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The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, January 25, 1883, Image 1

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'.' ..$ ,),,k--V
( I
-A. .IvaflixllllI HfttOt. .
Qrt-hAlf, column, on ye'.
OrM-fourlh enlttmu, erne year..
On square (10 '"") i"ition
additional Insertion,
fi-oWtmtel and Business carls ol
ivoimortthan linos, per year, 8.00
ataallor, Knecittnr, Administrator
Sad Assigns Notices, '
Editorial notices per line, 1'
All trenseient advertising less than
I month 10 MnM s line.
AU advertlsetncnui for a shorter pe
riod than on yr are payable att.t
time they are ordered, and II not paid
tee person ordering them will oe neldj
-MnoiMlbte for tit mon. v
j Pod v y ,
billing brook.
f-fcYl In hammock,
Ke ailing book,
Golden curia,
Tlhy feat,
Olrl n huiiimork
IjOokn no sweet,
Ulan rides past,
Pig moustache.
Girl In hammock,
Married now
One year ago,
Keeping hoitee
. On ltaiter Kow.
IUhI ht stove,
Heefstftk frying,
Olrl got married,
Cooking trying.
Cheeks ar.Tjimilng,
Eyes look red,
Girl Rot married,
Nearly dead,
Dlacult burnt up,
' . Beefitteak olwrry,
Girl pot married, ,
Awful sorry.
Man comes homo,
Team Moustache, 1
Matt aa Maxes;
Or t no hush,
Thinks ef hammock
In the lane
Wishes maiden
- Back again,)
Madcn also ,
Thinks of swlnj,
' ' "Want to go back
Too, poor thing.
Hour of uildnifflit.
Baby squawling,
Man In aoek feet
' lirnvely walking.
Baby yells on.
Now the other
Twin lie strikes up
Like hi brother,
By the bottle,
Kiuptleil Into -
Buby'a throttle,
Naughty tack
Points In air
Waiting some one's
Feet to tear.
Man In sock feet
See him therel
Uoly Moses!
Hear him swearl
" Raving crazy,
Gets his gun,
Blows his head o(T
Dead and gone.
Pretty widow,
With a book.
In the hammock.
By the brook,
Man rtiies past.
Big luouHtar.bo, .
Keeps on riding;
Nary "Mash."
' Eccentricities of Prominent Persons
' .on the Rail.
' Roaco Conkling generally get
one seat in a drawing room and be
, , ' get all the oewepapera La can bay,
'' read tbem and throws thorn all ov
. er tba drawirjg.rooro in a mass, be
sides he fjlfsjs bas a portmanteau
. fall of law papers, which be strews
- all over every seat ia the drawing
room. Conkling ia a very vaio trav
eler and wanta everybody io tho car
' to ' look at . him. Now, there'
LlaiD, be'a just the opposite, he al
. ways boys tba whole drawiog-room
and shots himself up, and ia a very
modest, retiring traveler i but Grant
, Is a qaeor, old fellow. Wbon be
't. . .wasl'reUdoDt of the United States
be nearly always traveled in a spec
ial ear, bat now, since bo bas be
; . eoase private citison. be travel
jatt aboat the same as ordinary
, folk. Yoa can always find Orant
In the rear end of the car in the
' smoking apartment with a cigar io
bis month, and there be sits with a
. band on either arm of bis chair and
smokes and smokes, thoroughly ob
, liviona of everybody in the car. He
never looks at anyone sometimes be
srill look oat of the window for i
, boors, when he's not doing that he's
; glancing over a newspaper. He's
! Ipdifforent to everything that's go
ing on, ' Why, if the train be , is in
stops on the road ia the open cono
tsjr fpr soms mlnatea bs never
moves, never . inquires what's the
natter, bat aits and smokes stolidly
. jiotil the train starts, while all the
other passengers pat their beads oat
x ef tb windows or . get off to see
what's gone wrong."
' l reuember a trip to Chicago
Grant mad in my : ear some time
B0." His seat was directly behind
lady who was trsTeling 'stone-
ao-J wk, by tb-by, ke tery lit
'ft about Wicr. tihs had hs
window rip for Boraa tttti uJ it wasjd imB, He novor make ncquain
pretly chilly, bosidos tbo Mark tanees on the train, ami lbs porters
smoke poared into the car. I watch
ed Orant for a littlo while and I saw
he whs annoyed as the smoke anJ
chilly broefe blew riflht over him.
Presently he got np, and leaning
over the lady's shoulder put his
band on the catch and lot the win
dow sash down. The little woman
gave an iovolantnry slnvt nnd turn
ed ronnd fiercelv. bat Grant nover
noticed hor and dropped buck into
his chair. After a little while tbo
little lady hoisted tho window SR.iiii
and some of the passengors who had
seen tho affair smiled at one another.
Tlin llift little woman beckoned to
me end said. "Conductor, who is
that hog biok "of roe T"
That a uenorol Grant I snul i.
"Oh, said the little woman and
she droppod the window immedi
ately. Grant board the qnestion
bat never let on, nnd went oa read
ing his paper as if nothing had Imp
pened." "Bat Oscar Wilde took the cake.
said tho conductor, warming np as
he saw the reporter was highly en
tertained. "Oscar Wilde was moro
bother than all the womon who ever
rode on a railroad car. lie had in
idea that he was the grcalost ruan
that America had evor soon and he
put on more airs than if bo had
been tho Czar of Russia, tho Prioro
of Spain and the Emperor of Gcr
many all in one. onld yoa bo-
lievo it, he paid the porter of tho
sleeping car to toll pooplo at tbo
stations alone the line wherever the
train stoppod that Oscar Wilde was
in the car. lie was the vnincst,
most conceited male I evor saw. lie
wouldn't drink wator out of tbo glass
at the dolor, but sipped it out of a
silv er nnd gold mug ho cariivd with
him, and he'd sit with the tips of hi
fingers pressod togother nod look
up at tbo roof of tbo car as if Le
was about to ofTur np a prayer.'
'Herbert Spencer wna the most
restless travelor I ever saw, nnd
Bob Iogersoll is the best. When
logersoll enters a oar to go on a
journey, the first thing he does is to
hang np his big slonoh hat, then he
coramsncos to make himself comfor
table, and by the time tho train
starts ho jiut acts as if bo wore at
borne iu bis study. If thore's no
one on tbo train that be knows, it
don't Uko hitn Ion; to sti iko np an
acquaintance, and everybody seems
glad to know bim. lie's a very jol
ly nnd a vory liberal travelor
smokes nearly all the time on tho
cars and always currios a bundle of
choice cigars with bim. I remember
one night tboro was a freight wreck,
and our train had to lay np for throo
or fonr boars. It was a terrible
oigbt, the wind blew a hurricane,
and the rain came down in torrents.
Colonel Iogersoll ' was one of tho
passengers- Everybody got tired.
Nobody conld get anybody to talk
with them. At last a little Sootoh
mon who was tfaveling through
Ameiioa sightsoeing, learned who
fogersoll was and be tackled him
then and there. Iogersoll was just
in the humor, nnd in less than ten
minutes everbody in the car crowd
ed aroand him nnd listonod to him
for over two boars, and the passen
gers seemed so pleased and enter
tained that they forgot all about the
night and the accident " '
"Secretary Folger is a very qoiet
traveler. He gonerally bas a pile of
legal documonts along with bim,
and pats ia the time examining
them. Booretary Frelingbaysen is
a groat newspaper reader on the
cars, and always pats mo in mind of
Joseph Jefferson. Jefferson Is a
remarkably quiet traveler. lie's a
good listener, bat talks very littlo.
Salvinl is a very enthneiastio travel.
or, admires every little thing ia the
shape of pretty scenery along the
road, and be sees everything. Ho's
a noble fellow, and liberal with the
portors." ,
'Secretary Lincoln is a business
like traveler, does a good deal of
work on the train, ind . reads ' more
newspapers than soy maa I ever
saw, lie's so difliroot from bis
father in this respect, His father need
to sit ss quiet as a mouse with his
arms folded and look out of the
window nearly all the time."
- "Perry Belmont is a very nervous
man twists bis moustache and
plays with bis watch-obaio half tho
time. Every now and again he
polls oat bis walo'j and look at the
- 1 " " , T a ' i
t. B MD 1 M buU maii" l
time, as if be were ia s great hurry.
don't liko him " '
Not long agn Mrs. Kifo Chase
Sprsgno, with hor two children, were
traveling i Perry Bftlaioot ws in
tho same car. Mrs. Rprane, thonffh
a good deal brokon,is still a magnifi
cent woman, and walks like a Q iocn,
Welt, a man opposite, her kept star
iug at her, which ovidunl'y annoyed
her. n.ilmont. whoso ohiir wa at
the other end of the car. seeing thin,
nnd knowio-r Mrs. Sprngne,asked the
man to change chairs with him, which
the man did roliiolanlly."
"Ilonry Word Boechnr always pa
tronizes tho hotol car fioely. Gov
ernor Paltison is nn easy travohir
and Congressman Hoar is a very
funny, philosophic travolnr. Ilo
pulls his big. black slouch hat way
down over his red, smoothly-shaven
facs and goes to- sloop."
"IJon Ii.illor nsiially travels in n
privnto car. Two or tlireo years ogo
ho went Wust in a private car, nnd
tho car being nn Eastern f oreign car
the roof was too hih for tho tunnel
at G illilzon, on tho Alleghoaies, nnd
part of tho car roof was torn avay.
Butler's only remark was, aa bo
lookod op at tho torn roof nnd nd
dressod the servant, "Thomas, who
throw that brick ?"
Tatti is tho jollieat laly Iravolor
T know of she's full of fun nil tho
timo so J.i Aimee, ("lira L-uiiso
Kellogg always looks tirod, and
Modjoska travels in her own special
"I bad IJilly Flornneo nnd John
T. Raymond both ono trip t'vo yenrs
ago. An old lndy traveling alone,
and of a vory norvons temperament,
askod Mr. Florenco if ho didn't hear
n q'loer uoiso un lur tho car. "I'll j
soe tho condnotor nb'Vit it." sail
Florence. Ho slar'cd to tho other
end of tho car, nnd catcliin Ray
mond's eyo, beckoned to him. K iy
mond gat np and walked to Florence
and they stood at tlio other end of
tho car from tlio old lady, with their
backs to hor, "'John," said I'lcrcnca,
"borrow tba conductor's coat and
cap for a minute, nnd go tell that
old woman tlio cuuso of that queer
noise she imagines sho hears undur
tho car !" ltayiuond saw tho j ko
put oa tho cap ond coat, and with a fil, i ,;, V(.,y .nnfl lenf ial. nnd ho
very serious countenance wont up tojw; n Ktoai m(ll)y p,ivi,, j p
tho old lady and said in nn off-hand won not ttko if ho woro not por
way,"That noiso is merely caused by j ,njtu,d i0 di po. no will give jour
tliouMo being ncauy worn away.
"Hu,"said tho old lady, ".von't
tho axle break nud cansn an ncci
dent '' "It may bo," said Haymoui
"I'll take n look at it when we gut to
'Chicago," screamed tho ld lady.
"It might break and kill ns all be
fore wo get to Chicago."
' God forbid, Madam,'' naid Ray
mond. "I have n wifo nnd foui'toon
children dopoodiog on mo."
'Well," wont on tho conductor,
"They scared the old lady for half hii
bonr, then I wout to hor end tald
ber that the condnotor she had boon
talking to was John T. Uaymond, tho
notor, nnd that thore was nothing.
the matter with the axle, but I thii.k
she still bolieved there was. Flor
ence and Raymond mako rooio fun
on a train than nny pooplo I know
of. Frank Fray no was nlways n
well -liked traveler. I've boon rail
roading for over thirty years horo
aud there," said the conductor, "and
1 know noarly every maa of note as
soon as 1 see bim."
'Hollo I" exclaimod the conductor,
"hero's Philadelphia." nnd snro
onough the train was rolling into
the Uroad Street Station. Tho
Western passengers for Philadelphia
disembarked, and the Philadelphia
paesongere for Now York got aboard
and in five minutes the train was on
its way to the end of its jonrnoy in
New York.
A n aeedote of Mr. Lincolo t "Old
Abe" onoo replied to a question early
in tbo war as to how - the Union re
verses affoeted hitn by saying ;i ''I
foel very ranch like a great, stalwart
Illinois neighbor of mine w9b was
logging in bis bare feet. A log roll
ed over and crushed one of his big
toes before be could escape. All
drawn op with pain, be reliped to a
question of bow bo was with i, "Well,
I'm too big to cry, but it hurts too
damn bad to laugh."-i?cx? Glube.
. : !... m
(lermany is over raawith vagrants.
Thoy nnmber 300.090, Xt is stated
that their theflsrsscb 10,070,000,
Tim nthnr dav a man nn 1 a wo
man camo to a sudden halt on !
Grand Iliver slroot. nnd tho
man dropped t'.io bnsliet fiho
carrying nnd called out :
'I vil! 1 1 will t I'll not livo
wo. t
yon another day 1"
"You'll leavo me, will you V he
calmly naked.
'Yes, I will '
. "Whenl"
"Nov riht rlT Ihis minute !"
"You'll gi away 7"
"Yet, sir I"
"I wouldn't if I wero yon."
It.it I will, nnd I defr yon Io
proven t mo! I havo BnlTerod nt I
yo.u hau Is just ns I onaI can put
up with it.''
"Oh, t shan't try I orlop yon." bo
nniil rnOip.l "I'll sltrmlv rn. .
.......... ...
mystorionsly disappeared. They
will want your dofscripti.in, nnd I
u v v . - -i
you havo nn extra lar-i moHh ,
,,. . ,
j'O'.l wrtitfc nn.i in jinn R'r-JB ji'n
noso turns nj nt tho ond s hnir the
color of a brick terra cottn, the
riowast in fn'iion ; eyrq rather on
tho pipiint ivolco partakes of
"Wrr trhl you wouldn't daro do
that !' sho scroamod.
"I certainly will, nn 1 tho dosc.rip
tion will ro int.i nil tho papers "
Tk'iy gl ir vl at can other for a
miiiuto liko r-s.
Tlion h walii.t.l on. Klin looked
up m l down tlio street, gritted her
teeth tool'ier, nnd t In n jiicrkei tip
Iit oaiiot. nn l rl lowed on nftnr.
I to ha 1 wliat th ey called the dead
wood on hor. I'cfroit l'nc Viu..
Olivn t.ognn got real mad one
day and git oil tint f.ll owing : "A
woman's safe eta rd fa to keep n
man's hand oil' her. If rou iioed '
his nasislnne in w liking, take his
arm instead of him taking yours.
Jnst tell him iu plain English to
"hands otr." lie tony not liko it nt
first, but ho will 'respect yoa in the
fill tiro tenfold more. Men will be
and do just what woman allow them
to do. Men will not d' to trout.
Civo a man your arm and you will
,nrm ,nnv lovinir iiuoezes nnd n!v
twints that hnrnnld l:ae no oppor
tunity of doing, and tho oppoi (nn'y
ty tti jast what ho is nftor. A fow
more words of adrien nnd I rloso :
Keep ycinr girls off tho nt i fr-t, ex
cept whon they hnvo liuMnens.
Teach llion it is unnocossary to ga
to tho post.ofiiia ovory ti'iio Ihey go
out. Your girls can. wal!c nlone
jnst ns well as your boys. Don't al
low your girls, jf tlioy must have a
beau, to go with buys much older
than themselves. If possible, install
into their very naln:o that they nro
'safer in thur own hands than they
are in tho Imndi of ntiy man
preachers not excepted
Fovornl rtntemcnts eoncrrning tho
wonderful properties of tho soul of
Dakota aio now going tho ronnds of
tho press. Ono is that pumpkins
are not raised thoro becauso tho
vinos grow so fast that thoy woar
tho fruit ont dragging it . ovor the
prairies. Anotlior item ia that n
farmor plants a boot ia tho spring
aud in tba f ill pulls it ont nnd
bricks np tbo excavation for n cis
torn. Why not toll all of tho ntoiy ?
Ctioumbbid grow so largo thore that
the settlors ncoop thorn out and iiho
thorn for forry boats, nnd uso the
vinos for cables npon whioU to work
t be boat. The cabbages bnve to be
out down with nxos in the full, and
tho stocks Are loft standing to be
used aa bitching posts. Potatoes
are not mtiali planted, because they
grow so large tbe neighbors becomo
separated by bills,' Wbont is to
strong that its stalks nro osod for
fire wood, ond all bearded graiu
thore is shaved before toot to oiar
t lieans nre not raieod either,
hecu'tV well, enough has been
sU .ihow that Dakota -is a great,
great country, CMcago UarnU.
A love story in four lines i 'I
want to bite yoa," said he. "What
for f said she. "Case I love yon,"
said bo la ajpart of a eonvoi'sution
we overheard a few . days ago by a
ouoplo ia our town. '
port to the police that ley wifo I no'boll rang in the mi I ilo oi mo nor
Eli Perkins, tho groat An'rlran
W'i ic ator. writes as foll.v.vs from
Maneh Cirtnk i "It is pronounce
It Is
is situ
Moch 'h'iok. nn I is sitmto 1 on and
simetimos mi lor the Lo'iijrh
Il'H a qmtir oil vvn. Oi oithor
sld yo'i look strii '.l up abiot half
aniilo b 'f ro yon cm sen drylis;ht.
Tho sun risos thoro at t in Sommer
and sots at 4. In January, when
t'm sua runs low, it d ies not slril.o
M inch Caiink at all. I ho people
vnceive their liht as they do in
Norman ly h mi l-U'intor from
rellwt.vl ray.
"Mnc'i Cvnk ban tho fioenf
Episcopal Cinrcti n-n tno i-e
eq.uppe.1 bo-o cm,) my i an i .mn-
sylvania. ruo -nan via oi -mm
ch - ivcb mo tne oinoors oi i
coninanv. Tho othor day tho lire-
. r
' ...1 it.... m ! . I .a
nion, and in nmn ." "
sixty-four mcmbora of tho church
llmd 1iinT olT thoii iilnj- Int nnd
speared nt tho brakes with red
shirts nnd fireman a HI.
a -aV
'3 tri
5 B.
6 s. .
p t
B CO !r
3 a. 8
- il i
ir ' " r- 'W -V -aWU UUtlMWM,
M'-tULaWaSi 11 Hl . MUti-laY. Law
fra)eeaMSh. suat mil Jts tkil in....-- irbi.. 1
Tlivi Katar SH. M.iJ ht ll slit. -I. . ...j 1
im no,
Physicians. Sr.
(VntivviMo, Snyder (,'o., Pn
M""-ti! vt-f'-'"! .'HSl '1 ,'i' "' l ,,1,lir.
hi . -J
jj ii. utmnxKu.
ilYM( I 4t :t'!tul:(.
lirwr.inMWN. V..
I1r M iro(.''n ii ,fvl.
t ti i.rtiinn rtiiil vliMiilty.
AVt. i , H.
I. i n i k it ii , nn. ii. fiv n ahvisiii's
iiT r is. if prnfr'-lni! rtvl''p-' l-i il' . iii.ct
ot Ml.l.llf I 'ir il ii. I rl .1,11 y . I ifll lew r
fti Hi.' l uurl ll' ii-e, In Am. I I I in .'it.u
i' '. i r i.
rromj'i. SnyJor count;,
ri''ni(nt nilllfn.r-r,.ll,w' "I l'i.?,rliir
ir.l .su ki in. nilom It- rnirrl -iMt .rvK
l il. i t iiio. f4. 'k r:nK'li,ii sinl ooriiinn.
Miii-rh, 17, IV I. tf.
jj j. -smith,
Physician & Surrccn.
r Sriiiim. .S !.,, r.'intifi, Pn.
(ifVr lin prntr.plnnal jiorvlrrri loti: ftilli
i'III. no Mmn i"troi".. .Itinali
Jlt. J. (). WAGNKI5,
I;i)s!rlnii nixl Str
OiT.rn til firif.'ilo,ill r.-rvlr, I
f A lTii-lmrj ami I Hilly.
Io li- T.n.
Alitf. b.'huif.
K Kilt II I st:i.l('K,
.SWiJi-.-ir', ' itn'rt.
Ir f. l'iil tiuln '.rimi'My aMnit. tn,
MI :v, 7.
AVinni. , S,ivil r n., Pii
i)lr hi pfife.i.iiml .arvinoa to tlifilt1m
oififll'viiiovnivi..iuiiy. auk ,w
. A. M. SMITH.
rzvsiciAX ax ft srnnFoy
Mtir Ii' pfyf"!.!!!! p. rvlrii M tbo rltlf.eD
of AilmliuiK ami vl. irlty. .
Ht.. 4 't.i.
SoliiiKj;rovo, Petin'n.
53 71S
o as
lD I yi CO
ii j ' : .1
o 9
I i'VVV'.'.'
A foinri'ct.'' 4intile tt a f 'nr fairul .
Invn'unl le to t!i ?!i ri l nnl, tlm I'nrini r, tlio
( I. 1 1:, tli! .Vi'i-in i.l.-, nn. I I i.i Mii'li'l.t.
Iiii-ini in.'! I r-.'nl r.-rn.-. niiinu-rri'ii T n'v
In Ihu mrriil Mill, -4 ;i!t l T i rli i h ri'Vin' I l-i
I ill", tulll:ilili Fliitl' tirni Tl.!.i.'ti, I'.imllH'H i'.l
r,.lM.4ii,itit.'iii'r, Ii il 1 1 . ' i i 'ui. IimJ; Iti'i...
mental v . .- ..-...-.Ii in--, 1 1 ii ' ; ifriiii j; J "mI1...
Hi. .In .'; i..w In iMiiilnrl I'l'l.':!' Mi'i'lllitra, I' i"
v..tl'.l!..'-. r I 'ii!. I It -(.clkili l.'.vv I.i lir.ini.--:
Ilic I. i-t i I liniti.iv. Srii-liil l-v. fiiiin lin.f nil
iii-i-li": ll.'inc .r.inrii.i. nl-, nml enw to riiiiil'ii t
( i ... in i '.viler n r.img iu im itiv (oi:nn (u'-'k
The of T.cry-Tny J.lfe Nnpi.ltn!.
I r .,, t ii i ,i i i-r more ii'ifil inf"r'i.iilliii lliin nny
lit il.u Manual," Inn) t-nclliitf unu-liau Hid
M I'Ain to i:hrs.
Aal-lSlt Hi VUttWtvtl "STIC AlllSSTS.
Creator iDlucmTts anil Owttfr Ruccom with
ir.ia liojk liiun any Oitior.
Kolit hy Kiil,"Tl;l(iii only, nml at the
(iillotvliiic a'HM'il
Vine Itovnl tvtiiv". I'iiiil V. 71
leu Hi. r", l.i.rti.y M-It1, Siirlnk'nl Klf.. .. ft M
I' iui.i Ii Mi'PK ro.Ciill Mill', liNi'k nml l..l", A 6"
Pi'iit pot i n 1.1 , wIiitu vu liuvu no St,ut. u
rcci'lrt "f prlru,
lM)rrip(ld Clrrnliin Xlnlleil tr n
St. Loulu, Ilo. tblcago, 111. Allaata, Ca.
in An
over eue iiik, Mir illi'mtuated.
Th. moal IntanaHr InUrMUn rallelnua book tit
thaaif... Niin-r,a laiJeii. AiiKN I S ara liaviiiK
1;IU UO('lS. t'ne liuly rtiorla 07 ortl. -a llil
iok i a mluia'rr Id ludiana, lu in iim ilav. tella
fur . VWV. KiUt JCXIUA bl'UClAL
ItlDlb to our n.-an t hrfr .a.
8t. LouU, Mo. t'Llcau, 111. AUmU, Ca.
liillttH nt Wru.
W4NTKII Oi' 411
wityi aki marttfS 4
t aa wlia narrladi r.tr
tola, ahoui Hi. AiM-ii
No, Ma Wall, at tari't,,
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Imniaa, and Tliua
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w.r. iiooauas
Middloburg. Snyder County, Pa.
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I vsrvtbing belonging to tbe pro'
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'Villi I'ONT.
rilil1l".l erery, Tliitr"biv r.vpnmsj
T. II. JlAUTKlt. Proprietor.
Terms of Subscription,
ONI" noi.f.Att AN1 FIKI Y I'F.XTfl
I HIt ASM;!. ro paper d.icon.
tinned uti'il s! si!rnni'.,-a t paid
utile" nt Oic fi'itii n of the piibtinlior
Bnlisi-riilfiis outside of the comity
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t!ic ( r hiu' nl ' niiv V .iy to .liivtf
it eitt it to purtfy nnd nuiih tlio
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l.nown, nnl tlic liiclir.! innlnnl
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oil the Iron if .it.ili.iii' liillicrtn
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lifi.w m's I ittiN Hit ims will tlinf
Mi;l'ly mi'l iiii.l.ly ln.xiir.il.ittf wall
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lively tut iiijuiiuut.
Saved li!i CliilJ.
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nnl nuw i. n'nle rcM-.f.-d o f..roirr
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vhen Ilia .li If.ian a, cun.ntlril
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AuwaAM ruaLra.
r.Rowv's Trov Tttrrrti rffodual-
ly euro liyiH-".ia, IniliiMmn nnd
W'f.ik ms, nml runilirs the prratcvt
ivlief niul lirnrdt to p? rvitia mncring
Iroin muIi wasting ilin-nwia nn Clin
luiujitiun, Kiilucy CuinlainU, etc.
Absolutely Pure.
TM nt.'4iF iirrcr vHrt. I uurt' I of pif
ity itf.t;'li sitiJ hul' Nom iirtasi. iV'irs ins
tiiMnl. il linn tt.r ordlti r liiflut iii i miinnl I at
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Iwlllmnll (Ir-fl Ilia fi.l'l fur Itfi-fil
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Tlia a.lvaril.i-r tiavtns b.an rtr.snnll
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ai.,.,,1 . rm. ii- l. ii. .l.ni. 1. 1 m.ika hn. . m tn
ill. ir.l..w .uil-r r iIh i..aiiit rum. t.i all
tin ilanlra ii, tia u ,11 .an I a anny or il. a era.
ci l-ili.ii u- i. (ua.-nl i-hariia )"llli I ha illrana
ilnni. fur frat'iirli'tf anil ui'lna tiiaatn. wlJ.'h
they w t: An.l a t lire I'm r I r OoiikIi t'olil4,
i.i.hii in l.itiiii, A.ilniia. Iti.iit, lilila, aie.
I'uriiaii vvi.iiiDit lite rieairii.tian. win piaaa
al Ir. . It . K. A. WILHONl IM 1'ana ht
WII;Uio.iiura, h. ,
AtlKNTI.KM N whianrTarail fir Taanlrnfll
Narvnna I1KII1 LIT Y. e K KM If K Ii rl
CA Y, ami all Ihaaileeia nl yuuihlul Indl.fj.
Ion. will lor tlia aaka of aall-rlns huaiktill
n.1 (ri. tn all aim nea.l It, iha rn. a aiJ tl
ra'tloaliT aianinn liia.iroia ramauy j ni(U
ha was enroll. Niitlaiare al.lilns to fofti iif
tlia ailrertlirr'a n ari.nea aan da .0 l y ul
driltig In p- rtrclcunn lauea.
.lull r. ui buuta, iawraarai.il. 11
f.b It, If
S. K FiAliCi.
at SftlonatMra, Sardar aonnty, PaH It ptpf
ad la laraiab
fMonumciifN. (rnvc
fci.ones atnd Hi: lltl
htt? Work
nl all blnila to tlia n.waat sad kaoilttsat d.a
lane, workad eat of tb.
, Best Marble
a abort not la. AM WORK WABBAIfTe
tv tu oivb aarisraCTins.
flaar sa'l aa.l aiamh.a ray mstrrial ..J
laars toy iwlnat klur. imrcliaeila alt.wbwrta.
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ad artar Ihrlt aarrlaaa 19 tlia f.ma a. f
aniioaai-ra. and haraay Mlralt IBctt aiirtaaa.
1'rriie raaauuanla. .
ifjt. m srii,r.
IKIli-l KIN 4-V.'
rlata'Kia., fa.
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Sav. J

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