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-VlvorttlnBT HntosJ
0 column ono year, , tO.OO
0 on half, column, one year, 80.00
One-fourth column, ono yenr, 15.00
On dquftre (10 linen) I Insertion 75
' rry additional insertion, 60
tVo'eemonal and Bu.ine. cnrd, ol
tint more than 5 linen, per year, 6,00
Auditor, Executor, Adnnniiitrator
mnlaAraijince Nntiee, 2.fi0
"ititorial notice per line, . 15
Ml transient Advertising less than
K notith", 10 cent a line.
' All advertisements for a shorter po-
I J than one year aro paynble at tin
line thoy are ordered, and it not paid
- no perwin ordering Diem will oe ueld;
n-ionihle for the mono.
Net by Creed, Dut by Faith-
I not know the trp that I nhnll
And N the tunmand wimlliiK I may
To wh the jjoaI that may bo near
or far;
Put in the distance Christ uhlnen like
ft star.
A bridge, prlinp, may li"lp iu oVr
A Htrcani,
Or nt the test, aford limy nfer em;
This naff, or thut. In need my limb
may ntny;
I only know thnt I ran fee my way,
Your stepping "tones though firmly
plucoil they be.
May prove the womt of HtuiiiblltiK
block, to me;
I acorn no aid, refuse no helphm luuid,
Hut pre" right onward to the better
Your maps and charts, though well
and clearlydnvwn,
May fiilu to guide me a I Journey on.
liuild or remove your liindiimiks an
yon may,
1 know tlmt rHratht bi-fore me Hi
the way,
1 hunper not for systems and for
While rteiidfiiHt faith can witlxfy my
I tread the path that Ix-tter men have
And hope, through. CMirlct, to find my
God's Rest
It In the evening hour.
And thankfully,
Father, thy weary child
lias noma to thee.
1 lean my aching head
Upon thy breast,
And there and only th'-re
I am at rest
Thou knowext all my life,
F.ach petty tin;
Nothing In hid from thee,
Without, within;
And that I have or tun
Is wholly thine;
Ho is uiy soul ut peace,
For thou art mine.
To-morrow's dawn may And
Me here or there,
It Mutters little, Kiuue thy love
Is everywhere.
Tor Th Post.
by un. h. noumiocit.
In September my last eft'ort at (?aio
log liberty by tunnelling was made
nud at tbo 6ame time was frustrated.
Fifty men comroencod a tnonol on a
grand scale. It was ooarly com
pleted, and was one of tho uiont per
foot things of the kin J ever devised
by the priaouers
It wns commenced at tho bottom
of n oli wall, aod two moo oonld
walk abreast from one end to tbo
otber. Oua of our nnrubor botrayo J
us to the rebel quai tormastor for s
ping of tobacco.
Another of our companions saw
tbem conversing, sod getting bobind
them, heard him say or propose to
toll the quartermaster something
important, if he would give him tbo
tobacco. He ran and imfurmed us
in season for ns to make onrselvos
After the tnonol was discovered,
those engaged in it were naturally
enraged, and, soUing the traitor,
printed on his foreboad, with ipdia
ink, aod noodles, indelibly, tbo lotter
T. They were proceeding to woree
punishment, when a rebel guard
came into the stookado and carried
Jiim outside.
In spite of evidenoe to the con
trary, have but little doubt be was
rebel spy, who had boon Bont in
qfltb other prisoners to bolray ns.
Piligont inquiries-wore sot on foot to
nd out who had punished the trai
tor lb the manner dosoriob.
. To accomplish this, we wero
threatened with being starved into
submission ; but the rations, after
boing stopped for twentyfour boars,
were again issued. Humors of ex
rlaoge eontinned to pervade the
prison, men, crazy with tbo idoa of
freedom, and home, wandered up and
down the prison, clinging to every
rnmot, like drowning men to straws,
Tbe etoitement was made worse
Ly tbe extravagant rumor circulated
around camp by the rebol quarter
master and tbe priest, who was said
io be Win's oonfossor I The exoite -
inect increased daily, and men were
xpeoting at any moment to be called
Many were called but it was to
that bourn or borne from wbenoe no
Jtftlif etnrua many were releas-
ed, but the horuld of tboir freedom
was the grim messenger, dootb i At
last, after repeatod minors had pro
ared the prison for their pnrpoao,
ordora carao for cortain of the de
tachments or ninetios, as thoy woro
termed, to be ready to loavo tho pri
son. Wo woro told that there was a
Federal tronsport floct (T Bavanoah,
waiting for ns.
To all in prison this seeme t tbo
lawn of freedom, and tho most In-
orodnlous bo'.i 'Veil. Kentucky
"Joo,"' wbo always protested that
sverythinfl was "Jreadfal onRarfon
in Dixie" hecame a oonfirmod pon.
vort, and bo had exebango on tbe
brain. Kvcry ono tlamarod for a
chanco, and foaro'l to be left out of
tbe cxcbanRo- Ninety afior ninoty
went out of prison rejoicing, nud
'ainnty cboering.
It was cheering which brought
ear a to tbe eyes, so pnny And weak
lid it oomo from tho poor, weak,
starvod mortals "but tho hollow
eye grew bright, and tbo poor heart
almost gay. At they tbougLt of
seeing borne aud friends again.''
never hear that song without
rocalliDg that eeone. Men, who lm i
been brought by eufToring to the
torv vcrcro of idiocy, or who for
months had boon smitten with al
most hopeless melnAcboly or dispair.
as those sounds oatnoat last dimly to
their ears, like remembrance of a
dream, their glorious import j "go
ing home." burst upon them.
Thoy staggered to their feet, and
woro carried, by the pressure of a
donso crowd, outside tho prison,
foebly cbooring, rogardloss of tbo
presence of the robots, joioed in tho
ohoruB of "Ually round tbe Hag boys,
rally onoe again."
My ninety had got orders to be
ready, and I was in a tremor of ox
citoment, when ono of my oomradee
sent for me, eayinf he was dying
My heart sank at thinking of tbo
sufToring, dying men who must stay
behind and porisb. My hoart al
most reproached me for being glad
whon companions who bad stood by
my side iu days of battle and suffer
jog dying, with none to care for
thorn. without siHtors or mothor's
baud to suotbo them, without food,
aod with no shelter from tbo pitiless
rain and sun. I wont and saw my
comrade, he wu9 stretched 00 tho
poor remains of his blaukot, dying
How oficn the poor fellow, trno to
a stubborn Scotch nntum, bad ralli
od, nnd tried to live I "I am lad yon
aro going homo Doe," (His generous
heart hail room for iov at other e
good fortuco even io death.
wish you to soud to sood word
to my mother' ' tell hor I enlisted to
light against roboldom aod slavery
for div adopted country. Toll hor
all about mo ! Poor follow 1 1 nndor
stood him ; ho wished mo to toll bor
be bad done his ilnty.
Comrades in battlo I can testify
that nana stood nn in iu'ht uioio
manfully than my dying companion
he who so ofton had sung, with
pathetic voice, the song,
Comrade, will you toll me, truly,
Who shall euro for mother now?"
I now understood why ho sung
that song with so moch fooling- lie
never befuro bad spoken of his
mother. Poo follow 1 onsbrinod in
tbe hparts of comrados, you Ho in
your naraolosB grove among tbo vie
time of Anderson ville, and
'Who will care for mother now."
I took his poor, tbin hand io inino
and plodgod him I would do all bo
wished. I forgot his address for a
lime, but in the dolorium of a fever
I recalled it, though many otbor
forgolton things were not again
brought to mind.
I was waiting for my torn to come
to got out of prison, Kvory sabtor-
fage was rnsortod to, to go with the
lucky ones.
Those who bad moans bribed ;
those who had none "flanked," and
were rewarded oftimes with broken
beads, for others became desperate
at tbe idea of .being cheated out of
tbeir chance of going home, aod tbe
polioe exercised any thing but a pro
tecting infloenoe upon the unlucky
beads of flankers,
I went at last, rejoicing at what
appeared to be tbe day of doliveranoe.
As I passed rebel beadqoartors, J
saw sergeant Cross, who, it will be
f remembered, was one of my captors,
wheu I escaped at one time from
Well, Cross, "said I. "Tbors are
no blood bounds after me this trip
homeward." The sergeant shook
bis bead (it scums to me, sorrowally
when I rocall it just uov.) to eco ns
thus olatod by dolanlvo hopes of
"going home,' downed, 0, iu how
many rases, never to bo realized I
Wo reached the depot, wero divid
ed inlosqnmla of sixty, aod crowdod
ioto box curs. We were full of hop'V
however, ood.tept Faying, "well, wo
all will havo room nnougu soon.
Oar rations had bfion previously
pI'?od in oaeh car a prre3 of crn-
cako abont tho shapo and t'.ro of a1
brick. We wero told thene were
mir ntions for threo dtys' journey.
Ooo of ray comrades, S. M derpcr
kly resolved to prewnrva a pieo of
bread to onrry home ns a enrioalty ;
but buuper got tho better of the
poor follows repolvo, and I saw tl;r
last crumb disappearing bcfjro t!m
afternoon of our second day's
During tho first dy, tlroo men
diod io the car wbero I wa. My
bread lasted nio two days, as I was
carbfal not I eat t"o much at a time,
yet it was considerable troublo to
havo it abont a man n person a con
tinuod tomptatiun to myself and to
Wo arrived at Micnn the after
noon of oar first day's travel, the
vigilance of the guard was hero
redoubled, and the fact oxcitod out
suspicion, that there was to be no
exchange aitor all. As we passed
through Macon, one of Sherman's
men pointed out to me the ballet
marks on the buildings, and f on cos
made by our advanoe just before bis
We had been suspicions, that wo
ware going to Alabama, but our
boarts rose within us as tbo cars
took tho direction for Savannah.
A negro infonnod us, that "Cap
tain Sborman" bad (taken Atlanta,
and was making for Motion as "tiht
as be can oomo." This loolo-l liko
romoving ns to a place of security
rather than au oxebungo ; still, wo
wore hopeful, that we wero to bo
exchanged to prevont onr capture.
As wo noarod Suvaunab, and
cbangod onr guard, tho ofiioor of the
now guard camo np, and wo -tuado
inquiries of him as to our dostiua
tion if we woro to be exchanged.
tlo ropliod by candidly stating that
wo wero to be pluood down on one
of tbo islands, uudor Cro of tbo Fad
oral guns.
bnvcrril men woro ehot, on onr
ronto from Siiv.inu ih to Charleston,
while trying to escape from tho c:r.
Wo caught sight of our flout in tbo
distanco, as wo parsed over tho
bridge loadiog to Charleston, and
onr hoarts thrilled with a iuvaj;o
kind of joy, whon wo heard tho
shell from our batteries, shriokiuf,'
over tho city. Wo termed thorn
Gilmoro's errand boyu. or Oiliuoro'tt
morning reports on t'.iu condition of
At last the cars camn to a halt in
tho stroots of Charleston, and citi.onn
nogroos, and soldiers, thronging tbo
stroots.poorod cuWoaaly ioto the cars
to got a look at tbo lanks. It op
pearcd to mo, then, that they woro a
baggorod, caro-worn look.
Tbo only- hopeful faoo of tbo group
was eomo old ucgiess, who had kept
fat and jolly on tho idea of Uuclo
Ab's coming soon. Ono citizen
said to anotbor, my hoaring, "They
ore all foroignora ain't thoy This
rilod ma nol a little, and I replied,
saying, yon rrfcolloct tho Plymouth
prisoners who passed through those
streets in pril ;" "yos, poifoctly ;
a vory Une body of mon," said he.
"Those are tbe samo moo ; yoor
government has starvod all som
bianco of mon out of us i" "yon aro
a foreigner i" said ho, looking snooi
iogly nnd critically at my dilapidat
ed wardrobe and dirty face, which
bad boon goiltess of washing for tbo
three days of our Journey.
No I boloug to Pennsylvania
Reg't. I proudly repliod. Tie seem
ed much shockod, eitbor at tbe fact
of our dirty condition, that any one
should not bo ashamed to hail from
a bordering state of robeldoui. It
was just before sundown, when we
formed iu line, and marched
tbroogh the book street of Charles
ton. Tbe effects of the siega were visi
ble upon every hand, but wa were
informed that the dsmaga done was
really worse than mere appearances
Indicated. The sjgl made only an
rsgnlar bola Uwh the exterior
walks whereas be Interior of the
buildings where . shell bad ex
ploded was often a mass of ruins.
It woo no figure of speech, but a
rulity,tlt grass wus growing iu
tbo streets of the protid but doomed
city, which firnt raided itn duliant
hand against the l'edorol govern
ment, ono of the best fovernniroto
tbo sun evor sho)0 upon. Tho
shell and flliot from Cilmoro's baU
tcries had a rivilixing inMucneo ever
its pooplo, for in no phicn wero wo
so kindly treated by citirona nnd
soldiers as in ('Imrleston.
Women and ehildron looked pity
ingly upon n, nnd such opreiottH .
as "Poor I'cllowrt ! "Too n I V Ac
ohowoi.1 pity nn 1 sympathy fi.v otivjha- b"-n brl.on io two place, and
condition, which wu had no'r be iniy d icl.r"s bills Imvo nl.'.iyn bun
fore ospoHcncod in the ?o".thern bitter than tho other oxpecs of
confederacy. What the id.!-, was j th" 'H"- Tito d-nlist bna booi.
forn-in IhiHwi.i,.. was q-iiie n tc Hi o'U cf my palate evr
I 9 a 1 a i I .... :
torr to ns pmr wreb-bc-s. br.t ;l
jwerit down on unr part with ft tfood
jonr-jgrneo, only tbo nsa;o aslonimd n
l.t 11.!. II...
I ill -i,.,!, bitrib lllin mui I.IU 'fwi-
raoncetnont of a njw era lo the an-
n.,1. 0f tho coufiooaiont iu soolhern
pitsnns, tmr batteries tbrnwed
shells and hnrd shot over into tbo
city, which niado tuo citizens howl
liko erezy. To ns it was good music
we did not pity them touch, because
they too, should roalizo what it Is to
bo concerned in an ntij'Vit unr. I
noticed that those citizens whose
deep betoken that they belongod to
the bettor classes woro often a sobor
subdnod look, which, during my ox
porienee in tbe war, I bad observed
as tbe result of much anxiety, men
tal enfforing, and loss of friends.
I addroseod one of tbeso as wo
were waiting on tbe street "oiu t
you folks abont sick of all this fight
ing I'1 "We are tired of it dreadful
sick of It." said ho, whilo he vainly
tried to keop back loars that ran
down his face j "but wo nro going
to fight you' un Yanks as long ua we
kin." Finally, just as tho sun was
setting io nu ocean of beautiful
clouds. wo arrived at our dc8tina -
tion on tho "Fair Orannd
in tho !
rear of tbo city, where about live
tbousaud of Andorsonvilo prisouors
woro, who had precoodud ns.
To lm CoHtiimi'iL
Wanted A Job
Vcslorday a man camo into the
Doomoiong oflioo with tbo air of a
man who wants to wing hi way to a
hud of forgotfulnoHS nud plunge in-
to tho depths of oblivion, .tfti r he,
I ii,..., n r...,t ,.r, i.,, I i .,.(.,
an 1 htu:i his Lit on tho c-ootit. )-(,
mill inqru u niri, rn .'-.-n-nij,
eaid . - vl (liltcy ; l-l't l.f ur.-l never em-
"I'm a tiowppapcr twn myreH.jl'iwd iti.ii.ity, m'tfU l th"
Iidn tKuow bnt vou tt'i;;K wnnt a
Kood man on tho Ht.ill. hou.i body toimw boon proparc.i lor y.-av. n, ie.
writo np the end feature id lifo nud I"'""? J-" Tho loorobe pon -
farniah the (euiful wail, ne t were. d red, too mnro ho be-MMie oiiiiuc -
I-ifo in full of woe, nr.d io my inti-jO'l thai ho on;:ht lo Wrw. a ('hn:. - -
mation every paper should have n ,'t"' -UiuX v';,:,!' ''"
woo editor. Iain well fitted fi'i' tijatjbiio witu Ui.-.L-r woidv nu l t.-.i
position, iih yen will pee if I may lie(;3'''H'
allowed to u on, and detail my own
oxpetioncu to you. I wont ujwu in -
to Kacpas and Htarted a paper io a
Htnall town on tho Santa Ko road,
with tho aasnraooo that I would meet
.,, ., ... , . , ... , i .
Willi inn coraiii ma inr i luj'uiuj ui
tho pooplo there. I didn't eoet loi,K wl u wm "u , , "
do a b bniiineea, but I jnat wanted innJ ho ch',i,ft h,iuj3' ml1 ,l!ilho 1
to run n modest paper with pali-nli
. , , iii... t '
tolcgraph none nnd ohicuolypo e-.iu
torialo io it- Tho lirut week inyi
, , ,, ', ,
nn ..nl nu,.l., .Ii.lti ( rtr.l ll.-.rt. till.! 11
I'dlVllb IllSI-lU t,Ml i fcll--tv .... :
had to print that isimonn hoiuo pa
, . t li i v.. .
per baRf) Hint I got from onr 1-jii-lin
grocer, i dih was tvn niivaoiaa i
cauno bin ad, was already pi iule-d on
tbo first pHe aud it saved the wear
and tear of dinplay type, .Still tho
papor looked mcagor and did not at
tract tbo attention that bad hopod
for it. It did not iutluouoo tbo ud
minifitralion nor boom up tbo town
as I had anticipation.
"Tbo cost wook I wrote np a Iit
tlo Bociid paity and gavo tho iiaroo
of a young roan who was drank and
frolicEorue and ehot out all tbe
lights- He also abot an old mao
who won "calling off" tbo danoo.
"I thought tbe proes ought to bo
fearleas and outspoken if tbe occa
ion required and I thought, fairly,
bat the yonog man came around
the next day and convinced me that
I was wrong. ' I was writing a
scathing article on ngnoatioisin
whon be came in and knocked me
under the Job press with ft chair.
I didn't know hiin at all aod 1
thought it was rather eocon trio for a
total stranger, so when 1 got op
again I told him so. Then he jam
med me into tbe wood box and
poured keg of iuk and a can df
ooal oil on ire before I oonld have
an understanding with him.
Then he went away.
"Tbt eveuiug he came with some
friauds and bought the good will of
Ihn estnbtil'mnnt. and tho whole
offlco and ntihscriptinn 1'wt of "i''
He had tbo ndvnr.tagn of mo. tin 1
bnpglit it low. I Mt Ihnt I was
hiiikinj; a sneritlco, but I was nfraid
I tuiglit not hnvo ntiolhcr nppnrlii
nity to soil, fo I Bold. Tbe price,
of courts wis nominal, but the
inducements held out wero not to
be h'oorrd.
"Sitico then I have start"d thrro
p-xpcri. nnd had three 1nr(;o iitid lof
ly contested fu.hU My e -ll.ir-bot.'-
1 t'"t 1 "'r"i"r'-r
IK'fM. Art H ooll IIH I entered Ihi
uowepapor buNinoi'B. An onoii an I
iol ho I could hoo with both even
one of them has boon dosed np on
nio, nnd my nose haa at iliflYr'til
limes pointed arotiud all over my
"What ant now i a chr.ncp to
work on eomo p ipor in c ai 1
tnij;ht say, and wlmro I will bo by
myself. I can tal.o iuj-t any cor-
rcnt cvonl and tinge it wilh sadnurtH.
I (inn k'vo un air of hopolohs melan
choly to tho occurrences of everyday
lifo that will inako your paper knowu
all over tho world. I will admit thut
this is nn innovation in journalism,
perhaps, but it will Uko, I think, nnd
I know that if I cau succeed in ini
bniog into my work that Bottled air
of gloom that I feel, your paper will
win for itself in a tihort time the
namo of being tho luoHt ghastly rec
ord of disappointment and grief
strickon, horror-soakod romoro in
tho known world."
Tho manager Bobbo.l a fnw tiiuen
and then eiiid, whilo Liu voico wan
l1 wit!l pmoli"n' ,!mt ,bo
l,,rt d..'pai tm..nt wlM ably
"llt"' 81 l,roHunt 1,10 urauger
went out into tho cold, bard, nn
H,'iiipnthtiii world, Inking with
him his loadun burden of woo and a
Milk umbrella that stood iu tbo Lull
Hill JV.
Th- Darkey's Haplisin.
llo ij nn iiiilnst ri )in3 colored man
!iin;s' in a htimll cabin down the
"vor ; and his wife
i c'-rpiil -i't
.n';oodnauiied. woman. b:il '.tt -Ijai
! Some win 1; i ni'o. 1 f i . i . i !". m
p"H'l'-r. Mo had now-r 1 , n
- - - r,
ill (tiitev : i-i't l.t- in;-1 never cm-
I -iri-nv ru i uui , Miwan, nm who
isri'ow oj iuijt ,S'.ih;iii, biii il'r, who
'''" l J l" " """'..
- - '
d-lVB a
:o lo tif-o
tltld w.1-9
! church.
irif-jioic 1
tiiat ho
would Love t-) bo bupti.ad boforo l
oould booomo a mouiber. llo di ln't
Iroliflh the idea loiieh : but ho inform-
I 1 i.: :f.. it...i i ..i i -.i
. , ,, ,
i 'i-'ty io ii'cu'iioon i J'o i.ji ;e -i
L time u-uiieo jot no ilea, ono
day, thut bo'd hho to try tho w;d:r
&!ooe. bi.fjiv b.i;o: p iblii-ly bnpti
, . ' J
ed ; nnd while bin wife w,n ROltiiii;
bivulfust lendy, ho slipped don to
tlio rivcrbaiik lo tako a preparatory
dip. Ho rtimovud bin bat, and booti,
placed tbem ou a lo ; nml M ho d
6cooJod tho bank, his broad f-nt
elippod, and the convert came
down on tha bv:k of tho nock.
"Wliat do dolihil 1" bo commooe-
ed, asjho piokod bimuolf up; but Hud
donly retno'uboriu that ha wan
soon to joiu tho o'j-ircb, be cliookod
hiumolf and romarkod.
"I'm ariliamad oh dut t and bopo
de angols will 'tiCQsa ms."
He put one foot into the water,
and drew back with a shiver i put in
tbo otbor, and looked longingly to
ward tbo house. At that moment
Aunt Busan began singing,
"We' gwtnu up toglory,
Wd'i b wine ou de earn,"
And old Reuben braced op, aod
onterod tbe water,
"Yes ; we's gwiue np to glory I"
be remarked as bo waded along,
"gwine on de fast express."
At tbe next stop, bis foot I truck a
sunken log j and bo pitched over it,
nndor water, head lirut. As soon as
be came to the surfaco, and blow the
water from his mouth, be yelled,
VWoosb I What in biases is disyor
poi'foruiaoea V
.In rsisioffttp, bis fool slid over
9 m I .
t.S, I8S2.
thf loj, nu.l nn-ler a limb. In such n
inantiiT, that the old darkey wiu
caught fist, lie could l.nng tir
sttib of a limb, but he oonld not pu'
hiiusolf forward enough to slip hi'
foot out of Ihe tiap.
"Whiir 1e r.p-fiTs row .'" bo ycllc-
otil, ns be l.i- l,e-l tiio water hijj.ei
tlmn bin lie id.
Atirt 'l!l!ll nr.;' -Tcr-'l with. I
)l" nn-;. i- r.r' :t n-iin;.' ;
I lii-iir lb., ur.i -ir .i.' " -
Wlieti tho old tiiim riali-i-d Hut
'io W:is fii-t, find 1.1 lint I live hel
from tho shor. In vi ll--d t .
"!!', dir. rid woiiiiin ! lii !
k-!u i mil bj't Ijivn In nt'd a riH.'ict
ro on tho of (ho liver, atn:
'be went or. :iiiiii-,
"I'iir'-' ii - -ii for lie- -1 I it -u
IV .win" f-. . 1 1 ili- li.m.l '
"III. dire .' I'll join your
bl-ick bond .T. if ye .h-ti t hi at luc 1'
m-Hu-1 old 11 -ul . ii
llo ntinuuled and l,ii kcl. pt hi'
'iixi-l c.i.il- r wali-r, nn i out, uti-'
't'li'H dut olo ivuii.uii I Why doti'l
sho bfiir toe ''
"I'lirl" !( llli 'lV n LTW ill-
'I'll 111- Mil llll'il 1 1 ". "
moo the song.
"It's a lie, a bi tli-liMl linl'' he
yellod, pulling bis hen I not of tin
water again.
"Ami bi-'ll lly ii- u; t uni;. -,
And play tipim a liiirp,"
continued tho old ivnumu oln-
turned over the baen,
"Hi, dare I woob'i, whoop!" le
yelled, llounderiug around, pulling
at his leg.
"Ill- l.HWll llUHpnl III" llillllf.
And ili-re l- a phicc for liiiu t"
howled the old woimm.
"Whon, dar, yon old black villuiu!"
yelled I'nclo I!etdien.
"1'i y'll ilri -iH liiiu up in wltiti-,
Wid n crown iip'-ii hi- tii-iw,"
waile 1 Aund S-.i-inn, as who poured
the water oil' the potatoes.
"If I eber ijit out o' ili- liblu-r
alive, I II breuk h:r old deaf head, 1
will !" growled the victim : and then
ruining lti-4 voico ho shouted,
"You dare, old Satan, hi. hi ! Ah
if io direct answer came tho song,
Hi' ; t i ll' wl l i'i- i-vil i-lii ;
lint Ii-- iMiiii-d tin- vi-Try .-Ii-r- !"
I'Siiiian, .iiiiiiu ! if I had vo by do
wool, Id banvdut ol-l deaf lira. I
y.'io 'lo culiiii till yi r even couldn't
!" i.e H.'-.i-itiK.-i . nnd he niude
at.i'.fiur t r- io .!.'.'. vio (-:i.-.rt in iei
!; it u-a-j mi-'
(t'if il, m.-l jiii-t
tli.'U i Ii.) P ni;:
iii Mi.trV .;
'! l:
,i i.i
s, i.i,,, !,,,,,
NO, 0
j ih; ncv(jj ,lia ,,).,: I;row!cd,;!
j r.rll. .,. ;l, u W;,.K-d Mion- ; i -
tnr , (( ,,,, iKi le out' " j
, i;..it. .,., (. ,,M,,:. SU !
: p
a'l'.l r-
i-li-tcf tl.l
to' ni e-:i t !h; t:tl I-.-
.xUli ,,, 1 t-
bt-r a ctj'l'on the ear nlo-'ii neatly
l-)-ne-l tbe root i of her hair.
"Oh, : ! I'. - an nt..;el wid wing.il
on I im I ho veiled, an ho
her nnoliior euiT ; ".m l !'?. cwino to
!Klory. nnd IV. niuo to jitio do
I bund and you dnef old n;!i;;ator !-
litl-1 1 7.0 initio Up to li
.ibt-ii in 1
. bi:in.o jer old dsuf rara '. im-i di
li'iiti.o ji.r old "1'iuf rnia !-
).;iOy n-t '.i- ooiiti ;
l'ooplo who know I'oclo Hcol.f.u
-fay thut Lo Bwearj fiaiii with relinb;
and it in certain I'.ntt he luihn't been
up lo VickHbiir,,' to bo bnptiaej, and
bocomu a cjuicb miimbor.
(.Soo-1 temper is like ft sunny day;
it in the eweetenor of toil uud iho
umootbur of quietude-,
A contmiil dinjiobili jo dul u inu the
baudnouiual feuturu's.
A rbiludolphiit luulo has killed a
mud doc, bur. it in slill a matter of
doubt wbothor a mulo or a mad dog
iaHbo safest thing to have around.
At tho eoutthore, as imoal, ono
vvave from a woman's handkerchief
will routinuo to attract more atten
tion than bundrodu of waves from
tbe ocean.
Friend "Ilello, Jim, you ain't
out of work again are yon' Un
faithful employo "Well, yes loot
is, I'm not able to work t been in
jured by premature discharge."
A man gathers wisdom by finan
cial loss. Liko a rasor, he is sharp
er for being stropped.
An exchange says i ''A man lives
in this vioinity who stutes that he
first mot his wife io a Btorin, took
ber to tbe first ball in ft storm, pop
pod the question io ft storm, anj bus
y ,n orra eTur'siuco
I'ul.lliihrd every Thunder Kyeoing
jKnnMtAU cnousa, rror
Terms of Hnbsrmrrtion,
n 1 1 vithin m month, or t'J.ftO if niri
piild witliln the y er. Ko paper dix
continued ntitii all axrerHis are
j'iiid tuilcc nX tho r.plion of the pub
Hitusi ri'!i'nn nntaide of Utfl CODutf
SqjrlYr'i-iiii- lilting ami uninr psper
t l l.e-n-d ii oiIm ik leciifnlii(;riiiera
ind at" li-tbl" for the price of rfic paper
M.xl.ui.i is nn nlmwtt in-
tler.cribablc malady wliicli
lint even the ninst tnlcntod
physicians arc abb? to fath
ntn. Its cau.oc is sw uy
cjocnUy .i.tril)0l to local
sijiiriuiiilinejs, nnd there i'i
vety titt'i: qiK-t:tion,but this
(pinion is substantiated by
f;- t-i. Malaria does not nc-r-.s.i'i!y
nitnn cliilb and
f- ver whih- thew tsniiblci
usually acconipnny It. o It
nften affects Jiesnfflre'rwrtli
pyiu'ral l-i .sititile, noconv
vu,ie'il by los of nptK'tite,
skeplessncs i, a tired nxling,
ami a hih fewr, tlvc jxr
son afllii.te'd j;r5win: wcok
rr nnd weaker, liwos fle-sb
day after il.iy, until he b
toiiiis a ttiero ikedrton, a
shaeJow (if lits fortih-'r self.
f t it.irkl nfK-p h.llnit tnfl ft
, t "l-i ni-'in 111-- li'in;n frnto. ll
A -l iV vicm i. ttitwnni-
fti tir,vi.ii'. i!i,ii- The lfclj
nr. fli.,1 inl.-'bt-.l fi'i.it n-l
nir ; .Kni' Ml. 'u - i.'i.i.iii.i lip-ill
i-!(, th- ,li,; tiiv-i !.r4-n n
j :ir j.if-ini lln-ii fiiii-t'n ;
l-ie li,rl l nrflir li-H 'lil, jo-l --llt-
ff,l.in, fiil.nrf I- iln ll'ti
"V m-w1 tly Im-lin- -li.(r-Uir,$.
anl (liv.nlniioii ikJ JcmiIi o
I j ciuun.
Tn siMiii.tn t-i being a certain it
f r maliri.e and c 1 1 1 i 1 nml fctcp,
JiK-nvN's Iki-n llirrr.Ks H hiylily '
r-.nnninriiilvil fur all i!im-aw r'-ju
Ini; a i-i-rtr.in nd rlTiai-nt tunic; es-ji--.i.illyinill;piinn,ily'pMa,liUr-nniuiil
f- ven, want of apvtile,lu4i
of slrni-tli, lack of cui;ni;y, c(0.
!nrithr Ibil lilixxt, HnnrtboM Ihi!
musclcn, anil pvi-s new lilc ta Uio
nci vu. Acts like a charm on tli
ilitjcMivc origins. It i ft'r wle ly
oil icsH'Ct.iMe- itcnlcra ill lueilK'iae:.
JKii.1-, f I srr l-j!lu
Db sure onl pet the cenutws'ii
Tke no otbep.
'P'TK ntidei-ii.'iied c-tfern nt r'lv-ito
1 nl-, II.- I 11. ln tli "i"l.i I'.-'tOti
tl i I'lir-- i-llu In t'f.lT-klln 1 , Suviitt
'' . IV. liilUi nt-'i't nt M l-l-U-ti ri;, contain
n IDS ru-H
tl.ii iif-t ll:i,n tf.-i.r !n-. 1. -vi i-r.-.n nro i-n-t't
i..- -i f n it .. ,i w . ii h. ti iii.. I'hmi. unlit't-
r -'it nll-1 inu u '-1 1 "I i- 1 -mi. r ni-ir Hi-
i!-.' ir, Ii '-vinu u.urr -n Hit- t.triu tlirlr i.ii
-niilll -r l.ir l . 1 .-li'.l c ifnll Iri-i-H 'iiriti 111
IiIkU .--ll 'Itlltlvm! in. V'lt'-rtiy A.Mri-t.
.Hii.l-ii - (.1 i:k,
t-i'. -i :;i.-.!ici.nrrf. r
CMl KL ScilltADinc.
Cntrcvillj. Snyi'cr cwinly. Ta..
Ii ' .-'n- I r I. N - A V A It-1 l-.ii'S
I.i n:. ! :i( VI ITMMM' !;).
I" ' K' 1. I'll, All I rt'"i
Mi il M KST.S TOM It-
'.-1 I- i; In I'i
' - l.i. In - in "!'!.! I.i : ' .i iiiilo llu-i
it I ti' I I ill I.. .Mil -in Mr. 'itrii-l-'f a--! -io
1- aii'l 1 aui r 1 -e-. ' .r.t- v '-.il.
nr y av
i 1 1 'iv - i 1 . , . , t... i-.if,r', ,'., t-. .w
i' i . l.'H'.r.r. - 1 ; : ' 'i - ' 1- u.'.
ii. I', i ii . r t 1 ... i- r i' v n-i.t rrll.il I! lly r 11
m.'i Ui).-i;ir -I'll :ti !il"Olii. nr. I i-nil 1
i.v . iV.-- i ni. Sii. ii . i.rii.fci V'iu riii w
; i.-i :i . mi - i nn 1 i..-:i h'Shpi-. I'ur'l-
ill'ir. 'ihi I 1 i'. I ..n Hl'l-llt-atl-ip. AlUrA-
-til '. .-irtilli ) ttli' !'u i-r
n r a : I -up k i-;i..
:cf.-,ir:i -.ii. ' li..t". i. N. If.
A-ik , Cm.
.,Klot ii w 1 1 1 -m tt n
ft. mi . y-iii .-nn I'.-i v r-.in
'V li lt-- mt w .r 1: i.ir n
II ir..UT.'.'.i.-!w f- N iliii
' ' ll ""' ' Wil -lirt .!. tj'
!?' ' "" '" . "" aM i e'.i--. r
t.i-v..tj i I-ii-. N'.T I. -I.i i;i'f. i .i.i i-ii
' ";ri '";,-) ' ,'-; , J'1"" 'lo
-I'll li.'irk. ri )...-r itii'inr-'j wilt j.iy
null' IHVI' I, r i T; i B 1 . I'll ti Him
cm r-ii ..ij 1 1 i' -ns uiiu t "t.-r. ci'tii
!. .ml Ii .".-iri'ily. A. I. irvi.' rue:: n c
III - I inr-ii, ;n.i, i m y nii ;n lift tfi
.vuvi !, Allium.
' MAUlf W0BK
j.i'iwihitruti, i'A.
Ttmibstoiua, StuCnen, Ul'lib, Vuses
L.MI!S.i4r riilldren' (I nrev,
I 'wit , Until, Wi'i' tn. Until (iii-J
Slnlt Maht'h, Ar
Alt tli ire whf. 1i--tff'trv-ir.-li:i! t'iriti.li im
i-n I'.ltm l-l-v li -uU-'lii'ie-l iilftjn ulnvrfi'M,
tiiiiitil marl lo i in, c-L-.u'il rnnuli ttie uiiitvr
alunr.l nont, Wod.ri" rj-r'.iirhii m-v. I t-i.
hA.ill Kl. 1-i-WKN, ilar
JalH'T6 tf 'l .ti.ur. Sor I'e f
I will IH&II rfr.ol Hi (..-.urn l:n.U
Veiltiblc n-lm Oi, I u III riuu-ri fur,
Kritlttrfc, l'lmiil iiuJ ll;ai. tn, 1-ftvlii,r
lli ln -n, clr anil t.- uiilni : In.trn
llimi I t irniliinli luurlni m.iu i ', ul hir
on lull hud or m.ioel. In AO-. or. In
clodiR 1. lump, HEN VAMUKl.t - '., U
krol 8t.. N. V.
lb Mrrttnr ktvln r6 crninfBlly
enrl al ibti ijri-t CtM, I'ntfutripil-m, I t
luiil rmlir. tr tniluui to 'mk know m
lilt ltlow-(drri la luMti ul aari-. To all
who dculra It, li will n4 a iup or Ina r,
orliitloa . (fri.l rhr Iwlih ta ,trv
ilont for riranarliiK anil arlo th Mm-., whi. h
tbT will Sod a tur rmln l)vk, CM,
, I-K. AiUnu, Hniarkllli, r.
Parll wlaulitir lb PrMorti-tloa. will pi I
A ueNTLHitart whnaBrMl tur rrr, Irorn
CA V, ami all la IImi of ytioih'ttl laillMiw
tlaa. will for ti tab of faltrrlnv kumanlUr
! tt I all wbo M-I II, th roir ar.il ill
r4lloar makloa lkmpl rml, kt klvii
kawaaaurxl. Hultcrar l,kln( i firont tr
UixatlTarilaar' irtao oaa d ij .
dma-loi In axrlMI oafl.Una.
JOliM U. OUDkN, it Oidar SI. H- T.
Fvs IV, Ir.
Vf ItiiK on Autui nit Limit of
w - Jtlttnkt ftifh tt Soft's, S'i).

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