
covered with trees, shrubbery and foliage,
with which our. bay is dotted, and very
skeptical have thoy been when told that
those islands are "floating islands," and
that during very severe winds they not uti
frcquently chnnge their locations, and. that
during the post few years several of those
which formerly adorned our bay have been
driven across the sheet of water and lodged
against and " grown to" Minnesota Point.
These statements, though rather marvel
ous, were nevertheless true; and an in
stance of the migratory character of these
islands occurred during the terrible galo of
last Saturday night, and island embracing
nearly two acres in extent, being torn from
its moorings near Rico's Point, jon the
western side of the bay, and carried clear
across the bay to Minnesota Point, where
it lodged just this side of the dry docks of
W. W. Allen & Co. i
On Tuesday two tugs endeavored to tow
this islaud out through the canal into the
lake, but after working for a long time,
they gave it up, we believe, as a bad job,
at least we notice that it is still there.
This island is a kind of boggy tamarack
swamp formation, has a black, spongy soil,
and contains a large grove of pine, tama
rack and cedar trees besides a thick
f;rowth of underbrush. What Messrs. Al
en & Co. will do with their island we do
not know, but we are safe in saying that
they have a couple of acres of real estate
which they would sell cheap and on long
' Tragedy on Board a Ship.
The Auglo Brazilian Timet of November
21st says : On October 28th, a tragedy oc
curred on board the American ship King
Phillip from Baltimore for California un
dergoing repairs. At 5:30 p. m. the master
on going aboard found the steward, Alfred
M. Jackman, an Englishman dead, three
seamen severely wounded and two mate
fighting desperately on the quarter deck.
lie tried to separate them but bis efforts
seemed only to exasperate them more and
at last he went to the United States steam
er Lancaster, from whence force was sent
that secured the two mates, who were af
terwards banded over to the Brazilian au
thorities. According to the evidence taken
the first mate, W. P. Byrne, got drunk
and quarreled with the steward, whom he
killed with shots and blows, and then at
tacked the other four men on board, three
of whom ha prostrated with shots, and waa
engaged in a life and death struggle with
the third niato, when the captain arrived
The cook happened to go on board during
the fight, but escaped by the cable to a
neighboring islaud. I ,, ,
- A Neman's Head In a Tin Box. '
Borne woodchoppera near Nashua, N. II.,
one night last week discovered a tin box
with the head of an old woman in it, the
skull having been crushed aud her neck
severed with some sharp instrument It
had probably been there some six months
bat,-as no one is missing in that vicinity,
the affair is a mystery.-" " v
-.. i i -m . ..T -,
, , Twenty Kluera Killed. . .
Au explosion occurred in Begnall II all
oolliery, North. Btaffordshire,Eng.,last week,
and twenty miners killed. Thirteen bodltts
A Jilted Woman Throwing Vitriol.
Maggie Dohl, apparently twenty-two
years old, was arrested yesterday morning
for throwing vitriol on Felix Kennedy, con
ductor ef a street car. The girl, who is a
fine looking young woman, aays she hod
been engaged to be married to Kennedy,
and he had broken his promise? Kennedy
says that Miss Dohl got in the car and took
a seat. lie bad been told she intended to
injure him, and was on his guard. She
drew a vial of vitriol from her pocket and
throw the oontents upon him. Raising his
hands, he saved his eyes, but his face and
neck were burned. His ovorcoat was de
stroyed. Ho put her off the car, when she
was taken into custody by Special Officer
Cook, who took hor to the Middle District
station. Other evidence showed that Henry
II. Rogers, druggist, who was a passenger
in the car, received a portion of the acid on
his face and neck, burning him severely,
but he quickly got out of the car and wont to
a drug store noor by, and applied oil to the
burns, thereby preventing more serious re
sults. Prau Wells, also a passenger, had
his pantaloons sprinkled and eaten in holes
by the acid. At the station it was discov
ered that the young woman also had re
ceived injury from the destructive acid
which she had scattered about so recklessly.
Borne of it had got into hor left eye. Dr.
Reynolds, who was called in to attend hor,
thought at first that tho sight would bo de
stroyed, but last night had hopes of saving
the organ. Baltimort Sun of tho 22nd inst.
A . Good Trap.
The Charlottsville (Va.) "Republican,"
says : A gentleman in Louisa county, one
night last week, hearing a noise about his
corn house, and seeing what he supposed
to be a man, fired, killing him instantly.
Upon closer examination, ho discovered
that tho man he shot at was sitting upon a
lever which had been inserted in a crack,
and the house bodily lifted up while two
others were in the cracka getting out the
corn. A still closer examination revealed
the horrifying fact that, as the first man
full from the lever, the houBe had closed
down upon the unfortunate wretches,
mashing the life out of them 1 Thus the
three men all lust their lives in an instant
in a trap which they themselves bad set.
They were all negroes.
Terrible Railway Accidents In England.
The (express train on a branch of the
Great Western Hallway was thrown from
the track near Woodstock last week, aud
precipitated down anembankmont. Several
of tho carriages fell into the canal skirting
the road, and sixteen of the passengers
were drowned. Later reports say :
Thirty persons were killed and fifty
wouuded by the railroad accident at Wood
stock last week. Somo of the latter are
fatally injured. All have been conveyed
to Oxford.
London, December 23. A collision be
tween two railway trains occurred this
morning at the town of Blackburn, Lanca
shire. Several persons were killed and in
jured. A collision also occurred this morn
ing on the railway at Dudley, Worcester
shire. There was no loss of life, but many
persons were severely hurt.
Miscellaneous News Items.
t5? A little girl who had just recovered
from a severe, attack of the croup, on being
asked by her Sunday school teacher what
she should "do to be saved," replied, " I
should take syrup and alum."
t John Murphy, who was to have been
hung at Carson City, Nevada, on Friday
last, was at the last moment reprieved un
til the 24th inst. A thousand people bad
assembled to witness the execution and the
prisoner was on the gallows when the
respite arrived.
tW On the 18th inst., a nine months old
child of Mr. Henry Yon, residing near
Duncansville, waa put to sleep in apparent
excellent health, and later, when the
mother looked to see if it had waked she
found it doad. The cause of death is un
known. Louisville, December 22. A special
dispatch to the Courier Journal says : A.
W. Hedges, postmaster at Lancaster, Ky.,
was shot and killed in his office last night
by Ebeneser Best. The two men were
brothers-in-law, Hodges having married
two of Best's sisters'. A family quarrel
was the probable cause. '
t3yAt Amstordam,' N.Y., two men,
named Charles Whiting and William
Paget, attempted to break into the store of
L. O. Kennedy last Wednesday night.
Robert Miller, a clerk in the store, fired at
the burglars, who returned the shots.
Whiting was mortally wounded, but his
associate escaped.
tW At ton o'clock on Wednesday morn
lug last, Bernard Kirley, Daniel -Murphy,
Martin Sullivan and James Burns, laborers
in the new tunnel of the Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western, railroad company at
Bergen, N. J., were precipitated down a
shaft sixty feet by the giving way of a
bucket, and were instantly killed. , Booie
a! . the workmen who were intoxicated
threatened to lynch the engineer, who was
blameless, and policemen wen i detailed to
tWT A priest at Roumanla, says the
rail Mall Qatetlt, has lately distinguished
himself by a most generous confession bf
his own post peccadilloes, regardless of the
consequences that may fall on his head!
About five years ngo the mail running be
tween Bucharest and MaracheBti was at
tacked by brigands, who, after having
murdered the drivor and the two geudo
nrmes 'forming the escort, succoedod in
getting off with a sum of about 30,000
francs. Tho police of the district imme
diately started off in pursuit of the culprit,
and the directors of posts anil telegraphs
somewhat hastily arrested several innocent
peasants, and put them to the torture, the
only result boing that several of thorn died
under tho infliction. The disngreeblo
affair was almost forgotten until tho other
day, when tho Committee of Resistance of
Bakou camo upon tho trace of the brigands
and the whole of them woro arrested. And
here followed a most touching incident.
A priest of the village, either touched with
remorse, or finding tho game was up, con
fessed that ho had a hand in the robbery
and even went so far as to point out the
spot where part of the stolon money was
buried. Thus the innocence of the pea
sants who were so unfortunately tortured
has been proved though not quite to their
V8 A farmer named Garlinghouso lives
on nn island in Neosho county Missouri,
having acquired the land by purchase from
a former tenant. A dispute lately arose
about the validity of his titlo, aud the Set
tler's League, an organization of opponents
of the system by which Garlinghouse'a
predecessor got the island, notified him that
he must "quit or die." The farmer accept
ed neither of these alternatives, and sent
word back that he was "a bad man to mob."
The same night the Leaguers roda up to
tho house masked and armed. Their loader
got off his horse and kicked open the door.
There was at once a flash, a report, and he
fell dead. Tho Leaguers made a concerted
advance on the open door, and two more
shots from the dark interior wounded two
of their number, nnd that ended the raid.
They retreated with the killed aud wound
ed, nnd Garlinghouso is still in possession
of the island, having proved that ho really
is "a bad man to mob."
t3f A singular story, but a true ono, is
the serious harm which tuts come to Mrs.
Mary Caron, a dress-maker, in Springfield,
Mass., from, the bite of a rat. Soma two
months ago, whilo she was assisting in
killing ono of these troublesome animalsi
it seized her finger with its teoth, and
would not be removed until it was kicked
off. In a few days hor hand and arm
swelled frightfully, and the wholo side of
her body was paralyzed. She was at timos
thrown into convulsions, and for many
days had to be kept under the influence of
morphine. Four physicians- were in at
tendance. She has now recovered to some
degree from the more terrible affects of the
bito, but her hand is still paralyzed, and
she is much emaciated.
In Olean, New York, the people
were gathered to witness the wedding of a
young lady of the village to a suitor from
Cortland. The appointed time passed,
and, an hour later, the bridegroom made
big appearance in a shocking, state of in
toxication. The ceremony was not per
formed, and that night the offender was
taken from the hotel, tarred and feathered,
and carried out of Olean on a rail.
nenry Newby, a young; farmer in Hills-
boro, Ohio, recently became a convert to
Mormonisra. He had a pretty wife, and
his proposal was to make another of bis
mother-in-law, also a handsome woman,
and only forty years old, and remove with
both to Salt Lako. The wife indignantly
refused to sanction the plan, but her moth
er favored it. The upshot is that Newby
has eloped with his mother-in-law.
ttodcrn Weuien.
It is a sad commentary upon oar boasted
civilization that the women of our times
have degenerated in health aud physique
until tuey are literally a race oi invaiius
pale, nervous, leeble and back-achy, with
ouly here and there a few noble exceptions
in the persona of the robust, buxom ladies
characteristic of their sex in days gone by.
By -a very large experience, covoring a
period of years, and embracing the treat
ment of many thousands of eases of those
ailments peculiar to Women, Dr. Pierce,
of the World's Dispensary, Buffalo, N. Y.,
has perfected, by the combination of cer
tain vegetable extracts, a natural specific,
which be does not extol as a cure-all, but
ono which admirably fulfills a singleness
of purpose, being a most positive aud re
liable remedy for those weaknesses and
complaints that afflict the women of the
present day. This natural speoiflo com
pound is called Dr. Pierce' Favorite l'ro
scritiou. The following are among those
diseases in which, this wonderful medicine
has worked cures as if by magio and with
n certainty never before attained by any
medicines t Weak back, nervous aud geu
eral debility, falling and. other displace
ments of internal organs, resulting from
debility and lack of strength in natural
supports, internal fever, congestion, in.
Uammation and ulceration and very many
other chronio diseases incident to women,
not proper to mention here, In which, as
well as hi the oases that have been enu
merated, the Favorite Prescription effects
cures the marvel of the world. It will
not do harm in any state or coudition of
the 'system, and by adopting Its use the
invalid lady may avoid that severest of or
deals the consulting of a family physician.
Favorite Prescription is sold by dealers in
C : ;m f ,.. . , .
hicago Ledger.
Canvassers Wanted in Every
Town in the United States.
The most Liberal Premiums nnd Club Rates
ever offered by any newspaper. Writ for a Clr.
cuiar containing full Information, eto. Kpealmen
copies furnished ou application. Address
The Ledger Company,
8 60 4tvco CHICAGO, ILL.
Kriss Kinkle ! Kriss Kinkle 1 1
Ho, for the Holidays!
Has mado arrangements at
Newport, " Penn'a.;
Christmas Toys,
And will start out the day or night before
Christmas r
E have just arrived from the City with a full
line of
U'tmcy Toys,
to suit both old and young. Our stock is the
finest ever brought to Newport, and we can sell
goods from One Cent up to One Hundred Dollars.
Our store room Is filled to the top with such as fol
Revolving Chime Bells, Rocking Gesse, Genuine
lue Plantaion liki and (shoemakers will
run fifteen minutes with one winding. Tin
l'alls. Tubs, and a full line of. hoys' . -bleds.
Drums. Hoops, Horsss iu
. Hoops, Baskets In great variety,
Tin Toys, together with.
. . every variety ol Book
Straps, Harmonicas, ; .
School Caskets,
We also manufacture our own
CRACKERS, CAKES, &0.r &0., tut. .
Ware now prepared to furnish the public with
Holiday Goods at low rates. Give us a call no
trouble to show goods. Don't forget
THE undersigned would respectfully Inform the
citizens of Perry county that they will occupy
their NEW HTOKK ROOM in Gautt's building,
about December 1st, aud will eslilbit tlie
Largest and Cheapest
!?rOCK OF f
Furnishing Goods,
L 11 d i o IP u r h ,
Horse and Bed Blankets,
ever brought to Perry County. All of the abet
goods will be sold at .
Hard Times Prices!
i 1 1 10 AT 1 A.1 tGAlNH
ror EvoryKxxly I
J, FltlSII & CO.,
'i .. Wpiiote the' Post Office; .,','! ', : j
i m r ; ' Newport, Fa
a oonilnned lunatlo.
have been taken out.
protect bini.
raeuiotne generally.

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