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The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, August 04, 1870, Image 3

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fclllilil.EIITJRU AfOtST 4, im
" I'ArKKit Ouakds" in tha name ol
h new military company in Sunbury.
A tin A ni 1 1 m r. nts arb being matin lo
rrcct quite a humler of new d Willing
lioiucs in 1L0 vicinity ol tlio depot.
Tn R sbarr-. told at tho lust moot
ing of t he Sclinprovo llui'd nt ansoci
rtlion brought Si per cent, premium.
TllR Camp Meeting advertised to
fcnmmeoee ia JJowcr's wools on the
lNlli lost., his been postponed until
the 8th of September next.
Till annual Unrvoid Homo celebra
tion of I'nion county, will l,e liuU on
Thursday, the 1 Ith nf ArUtist, in Com
rron'a prove, near tho piko, tho same
p'neo used fur that purpose last year.
Titr. Rluomsbur? AViH.f. mi my
that Malcolm E. Walktfr, of Onuij-o-vllle,
killed fiftj-two epporhend snakes
OH last &iturd:iy, the largest of the
lumber being 43 inches lotig.
Tub I'lcedom Iron and Steel Com
pnny'a pioprty loc.tol in Mifflin and
lluntington counties in advertised to
be !d at tho IMilladclphh Kxchango.
oo Tbuisdiy, September 27th.
0 of the horses ia tho stnec line
pinning !roru tlii plnce to I.cwistiwn
dropped dead in front of tho I,ovis
town post office lust Saturday, liarlug
been ovcreonio with tlu heal.
TtiK bnrn of Wm. Sanders In Mnn
cy Creole township, Lye. C, ( w is
etruck by llyhtnini tin. I doxtroyrJ,
last Sunday evening. A ft no luiae
and bttgiy wore nlo cons iinol.
- - -
A rimiERMAX of nloom bur was
ctiijclil in a thunder shower tho other
lny, nnd atruek by liplitntnp. Tlio
fluid Htrippeod biu1 Ma:-k linked but
didn't hurt hint a panicle.
Tub members n tlm V. It en:n
pution of litis plica aro ro.jn tj.l t
meet io Hower'a wo.idH next Saturday
rveiiiiiff for the purposo af dcttictiUno,
the ground preparatory to holding the
Cntnp meeting at tint place.
A vnv.vii la ly named Smith died
very suddenly nt Saldntli siliiol
pic-oic at Fairvic w, l'tiui'liin Co., t
Saturday. Slio wm playing in u ring
and fell over, and bcl'.io me.lictil -t-ist&nco
eon Id Ijj H'lninniiied, expired.
Tub bum of Atidrcw 1J. (Jnttsliall
tf West JlufT.ilo township, I'uii'ii dim
ly, was destroyed by tire on theniht
I T the 22l ult. The I ai n was well lill
t'd with liny and pruin. ond there, be
ing no inxumnco on the property, the
loS ill lull l.covily on Mr. ti.'
Tltr SlPJ-khnlders of t row Sdins
pr.ivo ll.itik liavo elected F. J. SHioch.
1 iWnlriit. and .!. (. I. Hiindel.
1'hiiip Ililhisli, Abmhrin Scliecli, IS
F. Wapensell'T, ieo. 1 1 illesli. Tliimis
H fl'rtmli, Henry Siboili. Mosi-h
Sjv-clit, nnd A. ('. Sinipnii, D'rvetor.
1'AiiMrits i n.l l tin r inieivstod.
vill plrno ren.e'iiboi' t!i:t thu n.Cilir.j!
id the Agricultural Suciity, to coin,
pleto nri'iin-i'inciiU for ho'ding the
County Fair will be held in ihe ('..iirl
Houhq next Saturday. It U to l''
hoped that there will b a lull attend,
an oo.
If you are a Minimi1 nnd raise a
thousand or lli'iccil Imnlroil buslioN of
wheat aud had t trust it out by the
bushel allnwr tlio country, would you
not think that ilio'o yoti ha I Iru-itod
should niako every exertion to pny
you, so that yu cuul I L't in your next
ynrs crop and live, while it "in uiatur
anr Tho printer i iu tha Mm a pr.'diei.
mtnt, and tnkiui: t'te ise hom.i to
your-icll diitl't you think you ought
lo pny him 1
A Tkiiv Ou JiKMoctiAT Ti'e
Guard, of last week, tmnouneed will)
marked cntumendutiou, that Abiathur
l'oyef, resident of this town, nged 82
JoafS, has been vnthig the Demix ratic
ticket sixty-ona years, an I is poinn to
tote itagaio next fall, if tho Lord ppares
liim. As tho I'omocinti'! party i
nbotrt 40 yetira old, having bfen form
ed, tinder that distinctive name, dur
Ittg Jackajn's first administration, Mr.
l'oycr tniist hive had a lonely tuna
io voting tlio Ireiuoerntio ticket dur
ing tho twenty one years previous to
that porio''. He may bej considered
the oripinal Ieniocrut, and ought to
b pensiouod by las party. An.. imy
Fummi r Sritooi.. Misa F.lsie Mil
man, expects, within the next two
weeki, to op-n a select school in this
jjlae. Sho bag nlrradv obtained the
iiruiuiso of about f rty pupils, nnd we
mpe that Iho number will bo increas
ed. Ilcr axptrhtuce ol ton years at a
teacher, nod her qiiHliticnltona, s eer.
tided lo by our worthy Conuty Super
lotendeLt, will wo hope, to a sutlkioul
passpott to the favor of Ihouo of our
lititona favorable to tho advatioouient
'of education.
'J'erms $l..riO for I'rimary scbolara,
ami fiora (2,00 lb f.',50 for those
more advanced. Thoso mlblilng lo
tuuscrib can do no by calling ou 1.
J. Uogar it llesver'a atore,
Fatal Aociuknt. -Aba. I,on,'en
ccUor, fcinillarly known io tliia ctiui
uuiuity anil u jrood, industrious, but
niiwwks.1 ucooulrlo chnruolur, tnui
wiib fata, nooidtint uu Monday July
y5lh, whilst ongnKud In nwwinn; pra
in Weat lluffslo Towohhli. MtejipioK
kocidoutally iota an old atump or jtuat
kolo, ba fall forward, Iho ltd. knot
Bulking lh sharp de of tho aeytha,
which pasnod antircly through tlt eon
Uool iho lolut, ctiltiu,'' all tho impor
tant, Uuotl vu nnd nervna, loivv
int nothing tut lh akin ml wptrji
ft'tiyni tu by whloh (lit lur limb
vluittf to I be body, Nu meal wt tha
lorn, ol olonii that tha siul'ooiii vvim
Out. lltiNDnei) Mbh, to whom pood j
wages will oo paid, ore wanted to
work on the Siinbury and jewistown
Hnilrond. Apply to any of the sub
CDntrnutors oo the rond.
OntSDSTOsns. At our vnr
Store ia tho Uurongh of Sclinproo,
penplo will ft Ml the best htid largest
ossortment of grindstones, in tho coun
ty. Call in and sco them.
Jahh, Jars We do not irenn Turn
ily jsrs, liut the Kxcelsior Fruit Jar,
which we haro for snlo. lloitig now
in tho opening of Iho jnrring senson,
wo call tho attention of the Lndirs to
these jar. Call and nee them. They
nro.tho host in the market, and cheap
durable. llF.isrANi) & JIovkk.
Tub rintKNoi.ooicAi. Jot rnat, ani
I'ACKAitb'it Monthly lor August
comes to on oomcwhut later than us
util. on aci'ount of n lire which occur
red in tho building whoro it is put in
type. Its contents, however, nr? a
interesting ami ns vulusldo as ever.
One or two articles from tho long list
are all we hive spneo to nnto nt this
time, " Msdnmo Pomorest," tho well
known modiste, is portrayed and
sk'lched; "Sanity vs. Inan!ty,"
treats of tho conduct of Insauo Ay
luuis; " I 'hysio.it IvJucation," is learn
edly and inntrui'tivelv' disoiiosod
" rersoouls" nnd Matrimonials" re:
ceivon sevoro but merited handling
by ono of our well-known writers.
H'e e:ni not but commend this August
Numhor to the reading community.
I'rieo 3 cts. $:l n year. I'ublishcd
by S. II. U' BM.it, :iM l!ro.ldway, Nov
What w as It On Sun lay even
ing, '2 Ith ult. slmrily after seveno'clock
wiiik1 a Hcvcti) tliuude storm was
abating tlio beavens preseutvd a re-
i tnai kablo and beautiful uppearnnce.
Tin' entire ottn sphere, particularly
;inlhfl western horiz oi, was illumin
jatcd, presenting n brillimt pink color.
It I met! fur about ouai ti'r of an hour. '
and probably tesultel fiom tho nys
Jot the setting miii refl-etod upon the
densely it intid atmosphere,
j The plienoinrti'Ui was nhservel in
I Milt-) as is thus stated in tho 1 1 1 1 o 1 1 -lian:
''iFnst belncj the sin sank to
his bed intho wet, a red'lish plare
bep.nne npjiar int on the cdire ol 'the
ltistctn horiii, causing thnse who
. tirst beheld it to iniuire whero tho lire
: could be; but as tho inoinniits pass'tl
! Ihu Held of the pbro extended until
the whole of the eastern sky was liyht
jed up from tin) horizon up tho xt-nith.
Ily this time tho attention of all out
j doors was attracted and noon the
j houses wcro emptied, men, women mid
j children rudicd for: h to c.itcli tlio
I view of what was to uiany an ouiinious
Isiao (perhaps nftho general war in
j fvirojie) !'iit by all reL'ardo l With a
leeling nuin to awe. I no re'i ction
from the sky threw a ctirisii liht upon
the I'aees of tho beholders in iking thum
look ruddy i'aocdaii'1 heilthy even to
the pale tiu'-'d dyspeptic. For mime
j time alter the sun had sunk from view
the brightness c intinued aim 'ft a sear
1 1-t ti nc, nnd as it gradually laded
, awny destroyini: t!iu two lurid raiu
I bow's i hut helped to form the picture.
the belittling coaiinnienrt' I a seties ol
icyrnti mis such ns we h ive s d loni been
'prmitled to witness; the win del fill
I agent, chain, forked and wheat li-ht
nin acoonipatite I with alow rum
' Idin. tlow in nil directions keeping the
I nbservt't' in constant astonishment nt
its btillintit freaks. While all thi-
grandeur and sublimity was exhibited
in iho ent, the westerr. sky was beau
tiful b'yond the power of painter to
grasp it, with its dep bluoslcynnd
jorgeously tinteil clouds. Truly, it
was n s"eni lo bo remembered, aud
one which all eonlbsscd never to have
Ci'ti etpuled before.
An order was received at St.
Louis last "'aturlay from the French
nutliot iiieS for five hundred tons of
The latest freak of nnture is n
calf bern in Mercer county, without
any hair except i littlo tuft oil tho end
ol its tail.
lion. I.vil Kutx, one of tlio As
social e dudejes of llerks county, died
on YYoJncslay of last week, aged
V harvester in Mciira county.
Tennessee, recently, whilo stooping to
Vjutlier u itlit af, was struck in the
forehead by a iuttlsimka and died in
two hours.
It is saiit thai 20,000 Hermans in
New York aro rendy tu volunteer for
Prussia, and that (ionorul Sieel of
fers to lend a division of volunteers iu
a descent on the French const.
lltdfust, Muino, is happy io the
posscseion of tha Fasaairsssavrnukett);
Hasa Hall Club. Wbon they pi to
a match they lako an extra atugj
coach to tiring alonir too uauio.
Last Sit unlay Mr. Itoijert ltouner
drore his horse Iexter in n rond
Wilson n half uiilo iu tha uoviialed
tiuio ol l.(Hi.
Johnny Steele, ex- iil princo, has
jiist reoeived I'Jd.lHlO from n New
York banker, with whom ho had do
posited and of which he hud forgot
ten Had Johnny becu u printer, be
would havo hardly fiirjjotton that lit
tle deposit.
A LonJon letter, describins Min
ister Motley' Fourth of July parly,
says :
"Tho singular boauty of aoma ol
the American ladies was more talked
about by tho KukIUIi tiast thau the
Peclarutioii ol luilepcudcnco."
A frightful crime baa come to
light hi the West (some speculators
have been buyint itil'ectsd bufTuU
robea IVom the ludiana of tha p'aios
wWo aro allllt'ttfd with small pax, and
Have transported tlioin Kst and re
old llioiu, o that the loathaome dia
uliM has been scattered broHdcast in
the 8laioa, The laota have only ro
eenlly been diaooverett. Otto thou,
ml threo bundiul robe have been
noitod by tha govot'Dtneul at I'luU
station. The manager ol tho Pci-
ArnicAM Wines. It is nm ironxr.
nllv known Ihnt Cnno Cohiiiv nrniln.
e the most delicious wine grown en
tho face ol tlio earth. A inrgs re
ceived ns a reniittnnco by our neigh
bor, Pr. J. C. Ayor & Co, contiins
stvernl vsrities raised thero, amntiti
wdileh iho Con'tnneia command the
hljrhcst price f any wine in ihe world
Almost the entire crop of tt is oon.
tamed io the palnct of F.urone' this
rare exception being sent to I horn in
exchango for their medicine, whit h
have long been Iho stnplo remedies of
South America. Boston Journal.
A little ix vear old son of Samu
el II ione. of F.iist I'nion township,
came lo his danth under the follow
Itm sod circumstance : On Saturday
arterooon lost whilellie men wcrejiit
work in tho harvest field, tho lit tic
hny went to a spring in the same
treld, where there was n bottle ol
whisl ey, and drank so much before
bo ws discovered that he died about
ono o'clock en Sunday morning. Mr.
H tone is an a.-ed and respectable far
mer, and now had but ono child re
maining out of a family ol twelve.
T bis is truly a sail nso' and, if nut a
plea for temperance, it sh'niM. nt
least be a warning nirnitsf leaving liipi
or w ithin the reach of children 1'ottt'
vllle Stinidiinl.
A cirl of ihirte'n in I'nion coun
ty, X. C, leeatiio a mother icrently,
and the same day hacked her child to
pieces and attempted to bnrn it. The
next nipht she took a in, r and alter
a desperate st rngglo succeeded in ev
crinu' the juptil ir vein of her seducer
w ho v ns also her ow n step-futlier.
Alter this oho cut her own throat,
confessing bnforo l0 (Jj(.t imt ,r
step lather was (ho father of lir s'i'ld
and h.nl persiiidctl her to dcir y it.
All the details of this dica lful ntory
arc horrible arid shocking to a vei'v
unusual decree und evince it hinula'r
tlate of morals in that jioitiou of the
rilll.HKI.l'lllA MAItKP.TS.
Fiiii.UiK.i.iitit, AncuM " There
is n lidr demand for Wheat, tut with
lib.-ral receipts and slocks, prices favor
buyers ; ttaiea of 2,."i"0 le'shcls fair
prime old 1'ennuylvnni.i red'at f .ritT'
I f" ; o. ."tut bu-lioN iii-w Indiana do
at $1 ."7(r I till ; Mill I n-licU Ohio tio
at 61 f"(.i 1 till ; f.OIJ bushels fair new
IMnwmp do at PI I1, and I limi bu-h.
els new Indiana while nt SI iVl. liye
is steady, and ."OO bushels Western
sold at 1 Coin is rpiiet, sales ol
l.4"0 bushels Pennsylvania yellow, in
-tore nud.l'roni tho cars, nt I OS ; I .null
bushels llelnwarc do, afloat, at $1 10;
:l.."i(iO btishela Western do at ?1 Oiri
1 OH, and;:;.0, bushels Western mix
ed nt $(tt I o.')ti.) latter rato f.r
hi;h mixed. Oats me in fair lctUet.
but pri-es nr ruled irregularly, sales
id 1.0li( babels rennsvlvntiiii at tl.'l
f'.filo ; 2 b ishcls old Western a'
oc ; l.") I umbels new Illinois .Vie.
and ti.tKt) bushtU uew IMuwnto atV2
(u 5.)C.
Dell si veil V ISrotlier
t Soulli TJiIkI Mitel I'hlla
:5 u-:.i I; 1' M.
I". S. fi of S
'li ,
' 'lift.
uj 1, 1 T't
Hi ( 1I IJ
M.l(, i.l
llo to
los.,, ns;
I loj
loo i n'..
lor. jr.. niT!
Ill '
ft (..
l.'i t.t ui;
" " I.. I,
" 117.
' lis,
" i s. in-in
I'. S. an Year 0 per cent. Cy
line I'vtiip. Int. .lotcs,
tu (. II I
t'nii.u I'nriflc It It- 1st M Bond, Hl.'i "J"i
t'enlr.il I'seiBe It. It. H- i (., s;.
L'nion l'lieific I., tir.mt C m Is, Tin f.. 70
We are jo-cpired lo f.imisu Iluvcnnc
Stiinia uf nil deii.iiiiinsilniit to mi- rn'tuta
ers, sllowins the following tti.'counl
On $ 'J" and upwiiiiU 'J rf cent.
iho a
' .1.M) " " 4
We fill and forward all order, upon the
day of llieir receipt.
Corrected weekly.
Itutier 2"
Kpgs 10
l'ned Apples fcls
I'cbcs uup'U IS cts
Pesp b
Cherriet seeded 15
lilackccrrie a S
S i: L I N tHi Utl V K .M A 11 K UT.
Corrected weekly.
Wheal No 1 M'l Onion. 75
Wheat ' J 1 -. I Uuiivr o
L'oiu 1 IHI KgK ''
lty 1 OC iionp C lo 10
lUia Jo Lard 1
FUaceeJ 2 si Ham J.'
TiiuiihyaecJ U 00 MhoulJer 1
Cloveneod 0 00 bid It
AI.I.RMAX.-lDlKellntKrcve, July Mth, Mix
harah ltrtt AlUwan, Uauhlvr ul Samuel
Allouiau, t4iagU II er, un.- ao4 X .lava
II tsMNiltK -U FrankllD luwnahim an ike
l lust , Koaanna. wl'low o (toured llawiugsr,
UivaMHi,'aae4 about tu sear.
llelvecn I'iflh and Pixih,
T.lly I'lULAliFLl'lllA.
lime l"e Tm.c4M Un avrioa. The
larueal, bwl lilua, miiO anal auraetlve uu
ert.l..a Uki ever publlakeil. head Kr t'treo
Ura, wild t.ruia at oee a.Mrew, V, ti, vt II
UlKlilNil lis. ill tiruvwe a.,N. (. ( Je sat
Ureal History oil Ur ia mi im.iv. iiiau
waule.1. Sn4 Siir inreulaie, allk Uiiai akj a
lull .lnaerU'llua of lkeia.ua. AJJieM Natluual
1'uMi.iuua iv. i'hiia.ijuiia, r. .i
1 tltaea.lUe ro
l4 akl.-k 1
a eiU ul IV
Utffe e4 HhAmw
he. A.Mtuaa Si re
al. i l.auHurr,
UuWkea, N. i.
nvm $ no ucMiiioi
X Ul aeudtui
li l.li .1
nh kUh-,l.r ii.jtw, in.f ir.
J. D. HOFFMAN, Tropriotor.
oonNr.u ok pr.cf.iN i am i.ocist sts.
ii.ur,i?iit nr!, rr.NN"
i f-KrfT . ne's-'ufT s tnnrt t!i rom
' furl .ifnpt l' 14) iiis.l. lha hnM has bfrn
I nrwly rbrttu.1. tnnyo.lsTot I
'tiKI.I. A fsCllONtril. "
Wliote.ile Pe.tcM
(.'Ins M lilskrvs. Ve,
January M, isju.if
ifALl'AULL FAItMATl'lllV.Vl i'PALi:
The siit.srsilier eflera st prirsle snle liia
V.M.C.MII.i; t'AUM. .ilunie in Monroe
township, Pnyler fount v. I'n. .l.i..iiiltii
lands ..f Al.ral,,.,. Fl.lier. liel.,.l lt.itiin.,1
a nil nl li f eniilmiiiiirt aK.iiiI
more or less, ninety. fir acres of whicli are
nlenre.l and i n a liiuli male i.f cull it.iI i.n ;
Ilia bnlnnce ia cntcrtd Willi lh licl i.f liui
her. Tin impruvruicnis coieisl uf a good
Duelling llo.isc,
a I.AISiir; HANK I'AltS and nil ne.cs-siy
ouitniil. lings, (,.(! water convenient lor nil
purposes, a Imjo
conlnlninjr choice prilled f nit, ,c. The
farm Is under pood fence, nsiurnlly fertile
nnd highly irnilucliv : is in a lienllliy
country, nt.mil three mile from Pelins
jrrore nnd Iwn mile from isliniiiik'ii lam.
on Ihe west hntik of ihe Hu-'iuelriiiii'i river
ia convenient to Market., Itmlrua I, ('
nl, t linrelifS and Schools,
W ill he e.ild on rny term", and j.njf a mo.ii
given imnie.latoly if desired. I'..r further
particulars itipnire of the Sub'ctiluT on the
cp.. .miin'i'liin".
Monroe twp., Jun H, s;n.
a rilYSIi-IAN asi. sfHiiV.tiN,
si:i.iNsrjintvi:. pnyii:ii im, ca
lifers ht pref'alfinal fervleca . ll.a rl.lrena ol
Mlinixrnvo and vicinity. June 11, 1M tf
1000 .in:.
n V
IV If tWf'. mrn Wahf ail Itnntc.fiit'r tn ll'ifn tlift
I htifh-t c-b irtc will l-i l-l
! n' I- ma sa.iiui" at .-p.i.i i,-.if r..
or l- irvilll. Sut ( ..titm.'1-r-..n if.r hr. -l t
,ro. i lit niirc if r.i1inir I iiinrtu'! M .T UK
it iiM I'l.M'r.li Wl I Uln MX MUN1I1 t KuM
k a ... 1 . ....... 1 1 . .. k'kl IVw-llM.t't'
frKOM I 'A IK.
;tti iiti'l cini l.'viiietit l.y callina utt It.a uu ler-
Iifi.e.l t seliu'wrote.
aiayai, w i. I. V.CKKSswn.l,,
i T.sioN ri.AXiNts mill:
WK itl' Idllllnn
ttva-sv. aj svaw itaillll.
ami ii.im rseri arn or
Iloors, Door Uovrs, Uiulons, Sbutlcrs
V lniloH Doves, llllnds, S.tsli, Stair
llvliu's, llaiul llailltts, iir.uk
its. Miiulilliizs, rimirltnr,
il'l.l. SAW IN.) CABIN Kt II KM
blnngloa, Lath, &c, &c.
Order solicited at. I fi!!c 1 n iih pr-n t
ness and lepal?li. l'lei.e cull mi l ejuin
ins 'ir stuck Icloro purcL.iaii.g elsexlicrc
LKliHKNY lltUsK.
os. M2 i s Market Street.
, .
1 llu.Mn.l.VlllA.
:ckni:u a cawi.f.y. ,
rnorairrops. I'l.oltf,
S DO rer laj. I
lit: SHY A. 1!(1LU l-r prntor. I
Tliii trell known II ue having been re- i
ti'ted by lb prv"nt proproiemr, oiler f-!
cellent accomu'O luiioiu lo iU tr ive. in; I
community. Choice liquors an t Ciir at i
Hi Har, ami Ihe laMo supplied wnu the)
i beat the market attor Is. A goo 1 tiale,
I attended by carefnl hcs'iir.. iu eornecion
iih the huas. Apiil 6-T0if
"VTOTICK IS I1FI5EI1Y OlVrt that f
4.1 have piirvhavd the f.'ttosvin person! J
property, a.ld by virtue ef a writ cf Fieri '
Faci is, issue I cut of the Court if tVmmon '
I I'lej ef Snyder eeunty, as lh property of
! lloswi'll l!o( brock, to v.il: line Cookie i
Siove, 1 Chair, 1 Stand. Table, I Set ef
chairs, I clock, I Look in (ils, I corner
cuebo.vrd, ItuaVtead and reldiu. I Sul
key, Toua Hay. I SJJ1,, Un tie. Jsc , 1 !
Sol ef llameee, j I.eunges, W ,..( ehesi, I
1 crib, I W heelbarrotv, 1 Sorrvl Mare ; an I
having Irfl the aauic in his poMosvioa, the
public is bervby cautioned un to meddle 1
er iuterfore v. ith ik n. I
JOSr.lMI S. n-. I
January, ?7, 1ST'.1.
gAMl'KL FAl Sr,
Mr ml unit Tailor,
lts jii't received an entire new stock of
all of a aupenor quality is hich ke U pre
pared l raake uv la lh beat t?t aad ua
shori nelice. He atei keepa hrewa and
Willi trench loke Lines shirt. atwa a
eral aaeorltueBI vf f entlemea. ri.hin
lionda. atl of ihii.-h ke vSr tlhe l-ublw
ai very reaaonable price.
Call at Biy viae ua 1'iue Slreel, bclweca
tlckberl eeratr au itse bridge, Selme
Uruve, t'a. Juu , ISO if.
.VUNsiWOUTU s; LOW F la,
Wboleaale dealer ia)
Cedar, Wood aa t Willow War Cordsje,
llrvoui. tuoklug Utaiwe. J'o.
'.Mi, North ThirU .-luces, I'kiVaJ.lphie,
ViilMsvira. (Apvttftlf evioa
a&tllllk W ANTtfltv aa aetN . la
ia.lleKk Couatr u ike suum, W
It v.l a,uU tnkeuiuwa ak MUjiu. fur Ta.A. i vie'.
. t; a u.l sl'lt fc.V l auiut: uii vie Ut
alia a Hiin isl tAW Iu ti.uxwa. var, t.lis4
lug- a.4 elkse A.aai, aau a rawull ewtat
tuiweJ.ew ei'V'tttllua are eulicSleJ' Srvaa
u, we adojiM tMiuia,i.s
H loUtlwMtWl
wrt ...t, v o.m a sxi m yvy
..utiuwul NltK-s
Mwvjwjl, Neai wk.
lAGLE innKi,.
A A , No. 2'J". Norlh f.rd Pt , .
(.I'ftwccn Rare ami Vine) liiiln'li-'pliin.
It. I. ('I'M MINT,., Prcp'r.
M M. PWAItll, Ptiperintpntlrni. f.."3
Fremont. Snyder County, I'enn.
t?nllcctlotis nlall kimls nmilc nt the licrtet
notice ninl un lite tin.sl rcsscnsl.te levn.s,
i : iH -it ... i ..i... .....
In'..,, ..,,., ,...,.
Norfs, ninl l.lntiltiof alt kin. Is -i.net mil tv I
.in linli'l. rrnn nl n .lirlnpre titvlnd
claims f..r ci.ll.'eiion wiiliiu liis juris. lit linn
nce l oi.lv n l lros hint I r itiuil to itioire
iioiiiI ni'linii. Terms rcn.oiitl.le. M.iy 'tSS
ANI XF.W riM' F.S:
WAC.l'.NSKI.I.Iir. .V SOX. hcrobv
resri clfullv in form llicir frioii.l nu I the
I' . .T..F,",,.r.r''l- """ " "I-1" "
, ' ay tsana ".
on the spot so long occupied ly Pr. .lnc.il.
Wngeiicllcr on the Isle of i)uv wlnic lliey
now liave and w ill sl ay keep n lai o mi l
well sc"lcctel --..! I inei.t f
SsFASONAItl.i; tiOf)lS.
In Ihe l.adie?' Iiepnriinciit riill Le f. iin.l
full litis ef
Vhtoima i.aWV.j,
I Mil l!i:i Af.l'ACAS.
r"WI.-y .VI l,l
CAM 111! ICS.
, '"'(rito d tir.d Cbrt died XaiitueKs, A.
1 ,0
j A -rrnl Variety of
. Ladies' Press TriminifiL'S, l.ate-t --t le
Hoop Miirts, 1 rcin li ( or-ets,
style I'm! morals, l.nilie,' I i.i.rol-
las, I'nr is.ils and u Mmiln,
li.oinct Itibbntis. I.a.c. It if
. ,. , . , , ,
flings, l.inliroi.lers. I.imn
UUil 1'apt r Collal.',
Ac, ' .,e.
i For I.n.liis, Mi.sics and I i.ilOieu. in end-
.le variety, of all sie. nyle. anl prices.
Hiitin I..HUIM.I wi...imririK.
A fo!. ft n.l c.r.l.lel,. af ..pU f f
fl.ii'iiK i'l 1 v vvti I'vvcv
( ..VM M r.lt l'.s, t ' 1 I ' I.N A I 'I'.S,
1 e 1 v 1.,, 1,.
COAI. F Al.l. KIMS !
(irorrr !, tj icutt, r,r, I!ir ir r, W n..
. .... ...
y, ZT V t'r Jir. 1 1 " r'. ,
. M , , , ;, . nnn , , ,,, ,
AUrfl,,r!, ,Mlff .crri '-'.t i-rV I c
"f Slf 1 t I a. "r -mn!! j i.,it-,
S py llif Vclnl UU-i I rice
r..- -n L-i.i. ..c r..;.
. ... . . ,. ,,, '. r ,
HK.VI, H I:, ( ti.N,
tATS ate! SI'.l'.li.
We are prcr r;rc 1 !., n r, re e !-. at n
.mull cliirir.' mil t .1 lo fin nil I '.'ii.nii-T i.
,, Krwr ,,n(. ,,.;,
! W e hope lh it tSe ul f eneri'iy " .'.
1 ive n a call as "( !..d ;t . t) tl
""' r
t t-c-
interest to d to t rf. -e rt.rcl.ss.BJt
l. I.. WAI.1.S.-I.I.LI.U
I Miy P.V.7. if
l.U l l KM
m;v ijtiD.i-1
li. tl. ltt.TZKt..
1'. S. 54. ft I.M't ,1U
ttjbis ea. wibuiiaivuuu,
I'EAt.Mts IX At. I. HIMS ' F
ii is a as V li I I1 f
li 11 A ,'
it:.; ii t:!-T i'A5!i rr.icr
yuv rca
? I (T 1? I
j-t t. It, V'lliVll,
V.XU. F.OAI' Til:",
Marh IT, H?vtt
15 O i D 8
. - . ..... - . m...-.
i;OlCIir.sVOl.P A tl"iI.uMA!- Ber'.J,;a.:n.. trans-He. :".
(. O 1 1
i T -l, W Qnl (1
1 1 fm.h HWMs
MMI'iarl llutraw
Coupons C ashril.
ttuujht aai SVM
Vouhi aud SuU
Aeoouaia reeeiv4 aad iier allowed
at Jail blo, auhjeua v ehesk, at aibi
Uelluveu,V U rot her.
M.inufsolorcr of and daaler in
Would rereetfnlljr Inform llif ritiehs uf
H.-lin.ernT an. I (icliiilr. ll.nl he iitfinnfaf.
turea I
i tonr.lersn.l keep's censlsntlv on linn. 1
ftlAIRS OF At.t, KIMisi. Axil
rtirnituro Of every DCBcriptlon,
nt tl.evcrv lWe.l fries, lie re.t.eclMllt
;.;t... ... . r
invite, ati eiaminaiion ..f
tnf. sneciil iiitilsii.oi . esirii'le.l to
nelr married folks to est! nn.l see my slo. i
l.cf.irS urel.lng elsewhere.
.l'r,irnTe, April 11, IT't-tf
vi:v mii,i.im:i;y
i AM
I 'si ii i V Sfonv
tt -i e y'lioi li I , Swiln t.oil a I'lu .''lore.
M, Mli Vm;, l'.i.
I l:t';c 1'ictlio I o I iTif'.rm'rff t'.e ci'i
. o- .1 tl.ia i 1 ice 'in I v.-i i'v. tl it 1 .m,
Mist Mmtie.1 f i I'hi'.'iVi nb k
stgc -Mpp'y of
Milliner; ninl Fniicy CuniN,
i-tin ..f hats. rt vrTs.rotw rt:s.
i:ilU;..N.-.....t,c.. mi l,,,.i co-,,.-., I.-
. iH I Cat III" V (' (..(- lift I 11' ". 1 I i - I .'l-i-
:im- tin ii c.'tt I ln-fi-i i'n 1 1 !.:i -mi j; i ! i- w In-!
I ', tMi-iiiVi iv !l n- rtir-ip t - un v M:!.i
lur in iti.i .r ii'lj iiii'iik: i t.hi '
Mi I Hi I luv. April os. -;n. :m
jgii:sTAXi a i:ivi::t,
Uln,.. i!c nnd lie'.ul l..-a'.i- i:i
iiai:iwa;;i:. ci"M.i:i;v.
t'u'K'limakeis' M.itrri iV M.t.c l'i, lit , .
Pc'.illT' V", i'l. ( l'f
,;:;, ,; ,,,r,
. 4 ' ;:,;.; j
j. A. STUII.M.I hl.lt, rreprii'lnr.
I "
' hl"'"e VU'-" "! ,U" ' ' 1 ''"' 1 "
ei nl ' nt. I. 1 i.e 1 .1 . ,.r t - 1 1
i , ,)..,,,. .lU .,.,,..,, ... t... t ...1-i.t
. ,,f h: 1 :i'.'e ti 1 1' ir a'i I li.c urn. !
1 i' n ' t '.'ti n. in 111. I t i n-: I!- ;,, i'
at', ti: l..ie . t t i.e nl.Ii- rr : : tv.
kkkm.n"T ii"n:i..
IkCt.MU.U. sMlOK t'o. ft
.Mm SMITH. 1'i.prict.r.
, - ... :.,.,,,. , .
1 n sco m tI.''i n t f p.ie-is T. I w :!1 n " -1
.. ................. ... . . .... ....... -
t... '.. .rt ..! i '.'
j r . ,'e 1 ie c 'i' r' - ! triv:r 1 :t
: 111 lhi li. ti-e f i-i- t'.e Hie.
in 'I tti T tMc -u; j 1 n i ! 1- t '
n..u k l nt t I. u nrr j -t im r ,i4-
..... I .. k, . t, . 1. ..... e I i . "l t t
l"" " " " ' " M ' ' "
.... ... ....
I AN.KIJ lli.U,
CllOCltr A1CD
t 21 rlh r. nrlli Mrn.
fill!. .1.1 I.I ill .
oi'iii..'. '.'.kki:.' !.. in-! c : Ilinl
I ?----..; in !. sfl-t.-..:t'.
r' llti'S A; ;l:itTlll-:us,
I. I
M..auf i?M:e.;ri of is i ! ' r -. i!! h!nes rf
r.n.i. Ti.'.n r.i:. i.t-rn;:.:.
I'AI.lNii. Slil.ti!.i:s. J.ATH.
n.""KlN'i. t!e . .-.,.:: , -i l i-ii. .-. 1
i Lii'v la. A", -r I.e. I r n t'v .. I.
.. 1. 1 . .
r '. : t. .
11 I F. X.t'iiLI.I X "
WAt'LKf-ALi; h: w.nis i : i--1 :.
' ' . .
os. 4j2 A: -tt-s-i Norta Thi.'ti St
amki'.h-vs li.tn-r..
1 tt NrKt vm t.r. s-y; v. f r.
niaiiV; ioVi. i ,-:';r
tit's '.! ki'-3 !:":'. 1 net "a t ie
"..(t.n(o. :. r r
1 lire 1 in I r '.: 1. t,
.i.i;. a io tc.vn.n .-.;.' -Lo 'rive rj r .' i.-.
. Fvery etfoet n-i'.! t nl t.j p- 'n -he
u'uit'ort of lie-' s. A s'j ir -f pnv i pi;.
r'?nvi is v',... i'.'-l. A ' if
i I ton. h miit
J V , . - - i T'J X
t.EYEUtUO'niHilO '.lEKtntMS.
(.'.'..(.'y .. j'l.i' Z'i),ii,'..-ii
X.,",. .(.:.
A'..'. 2- ! tu W r k Srtttcr
Kr..'i J0'l. li. K '.-I ".).,
.V'.. I N'siei ?itrrt : I :rvn-,f . r,
'Jl N 4:r srr-t : IJ I ':1 rt t l' .
' "'1 Mtrkl rrssft : ' J rn !' ' c,
' !0 .m i tji I :reef: )fm '- W -j h
Ki-M 1 'if
J) VVIl WiT.I.Ta.M:
T r -ti i KatnoirHalin 1 He h .( m tv . r
jvOj BX I ' SllotS MVNtr VCrtJV.
Th nn'ters. ;tie r resned fu:!v announce.
Iu ID cittieua or Mi.MlcburM
ct'iieua or juiddlvbiiru aI .ic.imiv.
'that h aill continue t" nia.iul.i.n
MEN S STtti t
ntf an s-tvr r.Tiirsi ' -.-ww
n r ... i.. 1 vt"i-ai a aus cune.R.in ..I acvca varniiis
W,e.i.KIi,!sl.'li., iullUM ltt.,ni u,ii,. i - -
nd iu slwn i rvto.iid tn h. line, in le ii.iit imv.. rvw viji nYi'
U .. vlu and .Uu. Hu.krdJ U,?Vh, h?Ifi.h.
b'u" "U 'nlT I '' "J d-rssesiuu. fr e
The an-lekigitfd aleo ultr hia avrvicve
to Ihe uhli eaUne Cryer au4 Auciiuu
it!t. UxilK lln I 4 lai-g. uxpermuco, t l. ui
euntldvut ti Ion (iv K'c(evi isatiMau
tiua) tu all lw euipluv (iiv me a irntl.
UlK-tki MHstMi.
Middtbur, fa. Ja 3, 'ijesf
11VU Ji CUK'ii
Miwa tsv. MiJiiibus Fa.
1 1 W1XU tiMMua lit ikia ihw i vbU
I MMOiahu aJil vlwuii.. I bat I ai retratd
1 1. reMMHiiily mruia Ida tilueaa ul
-s--. , Ve -sa-.fcaaBsaas-- pMMaaMsas"a. mm .
(1 lll)K fitii Ti;AVI.I.t.li8:
rn.'eiier Trsitin leSe Ilia Harristjnrj
tililr.is.l itrol dfiily as follows:
1 rnilsd'a Ksfress rr..j.t Mn lay 2.10 a rt
1 Ftl't Line " " ?0 "
1 '"tsfrrtraln (vis Ml JoyJ " H.Od
I'scllir Ks ,re-s Ti nin " K'.o p nt
llsrrll.in-(r Acroniiiio.lsileii " .i. ..
' "'cinnm i.,,.res, ira.n .i,i;y io.s-i
fjlitliein l.liitess
r--.....r... ...,.rre-.
. I'liisl.urif t inre-s I m
I'srifie Ht pi e train dil!y
4. 1 a in
riiiitfralioti traiti ricert Monday 7. "
M'tll Irnol exeepl .iin.lay 1 I " p m
rt l.inc 4.1.',
Tile F.i-I line " " t..'n
N'il.Tll t.HM liMMU. UAtl.lloAf.
X. H til W Mill.
!llfr!oo I'tptoa IK. II 'J, .',.1 a I'l
N IKf III Ac leil'iudlt lo'l ll.;..'ip III
Mail I rt: t I. t
I I ! l.me
. I'.'il'..! ' l' pre
' i .n
ti. 1 j a in
- l". r to
i 1'iiiolm l.np ).' tt. p pi
..i k Hhii i-ti' Arc. Min.1 .ti. II 4 . p l i
! I lll.illll I I. pte.. I. I j "
I .. II I V I I. 1 1 I AMI 's ! v'.l ril X I! If.
, , , , ,
j I " "'' tool. r...n,leaelh
" . 7 ' ' (
Tt I'.ii.'u-i ve, Au'iiin a.. I i .-M-T;,.r.
f . . . . ,.t .. '
; IJ.l.u KAI 1.
M t t i S.st.i; T )
I'LKCK v: CO.,
I I CM I (TIOM.IH tIl ti;ilTtRKRl.
N't. Null I II 1 llll.li
I Mil. Al'lM MIA.
A f
i f C.'i.r. .-I i r.rrr:
I r.10 . 1 11 e W ,.tk . 1 1. 1 ,
T -1 ly ,o. ni i . n l. ,1. !,
N"..l i' t. . lil i:i:r.V ti! ! il, ,i ih
l.r. it r., jrn- l 1.'.- 1 11. I "f slt, Tl
,.-. I.e. .n. f. r t r. . ive I. ".e f. ..- g
; , 1 . .. .' ' i- - 't .c r. . i
St. ve. - I i'. s. I - 1 a. I - i,, ,i .. .'. l I.
-f . I. . I I'. 1 . 1 I' 11 . 1 it .ckini-
ci. . . I ;l f II.?. I 1 ;' -1-1. 1 ; .-.i
I I- .', Ke; . I I 1 f; .k an I hav.i.j
'' tt 111 s.ii,,,. ,., . r I ..; ,l , f !!. . , j
'sioion .c!.m in. i..l re t.sr.-! y
'in!, o s I r. ' to :f-te-frrc w:;h. r r p.:
c'.,i.'c 'I.f
J. S. I i..U
r.-. 1. r: .
"n I 1 it V" 1 r ' t' T N t i'. II i I' -
) T; ,....... tl.'..:'.r' , v ni.-
,...,,, ...,,! ..-A
I rr. ' , n .'I'l-'e.., 1 ... . 1 1 .,
r .. ...I .! s.:. .... M t. . . 1
t- 1 .1 ...1 . , ' .L' ... . vi ' ..
r. we. i...n n 1 1 ,:.. 1 .... ..i . ,
t'.e it. .' tt.t of Mvr . I'."e wte ''!
r if :r, i.e ' u-- i i'n I . - r. i. v
,r, g t:n 4 i 1 i ; h.ir, 1 t..-.'iu to foe
i'l'.. Ml I. M. te, I' r ...
' ' 1 ' . 3 -
i " ,UT
" .'.r.l,
, 1- T I.
I ' :i kji,
V.hl . H..'J Ir.i 11,. ' r. ,1
I ut t 'irli.ii.' I. a nes e-l.r i . f
It. I u'verwe' s I '-.el.r.el t
n i ; r i 1 c i' .re. . '. t
. .- ." i t-!: .. i. . r .s.-mm il
I.'iv ..!. .r i . .--. , iiny .'i.'r.y.
'. ;!.: "V I if l-i : tn:p:.f:.
ii -r i i r. ' i ' -' . i ' r. . ni e
1 . . ;". ! I I .' -e.f .u-
M.i.-i! -.
i. in. ;
li 1 :
, i . r -"I., i ro :i3".
i ' ..'si ; " -- . ..- ,f". .
T.:i r -i . i i i':. r "i t'.m v.Lu.r,'
r i.,v i: I .iu n r
' 1 ' t i. ; ri ". -. 'i ii t'. .' ;r .
r r;-.' i ... r.i ty ; r i
. . - - .r ; i . .. ' -iii:-'-r -s i:. ff
' i "V I . !. .t !ne 7 t :..' t ; 'r ,: ,'1 ,,f '.
i ''' , .. .mi i : f c-ire s. on.-
'.; "f i. a r. I ?! a', hy n.i::- t'
......j.- s;f.'r.:r. r. i :i.i:-,',' hi; U:a
ui'- n ' . i v o. n-iy ''.r.' a.i.sil' c 1..-1'-i
r v ve'y i': I r-i I i. j
i I.e.-. .TO s j 1 ..0 ; '4 hil'il 01
r- ; .', i i . ! v tv ai i.i .4 " a t.
.S-.' :r. r e t, r . i . a v-n--; t e. f
'V I Sl'cs., f. slj.l. i, .(il ' j'l ( :t
i.:. r ti r.s' .iimi's. A.-..'. I v r .-l-
i-r '" i " M irr i ; r ti ...lo," cri'ij . .-fQ'i.
Ri-IVE it"-.,
i". U. "..I .''.
i:7 l'ory. S
w.v.vriii' viEM-.
473 T0 p M0r
. ' "." , " . '
" -" '' :a::
(aeuuiue Iaitroteil titon !4n
FA M 1 IA -rM.vl'. l A ' ill N K.
,lh:i Vin aili .i:i.;ii. hem. ('.,!. inok.
vt'.'-. eoH, ' in I. ' ru t ja i oniljr. ir a
.ti. 'I nt er-. ir ai4i-ier.
. .
Kullj Nurr-iiitYtl for Fhe TeaiN.
ui-ti 1 I-; n ''tin 'un, !' -ti :i tsi t U
' K.'Tv ec 'n'l ' 01 on a :ui. .it
. tiajcttM) ejiiiti it c p'i:'si a.iiiri ml '.ut
'irnj :f V. 4 ri ! ivrt ?.' l
t er -ii. i n J r i.'n, or cum
mi in t' ii . ' Ati! vn" iint cn.i
He -ii-i.iai. , i .r- s?L' t ' u L i .V..
!.it j.nrj. l':t. , V- i ju, M.ij., ur
Luu-., V-m
1 L"t L N I 'oi m'.'i
a : m lor i.w -.i.,e u i;i:t 14 oaf
ju - iU? . m tri. !.' 't'
'i,rvive r u,i.i.'i ! r irin 1
fv . 4r p'ir , ii.kl?
- . -.-ii; . 1 ', pun i "ir 'ir u.inx
j ; t -. ib ail 1 -T lu.l fi'"ui
' iiiip'-i i .1 jy iijj"i:" win off uiif t'l-
I "" "
tL 'KA'u HII'S KK J H7'.
Tli. r.r.l Jiu uf U.,.- Hundred ,n.r
' ia,.l.l .1 .1........ I. ....I L'l.,ul
' i , ..,....,
., ,.., u ,, i ",.,...
i aub iiiinit an and tinjrav....'. ..C
n,,-r. ..l v.. ....-.'. i k... ci
t il.-sj of tuners. hikJ TtrtuHIc.
the Slut, liitiue) t .uliiiiiu.4 lur H .1
uvueiil ul m. uxciuuier, lo xliuuv it ' a a
irsse .Ui'iui ap-tvuiuH but ul n foi -
fdi4 io ail 'vitu apply by auut, for Ta
Cvms vta.ea.a But h.i the evsi. Addr
JA-VJiS kit li.
Nu. till Visit Tfcinl 3ri,
L JaauAry I t, lcK
VBSA.lL It K IHYOHCbS !); ly urn. ie
im via) YwaV UUimk UuaMia aa,f
sutauf Mair, foe hswm mta u.y Ssi r
I Cwiusry. legai a.ry !ij, uewiieav.

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