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The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, April 07, 1870, Image 3

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APRIL r,i?o.
tr.orsK & nun:. Proprietors.
win ini.iMii;r.
The fdlowinj jumc! mi it i n wai i
eel on the Ml) nit by II n. Hituil.
ton 1'i'h, ! M-rctiwy of :
T ' lyVid m jirn-nt.i ttny
rom? ijri"iiiiif i
K. ;e '.lint III" Conrc st of t he
T " n i o . I SMt ', in r nlimit t lie L'Tili
il iv nf I'Vifii-i'V. one tli 'ii'iiinl nilil
lmmlroij timl v xt n ' n " snl reao
) I'ions. in woiU itu I II jures, as l.il
iw, to wit :
Hes'luti in rr tin m nmendinrni
to t te Otis i;uti n of (lie I'liiicd
Ii r itf-l ly tli' S ii'i'c nn.l H '
t f ll'j'r-fi- i'H'iri nj ihf L'lifft S' it
ff Am 'ri ' i i t I'viifj.rt n.r- mh'i l, two
thli h Ivif'i li .usee c.ni"irrMi(. Tint
1 ho Inllowirjr nrt icb's he prcii.si. In
the !.' .slutures "I the n'Vi-ral Smtps as
Ml nii'dl hnetlt to the I 'ulititllti'll cl
fir L'nit.' I S'nte. wiii-ti when r.itifiod
I'V 'It. c-f il" lis nf s.:tl lip ':it i"f.
eha'l In villi. I m pirt of the l'ontilu
lion, tiiiim ly :
Ahtii i.k l.'i, SkitI'IN 1. Tlic rent
of rtii mi rf tli - I iiMi'
uie 1 1 vote
hnli not li-1 lii'uie I or uhridgC'l hy the
Tniinl Sa'es. or any State, on no
r.iint ot ra. o color or p.evioin c hi I
t.iti.-n ol m l it U'l
Sic fVnrri'is ii:ill I nve tvitvcr
1 i
t 0 r;.'.in e tliii nitiil.i by nppi'oprit.te
leg ' I'i'.n.
And further, That it appriir fioth
1 fli-iiil il e'ii.cnt' on fi'- ill t!u-ili-J
r no 11', tli at 11 1110 nil 111 e lit t 1 the
t 'i l,-itcti..ii ol tI,o I'liileil Stnli . pre.
J tu'i I ik ill-" e li I, b i-i been ratified
I v tho I,, gih irnr." of Nm th 1 'iir. l'iia.
Vest Virginia. M.-i-iclitletls. Wi--c
111-iti. M.ii 'e. 1 . hi tin, Miel.ican. '
Snub tVimliiii. Pi iin-i Iv.ui'n, Atkri
a, i. ('. -nil. -ei;. 111. I'lu'ili, I, linn. l'i
dinti. Nc' Y. -rk. No'.v 1 1 a n;.liiiv.
. iiula, Yrllll int. nvi A l.lll ,111.1.
Mi--s.iii'i. Mi-:s-ip'i. tlliio, i.'t.
K:ina. M io'i'-' t 1, l,li l-lanl Ni
I r.ik.i :iti i Ti in -in u!l twvtiiv-ti.no
And fiir'l.er, T'n it the S ;it i!i a
I."gi!.i'iii( wh have -0 r:it ti -d tl.o
rop .-e J nnn-ti l'iii tit enii-tmre tliro,
I "iith of the whole luunlir of the
itfl Mate .
An I l it'her. Tint it nprotra f.- tn
tin; olliciiil iloi-it 1 n t- 101 fi'e in tli
tlepartnieiit lh:. the l.oji .'.ltnre of the
f :l;it New Vol k h 11 vilice -i-i'il
r:'"i':t'ni, el.ii'ii'o to uitli lrivv fr.'in
Miid r it iti'-ati it 1 1 ii I irm n In eiit,
which bud been in.vle by the l,i..i.'i
le.re tn l o'- v. Iii li ol'iei.! 11 itiee had
li on filed in tlr-t i!eiarlclii"tjt.
And f ii il.i "-. Thai it iippo'ir f.'oin
nil illii-ial .lo - 11 in - nt mi file in t li t m ik'
Ji'lilineiit licit tlie I,, gi-lal :t e of (ieor
j:ialii. by a riwolutiun, i; ili-.i I 1 h -I
r"p ni'il union Illici t .
Sow. tlicivtor.', I. it it kn .w;i 1 hit I.
Hamilton IVh, Seeii'tary ot the SU'e
l lb" 1'iiited State, l y tii'l ie ntnl in
jeT'iiaoee of aid n.-etion nf tin act of
t'oiigre-, sr provrd the J 'lb i April.
I l", eti'ith d n to t I.. pr.. ide l it- the
itili'.ii'ati.ii of law. if 1 ii-- I'nited
Slate ntii fir itliei per j.-.-o-. I d
I.cr.'by ci rtily llint tln.l tiiiieniliiient
has I t-.'itne villi I to u'l intent Mil
J .irp" :i j :i r of the t ' 1:11 itiili.Mi ol
ill,' Piiilel Sato. In t'-tini'itiy
w!i roof I ;:io ln-rell'it ' 'i't my hi,ti.
Hti I cauel the e-il tL I'ep.u linen
I I S'a'e to be iill'iKi d.
I'oiie nt the 1 ilv of Wasl.in.Oo'i th'-
thini-.-tli d iv ot Miiob. mm th.i- ind
cil.' huri lie.) in 1 . verity, an I of III.'
i'ldepend 'to e of the I'nil. d Snte' tho
l.iuitV-.'otl'ill. llAMtl.Tot Fl-ll.
T" Ih ifJV JVi Hu .t.-of h'
'ry r
fit iti'i't :
It is n-'.i'it 1,1 notify th
rf t'otitrrf s; bv tn.-s-iioo
t no If mid
f the proiuul.
Killen bv pt'oebiti', iti.n i. tn S, eri t
ry of Stitor.f t'ic tatili.aii n of a
e ni'til utionnl iini.'tiiiii'iit . lu view,
boivevi-r. ot'tlie vast iniju rts'iee i. the
I'iflecnth Anien dm 'tit t i the C.iisti.
tlltion, this (I iy deel ifed a part of til it '
reveted iii-tniiiieiit, I ih ein the ile
pai tttre from u-ti d cn-t nn jnstifi ible
incseisure which niak. s at mice f n i-'
Uitiliona of j p!e voter wh i w.-re
liereti.f iro delurel, by tho bLhetj
irilmnil in the laud, h it citizen nl
the I'nited States an I not eliirible toi
bceome so. w'uli the nssorti'in tint, nt'
llintiinenf tho Mcclaralioii o I,,.,..1
peti-leiice. the eninioti Wis fixed urn! i
iitnversii it. the c-i v 1 1 re 1 p. r.niti of ( out the Mate a the ' Kebel ltaid ,on llie j ail ol our l tiisialors, or more
tho while M', at nn usioni i'l in. irfi's an appropriate nnnie wus killed in the ! (.roperly both, Tha pliuht of our
s well as in polities, tli 1 1 I bieU men i llmtso last niht. (Inly vixtei n 11 en Stato in regard to iia togislaiors ig ho
I a t no rights wbi.'li the w hite mtn ' could be induee'l to ( u,t their votes j eontino really deplorable. Kuch iiic
was li ua lto re-pect is indeed a ' for the lueasure, and tlio seventy-three Ceedin Leoiulaturo seems to Uilldo its
lai iistire of '.'Hinder impor'ance than ' who Voted ujjiiii.st it did so because ' preJecesa ir in culpubla c.uiituct and iu
any one a. t ol the kind, Iroin th" lent;- they believed tho almost universal : elllcieitey 'J'bo remedy, however, is
tlaiioti of o'tr free ;uvei t.iuet.t to th' feelitii; l tho peoplo waa deei b-dly w'ith tho people, and they have no
present iImv. Ijaiust it. Tho bill is dead, wo hope 'mie t) blame if their business is oeu-
Iree ii(titu' iuit in;eonr, in which
n i power is neriven oirect iy H em I lie .
people, must depend mainly on their '
t'iti-!igence, ;itriot:sm and indnslv
1 ea'l ihe fttientioti. therefore, of thi
iirwly anfi'aiiebi-e.i raeo to llie bnpor. j
tanee of their strivini: in every honor-,
i.b!e tiiniiner lo itiiiko themselves1
wer'.hy of their new prerilcge. To'coura;;e further ellorls and gives the
ihe rre mrre fivored herctoforo bv I iieoitlo some assuruneo that they will
tho laws I would siv, w'tlih'tld no e-
pnl privileno of a Ivaneenionl to our
new citizens The Humors of our Con
stilution lirmly believed that repub
lican inverniueiit could not endure
witlintit inttlli;eiiee nnd education
was generally dilfnsed otnona the pe-
file, Tho Father nf his Country, in
Ids fare .toll address, uses this lnu
linage :
" I'romote, tlien, aa a matter ol pri
mary importance, itiMitutioiis fir the
general Uiflaaino of kaowlctlito. In
( iiroportlon as tho structuro of reptih.
Jieitn povernincnt pives force to public
opinion, "it is oflsuntint thai public opiu
ion should bo enlightened."
Io his first nieysatre to Concrex the
sumo view wero forcibly presented,
vnd he again urged them in hit eighth
"ijr,e. I repeat, the adoption of the
-h amrodruont to tbo Const I tu-'U-a
the greatest civil cbanjte
a the most Importaul
-cd iioe tbe patloo
claDge w"' -
If'vcn to tho urgent recommendation
of Washington. If thoo rocomenda
n'ons were imp'ir'anl then, with pop
nlition of Imt a few million", how much
mure importint tn'i t it be now, with
a population nf Inrly million and in
creusiiu in rapid redo.
I would therefore c.ill on Congress
to t iUc nil incsna wi'hin its constitu
tional power to promote nn I cnemir
Hfo iiipillur education ihronijhniil li
country, nnd upon peoplo everywhere
tn sip to it. that u'l who possess anil
exercise political right'' sha'l have on
uppir'tuniiy to ?.'iira the knowli'dc
which will nmko thrill chare In the
iroverunirnt nnd it Idi'saini;, without
dnnaer. J ly such moans only can I lie
in in Iks enntenipl.iie I y this Atuoiid
mi' til lo the (.'oii'liiu ion lie secured.
T. S GiiAsr.
Death ol firm-rat (.run
gv II.
'1 liomiis.
General' tr(ir'. II. Thvnn, cem
ninnler of tho P. vision of the Pacific,
.lied on t!io 2-ith nit . in t;in Krutici
Mi, of appuph xy. tSeiirriil Jli oimi
w im l .in in Soutlitan.ptoii coiintv,
Virginia, on the "Ut of July. Hid.
II- pntorc I the R'i"l l'.iifit j.-a Icinv
in .Tiilv V gridii.ite I in.lnnc, Is-
I 4 . mi I wn in olo a second lieu'ou iot I ina thai Sweeney and 1 weed h.ive had jd.ni tells u tlml li'l tribes ol ationgi
..f nriiil iry He served in I he 1'loiida po.itii al cmirol over Now Voik city ores aru founl in the deepest frvl ol
1 war ami in the war with Moxi-o, lie , lor the pu-t ix yeats. inks wlmt they South America, from the Andes to the
i w;i w.t't (ieneral luvlor at t orpus
't'l.rsti in.Itilv i' niel s -nel ilir.'U.di
nil the h itth'S of T lir' camp li.'n. ;
Ho wa breveted a mnjor fur l.i gil
;tit cnolnct at Iluena Vi-ta. Alter
I lerfor.n ti- a varintv ot otticr service. 1
he wa orleiel. with a battalion ol
' ui i i tli rv. to Port Yum, ('alifornia. in i
I s.M tin 1. s mis venr nlterwards. w i
ona 1 lt"' I ni:iint Indiatw ot Iho .Ninth-
.ve-l. whef he wa wounded
When tli' lb beliimi occur."!. Major
'I'll una- ibd dot ''go with bin Sate,"
bat M. 10 i l y Li eo'.iiitry't. II il'. lie
hl-rvi'd !l l.i-'.ltelllllt t'.i.itil, mil
corn iti 1111 lo I n brigade in lien. Patter
oti's tuiiio, iii Aujti-I l '!. Ho wa-
alterw.'inl f.-n! to Uentueky nr.l Jen-;togivo bis oii cstii)iate,inii. unluckily, Jruiiketies', protlin icy, or other cause
in v. e, where l.o roml 'io I '00 I per-! he returns 110 iniMim1. Jtut lit least bo , whatsoever, shall lor two successive
vh'e. In April, lSilJ, having been is 1 ich euoub to own a gorgeou house 1 years desert his wife or ueglect or re
nin le n M i;or (i 'tieral of volunteer. ; 111 town 1111 1 u Mitiiptejii aeat in the j fu-e to live with her and provide for
lie e iiiriiainied the riht wing of th" : country ; a stud ol bjrses, and set ol ' her, he shall, as to evriy spei iea an I
Army ol tho Tfiiiiensee. mi I t.i.ik put p.il.iti.il c able.'' desciiptioo of property, whether real
in t'.ie siegi ol Coi lot li. In Novem-' l' r a braec of Por.ioeratie bm!- p-rsouul or mixed, owned r belong
bet, h w as pi iee I 111 tin; e niiin md 0! ' nipt, who have had a partnership in ing to her, have all the rights and pnv
ll.o centre A rmv of t ho Cu'nlu rl an 1. 1 1 Us " trade of polities'' for only six , ileges of a female Hole, to purchaso or
in which po-ition be ii I r,le mii' : leal , ihi will do very well.. Few sell or convey Iho fame, a if alio wore
-1 rvii-e a Stone Kiver. t.'h rlmooiia. bu-iiie-e lirtii!, in tho count rv have solo and unmarried.
in I t'bieani 11 and w s ma le Jlrio
idier ti.'iiera! in th1 rcuul.r army at-
ter Phienni oiga. lie w..i new laurel-
ley the c ipl'iro of I Irelmrd Kindi. nnd '
the cdebrated eiiai i.'e no 1 i-io 1
Kile, in November, I Mill III May ; estimated all the way Ir.jiu live to tin
l i;l. lieiici il Thoina W is pla I in ! millions of dollars I
ci.i,iiniiid if the centre of Slierinan'. In I lie blit of sueli a showing, how
ariay. n ol t x k :m iietivepu t in ali fal-e and grjtiu lle-H are ull tho lietuu
the important event in the inireh to era! io promisi s ol economy and houesiy
the tlani:t When Slicniiiti left At- in the lolminiMt'uiinii of tho liovern
hull .ti I to ik up hi " tnafcti to the nuiit ! Tho I loiiioei'illtO po'ty hus
-i a," Th nn wa orb rod towat'h hut one fnm lo itlmld in tho country.
the Itohi I tienrral Hood und Inn bit"
wostward. Alter winning a vat rv
it Franklin. Trim . in Iheemltr, he
retired lo Na-hville, where bi niis -
tcrly MratCitv resulted in the utter toutr
und d.tcit of lloid. This tiet-Ty!
practically ended the rebellion in the
!ll J
t, ili-aiMio'.lit ini: and dcniorali.-
lie reoe f. who bud I mked t'
. ishville nn I tile expectel (leteat ot.llie I re-i.leticy . lomu men fan never
l'li"ina. to I'oiiipeii-iilo in part tit Icji ; ue suili iently ihiinkful that tn?rcil'il
lor ih-'ir previous ilcleals in tho We-t j Prooidetice infused such madness into
and f'l Sberuiaa' iiiaroh ti the ' their counsels that tho country wa
sea " ! saved the pi rito.it) possibility id their
In Jatrinrv. Ibi'mi. Tlielnas wa cr.'
at-da Major General in tho re;ul:ir
41111V. ami w.f atipointed roiiiniandi't' '
1 -I' tin; Miii'ai v I livi.-i 01 compo-e I id
fen see. Kennieliv. Georgia nnd;
Ala'eii.V. J.i l-i'il'. In' w.n nineli
, to the I'limni iinl ol of t b-J ! v i ki.mi o1
the hici'ie. which po-ition be oeeuj led
it tho linn' ol hi death.
l...n.-r-il l liiiitiriw uli.) it'.nnv tliinL
... 1 i '
o,i-l,l t j bare been made Lieutenant
General, Wat Ir. p Ironi polil eal as-
(ilt'll! lull, ai'.Q Hiillirllt fllty III ill) III;
duty a- n addier. How fait bful-j
y h.'iiii tbi-, the world well knows '
lie miis a tr.ie and thorohcli soldier. !
and while a strict tli-eiplinariiin, lie
w is 1 1'atly beloved by the army, from
GelKiaU ibiwu to ptiv.itc, the latter
le-ij;imiiti bini it " I'np TliouiU'","
A a man be wu no les rospeeie l
than u f 'Idier. Hi death i-u sure
-lioke to 11 bo-rflf deal t wat til Irietidi
in v.n ii 11 parts 4f liio i-ouutry, and
w tli lur inure iiinh lliau il-ual in such
eases, wo cnu siy tint tl.e lulioli iuoui us
bis lo.-S.
I'll? Itrbrl Itaid Kill.
The bill cotnmoiil v k' owu tbroti.di
la-yond resurrect ion, und It 1 well.
11 l.nil passeo II10 llouso It ouglit to
bu a been defeated in Iho Senate.
Audifil hud passed botli Houses it
would have put the Kxecutivo 10 tlie
piiiulul neees-ity of vctoniu it. Then
1 nolhiui; like putting dim a a rebel
rail 011 il first appearance. It (lis-
not uymn ue tiiaet'l on tho tinxi .us
be placed 011 tho iinxi
-tool, nervously wailiiij to see theiu
selves rubbed.
Tho bdl was radically wronj. It
paid certain Individuals for personal
losses at lha bunds ol a pttbliu cuomy.
while millions who lost more than
these people on' the hordor were to bo
lei t In the oold, with scarcely a word
ol sympathy. Wo say l hero were
niihious of iiood nnd hyul men nnd
women in this natiou thousands iu
Pennsylvania who sulfered fur uioit
tbaa our lellow-citizens aloti the
southern borders. They were fathers
and nioihers, nnd sisters and brother,
and sous and duugh ten, whose tears
of prief fr the loss of those D0Hrnd
dear to tbetu vn the suuny but bloody
batile-fiobls of the South and in Iho
filthy priaoo pent of barbarous end
iubumaa enemy, havo beta allowed
auiotlv to trickle down the choaka
nviojt, ottonlziog loven of their eopCj
try, aiboae only eoDdatioa U tb(t all
a-A-.u ,hMt Utwaut aaraat atpuuJr.
l-'T comptininnriliip, support nnd ym
pitby, tln-y Mcriticid lor their own
treat n itioti. The loa-ieii on th-i hordor
arc paltry, mean and rrdicnlmisly in
l.'tiiticant unip!i'd to thcao lieart
lom which cin novcr, neer he re
paired. What l the losa of a horo
ti the loin of n humao life t What ix
the logs of hen-coop to the Iqm of a
brother f What is th hitmlng of a
Iiouhc to the killing of n father J How
reiiciilou thcao border cluinn appear
whou ym C'linpnre the in willi the
MiiN of I: nil init men gone to eternity in
pMti'cting and di-ft-ndiug thee people's
liiiditiiioiis and pi'Monnl property I
When wo review the pittion in the
true n-iprct in which it elioul I preenl
1 1. -i ll'. Me foci ccrinitl thai the, tctiNilile
people on our Soui hern h irdor will
i iicuiBelve.' indignantly teptidiaio the
id 'il of rliiiniiiir imleniiil y from the
pe. pie of PvuiiHylvanlii tor lii"."eK and
ioi-li:i they know to ho the comnioii
loaea und iiii."linp' of the wliolo nation
Iroiu the Inkos to tho gulf.
'I'lie hi I i dead and (tod he priced !
iiiii'itial in jufi .' lt-ti'j) Toiift
A lliM ol Irnioi'rutlc
llilllkl IIS.
The Now York H'7 nf'er ocrt
liave done With their stewardship J
It rem that these Jii'inoera'ic
ringleader have untuned iilf.ur much j
to tln-ir own priv ite eiiiul'inii'iit, and j
very little to tho public henetlt. The I
It ,Y( us, ra that Mr. oun"V. Who
luJ tin pi teat" fortutlJ when he came
to -u'jlie ollice, i known to have be-;
c nne euormou-lv rieh out of the urirate
prooeed of li'S public " fll -'CS
Mr. Tueol,'' eotititiues the some
reli ablo authority, ''wu worth loss than
nothing w bell be look up the Hade
ol p iliiies, for bo was a bankrupt.
Xo he ba great pocaions, t-st itna- '
ted ull Hie way $ i,0 JO.U'JO lo twice '
a mrj.di. Wo are surrv not tobeuble
'b iviti so tin iviiiif a bu-tiue-s. Accord-
ding to the M'o,7, one nf tho partucrs
liui lloeood tLo people out ol ric.ies so I
1 ii'irui ius as to he inestimable, and the j
ot her ba aiini ed ureal pos-os-ions, ;
, which in .Now oi k city, oud thill is!
j I be sccno of tho 1no.1l stupendous 1
. official thieving. It bus but two men I
'wlio po-se-s real power to control lliei
' part v, and they uto Tweed audi
What a blessing that these men did
mt dtain cotrrol of the country bv
the elei t hoi of Seymour, their tool, lo
lllllJ C lltnd lit Iho
c. iitrolnl tho .National dor-
eni'.iieiit lu the lust diction.
' How cariRvllj chould all
. ..
. 1
Auielieuti labor tnd pny that
lleuveu w.iuld uvci'l (10 tn the country
tlm calamity of having Tweed unit
Sweeney elevated to the I'ri'sitleuev in
j il. pt-r-ou of their creuture, Holtnnn.
j Wero il U t that wo think it lUipoH-uble
i h..t ffl.n ........t.i ......T.l ..!. tl.ii ............
' V'V" . - ''
to nueh a tlnnK, wo h .ul l trenibU lor
tho luturu of uttr Counlty. '. '
Is one day last wrck iho Governor
returned to the LcgixUituio twelve bill
wil, vetoes. All nt lhee bills were
1 1. en I, nod of 110 tenerul interval or iui-
poltatiee, J be whole hutch was simp -
,y a spawn of ha-ty und llietiditle
legislalmn, stiij 11 audi rellects greatly
nil the ahility of the mombers ol tho
l.ej;i-!ulurc. Some ot ihcso Idlls cou
llict wi'h lannli ir provisions of the
t'oiistitutioii other propose to loiris
lato incases over which Iho courts by
the Ki'iii-rul 111 1 have power. One ia
a bill which ha nlrendy oneo pussed,
nnd which tho Governor b:i I already
unco aipned. All this proves either
iiiont'iiciiy or criminul earelesstiess
Ililected and their money suipiudeied al
Harrisbtirre. Ihe luonieut lhat the
men of any county beio to choose
their repre-enlutivts on the same prin
ciples that they choose adiniiiietrot. rs
and trusteos whou rollod on do so,
mat tors will ri)ibt themselves al Hsr
rishutg. A I.L hopes tor tho sab ty of the
mi-sin steamer, which left New York
lor Liverpool nti tho 25th of Juuuury
last, geem lo hnvo been jiirou up, 'J be
number of persons on board ol her ut
iho time of hor departure, lias at lonlh
loeu authentically ascertained. The
wliole uuiuber wu 19 1 : uainuly 84
olliccrs uud crew, tod 107 passengers
Of tbe latter, 65 were cabin auj 5J
siearajru passengers, llcaidos aorcral
military iisntlotoen, there wore on
Imard a eousidorable number of the
leadiojj busioes men of Halitsi. The
toarai;e pusaeuers were ch efly from
New Vork aud iuoluded teroral fuiu
idea. i'
TUaVTreasury atutetuept lor March
show a resluetioo during the oiooi
or the publio debt, uf 5,706,349 43.
Atjtbia rate, even the decrease for the
oarront year will reach about 170,000
000. A reduction of 150,000 000 per
annum will pay the debt toon eoouab
Better reduee Uiatio the oddwen-
lUt'liiMras. --4 piw . et1tnJP
TllR li'd providing for holding Con
ercusiounl eloctiooa throughout the
United .States, on the Mnia da), was
panned ly the Houne Monday. Tho
ccond Tuesday in Novcniber i the
day fixed, so that the Presidential and
tho Coogreasinnal cloetioes will oc
cur on the snme day. The design tn
hnvo the Congreasioiial eleotiona oil
held at the some time la proper, as un
der iho present law, there is period
ot lime, every two yw. during which
a full Congress could not bo had il
uceded for any omcrgency.
IlAtiTroRi), April 6.Tht're wo n
heavy storm of rain and snow in thir
State ll day ycatrrdny, which kept
thotianils of voters from the polls, and
hus interfered with tho receipt of tho
returns tho rouds being terrible and
the wires damaged.
It is known, however, tint Knulish.
IVmocrnt, is rlectod fSovernnr by over
.IIMI innj'irity. The Itepiililirans. how.
over, claim both Houses of tho Legis
liitino. In thi city tho Iionwrats luvo
about 0i) ni'ijority. In Now Ilaveo
they hnve nearly 2.001).
Amojch tiik Ispians. J.leut. Hern
.iiiitliio r.iasi, niai
in not have and
u-e I loot. Ayer a
ineilitnni'S anil Ijo-
well cottons. "IHKMuNT, .UF
Koi.li,'' ' Hott," me ceen stamped hi
hirje rod and hlno letters upon their
uai'menis, wi.uo.-iyet pin nun vinrry :
i e torul oro atnotig tlm treil'ure ol
their habitation, Tlioir ni'ivo soil
luruishes theiu nil their food and most
of their remedies, but ibey Buffer from
i 1110 ufllietioti which niu-t have the
intern iMt ion of higher akill. Seuli
lie I, Liberty, Va.
TllE following bill ba beeo passod
by the Leghduture :
Thai whensoever any hu-lnnd, from
S crn -. That it shali be lawful'
lor any married wommi as oforesaid,
to g'le and bo sued in her own name
upon all i-ui ti coutracts as ai'oreisanl,
beielforo made or bo made and to sue
in her own name her husband, to re
cover the possession ot her real estate
or the value thereof, a ifuhe were sule
and unmarried.
i li1 A K K Mil N T 1 1 O f K I j ,
JT ntiiKMosr, snviikr co., p..
L.NOI II FMITII. I'roprirtjr.
Th i ia new hotel ia now prcpire-1 lor 1 he
sccnuiiiioilniinn of pnai nn.l will afford
first rule euiprlaiiimenl lo peruana viilinn
l-'reemiiiit. livery aff.rt will lie made lo
promole I lie cmnforl- of trnvi'litr r I p i ri ft
st 1 Iii house Choice lifini!- nt the Uar,
nnd 1 he Tahle Kiipplird with the lioal llie
market nllords An ample alahlv in con
neetion wiib tA bouse. AprilO Toif
1 V. C KN Th . V 1 1. 1. K, S N Y 1 1 K R Co.,
WILLIAM S. I.U.MI, Proprietor.
This well known hoivl. Incatrd in the
lowu of t'entreille. has toon thoroughly
repuired nud irlitie I, nnd i in ihr lie-i eon-
htion lo accouimotlule llie irafrling put. he.
J Ever effort will lie made to proumti the
tcoliilnrl of fflleata. A share of miti!i' itat.
! roniiiro in aohoitetl. AnrihU'TOif
1AMKS Iv. HA VIS HOT 111.,
Sl.LlN&llHDVK. S.N V I'KK Co., Pa.
IIEMtY A. U01.IG, l'ruprii'ior.
ThU well known ll in-e kaaiug I. no re
fitted hy tha pre.-ant pruproivior, olleia ra-
jc,Heni accoun..o.Uiu,a 10 1
j cmlmmil,. i hoice h.p.ora .
j ihe liar, and the Tslile aupp
ilia irute.lng
and I'iusra at
auptihed Willi Ihe
best the luaikol utlurd'. A good aishle,
iietidvd by laralul buallera, 111 loiiiucnuu
wnh lha boue. April K-'IOif
! In the Orphan' 1 In th
In tha matter of tlie I'ptata
tin It hniilur, lata or
I'arry, ay,iercikiled.
i ua UQ'lerluiied. Audllur aLMsonled lit tlw 1r-
phaup' lluurt id sin-lar oounty In main ill.lrll.u
llou uf lb lumlpin Ibohauiiaul llanry H.Miydur
A. ,...l..l.o ..... .., .... II .I...-..., ...
and auii'iix tUia traally antuial 'therein, Willi
meet all per imer.-.lul, 011 SA 1 1 hitaY,.
Ariun sni. istu, ai io o i-kk-k, a. hi., al Ilia
I'ublto Iti'Upeid KoiK-h suiub. In Framnul, Sny
der county, when at. it where all p;trtlep In 1 erected
may attend it li.ey ileaire. J.. N. H KKS,
Albldiaburn, Marub It, 1T0. Au.lnor.
Manufacturer of sad dealer lo
Would rcspoei fully Inform tbe ciiiirns of
Selinsgrove aitd viciiiity, thst lie nianuf.io
turf a to order and keepp constantly on baud
Furuiture of every J loser ption,
al Iho aery lowest price. He respectfully
iuviiea nii riiiniinniion of
Lot SUKs. M AMIS, uli.UlU, fee.
tut A sp-iial inviiHiioti i ritrudej In
newly iimincd folka to call nnd aca uiy alock
before I urcbaning elsewliere.
SeliusgroTe, April C, l70-il
Having purchased lha well known atan'
in Selins -rove, formerly owpcj.hv Philip
HU'cker, I am prepared to acoomuioduie all
who may ileaire anything in my line, and
warrant aaiiafaoiion ia all eases. 1 keep
coorunlly oa hand, and am prepared lo
manufacture al lha aborleat aoiioe,
aifli SLEIUIIS.&c.
.Ueiug eiperienced ia the buaiueaa, I flat
ter myself thai I am fully prepared to meet
ibe waota of my ouaiomera. Tbe hands
employed are among the brat meobanio ia
tbe onuaty, and ibeir work will not fail lo
give universal tatiel'aoitou.
Mrtlpeeial aiianiioa paid to repairing
ia all ila branchea.-t
Bbop oa klarkal at .eel, few doors soulk
of tba Ueroiao Kf formed t'burub.
Ballaagrove, April 7, '7U-if
Sheriirs Sales.
By virtue of eerUle writ of Veen. St.. hwaaal
at of Ua Uaurl of Ooaaaaoa aT SavSaf Oa ..
la alnik A M. Ihm 1'nl. I
T 1.11 Half at
artala TRAItT (IK I.ANO
Itnats In Mltiller-k tnwnfhlp, eoasif and
Mala af.iraaatit, bmnll M f.illiw, to wit t On
tha Vju4 hj laoil or K.llaa Kark, North T lanii or
Nanra Htranh, VTart bf laait of (,krlilln Woltar,
eonulalna THIRTY KVF.N AORF. mora
or la, KaHa-l, takaa lain ai aeatlnn, and to ba
sold at tha rruparl-of Kansas II. Wai.rsn.
il.so -On taa aamadav, on tha pramMaa, at
ONKo'elnck.P. M .aaarUlo TR aOt ot LAN It
llaala In Whlnlon Torihlp. Stala and
aoanif sforaaald, IWinndad and druerlliad aa fo.
..w : H-iclnnlnjt at a poat Morlh two daaraaa
Mat thlrl-an aiT and ona hall parrhaatna tna
than-a alnna tha I'nMI Road Nnnh Hiy two
ort want twantv two and a hair parrhaa ti a
flora i thanra alona laadof Alaiaiiilar and Wm.
Ilaritch anuth two rirftraaa waat Ihlrtr lta rarrh
ra lo a liil i th-nra bf land of IMall and J.ina
than (Irlmm North alahly-twa itraraaa t
Iwantf and ona hair parpli-a to I ha lar of ba
Klnnlnc.enntalnlns ab il TH KK Al KKS. all
claarad. aaliad akan Into eioennnn. and to ba
nl. I aa the or. irty ol OioRua HorM
AbMI.-On Mi in 0 Al. MAY ad. a 1 1 o'atork
P. M , on tha riramlaaa, a rsrtaln THAIT (
l,A!Nt,Hunala In Wa.t llaarartnwaihlp.ponnl
an.l Mala aloraaatd, lionndal and rtMcrll ar
fi.lnw, to wit I On lliaeal by land ot l'anl-1
Maritionv, north by PnMla Road laaillnw Ira 3
Adamtora to lwlttown, wet by land of Rau
ban Mmlih, and ..iilli by land or Jaaafik l'lar.
rontalnlns Ona llallnl and Aera, arnra nr Int.
whara-.n ara ararla.1 a (loon K R A M K Hot XK.
and iI AHI,K. and an OKKC K. balt-il takan
Into rirruiion and to ba Md aa tha tr.'oartf vl
JOHN H. WOl.P, Sli-rllT.
Rharlrt'a Offlca, li.l.ll.bar, April 7, l;o.
riSt)t.t:TK lllVtllirKS tegsllohlsinrd
V. in New York l i. liana, llliio.ia ami
mlirr Stale, fur pernona from soy Cisie or
Oiinirr. Ieg.l evarywbera t , deriii,n.
ilrnnkenn-im, pon-anpporl, l , anRicifnl
eauar: no publicity 1 no charga uniil ili
vnrre olilninnl. Adirict frea lluaineaa
elnlilialip otu-eo yrara.
Addre., M- flOCSK. Ally.
No. 78 Naaaau 81., N. Y, City-
n. a. iictzeu
P. 8. McOt-XLOVait
n kuch amiisi::
March 17, IKTO-tf.
jj nT t "kh st atks
1J O N I s
ttlHikrt Rales.
Coupons C'asheil.
rAcino Vuii no.vn koxps
Donght and Sold.
lloiiglil and fold
Armanis received and Intereat allowed
on daily balance, subject lo check, at eight.
lift I la m'-il Xr ltlatf linav
t-llVI II I II VI a;
40 Soutli Tlilrd Street,
March 17. 17' J
Srliiwgroi'f, Snyihr County, Pa.
THE nndcratpned beg leare In Inform
Ilia public that they have purchased and
wi'l keep, la jrnn.l at vie, lha above well
known ami popular house.
Tlli:iK IIAK
will nlwsya be aiockrd with the heal and
choicest jiquora lhat can ba procured in
ihe Philadelphia anil tliirribiir( niarkelt.
TlllelK TAISIii:
Will alwava lie supplied with Ibe beat
dolicacict and most auhstaniial tood thul
Ihe market will afl'or.l.
tiii:ik STAM.1?
Will always ba attended by cureful and
i rusi worthy boatlera who will are jualice
June lo any horse entrusted to their care.
Wf Hit vine; large, airy and well furnish
ed ruouia, good aervanta, with the unitring
I'tTorta of tbe propriclora lo please thair
ItSJIutiliiio Dulrnioica. .
fpway lU-tiij f M-D. & J. F. WALTER.
Reapeetfiilly aunauncea to ibe eltiseaa of
Miildlelturg and vicluily that ba i" now
ready lo supply tbeia witk tba largest aad
most com pie t alock of
ever brought to tbia plaoe, at greatly re
dooei1 prieva cheaper than Ibe ebeapeat.
Ha iuviies allentioa lo bis large alock or
Boots and Shoes,
SHIRTS, aad everything usually kepi ia
well regulated aiora.
Uiv ue a eaii aad be eoavlaoed that
this la Ibe plaoe to buy goods.
.JOONT J"'ri'CK takj
tmh, lira, at
Kccly ATMilllcr,
L11 111 Iter Dealers
ssn NAFirscTt sa nr
Doom, Door Boies, Windows, RhnlttM
' w indow Boxes, Blinds, Sash, Ftnlr
ruings.inand Railings, Brack
a rls. Mouldings, Flooring,
Shingles, Jjatta, &o., tta.
Ordrra soliclteil and filled with prompt
nesa and ileipatth. l'lra esll and einm
iut our aturk before purchasing rlaexhare.
QTICR KAICS am mil rciriTst
WaaroniUin Seliatgrovt and prepared
to funiiab
O rgrnns
Violins &c., A:c.
And all liind of Muaienl linirnmmlf
fine 1 fieri T 11 a r ff & 1 t
liil;n i.ii 1 1111 J. 1 1; 11 J
We warrant all rur lnftrnmenia for fiaa
yeara. l'isnoa, (iryiina, Mtjlndrnna and
Acoordeona currecily tnneil nnd repaired.
More open every WKHNKSD.W and
SATl ltlAV. ln-imcilnn pien nn the
I'iuno, Meludeon, Violin and Acrordeon,
at rciiioiinhlo r.itrs.
tiive us a cull. W guarantee nlifnc
tloti. HAt.EM t OTKlMNUtK.
Nnvenihcr 17, IsiiStf
K.lataol I I1AU1.KS Htlltlfc!. Ii.eaa.ed.
Slate of l lmi-lc lliighea. iilej d.. Into
j tvwnabip of Pcnns. fn.vder Coinny.
nf llie
Pa .liming heen granted to lha undersigned
all persona inilchta l 10 Ihe soul enair nrc
re.iu--te. to nmke p ayment, and lhor loir
ing demands against ihe tame lo preseut
theiu without il. Uv lo
JOHN K. HI till KS. )
March IS lr"U.
JlilUi tllf at' Vii't. AllwTtilrmeiltt.
I WAS iflllEllof Ili'sfaeaa and Catarrh
liv a simple llemr.ly nnd will enil the
receipt free. Mrs. M. C. I.EliUETT.
4 lloliokrn, N. J
UKAVINUS 111 Naasnu St.. N. V. Any
body can pll I hem. Cheap. c f.tsl. l'y
handsomely. Send for new Circular, iv
to s) Wr nn. ntli. Wa want In anpln,
en eomuiiMnn or Pulsry to mtriMiuca our
world iienowneii raiet w una wire
t'l.it Lines 1 will IikI a hundreil yaar.
it you want prie.iania ami pieapatu etn
inymani. aiiirep k, r. iii.mi & uii ,
, . n 1. 1 1 1
i I-CaVrlM
.,111,. .I'lurers, 76 William M. . few ork. nr
IC liearlmru Street, I lil.ago. (April S, w
Iiy .1. 11. i.AOI.. . 11I.1 t .1 lue -ll i.nka
H,iK.rter. IIKIMI an I X POSr.nl THKIIr K
I 'UK r K IT KS, 1 ' Kit K M o I Ks and I 'H 1 M I :s.
With a loll and authentic blmoty ( Fol.MI
AMY and llie Mormon beet, Uuu lit origin lu
the pre-ent time.
j iniinnn interior vrnri,p on
the .Uur'mint ara neliiK elr-
h e'lntalna 33 nne enava.
AOK. I s W AtVI n.
sen-l rir I Irrulara and tea nur terir.e an.t a lull
ilep.-riptb'nafllia work Adilrrx NATIONAL
HI Ill.lMlll.VU CO., Phlliilelphla, Pa Apr 0,4
After much ptmly and eeletMe Inreitlvatlun aa
tn the rente Itat fuallllea ,d 1'ahhio.ii- Aetn, I ir.
Wallp ha clenverel t.y pmpar rotnblnatlon wit h
"Iher arllrlep In Ihe fnriii ot a Tablet, a upecltic
t.'r all pnlinnoary ilOaapep. These I nldei are a
M KKI t'KKIiiraltdl-rapep.t Ihe Itl.sriH A
or IIOA HsKN K.ss : aim a pueeetplut remedy
for Kitlney dlltleultlee. I'Hira 36 ei.aTa i-kh
Hoi. siintbt aau.upon rm-elnt of price, by
-li'liv (j. kfcl.l.ilil. -iiii'llll si.. New York.
April ;,-4wJ rola Asent tur tlia 1 lilted -tatep.
It Includca Ihe llisiorles, Myaieriea, and
Secret linings of nil .Street. Life Sketches
of its .Men, ihi'spi'ciilailoiia In (liild.Siocks
.Jo., Women Speoiiliiiora, and all tlml is
great, powerful, splendid, mysterious, in
lerealitig, wicked, ammiug, wretched, etc.,
in the loeua of apcculsiiou. Voriruiif of
Vauderbdl, Drtw, Uuubl, l lske. Jr.. and
many filliera l mr, vlnu, i.t n.,m.l .1 . ..u
bite Slid Scenes. Ac. lanvsapiiig Hooks
treo. ?end for clrciilnrt lo Wohthisutus,
Ui-sTia Jit 'it.. Puhliahirs, IS Asylum Ml.,
Il.irtlurd, Conn. marJI-lw
TO ;U!sl 'llIv ES. Pro video.
ially uiy ilinrghier was restored lo
health by simple uieana, without medicine.
Tha psrticulura will be sent free. Itttuas
E. IIi'Ksliiw, Kloctoa Bireet, lliooklyin.
Long l.lnnd. mar J 1-4 w
rplilS 1$ SO IIUMUl'U !
X ly sending 3j oenta,
lib age, height, color of cyea and bair,
you will rvceite, by return mail, a correct
picture of your future buaband or wile,
with name and date ol n.ari mge. Addresa
tt. lUX, P.O. ho. lit, Fubouvilli, New
York. inarJ-Jw
fPIIK MAfitV CO Jill will chunge
X any colored bair or beard lo a periuu
ueiii black or brown, lt coiiinini no poison.
Auy vue cau use it. One scut by mail for
$1. Address MAUIC COM 11 CO.,
uiarV4-3mJ Ppringtirld, Maas.
Fua Familt I'si, timjilr, thtap, rttiublt,
Knita everything, Ageuta Wanted. Cir
cular and sample Blocking Kit UK. Address
Me., or 176 Uroadway, N. Y. Kvb.l'-Um
Aatbma, and Catarrh cured by iaha
tioa. Abboita lubaling Mnidia tbe only
remedy tbsl operates on thai ungs-dissolvee
ibe tubercles, which are ibrowo off, ihe
oavi lira Ileal, and a cure it etteetrd. Treat
ment by letter or in person can be bad only
of Q. VAN Ill W. MEL. M. l., In West Uih
Hi. N.Y. 10m
or tvotHty-jitt rtult you can buy
of jtour Di uygUt or Grocer a puckajr
of &a JA'ts f'arin, maniiwtureJ
mm pur Irish Mon or Carrageen,
tchu h will matt tutten quart of Blanc
Many; and a Uk quantity uf Pud-
dlugi, CutlarJt, Cream, Chartut'et
rhenp'tt, lialtliimt ami mu tt rfcinV
foo t rn lie nrU.
Bind 8r oa rurine (0
. . M Pah P i, N.T.
IMniitnllon Hitters.
s. tr.-ieco-x.
Tlila wonderful Vl retails rertrratlti It
tha aliert-ancliur tf tLt ft it la and dctiill
isted. Aa a lea le and eordial for tha spra
and languid' It nss no equal anions; stom
achics, Aa a remedy for ilia nervous weak
nraa lo shlch women art erpielally tub
ject, It la lupsrredlng every oiler nlmu.
lent. In aUellniales, iropleal, Irmteratt
nr filgld, It sela aa a sj eelflo lu ctrry ipa
clrl of disorder silica undrrmloeslkt bed
ily aircngib nnd hreiks down the animal
plrlta. for sale hy all drnggiaia. M9-0ia
TnTEnniEDicIt "dixcoieeti"
tf MOKP.TIIAN aoo.ooa I'KHSONS trt r-i
Jlaar taatlinnnir In thair Woo- ; ;
ilariul urallta narta.
riiLi 1
Hi KANC Y 1 II I N K ,
Ms'la of Pnnr KM, Whl-kaf, rronrSptrtta. arJ
ftrfii'O l.l'tnora. ilnotortHl tjilrea and paaaiantd
to plraa ItiO lala. call"! ' Tools,," " A p-all
iat." " Itanorarp.," e., lhat tsait tha tlfplaroa
In ilrunkanaii, and ruin, bin ara a trua niaJIrlni,
mails Itnui 1 ha nallra 1. 01. and HarUat I all
Inrnia. lo-a lioin all Ale,"Hr Mlmolarita. TSar
ursldi-li lit AI III. noli I'tKIHKHisil Lit K
UIVI.MI I'lilM ll'l.l, s perla.-t Hanoaur
and lnvlf.ir..r i.l II. a SOOi". rartyma of all
tioliinni'Uf matter, an. I rrMiirltiy lha bl.Ml to a
dsaltliy con. nil. it No ira can lake lka,a
ll.iism ariorilliiu to Ulraciluni, and rtiaaln lvag
""""', La.lran loan Inaorabta o..rroTlad
h aia not eo.ir. js.1 bf uilnaral rnlioat
"l"".'."1 Vl' "' urM'"
j "?', J(U t" I, m t f.7 y oVl Ihronte Pbautrattrai
and Lou. Ivi et.-ya. or ln.llsll..n, lllllloua,
. pemlitenf. ami Intirruloent lerars, lilraaaaaa
' tlia in.11.1l, I. tier, Kl.liiys, ami HUd.ler, thaia
I tllttera liaia l-rn ltml tuereiafut hueb iJla
' raio. ara eauet l.jr itlatail li.j-t whleh l gaa
i erattjr producail by deratigeaiaulof lha DlgaaUa
I Uric-oik. -
1 leinratha Vlllntel Illoo1 whanareryoa (ai
Its linpurltles bur. Hug ihrua;li Ilia ,km la I'la
pies, (.riiptlnnanr Sore, t elana II whan yoa Sad
It nb-trueted aud nliiasiali In Ilia vain, 1 elatita 11
when It ! f 'Hi, and y nir Ivallnaa will tall yvia
when. Keep tha Id t pure and lha baallU a
tl.e ),tem will fidlow.
PIN, TAPI-and other WORMS, lurklaf la
tha stein of an many 1 haua audt, ara alleoiuab
dcilr..ye-l ami removed.
In lllllli'iia. Ilamltient, and Tntarmlttant Fe
rer,.llie,a Hltterp have 110 a.ual. 'or lull itlraa.
ttonp read carefully lha clrrular around anb
teittle. printait In (mir lanKuayea Kngllab, Uar
man, iiaiKti and spoil, h
J. WAI.KfR. Protirlator.
a2 Cmninerca bl , M, T.
Tt. II. VeriOHAI.il ft, to,
Irult. and aene'al Aicint', San t'raaotfc-a
ami Kacramatitn, l-'Hlilurnia, and Hi a. at Coiu
mereo M , N. Y-
UKaLKHS. M4rltt-ia
Knlitliier lachine
l presented to the puMie the niiiat Sim
ple, liiiradle, and C'oinp.ict and I'heup Knil
ling M iehine esrr invent.' !.
This machine will ni'i eiiher Imekwarl
or forward wiih ci'itl fseility ; mik?s lit
snme il. tch as by bund, but far uperiorii
every resdect.
Will knit 20,00) Stitclirt Io oat
nnd do perfect work, leaving every knot nn
the insi.le of tha work. Il will knit a pair
nf aiockinga (any sire) in lets than half an
hour. It will knit close or open. lain or
ribbed work, with any kin I of eoart or
flno woolen yarn, or cotlo t ailk or lines.
Il will knit a'nekins wii'i uit.le hel anl
me. drawers, bonus, a e'. smoking rspi,
comforts, purses, nuttT-. fringe, nfghans,
nutiius, ttn.lersleeres, miitviia, aktinge)
lamp wicks, niota, cor I, un Ur 'hirts.shawli
jackeii, crrdle blankele. leggiua. wristen,
aitependcrs, lidiea, tiipets, tufted work,
ami in f'let an I en t on vstiety ofat lielat
in every Juj use, as well as f jr oronoiaal.
From $5 fa wlO per 1T
can be ma-lo by any one with the Amerieaa
Knitiing Muchiiie, knitting atockinga. as.
w bile expert operators e in even make mora
knitiing faecy work, which always coia
nininnds a ready sale, A feraon cin reaJ
ily knit from twelve lo fifteen paira of
stockings pee ilny. the profit on whicU will
be not lest th nil fer'v cents per pair.
en sijl t he r voo. ut only forty lo arty
cents per pound; but by getting the wool
nisile into yuru si a mull eiprnse. and
knitiing it into pooka, two or three dollar!
per pound may be realized. On receipt of
.''i we w ill f. rwn-d a tnnchina aa ordered.
We wish lo procure active sgenta in at-
1 "3 eelion of the tailed Slates M fsnsdaa
to whom ihe most liberal indueeuauia will
beoU'erel. Addresa
Anteriran Knlltlng Machine To.,
FeMT ij llosion. Mni , or ei. Louis, Mo.
Paris by Sunlight
A Work descriptive of the Mysieriai, Vir
lues. Vices. Spleadors aud Crime!, of tba
t'ity of Pari.
It tells how Paris has become Ihe Gayest
ami mini le.iulilul City in the world ; hew
iia lleatity and Splendor are purchased al
a teuton cost ot .Misery nnu nunerinr ; uow
visitors are Swiiidled by Professional Ad
venturers t how Virtue and Vice go arm
in-arm in Ihe llrautiful City t bnw the most
Fearful Crimea are commiiled and conceal
ed i how money ia Squandered ia uaeleaa
luxury t and eoiiialna over 1 j0 Cue engra
ving! of noted I'laci a, Life aud Scene! la
Pari!. Agenie wanivd. Cauvaaaing lloskt
sent free. Address
FebJ-4w Philadelphia, ra.
S732 IN 31 DAYS
.Undo by one Aant, ealliog Kit.vaa'a Pat
it Elastic Uauoa. Over 60.IHJO now la
use. Recommended by Hon, Horace Gree
ley and Americau Agriculturists One
couiiiy reserved for each Agent. C. A'
t'trou t Co., 8s Courlland St. N., or 121
Wsihinglon lit. Chicago, 111. 4w,
Their bona, aad (there,
sallti.g lha NEW ll.l.tth
nana uonev rapidly.
K Ilia NEW ll.l.l'SlntlCU r ANSI-
t KSi MANUEL, edited by O-to. E. Waaiao,
fraeileal lartnar aud Aumor, aua lata Ago
euliaral EuKlnaarol N. laotral Park. Tba
beat book lur r armors ever IsauaU All bead I!
balora planting. II U a Kiuud, labor lavlns,
uiouey uiaktuK book. 1 boupaud! have butiahl
II, aud tliuiiiuiiilp mole waul It. fifteenth Sslb
Hub ready Llveagenu wanlaal. ymltts lame.
A. H. UUBUAkti, uu Obaaisal Kl. PhlL w.
UOUbLE ihe 1'roHit of the Farm, aad
bow farmer aad their sons owo each sake
a. AaS aun anAB!!a In U'lnl ill IHUI
oovt will oe mailed free lofuroien. Read
ii s. S3--

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