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OtkVtii i BK.ifEB, Proprietor. I
forma of Subscription,
within tlx mon. lit. or $2.60 if nol paid
within the year. No pipe Hseoullntied
' tint II kit arrearages or (old nnleti at
' (bt option ef Uit publisher.
Subscription otitsido oftho county
jfj-4,ersnns liflln; and lisln: paper
addressed lo other become subscribers,
ntl krt liable for Iht price of llit psper
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Offtrt lilt Professional service lo iht pub
lio. All busiticee entrusted lo bit care
will bt promptly atleudcd to.
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,owiburg P:t..
(iffert bit profestional tcrvice lo I he pub
lio. Collections unci nil oilier Profession
I business entrusted lo bit crt will re
ceive prompt attention.
Lewisbnrg Pn.
Offtrt bit Professions! tcrvlre lo I lit pub
lio. Collections and all other profession
1 business entrusted lo bit cure will ret
stive prompt attention. Jan. 1!, 'I'Vi
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car will ht promptly atteuJnl to. '1
K-cliont tunJe In nil psrit ofllie Stale.
Ilocan tpik ibo EiiRl'Hb and German
language, fluently. Otiice between llall't
and tbe l'oii nd.ie.
MitlJltilnir Snydi-r County IVtm'ii.
Office a few doort West of lb V. . on
Uiu ttreel. I'uufiiltation in F.t'gli!i
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will be promptly tttetided to.
' Jan. 3. XTif
l'eraona In need of a cood and duriblc
Sewing Machine can be aeenmnioditi-d at
reasnnnlile pricet by calling on on Sam
rat Fauht, Agent, Siliui-prore.
.Inn. 24. T,8i
It. .1. Y. SIIINnKFi. "
Mi.l.ll.bur,r Po..
Offert faU prnfettlonal tericet lo the cit
hern of Middlejtirg tud vicinity.
Mon li 2. 'C7
Selinnprove Form.
JOHN' K. HUUIIKS, r.s..,
Ponn Tup., Snyder Co. Ft
V H. WAONIilJ, Knq..
Jack80J Township, Soydcr Co. Tn..
Will attend lo all huincaa enlrualed lo
bit care and on the ninsl rannall
termt. March 1 2. 'C8if
T. J. V. KAN AW Eh,
C'vnfrevlllr, fiijicr Co., fa.
Offcre Lit profcttlonal terrier lo ibe
T4l V. FCllW-AN.M. IV,
Port Trevurton Tn.
Offert bit profeaional terrlcet lo lb
cititena of Ihit ple and ticlnily. He
prakt German end Euglirh.
1 . April 16, 8
1 A. HOYEK.Jr.
Feeburf Snyder Co. P.,
tlotl retptel fully oft'rra bit ter,ice lo
Ibt public at Vendue fryer and Auction
eer. Having bad a Inrgt expefientt, I
fetl confident lliat I tan render perfect
aliefactlon to my eupluyeet.
'Jan. 0, 'C7if
Offiot In Court Ilua, 8cpl.l, '07lf
No. 322 N.THIRCJS''
H. MANDEllBACn Pbop'r
J. C. MI'K, Clerk
No. 418 41ft North Third Htreel.
VOL. 7.
Your neighbor name.
Or your trirnd't fair fame,
And what befell it,
In iletd or word,
You may bate hear,
Yet pray dou'l tell II t
If kepi within
Tlil" rumored tin
May ptote bubble ;
If told again.
Like lliiiving grain,
'Twill toou grow doublo t
Inaieiid of prace,
If mrife iuoreare,
Then 'ry and quell II (
Tbiuk what you will,
(If good or ill,
But pray don't tell it.
Pome good bestow
Even pn a foe,
A nii J your labors ;
He true at tieel,
In woe or weal.
To friends tod neighbor! !
A tecrel loM
Hoard up like fold.
Nor tevk lo tell It ;
Pury ii d'rp,
'Tit yours lo keep i
Then never tell it!
WUy Aunt Matly .let cr Slurried
"Now Aunt Sally, lo )ene loll us
yliv you ni'ver niurricd. You know ymi
said onoo that when you wcro a i 1 1
you were engaged lo it ininislcr. nml
protniKeil you would tell u all n In nit
it. oinitiuiv. Now Aunt, tilcono dn."
" Well, il 1 ever did hco such pirls
in nil mv b'ro tiny. It t H-usc, tense
fruni inornititf ti'l uL'lit, but wluit von
must know all about everything that
you haven't uy hutinosa tokimw uny
thihp: ndout. Such inqtiiitivo. pcnii
I'eroua crittcrg you nre I When 1
wn8 younr, (ril ls wus dillVrrnt; they
ni'tidi'd their business and didn't p
fuiliti)! around with n whole Hiring ol
beiniX. j;ottili tin if heads fi'h'd wi'h
nil kinds of nonseii.e. I never dared
lo ak nty nunt, ninrried or r-i nK-,
iihcut nny of their attaint. Pretty
tiiesi I'd hnv; pot in if I hud. YVh
tlii-y offered tu ti ll nio anylhinu id
their own nocrl. I kept my mouth
-hut. and liatoned. Everything i
ddfereut now-i'days; younjr (blk
havo no respect '' r their tddern. Hut
us I fico I nlii not lioiiii; to havo anv
peace till 1 do tell you, why jist list
en, and don't let tno hour u word out
of oiio of your mouths till 1 cei
' 'Hint's riidit Aunt Su'lv, c ripriit
ahead, do and we will k"on periectlv
" Well, you tec, when I w:i nboin
seventeen yenrs old 1 was living in
I tieu, in tho State ij New 1 .irk
Tl.ptigh 1 sny it niytudl'I was qutto u
tr..Mi.loi.Kin ijiri men, nnu li lid sev-
ernl beaux. The one that took my
limey ni"Ht whs aynunp; minister, n
very pvoiiiising young man nnd re
tunrkniile pious olid Rtcndy. lie
ih'iuh a (rrt ot denl of mo, and I kind
of took funoy to him and things mu
on till wu werccnajjed.
"One cvotiinir ho ramo to me I
".'member it oh well tis if it wero otdy
yeslerdny. Yh'0 he rame into the
parlor, where I wn titling alone, he
eumo up to me nnd hut now, phav!
efirls. I don't like to tell the rest."
' Oh.Annt Sully, for tueiey eakf
don't utop; tell us what ho did "
"W'el', s I taid, ho o ime up to roe
and put his nrnm around mo. and ruth
or bugged mo, while I got excited
md fiimo frusirntod, and it was a long
lime tjio, and 1 don't know hut what I
ntiu'ht have huuod him Lack a little.
Then 1 fell but now just cleur out
every ono of you, 1 slmu't tell you
any more ''
" Goodness, gracious, no, Aunt
Silly. Tell u how yon fell. Didn't
you feel good, nnd what did ho do
next ? " .
" Oh, ruck torment as you aro !
wu like nny other ti'l, and pretty
mm 1 pretended to bo uiad about it.
and puched him nwny, thuuub I
wasn't mail a bit. You must know
that tho housa whero I lived was cue
of the back streola of the town. There
were eliisi doors In tho parlor, which
opened right over tho sTeot, and no
balcony or anything uf the kind in
frntit of the houe. At it was m the
summer arasoa these doors were ep-n
ii n (I tl.o uliutiers just dmwn to. 1
topped Parka lit lo from him, ami
when bo edged up clone 1 pushed hint
away uio. I pbushed harder than
I intended to, and don t you think the
poor loiiow lost ins iiaiance ana Kii
tbrougli ono of the door into tho
street f Yet, it' so. At he foil 1
save a scream and ruught him but I
lecluro I won I trll anyibimi wore. I n
Koinu; lo leavo the room."
Mo, no, Aunt Sully I llow (ltd
you cntcu uiuiT jij u nun turn
much r
Well, if I jnust I must. IIo loll
head t'rl, and a he wsa filing 1
caught him by the log of his trowtcia
I held on for a niinuto and tried t
pull bim back, but hit au'pcnders
uavo way, and tho poor younn man
fell clour out of bit pantaloou iulo A
whole parole of ladieit and gentlemen
paeiiifr along tho utiect.''
Oh, Aunty, Aunty, Lord, Lordy
lie, ho.l''
" There, Ihnt'a riukt iagl tod
tqtieal at much aa you want to. Girl
ilitt can t hear about a iinio tniug
like that without Irariotf around the
room, and he twine; iu aueh away don 1
know cnoitph to come hone wkea ii
No the moment ho touched tho
preund he pot tip nnd Iclt tho place in
a terrible hurry. 1 tell you it was a
sipbt to be remembered lo see how
that man did run. Father Impend
lo be coming up the street at the time,
nnd he said he nover saw noy thing to
equal it in his who'o life. I heard
others ny that ho did the fastest run
ning ever known in that patt of the
country, nnd that ho never slopped or
looked behind until he was two miles
out of town. IIo sent me n note a few
dnys af'tctwnrd snj injr tint the engage
ment must lo broken i (T. as ho could
never look mo in I ho face after whnt
had hnppencd. lie wont out Yct.
and I believe ho is preaching out in
Illinois. Hut Do never matrivil. IIo
wa Tory modest, and I suppose he was
so badly friphtened that bo never dared
to trust nimsell near n woman auain. ' ,'ajn purcgnria of an earlier period to
That, girls, is the rrn-on I never mar-. ,,0 Jjijuiscd cartimnat ivos bliI sooth -
riod. I felt very l ad about it for u , jn(t Hy,.H f tho present day, opinte.
lon lime, for he was a rcnl uood mm.!;,, r.irm Imve l. il.mwi.n,lu
and I olteii thoUL-litto myself that we
sltouhl always have been happy if I'in
suspenders hadn't jr veil way.''
llie l.nni !itl.
Tho late Noah Winslow was fond ol
ellin: the following incident of liiul0 of a iireimratioii known ns
mercantile hie, ffn I he never clu-cd
the narration tut with swimniiii
eyes :
Duting t lio financial crisis and crash
of ',")7, wnen heavy men wore nuking!
all urouiid U', nnd liiinks wero totter
i rt ir . our hon-o hoennu alarmed in view
oftho condition of its own a Hairs.
Tho pari iters three of us, of whom
T was tlio senior met in onr private
oflice for consultation. O.ir junior had
i lo a earefiil inventory of every- i
thing of li s bills reecivn'tle mid bids I
paynfile, an I hm report was, that twen-1
ly th iti-and dollars ol ready money, to!
bo held through the prcssine, would !
savo us. Without that wo must go by
tho b'jard tho result was inevituble.
I wont out upon tho street nod aiauug
my friends, but in vain.
Two whole dnya I strove, and brg
ged, utid then returned to tho count
ing hutie in despair. I s.it at my dok.
expecting every monieiit to hear our
jtini r gouuiltng tho terrildo words.
our paper in protested . when a gen
tlomau entered my department unan
n Mince I. 1 cnuhl not look at hint,
a r call bim lo tninl uny way.
"Mr. Winslow, Iu sai l, taking u
scat nt lite cud of my desk, ''1 bear
you nro in need of money.''
Jim very luce ol the man in-pircd
mu with confidtuce, and I told him how
I was situatt d.
".Make your individual note, for one
year, witlimtt interest, for tweuty thou
saml dollars and I will givo nil u
cheek, pnyublciu gold for the amount. '
Iulo 1 sat gazing upon litm in
s eeehlcss astuiiishmont, bo continued.
"loildout lemeiiibtr mo; but I
remember you. 1 re men. be r when you
were a member ot the Niporiiilcniliiig
ehool CommitU of Mia. if nd. 1 was
a doy in the vihitgo scho d ?ly fa
lter w us deal; my motlnr was p or ;
and I was but u shabbily ( lad child,
though clean. When our clast came
out on examination day, yotl uskrd the
quoslions. I fancied you would praise
nnd pot tho children of rich aud lor
tumite purcnts, and puss me by.
"Hut it was not us 1 thought. In
tho end you passed by all tho others,
nod came lo me. You laid your baud
on my head, nnd told me 1 (vu!d do
better tll if 1 would try. You told
mo the way to honor and renown
wero open to all alike, no one had" a
free puss. All I had to do was to be
resolved and push on. That, sir. was
be turning point of my life. From
thut hour my eoul has aspired, and 1
have never reached a great good with
out blessing yon in my heart. I have
prospered aud am woulihy; and now
1 oiler you but a poor return for the
soul weulth you gave mo in that by
gone lime.
"I took the check,'' said Winslow,
"and drew tho gold ; nnd our house
was saved. And whore, at tbo end of
the year, ' he ad led, "do you suppose
I found my note.'
"Iu possession," ho said with stream
ing eyes, "of my little otphancd giaud
daughter ! Oh, heart like that man's
are what bring earth aud heaven near
er together I"
A Frbnciiman, named Put Mulro
noy, hud u kicking horso that he want
ed to get rid of, but found it very dif
ficult. At last be eulcrrd him nt
llcrkuesa' ltaxur, and warrented bim
Hound and kind, and freo from the
kick. Ud the day of tho tale, Mr.
Herknose poiutod out the good quali
lie of Ibe animal, nnd ho wat told lor
one hundred and seventy-live dollar
Pat wa afraid the horto would show
hie l ad qualities before the money was
paid bo he wanted to hurry up the bar
gain, and tho way ho did it waa this :
He went to the purchaser and said,
'You can't havo tbo borse, tur.'1
Why not? DlJ'ol 1 buy him?'' aaid
the luirbha-cr.
"Vos, you bought bim," (aid Pat,
"but l'vo been ottered more money for
hint, and you ean't bare him lit i let
he bitot." "1 dou't care for that," aaid
tho buyer. ' Uut bo kick like the
devil,'' aaid Pat, "and he'll aunub any
thing you'll bitcb bim to."
"Well I'm going to pay for him now.
and take the ri.k," aaid tho buyer,
Mod if bo kh'kt, 1 II never eall ou you
to Uko bim bas k." Tbo fellow took
the borte homo and a aooo aa' ha at
lempled to put him to a wagoa, he
smqjked U all to pluoee. It Waa luw
lltabjr Ui URKlnn;.
A aimp'o senso of" fair play'' would
"com to do in 11 tul thnt infants who have
succeeded in establishing a foot . . 1 . 1
id the outer world of fits nnd fevers
teetb'ni and tubs, should bp. if not
aided, at bast lihindered in tho line-
(pint battle nL'n.iut nhostofmorbidienoottiotri.il.
influences which ihey have to wnjc
during the first five years of hie.
Hut such is not the ca-e. A if the
odJs wcie not already sufli'-iently
against them, mothers, nurses, and
patcni-medicino vcudors form them
selves Into a reserve corps and harrass
tho flanks and rear of (he small Jeleuse
loss body while the regular army ol
disense atacksit centre.
-piie most destructive wt npi n ued
n nt-ri lira waMuro is opium or
jHome ul its derivatives. From the
,11,i,.,v iiJiniiii-trri-d to votm,.
j , ,j,lrcii," nn-1 numerous dcuths, and
, ,. ,mrrow escapes from dea h,
have thence occurred nnd are now
jdaily nceuring. A Utter from ndrug-
eiM. en 1 1st attention to the cnormnua
Syrup,'' nn analysis of
illicit is ullccd lo detect n la"rj.e per
celitago of morphine, and from whii h
several cases of itarcolio pois niinj have
been reported in medical pei io!i -n!s uf
In nil authority. Now. it is well kn wn
thut not only "arc children proportion -
ilte y hss Ic'lerant llu.n a lults of the
'urtion id' opiuti's, but that in ihem the
jojicrntions ol these drugs isexecd ni-ly
capricious aud utic rtain ; and hence
moilicul writers urc ununinious in im -
pressing the utmost cauti hi in their ad
m n s ration to young. Hollma't states
that opiates at e dangerous to children
not iiulv iu their iiiiniediaio cllVi-u
but ns Icu'ling, in mhho instnncts. to; talked up and dotiu the railroad track
"permanent mental imbecility aud lo-s ""d kept watch, wbilo C'lmrh-y wctit
of muscular power," aui wainsaaitist!10 'ho bou-u lo gel llio im-nry ; thut
tho popular casioiu ol giving anodynes, Charley did the NT'ik hiitiseif and
for slight utlacks of eolit or other puin jl'ioughlout to hiiu a lat'c Luinlio ol
Troussrau u-scris thut he has lre.U -nt. Clothes oud u!o gave hiai a pucksgc ul
ly seen infants poisoned by it Jcs; o! tfl"0 in Uolcs, on) loid him ho I. ul
wine of opium tout. lining not none uold uud silver which bo would dii le
than oi.e hundredth of a giuin of dpi ;wiih him at aio tlur lime. The luu.
uiii. Hundreds . f i a-et are rtcot iicd '' wns so heavy that (Jbarly v nil 1 riot
in which ibildtcn lunging in age tr im!curry 'l huuscif, uud tiiey sat down on
afewduysto a year or mure, have the road and divided it. lie merely'
b 'en faiaily poisoned by preparations lallirms what was pMvvn iu refercm-e
eititainiug opiates, and ihou'ttmis o! j 10 thc.r (Qini jg to Hun'i g ion Ukii.j
O der invulids arc toiffcriuj tho cooe-, 'ho cat to Ailuiia, tlitir uirtnt, u
ipjcuces ol a drugged infancy. jteinpt to g. t out of the lockup, iV -
It tniiy l e a coiiHul.itiou lo an ignor-; In eoticiusiou he reituraled I. s uiDt
atit ino bcr to ijtiitt her littlal tluld ctiito, su I stys thai l liail.y has ail
with a conipouu 1 which she sees ud- .dudg proutincd li tn ll.a h woo. I
vcrtised as bunnlts ; it may Lo a m.iko toulo-sion and rciU va bi:u ot
temptation to uii unpriueipled n irse to
r beve in I'sclf uf Iroutdti by stupels itij
her little ( barge wilU a drug iiit b
she kno.vs to ho (llettivo in i'.s ope
faliott ; hut. hiwtvef desirable these
domestic t ii U be di cuied, it is well
Unit Ibo oilier side ol tbo p. dure should
ho slioAvn, aud I lie wcl'-iiitontioitod ij-
uorauee should be eniijlitened and
waul ol priutiple expostd. It would
llO Still beltel' if the CompoUlldetS Ol'
all patent "patent medicine," whether!
iutcn lc l for ebilJrou or for grown peo
I lo were forced by luw to print 111,011!
tno lauct 01 cvety dox or liotuo 01 ilinr
wares tbo name and ptoportious (i'w,ogiu a livtlilto-si by tho crere-e
tho dillercnt ingre.liopts, in order tiiHtjut ihtir luiods. are I, s- ililit el to the
the purchaser might judge lor hiin-j honorable appvlation of hit 01 . lhao
self, or ascertain Iroiu proper author- ihoso who cmul.tv chictlv th..ir arms
ily, whether they were devoid of dan
ger. Uotl'e Gilt lo nnu. j
Let all read tho following. beautiful '
apostrophe to water, by l'uul licuton : I
"Not iu the simmering stiil, over
smoking lire, coked with poisonous'
gases, and turrouude I wiib the slouch I
of aickoiiing odors and rank corrup-
V , vivnt limit Vtriv Hilt. llllt Vt'l I 111'"
it.... j...i. ....... u..i.... :.. 1
iiv.il, tiutu lt'ui i .,(ivi 111 111.0U 1 n",
....i.. .... . .1 J....J I,. I
pare Ibo itroeiou essences ot
n't 1
loil'.i ....l.l IKHl.it Kill III I I, A i.r..,i. ,
,U, ' . . . . ' .. ... ...w kIS. ,
to play, there t!od himself brews it. aud
down, low dowu in the deepest valleys,
bore the foiiuuius murmur and the
rills sing; uud high upon tin mo.ui-
...1 ...t.A... .).. i... I .....:,.. ..i:.
I.IU ItlllB, n IIVIW Slit HMIVU k.l'l.C llll- I
lera like trold in the suu : where .he
burricauo bowls inu-io ; whore big
t- .
wave, roar the chorus, sweeping the
march of liod there He brews it.
that beverage of life, health-giving
water. Aud everywhere il is a thing
uf beauty ; gloaming in the dew-divp;
singiug iu tbe euuiuicr rain : shiuuw
in the ico item, till the trees eociu;
turned to liviug jewels; spreading a
golden valo over the totting sun, or a
white gauto around the inoou, sport
ing in the rutsract; skvputg iu the
glacier; daut'ug iu the hail thower ;
loldmg bright suow cuttaius softly
ubove ibe winiory world, aud weaving
th many coloivd iris, that seraph's
xoue of tho sky, whoso warp is the
rum ol tbe earib, whose woof it the tuu
beam of hcaveu, ' all checkered over
wilb celestial Bower by lb mystic
hand of retraction still elway it i
beautiful, thai bleawrJ oold water. No
poisouitig bubble oo it brink ; its
loam biing no tuuduesj or murder;
U'i blood aiaiu il liquid glass j pale
wjdow aud atarviug orphan wep
not burning tear io il clear doplbs ;
no ahnekieg ghost a trow the grave
curse tu word of despair. Speak
out, my fricudt, would you exebaiif j
it for lb dotuoa' drink, alcohol f"
"1 atY, leilow, eomarkett aa idler
lo ovetl of hi (Haiwiiioa, "lot's e
ivIia trill khu ttloest Its M
glade aud grassy dell, whore tbe redj"'."".r ul'"u VT . V ' l "S
doers wander and the child Uee to!11,1 he "0'."'. V f L'"J ,Lv
"All rlyhpaaU our; wthohig
4 ouleselon of Von IId-nbrrg.
Tlie Huntingdon Mnir of last
week publishetthe confession of A I-
lierl 1.0'lebber, ono ol Wie parties re
rcnlly eotiTietcJ ol Hit) murder id Hie!
IViuhtal latnilf. Tin t is little more
in tho cotile'sion than wa- tdainlv tro
IIo dt uie complicilly
in tho killinn bat not lo be an urm n-
wny. IIo says that bo hvcam b-
piuiuli d Willi ISol.ii' r tiif.n, ( riai . y
Mooro) at b-nird.ui h'tusein Ali't.u
s'nio time in August or September last
That llobner told him there w is a tier
li i n it firimr livinst Ik twei n Ilunlii)
doii and Hrad Top thai hud plenty ol
(Told ; that ho IiaI 1'iofjiieirlv tto) p-i
iliorc wh.'li on lii- wijf to Hid mines
at Dudley, to Huntingdon; that the'J"s' h-tem d t . My oljut i-m
... . .. k le .lit ..
old farmer told Into lie tntd got I ; that
at one time ho was y.nn to i-li nv it to
1 bun, but soino one oalud bun nil I .
' thu ria l u talk, tin I wi.oii he caiuo
' hick ho forgot lo pet it out. While
ul w.irk in Altooim iLev iii.1 nil save
muoli 1 1 1 ,i 1 1 c -. and when llicy weie
p;ii I oil iu t lit- lliolitli of O' tobcr, they
had not enough Iclt to buy tobacco,
lioliiiel proposed to uo down to Hunt
ingdoii uud steal tho oil ini-ci's Iii iii
ey. 'J hoy ttout lo the houu of IVili
tul on co licluro llio tuurier. Uu.Jt n
liolg says ho was wiliiug to pti ul the
' money Iimui tho old man. but pritested
"gainst coniimliing murhr. Cut!')
proposi-d lo kill the tainily. lioden
j ber ays ho would nol ng eo to hai
iy band iu it Charity then nurocd
! he wotliJ nt kill them, but wn;ill g, t
' couiilo i .f piilols to ncuic them uol
, uiako them leave thu liouic. lio savs
'tuey rl 't in l'tigi.lal's barn on the
I o ght ol the Kith November, and in the
1 boii.-c on the nigh of the l'ith, but
d"d not get an uj.pt.rt ai.iiv to steal i he
' money in i uns picuccol 5lts. Pcihtftl
' bolting ud the tn-d-robiu doors. I in
! the ihl-IiI of the murder. N'-v. I7ih. he
I tdani", bill has laiied to do it if
i lU'tluT says toat he did nol steal ill.
cai pooler tools, the finding of w It it h in
Ins poc-ttn, cau.si'd bim to h. sent
to penitentiary Iroiu thu country.
1 Ihcy Wire old lo l.uu bv a mau bauied
Ira, il. ho hul ttojeii them; aud a
'cr lie o!J Uitui he bit iht eouotiy
The w li lie story reads t 11, b .t ti.e
circumstances arc iig.dn-t its ercdai.:y.
Itrulit Murkcts uud .Muarle,
yV-m.oi'cvi J oirrci it. test-
agunst the nicir-ct idea that th
"It is iimuglit 17 fr'ine people,
especially, thoj whj bar but little
e Uication, and are obliged to work at
some luborious culling, that a I tbe
profession! are very t a-y ; and they
ol'lcu say that the lawyer, the minis
tor. tbo tta.'her, the hys 0 an. earn
lofir nioaey with little or ntUb-r
S .it'll pt rs.ms stt iu to tb'uk that the
muu who due uot raio a bushel i f
, ,
ivoru, make u hot to
hoe. or woi k
, , . ,
trees up 11.10 cord-wood, or IuoiIht, is
. . - ,. . . . ... 1 . . . ...
uui a prtsiucer, ana 1 er. 1 - re is a pen
. .11 II
iiiiukcr, iuo ciiiiit laoor.T, non e'i'tt
ist v the teacher wlu itistntel the
youog tu all that (sei'lains to litera
ture uui scieuce, is at real y a prt
ducer us be who u-es his ko w ledge
, . ,. i . ,
' nouipltshmeat of bu.i-
uess purposes. 1 he teacher who in
struct- the pupil how It) keep accounts,
aud tiualilies bim of Com mere.-, bank
ing aud other business, contribute a I
os-euliully to ibo tcqui.it.oo of pr-p j
onr a be Ute who
t ..... .1 .
eouuts, plau llio
bas.uess, .d works,
.t.t lliA asatilt lilt lUI.'hl nvi fltr i
t ie BrtuJ.tou i not a producer ho -
Oiuso it never cut down trest, er hewsi
tiuot-r.er wows s-r.-s.t.v .. ... ,
itul tne ax in. soyme aua iuo pia.u ,
aro usvKs witbout the sharp edgv-
WUICO (liegriutlsiouo liupark. c-o.ue
UUUiau llliu i Mtni ui iuiu mi wu.oav
the ttiarpeuiog iuduftic ot sduckioa j
eaoDol lu w ii way 10 SJccvs, wi.h U-j
eihly. U'I Ibe teacher ibeti loot tlt
be i tbe nisi apok ia lb wheel t
the worlds uccs, and while doaog
In duty faithfully aed eobly. lot Wiui
iaad ertl a oo of the wvihj' to
bletuea." Said a duttieguukeJ pohtieiaa to
bit wa t "Lo. k at me! I bgau a
Alderutau, aad berv I am at Ike top s)
iholrve; aud ht U ay ntwarlf
Why, vuU 1 di ety son vail tbe
grvatoal rtaw,i ia lbe I'utied Slate-"
lo lb Ibe youu'. hopelul rvfiied:
"V, dad, w beat yvm die, and ao. id
( Mae4 over tbe wirva a fvw ds
- iy Jj l !,.
fsot lfil VTInc lrlnUii:e.
At an F.pi-e .pnl i ',nv. ntf.-ii, a '!is
fussinii on t uipernii"o hr. u ;ht tip t!,e
- 1 - wine i(u mion. . i.aei i i me eleryt
'"'' euted us enure jt-iw, and a part
. t'S'k the other side. At I iirtli no
- , intbieulinl cli rr limn r se nnd tnol
' velicioent m-ument in (iivor ol me
detiouneuii the rn licttl rel'- rmcrs lot
""''inpiii ir to banish this token ol ho
; ,'ioiiiiy irom use. in n ne lint n
SJtn'd h's teal
aiiTiirif). I rciiiti,ti
with cnio'ion, ror, and a-ti d if n
wa iill.iw i' le f r him . i poak. Tin
chair havinj sVuiiie I Ihnt he wot 'ii
hi heard, ho s.iiil : "!r Mib-r.itT. i
i nut my purpo-.'. in riini' I n'i
wcr the Ii'ii i.hJ r ."itiKtit vu Luvi
numoic, anu i iinpo more rnr-i i-.,
onee knew a 1 it Iht. hi n.oltn'e c
tiiiiislan cs. wlio WnSat nciib in im
Vi-i.iclo-o t o In .-at' a bclovi-1 ..ti n
Co leg-. i rc til in borouie I.-s ,l
ted ; nfi-r ho hul gr id'ia'.' I. ni.d r--t
Uilied to Ins fa: I it, the il.ll.H lc c oi
liotije. ueting upon a c.'iiorom nit ir
'"'"'ally lolonncl h.in Th la.1i
i.s i 1 1 j , i vi i j. t ii. c pro p e;. t',;i'
bis cli'Ti-ho i hope of other divs wen
sti'l to be real, .el. S v, r.i'l ia
I a-scd. when th.,- inn,' nnu lniv.ii:
0 lupl, ate I his prii.i-siofi studio-, ni.d
b ing ah mt to leav his latlo rtoia alt
li It hun t f in b'iiri, s be v a invited
t dine w.tb a t.cigbb. r i.g ti. rgyn.an
d S'iti.'iii-I.cil . r h i-iti'ity and socio
' .ii iti". At lb s dinner. .:h;wi
ill'ro lueed e.-il i.l. r. J t tl. u .
man, wh ri I'.t -od. 1 id-wa r p ;.t ;
1 lid the young n an wa-i li iieii, J i ,:
bis sin.' il.r nbs'oi' u . 'I t.- v,ot..:
man wa--ir' ng i'i,ongh t eur on
appetite, b'lt he co,,,, .. t r-i-t,il.-cu
i'. He dttfik, tit. l f, ii, ot, i I t:
that liu'liien' fe .11110 a 1 i..i: m. I
drutikar l. Mr. M. Ii-rator" cot.t.nu -i
'he old man. w.th triatn:,i' f, , '
hia the I'.ttli. r ; nn 1 it wi.. ut the la !
of the clei j tinin w In I. a j i-t tuii n
his s, at tl,;,t Lis l, ken of l.o-p'taii:;.
r'titu d tfe s iu I si.di never ccj-i t,,
timuru "
Is the Illblf the ttunl iW f.o.l I
"The 15.1 ie tiiC w r J of H -i '.' No !
'ays a y'tit,. - ep e who h;t, i
teaiitigna iuf. '.', bud. "N ! ;
th ' iuv. titieti of n.e .''
15.it tl.o lltble chinis t leth.- w
f u
ot 1 iod. d iic it r.ot ?
' Yes ; tl.o n.cn who wr.te i' ; reVr.d
that th'y -pd.e as they v re 1.1 v.'i lo,
the II ,!y in -t.' and t L it tr'iat t',
a l,w.i-a 'Tii ts s;, ilj tl.e I.ori : lu
tli.t w.i- or.iy a c i'ici. g do t-; '.,, i :.
or to n an mi n tfj-i tu .10
leli.'ie t "
If the I .IV is o-t "1 1' it c'a T t
b , i" is, u tl.itil, rt'i imp -'U.-..1! i
it wri'tr- w- rn ,f 1.- i trs 11 d ,o.-j
"Ye. ;ly. :s i. ;,t I h 1 . t . ! '
(i 0 i men w.u'l u.t lie taJ d-:ce.T.
w,.uli it y ?
"t 11 it u s r.of''
Thea the ltiblo. yot -u-v ct! !
n.'t I. iv.t been w r feu bv g 1 u. s
"I i eli-
it Was. '
N )'.v ati-wer tr.e
liil'ie c ndcinn -it
men vv.tli 1 ua sl.ru
c:.a :i
. a, I
0 "..(;
!.-. - :t f r! M asl icai.T.n M::
10, 1 d ri'i' i a 7
V-- "
D'V it lot 1 tr-
h:i'. I:ar tha,'! rsf-
i-h. tht Af.ncjias t
Jes I ; and that fa
r ly.tu W4 " 'li
s I rt ht :a w b
Sf ex d-t't :t n tfae 1 a'tu 1
and a'l wh ' 1 v .it 1 n.i
t!. I. r:.
A 1 a ,
shut tat tl tl..' ii.ug i.ai 0.' iliav-
It Jom"
An I w e;id In I men f..
dc -eivirs in) cu'si-.t
C cdeam tl.e r owe. si i-. a
! ,.v a 1
t . v .
ens ih. m. lvt w.'.h Krli:if3g; p.
I hoy w.u!.I n:tt. ' X. -r
Thci tht lMIe eoVi ' iv.- bee
writren ty lnJ mu ev.: d r. '
'T or Jf a !tu t, i: i l.-i e j-y t.
how it coa'.J.'"
If tbco. a y x Itrit. it o'u'.J s (
b tho ' U Vt'Ofloa ' it t.tJ toeo
c'jo they e g!d not bo ga ':y of
iut;os'ure. wh els., cu i ke r. i'i
thor b'U Col . Ail it it (.5 ij
P.vk. why n.'t le'U te i. Jiad oiey it :
10 i j l'i y
IItui ta luruirra.
. ,.oVj,M b., io;U,w B'.
a-'-4 v- 1st itv t ft e ( 4
. .., .v, 4
- ,. -1U..K 'v. ,,..,, . , ,., ,
'j. jjj '
K,u , tfcvf vt.it , ihi.t
,ul v t au lB
-j ,,,, Wtfu
R gytsi te list's.
Ivee? gotst tetiss., espoe.a i.jt
iVutVt, tbev priatO' g-Axl ftfV.iag
.: .'i l ..j
A deovnt iVttifcl otbitx rtsr
vvHir t'hiUrt'tt luai.'s ttu-tu thing bei-1,.
... , . .
. .
IVu i starve yea Uai ; UydtM
U - -
grv.Uau. j
bay os:4t rat tu o- ,
. . . . r -
IVei't bNttut rv: 6;r blue h-
w.iu tUr tbe ben
Ituy a l'srui wava Veissrv a iae u
. . . . .
It yvu bav, ,t4 y ,
atMe lye a r rf horec
iKt't wta r imih.e i yvt4 .
gv Us ad Wt tbs kIV aitat-i.
Tvstt b yoitr mi4 t Vvk, (t a4 ktr
rti. urV dsAw ta ec bs)Jtl d,
lVsa't Wsivt t austatorv 1J k-uJd
One 0'iliimn, one year, . $00,00
One Imir column, one reir, an.lf)
ilno fniirth c ilutnn, one tear. li.W
One S'tusre (ID Hurt) on inttrtioo 7
Ktiry additional insertion 6J
Professional and !,i;.,-sa carl of
H"l tuorntltsu fit llr.rs, per year. 6,00
Auliior, Kivciiiur, Aduiiniakralur
and Assignee .Nulitcs 2. 60
Editorial no'tre. per lint n
All a,lveriieni-uis fur a shorter pertot
than one yesr art ( vn l.l.- at il,. imit
titer are ordered, and if not pn I the .nr
"ill nflvrinu litem will be bill responsible
er lite u.uiiry.
jA Fash.ouub o Woaiaa 1'iuyer.
' bcir i.o-il, have mercy ' n ty it',
j nnd pirns lit me ! uw tic 'r.;n 'h sst u
t"' 'W nt s'l inr . thi. in ii.nik'
lor with Mirk v ,' ,w' r si 'I (mi -k
1 1. I liu! ilri -i Wmii'.I I p ev I" e.i n.
ing iii im. I know. f you rai.t ti.v
reiinc t. j lease let mi.' have a new I latit
!la e h u I uIm, d nr ( n.
I km.-. I bcl .i 1 -o . -o:g!r.. f ! n-
- 1 e "oc y inppr. .,r .'I .n ,ni In i e
'" "'''t in" ti'iriie si h n ..:v t o;.-
'!( I A 11, "st h, iv, -n y litth, bgoii,
eotnp,si, i,t ,, suti 1. with r,':i-os-le.c
ii tut:.-. i.r ihj. ,r I aui fi.'t.
,iitf r ry 1 1 tat.
tiive ti,,-. I jr.y Thie, ati Irati.l .If
it iifi mi l a iioir i-frn Ik. with point
Ii e inn niiugs. .ct nie to t grow I hi
toll I of ibis laitiatol cl - 0 i ! u i "oil
ilv otl i" w tit. 11, I, at mak- ti - cx-
dti.iv g "t.th- i.n I jin-t ,c-a i .
A I in too itit.-r .-;, .on. (ijic. 1 t
'I, tin -nit toy styicol l 1 i'v. ;i,i I t
t'o t- l o p'l ji-y 1, 1' 1 u,Ti'i", 1 a t r, -,
r i.'lies and lliinic-; lvr I deary i.v.j
tllCtll u l.
Mi. Lord, let b sin -s ,', fi n tr v
li'J-o;in I ; t II , !or he ii to t w m e
a' le III)
ac 01 i -,
at pr, -.-lit I
I ith U,c tail.
-I, t I t f
'1 0
ori i f I f.
t r 1.0 c
e i:i.cr,
fo.lo '
t od .e-
W h i i -la', ti M
1 p 1- t". 11. at
in 1..
I l-e-enh 1 If.
f 1
,li i,'.r l:
drop, u'i i t V i-,; s. r, i 1
1 nr -. for I i.ave t, t'o r t1 e ti -i
ilic ''...ti ,ti t 1 i o k r t Ii tr. r:
A:i 1 1 a.i ii,, I., r J. t ,'.. c i-e
W.I I ... p. ;.r, J . l.t -.
11 V I:
Ilio'i -. , i. n.
. . ;u ii lie, oi oats.
- of th ! t
t:. e,' :
:'.)v" ;
r : a r
: ! r :.
r ; . v
I .ti .:i in tl
1'"", t,
I : i- !.-
11, ; i i '
,nJ t;,'
I t' .: :.
i 1 .v-t.-.--.
p ,,-, .
1 v
r- b.-
-n t.
.i r.
r. It
til ,V
t r ti i- W
Ti , i - ), a- -J o
ha- leon r.ii
I f N
J r.
Ti. -
- 1
': 1
L ti.' !-1
r.- ;r,. r.-d
a d f h
i. Wei..
1 v .-
.i-r r-
e -.:
. 0 . iV .
r r-i1
if t'-:
i a: i"
. 'A
!'t - ! i
tir.i I
We g '
At J-
1 a
To !ake I'.iper 1 r.iopasent.
A-f-:s. -t .: : ' .- '
11 w'.O h..?- ; t z. i. : f '
i : v t
';Tt"i i
i : n
i '' i
.i, ...
g -a c
vtr ,
iraw r
; p-te--
: ;. '.
I-ti s
n ; . 5 d
' f.-o:
r .!
til -
v i '
.. " g . 4 i '. I
be f g J i '
u ir" T
f :g
i.i i
ft t
r-; igia gfg.-'gft'f-: w
l" --ins;'.. 3: . i
or . 't - i i
: viit' or ;. 1 1 I :
d . ov-jrv :' '. be p-''r. s ;' i ,i :
w. 1 p'ljvg ( tj ;.;r servi-.. r n i
- c.n-s of th-; : r-' -s. u. : : i
I tli t a.' of s: X r,i;-, p -...-'ft
-'-'y 03 V X : . fn J: .;
t.Vtilti b- 'gt t.
Tbe Vxti rb Lla.eJ
A .g'l'ar .-Hsu i',. i4s6 bovin J.r
.i .'cJ ,3 Njkft ts. . ' 'it t t-i-i-f 1 l.'sse t i,
hi a i.-i up- ii t. i wvj.l L1 in
.. I ,s,iu t- ja-ii'tic i. ' A v-rtr r on
in I b.Hti ett.ff d u-l I t h
or'i-vTtv to a svait-n: n ni v-, w i
De r'S)w t 3 is lilo r-ii riw
g i w b- .'U. ti r:"
wr h : n.ft i rjf v h 't tl
1 'U sl'loul.f
.o i r tit.i'i.
I'tlO , l'i i
tot'o; pvs-ssi, ti ji .ho r
, t,.
f'. rv l a vvry am I poetn.i ot' it pj t . i
: . . . , ' . "
... , K . ,
, k.WOu) tla JKa.--i Oo'.il k ,t tif
pkr .1 hri.l Oil tin. ,M.l.ll..SH.r.l-..
' bo Biaitur, So ta.-'o a tv itc m.i'i-
,.,., - wV, lu..,i-stred th- w 1! u...t
.....K- . ... . ......
. WV1 US i-. ll ' " 'I' '.. ' 1.1,1-
, t ,. h
ia,.. Ur,4 ,h. ,VHt:-,
li,. - ik uisJ tiiuil Lht Lhit Haofi.Ji,,u,',l
g'KO llie Ui;oc jtt ths) part vis
ii 4, JsJ . Was. i tiov vifved h ut fuiiv
ibviirutid d ittrs, a4 prups-sud to rti
a iv ttiv , v iii-i,.- hi,i- tif-m--
4 tM4iUjll. w i, Va.,
4 . .w,.l,h.u,.tv l0ll mvJulL Wt
...Ves i tS'ilrs! aou- Jy
tNtiwltsi t t.-V'ry lU Wt WICUIA lit' Ilia
wt.t aid, pay I.W e-itvuut lljeji ptsr
Mewl he ib-r taiUvi! Qttir. Aad. Ut
WIM to- dts'VVtd.

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